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Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Yuppirox, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Serebii, Barry Hernandez.
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  2. LadyTriox

    LadyTriox ~Cool like Korrina is~*snuggles her* <33

    Yay another pearlshipper is on the forum :)

    I always welcome your kind *hug's*

    This thread is fun! :3 I hope I get around to seeing some d/p eps online again sometime x3
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  3. Barry Hernandez

    Barry Hernandez Well-Known Member

    Great to meet you both, thank you for the welcomes. :)
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  4. Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison Well-Known Member

    I watched some Pearlshipping AMVs earlier, one of them had the song cheerleader, which I think works well for Pearlshipping due to Dawn cheerleading for Ash.
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  5. Barry Hernandez

    Barry Hernandez Well-Known Member

    Good morning to you both :)
  6. Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison Well-Known Member

    Today I bought a DP poster of Ash and Dawn on it. The poster also contains several of their Sinnoh Pokemon and is around an A3 size.
    It is sort of a Pearlshipping poster.
  7. Shuriken Throw

    Shuriken Throw Well-Known Member

    DP was the first series of Pokemon I saw, so I ship Ash and Dawn together.
    Some of my favourite Pearlshipping moments include the duet Ash and Dawn sang together, and the ice cream date Ash and Dawn went on together.
  8. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst


    Despite my attitude to ads on SPP, I have decided to post my XY&Z and SM investigation.

    I think all of you know how Satoshi's memory works. Something in front of his eyes may remind him of something else related. We usually see it as flashbacks or his words like it was with a Pochama in XY 024. Let me enumerate things that could definitely remind Satoshi of Hikari as well as a sign that he romantically loved Hikari in BW2 and didn't romantically love Serena in XY&Z. I will also tell who can be Hikari's formidable rival in love.

    1. You obviously know Hikari's catchphrase "daijōbu, daijōbu".

    Ironically, in DP 191 when she says it again, Satoshi answers, "You always say "fine" when it's not fine". I wish he got thunderbolted by Pikachu every time Hikari's catchphrase was used by him. :D He did it at least 3 times in XY&Z and at least 3 times in SM, not to mention that its context often looked similar to that of Satoshi's answer from the past (before getting a cold in XY, being unprepared for presentation and hitting the hurdle during springboard competition in SM).

    Actually, Satoshi regularly using it is a serious prove that of all the girls Hikari had the greatest impact on him.

    2. Species of once owned Hikari's Pokémon or carried by her.

    In XY&Z (including movies) Satoshi saw Pochama, Pachirisu, Mimirol, Manmoo, Buoysel. If he remembered Pochama, he remembered everyone else from Hikari's party. Furthermore, in SM Satoshi saw a Shaymin which could remind him of his adventure with Hikari and Shaymin from the film "Giratina and the Sky Warrior".

    3. Legendary Pokémon - Dialga, Palkia and Arceus.

    It also has a prove because Satoshi mentioned meeting Arceus before in the movie "Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa". Also seeing Dialga and Palkia could remind him the adventures with Hikari in Alamos and Michina towns.

    4. Citron - Eureka quarrels.

    The episode XY 045 focuses on Citron and Eureka having quarrels and then making up. Even Satoshi said in thoughts something like: if two people fight, they care deeply for one another. I wonder if he thought of Hikari at that time...

    5. A high-five with Mao in SM 026.

    Satoshi (almost) never did his and Hikari's trademark gesture without her. I am sure Hikari immediately popped up on his mind. I wish Pikachu added a massive thunderbolt here too, for precaution.

    6. Playing Pokémon ping-pong with Mao in SM 066.

    Satoshi (almost) never did this after he experienced it with Hikari in DP 124. I think he could also remember that time.

    As you see, Satoshi doesn't seem to have a chance to forget Hikari.

    Now about Satoshi, Hikari and Serena.
    Usually, the dearest missable people are seen off with a sad and/or serious face :( and those, whose absense is easy-going, are seen off with a smile.

    Let us compare:
    DP 191 - Hikari seeing off Satoshi - :(, on the verge of crying.
    BW2 009 - Satoshi seeing off Hikari - :( (this emotion is seen immediately after he turns around from the leaving plane)
    XYZ 047 - Satoshi seeing off Serena - no :(, smiling.

    Only Satoshi and Hikari seem to have the relationship of two people dearest to each other. And there was no Takeshi in BW2 009, so Satoshi's sad and serious emotion was only due to Hikari leaving Unova. If Satoshi loved Serena, he would be sad and serious, besides, if the kiss was really on his lips, he would hide his eyes under his hat.

    And lastly, the girl, who could be in competition with Hikari for Satoshi's love, is Mao. Throughout all the SM saga they spend much time together, have something that looks like dates (SM 004, SM 018, SM 035), are often seen physically close to each other, sometimes have similar reactions, sometimes have arguments. Not to mention Mao's cat-like face fetish, when Satoshi was in female nurse Joy clothes, Satoshi loving her food and his Mokuroh often wanting to approach her Amakaji and its evolved forms. :D

    Thank you for reading.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  9. raichu27

    raichu27 Well-Known Member

    Happy Pearlshipping Day 2019!
  10. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    Hello people,
    I have a prove the Satoshi and Hikari's high-five at the Mikuri Cup was intimate.

    In SM 055, Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet had an intimate moment on a beach, while only their legs were shown. I am sure this was done to preserve the intimacy. Back to the Mikuri Cup time, just before another Satoshi's and Hikari's high-five only their legs were shown too. Since the circumstances are the same (both couples were alone), it also emphasized the intimacy between them.

    The intimacy of Satoshi and Hikari was also proved at least in DP 191 and in 'The Rise of Darkrai', where she was very close to him lying in a bed.

    So, may be, the high-fives Satoshi and Hikari shared were not romantic, but one of them was as intimate as the adults' kiss. And it perfectly fitted their overall intimacy throughout DP series and movies.
  11. UDI

    UDI Orange Hero

    Recently theres a lot of merch of Dawn (a tcg card, stickers, a artfx figure) that could be a hint of Dawn returning to the anine? Or a hibt of DP remakes?

    Two years ago before that the revelation of Brock and Misty in SM series theres some of merch of these two
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  12. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst


    Has anyone mentioned it?
    The facts from DP 107.

    1. Tougan and Hyouta had their Trideps-Rampard argument in the well-known Gyms-Contests style, reflecting our shipping duo in DP 004.
    Satoshi and Hikari were with blobs, seeing their quarrels as Takeshi saw them.

    2. The Pokémon Tougan and Hyouta used in the battle had the colours of Satoshi and Hikari's primary Pokémon.
    Trideps has yellow colour like Pikachu. Rampard has blue colour like Pochama.

    3. Rampard and Trideps are called 'Sword and Shield' by Takeshi and Satoshi, those two complete the name of the Generation 8 Pokémon game.

    Any thoughts on these facts, please?
  13. UDI

    UDI Orange Hero

    Hi! In the last time a chinese artist called Sunyeah has bean uploading a pearlshippy
    doujin, in the past has postrd some amourship doujins, but now is pearl turn, the artsyle is very similar to the anime, theres already 3 chapters of the doujin and the chapter 4 is cooming soon, unfortunately the chapter are only in chinese and japanese but i hope that somdone traslate this to english

    Heres the link

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  14. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    The things I want to share with you today are about Satoshi, Bayleaf and Hikari. I will try to prove that both females and Satoshi's attitude to them correlate with each other.

    The first thing to mention is the similar names of the female girl and the female pokemon (1st evolution) - cHIKoRIta and HIKaRI, may be it doesn't sound reasonable. However, the evolved pokemon's name Bayleaf correlates with the essense of Hikari's home Futaba Town and the nearest to it Masago Town. The latter is situated near a 'bay', while the first one has a 'leaf' as a part of its meaning.

    The second thing is the similarity of Satoshi's location and attitude when he lost track of the yet wild Chikorita in EP 128 and Hikari in DP 119. In both cases Satoshi had to wait in a cave with a burning bonfire and was very worried of the girls. He couldn't stop thinking of them.

    The third thing is the similar occasions when both females went away, were attacked by pokemon, made a false step and fell into the river and carried out to its bank. That happened with Satoshi's Bayleaf in EP 205 and with Hikari in DP 119, making them reflect each other to some extent. Furthermore, in both cases Satoshi was extremely worried of each of his girls.

    By the way, DP 119 could be obviously named after EP 205 with a slight change: 'Turning Over A New Hikari'. It is because that episode showed us how Hikari has matured as a pokemon trainer in comparison with DP 094, having to care for her injured pokemon without any help.

    The fourth thing is the meeting of Bayleaf and Hikari in DP 182. When meeting Satoshi, Bayleaf did a suprise tackle attack, which could possibly inspire Hikari for her own suprise 'attack' at her reuniting with him in BW2. Besides, if you look at Hikari's face and pose, hear her words while Bayleaf was caressing Satoshi's face with her face and caught her pokeball with her mouth, you will see that she has completely understood the female pokemon's feelings for Satoshi as a young woman also in love with him and was even a bit envious of Bayleaf, being on Satoshi.

    And the final thing is the 'Be An Arrow' BW2 opening with Buoysel and Bayleaf standing separately from other pokemon and talking happily with each other. It looks amazing for pearlshipping because there are bits of Satoshi's personality (male courage and strength in Buoysel and life experience with him in Bayleaf) and Hikari's (initial life exprience with her in Buoysel and female love for Satoshi in Bayleaf) in both of them.

    If we consider how loving and worried Bayleaf was for Satoshi throughout the anime, how loving and worried Hikari was for him throughout the DP and BW2, how he loved and deeply cared for both females, how Satoshi and Hikari reflected the events with Bayleaf/Chikorita in the DP, we may conclude that Hikari was his Bayleaf to some extent in a human body.
  15. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    The soul of SatoHika was even in XY where Serena was.

    Its first reflection I saw in SatoGekko was the high-five they made in XYZ 028 and it was accentuated by a close-up.

    Another reflection in XYZ 028: either Citron and Eureka prompted that Satoshi and Satoshi Gekkouga were really similar. We know that Satoshi and Hikari were really similar too.

    And the final reflection in XYZ 028 was the end of the episode when Satoshi and Gekkouga ran:
    Now compare it with the well-known scene from DP 004:

    I will post further if I find more reflections.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  16. Shuriken Throw

    Shuriken Throw Well-Known Member

    That is a cool post. It was very interesting to read, you did a good job writing it.
  17. UDI

    UDI Orange Hero

    Somerhing really interesting in nowdays are celebrating tge pokemon world championship and for that pokemon chose 3 pokemon to promote the main event

    One is pikachu, no big surprise cuz pikachu is the absolute icon of the franchise

    The other is eevee, other no surprise, eevee is strongely promoted since the end of 5 gen and mainly for the lets go games, other icon of the franchise

    BUT the third is piplup! The Dawn's iconic pokemon, you know if pikachu means Ash, piplup means Dawn, is impossible not connect piplup with Dawn

    That means that piplup is a very very popular pokemon, after Lucario Piplup is easly the most popular pokemon of the 4 generation

    Probably this not means nothing related to the future anime series but is interesting how Piplup and Dawn are strongly promoted in pokemon media in these days (mainly piplup tho since the 4 gen always was pretty popular and beloved in Japan) even more when are a few months to a new generation
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  18. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    Furthermore, I have another prove that Satoshi in XYZ 028 referenced Hikari in DP 004.

    Satoshi told Gekkouga that he was impatient.
    Hikari told Satoshi that she was impatient.

    And both episodes finished by characters making a decision to cooperate together.
  19. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    Mutual love prove in one episode - DP 046

    Due to the fact, that Satoshi imagined Hikari being bound by an Iwark and after that his face was very stressful, I conclude that he loved her at the time of DP 046.

    When Pachirisu did a discharge electocuting Satoshi, Hikari was seen knocking the wall separating her from him intensively and by both hands, being emotional and upset due to him being close but unreachable. This clear overreaction from her denotes that she was extremely worried for him and loved him.
  20. michael147

    michael147 Pearlshipping Analyst

    Satoshi's special treatment of Hikari

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but Satoshi introduced only Hikari to a famous person like Mikuri. Hikari was also the only girl about whom Satoshi talked in details at first to Haruka, later to Iris and Dent. As for especially Mikuri and Haruka, it looked like Satoshi was very eager to help Hikari overcome her two contest losses. And in both cases his introduction was an unexpected suprise for her. If it was his unique behaviour around a girl up to now, it was neither a friendship, nor he was dense - it was due to his sincere love for Hikari.

    And she is the only girl to whom he talked about the most of all his past and present (up to the time of BW2) regular travelling companions (Kasumi, Haruka, Masato, Iris, Dent). Why and what for would he do that, especially about Masato (he knew Haruka was travelling to Sinnoh alone)? Have we seen Satoshi speaking about the most of his past companions to Iris, Serena, Mao or Lillie? If no, it was also his unique behaviour that Hikari was special to him.

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