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Paul vs Trip 6 v 6

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Ethan Mantooth

Trip's Team fully evolved
1. Serperior
2. Chandelure
3. Vanilluxe
4. Conkeldurr
5. Unfezant
6. Jellicent

Paul's Team
1. Ursaring
2. Magmortar
3. Torterra
4. Drapion
5. Electivire
6. Hounchkrow

Ethan Mantooth

Unfezant vs Electivire Winner Electivire. Paul 6 Trip 5

Conkeldurr vs Hounchkrow Winner Hounchkrow. Paul 6 Trip 4

Jellicent vs Torterra Winner Torterra. Paul 6 Trip 3

Chandelure vs Torterra Winner Torterra. Paul 6 Trip 2

Ursaring vs Vanilluxe Winner Ursaring. Paul 6 Trip 1

Drapion vs Serperior Winner Drapion. Paul 6 Trip 0

Winner Paul



Not thinking twice!
I think this (and your other) thread would fit better in the "Anime Polls" subforum (there's also a thread for hypothetical fights there)


site of lies
You could have just said "Paul beats Trip" dude we get it

also trip would not leave his bird in against electivire, or his conkeldurr in against honchkrow, or his hypothetical jellicent in against torterra. it would be out of character not to switch out during those matchups. "that's basic"
Not open for further replies.