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PBR: A result of hurriedness or complacency?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by BadIntent, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. BadIntent

    BadIntent MSankey

    I don't think it's too far fetched (no pun intended) to say Pokemon Battle Revolution wasn't what the developers originally intended as their final product. Quite frankly, it looks rushed and it seems like more stuff was supposed to be in the game. If you look at the graphics you can see that some, but not all, of the old Stadium 2 models have been greatly enhanced. The best example would be to compare Dragonite to Slowbro. The former has been smoothed out and the colors brightened, while the latter appears like it came right out the N64. It seems as if they just didn't have time to fix all the Pokemon. When it comes to game play, I simply don't buy that the developers at Genius Sonority planned for battling to be the only part of the game. It just doesn't make sense to me that they didn't try to use the new controller for any mini games. Also the Wii's graphics would make the in-game characters, such as gym leaders for gym leader castle, look great in 3D. My theory is that the game was rushed in order to come out as close to the Wii's release date as possible.

    Or perhaps I'm giving Genius Sonority too much credit. Maybe they did just sit around and decide to put the bare minimum into their product. A few posters have mentioned more or less, "People still buy it anyway". Maybe this is what they were thinking.

    Do you agree that this game was rushed, or do you think the developers just didn't put full effort into their product? Or is PBR the result of a low budget or other issues? There's no debating that is game isn't all it could have been. Please, I'd like to read your thoughts on this.
  2. Galluo

    Galluo 3rd-4th gen trainer

    I think it was rushed. It just takes out the extra feature there has always been to the 3-d pokemon games. Also I believe that it even once said there would be destructible environments so thats not included. Rushed to get out either on holiday season or for release of wii. Though maybe developing the wi-fi took awhile since I think it was the first wi-fi game on wii.
  3. SuperScizor

    SuperScizor Ace Trainer

    The original Japanese trailer showed more physical contact when pokemon attacked. I was thinking that Nintendo dumbed it down to avoid an E10 rating. Seriously, that was stupid. Most kids younger than 10 are still playing Gameboys.
  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    The GCN pair didn't have minigames or a Gym Leader tower or anything.

    Pretty sure that was an incorrect fan assumption based on footage of a critter using Earthquake and the shattered ground effect that ensued, and when it turned out to be inaccurate the fans, shockingly enough, quietly forgot that and treated it as something they were denied.

    That's terrible logic on every count. Really? No one under the age of 10 has a Wii? Really?
  5. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    I said this a while back, so I will say it again.

    PBR isn't a bad game, there are two things wrong with it though.

    1. It alienates people who haven't bought Diamond and Pearl.
    2. It isn't worth the money.

    PBR is essentially (not exactly but essentially) an expansion pack. I wouldn't pay $50 for an expansion pack.

    The game overall had good ideas, and nice awards, but all of that is just for the Pokemon enthusiast.
  6. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Expansion pack to... what Wii game?
  7. BadIntent

    BadIntent MSankey

    Yeah, but the GCN games had and adventure mode. The emphasis was more on that than constant battling. Therefore, there are fewer battling modes. Actually a destructible environment is shown in this video. I do agree the physical contact was most likely reduced to avoid an E-10 Rating. That would be pretty controversial for a Pokemon game.

    At any rate, what's your take on this game's quality, BCVM22?

    True, true. But Stadium 1 and 2 were basically just expansion packs to the Game Boy games as well. However, they were much better received critically. I think the final product was intended to have enough features and enhancements that would indeed make it worth $50 for non-enthusiasts.
  8. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    My take? If you'll forgive my stating the obvious, the game is what it is - a means to battle your Pokémon in 3D on a TV screen. Nothing more, nothing less. My take is largely that the majority of the disappointment with PBR is a result of overinflated fan expectations. The fandom at large saw footage of PBR and visions of Stadium's minigames and the GCN pair's adventure mode danced through their heads, and they held fast to these visions right up until the point where they purchased PBR and fired it up and determined concretely once and for all that the game was a battling title and nothing more, angering many despite never once being led to believe any different.

    If one misses the minigames or Gym Leader Tower or adventure mode or whatever, fine. But judge PBR on what it is rather than what it isn't - don't claim the game is any worse for what it doesn't have that other games might have.
  9. BadIntent

    BadIntent MSankey

    True. The game is exactly what it was marketed to be. But I disagree that you can't say a game with less features isn't worse because other games have them. I mean if you have two games that play essentially the same and one simply has more stuff than the other, that generally makes it the better game. All the previous 3D battling games had more things to do in them.

    I think after so many years fans expected further additions. And rightfully so, because the past 3D games had more than just battles. Now if they read the box and still expected more than battling, then they were mistaken. Even still, fans can still make a solid argument that this game should have been better. With the resources (New system, controller, Wi-Fi) Genius Sonority had access to, the game shouldn't be this bare.
  10. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    There are two ways to judge a video game (or anything, really, but it's more relevant in a context like this, where the object in question is part of a series). You can judge them in a vacuum, completely on their own merits, or judge them relative to other, similar entries. If you must, do both, but don't only do the latter because it ensures that the object won't be judged solely on its own merits.

    Judged in the former method, PBR is what it is, exactly what it says it is, etc etc, we've discussed and agree on this.

    Now, judged in the latter method - relative to other games - PBR is, admittedly, lacking in material beyond simply the battle modes. And if one wants to decry the game on those merits or lack thereof, fine. However, given that the game was never presented as anything but what it is, I never saw the logic in dressing down the game on the basis of material it was never said to have. To judge a game only in this fashion is to turn a blind eye to what it does well and focus too much on what it doesn't have at all, much less what it does or doesn't do.

    From here starts down the slippery slope of semantics, however, so I'll leave it at that. My point is clear enough, I think.
  11. BadIntent

    BadIntent MSankey

    Yeah, it's perfectly clear. What you just said makes sense and I agree with all of it for the most part. I do think the game does many things well; I just didn't focus on that for the sake of this thread.
  12. Noheart

    Noheart The Abysswalker

    I think it was rushed as well. The battling graphics have greatly improved since colloseum/XD, but I think they could've done much more. I guess they just wanted a game to have the title "The first game that uses Wifi on the Wii".

    I thought it would be something like Colloseum/XD, not saying that they should have the whole shadow pokemon and cipher plot, but I have to say that I was really dissapointed when you couldn't walk around and what not.
  13. Surfing_Pikachu

    Surfing_Pikachu ____________

    Does anybody remember the destructible environments that were supposed to be in the game? I always thought that was a bit too powerful for the Wii, and I guess I was right.
  14. Wrong. Pokemon XD did have it's own version of mini-games, and both Colosseum, and XD did have a version of a Leader Tower.

    Do you not remember the disks you had to locate to do the Battle Sim, and the Lucky Egg quest after beatting Story Mode?

    Also, do you not remember Mt. Battle for both Colosseum or XD?

    Did you even play either of the GCN relaeases?

    Also, I have to agree otherwise with BCVM22 in post #8. It was simply supposed to be better graphics to battle you friends with over Wi-Fi. No more, no less.
  15. pokemaster001

    pokemaster001 ....................


    anyway, I suppose it was like the third generation
    they put too much effort into putting new stuff in so they didn't have enough time or space for old stuff to stay
    I loved the fact that you can edit your character and fight in different environments but yeah, a bit is missing
  16. TR_Jessie

    TR_Jessie Adventure Seeker

    Nintendo had actually said that they were going to put mini-games in it, but they
    said that they "Ran out of time."
    I think that there was supposed to be more, but I forgot.

    Do any of you remember the trailer that came out way before the game did?
    It had Red and Blue against eachother, and the Pokemon's Hyper Beam destroyed the surrounding stadium.
    I wish that they had have kept that feature, and the one with Red and Blue.
  17. I can say this. To have been able to put a feqw more things into it, they should have eliminated the created characters in the game you could play with...They should have had two default charachters, which would have simply been the male and female heros from Diamond and Pearl, and the a third option where you could have used your created Mii. That would have saved ALOT of space to put something else in the place of the in-game characters and all the gear they could have (Think in terms of My Pokemon Ranch where you could use your created Mii).
  18. Omastar ftw!

    Omastar ftw! Well-Known Member

    I would be cool if the game could have that!...too bad....:(
  19. TraverseTown

    TraverseTown Tauros

    I'm not sure. I try not to think of PBR as a standalone game, but a game created purely to be an accessory to DP. It sure extended my time playing Pokemon.
  20. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    I was using the term "expansion pack" loosely. I didn't say it was exactly an expansion pack, but it behaves like one.

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