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Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals - RP Thread

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Copygoo, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals
    Rated PG for mild cartoon violence
    Created by the great Copygoo and greater Cacaruka

    The Godiants/Plot

    Across eons and light years of space, between galaxies and solar systems, there lay one planet. Once the gods get bored, they decide to create a planet to simply toy with. This was one of these planets. It and its moon was crafted completely out of paper. The people, animals, rocks, land, and even water were all made of some kind of paper. Of course, if everything is paper, nothing is paper, no? Ah, well, that’s a phenomenon for another story.

    Life began to grow, evolve, and civilize. One species stood out among the rest. The Godiants, a species of bird-like humans, was far more intellectually evolved than the others. Their prowess in knowledge, medicine, and defenses were advanced enough to immortalize them. The Godiants were a peaceful people, however, and sat back, watching the rest of civilization compete to match their prowess with their simple tribes and villages. Sometimes, the other species would even try to infiltrate Carax by way of canoe to steal books from their libraries. They would always be caught and sent back to their people. The Godiant’s leader, Tizora, was a kind and noble Godiant. Tizora supervised all the economic and diplomatic happenings of the Godiant island, Carax. All was fine in Carax.

    Until the epidemic.

    A disease swept all of Carax, appearing out of nowhere. The Godiants could only name this disease Death. For that was what it caused. Once caught, Death would give the Godiant it infected a horrible fever, cough, and barfing. The Godiants knew they would all be wiped out. So the greatest Godiant scientists came together to find a solution. They poured all of their time and work into it, until one project finally aroused.

    To freeze the island Carax out of reality and dimensions itself, so that Death would not infect the other species. They built a machine to do this, while the Godiants slowly died out. The power source for this machine was seven powerful gems found around the planet, in the deepest oceans, hottest volcanoes, and driest deserts. They called them the Seven Sacred Shards. Each were somehow forged long ago by the gods who created the planet. Each one, when held by someone, would grant the holder great power and a fantastic ability for a limited amount of time. The Shards were gently, oh so gently, placed into the machine. The machine was finished and activated. In a millisecond, Carax winked out of existence.

    The island wandered space and time, while all the Godiants were eventually infected by Death and killed. There was only one way to Carax now. The Godiant scientists made an emergency way into Carax, so that the other species could find a way into Carax and use their knowledge. A swirling black hole, which to other species, it was dubbed “The Master Portal.”

    The only way into the Master Portal was to find the Seven Sacred Shards, and place them in a boulder in the ocean. The boulder was located directly under Carax before it disappeared. The machine that ripped Carax out of reality had been set to send the Seven Sacred Shards through seven different smaller versions of the Master Portal after doing its job, each which lead to another dimension, planet, solar system, and galaxy. The Godiants had believed that only the good of intentions and hearts would be able to find all of the small portals, get the shards, and place them in the ocean. These portals were dubbed the Oblivion Portals. Each Oblivion Portal scattered across the planet, and were deeply hidden. Other society began to grow and learn, eventually losing memory of the great Godiants......

    Modern Times in the Paper Mario World

    When the Godiants first created artificial intelligence, they created a being that was able to melt into the shadows and spy on other species, to see what they were planning. The Godiants did not think that the creature’s personality would be of an evil one. The creature destroyed the laboratory it had been born in, and tore off half of Carax, sinking it in the ocean. The Godiants called her the Shadow Queen. The Shadow Queen found out about the Godiant’s infinite knowledge, and tried to take over the world with it. The Godiants trapped her in a legendary prison on the coastline before she could find enough books and knowledge. The prison was sealed with an ancient chant, never to be opened again. Years passed until only a year ago. A mad man named Grodus tried to open the prison so he could rule alongside her, but she killed him in one blow. A hero clad in red named Mario tracked Grodus to the Shadow Queen. The Queen possessed the princess of a nearby kingdom, named Princess Peach, and fought Mario for a bit before Mario forced her control of Princess Peach out, and Mario crushed her. Mario sealed her back into the prison, thinking no one would make the dangerous trip to get her again.

    Grodus had a secret android, however, which sneaked back to the prison. It was unable to release the Shadow Queen, but the Shadow Queen was able to speak to it. The Queen told it of the Godiants, and ordered him to find a way into Carax to find the knowledge needed to open the prison. The android, Eriolo, agreed, and left. Over a course of five years he managed to steal the most ancient documents, back when the Godiants had disappeared. Eventually, he found the story of the Oblivion Portals. Now he is out to get the Seven Sacred Shards, open the Master Portal, find the books he needs, and open the Shadow Queen’s prison again. A group of young creatures of all sorts now must stop Eriolo and take the Seven Sacred Shards before he can. Will they stop Eriolo? Or will they fail? Ah, little ones, the story will continue soon.......

    Oblivion Portal Locations

    1. Mushroom Forest
    2. Dry Dry Ruins
    3. Underneath the island of Keehaul Key
    4. (not revealed)
    5. (not revealed)
    6. (not revealed)
    7. (not revealed)

    Accepted Characters

    Copygoo - Boel the Boo

    Stoc15 - Daichi Daisuke the Hammer Bro.

    handymankg2 - Bobbo the Bob-oomb

    The Sequel Returns - Spij the Shy Guy

    angrycaterpie - Agent Robert the X-Naut

    CyberBlastoise - Cyrius the Yoshi

    Kuiper - Marli the Shaman


    Sign-up Thread
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2009
  2. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    (I hope double posting is allowed like this. Also, I am not going to continue from my sample.)


    A tan-colored Boo was working furiously with a wad of dough on a kitchen counter. An elderly Toad beside him was mixing a red liquid in a large stainless steel bowl. The Toad looked up, her face sunken.

    "Boel, are you ready with the dough?"

    The Boo looked up. He was wearing a red baseball cap. He nodded and lifted the dough. It was now flat and circular. He slapped it onto a wide plate and spread a thin layer of shredded cheese over it. The Toad dumped the thick red liquid over it. The Boo put on another layer of cheese, this one thicker, and then picked up the pizza and slid it into a nearby oven. The Toad smiled.

    "Good job Boel! One pizza in nearly 20 minutes!"

    The Boo smiled back. He washed his hands in a sink, and dried them with some paper towels. He began talking with the Toad.

    "So, Tayce, what's the next order?"

    "I need you to take a train to Dry Dry Desert. Find an Egg and come back. I'll give you a bonus, since it's so far away. Don't worry, I can finish the pizza myself."

    Boel grinned. He thanked Tayce T., the Toad, and left the small building.
  3. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Daichi Daisuke
    Footsteps echoed throughout the alley, with the sound of hammer banging onto a wall droning throughout the city. As the Goomba looked at the upcoming Hammer Bro, it wondered what the Hammer Bro had gotten today. "Eh, boss! What do you got for me today?" The Hammer Bro threw down a bag of goods, and he opened up the bag and revealed his wares. "Ok, little Johnny," the Hammer Bro sighed, amazed that the Goomba had forgot what he was bringing to the alley. "I got everything you wanted, including that pair of shoes. Now pay up!" The Hammer Bro was striking up a deal, and he really needed the cash. "Fine," the Goomba responded, looking at the Hammer Bro. "You need to get me one more thing, though..." Hammers flew in the air, and the Goomba was lucky he was fast and skillful. "Are you kidding me?! What could you need?" Avoiding the last bit of hammers, the Goomba explained. "Go to the Dry Dry Desert and get me... a gem! If you do that, I'll give you bags and bags of money!" Daisuke soon ran away, yelling back to the Goomba as a white mouse with a red mask flew above, swiftly. "I won't let you down, Johnny!" The Goomba looked at Daisuke with a stern look, and then began to use his new belongings without any last thoughts.
  4. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Agent Robert

    Somewhere in Rogueport, a small X-Naut is waddling around the docks, looking for any signs of abnormality.

    "Blech, this town is disgusting! R.O.D! What info do you have on any anomalies?"


    "...WHAT?!? I can't walk that far!!!"

    "Then allow ME to help!"

    Robert turned his head to see a rather fat Koopa Troopa with glasses and a big belly, and he appeared to be holding various tools as well.

    "Err... who are you?"

    The Koopa looked surprised and commented, "Why, I'm Kent C. Koopa! Now, I overheard you need to get somewhere fast, right?"

    "Um, yeah...?"

    "So... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:"

    Kent moves a little to the side and unveils a red pipe.


    Robert raised an eyebrow at this offer. "And... what's the catch?"

    Kent raised a fist over his head and brought it down hard on the ground, springing up a bag of cash.

    "You pay me... 1,000 coins, fourteen mushrooms, a guy named Mario, a Goomba liver, and..."

    Kent looked around to see Robert had disappeared, but when he looked back...

    Robert had secretly slid down his Transport Pipe!

    "GRA! YOU LITTLE-" Kent dived into the pipe after Robert, but was too bulky to fit through.

    "Why did I make this to fit people NOT my own size...?!?"


    Somewhere, a red pipe popped out of a wall, shooting Robert into a random civilian.

    "OUCH! Sorry sir, I got shot out of a pipe..."

    Robert got up from his landing zone and looked around. The place was rather largely populated, a bustling marketplace with many arabesque-like people around. The sand got in Robert's shades, so he flicked a quick switch to turn on his shade-washers.

    Robert looked around and pulled out R.O.D. again (Short for Recon Overworld Device) as it blurred on the screen.

    "Darn, looks like somebody has some interference going on..."

    Robert looks to the train station to see a little Mushroom kid playing on his ShroomTendo TS, tapping away like a spoiled brat.

    Robert, not exactly a people person, pulled out his Taser and tapped the kid on his shoulder, and as the child turned, Robert said, "Turn it off. Now."

    The kid started to run away, but Robert tripped him and crushed his TS underneath Robert's size 11 1/2 boot.

    "It was important that I did th-"


    "Listen, this child's plaything was- Oh my."

    Robert turned to see a rather LARGE Toad looming over him, and he obviously had a Black Belt in SOMETHING.

  5. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    (Guys, I don't want more than two people joining up at one time in this small range of characters. I think AC and I will get together, since we're closer. Stoc, you'll need to hook up with someone else.)


    As Boel floated into the area where the train was, he saw a few five-year old Toads playing tag in a nearby flower bed. He floated over to the station and talked to one of the Toads there.

    "Hello sir. May I please buy a ticket?"

    The ticketer turned around. His face changed from happy to scared.


    He man ran away. Boel facepalmed.

    "There's a difference between Boos and ghosts...."

    Boel reached down and picked a ticket the Toad dropped. He was about to board the train when he noticed a Toad sitting by the 5-year olds, seemingly crying. Boel tilted his head.

    I wonder what's got him down....

    Boel squinted at the Toad. He then turned transparent. He floated the the Toad and listened.

    "I don't have money to buy a ticket....."

    "I can't visit Mother, and she's sick!"

    "What am I going to do...."

    Boel widened his eyes. He floated away and turned visible again. He looked down.

    That's...so sad....

    Boel tipped his head up. He floated to a small building where they kept the tickets. He turned transparent and phased through the door. Inside there was a guard. Boel carefully floated forward, still invisible, and phased through the guard. As Boel passed through him the guard shivered and looked around nervously. Boel grabbed one round-trip ticket and phased back through the wall.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2009
  6. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Agent Robert


    The secret agent cracked his neck a few times and simply put away his phaser, as he left the giant Toad in a dizzy heap, as the Toad's son went on crying like a little baby.

    "Goodness child, it's just a bleedin' game! Get a girlfriend or something!"

    Robert pushed his shades back up onto his nose and looked ahead. No trains appeared to be arriving anytime soon...

    Robert just turned around to see a large crag facing a barren desert.

    "I wonder where this anomaly is in this horrible place-"


    Robert turned to his side to see Kent C. Koopa, fuming like a boiling pot, and held a rather frighteningly large hammer.


    Kent rushed forward with his hammer overhead, and slammed down on top of Robert, who narrowly dodged to the side.

    Kent hit the railroad tracks instead, causing them to vibrate violently and spring upwards, as the rolling continued towards Toad Town...


    Kent turned around to see Agent Robert pointing a phaser at the Koopa, who simply laughed and said, "You moron! I'm the toughest Koopa alive, you can't beat me!"

    Robert simply pushed up his shades and replied, "Hmm, you're right. Allow me to disprove that." Robert then threw a small bomb onto Kent's unsuspecting face, which he tried to pry off to little success, and after three seconds...


    Kent fell over onto the tracks, on his back and dizzied from the explosion.

    "Huhuhuhuh... grr, lemme at 'em..."

    Robert just sighs and decides to eliminate Kent's thread.

    Robert hops onto the tracks and places an X-Bomb on Kent's tail, which would activate as soon as Robert pulled the trigger.

    After some minor wiring difficulties and napalm placements, Robert hopped back onto the platform and pulled the cord...

    Sending Kent speeding along the train tracks, spinning in the protection of his large Koopa shell, heading wherever the tracks may take him.

    "That takes care of-"


    "Eh? Now wha-AH!"

    Robert was pulled upwards by a large pulley, apparently connected to a large pink tank.

    "HAHA! Now you're trapped!"

    Robert looks up to see...

    "YOU! My arch-nemesis!"

    General Guy atop his tank!
  7. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    (General Guy....AC, you are the randomness king. And that's good.)

    Boel watched the Toad's reaction to the ticket.

    "How did this-"

    "Is it alright?"

    "Somebody must have bought it."

    "I might as well."

    The Toad picked the ticket up. He and Boel walked - er, floated - to the train, gave the conductor their tickets, and climbed on board the single passenger cart. There was only one more Toad on the train besides the Toad driving it. The began to chugga-chug down the tracks. At one point the flew into the air and shook before landing right back on the track. Boel and the other Toads were a bit shaken, but they continued towards Dry Dry Desert. As they were crossing from green meadows to rugged rocky mountains, the engineer pulled the emergency brake.


    They hurried out, and the engineer pointed to the horizon. A giant Koopa shell was flying towards them, and it would collide with the train. The other Toads tried to get as far away as possible. Boel gulped.

    What do I do?! I need to get away, but...no, I can do this.

    Boel flew to the front of the train. He touched the front. He squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated. The small train slowly started to turn transparent, as the Koopa projectile flew towards them. Boel cried out.

    I can't...hold something this big...much longer....

    The Koopa Shell flew through the train, and Boel collapsed. He gasped, and fell to the ground. He saw the Toads rushing towards him before he blacked out from exhaustion.
  8. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Robert watched with a gaping jaw as he witnessed a 3 ton train suddenly turn transparent for no apparent reason about half a mile away.

    "W-W-Wow. That was crazy. Wait, this must be the anomaly R.O.D. detected!"

    General Guy diverted his attention to the commotion from his tank and wasn't properly keeping track with Robert, which was a BIG mistake. Robert quickly pulled out his phaser inside his holster and repeatedly shot at the platform's barring that kept the tank up, causing the overhead canopy to collapse, causing the hook holding Robert to swing him away from his hold towards the crowd.

    Robert. before General Guy could regroup, quickly shifted around for his Tank Keys, only to see them on top of the newly created metal ramp. General Guy, instead of working at it, shot at the remaining supports of the canopy and quickly grabbed his keys and activated his tank...


    "Oh, for PETE'S SAKE!"


    Meanwhile, Robert had reached the group, hearing mutterings of a collapsed Boo and how it should be dealt with.

    Robert pushed two Toads aside, announcing, "I'm with the F.U.X.A. This Boo is property to that organization now."

    A couple toads, one of them wearing a Mushroom Kingdom Imperial Seal, stepped in front of the annoyed agent, claiming, "No! This Boo is responsible for sending that shell at us- it was all a bad omen I tell you!"

    Robert just sighed and zapped the three Toads with his Taser, knocking them unconscious, and tried gripping the Boo, only to phase right through the ghost.

    "Hmm... Ah! I know!"

    Robert quickly pulled out his toolkit and retrieved his E.O.R. (Ectoplasmic Organism Retriever), which looked like a box with a claw at the end of it, and activated it, which shot out a bolt of energy that lifted the knocked out Boo into the air, and swirled into the E.O.R. container.

    Afterwards, as Robert turned, he saw himself facing a multitude of angry Toads, ready to beat Robert down.

    "Sigh... days like these just don't get any easier." Robert quickly pulled out his Nauterang and tossed it backwards at the Train's emergency brake, which flipped it back into place and shot forward, while Robert leaped up high, flying through the conductor's open-viewer and into the seat, watching the Toads scatter, scared out of their minds.

    "HA HA! Cowards- this reminds me of- AHHHH!!!"

    The Train came to a screeching halt, sending Robert and his E.O.R. flying into the city.

    The weapon came loose in Robert's grip, flying in a parallel direction to Robert's but managed to land on a mosque's roof.

    Robert on the other hand, came in contact with a rather sturdy wall and slid down, laying face up in the glaring sun.

  9. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Spij the Shy Guy

    A Shy Guy with a patched, black hood walked quietly down the street. He stopped to pick up a discarded Chuckola Cola can and tossed it into a nearby trashcan. He seemed annoyed by the litter. He made his way to the local store and went in. The Shop-owner, a green headed toad, waved as the shy guy entered.

    “Hi Spij, you’re here early.” The Shop-owner said.

    “Have a week off.” said Spij. “Need to deposit.”

    The Shop-owner nodded, “Okay, just show me your card.”

    Spij reached into his pocket and pulled out two gold bars and a small white card and handed them to the shop owner. He scanned the card and placed a small stamp on each of the gold bars. He handed the card back. “That brings your balance up to 479 Coins and 18 shop points.” He said.

    “Thanks.” Said Spij as he placed the card back in his pocket.

    “Don’t spend it all too quickly and enjoy your week off.” The Shop-owner said.

    “Don’t worry. Not much to buy right now. Later” Spij left the store and continued down the street. He made a short stop at a bench to shine his shoes again. It was a little windy out and dust kept sticking to them.

    When he was finished, he continued his walk further into town. This section was a little cramped, and there were several dark alleys. Spij only came through here because it was the only way to get to his favorite restaurant near the port. He looked up for a moment to watch the clouds before continuing his walk.
  10. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Cyrius the Yoshi

    Cyrius was still wondering around the Topaz Desert. Wondering about his hometown. He looked up to the sky to see a buzzard circling above a sand dune. Cyrius was very curious about what the buzzard was flying over. He thought to himself, "What is it about this flight pattern that is different from others." The white Yoshi approached the sand dune with caution. He crawled slowly up the small hill so as not to disturb the brown and black bird. He peeked over it to see a small town with what he saw as little dots moving about. The dinosaur walked toward the town and accidently ran into an old Magikoopa with a long white beard. "Excuse me," apologized the Yoshi. "Can you tell me where I am?"

    The Blue-robed koopa looked at Cyrius for a minute. He then said, "This is Moona Town. Why? Are you lost?"

    "Well, sort of," replied Cyrius. "I'm looking for some answers though."

    The Magikoopa ran his fingers through his beard and said, "If it's answers you seek, I might be able to direct you to the right path." Cyrius explained to the stranger about his town disappearing and that he was trying to figure out what happened. After hearing his story, the Magikoopa responded, "I am afraid I do not know what happened, but I do know someone that may be able to help. If you head north of here, you will enter into Mushroom Woods. Head down the pathway and you will find a small town called Parack Town. You see, it has a marvel there, a flying machine that can view the entire desert. Perhaps, you can catch a break and someone noticed what happened. I'm sorry that I couldn't help you more."

    The Yoshi was amazed from this story. He replied, "Thank you sir. You've helped me more than you could know." Cyrius looked toward the sun. Knowing that it was evening and that the sun is in the west, Cyrius looked toward the North and started to walk in that direction.

    "May you have safe journeys," commented the old Magikoopa before Cyrius was out of his sight.
  11. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Spij continued his walk through to the port. Along the way, he turned down a side road and passed the old house that contained the Shy Guy’s Toy Box. Honestly, he couldn’t figure out how all the other Shy Guys seemed to be content to live out their lives in that box. They never got to experience all the things of the outside world like the new foods, friendly people, and the beautiful sky. The sky in the toy box was a drab pink, not like the pleasant blue out here.

    Spij made his way to the port and entered his favorite restaurant, the locally famous Café 64. It was supposedly named after the owner’s love of random numbers pertaining to obscure electronics, but no one was sure.

    After a tasty lunch of roasted shrooms, Spij was confronted with what to do on his day off. He had never had this much time to himself before.

    As he left the restaurant, Spij stopped to talk to the waiter.

    “Excuse me, what would you do for vacation.” Spij asked him.

    The waiter, a short, blue-spotted toad in a fancy suit, seemed to think about it for a moment. “I would probably go travel somewhere I hadn’t been. See the world a little, you know.”

    “Sounds good. Thanks.” Spij left the restaurant and had almost left the port when he realized he had no idea where to go. He didn’t feel like asking one of the sailors because they would probably say somewhere overseas. Spij hated the idea of spending several days on the same boat. I reminded him of the Toy Box.

    He ran off into town, searching for someone good to ask about travel advice.
  12. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart


    Boel awoke. He couldn't see anything, just blackness. All he could hear were the sounds of his own thoughts.

    Did I fail? Am I dead?

    He felt a wall beside him. He pushed on it, and felt whatever he was inside tip over. It must have been some sort of cube, because the box landed on another side like a die.

    I don't think Heaven has a jail.

    He pushed more until he felt the box fall and land on top of someone.

    Am I in a box?

    Boel tried phasing through one side, but it wouldn't work.

  13. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    It took him long enough, but Robert reached a hand over onto the roof to pull himself up.

    "Hah... Hah... Gotcha little guy!"

    Robert then nudges the little container with his foot as it released the Boo.

    "Tell me, what is your purpose here?"
  14. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Daichi Daisuke
    Wandering across the town, Daichi was somewhat bored. He knew he had a task-on-hand, but he didn't want to waste all his time on Old Johhny. So, Daichi decided to go get some food. Tayce was serving today, but Daichi didn't want to take his chances if Tayce wanted money. Money was low for him, and Johnny was his only supplier, so life was tough for him. "Tayce better give me a discount," Daichi sighed, entering the bakery. "I am not in the mood to be kicked out!" But to his misfortune, Tayce was holding a rolling pan. "Get out, freeloader!" Chasing him out, Daichi snuck through the back and grabbed some food, running off. Suddenly, a Koopa with a blue shell and bandage on his face assaulted him. "Do you know where Kolorado is?" He tightly hanged onto him, and Daichi barely avoided Tayce. "Get off me, you wierdo!" Eventually accepting the fact that this Koopa was a complete stalker, he just decided to keep him along for the trip. "Let's go, you freak!" Jumping over the top of a building, he dropped the Koopa and soon avoided Tayce, watching her yell at him all the while. "I'll get you one day, Daichi!" Taunting her with the food, he disproved her otherwise. "I wouldn't count on it, Tayce T!"
  15. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Boel blinked his eyes. A guy in a weird suit now stood before him. Boel turned and looked at the box he was in, but it was smaller than him.


    "Tell me, what is your purpose here?"

    Boel got off the ground and started to hover gently. He gave the guy a "you're a weirdo" look.

    "I'm Boel, and I'm trying to find an Egg for a recipe."
  16. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    (OCC: This suit guy looks to be mysterious...and it seems that AC and CG both have a wierdo on their tails. So, we all have weirdos!)
    Daichi Daisuke
    The air thickened as the Koopa hung onto Daichi, getting ready to follow the Hammer Bro to the desert. "So, what do you do?" The Koopa was nudging at Daichi's arm, and Daichi knew he had to shut him up. "I live, ok. Basically all I do is just doing errands to get money. Not a fun job, I might add." The Koopa was silent at this point, so Daichi just guessed he was quiet enough to stay. The city they were in now was creeping Daichi out, and the Koopa was getting ready to fly right off. "My journey is done!" Holding him back, Daichi was ready to let go of the Koopa. "At least tell me your name, Sir Twitchalot!" Kicking Daichi, the Koopa responded. "Kooper. Apprentice of the great Dr. Kolorado. Can I go now?" Before Daichi could respond, a gang of Boos appeared to attack them. "Hey, solid people. Wanna mess with us?" Dropping Kooper, Daichi drew his hammers and got ready to fight. "Seems like you guys are un-effected by my normal hammer attacks. How about this...Odin's Mallet!" The Boos watched Daichi gather up the energy for the amazing attack, unimpressed with what the Hammer Bro was doing. "Ha! You could never beat us, solid boy!" Kooper flew up into the air and slammed himself into one of them, slightly hurting the victim. "Take that back!" As Kooper and the Boos began to fight, Daichi was ready. "Bam."
  17. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Cyrius the Yoshi

    Cyrius was crossing what seemed to him was an endless desert. His face was drench in sweat and his shell to him weighed a ton. He soon approached a water island in the middle of this sandy ocean. He was thinking all right something to drink. Three Gloombas and one Paragloomba removed themselves from the sandy depths. One of the Gloombas told the others, "Lookie here, boys, it seems this koopa's lost."

    "Well, then, let's make him found," replied the Paragloomba.

    "I'm not a Koopa, I am a Yoshi!" yelled Cyrius, obviously annoyed. "Although, I would like some directions. Can you tell me where Mushroom Forest is?"

    "Sure we can. Here's the express route," replied one of the blue Goombas as he headbashed Cyrius. Cyrius fell over on the top side of his shell.

    "Hey, now, that's unfair," claimed the white Yoshi.

    The Paragloomba started to laugh uncontrollably. "'That's unfair'" he mocked. "You kid, have no idea what unfair is. Unfair is being forced to live underground and get bored all the time. Unfair is being picked on for being a different color than the standard Goomba. Unfair is being called a different name because you look like one emotion. Soon, you and all the other creatures of this biased planet will see what unfair is."

    The Yoshi got back up on his feet. He claimed, "At least you have a family! Mine is gone!" Soon the vast desert seemingly shrunk to the size of a theater. Cyrius was on stageleft, and the blue mushroom-things appeared at stage right. Cyrius started off with hitting one of the Goombas with this Tongue Whip. Then one of the Gloombas headbutted Cyrius, causing him to topple over. The other two Gloombas repeated the technique on the fallen Yoshi. The Paragloomba started to charge into Cyrius. Cyrius struggled to get up, but his shell was too heavy for his exhausted body. The Paragloomba was able to attack Cyrius successfully, but, by doing so, he knocked the yellow-shelled Yoshi back on his feet. Cyrius was a bit mad. He yelled, "You think you can pick on me? Take this!" He wrapped his tongue around the Gloombas. His Tongue lasso spun them around until they were confused. A pail fell over and hit Cyrius on his head. Cyrius fell asleep.

    "Now's our chance," claimed the Paragloomba. "Attack!"

    "Right boss," replied one of the Gloombas. He dizzily approached the closest creature to his body and headbashed it.

    "Ow! What was that for?" asked the Gloomba that he attack. Soon the three started to fight between one another. Cyrius eventually awakened to see this sight. He started to laugh and attacked the Paragloomba with his Tongue Whip. Soon the four mushroom creatures were defeated.

    The Paragloomba apologized, "We're sorry. We didn't realize that we were dealing with someone who was so powerful. We were stupid to think we could beat you."

    Cyrius smiled. He claimed, "Well, that's okay. It was fun at least."

    As Cyrius left, one of the Gloombas asked the Paragloomba, "Did you mean that boss?"

    "Of course not, we'll get our revenge on that biased freak one way or another."

    (I hope you don't mind me going with the battle style of PM:TTYD)
  18. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Spij roamed the streets trying to find someone interesting. Why did everybody in this town look bored? Surely there was someone out there who had an awesome travel spot.

    "Let's see..." he thought to himself. There was the shop owner. Nah. How about the mail koopa? nope. Hmmm.

    Got it! The great chef Tacye T. She would probaply have an interesting place to go to. And it would probably have great food too.


    Spij looked down at his now wet shoes. He had stepped in a puddle while he was lost in thought. He carefully stepped onto a patch of dry grass and pulled out his can of polish and his cloth. His shoes were always clean, he couldn't stand for them to get dirty. That was one thing about the Toy Box, at least it was clean.

    When he finished, Spij quickly headed off to Tayce T.'s house. Just before he got there however, he heard shouting and a few large thuds from a nearby alley. He quickly ran over and found a blue koopa and an angry looking hammer bro fighting a large number of boos. Spij could only stare in silent disbelief...
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  19. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Daichi Daisuke
    Odin's Hammer was finally headed straight for the group of Boos, and Daisuke was pretty sure they would be gone. "Hey, Kooper! Think I'll win?" Kooper jumped off of Daisuke's shoulder, and he soon began to rant about what he thought. "Probably. But, who is that guy over there?" Kooper pointed to a Shy Guy who stared at the two with a blank look, and soon Daichi was looking at the little midget. "I don't know. I'll find who he is later. Look!" The blast had finally hit the Boos, and it seemed that they were defeated and very weak. "No!" Flying off so they wouldn't get themselves killed, Daichi soon turned around to the Shy Guy. He had no idea if the Shy Guy was a enemy or not, but it didn't matter. Kooper was pretty boring to talk to, so this Shy Guy was his last resort when it came to company. "Hi! My name's Daichi Daisuke, Hammer Bro. What's up?"
  20. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    The fight ended with a spectacular hammer blow that sent the boos scurrying off into the shadows. This guy was strong.

    He introduced himself as Daichi Daisuke.

    "Spij. I mean, my name's Spij." He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

    The blue koopa in the background simply stood there. He had yet to introduce himself, so Spij decided that he probably didn't want to talk.

    "So, Daichi. What happened?" Spij said.

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