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Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend (355)


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Awww i just love Spoink whenever he lost his pearl...
it make me laugh whenever he got a wrong item on his head


Thanks to Spoink we have seen more round pokemon.

And i loved to see the Magikarp seller again, it was funny....


Willow's Tara

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It was kind of a funny episode, that Voltorb/Electrode sure did not like having psychic on them.

of course TR falls for the same scam (Although the last time they encountered him he did really give a Sweet Scent Weepinbell)


Shiny Flygon
Spoink's appearance was pretty good, really good. I wonder why Spoink couldn't have used his brain to know Voltorb and Jigglypuff are pokemon and not his pearl...but yeah.


Man of Mystery

This episode was pretty funny.

Spoink is a very cute pokemon and I thought it was funny how it kept trying to replace it's lost pearl on it's head with other pokemon.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode and I liked it a lot.


Ok I admit it, the Spoink was really cute. Ash and friends saw it without it's pearl and they worried. I liked Torkoal's reaction to it without a pearl a lot since it started crying haha. As Ash and friends helped look for it's missing pearl, we got tons of funny moments like Spoink thinking Igglybuff, Voltorb, then Electrode was it's pearl haha. The shape matched anyway. After the Team Rocket fight, Team Rocket was able to blast off with the pearl that Ash and the others finally found. It was funny since they imagined Giovanni with it on his ring. We got to see the Magikarp Salesman up to his old tricks again by selling James a fake Feebas which was funny. Ash and friends managed to get the pearl back for Spoink, which was neat. This episode was funny to the max, 9/10.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Spoink for the 1st time. Spoink is really cute! It was funny when Spoink kept finding many round things and kept placing it on its head. It was great to see Torkoal show emotion in an episode again by crying. It was funny to see that they actually gave the Magikarp Salesman a background story.



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-getting a bit off topic here but meh its related-this episode reminds me of the first adventure (besides getting the relic fragment back...) in pokemon explorers of time when you have to retrive spoink's pearl... I wanted that 2,000 poke reward ;-; ....stupid chatot~


Spoink was ****ing adorable. I'm glad the the Magikarp Salesman received another appearance since he's the only consistently funny character in the series. Good episode solely because of Spoink.


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The most rarest recurring minor character reappeared again! I love the Magikarp Salesman and he got a really big role in the second part of this episode and I lol'd how Ash, May, Max and Brock uncovered his scams and how he got all shocked and tried to run away with: "Thank you for your time." Hahah that guy is hilarious and its great to see him appearing not long after this episode.
The return of the Magikarp salesman was my favorite part of the episode. :)
And he had a backstory as well. Funny how his family looked exactly like him.

I will never get tired of Torkoal showing emotion by crying.

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee I liked how Giovanni's Persian mocked Meowth on the phone and Spoink putting Igglybuff and Electrode on his head was funny too. Seeing the Magikarp salesman trick Team Rocket with a fake Feebas was fun.


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Spoink was very adorable. I loved seeing the magikarp salesman again along with Giovanii.Really liked the episode. ^^


Spoink losing its pearl led to some funny moments like the fake Feebas thing, but this was still just a mediocre, mid-AG filler...
My favorite scene was when James got tricked by a fake Feebas. I thought that the Spoink was so cute and I felt sad for its dilemma.
I loved how Spoink kept putting things on its head. But really, was the Spoink desperate, or just really stupid? I loved seeing the Magikarp guy again: he's always funny.