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Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Yuppirox, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Welcome to the Pearlshipping Thread version 3.0!

    What is Pearlshipping?
    Well, Pearlshipping is the belief that the characters Ash (Satoshi) and Dawn (Hikari) should be in a romantic relationship!
    Here you can discuss their interactions, ship hints, and their relationship as a whole.

    # Rules

    • Read the Forum Rules and Shippers Community Rules before posting.
    • No Bashing or Flaming other members, ships, or characters.
    • No Multi-Posting - Yes the forum does lag at times, but if you multi-post, you will have to remove it immediately.
    • Stay On Topic - People might start to stray away from the main topic when discussing. Please make sure your post is about Pearlshipping for the most part.
    • No One Liners - If your post contains only one line, it is considered as SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Message). Please make an effort to contribute to any ongoing discussions.
    • Show Respect for each other - The key to a nice and clean discussion is respect. If you bash or flame someone, a warning will ensue.
    • Concerning Fanart, if you are the artist feel free to post the image so long as you also contribute to the discussion instead of just posting the picture on its own.
    • DO NOT REPOST SOMEONE ELSE'S FANART, unless you've gotten permission from the artist in question! If you do not have permission, or cannot ask for permission due to a language barrier, just post a link to the fanart instead. Respect artists' wishes and discourage art theft.
    • Use Spoiler Tags if necessary - Not necessarily needed since the thread's title has *Spoiler Warning!* in it, but if you need to use one for any reason, please feel free to do so.
    • PM me if you get your name changed so I can edit the member list with the new one

    # Our Pearlshipping Family

    1. Yuppirox [Owner]​
    2. lokoduro [Co-owner]
    3. Hihiroshi[Co-owner]
    4. Katsu Koneko [Co-owner]
    5. PK0082 [Co-owner]​
    6. Pikachu_luver
    7. darklord18
    8. ThePokeman09
    9. Pokegirl16

    10. foxkrystal
    11. Adelaide1994
    12. pikablue
    13. TheBlakeDaze
    14. PKLegendHeroe
    15. JPG
    16. Roboleon
    17. midnightjewelz
    18. ivanreal
    19. mew151

    20. Brazillianguy
    21. crisiscore
    22. BabyLugia
    23. BlueMew7
    24. Sylva
    25. redsoul411
    26. ccangelopearl1362
    27. Misterx
    28. catzeye
    29. Sunsurge

    30. TopazPikachu
    31. bijoukaiba
    32. Qlick Anime
    33. MayTotallyRocks
    34. michael147
    35. sweetpikachu
    36. Janovy
    37. Apocalypse_ZLS
    38. Sparkystarz
    39. Shippergirl

    40. KagamineReimu
    41. TougherthanChuckNorris
    42. Shego
    43. Melody93
    44. Blazing Charmander
    45. Hjörung´s wrath
    46. adwer13
    47. BlueDragonfangirl
    48. Niker117
    49. Xx-Endless_Summer-xX

    50. Nightning
    51. CapitalX
    52. Mikhei
    53. HaouJohan
    54. VoltTacklingPika
    55. Cerberus
    56. ST8
    57. deathseer
    58. Explosionshurt
    59. PKPrincess

    60. wiitard119
    61. polo150
    62. plxtreme
    63. BlazeFusion76
    64. rioT6296
    65. hopeful sleeper
    66. Satoshifangirl
    67. HarukaShuuFan986
    68. Espeon 114x
    69. UDI

    70. granbull guy
    71. Haggahagga
    72. cloudangel
    73. ~*Under The Moonlight*~
    74. KrayzieBuddha
    75. Mr. Joker
    76. CaseyGirl
    77. pikachuluver44
    78. Kanata
    79. pearlshippinglover

    80. SulkingSableye
    81. dechirures
    82. Foxeaf
    83. CheeseChan.xx
    84. Ciccone
    85. xxbbyAndrea
    86. KibaLG8
    87. Sisco in a suit
    88. Anonimity
    89. Oceanus119

    90. pokelover94
    91. The_People
    92. Antiyonder
    93. Pikapi72
    94. shaolinfrm254
    95. Pearl-Chan!
    96. jmadude
    97. anguiano1
    98. MasterMan
    99. pearlshipping is win

    100. FlatterMon
    101. Naminésky
    102. aipomadvanceshipper
    103. trustest_friend
    104. Ashton Nauran
    105. PePer
    106. Kaush22
    107. MINK
    108. Animefan145
    109. Thyson

    110. <3Crystal
    111. TheRewardIsCheese
    112. Crimsonash310
    113. Spacialrend
    114. ice_wolf-146
    115. Teshub
    116. Hyuuga Neji
    117. Facescar
    118. InevitableFate 210
    119. TrainerOfLegend

    120. retrotype
    121. pokeash
    122. Unionhack
    123. Generic Pokemon Trainer
    124. Sutefi
    125. DigitalUpkeep
    126. crashmax
    127. ~SkyHigh~
    128. Rowdy
    129. Ideologies

    130. Stardust.
    131. Japanese Emperor Satoshi
    132. Tyrannosaurusalan
    133. Quattro
    134. iLikeEatPoo
    135. A Merry Snowrunt
    136. Bunny_Link
    137. JetshipperKekkaishi
    138. Vaulttackle
    139. Pearlshipper177k

    140. strawberries
    141. Andre300
    142. starkiller
    143. xEryChan
    144. Azran Flame
    145. StaraptorEmpoleon
    146. IvanAipom93
    147. SapphireIris
    148. Dawn and Piplup
    149. Joltik-Kid

    150. xXLuminousNightXx
    151. Sunset Shine
    152. pachifloon
    153. Jesspikapal
    154. paul (dragon master)
    155. Brockster
    156. HikariDawn
    157. C.Gholy
    158. DeeDee
    159. Pearlover

    160. Sensesfail
    161. 00poke_maniac
    162. PokeMaster366
    163. dawn phan
    164. *futachimaru*
    165. PrinceGray
    166. DiamondandPearlDawn
    167. DuquÊ?
    168. Ash&Pikachu-Fan
    169. Morning Sun

    170. EmphaticPikachu
    171. Pokemaniac24
    172. Ashist_Wilketch
    173. Lunar Jay
    174. alivemoth
    175. yliam73
    176. StarDestroyer
    177. ★ Lucario ★
    178. MaidensGhost
    179. Sinnoh Ash

    180. Luthor
    181. IrisAndDawn
    182. pokemongeof
    183. McZacky29
    184. loudbutch
    185. Solacen
    186. Ninjagamer720
    187. Satoshi & Touko

    VM/PM Me to add your name to the list!

    # Links

    *Also check out the #pearlshipping tag on Tumblr for more fandom contributions!

    # Fanfiction

    [WARNING: Mature Readers ONLY]

    # AMVs

    # Graphics & Fanart

    PLEASE give credit to the people who made the following graphics. Thank you!






    Espeon 114x:


    Flame Mistress:



    Katsu Koneko:















    *If you would like to see the old Pearlshipping threads, click the links below to see them!*

    1st / 2nd

    Sorry for the delay for this new Discussion thread, but now that this new one is up and running, let's start off with a topic, yes?

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    Ah, yes. The first topic of the 2nd thread. Well, I love their bond and interactions. Dawn seems to be closer to Ash than the other girls, and shares a lot of things in common with him. They're always cheering each other on, worrying deeply for each other, trust each other, and enjoy the other's company greatly. Probably what attracts me the most is their strong friendship. If this ship were to go the romantic way, then it wouldn't be so hard to build since they know each other so well and are inseparable. That's mainly what I like about Pearlshipping.

    On with the thread! Enjoy discussing and have fun, Pearlshippers!

    First post has been updated!
    [8/8/2015: members]

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
  2. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    I MUST JOIN!! :D

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    One, cause I can. XD But I always like how Ash and Dawn interacted with each other. They always look out for each other when ever things get rough. Ash also is closer to Dawn than Misty or May. (In my opinion) They're hints are really cute and I believe this ship can turn canon one day. :)

    Yay for new thread Pat! Hope the new thread will get a lot new members and be even better than the first or second one! :)
    Awesome first poster! :)
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2009
  3. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Hi pokefan.

    I to join, after all it you and W23 who got me into like pearlshipping in the first place.

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    I just like how when one loses at a contest or gym battle the other there for support, I like how the hints are done, High touch is my favorite song. um what else can i say is that they look cute together, even with a two-three age different.
  4. Hihiroshi

    Hihiroshi <- Waifu

    Nice it finally made! :D. Sorry for the rush Pat =(. But any whays I am glad the Thread is already made =).

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    LOL the 1 topic of the 2 thread XD. But What I like about Pearlshipping is the Unique Bond they have =D, Their interaction are one of their most Interesting aspect of this ship. They are always close to each other, like Pat said Ash seems closer to her more than he did with the other Female Companions. They usually help themselves a lot during training and believe in each other more than anybody I have ever seen which Implies a strong friendship to me.

    Make sure to follow the Rules to every one Else and Have fun Posting in here =D
  5. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Yay! Welcome to the thread, guys! =D

    As promised, WGCV23 is Co-owner in this new Pearl thread. ^^ Hopefully, the older members that still reply here will come back.

    Now, we left off on the last thread discussing about Ash's mom having an appearance or not in the anime. I have a feeling that she'll be properly introduced to Dawn. Either via video phone or in person. I'm still hoping on the second one. XD What I want is Delia and Johanna interacting and sharing stories of their "babies" as a mother would say. x3 Even if it's video phone, this still might happen. It would be cute if either of them said something of how close they are...

    Anyway, welcome everybody! :)
  6. Hihiroshi

    Hihiroshi <- Waifu

    Wait you just can't bark in right up and say that!. Sorry but you must first explain why you like the ship before you can join in. After all the thread is refreshed. So next time please explain why you like the ship before you can say those words because it's agaisn't the rules to spam, thank you very much ^_^
  7. Pokegirl16

    Pokegirl16 Hikarifan

    pokefan#493 and WGCV23 congratulations for being the new owners!
    I come back to post in the old thread only to find out that there was a new thread
    well congratulations anyway
    Oh and I would like to join the thread

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    Hmmm...where there is many things but I want to point out how I think they admire each other. It's pretty obvious that Dawn admires Ash (plus she even admitted it!) and Ash admires her a little too, maybe more than May or Misty. I also like how they easily get concerned for each other too when one of them is in trouble or feeling down. Most of all I loved how the directors didn't rush their friendship or just randomly put hints. Their relationship was slowly built up with hints being gradually added in. Plus Ash and Dawn are always featured together on japanese pokemon merchandise so that's a BIG plus for me.

    So I hope this thread turns out really well and I hope new pearlshippers join!

    EDIT: About 4 more days untill the big episode (I'm talking about DP 138) We're counting on their mothers!
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  8. foxkrystal

    foxkrystal Badaladaladala!

    Wee I must join too [again]! :D
    What do you like about Pearlshipping?
    How well their pokemon get along with each other, how well they get along with each other, and when troubles come along, Satoshi and Hikari know the drill.
    oh from DP137
    Were Satoshi and Hikari resting (sitting) against that tree???? That's soo awesome :D :D :D :D
  9. Adelaide1994

    Adelaide1994 The Theorizer

    Yeah, the new Pearlshipping thread is in!!
    What do you like about Pearlshipping?
    I like how they are so similar and "Chemicals React". Ash and Dawn are the closest main characters. They get along so well without fighting and when either of them lose a battle or a contest, they show their emotions toward one another. I hope we dont get too hyped up toward dp138 even though we are counting on their mothers. Just as Pokegirl16 said, the directors are doing a great job slowly building up Pearlshipping instead of rushing it. I hope this thread will be as successful as the last one. Cheers!!.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  10. ThePokéman09

    ThePokéman09 Well-Known Member

    Opps, hehe. Sorry about that.

    Why PearlShipping? Truth to be told, I'm not a true PearlShipper, per se. Neutralshipper, if you will.

    Basically, someone like me might be interested a multiships, but have no real opinion regarding whether or not things like this might happen and whatnot.

    At first, I didn't really care much for any shipping, but some of these ships, Poké and Pearl especially, started to grow on me (for reasons difficult to explain). And because it's cute... I guess.

    So yeah. Tl; dr in a nutshell: because it's interesting.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  11. pikablue

    pikablue ooh, pretty colors!

    Could I please be a member again?:D
    I like pearlshipping..well, cause I like it. Dawn's the most interesting of the three girls to me, and they seem cute together, and they actually interact.
  12. TheBlakeDaze

    TheBlakeDaze Troublemaker. :).

    Let me join too! :D.

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    I just love the way Hikari cheers for Satoshi in the cheerleader outfit.
    (You never see any of the girls from previous seasons going that far for Satoshi in his gym battles!)
    I also remember in the Canalave Gym, where Hikari shouts "No! Satoshi will definitely win! He'll be fine!" when Byron's assistant says something about Byron having the upper hand.

    What can I say, they're just so cute together. :).
  13. PKLegendHeroe

    PKLegendHeroe Well-Known Member

    Looks really nice Pokefan#493 :D

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    I like alot of stuff about pearlshipping. Ash and Dawn have done alot that could make them confident in themselves and build their friendship more and more until the shippiest hint happens. Mostly inportantly, it seems that in the DP series, Ash and Dawn seem to be centered on whats going on the episodes. them are the heroes.

    P.S. I just want to say Thank you guys who supported me and were friendly to me since I started the second thread. I really had fun when i was ruling xD But pokefan#493 and WGCV23 will be your leaders. Remember people to always believe in pearlshipping, it has a very high chance of happening and dont forget to follow pokefan#493's rules.

    ~Thank you Wil, Pat, ccangelopearl, PK0082, Foxkrystal, sweetpikachu, and everyone else. until next time, good bye and never forget PEARLSHIPPING.~

  14. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Hehe, thanks. =D I worked hard on making it look nice. ^.^

    Thank you for your words towards the members here, PK! The new thread is up and everything is starting up great here. Also, thanks for giving people a heads up for my orders. XD You're very welcome, PK. Me and Wil will try our best to keep this thread alive and from getting messy, so you have no need to worry. ;) I hope you always keep the memory you have of ruling over the old thread (which it IS fun to rule over XD) and all of us here. Again, you're welcome, PK. ^^ And don't worry; we won't be forgetting Pearlshipping (or you) anytime soon. ;D

    Welcome new members to the Pearlshipping family! Make sure to follow the rules, try to keep active, and most importantly; have fun!

    Also; If anyone would like to share your own AMVs, fanart, fanfics, etc., please make sure to post it/them here (Just make sure to answer a topic at the same time) or PM me. Don't be shy! I'll put it up on the first post for all to see. ;) Thank you!
  15. Hihiroshi

    Hihiroshi <- Waifu

    So Welcome in new Members and WB to all the past Members :3. Make sure to follow Rules and most importantly have Fun ^^.

    Well the Suspense of whether Ash Mom is going to appear or not is really big :x . Well I still think Satoshi's Mom might appear in person because I think of remember of a scan seen in a Anime Spoiler thread with her appearing in person :X, I don't remember that much. But if she appears via Video Phone it still will be interesting to see her interaction with Hikari and of course if there is an interaction between both moms 8D. That is a great idea of sharing babies stories XD I would imagine how embarrassed Satoshi and Hikari would be to hear them XD. Or they could be childhood friends ;) you don't what might happen in the episode it self but I am not getting my hopes so high. But right now this is episode is sure an interesting one to see of something happens =D .

    I must say thanks a lot for being here, you helped me a lot when I didn't know nothing out here. Thanks PK!, and don't worry as Pat said we will try our best in here =D. We will surely never forget Pearlshipping and you anytime soon ;).
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  16. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    We won't forget you PK, anyway I hope you enjoy life, I won't forget Pearlshipping.

    Yeah I can't wait, I love it if they tell babies story of there kids, causing both to bush and saying that never happen (come on, it happen to everyone at some point.)

    Though I laugh if the childhood thing is done, we could hear of child hood crush story of the other have feeling for the other as a little kid.

    anyway I wondering if any of you mind me asking someone to make a banner for the thread?
  17. Adelaide1994

    Adelaide1994 The Theorizer

    Yeah, I havent known you for so long, but you were a true and patriotic pearlshipper and leader. Good luck in the rest of your life and take care of yourself. I will always remember you and we will share you belief. On the childhood thing. Its better not to be overhyped and take the episode easy. I would love it if either mother mentioned them as a couple.
  18. JPG

    JPG Well-Known Member

    damn, its seems like yesterday that i was a member of the first PS thread. oh well. looks like i'll of course join this one too.

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    well including what everyone else has said, i'd say that dawn and ash are more equals and partners. with misty and may, ash always eclipsed them in some way and they dont really stand with him like that. i see dawn more as ash's equal who stands on the same footing as him. i'd say more but i'm a bit tired.
  19. pK'

    pK' ?

    Hello everyone, I will be keep posting as well.
    However, only thing I will be doing is posting pearlshipping related news from Japan. I hope you guys won't mind.

    Here's the first news for Pearlshippers.
    Story of DP 141 will be written by Pearlshippy writer Tomioka-san.
    Thank goodness Tomi-san is writing at least one Futaba Town Festival episode.

    Here's quick preview summary from Newtype website.



    Pokemon Battle Contest is Futaba Town Festival's main event.
    Satoshi decides to participate because winner of the Contest will be given an opportunity to battle Sinnoh Battle Frontier's Tower Tycoon Kurotsugu.

    >> Story = Tomioka Atsuhiro.

    I expect Hikari will be cheering a lot for Satoshi in this episode.
    Not to mention she always seem to be really focusing on Satoshi's battle in Tomi-san's episodes just like she did in Shinji Vs Satoshi Full Battle (Yeah that one was written by Tomi-san too).
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  20. Roboleon

    Roboleon ロビン

    Ah I was waiting for the new thread to show up, so I can come back for posting again :D.

    We won't forget you PKLegendHeroe and I hope you will also never forget about Pearlshipping and the threads.

    What do you like about Pearlshipping?

    I like the way how Ash and Dawn are concerned about each other if one of them is in trouble or is hurt. I like how they team up in a tag battle or how they have so many things in common. I just like everything about them :D.

    That is what I really like, it's great to see that Ash and Dawn are always together in that merchandise.

    That is great news PK0082, you always keep me happy with your info. :)
    Would like to see if he acts the same as Jun (Barry) and I wonder if he shows up in that episode too.

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