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Paul: Emotionless drone or a deluxe rival?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Grey Wind, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Paul is slowly starting to change too...*sigh* watch the episodes completely before posting.

    And why do you think Paul's reasons weren't legitimate? His brother who presumably wanted to become a Pokemon Master or something till then lost terribly to Brandon. He was watching the battle back then. Of course it had tremendous effect on him.

    As for Paul's abuse.....Paul may not have treated his Pokemon well but he always 'released' the weak ones. He never tortures them and hits them if they can't battle properly. Yes it is not a good behavior but it is certainly a lot better than what you guys are imagining. Chimchar was the only exception and that only because of Blaze.Paul is just a kid who fell on the long route. He has begun to change...and Ash was the reason. The 'good job Electivire' in the end was an indication. The main issue here was the writers didn't properly show the 'change'.

    And in a way comparing the game character and anime character is wrong...because the game fails to go into detail about a character. Silver is always shown to pop out of nowhere and fight the player but never was it explained in detail how he treated his Pokemon, unless you are confusing him with Silver from Manga.
  2. LilyTwo

    LilyTwo Well-Known Member

    Because the writers magically changed him out of nowhere. There was nothing coherent or well-written about Paul's sudden "redemption".

    Furthermore, he had been too much of a jerk for me to believe that he could realistically change. To me, the real Paul will always be the one who abused and abandoned Chimchar. The one we've seen at the Sinnoh championship was another person who just happened to look like him.
  3. DMerle

    DMerle Guess who's back

    So many people including myself have posted examples of him slowly changing, you just deliberately ignore it.

    Why is what he did to Chimchar so unforgivable to you, sure it was over the top bombarding it with attacks but it was clearly shown that was the only way Chimchar's blaze ability would be activated. I don't understand why this one event caused you to just relentlessly hate him.
  4. LilyTwo

    LilyTwo Well-Known Member

    I didn't see him slowly changing at all. I just saw him suddenly become a decent person, for no reason at all, at the Sinnoh tournament.

    No wait, there was a reason: Paul is the head writer's favourite character, so he didn't want Paul to look undignified in the end.

    I don't understand why this one event DIDN'T cause EVERYONE to relentlessly hate him. It was a despicable act of brutality towards someone who could not defend himself, and who was trying his best to please him. This is why I absolutely cannot forgive Paul for what he did, and I cannot accept that he got off scot-free in the end.

    I already didn't like Paul at first. This one atrocity cemented in my mind that Paul is an heartless, soulless bully.
  5. Rovian

    Rovian Kodoku no Koori

    I liked Paul because he had a different training style, serious personality, was a powerful battler, and that he
    valued strength over friendship or love.
  6. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    Paul gels much more with the competitive battlers in real life who watch the anime, so they see nothing wrong with him. I found Paul irritating at first, but astime went one I became more invested in seeing him, how others react to him, and waiting to see is Ash could beat him. I slowly grew to like Paul and his methods, because they worked for him and his Pokemon, like Torterra. My only problem with the Chimchar event was that Paul wasn't even called out on it, but other than that unexplainable stain of writing, I feel Paul is the best rival in the anime.
  7. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    I believe all of Ash's rivals are good. It's just that with Paul, he didn't have to be a Poke'abuser to make him interesting, he already had the lone wolf-I'll-do whatever-I-want attitude. They could have just made him be a more stricker character when it came to training like that due with the sandrew back in the OS days. They didn't have to throw Chimchar around to do that.
  8. It's time to use common sense.

    Let's see:

    > Paul always destroyed Ash whenever they battled, so the battles always sucked.
    > Had no personality, so the rivalry sucked.
    > Abused his pokemon for personal gain, and didn't learn anything.
    > Insulted people for no reason.
    > Went completely ape **** when his big bro lost to Brandon or who ever it was.

    The answer: Paul was a terrible rival. End of discussion. :D

    And I'm pretty sure the only reason Valoon made this thread was to get AgentPierce and LilyTwo to start ranting again.
    Last edited: May 18, 2012
  9. GalactaKnightisawesome

    GalactaKnightisawesome Team Galactic Fan

    Here's what I think of Paul:

    1. He is way too arrogant. Which is probably the best thing about him.
    2. It is awesome when he is mean to his Pokemon. Heck, Ash is too nice.
    3. At least he doesn't have some random annoying girl (ahem, Dawn) tagging along with him all the time.

    Well, basically, I just like arrogant, mean people from Pokemon anime and manga. But Saturn is still my favorite character.
  10. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Vegetable of Doom!

    Personally, I think Paul was the best thing to happen to the DP anime. His rivalry with Ash felt like more than just a clash of two trainers on the battlefield, it was a total clash of training styles. It was great to see a recurring character who was such an opposite of Ash.

    I don't see a problem with how his story was resolved, either. Paul was never rude to anyone for no reason whatsoever. He got annoyed at Ash because Ash kept on berating him about his style - honestly, it looked to me like more often than not, Ash was the one saying "your method of training is completely wrong" rather than the other way around. He got annoyed at Maylene because as a Gym Leader, he felt that she had provided a disappointing challenge and was unworthy of her position. He got annoyed at Dawn because a) she berated him about his style in the same way that Ash did, and b) he naively assumed that coordinators had no talent for real battles. He got annoyed at Chimchar because no matter what he tried, it didn't show the power that he knew it was capable of. These are the four that I remember from DP, and although you may think that some of these reasons were logically flawed or that they didn't make him a particularly nice guy, you have to admit that they're there. Paul did not just go up to your average guy on the street and call him a worthless piece of trash. At the end of the series, he complimented Ash because he has gained respect for him due to Ash's victory in their league battle. Since Ash had never really come close to beating him before, Paul found it hard to take him and his training methods seriously until then (he had likely not met someone who opposed his methods so vehemently before).

    His training style was, without a doubt, extremely harsh. But Paul did not see it as cruel because in the end, his Pokémon got stronger and he got results. Raising strong Pokémon is a big part of being a trainer aiming for the Pokémon League, and this was all that Paul was focused on. And a lot of his Pokémon responded well to his method. He didn't develop much of an emotional connection with them, but this is Paul - he never developed much of an emotional connection with anyone. With Chimchar he made the mistake of pushing it way too far - he did this because he knew Chimchar had potential, and he tried to draw it out the only way he knew how. It was hurting Chimchar, but in the end Paul believed that it would all pay off. He was arrogant in believing that Pokémon, rather than his training method, were the ones at fault. But he did not abuse Chimchar because he relished inflicting pain on it or anything - he put it in dangerous situations in the belief that they would draw out Chimchar's strength.

    At the end of the day, Paul was an arrogant guy with a method of training that disconnected him from his Pokémon emotionally, because he believed that pushing them to their limits was the best way to make them stronger. I think these characteristics made him interesting and a great rival for Ash.
  11. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Ahem so, yeah responses in bold.
    Last edited: May 20, 2012
  12. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Paul was just a poorly written rival that the writers just throw in their to make him look cool which pretty much have fail to work. Gary and Trip outclasses Paul big time because they both had personalities aswell as style,but these two are really cool rivals for Ash since they both cared for their pokemon. Paul was never cool to begin with and he had no personality or even style which is something he never really had.

    Paul was the worst character to ever be made for DP anime series. Paul and Ash's rivarly was just force aswell as being just pointless, hell even the rivalry with both Ash and Trip makes more sense since they both want to beat Alder and win the Unova region Pokemon League.
    Last edited: May 20, 2012
  13. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but this is just a plain stupid argument. Ash and Paul both wanted to win the Sinnoh League and earn the right to battle the Elite Four, and eventually Cynthia. How is that any different from what Trip and Ash are trying to accomplish?
  14. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    It was different from Ash & Trip's rivarly ..Because Ash wanted to beat Paul inorder to show him the errors of his way of training pokemon but the writers did a poor job of doing that.
  15. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    So, that means none of them wanted to win the league? Expand on that, please.
  16. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Ash and Paul did wanted to win the pokemon league, but Paul did lost to Ash and Ash lost to Tobias.
  17. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    And... because of that their rivalry was pointless? Does that make Gary and Ash's rivalry pointless since neither if them won the Indigo League? What about May and Drew? Neither of them won a Grand Festival, so obviously their whole rivalry was pointless, according to your logic. If you're going to say Paul's and Ash's rivalry was pointless because neither of them won the Lily of the Valley Conference, you should be prepared to say Trip's and Ash's rivalry is also pointless should they both fail to win the Unova League.
  18. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Ash and Paul's rivalry was pointless because Ash just wanted to not only try to win the Pokemon League but to beat Paul aswell, so he would change the way he treated his pokemon . Paul didn't really change when Ash beaten him at the Pokemon league so their rivalry was all for nothing.
  19. SoulSilverMstr411

    SoulSilverMstr411 Hikikomori

    Paul's appeal wore off fast for me. By the time of the Lake Acuity battle I'd lost intrest.
  20. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Sereb Devil, please read your posts again please.....and see your logic.

    It is like saying Hey Statement A is true because B is false.....but why is B false? Because A is true.

    You plainly hate Paul accept it, don't try to add stupid logic to it.

    Atleast lily two admits that he hates Paul because of the impression he left by the chimchar treatment and then how the writers improperly changed his character......he has a fair reason atleast. (But still unacceptable to me:eek:)
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