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Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend (355)


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Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend!

In their travels, Ash & Co. meet up with a Spoink who has lost it's Pearl. Ash & Co. decide to help it find it's pearl. However Team Rocket have found the Pearl. Will Ash & Co. be able to get it back?

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this is a great debut for spoink. and he is so cute but i don't see the point of spoink coming back. here are a few dub title ideas

-oink, oink, spoink- (pun on the words oink, oink, oink)
-spoinking around- (pun on the words oinking around)
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I like this episode very much.

It's very funny seeing Spoink put all kinds of round stuff on its head.

Okay, we'll see today if Pearls are a Spoink's best Friend. The episode airs today and this is not a bump.

Hopefully Spoink's voice will be cute, he'll either be cute, or sound like a pig.


Corvair said:
Okay, we'll see today if Pearls are a Spoink's best Friend. The episode airs today and this is not a bump.

Hopefully Spoink's voice will be cute, he'll either be cute, or sound like a pig.

His voice was revealed in the Kids WB Commercial talking about this episode. Spoink's voice fits him quite well


I liked this episode a lot. I really liked the part when Spoink put all the different Pokemon on it's head like the Electrode and Voltorb. Anyway, this makes a great filler, a lot better the Me, Myself, and Time! And one last thing, the Magikarp Salesman returning was awesome! I can't believe they rememeber his voice. And when it showed his six kids it was hilarious!!! I give it 9/10.
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This was an excellent filler. The Magikarp Salesman's reaction to the revelation of his 'Feebas' was hilarious! And, tons of UU Pokémon. Torkoal, Mudkip, Dustox, all in one episode. Torkoal's crying was a nice touch to see return, and how it intensified right at end of each outburst was great!
The animation in this episode was great, I noticed. Just goes to show Ota's not the only good animating team.
Magikarp as a pearl=priceless. Voltorb's Spark was unexpected. I would've expected the usual Selfdestruct, but this was better. Spoink's Igglybuff theft was funny too, especially the Trainer's reaction.
Spoink had a great voice, I noticed. I would've expected grunting.
This was a great introduction to the next two carnival episodes.

Overall rating:
9.8 out of 10!!!!
One of the very best fillers of Hoenn. I hope the next couple of episodes live up to the expectations undoubtedly set by this.

SC~ out


This was a good episode. I liked seeing that Magikarp salesman again. I loved his expression when he finds out that his fake Feebas was revealed. Spoink was cute in the anime. I haven't seen the rest of this episode, but I will (I didn't get the chance to see if they get the TC right



Yeah, ok!
Color me impressed. At first I thought this would be a really bland filler of just Spoink searching for it's pearl, but it got really good during the second Act.

I mean LMAO, they actually gave the Magikarp salesman a back story? :D His 6 kids all had the same nose. It's pretty cool to see such a minor character like the Magikarp salesman actually given some character development, and I love that 4kids remembered his voice.

It was also pretty cool to see Giovanni at the beginning of this episode. Giovanni is way too forgiving to TR, their Skiploom secret base gets destroyed yet he doesn't seem to care much. Maybe he just wants them out of his hair? Likes the Butch and Cassidy reference too.

And the Trainers choice was actually right this time! Good job 4kids for picking Steelix to use against Electabuzz.

This episode also had stronger continuity than usual, such as the Magikarp salesman and TR remembering the Feebas from the Wishcash episode. Thinking about it, it would be pretty cool if TR had a Milotic.

Another good part of this episode was the neglected pokemon finally got some screen time! Torkoal, Dustok, and Mudkip all got some much needed time in the sun. Brock actually did something in this episode, but of course since he took an active role May had to be pushed into the backround for this ep.

Overall a very good filler, I actually thought it would be really bad at first but they turned it around very quickly. I'm impressed.
This was so funny! When the MS went black and white at the reaction to the truth about the "Magibas" it was funny. Torkoal, Dustox, and cute lil Mudkip were back in action, spoink's voice was cute, and the MS selling a Feebas, you could tell it was a Magikarp, look closly for a non hollowed out top fin, and the Magikarp Whiskers.



This episode was another one at its best! The animations were hilarious and interesting, especially at the end when Spoink blasted TR off, the way the animation looked.

They were actually funny 2day. Including when they were trying to defend themselves to Ash & Co. about the salesman and Meowth talking all fast!

The salesman himself played a nice-sized role this time around. It was great to see him again. His reaction to his Magikarp/Feebas....Priceless!

The Trainer's Choice: finally a decent right one and ironic. Since both Steelix and Electabuzz have the same voices. Ever since Electabuzz's one changed during the Jotho region and Steelix's was changed in the Torkal episode.

Plus, Dustox AGAIN! The creators must finally know how much we love it!

98/100. So far, this ep. is behind "The Bicker The Better."
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This episode was indeed funny! I for one am glad to see the actual Giovanni instead of those day dreams of Meowth's (they grow old after a while)...Anyways, I am also happy to see the Magikarp Salesman again ^_^

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
I liked it too, my favorite Pokemon, Igglybuff had a cameo. I also loved that Spoink mistook anything round for its Pearl but it got funnier when it put Magikarp on its head. I Loved the part where Jessie was daydreaming about Milotic it was so funny. Also the Magikarp salesman's kids are ugly in opion, even his baby. Good overall episode.


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The episode was kinda funny, but I just woke up, so if I was wide awake, I probably would've been laughing the whole entire time.

Very good episode, it was funny when Spoink put the Magikarp on it's head. I thought the "Feebas" that the seller was trying to sell looked weird. Magikarp's whisker things where there, if you looked hard enough you could see them. It was a funny episode, but I liked some of the first episodes (the ones in Kanto) better, but I haven't watched the series in a long time.



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Here's to hoping Dogasu checks this, considering I have abit of a comment on a cut made in the episode.

Dogasu's Backpack said:
n between the two corresponding lines in the Japanese version is a seven-second scene of Kojirou checking his collection of Pokemon TCG-like cards. He finds Banebuu's card, and then notices that the pearl that they have is the same one as the one that's supposed to be on the pokemon's head.


The scene was most likely cut because of that law that says that TV shows on American TV can't showcase any product available for sale in real life. And since those cads (slightly) resemble the TCG cards that are in stores now, the scene had to get the ax.

I dunno about you, but I don't think that's exactly the case considering Yu-Gi-Oh! itself was one big advertisement when it started and shows TONS of cards available IRL. o_o; And if the mention of the card edits is brought up, it's due to the fact that the original cards had Japanese text on them. As you can see, the Pokémon cards didn't have any.


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This was really a great episode. Good animation, nice music, underused pokémon, and lots of comedy - always a plus. I also liked how Musashi-tachi contacted Sakaki at the beginning of the episode. It's been quite a while since they've done so, and as someone else said, it's nice to see the real Sakaki for a change after so many boss fantasies.

I really liked the music that was used in the Japanese version as Satoshi-tachi enter the carnival - somehow I knew they they couldn't get through this episode without playing Osorubeshi Koduck at some point.XD I haven't seen the dub yet, but I'm guessing right now that the only music kept was Advanced Adventure.:p