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PDL: Pixel Dreams League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Tipsy Watermelon, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Jaden726

    Jaden726 I'm Just Here

    Eagleville Espurrs(5) vs Gouda Goomys(6) (Espurrs win 3-0)
    FC: EYNW-WWWW-WWXA-BK5P (dc part way through, stats were agreed upon)


    Primarina: 2 kills, killed by Silvally
    Minun: 0 kills, kille by Krookidile
    Glalie-Mega: 2 kills, survived
    Armaldo: 0 kills, survived
    Houndoom: 1 kill, killed by Archeops
    Amoonguss: 1 kill, survived


    Archeops: 1 kill, killed by Houndoom's destiny bond
    Krookidile: 1 kill, killed by Glalie-Mega
    Phione: 0 kills, killed by Primarina
    Silvally: 1 kill, killed by Glalie-Mega
    Scyther: 0 kills, killed by Primarina
    Hakamo-o: 0 kills, killed by Amoonguss
  2. Lizziefay92

    Lizziefay92 Pokemon Breeder

    Lakes vs magnazones (Lakes win 4-0)

    Fortress to audino
    Feraligator to audino
    Typlosion to luxury, 1 kill
    MegNium to luxray
    Donphan to seimitoad
    Girafarig to malamar, 1 kill

    Swanna to typlosion
    Seismitoad to girafarig, 1 kill
    Malamar survived, 1 kill
    Audino survived, 2 kills
    Luxray survived, 2 kills
    Togetic survived
  3. Adaptable Porygon-Z

    Adaptable Porygon-Z Well-Known Member

    Youghal Phantumps (17) Vs Bloomington Magnazones (2)(Phantumps won 4-0) UVLW-WWWW-WWXA-BLKG


    Cradily: 0 kills/Killed by Typhlosion
    Nidoqueen: 1 kill/ Survived
    Ditto: 0 Kills/ Survived
    Leavanny: 3 kills/ Survived
    Skuntank: 1 kill/survived
    Froslass: 1 kill/ Killed by Girafarig

    Girafarig: 1 kill/Killed by Froslass (Destiny Bond)
    Donphan: 0 kills/ Killed by Leavanny
    Meganium: 0 Kills/ Killed by Leavanny (Z Move)
    Feraligatr: 0 Kills/ Killed by Leavanny
    Typhlosion: 1 Kill/ Killed by Nidoqueen
    Forrestress: 0 kills/ Killed by Skuntank
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  4. twinyoshi45

    twinyoshi45 The CryptKeeper

    Hercules Heracross(7) Vs. Youghal Phantumps(17) (Heracross win 4-0)

    Battle vid: CJZW-WWWW-WWXA-BZYG


    Cinccino - 4 kills
    Throh - 1 kill
    Mienshao - 0 kills
    Liepard - 0 kills
    Alomomola - 0 kills
    Sigilyph - 0 kills


    Levanny - 0 kills
    Cradily - 0 kills
    Nidoqueen - 2 kills
    Ditto - 0 kills (killed itself with struggle recoil)
    frosslass - 0 kills
    skuntank - 0 kills
  5. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    Week 10 is now open. These battles must be done by
    09/09/19 at 6am UK time.

    Blue Division:
    Karrablasts v Tyranitars
    Hydreigons v Goomys
    Espurrs v Leppa Berries
    TDD v Fletchlings

    The follwoing battles must also be done by
    09/09/19 at 6am UK time.

    Pink Division:
    Scizors v Night Slash (Night Slash get the win)
    Dancers v Scizors (Dancers get the win)
    Dancers v Steelix

    Blue Division:
    TDD v Hydreigons
    TDD v Ice Burns
    Tyranitars v Hydreigons (Tyranitars get the win)

    There can be no extensions this week as we are starting playoffs next week.
  6. Jaden726

    Jaden726 I'm Just Here

    Eagleville Espurrs (5) vs Long Island Leppa Berries (12) (Espurrs win 1-0)


    Armaldo: 2 kills, killed by Togedemaru
    Diglett: 1 kill, killed by Vikavolt
    Minun: 0 kills, killed by Vikavolt
    Amoonguss: 0 kills, killed by Tornadus-I
    Houndoom: 2 kills, survived
    Primarina: 1 kill, killed by Vikavolt


    Tornadus-I: 1 kill, killed by Primarina
    Dusclops: 0 kills, killed by Armaldo
    Oricorio: 0 kills, killed by Armaldo
    Snorlax: 0 kills, killed by Houndoom
    Vikavolt: 3 kills, killed by Houndoom
    Togedemaru: 1 kill, killed by Diglett
  7. Yellow De Viridian Grove

    Yellow De Viridian Grove Well-Known Member

    TDD(16) vs Ice Burns(9) (Ice Burns win 3-0)

    Honchkrow: 0 kills
    Blaziken: 0 kills
    Zoroark: 0 kills
    Mismagius: 2 kills
    Galvantula: 0 kills
    Kabutops: 1 kill

    Ice Burns
    Slowking: 0 kills
    Sylveon: 2 kills
    Registeel: 1 kill
    Moltres: 0 kills
    Druddigon: 1 kill
    Chesnaught: 2 kills
  8. DrasticPhase

    DrasticPhase Half ded

    Honolulu Hydreigons vs. The Diamond Division
    Hydreigons won 2-0(KBZW - WWWW - WWXA - H2KE)

    Barbaracle: 2 Kills / Survived
    Cryogonal: 1 Kill / Survived
    Zangoose: 0 Kills / Killed by Fraxure
    Klefki: 1 Kill / Killed by Fraxure
    Zweilous: 1 Kill / Killed by Swoobat
    Emboar: 1 Kill / Killer by Swoobat

    Fraxure: 2 Kills / Killed by Emboar
    Swoobat: 2 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Zoroark: 0 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Mismagius: 0 Kills / Killed by Zweilous
    Galvantula: 0 Kills / Killed by Cryogonal(Poison)
    Mawile: 0 Kills / Killed by Klefki
  9. Blackfire54

    Blackfire54 Member

    Fletchlings vs TDD (Fletchlings win 2-0)

    Mudsdale: 1 kill (Killed by Blaziken)
    Sharpedo: 2 kills (Killed by Mawile)
    Ninetales: 0 kills (Survived)
    Decidueye: 0 kills (Killed by Honchkrow)
    Cobalion: 2 kills (Survived)
    Kyurem: 1 kill (Killed by Blaziken)

    Galvantula: 0 Kills (Killed by Cobalion)
    Swoobat: 1 Kill (Killed by Kyurem)
    Fraxure: 0 Kills (Killed by Mudsdale)
    Honchkrow: 1 Kill (Killed by Sharpedo)
    Blaziken: 1 Kill (Killed by Cobalion)
    Mawile: 1 Kill (Killed by Sharpedo)
  10. DrasticPhase

    DrasticPhase Half ded

    Honolulu Hydreigons vs. Gouda Goomys
    Hydreigons won 6-0(6DWG - WWWW - WWXA - Y6R8)

    Barbaracle: 4 Kills / Survived
    Rotom-F: 1 Kill / Survived
    Weezing: 1 Kill / Survived
    Cofagrigus: 0 Kills / Survived
    Zweilous: 0 Kills / Survived
    Accelgor: 0 Kills / Survived

    Archeops: 0 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Silvally: 0 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Scyther: 0 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Phione: 0 Kills / Killed by Barbaracle
    Krookodile: 0 Kills / Killed by Rotom-F
    Hakamo-o: 0 Kills / Killed by Weezing
  11. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    Wild Card battles are now open. These battles must be done by 15/09/19 at 6am UK time. (Remember you must use all 12 of your pokemon. If you drafted a trio or double Pokemon, then only one of the forms etc can be used)

    Fletchlings vs Phantumps
    Heracross vs Leppa Berries
  12. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion

    New Carrollton Steelix vs Darwen Dancers
    Steelix Win 5 - 0

    New Carrollton Steelix (13)
    Venomoth: 0 Kills / Killed by Darmanitan
    Victreebel: 0 Kills
    Espeon: 0 Kills
    Linoone: 6 Kills (Tsareena, Tyrantrum, Darmanitan, Mesprit, Muk-Alola, Gorebyss)
    Rotom-Heat: 0 Kills
    Slurpuff: 0 Kills

    Darwen Dancers (4)
    Tyrantrum: 0 Kills / Killed by Linoone
    Mesprit: 0 Kills / Killed by Linoone
    Muk-Alola: 0 Kills / Killed by Linoone
    Tsareena: 0 Kills / Killed by Linoone
    Darmanitan: 1 Kill (Venomoth) / Killed by Linoone
    Gorebyss: 0 Kills/ Killed by Linoone
  13. juffate

    juffate Not-So Normal Type

    Playoffs Wild Card
    Leppa Berries vs Heracross

    Game 1
    Leppa Berries win 3-0
    Leppa Berries (12):
    Tornadus 2 kills (Simisage, Snivy)
    Graveler-A 0 kills
    Dusclops 0 kills
    Togedemaru 0 kills
    Claydol 1 kill (Bouffalant)
    Snorlax 3 kills (Emolga, Simisear, Simipour)

    Heracross (7):
    Simisear 1 kill (Graveler)
    Simisage 0 kills
    Simipour 0 kills
    Emolga 1 kill (Tornadus)
    Snivy 1 kill (Claydol)
    Bouffalant 0 kills

    Game 2
    Leppa Berrires win 1-0
    Leppa Berries (12):
    Lycanroc-Dusk 1 kill (Sigilyph)
    Vikavolt 2 kills (Alomamola, Mienshao)
    Oricorio 0 kills
    Octillery 0 kills
    Ferroseed 1 kill (Liepard)
    Garbodor 2 kills (Throh, Cinccino)

    Heracross (7):

    Sigilyph 0 kills
    Mienshao 2 kills(Ferroseed, Octillery)
    Throh 1 kill (Garbodor)
    Alomamola 1 kill (Oricorio)
    Cinccino 1 kill (Lycanroc)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019 at 1:12 PM
  14. Blackfire54

    Blackfire54 Member

    Fletchlings vs Phantumps (Fletchlings win)

    Game 1 - Fletchlings win 3-0

    Mudsdale: 0 kills (Survived)
    Yanmega: 2 kills (Killed by Ditto)
    Torracat: 0 kills (Killed by Charizard)
    Raichu: 2 kills (Killed by Ditto)
    Sawsbuck: 0 kills (Survived)
    Sharpedo: 2 kills (Survived)

    Chimchar: 0 Kills (Killed by Yanmega)
    Skuntank: 0 Kills (Killed by Raichu)
    Phantump: 0 Kills (Killed by Yanmega)
    Charizard: 1 Kill (Killed by Raichu)
    Ditto: 2 Kills (Killed by Sharpedo)
    Meowstic: 0 Kills (Killed by Sharpedo)

    Game 2 - Fletchlings win 3-0

    Mr. Mime: 0 kills (Killed by Leavanny)
    Ninetales: 0 kills (Survived)
    Bunnelby: 1 kill (Survived)
    Decidueye: 1 kill (Killed by Froslass)
    Cobalion: 1 kill (Survived)
    Kyurem: 3 kills (Killed by Cradily)

    Phantumps (17):
    Leavanny: 1 Kill (Killed by Decidueye)
    Cradily: 1 Kill (Killed by Bunnelby)
    Froslass: 1 Kill (Killed by Cobalion)
    Nidoqueen:0 Kills (Killed by Kyurem)
    Empoleon: 0 Kills (Killed by Kyurem)
    Beheeyem: 0 Kills (Killed by Kyurem)
  15. Tipsy Watermelon

    Tipsy Watermelon Change is coming.

    The QF's are now open. These battles must be done by 22/09/19 at 6am UK time.

    Fletchlings vs Night Slash
    Karrablasts vs Steelix
    Ice Burns vs Leppa Berries
    Dancers vs Espurrs

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