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Pedal to the Mettle (599)


Team Awesome
At least Ash and Paul finally get their big battle with these two episodes. Even though I think I knew how it would end from the time I first saw the pictures for this episode, the two-parter was still very good. It was interesting to see the rematch between Grotle and honchkrow, see at least one of Paul's pokemon get defeated, and see Team Rocket evolved secretly in the whole affair without being recognized (I liked how they complained about Ash and Paul switching all the time LOL). I also love the part when chansey got to jabbing Brock first before Croagunk did. LOL :) Overall, an awesome episode.


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Good episode. Nice to see a 6 vs. 6 battle that isn't in the league. And it's pretty good so far. I like seeing Paul getting pummelled, but it won't last forever. Episode 600 next!!



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Fantastic episode! I thought I would have to wait till the league to see a 6 vs 6 match between Ash and Paul, but I was wrong. Both Ash and Paul have improved to me, Ash more so in strategy and Paul more so in strength. All the battles were good but Staraptor got absolutely destroyed and Ash made a dumb decision by letting Grotle battle Honchcrow, I understand they have a rivalry but it wasn't the smartest thing to do.
So, the rumble between Ash and Paul commences, eh?... Awesome! Oh, yes, there will be blood! Not really, don't worry!

Man, even though i'm not a big fan of Paul, I will always like his "catchphrase" when he sends his Pokemon out: "(insert Pokemon here) stand by for battle!". Definitely a whole lot better than Ashes: "(insert Pokemon here) I choose you!" Wheeeeeeee <- sarcasm.

I'd have to watch the battle again to give a full review of what i thought of it.

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That was probably the best battle in diamond and pearl series. Ash did not make timely switches


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This episode was very cool. Finally the 1st 6 on 6 Pokemon battle between Paul and Ash happened. Staraptor did really well against Weavile, and was able to take it down Close Combat even with it being at a disadvantage. Grotle didn't do well against Honchkrow, it used Rock Climb which didn't help and was knocked out by Sky Attack. It was cool to find out that Paul's Magmar had evolved into Magmortar. It was cool to see a Magmortar for the 1st time. It was odd to see so much switching in the beginning of the battle. It was cool to see Mega Drain for the 1st time in a long time, it made Gliscor have a lot of trouble defeating Torterra.

It was cool to see Mega Drain for the 1st time in a long time, it made Gliscor have a lot of trouble defeating Torterra.

I don't think Gliscor defeated Torterra.


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This episode and the next one in my opinion are one of the best two episodes of this series. Really surprising seeing Paul already having a Magmortar. Once again Grotle is beat badly. Gliscor didn't do to well either against Torterra despite knowing Firefang.


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Team Rocket should join a construction company or something. With all of the holes, robots and stuff that they made, they could have their retirement funds ready. But I guess real jobs are for smart people.

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I loved this episode as well. Ash and Paul have their 1st full battle and Paul seems to have a better strategy than Ash so far. The battle gets interesting and Paul's substitutions were timed nicely. 10/10.


I was surprised that Ash and Paul's full battle here had its own referee as well as a scoreboard. Anyway, I thought it was ominous that neither Gliscor or Staraptor were able to beat Paul's Torterra, although I liked that his Weavile lost against Staraptor. Paul using Electabuzz's Light Screen strategy and Honchkrow to beat Grotle was impressive.

Mrs. Oreo

Huh I expected Lake Acuity to be frozen like we had seen in flashbacks before. Ash vs Paul was intense however, although I was glad to see Staraptor defeat Weavile as well as seeing Light Screen used. :D
One thing that interested me was when Reggie asked whether or not Ash thought about switching Pokemon for the battle. Also, Paul's battle style seemed to be different somehow.


Now I realize that if Ash goes into the battle overconfident and not on his game, he WILL lose. As for the battle itself; not a bad start. Actually knowing what Reggie, Dawn and Brock were talking about made it more interesting to watch than when I watched it raw.

Mrs. Oreo

My favorite moment was how we saw Team Rocket working the scoreboard

I dunno why Team Rocket even bothered helping out cuz they didn't even do it to steal Pikachu or anything. I guess that the writing staff simply wanted them to appear here and them running the scoreboard was the only valid excuse hee hee.