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Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Yuppirox, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Hikatoshi26

    Hikatoshi26 Well-Known Member

    I did not know that. That is awesome hen i need them to scour fanfiction.net and other sites for ideas like....now lol.
  2. FinesseMalkin

    FinesseMalkin TARDIS Stray


    There's not much to say about Ash. He's EVERYWHERE. I'm interested in Dawn. SHE's the big issue. Every gal who's been on the show & exists in some ship has personality (except she-who-must-not-be-named due to bashing rules) but Dawn is Dawn!! I am convinced that Pearlshipping is pretty much canon already. LOOK AT ALL THE EVIDENCE PEOPLE. Everyone calls them hints. I call it evidence because they're so OBVIOUS (& maybe just because I like to be different fine ok) I mean, they have their own duet. The only duet in favour of any ship at all. Ash says "see you later" rather than "goodbye" as he did to every other gal. I am open-minded to the *hints* of other ships (except the one involving she-who-must-not-be-named because their *hints* are one-sided but lets not go there its bashing) but I am so far educated in only the evidence of Pearlshipping but there is a lot of stuff disproving other ships & that is mainly why I support Pearlshipping. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE MY MINIONS!!
  3. Miss Ayuzawa

    Miss Ayuzawa Member

    Hello Everyone! I've been stalking this page for a while and finally decided to make an account. I've been a Pearlshipper since Movie 10 and will remain to be a loyal Pearlshipper. May I join you guys?
  4. Hikatoshi26

    Hikatoshi26 Well-Known Member

    the more the merrier i say. Welcome to our family
  5. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Welcome to the Pearlshipping thread, Miss Ayuzawa. Care to share with us why you like this coupling?
  6. Vintrial

    Vintrial Whouffle.

    Welcome, don't be shy, be sure to tell everyone what you think.

    Most possible city where Dawn can appear in XY?

    Using her Platinum outfit.
  7. Miss Ayuzawa

    Miss Ayuzawa Member

    Thank you :)
    I like Pearlshipping because Ash and Dawn have the best friendship and they have a lot of chemistry. Their similarities, the high fives, how they were always there for each other. Even when they argued it was brief and they always made up quickly. They also look adorable together :3
  8. Vintrial

    Vintrial Whouffle.

    Glad to see some activity after my dialogue with Hikatoshi for almost one page lol.

    How far are you in the Dp manga btw?

    Ps: If anyone wants to share a topic, feel free.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  9. Hikatoshi26

    Hikatoshi26 Well-Known Member

    Im done the first volume and I will buy the 2nd volume prolly next month after my bday. I still have to reread for accuracy however.
    Off topic but I released my 2nd chapter of my fic.

    My topic would be i guess do you think Dawn will show up in the Iris special?

    I mean they are both supposedly in Blackthorn who knows.
  10. paul (dragon master)

    paul (dragon master) Awesomely awesome

    do you think Dawn will show up in the Iris special?

    Not certain, it is something that seems to be more focused on Iris, so I doubt Dawn will be showing up in that special episode. what I would like to see is Dawn possibly (if we are lucky enough) make another cameo in Kalos, since the region does suit her style more. it would also make for an interesting situation between her and Serena as well, Pearlshipping VS Amourshipping.

    the more I think about it, the more I lean to no Dawn will not appear in Iris' special. Maybe that is because Dawn by now would have left Blackthorn City and continued on her journey long before Iris makes it to the city.
  11. Miss Ayuzawa

    Miss Ayuzawa Member

    I agree, there are very slim chances for Dawn to appear in the Iris special.
    I would love it if Dawn appeared in XY, but considering that Misty didn't make an appearance in DP and May in BW I doubt that she'll make a cameo in XY. I've read this on other forums and on youtube that Serena and Dawn may fight over Ash. Personally I don't think they will. I could possible see Serena getting a little jealous over Ash and Dawn's relationship. I think that Dawn and Serena would actually get along like Dawn did with May and Iris. Both of them have similar interests (fashion) and skills (baking).
  12. Vintrial

    Vintrial Whouffle.

    do you think Dawn will show up in the Iris special?

    If they decided to bring specials from past companions back, the best would be in the end of the Iris special show May and Dawn competing in the Wallace cup.

    Since their models got updated, well, dunno.
    Leaning more towards flashback episodes.
  13. Hikatoshi26

    Hikatoshi26 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I don't think she will come back in the special either. But the flashback episode seems plausible to me only because I have a sneaking feeling an old pokemon is coming back... I don't know who but with only 4 Kalos Grass Lines and 3 already account to a character in the show I see someone coming back. Maybe Snivy to set off the release of the gen 5 HA or Bulbasuar to mirror the game. (I mean Charizard came back.)

    So maybe we will get flashbacks while talking about adventures with various pokemon or maybe during the mega evolution special(s)
  14. chalkus

    chalkus Well-Known Member

    I cannot see Dawn fighting over a guy, especially a dense kid like Ash. She is too good for that. Ash would not be able to think about Serena in Dawn's presence since just being around her made him a better trainer in DP.
  15. Vintrial

    Vintrial Whouffle.

    Or maybe a random piplup in Kalos ^^'

    Especially because she is as dense as Ash.
    (Yey amour didn't get the firework episode from the games^^)
  16. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    It's awesome how many Pearlshippers have come in even though D/ P series has ended :)
    I don't see Dawn making it in the Iris episode, that's ok as I didn't like Iris attitude rubbing off onto Dawn.

    I have hope shey'll return some day for another cameo though, she was really popular in Japan as was Pearlshipping :)
  17. Jknombricks

    Jknombricks Just some guy

    Dawn did agree to Iris calling Ash a kid, but it showed just how it mattered to Ash when it was Dawn (not someone else) who gave him a remark.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
  18. Hikari Paradise

    Hikari Paradise Forever Alone

    Here's a picture of Ash and his very first cheerleader. Confidence boost x1000
  19. Jknombricks

    Jknombricks Just some guy

    Gary had cheerleaders too, but his jaw would drop if he saw Ash's cheerleader. ;) Continuing on about Gary, Ash actually got mad when Dawn said Gary treated his Pokemon better. So no one should say Ash doesn't get even a little jealous over Dawn.

    Here's a question I always think about:
    Do you think the writers have forgotten about Ash and Dawn's relationship?

    By the way, Pearlshippers (or anti-Pearlshippers) should check out the Pearlshipping website on IceArceus's page. It's called Pearlshipping DataCore and it's pretty cool.
  20. Miss Ayuzawa

    Miss Ayuzawa Member

    Do you think the writers have forgotten about Ash and Dawn's relationship?

    I don't think the writer's have forgotten about their relationship. They were still close as ever during her cameo in BW. I guess it can be questioned seeing how they are promoting Amourshipping (I believe it's to get more ratings though).

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