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Past Memories [Contestshipping ; Rated PG]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Stephy, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11


    And welcome...the new fic from Cecilia. xD;; [/whatyougetwhencecilia'sbored :<

    It's, another Contestshipping fic, namely. 8D So CSers, hooray. xD;; Another CS fic is coming your way. o_O; [/thatrhymes8D]

    Okay, enough of the Contestshipping spam talk here. XD On with the fic. 8D

    Past Memories ; Prolouge


    "Can...You don't leave me?" Her voice could still echo in his head.

    He sighed, and leaned back on the chair, closing his eyes which lead him into a deep sleep. The wind blew his green hair softly. He then begin to venture into their past...


    A girl was sitting on a swing, with a boy behind her pushing her. She was laughing when all of a sudden, it stopped when she heard his words. Her tears then begin to fall continously, with her head looking down at the floor.

    "W-What?" She whimpered.

    The boy took a deep breath, "I have to go..."

    "Go...where?" She quietly said, as she stood up and leaned on him.

    The boy was surprised at first- But he then wrapped his arms around her. "I'm moving to...La Rousse City..."

    "But...That's so far! Will you come back?" The girl said anxiously yet scared.

    "I don't...know." The boy replied helplessly.

    "Can you...don't leave..." She said, tears still flowing. Only it was more then before.

    "Drew!" A voice called. "We're leaving!"

    "It's...my mom." He said, his voice containing a sense of worry. "I have...to go now."

    "Now...?" The girl whispered. She let go of him. She then took out a present and shoved it to him. "Here...For you." It was wrapped nicely in a lovely pink-and-blue wrapping paper, with a note on it.

    He smiled, and took it. He then took out something behind him and gave it to her. "For you too."


    "Thank...You." She smiled.

    "Drew! Come on!" The voice yelled.

    "Coming..." He said, focusing back to the girl.

    She then begin to worry. "I guess...You have to go now, right?"

    "Yeah..." He said.

    "Can you don't forget me...?" She asked.

    "I...won't." He smiled, pulling her into the last hug they will...have.


    He opened his eyes from his short nap, before taking out something from his pocket. It glistened shinily, and was still in perfect condition. It was a...

    ...A Locket.



    So how was it? ^.^

    Oh, and if you are clear enough, the part where...He was flashbacking the past, the past was when they were small...8DDD

    I'm not really sure whether should I complete it, so, um, I need your feedback. :<

  2. dash142

    dash142 Beginning Trainer

    "Can you don't forget me...?"

    It should be:

    "You won't forget me... right?"

    Or something like that. Go ahead and post another chapter at least. It should be longer than this one though.
  3. Sailor Merury

    Sailor Merury Butterflys rock!

    Very good. But, yeah change what dash142 said.
  4. Hullo

    Hullo ...

    I think they were supposed to talk like that? If you read the end of the post they were small, so maybe they were very small and didn't know how to talk right. =P

    I liked it! When will they meet up? What will they say? How will they meet up? When will you post the next part?!?!?! D< *breathes heavily*

    Okay, I'm done now. =D
  5. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    ...Yay! Contestshipping!!! :D This is off to a good start! Can I be on the PM list? Also, your bored work is good!
  6. Genkiness

    Genkiness CHEESE!!!

    Hey, is this the story on one of your ideas that you had for a while? I think I read it on your website...
    Aww.... poor Drew and little "girl" (although, I think we all know who she is... unless it's some kind of twist in your story).
    Anyways, that's a great prologue. And you should continue this story. I think it has a great plot.
    I really want to see the next chapter soon, so can I be on the PM List, please?
  7. Sailor Merury

    Sailor Merury Butterflys rock!

    Can I also be on the PM list? Sorry, maybe your right.......

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