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PDL: Pixel Dreams League

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Tipsy Watermelon

Change is coming.

General rules:
1: This is a Wifi only league.
2: Battles will be played on a weekly basis, so all teams will have to make sure they have the time to do this. (Some battle weeks could be changed to a shorter period of time)
3: For the most part we follow Smogon rules. We have made some exceptions to this in the form of Pokemon which have either been banned or unbanned. (For example Blaziken without Speed Boost, the use of baton pass is permitted, but only one stat can be passed on.)
4: Teams must be active on Serebii. The only exception to this rule is the team, Houston Rapid-Spindas

Battle rules:
1: Battles will be played in the singles format.

2: Do not DC. Teams that do this will be deducted points. Repeat offenders will be removed from the league. Anything over 10 turns must be replayed.

3: If the battle timer runs out, the battle will be considered a draw. (If you suspect your opponent is timer stalling, you must report this to me)

4: The pokemon that ko's will get the kill. If a Pokemon is ko’d by hazards, toxic, burns or weather, then the Pokemon who set those will get the kill.

5: Battles posted after the round deadline will not count.

6: You cannot put more than one Pokemon to sleep, if you do, you lose the battle.

7: Battles must be posted in this thread. Use the battle report form provided. This will include the battle video. Failure to provide the battle video will mean the result will not be counted. Battles must also be posted by the winner, within 24 hours of the battle happening. The only exception to this is if you battle on the last day, then all results forms must be complete by the deadline time.

Mega evolving and Z-Crystals: Mega Stones:
1: Mega Pokemon must evolve on the first turn that a move is used. (Failure to do this will result in a loss)

2: If a Mega Stone is not put on your mega Pokemon, then you must continue the battle without using that Pokemon.

1: Each team can choose to use Z-Crystal by registering them before the season starts(There will be a Z-Stone registration period once the draft has ended). Failure to register in the allotted time will mean you can no longer use a Z-Crystal until the trade rounds open.

2: Assigning Z-Crystal - You either assign your Z-Crystals to a specific tier (Z-Tier). The available tiers to assign the Z-Crystals to are – Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 or Tier 5.

3: Pokemon drafted with points can also be used as long as they are in the same tier as the one you have chosen to assign the Z-Crystals to.

4: The maximum number of Pokemon from a single tier that can use a Z-Crystal is three, except for tier 2. If Tier 2 is chosen then you can only use two Pokemon. Pokemon drafted with points can also be used as long as the Z-Tier does not go over the allotted three Pokemon. For example, if you choose to use Tier 5 as your Z-Tier, you will potentially be able to use two more Tier 5 Pokemon if you draft them with points. Now, if you draft three Tier 5 Pokemon using points, then it will be the first two drafted Pokemon who will be eligible to use a Z-Crystal.

5: Only offensive attacking moves can be used when using a Z-stone. This means attacking moves that increase stats cannot be used (Failure to do so will result in a loss. In some cases, the battle may be replayed)

1: The draft will take place on Discord.

2: Before the start of the season the draft order will be arranged (A snaking format will be used at the start of a new generation of Pokemon and will be based on the previous seasons group stage finish) Otherwise each team will draft at a different position each round.

3: Each team will draft a total of twelve Pokemon. Eight of these Pokemon will be normal picks, while the other four will be chosen using points. Each team will have two hundred points to use. (Points not used will be kept and can be used during the trading rounds)

4: Teams can only have one UB and one Tapu on their team.

Pokemon cost:
Tier 1 - 100
Tier 2 - 90
Tier 3 - 50
Tier 4 - 30
Tier 5 - 10.

5: Keeping a Pokemon will be determined by the amount of division we have. If we have one division, then the top four teams will be able to keep a Pokemon for the next season. However, if a team outside of the top four wins the Championship, then the team in 4th place will no longer keep a Pokemon. If we have multiple divisions then the winners of each division can keep a Pokemon, along with the overall winner. The overall winner will also get 30% off the price of their Pokemon if they choose to keep it. Teams can only keep the same Pokemon once, and not for multiple seasons. You can still draft that Pokemon during your turn if it is still available.

6: You must fill up all free draft spots using points. This means you must make sure that you have enough points to do so.

7: Certain Mega Pokemon will gain teams points to use on their free picks, but teams must have drafted the mega first before they get the points added.

8: If you do not see a LC Pokemon, then ask me about it.

9: The following Pokemon are grouped together. If you draft one of them, you will get the other forms too.

Oricorio – You get all four
Meowstick – Male and Female
Gourgeist – All forms
Simipour, Simisage & Simisear
Wormadam, Sandy & Trash

1: Trades will open during the early rounds, and then again 5/6 weeks later.

2: Teams maybe trade out two Pokemon.

3: You can use left over points to put towards any previously drafted free pick, when trading it out for a free agent.

4: Any trades not done during this trade round can be done in the next one.

5: During the last week of trades, teams can move one of their z crystal to another Pokemon in the same tier.

6: Any posts before trades open will not be counted.

7: Pokemon can be traded between teams but must be the same tier.

Regular Season:
1: The top 10 teams will make playoffs.
2: The positions at the end of the regular season will determine who ypu play.

1: You battle your opponent twice, and must use every Pokemon you drafted.

2: The winner is determined by the team that either wins both battles, or in the result of each team winning a battle, the team who had the better PD from the two battles will advance.

3: If both teams win a battle by the same score, then a 3rd battle will take place, with each team choosing 3 Pokemon from each of their previous two battles.

4: You must have all teams placed in the battle box. This includes 3rd teams.

5: All battles must be played consecutively without leaving wifi.

6: For the final and 3rd place battles, teams will take 3 Pokemon from each of their first two semi final battles.

7: The final and 3rd place matches will only be one battle.

Overall W/L ratio:
Indianapolis Ice Burns – P173/W109/L60/D4
Youghal Phantumps – P154/W60/L94
Darwen Dancers - P178/W124/L53/D1
Honolulu Hydreigons – P142/W88/L52/D2
Houston Rapid-Spindas – P153/W80/L72/D1
Lanturn Lakes – P93/W26/L67
Harvesters – P61/W20/L41
Karrablasts – P99/W55/L44
Heracross – P100/W50/L49/D1
Togekiss – P73/W45/L27
Lapras – P85/W65/L19/D1
Chikoritas – P26/W8/L17/D1
Relicanths: P26/W9/L17
Goomys: P18/W5/L13
Magikarps: P7/W0/L7
Night Slash: P8/W3/L5
Fletchlings – P9/W3/L8












Ice Burns









Night Slash:







Championship Battles:
Season 1 – Ice Burns 3-0 Dancers
Season 2 – Ice Burns 4-0 Hydreigons
Season 3 – Ice Burns 5-0 Phantumps
Season 4 – Dancers 5-0 Roggenrola
Season 5 – Dancers 4-0 Ice Burns
Season 6 – Ice Burns 1-0 Heracross
Season 7 – Honedge 2-0 Dancers
Season 8 – Dancers 4-0 Hydreigons
Season 9 – Lapras 2-0 Hydreigons
Season 10 – Heracross 2-0 Togekiss
Season 11 – Lapras 4-0 Dancers
Season 12 – Karrablasts 3-0 Lapras

Top Pokemon kills per season:

Season 1 - Azumaril 18 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 2 - Azumaril 18 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 3 – Landorus T 21 kills – Indianpolis Ice Burns
Season 4 – Tyranitar 22 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 5 – Alomomola 9 kills – Indianapolis Ice Burns
Season 6 - Salamence, 24 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 7 - Haxorus, 19 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 8 – Landorus T, 25 kills – Darwen Dancers
Season 9 – Mega Scizor, 24 kills – Tangerang City Togekiss
Season 10 – Registeel, 23 Kills – Lanham Lapras, Cloyster, 23 kills – Kapuskasing Karrablasts, Tapu Lele, 23 kills – Hercules Heracross
Season 11 – Buzzwole 23 kills – Lanham Lapras
Season 12 -
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Adaptable Porygon-Z

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Not-So Normal Type
just curious, how long will we have after the draft to prepare our teams?


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Would like to know more on how the points work so I can plan out my draft prior
Well be aware if someone pick a Pokémon before you can't pick it. Also points, you have a set amount to start with and diffrent teirs cost diffrent amounts.
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Tipsy Watermelon

Change is coming.
Serebii name: LynxForte
Timezone: GMT -5
Do you have Facebook: Yes (I'll create a fake account)
Team name (Use your real hometown followed by something Pokemon related): Miami Heatran

Would like to know more on how the points work so I can plan out my draft prior

Welcome :D

I will give the full details before the draft starts. There are still some things I am changing for this new season.

is the format for this league singles?

Yes it is.
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