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Paul: Emotionless drone or a deluxe rival?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Grey Wind, May 13, 2012.

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  1. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Paul did smile but that doesn't mean he was redeeming his self from all of the abuse he did to Chimchar and other pokemon aswell.
  2. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    He also thanked Electivire after he lost against Infernape so maybe that was to show that he might actually start to treat his Pokemon with respect.
  3. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    I just have to point out, Paul wasn't written to be likeable. That doesn't mean he isn't a popular character though, because he is.
  4. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Paul wasn't all that popular to begin with since his character was just poorly done by the writers.

    He might have said thanks to Electivire after it had it's battle against Infernape but that doesn't mean he will change his ways are treat his pokemon more better with respect. That seems very much unlikely.
  5. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    Paul is very popular. He has a large fan base for sure.

    And I would say him saying thank you to Electivire shows he maybe will change into a kinder person to his Pokemon.
  6. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Well i still don't believe Paul is all that popular. He does have a fan base but i don't think it will be all that big.

    I don't think he did change into a kinder person for his pokemon which do seems most unlikely.
  7. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    Um... Just because you don't like Paul doesn't mean he isn't a popular character. He's popular both here and in Japan.

    No, Paul didn't turn into a mushy, kind trainer. He'll likely continue using his strict methods and maintain his high expectations; however, his thanking Electivire does indicate a minor shift in his character.
  8. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    That is your opinion about Paul being popular here and in Japan. You are acting like Paul was the greatest rival on the show which he really wasn't.
  9. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    Except it isn't an opinion. It's a fact that he is popular among the pokemon fanbase, whether you like him or not. If someone thinks he was the best rival or not, that's an opinion.
  10. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Paul was without a doubt my favorite character in DP and possibly the entire series. I liked his Pokemon smarts, selection of Pokemon, and his cold attitude like how insulted Maylene (I still love ya Maylene) it was such a nice change of pace compared to Ash's usual meeting of Gym Leaders. He is without a doubt my personal favorite rival of the show but he is not without flaws. It's because I thought he was so awesome that the new rival Trip looks boring compared to him, and that is not Trip's fault. Paul set the bar to high which could end up hurting future rivals if the writers don't do something new. The writers also gave him basically every single powerhouse Sinnoh Pokemon minus two or three. This lead to many other rivals teams having to go back and get Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto and get leftovers. I still think it's a miracle Mamoswine and Gallade were contest Pokemon and not simply given to Paul's Sinnoh hogging team. And all the best writing and ideas went to Paul's rivalry instead of giving ideas for Barry, Conway, Zoey, or Nando. Which is why I think those rivals were okay but not as good as they could have been, heck Nando barely even counts. But other then those flaws Paul is awesome and the best rival the show ever made. It's just my opinion, not fact at all.
  11. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Trip is more interesting because he is a breath of fresh air then Paul ever really was. Paul never set the bar high on anything at all, besides him being jerky which didn't really help his character that much, the writers could had made him a more better rival but they fail to do that.

    It is not a fact that Paul is popular among the fanbase, since it is only opinions not facts. People are entitle to their own opinions don't forget that.
  12. DMerle

    DMerle Guess who's back

    Are you actually serious? 90% of topics on Trip people will moan about him trying to copy Paul. I don't understand how Paul wasn't a breath of fresh air? We'd never seen anyone like him in the anime before in terms of character, up until this point pretty much every character (excluding the occasional one-episoders.) He was highly competitive, utilized incredible tactics and variety of skills in battle and didn't show the same soppy "i love you" approach that virtually every trainer before him had to their Pokemon. As for setting the bar high, dude he was shown to be incredibly strong he lost 3 battles during the entire time we saw him, one to the Sinnoh Champion, one to Pyramid King Brandon who had legendary Pokemon, and fianally one to Ash at the end of the league.. To say he isn't setting the bar high is ridiculous especially since you just mentioned Trip who has so far lost two battles too Cilan and Bianca, neither of which are monumentally strong trainers..

    No, what he said was a fact. If i asked someone do you like milk? and they answered with "Yes" that's an opinion, but if i ask ten people and 7 out of 10 said yes, and i then stated that the majority of the people i asked liked milk then yes it is a fact.
  13. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    Yes i am serious !!!!!

    No, what he said is not a fact. Paul wasn't really the strongest pokemon trainer are even the greatest rival in the anime, even Gary and Trip are cooler and more interesting then him.

    Paul didn't set the bar high on anything since he did lost 3 pokemon battles he has been in which proves he isn't really the strongest. Trip only lost 2 pokemon battles he has been in so far. This pretty much proves something.
    Last edited: May 23, 2012
  14. DMerle

    DMerle Guess who's back

    Are you really that stupid? Paul lost to the Sinnoh Champion, and the Pyramid King. Two of the strongest trainers in the anime, that's like saying your a better fighter than Muhammed Ali cause you've lost less fights.
  15. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    I don't think you know what popularity means.

    I never said he was the strongest, and while Paul being my favorite rival, I never addressed any of my opinions towards him as fact. Quit trying to put words in my mouth to make yourself look better.
    Last edited: May 23, 2012
  16. LilyTwo

    LilyTwo Well-Known Member

    You can say whatever you want. I made up my mind about Paul back when he abused and abandoned Chimchar, and it's not going to change anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

    My final say: Paul is a worthless jerk, and he's the worst thing ever to disgrace the Pokemon anime.
  17. DMerle

    DMerle Guess who's back

    That seems almost familiar

    Oh yeah..

  18. Paul was one of those more intimidating rivals for ash. Behind Gary of course. I mean the dude never smiles and always talk in his monotonic deep voice.
  19. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    You obviously do not understand the difference between what is fact and opinion. What I just bolded was an opinion. You can say Paul was a terrible rival. That's an opinion. You can say Paul was a great rival. That's also an opinion.

    You can't say Paul's popularity is an opinion though. He just is. It's a fact that he's a popular character. You can't say, "Well, in my opinion, Paul isn't a popular character." You don't have to like Paul yourself, but you can't deny that an overwhelming amount of people do.

    Remember what I said about reiterating the same rhetoric over and over and over again ... ?

  20. R?IDDl3R

    R?IDDl3R ace trainer

    he wasnt the greatest but id say the toughest
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