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Pattern Bush Secret?!

  • Thread starter king krab kingler
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king krab kingler

Is there a secret inside the pattern bush,you know something related to the floor patterns?In the first person view it says something about a concealed secret??
Also in the tanoby ruins is the ancient,resting pokemon supposed to be the unown?


Mew The Origin
I dont think there is a secret in patter bush. Nintendo probably said there was a secret so we would be driven to find out the secret and use our imagination more. Its a good influence of them but i dont think there really is a secret. In tanoby ruins, the resting pokemons are unown.


Nothing to be done
The "secret" of Pattern Bush is that the grass won't grow in certain spots. It has nothing to do with the game, and is never explained.


You're Illegal
no theres no secert it just that the grass won't grow in certen places


Team Rocket Admin
OMG, I cant belive no one knows the secret to pattern bush, look at the walkthrough, the grass is in the shape of herocross.>_<


Psephophthalmus artu

^if u call that a heracross then yes that could be its twin
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Well-Known Member
I've been staring at it for five minutes now and I still don't see the Heracross. o_O I feel so blind now. *hangs head abjectly*


Leave my posts alone
I'm assuming the head is near that three pronged pathway. Very weird...


good grief! I cant spot it. will somebody try to guide us or something. Man, since you spotted it, can you like tell us WTF is the body and horn?


To be frank, that is not a Heracross. A stick figure maybe...



Heat Trainer
lol ok, i dont think it looks anything like heracross

Magma Leader Maxie

Non caedor caedo
A series of facts:
I drew the shape of the pattern on paper this summer.
I can imagine many things, and envision weird things in everyday objects.
I reached a conclusion.
It looks more like a Voltorb.
Am I joking?

My thoughts on the subject:
Come on, people! Don't tell me that's a Heracross. It looks nothing like one.

A likely statement:
Probably designed by someone who only received a vague description of what a Heracross should look like.

Metarock Sam

I beleive that thats a herracross. All you need to do is go on phot ed or something a nd rotate it 90 degrees.
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