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Part of Darkrai and Shaymin Movies on Japanese Pokemon Yahoo Page at/until 7/21?

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Meh... this really isn't THAT big, and it's almost too late to even mention this, but... this special Pokemon Yahoo page has the first seventeen minutes of the Darkrai movie first fifteen minutes of the Shaymin movie. I think July 21 is the last day they'll have this up or the day after they stop having it up. This is based on stuff on the page mentioned when you scroll down.

FYI though, they're in Japanese with no English subtitles (what else would you expect, since it's a Japanese page?), and there are some spoilers for the 12th movie on the page. There are four small windows under the big screen at the top. The Shaymin movie's on the second of the four small windows and the Darkrai movie's on the third of the four small windows.

Just letting you guys know, if you care... (I think they did this for the earlier movies too, but I missed it. For some reason the earlier movies are mentioned when you scroll down.)