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Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Copygoo, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals
    Rated PG for mild cartoon violence
    Created by the great Copygoo and greater Cacaruka


    Okay, so this is my first RPG. My good friend, Cacaruka, helped me make this. So she is co-owner of this RPG. Remember that, so she will also be able to accept and deny requests. Oh, and Shadowfaith helped me do this, so I want to thank Shadowfaith too.

    The Godiants

    Across eons and light years of space, between galaxies and solar systems, there lay one planet. Once the gods get bored, they decide to create a planet to simply toy with. This was one of these planets. It and its moon was crafted completely out of paper. The people, animals, rocks, land, and even water were all made of some kind of paper. Of course, if everything is paper, nothing is paper, no? Ah, well, that’s a phenomenon for another story.

    Life began to grow, evolve, and civilize. One species stood out among the rest. The Godiants, a species of bird-like humans, was far more intellectually evolved than the others. Their prowess in knowledge, medicine, and defenses were advanced enough to immortalize them. The Godiants were a peaceful people, however, and sat back, watching the rest of civilization compete to match their prowess with their simple tribes and villages. Sometimes, the other species would even try to infiltrate Carax by way of canoe to steal books from their libraries. They would always be caught and sent back to their people. The Godiant’s leader, Tizora, was a kind and noble Godiant. Tizora supervised all the economic and diplomatic happenings of the Godiant island, Carax. All was fine in Carax.

    Until the epidemic.

    A disease swept all of Carax, appearing out of nowhere. The Godiants could only name this disease Death. For that was what it caused. Once caught, Death would give the Godiant it infected a horrible fever, cough, and barfing. The Godiants knew they would all be wiped out. So the greatest Godiant scientists came together to find a solution. They poured all of their time and work into it, until one project finally aroused.

    To freeze the island Carax out of reality and dimensions itself, so that Death would not infect the other species. They built a machine to do this, while the Godiants slowly died out. The power source for this machine was seven powerful gems found around the planet, in the deepest oceans, hottest volcanoes, and driest deserts. They called them the Seven Sacred Shards. Each were somehow forged long ago by the gods who created the planet. Each one, when held by someone, would grant the holder great power and a fantastic ability for a limited amount of time. The Shards were gently, oh so gently, placed into the machine. The machine was finished and activated. In a millisecond, Carax winked out of existence.

    The island wandered space and time, while all the Godiants were eventually infected by Death and killed. There was only one way to Carax now. The Godiant scientists made an emergency way into Carax, so that the other species could find a way into Carax and use their knowledge. A swirling black hole, which to other species, it was dubbed “The Master Portal.”

    The only way into the Master Portal was to find the Seven Sacred Shards, and place them in a boulder in the ocean. The boulder was located directly under Carax before it disappeared. The machine that ripped Carax out of reality had been set to send the Seven Sacred Shards through seven different smaller versions of the Master Portal after doing its job, each which lead to another dimension, planet, solar system, and galaxy. The Godiants had believed that only the good of intentions and hearts would be able to find all of the small portals, get the shards, and place them in the ocean. These portals were dubbed the Oblivion Portals. Each Oblivion Portal scattered across the planet, and were deeply hidden. Other society began to grow and learn, eventually losing memory of the great Godiants......

    Modern Times in the Paper Mario World

    When the Godiants first created artificial intelligence, they created a being that was able to melt into the shadows and spy on other species, to see what they were planning. The Godiants did not think that the creature’s personality would be of an evil one. The creature destroyed the laboratory it had been born in, and tore off half of Carax, sinking it in the ocean. The Godiants called her the Shadow Queen. The Shadow Queen found out about the Godiant’s infinite knowledge, and tried to take over the world with it. The Godiants trapped her in a legendary prison on the coastline before she could find enough books and knowledge. The prison was sealed with an ancient chant, never to be opened again. Years passed until only a year ago. A mad man named Grodus tried to open the prison so he could rule alongside her, but she killed him in one blow. A hero clad in red named Mario tracked Grodus to the Shadow Queen. The Queen possessed the princess of a nearby kingdom, named Princess Peach, and fought Mario for a bit before Mario forced her control of Princess Peach out, and Mario crushed her. Mario sealed her back into the prison, thinking no one would make the dangerous trip to get her again.

    Grodus had a secret android, however, which sneaked back to the prison. It was unable to release the Shadow Queen, but the Shadow Queen was able to speak to it. The Queen told it of the Godiants, and ordered him to find a way into Carax to find the knowledge needed to open the prison. The android, Eriolo, agreed, and left. Over a course of five years he managed to steal the most ancient documents, back when the Godiants had disappeared. Eventually, he found the story of the Oblivion Portals. Now he is out to get the Seven Sacred Shards, open the Master Portal, find the books he needs, and open the Shadow Queen’s prison again. A group of young creatures of all sorts now must stop Eriolo and take the Seven Sacred Shards before he can. Will they stop Eriolo? Or will they fail? Ah, little ones, the story will continue soon.......


    Type in third person.
    Only minimal bunnying.
    Follow Serebii.net rules, and RP Forum rules.
    Respect other members.
    Reserving is allowed, but don't forget about your reservation!....Seriously. Don't.
    Cursing is allowed, but block it, and not too many.
    Violence is allowed, but not too much.
    You are able to play as three characters, just as long as you can control more than one character, and the other characters are a different species.
    Make and control NPCs as needed.
    If you are signing up as an ally to Eriolo or the Shadow Queen, please specify that you are in your post.
    You cannot be an already existing character. That means no Parakarry, no Mario, no Peach, and yes, NO GENO.
    Listen to both me and Cacaruka.
    More rules may be added as the RP goes on.
    Any more questions, just ask.

    Character Form

    Name: (Simple enough. I only need the first, but a last name is fine.)
    Age: (8-20)
    Species: (Any species in the Mario world. I mean ANY. That means NPCs, partners in PM 1 + 2, anything. I do expect any video gamer to know at least what a Goomba and Koopa are, right? If its a rare species, like if it only appeared in one game, if it's one that a normal person wouldn't know much about, or if its not an enemy but it still exists in the games, you have to provide a picture.)
    Appearance: (I don't expect this to be much, since they are just the species. BUT everyone has to have some difference between their real species. For instance, a Goomba character would have to have a hat or glasses or something to make them different from a normal Goomba.
    Personality: (5+ Lines.)
    Backstory: (6+ Lines.)
    Abilities: (Well, for moves/abilities, each character will have three categories of moves with a total of five attacks in each category. When the character is first made, they start out with one category and three moves. They can start to learn more moves, and eventually new categories as the RP goes on.)
    Other: (Little tidbits here, like if they have a fear or always carry something.)
    RP Sample: (A short sample of how they would work in the RP.)

    Oblivion Portal Locations

    1. (not revealed)
    2. (not revealed)
    3. (not revealed)
    4. (not revealed)
    5. (not revealed)
    6. (not revealed)
    7. (not revealed)

    Users and Their Characters

    Copygoo - Boel the Boo

    Stoc15 - Daichi Daisuke the Hammer Bro.

    handymankg2 - Bobbo the Bob-omb

    The Sequel Returns - Spij the Shy Guy and Twilli the Twilighter

    angrycaterpie - Agent Robert the X-Naut

    CyberBlastoise - Cyrius the Yoshi and Daku the Dry Bones

    Kuiper - Marli the Shaman

    XYTWO - Reservified as a Bumpty

    Son Of Shadows - Josh Shilslam the Duplighost

    Feraligatr12 - Reservified

    The Black Glove - Reservified as a Thwomp

    chihaya01 - Dimension the Dimensional Being

    Ms. Accord - Reservified as a Noki

    mattman324 - Matthew the Pyro

    Cacaruka - Reservified

    Okay, well, I hope you guys like it.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2009
  2. Wobuffet fan

    Wobuffet fan TR's #1 admin

    This sounds good, but I have a couple of questions. Could we also play the evil organization trying to get the Seven Sacred Shards? If so, that would be great.

    I'll reserve a spot(Paper Mario, aaah brings back memories of playing it.)
  3. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Sure. The character form is the same for both. I control Eriolo and the Shadow Queen though.

    I'll just add to the rules that you can play as both.
  4. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Name: Daichi Daisuke
    Age: 16
    Species: Hammer Bro.
    Appearance: Looks like a normal Hammer Bro, but has scars on his face that make him look like he was in a terrible battle. He also has a gigantic blood-wound on his back that has stayed with him for years.
    Personality: Daichi is much more impulsive and aggressive than his brothers, and is willing to enter dangerous situations all alone. Unlike the other members of his family, Daichi will often attempt to quickly solve a problem with his actions instead of sitting back and analyzing the situation. Daichi can be arrogant at times. While he will accept help and even partners during his adventures, at times he may also resent the implication that he needs the help in first place. Daichi also loves to fight, so he can prove the lost spirit of his girlfriend Aika that he didn't mean for her to die. Daichi will, on occasion, analyze a situation and attempt to discover the true meaning of what is currently going on. This normally happens when he's being overpowered by a foe who has powers he has never seen before, though. Either way, Daichi is a jack of all trades who is a fun and lovable guy.
    Backstory: Daichi grew up having to live on his own, due to the fact that he was left with a old couple when he was born, with no idea where his parents were. Daichi still went to school, but he just lived in an alley, due to the fact the old couple kicking him out at age eight, doing his homework and watching the people outside the alley for entertainment. And then he met Aika Cho, a very pretty Koopa who had had gotten feelings for. Although Daichi was a hobo, Aika still loved him and they beginning dating, with Daichi sometimes sleeping at Aika's house. He then took up the guise of a Hammer Bro to defend himself and Aika, vowing that no person close to him would ever die again. It worked out until he was fifteen, when the Goomba gangsters came and killed Aika because she wouldn't give them money. This angered Daichi so much that he went after the gangsters and murdered them, being disgusted with what he had done. And then, he finally took a vow to only fight for justice, and for the world. Now he's sixteen, and he's in the current crisis that has occured in his world, beginning to wonder if he needs to murder again....
    Abilities: Catergory One: Offensive Attacks:
    1. Hammer Time: Nails the opponent with a bone-shattering hit from a hammer.
    2. Swinging Hammer: Strikes the opponent by wielding the hammer as if it was a normal baseball bat.
    3. Odin's Mallet: Charges up all the strength in Daichi's body and releases it in one big hit. The only disadvantage is, that is has a long charge up time and cannot always be trusted.
    Other: Daichi has a fear of fighting in the dark, because he doesn't want to die not seeing the opponent, and he carries around a locket with a picture of his lost love, Aika Cho.
    RP Sample:

    Daichi ran around the sewers as the Goombas chased after him, wanting to steal his money. "What is the problem with you Goombas and money?!" He cursed to them as he jumped onto a fence and grabbed his hammer. "Odin's Hammer!" He charged up an amazing blast as the Goombas stood there in awe. "I'd move if I were you," Daichi warned them as the blast was almost ready to be shot. "Why should we?" The boss Goomba asked as Daichi still stood on the fence. "This is why!" Daichi screamed as he shot a blast so powerful that the Goombas were blasted far away from Daichi. "I told you guys you shouldn't of messed with me," he taunted the Goombas as he walked further into the sewer. The Goombas quickly came back, though, and Daichi had to continue to fight these monsters off. "Swinging Hammer!" He nailed one Goomba in the face, sending that Goomba to knock out three more, leaving one Goomba left. "You get the special treatment. Hammer Time!" Daichi nailed the last Goomba in the head, nearly shattering every bone in the Goomba's body. "Now you'll stay down!" He yelled to them as he ran away.

    I hope I get in!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2008
  5. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Bold 1: That stuff is backstory. Not personality.
    Bold 2: Augh, cliched. Please, no.
    Bold 3: It's a bit overpowered. It has a long charge up time, right?
    Bold 4: I need a little more. Just add to it.
  6. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Tell me if you like this edit I made!
  7. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Meh.....okay. You're in.

    I will post my own sign-up sometime today.
  8. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Yay! This is gonna be fun!

    (I hope...... XD. It is!)
  9. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Here's my character.

    Name: Boel (can be pronounced Boh-ell or Bowl)

    Age: 12

    Species: Boo

    Appearance: Boel is similiar to a normal Boo, besides the fact he has dirty desert-rock skin. He will occasionally wear black sunglasses and brown gloves, too. He will almost always be wearing a hat.

    Boel is what you would call mischevious, but not mean. He loves to play jokes and pranks on people, even if it's dangerous or could turn out bad for him. He never plays jokes on good friends, however, because he trusts them and cares for them. Boel likes to steal however also, but always in a Robin Hood style. The only thing he really ever steals for himself are hats. Boel loves hats. Boel believes kindness should be repaid, and so people kind to him find a bit of money under their pillow the next day. In truth, Boel is a very caring and kind Boo. You just need to get close to him enough so that he will show it.

    Backstory: Boel was born in the small village of Gusty Gulch. As a small child, he loved to visit the nearby mansion of a rich female Boo, Lady Bow. Lady Bow adored him as well. Lady Bow showed him all of the passageways and secret rooms of her mansion. Lady Bow taught him many things until the day she had to leave with the hero Mario to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Boel was sad to see her go, but he was happy for her. Boel then spent most of his days at the mansion until one day he was old enough to leave Gusty Gulch. He took a long trip through Forever Forest, a nearby forest which was the only way to Toad Town. He reached Toad Town and established a home for himself there. He took a job helping an old lady cook food for others, when he found that he was a great cook. He slept in a nearby inn with the money he made from the small lady until he got enough money to buy a house. Now he lives peacfully near other Toads in his small home.


    Boo Abilities:

    Cloak: Boel makes himself and one ally intangible, making all attacks and obstacles pass through them. The longer he uses this, the more tired he becomes.

    Boo!: Boel makes a face so scary it causes weak enemies to run away from battle. Does not always work, however.

    Boo Bomber: Boel wraps himself into a ball and barrels into an enemy.

    Nightmare Slash: Boel's arms glow black and he can slash enemies for a limited amount of time. In this state, his arms can freeze things.


    Boel wears a different hat each day.

    RP Sample:

    A dusty-colored Boo floated around a small town, named Toad Town. A small man with a mushroom head waved at him. The Boo waved back. The Boo was wearing a red baseball cap. He floated to a small building, and opened the door.

    "Hi Tayce T., I'm here for wor-"

    He gaped as he looked across the empty kitchen. Tayce T. hadn't gotten up yet. That wasn't right. He rushed upstairs, and saw an elderly female Toad sweating in bed. A hooded figure was beside her. The Boo looked at the Toad.

    "Tayce! What's....what happened?!"

    The old Toad waved her hand, coughing.

    "Oh Boel....thank you for coming...."

    The hooded figure gazed up at Boel the Boo. Boel's face was stricken with fear and sadness. The hooded figure nodded.

    "So this is Boel... darkness is falling upon our land, Boel, and you must know about it..."

    Boel swallowed, and ran to Tayce T.'s side. He took off his hat and laid it on the bed.

    "How did this happen?"

    Tayce T smiled weakly, and put her hand on Boel's. She looked at the hooded figure, then back at Boel.

    "You see, Boel....."
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2009
  10. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    I'd like to reserve a spot if you may, I'll be playing a bomb-omb.
  11. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Okay, sure. You're reservified.
  12. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Name: Bobbo
    Age: 14
    Species: Bob-omb

    Appearance: Bobbo is a strange variety of Bob-omb, being green in colour, his fuse is slightly shorter than others. His shoes are a red color, and he also has a pair of sunglasses over his face, as well as a bandana, which is a red and white spotted pattern.

    Personality: Bobbo is one with a short fuse, both literally, and mentally, and can lose his temper very, very easily, over the littlest things. He has a love for the sea, and is very flirtatious with any females he meets, although he is actually very scared of rejection underneath. He loves company, so much so that he gets very frustrated, and sometimes confused when by himself, as he isn’t the brightest Bob-omb to live. He loves to swim, and is very skilled at it, keeping his match out the top of the ocean. He is very protective over his match, but also very daring, as he believes that there is no afterlife, so he should use as much of his life for himself as possible.

    Backstory: Bobbo was born on a boat near Rougeport, with his father being a sailor, his mother a explorer, he had a brilliant first few years living on the sea. He was very happy with his life, and dreamed of being the best sailor ever to live. Unfortunately, upon reaching the age of seven, his families ship was hijacked. He was bellow deck at the time, and hid inside a toilet cubical, as he heard the men outside. When he left the cubical, the men had gone, but so had his family. Evidently, either his father or mothers fuse must of exploded, on a ship filled with gunpowder, which had made a huge explosion. He saw the air was black, and the sea was red with blood. He gathered all the money left, and swam to land, finding the city of Rougeport, he settled there, affording a house with the money he took, he worked as a cleaner on a ship, and has almost raised enough money to get his own ship.

    Abilities: Acid Throw: Bobbo throws a small bomb, which explodes into acid on touch.
    Sleeper Bomb: Bobbo throws a bomb, which puts the enemy to sleep.
    Fuse Bomb one: His fuse runs out, causing a small explosion in the nearby area.
    Other: He has a fear of being stranded on land.

    RP Sample: The sea, the most beautiful place on the planet, a place where he could truly relax and live off of, his home, and the place he wanted to be. He had gotten a job as a cleaner on a ship, but he knew that it would never truly be enough for him; he wanted to be a captain. He was working his hardest, however, and took many shifts, earning a lot of money. The only reason he hadn’t gotten promoted was the fact that he would sometimes explode at the guests (Verbally) for them doing something that was clearly wrong. He was currently working around the edges of the boat, the worst part of the ship, with vomit stains everywhere, but he got the most pay for working there, at least. He watched two koopas that were sitting nearby, and began to listen. They were speaking in whispers, but Bobbo could hear them.

    “…The money…you have it?”
    “Yes…It was easy to obtain.”
    “Hand it over.”
    “Here.” A briefcase was handed between the two koopa.
    “Thanks” the first said, as he reached for a gun, and shot the other. Bobbo saw this happen, and instantly ran forwards, and leaped on the man, knocking him down. He then jumped backwards, and threw a acid bomb. The man fell to the ground, burns on his hand. Bobbo then quickly called for his captain, who came, and quickly called the police. The police found that both men were in fact wanted criminals, and that Bobbo had done a great deed. They paid Bobbo a handsome sum for capturing the people, making him fairly happy with his work for the day. He then went to his quarters, and slept. He hoped tomorrow would be this fun.
  13. Wobuffet fan

    Wobuffet fan TR's #1 admin

    Name: Bowser(you'll see why in a minute)

    Age: 45

    Species:King Koopa

    Appearance: Bowser looks quite different from the events of five years past. His face has become a little wrinkled due to age and stress. His horns, while still quite shiny, have dulled a little bit to an opaque color. His eyes have become a bit bloodshot due to his overwhelming desire to kill plumbers in red hats. His physical conditioning is good, but he has slowed a little bit from his usual prime. The fire he breathes is now yellow instead of bright orange.

    Personality: Bowser likes to keep all of his emotions under lock and key where noone can activate them now. He never mentions his past exploits to anyone, even if they ask, and has always kept to himself. He tries to find time playing with his Kooplings, but deep down in his mind he knows that something is missing from his life.
    He has a deep hatred for those who think that they are so great and smug, such as Mario. These people are the reason why he can never be happy with himself and are the reason why he can never find a stable girlfriend.

    Backstory:(Forgive me if I got some events screwed up from the second paper Mario, it's been so ong since I played that game). Five years ago. He was in his hundreth match against Mario, facing him yet again. The suspicious chhamber held little bearing for him as he and his girl at the time, Kammy Koopa, fought and got crushed by him and his hateful partners. As he slowly slipped out of consciousness out he saw a weird looking man with a dome on his head. He introduced himself as 'Gromus' before fighting, at which he passed out. When he woke up, he saw that the chamber wasn't as suspicious as he thought and that this weird guy and Mario was gone. However, he had a feeling a power, greater than his own, was still dormant waiting for its vegenance.
    Fast Forward five years later. Bowser is washed out having absolutely nothing to do. Most of his Kooplings have gone on to lead their own lives and he played with the littlest ones still. He would have nothing to do with Mario anymore, and he needed a job(since his first wife and Koopling's mother life insurance has run out) so......


    King cateogory

    Flamethrower: Shoots a large blast of fire at the opponent. Cannot move for duration of attack, however.

    Bowser Body Slam: Throws all of the force into a single opponent. Large recoil effect.

    Minions: Calls upon one random minion to fight for him. Only works when he is in low health.

    RP sample:

    Bowser was waking up from his spiked bed on another dreary day. He can feel as though nothing special is going to happen. He wakes his kids up, nurses them, feeds them, and herd them to the bus stop where he is forced to wait. The bus comes and takes them off, but once again, he sees the kid staring at him.
    'What the hell are you staring at?' He asks incredously, and breathes some fire in warning. The fire is weak, however, and the kids just laugh and laugh. He can see the heartbroken faces on his kids. He justs walks away, feeling a little saddened(as always).
    He goes tot he front-porch and takes a newspaper from it. Sometimes he forgets to take one, since this was two days old. Bored he scans through it until something at the last page on the last article catches his interest. It is about a job working for the X-Nauts.
    "WHAT!! I was pretty sure their leader was dead." he exclaims in amazement. He looks farther and sees that it is an adventuring/admin job.
    "I've done some adventures in my life, maybe this time I won't have to meet up with him." He says, baring his teeth at the thought of plumber man.
    He freshens himself up and walks the short way to this mysterious headquarters. He presses on the buzzer, newspaper still in hand and says,
    "May I speak to uh-Eriolo for a job here".
  14. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    I like it, despite the reminiscence of Bobbery.

    It's accepted.

    EDIT: Wobbufet Fan, you cannot sign up as an already existing character. Sorry.

    I really need to add stuff to the rules.....
  15. Feraligatr12

    Feraligatr12 Dr. Black Series

    can i reserve a spot? i'm thinking about using a smaller version of Petey Pirahna
  16. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Okay. You are reserved.
  17. The Black Glove

    The Black Glove The Resident BAMF

    BG here, asking to reserve a Thwomp.
  18. Cacaruka

    Cacaruka WHADDUP

    All right, you're reserved! (unofficially, since Copygoo isn't here.)
  19. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    I'd like to reserve a spot.

    I'll be playing a Shy Guy.
  20. Cacaruka

    Cacaruka WHADDUP

    Unofficially reserved.

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