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Pedal to the Mettle (599)


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Great episode.. but totally disapointed CN put it back to fullscreen with Standard deffinition tv's.. I loved widescreen :(


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I liked it! Only problem was CN put it back to 4:3. The opening credits and other stuff looked messed up. It was annoying. This part 1 of the battle seemed pretty decent. Wide screen worked on my TV because nothing was cut off, even though my TV in the den is not that big.

Decent episode. It was more of preparing for the big stuff.


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i had to watch it today, cuz of the time change. i liked it they spaced out the battle which was good. i thikn that ash might win, but perhaps thats being saved for another time. who knows?


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i had to watch it today, cuz of the time change. i liked it they spaced out the battle which was good. i thikn that ash might win, but perhaps thats being saved for another time. who knows?
With each trainer having already lost one Pokémon, people would think that. Paul seems to have been expecting what he sees and has many stat changing moves, whereas Ash hasn't really made a battling style to use against Paul and none of Ash's Pokémon learned new moves. I know the outcome of the battle. Well, yeah. They spaced out the battle pretty good. The switching out seemed a bit annoying though.


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Just watch this episode, All i am going to say it's ok episode but the second half should be better.


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Edit: Sorry, why did I think Torterra used stealth rock when it was stone edge. I went and checked, and I'm sorry.
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One thing that I found interesting about the battle is that Reggie wondered if Ash considered changing his team for the battle. Anywho, my thoughts (NOTE: I've alredy seen the Japanese version)

Pre-battle stuff: Meh. Didn't really care too much. But the music that played while the ref was saying the rules was really cool.

Gliscor vs Torterra: Like most of you, I was amazed how well Gliscor did. The dub however implied that it wasn't doing as much damage as it looked.

Staraptor vs Torterra: Stone Edge was interesting, my first time ever watching this ep, I thought that was a OHKO.

Staraptor vs Weavile: This was amazing. The whole fight. Staraptor took so much abuse! And the part where they exchanged Close Combat with the barrage of Metal Claws was the best part. However, I think the final Brave Bird was overkill on Ash's part. One thing I thought was funny was Brock was so surprised to see Weavile was faster than Staraptor. An excellent fight between two of my favorite Pokemon.

Grotle vs Electabuzz: Kinda lame, nothin to say.

Grotle vs Honchkrow: The fight itself was kinda slow. Grotle's anger really showed at the beginning. Outcome......meh. Honchkrow had a large advantage.

Pikachu vs Magmortar: Hasn't even started and its already cooler than Grotle and Honchkrow.

One thing I found kinda annoying is that they gave Paul too much credit. With the whole strategy and prediction and stuff. I know its important and it gave the battle a unique spin, but it got kind annoying.

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I also liked the fact that Ash is actually thinking more about type advantages and switching his pokemon in and out for different battle situations now. Oh how I remember the days when he would send Pikachu out to battle just about anything and how he would never switch his pokemon out of battle if it had a type disadvantage because he "believed in it". Now he is a much smarter battler (although he STILL uses pikachu's thunderbolt on ground types, when will he learn...) and knows what types his pokemon are not going to fair well against. If you ask me, I think he's learning a few things from Paul.


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Guys, it's on today! Your TV Listings would say the right time. For me, it would be 7:30 am Eastern Time and right now, that's in 4 minutes and so there show is on. But, there is one in English that someone uploaded.
I'd rather wait for it on youtube than waking up at 7:00 and 7:30.


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i just watched the dub version on youtube I am up to date with the the Japanese version and just like watching the dub version of major episodes the ( arcs and gym battles). I love these two episodes I noticed something unusual well one is an error and the other is possible foreshadowing that most of us were expecting for the league.

First is when brock or reggie said something along the lines of ash knows how to battle torterra seeing as hes battled it and watched it battle. If i recall correctly this is the first time he actually fights it he was teamed up with it in the tag team. The closest time he came to actually battling it was when it was showing grotle how to use its defense when gliscor attacked it.

The second thing is reggie mentions was ash developing any battle strategies like switching his pokemon that might imply that he might use his reserves in the league. His reserves haven't been mentioned at any other time and if he does hopefully we get to see the rest of reserves that paul has other then the ones he used vs Brandon


We're finally at Lake Acuity, & with a full-blown war going on soon, the hot lead is going to be flying all over the place.

- Ash is getting his Pokemon checked up in the PC. A wise move, considering that Paul did the same thing earlier.
- Once everything is ready, they head out to the PC Wargrounds.
- Unfortunately, this warground is under refurbishment by none other than TR. This time, there are no gimmicks here, as they've seen that "help wanted" poster nearby & figured, "Hey, this is a great opportunity to actually get some money in our bank accounts!"
- However, Reggie has found means of improvising, as they moved the war-zone over to the very lakefront of Lake Acuity. To top it all off, he also found them a traveling referee, whose balloon also becomes a reference board.
- WAR START!!! Ash starts off with his Buizel, & Paul starts with Torterra.
- ...& right off the bat, he switches out with Gliscor.
- He starts off with a Sand-attack. Torterra uses Giga Drain, which of course misses, but Paul has an idea... He plans on taking advantage of his cockyness, & combine that with studying Ash's team, he's formulated a strategy to overwhelm Ash.
- Ash, on the other hand, hasn't come up with any strategy against Paul, so he's probably already lost this fight...
- Gliscor pelts Torterra with numerous X-scissors. Torterra tries to counter with Frenzy Plant, but can't get a bead on him.
- Gliscor moves in for the kill, but Torterra Crunches on his tail. With Gliscor ensnared, he's open for another Giga Drain.
- Gliscor is on the ropes, when he gets a Fire Fang in there & finally frees itself.
- Ash swaps out to Staraptor, & shortly after, Paul does the same, only with Weavile.
- Staraptor starts off with Brave Bird, Weavile gets a Swords Dance in. Weavile lets out a Blizzard that stops Staraptor in his tracks.
- He tries again, but Weavile jumps on him & uses Metal claw, with serious results.
- But now, it's time for CQB, in the form of Close Combat! Weavile, having a quad weakness against it, couldn't take this sort of punishment.
- One more Brave Bird, &...
- Ash drew first blood! Hehehe... But... it's just begun...
- Ash gets out his Grotle, & Paul gets out Electabuzz.
- Grotle fires an Energy Ball, but it is stopped by Electabuzz's Light Screen!
- Right off the bat, Paul swaps out for Honchkrow, & now this becomes a grudge match.
- Honchkrow easily dodges all of Grotle's attacks, & begins pelting him with Night Slash.
- Grotle tries to Retaliate with Energy Ball, but Electabuzz's Light Screen is still on, which, combined with Honchkrow's typing, virtually nullifies this attack.
- Grotle is taking a beating, so it uses Synthesis. However, it used it at a bad time, which Paul takes advantage of.
- Grotle tries to retaliate with Rock Climb, but it's too late... Grotle's dead, Jim!
- Paul's strategy is working, & his confidence reaches an all time high.
- Pikachu gets in there, but he is met with a Magmortar! Turns out that Paul found a way to upgrade him.
- The two of them face-off against each other... & cut!!!

Dammit! Guess this war is going to take more than a measly half-hour to finish, & I'm still miffed over CN moving this show to 7:00 in the morning. The anticipation is killing me!

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It was an alright episode but I didn't get as excited as i thought I would be. The battle is alright but I'm hopeful that it would get exciting in the next episode.

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this battle pretty much should've been kept until the league, cause what it seems to me, is that the writers are implying Ash needs his older pokemon to beat Paul given how he has thier number practically.


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How does Ash know about Magmortar? He never seen one onscreen and he usually checks his pokedex for any newly seen Pokemon and even ones who he has already seen (Seadra).


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With each trainer having already lost one Pokémon, people would think that. Paul seems to have been expecting what he sees and has many stat changing moves, whereas Ash hasn't really made a battling style to use against Paul and none of Ash's Pokémon learned new moves. I know the outcome of the battle. Well, yeah. They spaced out the battle pretty good. The switching out seemed a bit annoying though.
actually grotle learned rock climb on the snover episode.


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Overall it was a great episode. One thing that interested me was when Reggie asked whether or not Ash thought about switching pokemon for the battle. I'm pretty sure that maybe come the Sinnoh League, Ash will probably use his reserves in battle, thinking his Sinnoh team might not be enough. Also, Paul's battle seemed to be different somehow. Paul battled sorta like people do competitively.


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Good episode well good for getting things started for next weeks episode which I think will be better. What I liked was Reggie menioning about Paul switching between which made me think of when Ash battled Brandon in the Battle Frontier and used Charizard, Squrtle and Bulbasaur was the third one?. Maybe thats foreshadowing what he might use in the Sinnoh league. Apart from that I liked the Weavle/Staraptor battle the best I think. And Magmortor was quite scary I thought


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A little late to the ball, but I figure I might as well arrive at all.

I thought this was an amazing episode. I have to say, that out of all of Ash's rivals, Paul is by far the most methodical of any of them. This guy planned everything to the point where many of his Pokemon had drastically different movesets (Torterra having Crunch and Stone Edge for instance).

Granted, I kind feel rather annoyed about Reggie. Yes, him. He never intended this battle to "make-up" for Paul's loss. This was entirely his doing for something else entirely. While not bad, it does tell me that this was something he had planned since his meeting with Ash.

I gotta say, the one thing I actually thought was well done, was the proper battle format for this: we actually had quite a switches, Paul switching in for specific purposes to take full advantage of (I'll give him credit for having Electabuzz be solely used to set up a defensive perimeter for his team. Holy... I didn't think the writers would even have considered stuff like that. Not bad), and we had certain other things take place that normally doesn't occur all that often.

I found Grotle could've been saved for later, but considering what else Paul had in his arsenal, I doubt it would have served much.

I honestly thought Ash could have done a better prediction. I can understand a few things, but honestly, he could have done much better, if he'd only been a tad more focused.

Aside from that, I thought this was a pretty damn well done episode.