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PBR Release

Trainer Frankie

Do you think they will be giving something away if you preorder it?


Well-Known Member
No bonus disc. No stickers. No pre-order gift. Game's less than a month away from being released; they'd have announced it by now. Sorry. Dealing with it is recommended.
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Rising Trainer
Shame since it's the first Pokemon game in a while not to have a preorder bonus...

Actually, Ranger didn't either.

But from what I remember:

Colosseum - Jirachi Disc
FR/LG - That little book thing
Emerald - The tin with the stuff
XD - Gamecube Skin
Mystery Dungeon - The booklet
Ranger - Nothing
D/P - Stylus

But aside from these, Pokemoncenter.com always had some uber-awesome gift to give away alongside the games, so I'm hoping they'll pull through with a plushie or something. GOGO SQUIRTLE AND SHADOW LUGIA


The Sacred
what would they give away with pbr anyway? I mean, it doesnt really seem like something to joint with a present.


The Sacred
a Wiimote wouldnt be a bad idea actually. Because they're sold out everywhere where i live along with nunchucks.


Salingerian Phony
a Wiimote wouldnt be a bad idea actually. Because they're sold out everywhere where i live along with nunchucks.

Personally, I'd think it would be a great idea. PBR is not the kind of game that would sell in the States. We're not that artistic-minded that we'd watch our Pokémon in 3-D. Heck, many people are closet-gamers, secretly playing it and not letting their friends know about it.

A Wii remote, maybe a special one with Pokémon designs, would seriously help boost sales. Look at what what happened to Wii Play, which got mediocre reviews. Plus, it'll get a lot more people battling with Pokémon online in their own private domiciles, without friends pointing and laughing.