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Full Battle! Paul VS Ash!

It is time for the battle between Paul & Ash. After finding out Ash managed to do what he and his brother could not, Paul is eager to show his strength against Ash in this battle. It is a full 6 on 6 battle. Will Ash be able to show Paul that his way of training is the best, or will Paul destroy Ash and his team?

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i ask for people to please post the battles from this ep


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Here's how the battle went down.

Torterra vs. Buizel Buizel recalled
Torterra vs. Gliscor Gliscor recalled
Torterra vs. Staraptor Torterra recalled
Weavile vs. Staraptor Weavile faints Staraptor recalled
Electabuzz vs. Grotle Electabuzz recalled
Honchkrow vs. Grotle Grotle faints
Ash then calls out pikachu but with no time at all paul switches to magmortar and ash is all like oh **** and then the episode ends.
It was weird to see that first battle wasn't Hayashigame Vs. Donkaras while preview summary really made it look like it was going to be a first battle..
They really did do a lot of siwtching though.

IMO, it already look like battle is flowing to Shinji's favor.
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I love how official they made this battle seem. Full battles are obviously a big deal in the anime.

I'll just copy and paste my opinion from another forum.

I'm just shaking from excitement of the suspense of the battle, who's going to win and who's not going to win. Gliscor did pretty good nearly knocked out Torterra, and it was a lot stronger then when it first practice battled when Torterra was trying to show Grotle it's strategy.

Staraptor doesn't disappoint it took what looked like a stone edge and almost fainted but managed to knock out Weavile, which really is sort of a shame since Weavile hasn't done all that much. But go Staraptor.

Honchkrow vs Grotle, I'm a bit peeved Grotle lost a bit more easily than when it evolved from a Turtwig. But I have to commend Paul's strategy, using Electabuzz's light screen to prevent Grotle from using Energy Ball was an impressive strategy.


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Grotle lost to honckrow again aww man so the only one that went down on pauls side was weavile


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I'm with Mudkip. I was hoping Grotle would get revenge. Still, at least it shows Hunchkrow is still bad*ss. And Yeah, it seems like Paul is in control in this battle. When he swaps out, it seems to be strategic, whereas Ash seems to be swapping to keep his pokemon from fainting.


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So Chimchar is the last of Ash's pokemon to be used- I can't say I was expecting Torterra to be Paul's first pokemon!


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If what dman said is true, then that shows Paul's at least a halfway decent strategist. Why the writers have to ruin that by forcing all these powerhouse Pokemon on him is beyond me. Still, if it comes down to strategy, Ash has proven time and again that he has the right head for strategy that has helped his weaker Pokemon gain an edge over stronger opponents, so I'd give this battle to Ash. Actually, I'd give it to him anyway, since a loss would prompt Paul to bring out much stronger reserves for the League. Aggron, anybody?


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I'm excited and disappointed at the same time.

I'm disappointed because of Grotle. It seems it got weaver after evolving instead of the contrary. I don't think it has done something impressive and it's sad since it's a good pokemon, with great moves and potential. I wanted it to win here.:(

I'm happy because they keep developing Staraptor's strength and I think along with Chimchar Staraptor has been the most consistent. After getting trashed always at the beginning to always getting its share of wins in battles.

After this episode I'm pretty sure Honchkrow has been Ash's team biggest threat.

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What was that sickle attack Weavile was using?


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The picture Electabuzz hit the ground with his Tunderpunch wasn't in the episode??

Edit: I found it. neve mind.
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What was that sickle attack Weavile was using?

I'm not too sure. I'd have to watch it again to hear an order. But it looks like Honchkrow was using it too. Could it be the infamous Night Slash?

This was a great start to this battle. I thought Gliscor did amazingly well. I thought for sure it'd take Torterra out.


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I find it funny the flying types were the only ones that got a win in this part of the battle.:p


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After watching the episode I must say I have mixed feelings. But something I noticed after comparing next weeks preview to today's episode is that Ash will most likely only defeat 2 of Pauls Pokemon. Being Weavile and Ursaring (And Monferno might take down Electabuzz). Its safe to say Monferno and Electabuzz have some sort of rivalry going on. But yea thats my take on the episode.


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just watched the episode and it was interesting and exciting episode.

I am so amazed to gliscor, he improved a lot and became stronger, he managed to pull some powerful attacks to torterra, that was exciting..

I was also surprised that staraptor managed to defeat weavile after being hit by stone edge from torterra, but he pulled it off.

I'm so sad to grotle to what happen to him, really taught that he can win does so that he can get his revenge,it's so sad he was very up to the battle with honchkrow but he was defeated.

Woah! i never taught paul will use light screen what a great strategy..

before the battle, dawn was so nervous.

so far the battle is tie with 1 defeat each.

let's see

Ash Only has

Pikachu,Monferno,Buizel,Staraptor,and Gliscor

and Paul has so far


hmm, i'm so excited for the battle next episode..