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Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend (355)


Factory Head Noland

This episode was great, I thought it would have been a bit boring but it wasn't.

I thought it was funny when Spoink kept putting all the Pokemon and things on its head, lol. I really liked TR's outlines when they were blasting off due to Psychic attack.

Lol at James being fooled by the Magikarp salesman again but this time he bought a "Feebas". Ahhhh, will he ever learn...?

Overall 8.1/10
Very funny, a great episode.


i liked the part when spoink picked up an electrode and it shocked everyone...lol


This ep was kinda boring IMO. Looking for a pearl, Team Rocket getting conned by the salesman, well it wasn't that bad but I didn't like this ep much.

I'd give it a 6/10

Flying Tropius

but I wonder who might catch spoink? or a replacement for jigilypuff just folowing?


Pachirisu Master
This one has Castform (appearence) and SPOINK! I loved it it!


I love Dara <3
This epy was kinda boring ;< Oh well. It was better then the recent one they made of Spoink =D


This episode was fine, and it was really funny when spoink placed the electrode and magikarp on its head.


The Olive Kitsune
Judai Yuki said:
Why would Team Rocket not keep the Magikarp then have a Gyrados?Dense...
That's why May called them stupid, because they overlook important facts.

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
My favorite part was when Max laughed at them and said "You got taken for a ride!" But then again, I'm Max's biggest fan! :D ;238;

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Poor Team Rocket. They try so hard to be new and improved yet they always fail. Well that's exactly what they did after they receive a warning from their boss.


The Olive Kitsune
Maybe it's me, but does Giovanni seem a little more paitent with Jessie and James than he use to be? He hardly yells at them like he use to in Kanto. Lately he just seems to scold them for being lame at their job.
Magikarp Salesman =D.

Spoink was cute in this episode, I liked it.


OVER 9000
Lol. Magikarp Returns! :D
What's with the noses though... 0_0

But...How dare Max laugh at Team Rocket?! >( That laugh just sounded so weird and nasaly... XP But it was probably just me... Ugh...

Well...I guess it was a decent filler episode.
It's so funny to see that James is conned again by the Magikarp salesman. I thought the Spoink was pretty cute and funny at the same time. This was a pretty good filler overall