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Partners in Crime II

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Hello One and all to the Partners in Crime Tournament. Here your battling skills will be tested to the extremes along with a unique way to see how good your team building and preparation skills are. More than just the basics of battling is required to win here.

Your Partner In Crime

What makes this different to other tournies is that you will have to pick one Pokemon which you will have to use in all of your tourney matches and this Pokemon will be referred too as your partner in crime. You may change the other 5 members of your team as much as you like between rounds and the set of your partner in crime may be changed aswell. No poke is too wacky for this tournament, so the use of an UU as your Partner in Crime is personally preferred by me, but you can still use an OU as your Partner in Crime. The winner of the first Partner in Crime had a Venusaur as his partner; I claimed third with a Clefable and fourth was reppin’ Cacturne, so even UU’s can shine in this tourney, don’t worry.

Whatsmore is that you may not choose a pokemon to be your partner in crime if someone else has already claimed it. So if someone has picked Pikachu as their partner in crime then no one else after them can pick Pikachu as their partner in crime. You are, however, allowed to use Pikachu in your team even if someone else has chosen it.

It is recommended that you choose your partner in crime well and think it through carefully in your team preparations. Let's just say that if you pick Scizor, don't be surprised when you come up against a Gyarados or a Zapdos.


~ Everything I listed under the "Your Partner In Crime" section.

~ Standard rules.

~ This is a wi-fi tournament though if both opponents agree then they may use shoddy but when entering you must have access to wi-fi.

~ All battles must be fought in the Lv.100 function in the single battle format.

~ No Ubers may be used in the tournament.


It’s a secret =D

The Rounds

There will be either 24 or 32 entrants depending on the amount of people that wish to join. If the tourney reaches 24 entrants and you want to join, post to say so, that way even we don't reach 32 people I can just make you a sub.

Each round will last one week. If someone is inactive for 4 of these days then they will be replaced by a sub in round one to get the battle done. If your opponent is inactive then post in this thread to show that you are active to show that you are trying and avoid being disqualified. This is the same thing that Shiny Magmortar did in his masterclass tourney so credit goes to him for the idea.

Application Form

Forum Name:
Friend Code:
Your partner in crime:
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz):

I will fill out my application form here as an example:

Forum Name: assassinsceptile (Doc)
Friend Code: cbf to get atm
Your partner in crime: Poliwrath
Why you picked your partner in crime: My favorite pokes have been Poliwrath, Sceptile, and Aggron for awhile now. As most of you know I was the Rock Gym Leader so Aggron already had some use, and I use Sceptile for my forum username. So those two are out so Poliwrath can be shown to the world as the BAMF he really is.

-Doc with Poliwrath 1
-Goketsu with Gliscor 2
-Flamethrowa55 with Rotom-H 3
-SSBB123 with Bronzong 4
-Undead Lust with Lopunny 5
-Milo05 with Quagsire 6
-DaveTFG with Toxicroak 7
-Lily with Ditto 8
-Aaron751 with Pikachu 9
-oooo with Lucario 10
-superwolfe with Mamoswine 11
-Neighsur with Ursaring 12
-Shadowice with Celebi 13
-KingLuigiIII with Infernape 14
-SvN with Honchkrow 15
-Twin Spire with Swampert 16
-Xyden with Scizor 17
-Applebutter2 with Jirachi 18
-SatanJr with "Hetran" 19
-Torterra14 with Machamp 20
-BaldWombat with Salamence 21
-Gamefreak with Kingdra 22
-Gingbino with Tauros 23
-HotRod93 Medicham 24

Mail_Time with Blissey
Don Demio with Tyranitar
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Well-Known Member
Forum Name: Flamethrowa 55
Friend Code:0689-7561-3925
Your partner in crime: Rotom-H
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Because IT'S A BEAST!11
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Forum Name: SSBB123
Friend Code: 1548 7371 7889
Your partner in crime: Bronzong
Why you picked your partner in crime: bcos hes a bell
Forum Name: Undead Lust
Friend Code: 3782 0407 5086
Your partner in crime: Lopunny
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Look at Lopunny, she is the very definition of Lust in Pokemon.


has no status =3
Forum Name: milo05
Friend Code: 2622 4903 2767
Your partner in crime: Quagsire.
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Coz he's awesome and lol.


Fish Trainer
Forum Name: DaveTheFishGuy
Friend Code: 0517 7041 4522
Your partner in crime: Toxicroak
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Cos it iz clearly a criminail.
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Forum Name: xLilith
Friend Code: imma fill this **** in later if I feel like it
Your partner in crime: Ditto
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): cos it ken b anyfing i want it 2 be.

also it perty leik flowerz


Gym Leader
Forum Name : Aaron751
FC : 2063 8142 0982
Partner In Crime : Pikachu
Why I picked it : Unexpected.
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Well-Known Member
Forum Name: oooo
Friend Code: 3222 6165 5568
Your partner in crime: Lucario
Why you picked your partner in crime: Luke is not overused at all and has no obvious counters. Really.


Steel Gym Leader
Forum Name: superwolfe
Friend Code:
Your partner in crime: mamoswine
Why you picked your partner in crime: Because hes so strong and can be used in most situations...
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Forum Name: dublinnaser1
Friend Code: 1205 0320 1297
Your partner in crime: Ursaring
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): IM OUT TO GET YOU DOC
Forum Name: shadowice1234
Friend Code: 0990-3568-1212
Your partner in crime: Celebi
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz):Wynaut?

KingLuigi III

Hail to the king~
Forum Name: KingLuigiIII
Friend Code: 5156-5471-6539
Your partner in crime: Gengar
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Poison is two StronGar

guerrilla radio

war of change
Forum Name: SvN
Friend Code: 3480-9658-1649
Your partner in crime: Honchkrow
Why you picked your partner in crime: black.

Twin Spire

God complex.
Forum Name: Twin Spire
Friend Code: 2622 3667 3013
Your partner in crime: Infernape
Why you picked your partner in crime: Randomly picked an OU from my box.


cake cake cake cake
Forum Name: AppleButter2
Friend Code: 0217-1200-7390
Your partner in crime: Jirachi
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Milo told me to.
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Forum Name: SatanJr
Friend Code: 5113 5291 4909
Your partner in crime: Heatran
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): I 69 with it
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Formerly Torterra14
Forum Name: Torterra14
Friend Code: 2020-9373-0810
Your partner in crime: Machamp
Why you picked your partner in crime: Cos its one of my favorite pokes.


Mortal Wombat!
Forum Name: BaldWombat
Friend Code: 0260 0310 2900
Your partner in crime: Salamence
Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Used it in the first one.
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