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Peevish Ghosts

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by memond, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    (credit to draya dark master)
    Welcome to Peevish Ghosts
    A clan dedicated to Ghost type fans

    [​IMG] starter

    [​IMG] 5 exp

    [​IMG] 10 exp

    [​IMG] 15 exp

    [​IMG] 20 exp

    [​IMG] 40 exp

    [​IMG] 80 exp

    [​IMG]100 exp
    200 exp
    Boss Ranks
    Its time for the 2nd round wailord 2 VS Algae 5! the battle style will be no restictions single with the player who wins 3 out 5 battles will be victorious and will take the title and become a mod!! :D

    [​IMG] Billybobjoefizz

    [​IMG] Thats me

    Bossy Banette (pokemon player mod trial)

    ^Credit to Easter Egg for these awesome userbars!^
    Jobs (more than one person can be on a job. the more the merrier.)

    name and artwork

    IV breeders
    Algae 5

    Ev trainers
    Algae 5


    1. all seribi rules apply
    2. if you join this clan and this clan only. if you want to join another clan then leave this one.
    3. leave cussing to minimum. heavily frowned apon and will result in one day ban.
    4.Be nice. Bullys will be banned permantly! no exceptions!
    5.not an actual rule but try and have at least 1 ghost pokemon on your team.
    6.Enjoy your self.
    add GHOST to your entry form to show that read the rules.

    Entry form
    in game name:
    favorite ghost pokemon:
    A little about your self:
    and gender:
    add to your sig
    your current rank.
    everytime you win your exp goes up by 3.

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2011
  2. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    Yay my clan got accepted.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2011
  3. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    im joined :D
    Entry form
    in game name: chris (you already have my Fc why am i saying this? XD)
    favorite ghost pokemon: errm...eh...cant choose...frosslass....golett...chandelure...cofagrigus...CANT CHOOSE!
    A little about your self: i lieks stunfisk and woopah, and i gots a stunfisk named Derpfish, and im im im kewl!!! :D
    and gender: TRICK QUESTION! (guy XD)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2011
  4. flameswy

    flameswy Lord of Light

    hey memod, dropping in to wish you luck.


    if you ever get a war team going, give me a call, huh?

    id be happy to help out.

  5. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    i put my sign up form thing up :D
  6. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    okay thanx flames and tskune sorry but to make it offical can u make an entry form.
  7. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    already did o3o now to get you those userbars correct? want me to get em for you now?
  8. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    that would be awesome!! dont forget the form though. (sorry for being naggy.)
  9. Prestonscott89

    Prestonscott89 Stop hating

    Memo, I as well wish you luck with your Clan. Remember if you ever want to battle for fun to keep skills up or to test anything PM me :) I'm sorry to see you leave KotN. Again Good Luck my friend.
  10. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    look at my first post lol...i edited it before you told me to make the form XD the forms in my first post XD
  11. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    sorry didn't see it! YOUR IN! TEll YOUR FRIENDS!
  12. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    sorry, all the art shops are closed for the day ): so tomorrow
  13. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    its fine!! :D all is forgiven. think of me as like a guild master wiggilytuff
  14. tskune

    tskune Nakodile

    then i can be liek guild master clefable >:D
  15. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    O.e clefable!!
  16. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    I hope people join soon!! :D
  17. Wailord_2

    Wailord_2 This is a User Title

    in game name: Kevin
    favorite ghost pokemon: Chandelure
    A little about your self:I'm not a ghost but like them!
    and gender: Male


    May I ask why we are called peevish? It sounds a bit insulting.
  18. dragonite8

    dragonite8 Comeback Kip

    them liars. anyways, good luck memond, any trouble, plz pm me! have fun and be nice future and present members or i will use flames weird jedi words ftw
  19. TobalPhoenix0082200

    TobalPhoenix0082200 Wild Waters!!!

    hey memond here to wish you well on your new clan....good luck friend
  20. VS

    VS ♡.♡

    Entry form
    in game name:Ian
    favorite ghost pokemon:Grngar
    A little about your self:I got a vm saying "your invited to this clan"
    and gender:Male
    add to your sig
    everytime you win your exp goes up by 3

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