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PDL: Pixel Dreams League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Tipsy Watermelon, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor devolved.

    Hercules Heracross vs Cardiff Carnivines (Carnivines win 2-0)

    Battle Video: YEZG - WWWW - WWWL - EZ2G


    Hitmontop: 0 kills; Killed by Aerodactyl-Mega
    Gyarados: 1 kill; Killed by Kartana
    Camerupt-Mega: 1 kill; Killed by Aerodactyl - Mega
    Aromatisse: 1 kill;Killed by Kartana
    Raikou: 0 kills;Killed by Gardevoir
    Kyurem-B: 1 kill; Killed by Kartana


    Aerodactyl-Mega: 2 kills;Killed by Kyurem-B
    Cofagrigus: 0 kills; Killed by Camerupt -Mega
    Kartana: 3 kills;Survived
    Illumise: 0 kills;Survived
    Gardevoir: 1 kill;Killed by Aromatisse
    Claydol: 0 kills ; Killed by Gyarados

    Got pretty close towards the end - Good game :]
  2. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    Houston Rapid-Spindas vs Lanturn Lino Lakes (Rapid-Spindas win 2-0)

    Skuntank: 1 Kill / Survived
    Moltres: 1 Kill / Killed by Torkoal
    Dugtrio: 0 Kills / Killed by Omastar
    Mega Beedrill: 1 Kill / Survived
    Gengar: 1 Kill / Killed by Torkoal
    Latios: 2 Kills / Killed by Cresselia

    Lino Lakes:
    Rotom-C: 0 Kills / Killed by Latios
    Omastar: 1 Kills / Killed by Gengar
    Heatmor: 0 Kills / Killed by Moltres
    Cresselia: 1 Kill / Killed by Mega Beedrill
    Torkoal: 2 Kills / Killed by Skuntank
    Mega Aggron: 0 Kills / Killed by Latios

    Cheltenham Fletchlings vs Leeuwarden Ninetales (Fletchlings win 4-0)

    Dragonite: 5 Kills/ Survived
    Aerodactyl: 1 Kill/ Killed by Tapu Koko
    Shuckle: 0 Kills/ Killed by Araquanid
    Espeon: 0 kills/ Survived
    Mega Lopunny: 0 Kills/ Survived
    Rotom-W: 0 Kills/ Survived

    Tapu Koko: 1 Kill/ Killed by Dragonite
    Araquanid: 1 kill/ Killed by Dragonite
    Mega Sceptile: 0 Kills/ killed by Dragonite
    Pelipper: 0 Kills/ Killed by Aerodactyl (Stealth Rocks)
    Gastrodon: 0 Kills/ Killed by Dragonite
    Arcanine: 0 Kills/ Killed by Dragonite
  3. Adaptable Porygon-Z

    Adaptable Porygon-Z Well-Known Member

    Youghal Phantumps Vs. Exeter Chikoritas (Phantumps win 1-0)


    Buzzwole: 0 Kills /Killed by Flygon
    Infernape: 2 Kills/Killed by Mega Manectric
    Alolan Golem: 0 Kills/ Killed by Mega Manectric
    Manaphy: 2 Kills/ Killed by Mega Manectric
    Drapion: 1 Kill/ Killed by Diggersby
    Mega Mawile: 1 Kill/ Survived

    Flygon: 1 Kill/ Killed by Manaphy
    Chansey: 0 Kills/ Killed by Infernape
    Decidueye: 0 Kills/ Killed by Infernape
    Diggersby:1 Kill/ Killed by Manaphy
    Wigglytuff: 0 Kills/ Killed by Drapion ( Toxic Spikes)
    Mega Manectric:3 Kills / Killed by Mega Mawile.
  4. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    Week 2 - This battle needs to be done by Thursday 19th at 10pm UK time.
    Honolulu Hydreigons v New York Night Slash

    Week 3 - These battles must be done by Sunday 22nd at 6pm UK time.
    Kapuskasing Karrablasts have a free week
    Lanham Lapras v Indianapolis Ice Burns
    Lanturn Lakes v Huntington Harvesters
    New York Night Slash v Houston Rapid-Spindas
    Cardiff Carnivines v Honolulu Hydreigons
    Youghal Phantumps v Hercules Heracross
    Decatur Magikarps v Exeter Chikorita
    Leeuwarden Ninetales v Darwen Dancers
    Big Apple Relicanths v Cheltenham Fletchlings
  5. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    Dancers vs Ninetales (Dancers win 6-0)

    Mega Gallade – 0 kills
    Tyranitar – 0 kills
    Celesteela – 3 kills
    Seismitoad – 2 kills
    Masquerain – 1 kill
    Zapdos – 0 kills

    Mega Sceptile – 0 kills
    Pelipper – 0 kills
    Tapu Koko – 0 kills
    Araquanid – 0 kills
    Porygon2 – 0 kills
    Gastrodon – 0 kills
  6. Yellow De Viridian Grove

    Yellow De Viridian Grove Well-Known Member

    Lapras vs Ice Burns (Ice Burns win 4-0)

    Jirachi: 0 kills
    Mamoswine: 0 kills
    Lickilicky: 1 kill
    Togekiss: 1 kill
    Volcanion: 0 kills
    Gligar: 0 kills

    Ice Burns:
    Mega Gardevior: 0 kills
    Tangrowth: 0 kills
    Keldeo: 3 kills
    Hippowdon: 1 kill
    Staraptor: 0 kills
    Victini: 2 kills

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