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Passafist's Dex Filler

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Passafist666, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Hello and welcome to my shop!

    1) No Hacks! If any of mine turn out to be hacked I will trade you back.

    2) Don't get mad if something comes up. I've been busy lately. My Timezone is US Eastern. We'll have to set a time accordingly.

    3) Fair trades only. Not giving my V-create Victini for your caterpie (Unless stated otherwise).

    4) If I decline a trade just move on. Flame is completely unneeded.

    5) Only offer trades on this thread. I will tell you to post here if you send me a VM or PM.

    6) I use my White version FC which is in my sig. DON'T try to trade me though my platinum. It is completely empty and this is a Gen V trade thread. You'd be surprised how many people try to do that...

    7) I have no problem with clones and RNGs (That's pretty much what all mine are)

    Please browse through.


    -ALL Hatchable Pokemon.

    -Pretty much any non-event legend. If you want to know what natures/IVs I got ask.

    -UT Docile movie 14 V-create Victini

    -UT rash FEB2012 Mewtwo

    -UT Bold 2012MAY Darkrai

    -UT Rash DW Arceus

    -Rash Mystery Event Hoenn Mew

    -UT Timid Shaymin

    -Shiny Modest lvl 100 Charizard EV train in Sp Att, Speed, and 6 in HP. IVs 11/16/18/28/22/21

    -Lvl 100 Modest Venasaur EV Trained in Sp Att, Sp Def, and 6 HP. IVs 20/11/31/30/24/20

    -None atm

    #113 Chansey ;113; (x2)
    OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♀
    Nature: Calm | Ability: Natural Cure | Type: Normal
    Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Ice 67
    Moves: Defense Curl|Pound|Growl
    IVs: 31/31/9/31/31/30
    *Cloned via AR DSi*

    #633 Deino ;633; (x2)
    OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♂
    Nature: Jolly | Ability: Hustle | Type: Dark|Dragon
    Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Steel 49
    Moves: Tackle|Dragon Rage
    IVs: 13/31/31/31/4/19
    *Cloned via AR DSi*

    #610 Axew ;610; (One Left!)
    OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♂
    Nature: Adamant | Ability: Mold Breaker | Type: Dragon
    Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Dark 70
    Moves: Scratch
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/27/31
    *Cloned via AR DSi*

    #137 Porygon ;137; (x2)
    OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: Genderless
    Nature: Rash | Ability: Trace | Type: Normal
    Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Ghost 70
    Moves: Tackle|Conversion|Sharpen|Ice Beam
    IVs: 31/14/31/3/22/31
    *Cloned via AR DSi*

    -Specific Genders
    -Specific Natures
    -Cloning (I'll keep a copy)
    -Trade Evolution
    -EV Training




    -DW Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu



    -Flawless (With 0 Att) UT Modest female shiny Caterpie with DW ability

    -Flawless, Adamant, Male, Weedle with the ability Swarm.

    -B ;201-b;
    -E ;201-e;
    -G ;201-g;
    -H ;201-h;
    -L ;201-l;
    -R ;201-r;
    -S ;201-s;
    -V ;201-v;
    -W ;201-w;
    -X ;201-x;
    -! ;201-!;
    -? ;201-?;


    Last edited: Aug 3, 2012
  2. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Shop Now Open!
  3. bigman82

    bigman82 Shiny Trader

    Congrats on the shop! :D anyway, I can trade you a sawk, Basculin, vullaby, druddigon, and heatmor. Can you trade me any 5 pokes from my sig.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2011
  4. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Yep I'll give u a magby.

    Then pick any two Hoenn Pokes from ur list execpt Cascoon.
  5. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Oops, sry. Though u said thre.

    Yeah I'll give u Magby and any othe rfour in your sig thats a first evo. Execpt ones you ahve to beed holding certain items to get.
  6. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    what natures do you currently have on the DW Shinx?
  7. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    I only have one and its calm
  8. bigman82

    bigman82 Shiny Trader

    Ya lol at first I said 3 but I found more pokes so I added them in lol. :) and as for the pokes I'm getting, you can pick which ever ones you want. It doesn't really matter what I get as long as it's in my sig :p
  9. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Would u b able to wait? I'm doing a let play with a guy on Minecraft and I won't b able to hatch any pokes tonight.

    Would u be fine with tommorow?
  10. bigman82

    bigman82 Shiny Trader

    Yup no problem :) Let me know when your ready
  11. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    Shop is temporarily closed due to me being busy. I would keep it up but sadly my grandparents don't have internet. I should be back in a week or two but until then this shop is closed.

    I don't mind if people send in offers while I'm gone though. Also, any1 who offered up something on this thread I'm ussually not late on my deals but I've been busy as I jsut said.

    Thanks for everyone's coopoeration.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2012
  12. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    I can get you Tepig, Sawk, Basculin (Red), Alomomola, Axew, Druddigon, Pawniard, Vullaby, Heatmor, dittos for Phione, 3 gen starters, PKRS growlithe, DW Eggecute, sunkern, Tanagela sentret, tailow, poochyena and shinx- all female DW please, No I do not Care about the natures
    Also Check my shop for more pokemon
  13. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer


    Plans have changed. Shop is open again. Anyone with a previous offer pelase post again so I can get updated and get to work on your offers. One at a time please.

    Also to the perosn above, we'll have to do that a few trade at a time. Not all at once.
  14. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    i wouldn't have time to do them all at once either but i can get you those like a few every weekend or we can just do a few of thoses trades
  15. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    I'll message u if I need anything. I'm helping Big man with three more of his pokes. After that u may wanna recheck my wants to see if I still want anything. Also I'll PM u when I'm done trading with him.
  16. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer

    givin' the thread a bump
  17. bobbybobbybobby

    bobbybobbybobby New Member

    i would like a lvl 1 modest treecko in exchange for a w, s, or z unown. thanks! I'll be on for the next hour and at 5:45 tonight, but PM me if you won't be. my friend code is 0733 4231 7938.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2011
  18. Passafist666

    Passafist666 The Wanderer


    Shop is temporarily closed.

    I've been taking a break from trading lately. I will reopen whenever I feel like doing business again.
  19. indifference

    indifference Well-Known Member

    i can give you an oval stone for a spiritomb.
  20. Mr.Sencho

    Mr.Sencho New Member

    umm. new to platinum and spiritomb, but i like spiritomb so ill trade almost anything for it. but note i only have played up to the entrance of solaceon town, so i cant hook it up with a legend.

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