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Partners In Crime Tournament

Discussion in 'Completed Tournaments' started by Cousin_Dan, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Cousin_Dan

    Cousin_Dan Banned

    Credit to Femme Fatale for the awesome banner


    Hello One and all to the Partners in Crime Tournament. Here your battling skills will be tested to to the extremes along with a unique way to see how good your team building and preparation skills are. More than just the basics of battling is required to win here.​

    Your Partner In Crime

    What makes this different to other tournies is that you will have to pick one Pokemon which you will have to use in all of your tourny matches and this Pokemon will be referred too as your partner in crime. You may change the other 5 members of your team as much as you like between rounds and the set of your partner in crime may be changed aswell.

    Whatsmore is that you may not choose a pokemon to be your partner in crime if someone else has already claimed it. So if someone has picked Pikachu as their partner in crime then no one else after them can pick Pikachu as their partner in crime. You are, however, allowed to use Pikachu in your team even if someone else has chosen it.

    It is recomended that you choose your partner in crime well and think it through carefully in your team preparations. Let's just say that if you pick Scizor, don't be surprised when you come up against a Gyarados or a Zapdos.


    ~ Everything I listed under the "Your Partner In Crime" section.

    ~ Standard rules. They can be found here.

    ~ This is a wi-fi tournament though if both opponents agree then they may use shoddy but when entering you must have access to wi-fi.

    ~ All battles must be fought in the Lv.100 function in the single battle format.

    ~ No Ubers may be used in the tournament (a list of these can be found through the standard rules link I gave you).


    Sniffles the Sneasel
    Inner Focus
    26 / 31 / 10 / 9 / 4 / 31

    Ice Punch / Counter / Fake Out / Pursuit

    Hamburglar the Delibird
    31 / 31 / 25 / 4 / 5 / 31

    Rapid Spin / Ice Punch / Ice Shard / Quick Attack

    Scrappy the Riolu
    25 / 31 / 22 / 13 / 24 / 31

    Blaze Kick / Bullet Punch / Crunch / Sword Dance

    The winner will recieve first choice of prizes, then the runner up will get the next choice and the poke that is left will go to the person in 3rd place.

    The Rounds

    There will be either 24 or 32 entrants depending on the amount of people that wish to join. If the tourny reaches 24 entrants and you want to join, post to say so, that way even we don't reach 32 people I can just make you a sub.

    Each round will last one week. If someone is inactive for 4 of these days then they will be replaced by a sub in round one to get the battle done. If your opponent is inactive then post in this thread to show that you are active to show that you are trying and avoid being disqualified. This is the same thing that Femme Fatale did in her masterclass tourney so credit goes to her for the idea.

    If you do not think that you will be active enough to finish the tourney then DO NOT SIGN UP. I am sick and tired of this site killing tournies due to laziness.

    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2

    ROUND 3



    Application Form

    Forum Name:
    Friend Code:
    Your partner in crime:
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz):

    I will fill out my application form here as an example:

    Forum Name: Cousin_Dan
    Friend Code: In sig
    Your partner in crime: Lanturn
    Why you picked your partner in crime: He is often underestimated despite the fact that I have found him a great poke throughout the battles I have used him in. He just fits in alot my teams so I end up using him practically all the time too. :p


    1. Cousin_Dan with Lanturn
    2. ZackAttack512 with Scizor
    3. Hauntershadow92 with Smeargle
    4. Iggly with Scyther
    5. Boomguy with Banette
    6. Goketsu with Charizard
    7. Pokewiz7o8 with Honchkrow
    8. Kinder Surprise with Jirachi
    9. Mamoreno89 with Arcanine
    10. Netosenpai with Mamoswine
    11. Ima Penguin 95 with Regice

    12. Frazzle92 with Uxie
    13. Bubble-o-Bill with Staraptor
    14. Hado Uha with Lucario
    15. ThomBom(pearl Fan) with Latias
    16. D/\rkness with Spiritomb
    17. Dawn_Hero with Raikou
    18. woliwo with Venusaur
    19. DarkHonchkrow with Infernape
    20. Torterra14 with Mismagius
    21. The Baron of Fate with Magnezone
    22. Baldwombat with Salamence
    23. Lonely Ralts with Blissey
    24. Andrew1239 with Empoleon
    25. Phop with Bronzong
    26. JmH Reborn with Crobat
    27. Old Man with Typhlosion
    28. Blaine's Cousin with Claydol
    29. Shard 567 with Gengar
    30. assassinsceptile with Clefable
    31. Flamethrowa55 with Cacturne
    32. Dude2.0 with Rhyperior


    Fang Overlord with Politoed
    Blaze The Pokemon Master with Ludicolo
    Vanyacoire with Alakasam
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  2. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    Forum Name: Hauntershadow92
    Friend Code: 3824 2476 8788
    Your partner in crime: Smeargle
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Bcuz Pro
  3. Iggly

    Iggly Banned

    Wewt its up!

    Forum Name: Iggly
    Friend Code: The Diamond one, in sig
    Your partner in crime: Scyther
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Fave = fave
  4. Boomguy

    Boomguy Well-Known Member

    Forum Name: Boomguy
    Friend Code: In the Sig
    Your partner in crime: Bannette
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): He is the real criminal
  5. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Forum Name: Goketsu
    Friend Code: 4983-7408-9555
    Your partner in crime: Charizard
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): bcos pro
  6. Pokewiz7o8

    Pokewiz7o8 I know. I'm hot.

    Forum Name: Pokewiz7o8
    Friend Code: 3995 9252 6765
    Your partner in crime: Honchkrow
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): bcos super pro
  7. Forum Name: Kinder Surprise
    Friend Code: In sig
    Your partner in crime: Jirachi
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Its easy to build a team around
  8. Forum Name: Kinder Surprise
    Friend Code: In sig
    Your partner in crime: Jirachi
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Its easy to build a team around
  9. mamoreno89

    mamoreno89 Weatherman

    Forum Name:mamoreno89
    Friend Code:in sig
    Your partner in crime:Arcanine
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz):he is awesome lol
  10. Netosenpai

    Netosenpai Ahí madre!

    Forum Name: NetoSenpai
    Friend Code: Platinum in sig
    Your partner in crime: Mamoswine
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Another ice age is coming! better have a mamut on my side
  11. Connor™

    Connor™ Showstopper

    Holy shizz. Triple post mayhem 0.o

    Omfg, awesome tourney Dan. It would be a sin not to join.

    Forum Name: Ima_Penguin_95
    Friend Code: 2621-6665-0341
    Your partner in crime: Regice
    Why you picked your partner in crime : Its been doing brilliantly recently. It would be insanity not to.
  12. frazzle92

    frazzle92 No Matter What!

    Forum Name: Frazzle92
    Friend Code: 1161-2389-2712
    Your partner in crime:Uxie
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): The most underated of the three pixies, do your research, otherwise this guy will cause you trouble.
  13. Bubble-o-Bill

    Bubble-o-Bill Banned

    Forum Name: Bubble-o-Bill
    Friend Code: In sig
    Your partner in crime: Staraptor
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): If I didn't choose it it would cut itself
  14. Hado•Uha

    Hado•Uha Member

    Forum Name: Hado•Uha
    Friend Code: 3179-9103-7812
    Your partner in crime: Lucario
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz):I believe in my pokemon
  15. ThomBom(Pearl Fan)

    ThomBom(Pearl Fan) Pro Pizza Eater

    Forum Name: Thombom(Pearl Fam)
    FC: 2578 7070 0582
    Partner in (not only) Crime: Latias
    Why: I like OU *****s
  16. D/\rkness

    D/\rkness ...

    Forum Name: D/\rkness
    Friend Code: 3824 0488 0759
    Your partner in crime: Spiritomb
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Personal favorite, and probably the toughest Pokemon I have ever raised. The number of people whose teams my beloved Spiritomb has single-handedly crushed... I will not waste my time trying to recall. Penguin, you know what I'm talking about. ;)
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2009
  17. Dawn_Hero

    Dawn_Hero Written Insanity~

    Forum Name: Dawn_Hero
    Friend Code: 4425-7452-9052
    Your partner in crime: Raikou
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): When I first came back to competitive battling after re-opening Team Dawn, I tried out a Raikou I named Zeus. I've been in love with him ever since : D Zeus has helped me win tons of battles.
  18. woliwo

    woliwo Hello

    Forum Name: Woliwo
    Friend Code: 4124-6268-9738
    Your partner in crime: Venusaur
    Why you picked your partner in crime (for lulz): Venusaur have saved my *** in battles more than any pokemon, and are one of my favs.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2009
  19. Cousin_Dan

    Cousin_Dan Banned

    All the entrants so far have been added.

    Also I'd just like to slip in that it's nice to see a nice mix of pokes for partners in crime rather than just a ton of OU spam. ^.^

    Moar entrants Pl0X.
  20. D/\rkness

    D/\rkness ...

    Yes, it certainly is!
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