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Pearlshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by dannyphantomhott, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    Ash and Dawn paired together in the May episode? I thought it was Ash/Brock V.S May/Dawn maybe they changed it, if so I'd love to see May's reaction to Dawn/Ash team work hehe. Ask for Dawn being jealous, I could def see her being some what jealous. Maybe see an eye twitch from her when May puts an arm around Ashs to talk with him. I'd love that hehe.
  2. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Well, I'm not one to judge whether or not physical closure can be identified as evidence on SatoHika's relationship. Physical contact however, I'll look into that.

    If Pikachu and Mimirol will spy on Satoshi and Haruka, I expect some distraction (mainly from Mimirol) or get caught in the act. Perhaps then we may get Satoshi to tell her and us how he feels about Hikari.

    DP right now is going sort of turtle paced right now. I'm not sure if they'll need to rush in on things somewhere in the end for upcoming projects if they keep slowing down the story like this.
  3. Conversed

    Conversed The Blue Eyed Master

    Hello everyone!

    I would love to join this pearlshipping thread if it's ok.
    I'm a big fan of AshxDawn, they are really cute togethere ><!

    About the
    resturant episode
    , I think it would be more fun to see Dawn getting
    irretating on Ash and May's preformance togethere. But it can be alot of fun see Ash and Dawn work togethere aswell!

    What I really hope for is that May asks Ash how Dawn is, and then he says something really cute or something!
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2008
  4. pikablue

    pikablue ooh, pretty colors!

    welcome conversed!:) thatd be probably make my week, if while spying, pikachu and buneary got together(or at least a bigger hint from pikachu) and if we got a pearlshipping hint. I don't think physical closure is necesarily(sp?) a hint in itself, but the writers just may be trying to tell us something. maybe ill look over diamond and pearl again to see if i find anything interesting
  5. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    Awe that's what I'm hoping for too Conversed I'm hoping if May asks how Dawns doing Ash tells her some thing emtional about Dawn and doing bad in contests. Than May could see how deeply Ash is caring about Dawn ^^
  6. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Nice try, buddy.

    Welcome, Conversed, to the Pearlshipping forum. Sorry for my late greeting. I just didn't have much to talk about. Your idea sounds pretty realistic. Haruka and Satoshi can converse on Hikari's recent depression and come up with a solution.
  7. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    Pikachu won't evolve, he's the mascot of the series and childeren love him. Yah I do think it would be soo cute if May/Ash talked about Dawn. I am hoping for this in the new episode.
  8. satohikafangirl

    satohikafangirl Pearlshipping Rocks!

    Umm well I learned that on www.bulbupedia.bulbagarden.net so its either her and brock get paired or shoppingshippers will be quite happy on the 4th (but I'm a contestshipper) cause it said "Haruka will be returning and will be paired with Takeshi".
  9. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Nope. Nothing there. All descriptions point towards the Haruka/Hikari and Takeshi/Satoshi pairs. Still, I do like to see SatoHika and TakeHaru pairings some time.

    Pikachu does not need to evolve. It just needs much better techniques and Light Ball. I try to use Pikachu for every game (although useless in RGBY games).
  10. foxkrystal

    foxkrystal Badaladaladala!

    Yep, same thing. I knew that May was to pair up with Dawn. I'm thinking that something might not come out of the episode when May returns hint-wise. Just like from the pokemon ranger episode; we thought there may be hints in that one, and other episodes that we predicted hints in, but that turned out to be false. So I'm afraid the May episode will be the same as what the episodes did end up as.
  11. Conversed

    Conversed The Blue Eyed Master

    Thank you all for welcoming me!

    Let's hope Dawn is giving it more than just a contest!
    So she can show Ash how great she is, even thou she's with May who done this alot more than her : )
  12. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    Guys, if you're gonna discuss the upcoming episodes please use a spoiler tag. We don't wanna spoil the episode for those who don't want to be spoiled, correct?
  13. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Hey! Is it possible to create a spoiler option for Quick Replies too? Not that it'll change much, but due to the lagging many of us (at least for me) experienced whenever we try to post our messages (whether quickly or slowly), sometimes we make extra posting mistakes because our first post absorbs too much time.

    Sorry for not plugging the holes of our spoilers. It's pretty much due to Quick Reply used more often, or some users unfamiliar to use spoiler tags.
  14. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    You just have to write the spoiler tag in the quick reply box and it should work. :)

    but back to topic, k?
  15. Extreme

    Extreme NanoFate Addict

    Just one more day until the 1 hour special airs. I can't wait. Too bad we have to wait another addition week to get another episode.
    Anyways, whatever happens between Ash, May and Dawn should be interesting to watch. I just hope that we get a few new hints in these episodes(starting with tomorrow's episode).
    If I see something worth posting, I'll post it tomorrow.
  16. foxkrystal

    foxkrystal Badaladaladala!

    Goodness, that time already? But how many episodes will be aired for the tag battle event? Would Ash be excited to watch May and Dawn in their battle, or would he be in a cheer outfit that was shown in the ending credits?
  17. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Sato will be fighting as well, along with Takeshi. Not sure how the Tag Battles will be displayed. If it's done in more than 1 field, where up to 4 teams or how many will be fighting, I don't think he'll have time to do any cheering if he and the former Gym Leader are battling while Hikari and Haruka are also battling.
  18. Extreme

    Extreme NanoFate Addict

    I was finally able to watch the episode completely and I caught a few interesting things like always.
    I am going to list them by episodes.

    Ok. I'll start with episode 73

    After preventing the lake from drying up completely Satoshi and Hikari smiled at each other in a cutesy way.


    At the end of the episode, Hikari look at Satoshi with a little smile on her face


    Ok. Now episode 74

    This may not be a hint but I like it. When the Raichu trainer Sho showed up and was being a little weird Hikari told Satoshi to not lose this guy and raised her arm, then Satoshi told her Ok and raised his arm too


    Hikari kept looking at Satoshi and it seems that she was worried about how he was feeling.


    I found this little funny. When Hikari and Takeshi are finally able to catch up with Satoshi and Pikachu. Hikari said Pikachu but instead of looking at Pikachu she was looking at Satoshi and completely ignoring Pikachu.


    Finally: There is one more that I wanted to post, I need to check the script to translated properly, but it has to do with Hikari showing even more admiration for Satoshi


    That is all I was able to gather from those 2 episodes:

    Now, I got to talk about the preview. I like the way how Hikari was talking to Satoshi in such a cutesy way. It was super cute. Hikari didn't get mad at Satoshi for not knowing who Mikuri-sama was. Then Satoshi voice seems to change a little bit when Hikari shows that she admires Mikuri. Satoshi says it like "Hikari" (Where are you going, pay more attention to me way).

    Now a few random comments (A little bit off topic but I must mention it for some reason): Has anyone else noticed that Sho the raichu trainer appears to have the same voice like Gin from Bleach. Another thing that I was able to catch is that team rocket stole Hikari's cheer when they were cheering for Pikachu.

    Well that is all I got. Fell free to comment, but remember to use the spoiler tags.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2008
  19. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    I seem to have a feeling Satoshi might challenge Mikuri (obviously for a PKM battle) if Hikari seem to admire the Contest Master more than him. Wonder if he's going to mention Adan for the Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald switch in Gym Leaders?
  20. Extreme

    Extreme NanoFate Addict

    I am sure Satoshi is going to challenge Mikuri, Satoshi is going to be like "I don't know what Hikari sees in this guy, I know I'll challenge him to a battle, I'll show this guy to not mess with me". Ok, he is not going to say that, but he is going to challenge him to a battle to see if he is really as good as Hikari says. Mikuri will probably mention Adan, he is probably going to say that he was a gym leader and then Adan replaced him, and Satoshi is going to tell him that he already met him and that he fought against him.
    I can't wait to see this episode. The wait is killing me.
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