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Pax Utopia Trading Shop (4 all your breeding/events/item needs!)

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by ashcrimson777, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    My shop is currently CLOSED. I will re open in the near future. If I have an uncompleted trade with you, feel free to PM me. See you soon :D

    Rules of the shop:
    #1: No Hacks. I cannot stress this enough. Any trades done here are done with the agreement that if I find your trade to be a hack, I am to get my trade back and get something of similar value for the mess if appropriate.
    #2: Be patient. I give estimated times of completion per trade, but as I do have a 9am-5pm sometimes (7am-7pm) job, there might be delays. You will be informed and compensated if I deem it appropriate.
    #3: Feel free to ask questions, I don't bite. Just make sure they are appropriate to this thread =D
    #4: I do not RNG, so please don't expect flawless from me in any Non-breedable pokemon. Flawless Pokemon will be noted as such.
    #5 Please don't PM me until we have reached a trade agreement. I have like half of my shop trades on mail and they should be here on this thread.

    Onto what my shop does:

    I can 5-6 IV breed any breedable pokemon with specific eggmoves/ball in Gen VI. Just ask and give specific details :)

    I can get any BP Item, just ask which one you need. Also have special released berries as well :D

    I have all pokemon catchable in HGSS Apricorn pokeballs in every type of said ball, with these few exceptions; I am missing some variants of Sudowoodo/Snorlax/Tedious Safari Ball pokemon, but askl and I'll check as I do have some of these.
    Example: "I need a (Insert HGSS pokemon cachable in Apricorn ball) in a (Insert apricorn ball)"
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2016
  2. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter


    I can catch Pokemon in Apricorn balls (HG), as well as in Safari and Park Balls (Safari Zone/Bug Contest Pokemon only).
    LV1 Sinnoh Trio, Ho-oh, Lugia, Mewtwo, 3 Legendary Birds, Kyogre, 3 Legendary Dogs, Latias.

    Thundurus, Landorus, Zekrom, 3 Swordsmen, Kyurem,

    -Black 2:
    Heatran, Cresselia, Fetuses, Regirock, Registeel, Latios

    [Ball name, Nature, Pokemon]
    Nest ball Rash Virizion
    Jolly Premier Mewtwo
    Modest Master Mewtwo
    Rash Heavy Kyogre
    Modest Premier Zapdos
    Mild Premier Moltres
    Naughty Fast Entei
    Rash Level Raikou
    Jolly Friend Ho-oh
    Bold Dusk Lugia
    Careful Dusk Latias
    Modest Level Suicune
    Hardy Level Moltres
    Modest Love Articuno
    Calm Friend Zapdos
    Modest Fast Kyogre

    2 Manaphy (Naughty/Quirky) (Touched)
    1 Victini (Bashful) (Touched)

    READY TO TRADE; I have these on hand for easy trading, for more details, check Events above
    2 Extremespeed Genesect
    3 V-create Rayquaza PKRS Cured, Special Moves PP Maxed. Adamant, 31 IVs in all but Sp. Atk (0)
    Cosmo World Surf Pikachu
    2 Gamestop Entei (Lv 31)
    Nobunagas Rayquaza
    Gamestop Suicune
    Shiny PC Kyogre
    SUM2013 Giratina
    3 WORLDS Aegislash
    UT NICKNAME-ABLE Docile Analytic Magnemite with 31/31/X/31/31/31
    3 UT NICKNAME-ABLE Calm Heal Ball Regenerator Audino with Draining Kiss, Bestow, Healing Wish, and Heal Bell, Flawless.
    4 UT NICKNAME-ABLE Calm Love Ball Natural Cure Chansey with Metronome/Seismic Toss/Aromatherapy 31/31/X/31/31/31
    4 UT Flawless Brave Luxury Ball Honedge with Metal Sound
    These events are available but need clones/clonebacks for me to trade them:​

    Ask for details on the events :D
    -XY Torchic Still with the Pokemon Center Delivery Girl
    -Hydropump Magikarp
    -VGC 2013 Mamoswine
    -Gamestop Raikou
    -Gamestop Suicune
    -Gamestop Entei
    -WCS Milotic
    -PC Kyogre
    -Nobunagas Rayquaza
    -SUM2013 Giratina
    -SUM2013 Palkia
    -SUM2013 Dialga
    -Extremespeed Genesect (Ev Trained in Atk and Speed, pkrs Cured)
    -Tanabata Jirachi
    -Juanita's Golurk
    -Carlita's Hydreigon
    -Hurricane Mewtwo
    -Electroball Mewtwo
    -Hayley's Mew
    -Mystery Mew
    -Pokebank Celebi
    -Decolora Jirachi (Was taught Ice and Fire Punch)
    -Plasma Deoxyz
    -Gamestp Deoxyz
    -Wishmaker Jirachi
    -EUSMR09 Regigigas
    -2012May Darkrai
    -WIN2013 Keldeo
    -Bolt Strike/Blue Flare/Glaciate Victini
    -Fusion Attacks Victini
    -French (PRI2013) Meloetta (NON-REDIS)
    -Plasma Genesect
    -Pokémon Movie 14 Diancie Adamant and Mild
    -CottonGuard DW Banette
    -Rocket's Meowth
    -V-create Rayquaza PKRS Cured, Special Moves PP Maxed. Adamant, Flawless, Sp. Atk (0)
    -Octazooka Sableye
    -Weather Ball Venusaur (Heavily EV trained pkrs cured)
    -Psycho Boost Lugia
    -Concert Piplup
    -Rest/Yawn/Snore/Sleep Talk Pikachu
    -Encore/Sing/Teeter Dance Pikachu
    -Nzone Pikachu
    -World12 Flying Pikachu
    -Touched Lv 100 Extremespeed Pikachu
    -Celebrate Pikachu
    -All but PacificCo Pikachu Outbreakchu - Minato Mirai Event Pikachus
    -MegaKick Pikachu
    -Any Lv. 1 Sinjoh Trio pokemon
    -PC Chandelure
    -SUM2014 Pinsir
    -XY Torchic
    -Nintendo of Korea Mew (Heavily Touched)
    -TOUCHED WINTER2013 Scizor
    -WIN2011 Celebi (Heavily Touched)
    -10th Deoxyz
    -SMR2010 Jirachi (Has extra ribbon)
    -TRU Shaymin
    -Self-obtained DW Arceus
    -SMR2012 Keldeo
    -Movie Meloetta
    -Paris PokeVivillons
    -Sticker Charmander
    -Sticker Bulbasaur
    -Sticker Squirtle

    2 Sun (Mild/Hasty), 2 Polar (Jolly/Bashful), 1 Elegant (Careful), 1 Modern (Gentle), 1 Tundra (Quirky)


    -Touched LV 100 Non-KB Metang
    -Touched FS Camerupt
    -Non-KB Jolly Shiny Eevee
    -UT Flawless Brave Luxury Ball Honedge with Metal Sound
    -UT NICKNAME-ABLE Calm Love Ball Natural Cure Chansey with Metronome/Seismic Toss/Aromatherapy 31/31/X/31/31/31
    -UT NICKNAME-ABLE Calm Heal Ball Regenerator Audino with Draining Kiss, Bestow, Healing Wish, and Heal Bell, Flawless.
    -NICKNAME-ABLE LV 100 Adamant Mold Breaker Pinsir with Close Combat, and Quick attack, Flawless, EV trained in HP and Atk
    -UT NICKNAME-ABLE FS Adamant Overgrowth Quilladin with 31's on Def and Sp. Atk
    -UT NICKNAME-ABLE Docile Analytic Magnemite with 31/31/X/31/31/31

    Move-Specific Pokemon:
    Happy Hour/Celebrate/Hold Hands/Hold Back Smeargles, Extremespeed Dratini's, HGSS Beldums

    Hidden Abilities and Breeding

    Breeding Pokemon:
    Through the magic of patience and a 6IV Ditto, I can breed pokemon into a desired 5IV spread. Hidden Ability can be added upon request, as well as egg moves and natures. I do not breed for Hidden Power at the moment. If ordering one, be as specific as possible and I'll see what I can do =D

    Just ask. I do believe I have all breedable pokemon with their respective HA :D

    -Timid Lugia
    -Naughty Ho-oh
    -Lonely Dialga
    -Rash Palkia
    -Mild Giratina
    -Mild Landorus
    -Adamant Thundurus

    In Gen V (can transfer to gen 6 in Dream Ball):
    alomomola, audino, basculin, beedril, Bisharp, butterfree, carnivine, carvanah, castform, cherubi, chimeco, conkeldurr, corphish, corsola, crustle, cubone, doduo, douson, dratini, drudigon, dunsparce, durant, duskull, Psyduck(?), exeggcute, electrike, emolga, farfetch, feebas, floatzel, galvantula, Gastly, geodude, gible, gigalith, goldeen, heatmor, Heracross, hippodon, Kangaskan, karablast, keckleon, koffing, kriketot, lileep, luvdisc, Magby, maractus, mareep, Marril, Mr. mime, misdreveous, murkrow, numel, oddish, petlil, pidove, Pikachu, plusle, poliwag, rotom, sableye, sandile, scoliopede, scraggy, scyther, seel, sentret, shellder, shelmet, shinx, sigilyph, skarmory, Corphish(?), slugma, sneasel, spheal, spoink, staravia, stunky, Sunkern, swinub, trapinch, tropius, tympole, vanillish, venonat, vulpix, wooper, wurmple, Yanma, Zubat

    In Gen VI:
    absol, aerodactyl, aipom, alomomola, anorith, aron, Bagon, barboach, bidoof, buneary, cacnea
    chansey, chatot, chinglin, cleffa, combee, cottonee, cranidos, croagunk, delibird, diglet, drifloon, drilbur, Drowzee, eevee, ekans, electabuzz, elygem, finneon, girafarig, glameow, gligar, goldeen, gorebyss, grimer, growlithe, gulpin, hoothoot, hoppip, horsea, houndour, igglybuff, illumise, jynx, kabuto, krabby, ladyba, lapras, lickitung, lotad, lucario, machop, makuita, mantine, mawile, meditite, meowth, miltank, munna, natu, nidoran, oddish, omanyte, onix, pachirisu, paras, petlil, phanphy, pidgey, pineco, pinsir, ponyta, poochyena, primape, qwilfish, ratatta, relicanth, remoraid, rhyhorn, roselia, sandile, sawk, scyther, seedot, seviper, shellos, shelmet, shieldon, shuckle, shuppet, slowbro, smeargle, snorlax, snorunt, snover, snubbul, spearow, spinda, Spinarak, spiritomb, stunkfisk, sudowoodo, swablu, tangela, teddiursa, tentacool, togepi, torkoal, tyranitar, tyrogue, wailmer, whismur, wormadam, Wobuffet, zangooze, zigzagoon

    Ready to Trade 5IV Pokemon:

    -Moxie Heracross
    -Mold Breaker Pinsir
    All have Egg moves. Bug pokemon in Net Balls, Chansey in Love Balls, and Mudkip in Pokeball
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2014
  3. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    Yo,can I trade a shiny for some female pokemon in apricorn balls,any MATCHING balls will do ^_^
  4. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    I will instatrade any of my listed breedable HA pokemon for the following pokemon:

    Looking for these, I value them relatively high

    ---Very Valued Pokemon
    HA Legendaries with good natures (Dont need perfect IV's, but nature a must)
    [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]Shedinja with Mimic
    Clefairy/Togepi/Mew with Softboiled
    Any pokemon that can only learn Metronome from Gen 3 move tutor
    Event pokemon that I don't have that have special moves.
    0/0/0/0/0/0 Magikarp
    -Pikachu Outbreakchu - Female Pikachu Event
    -VCG Aegislash

    ---ITEM WANTS:

    Normal Gem
    Expert Belt

    Trade Ratios are discussed for both parties satisfaction :)


    Currently looking for the above specific things only
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
  5. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    Sure! I'll catch 3 pokemon for you in Pokeballs. Which would you want?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
  6. Corbins Mix

    Corbins Mix Trainer

    I have

    - Scyther Female Adamant Technician 31/31/31/xx/31/31 (In Regular Poke Ball)

    Interested in

    - Wooper (Any Gender) Unaware Careful/Impish/Relaxed (any of the 3) 31/31/31/xx/31/31

    If interested let me now thanks. FC 2680-9260-3852 IGN Corbin
  7. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    I think we have traded before! But as for your request, I'm currently looking for Pokemon with Hidden abilities that I don't have (Listed above, 4th post), sorry.
  8. Corbins Mix

    Corbins Mix Trainer

    Just noticed that if I get any I repost :)
  9. Longfist

    Longfist Active Member

    Hey there I see you have Druddigon with it's HA. Is this in Gen 5 or Gen 6? I need one in Gen 5 for the move tutors.
  10. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    Gen VI, sorry. I had posted before I had traded, but no one responded :(
  11. Longfist

    Longfist Active Member

    No worries but thanks anyway, i'll sure to come looking when I need something else.
  12. NavyBlueZombie

    NavyBlueZombie Dream Ball <3

    Would you breed me these Dream World Females in a Dream Ball?
    Machop, Tentacool, Krabby, Larvitar, Absol, Rhyhorn Marril, Phanphy, Smeargle, Lotad, Mawile, Aron, Meditite, Roselia, Bagon, Shellos, Croagunk, Snover

    I can offer the following pokemon with their HA:
    Sunkern, Dunsparce, Nincada, Trapinch, Galvantula, Hawlucha, Carbink

    In Dream Ball: Scyther, Cottonee, Petili
    Any other thing you might be interested in just ask!:D Plus I believe my Friend Safari has Seel in it
  13. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    I will take the Sunkern, Dunsparce, Nincada, Trapinch, Galvantula, Hawlucha, Carbink, Scyther, Cottonee, and Petili. Since that's 10, choose 10 from the above you want me to breed for you ^_^
  14. NavyBlueZombie

    NavyBlueZombie Dream Ball <3

    Alright, I'll take the Larvitar, Marril, Lotad, Mawile, Aron, Roselia, Bagon, Shellos, Croagunk, Snover
  15. NavyBlueZombie

    NavyBlueZombie Dream Ball <3

    Do you have any preference on the pokemon's gender?
  16. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    no, none at all
  17. sacred

    sacred Dragon Tamer

    Hi i wan a regirock, what do you want to trade it with??
    4/5 IVs pokemon? Or shiny
  18. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    @sacred, Im primarily looking for Pokemon with the Hidden Abilities listed on the 4th post, but I'll take a shiny caught in Kalos for the Regirock if you'd like. I haven't caught it yet, so you can choose the nature for it.
  19. MoonShadow

    MoonShadow Simplicity

    ?? Mienfoo (Reckless) Jolly +Knock Off ^Heal Ball
    ?? Karrablast (No Guard) Adamant +Drill Run, Knock Off, Pursuit, Megahorn ^Pokeball
    1M Tyrogue (Vital Spirit) Adamant +High Jump Kick, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch ^Pokeball

    Interested in:
    1F Slowpoke (Regenerator) ^Dream Ball
    1F Clamperl (Rattled) ^Dream Ball
    1F Shellos (Sand Force) ^Dream Ball (Is this West Sea?)

    I don't care about IVs or natures much but if they have 3+ perfect IVs that would be amazing. Does this look good to you? If so what genders do you want Mienfoo and Karrablast?
  20. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    I don't mind their genders, just need their abilities. Shellos is East Sea. Your trade request looks great! Will start working on it, should have it done no later than Wednesday (But probably by tomorrow evening).

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