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Pengy Pole

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Pengyzu, May 21, 2011.

  1. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    The Pengy Pole




    All SPPF Rules Apply Here:
    For General Forum Rules: Here
    For Trade Shop Rules: Here

    My Own Rules:
    1. Always post a message her first before visitor messaging me
    2. You cannot post here while the shop is closed. You can check through our Shop Status Bar provided by Mew_
    3. Never spam, troll, flame and insult anyone here
    4. Do not steal the graphics I have in here. VM me if you want permission.People who report people who steal from me gets a reward
    5. Do not post here if you trade hacked Pokemon
    6. Always hack-check your Pokemon if you're not sure if it's real or fake
    7. Never ever trade me hacked Pokemon on purpose
    8. Do not bug me about trades. I have work

    Punishment: 1 Strike for first offense. 2 Strikes for second and the rest. You get first offense for disobeying a certain rule for the first time, second if you disobey that specific rule more than once.

    Conversion Table:
    1 Strike = Warning
    2 Strikes = 1 Day Ban
    3 Strikes = 2 Day Ban
    4 Strikes = 1 Week Ban
    5 Strikes = Permanent Ban

    I clear strikes every week. So be good.
    Note: I don't cheat in any way. That includes hack, ARs and so on. All of these are legit. I won't trade for non-legit Pokemon. I don't clone as well.

    Welcome to the Pengy Pole! Here, I try to get rid of awesome bred Pokemon. I will update the shop gradually. I have school for a while, I will post if I'm on break. At most times, I give discounts and allow giveaways. Weathers indicate a surplus of Pokemon. Now come on in!

    My Trainer Details Are: Dilan - 3310 5039 1635

    Today's Weather: Acid Rain

    My Stock (Pokemon Ready to be Traded):
    *These aren't bred to specifically satisfy needs. No IVs, no EVs. Just bred.

    Male Ferroseed with Spikes and Leech Seed: 4
    Male Larvesta with Morning Sun: 1
    Male Zorua with Extrasensory and Dark Pulse: 2
    Male Poliwag with Encore: 15
    Male Ferroseed with Stealth Rock and Leech Seed: 2
    Male Vanilite with Water Pulse: 5
    Male Elekid with Cross Punch and Ice Punch: 6
    Male Sigilyph with Stored Power, Psycho Shift, and Roost: 6
    Male Deino with Earth Power: 4
    Male Timburr w/ Drain Punch and Mach Punch: 3
    Male Croagunk w/ Drain Punch: 7
    Male Ralts w/ Shadow Sneak and Mean Look: 3

    Female DW Lapras: 2
    Female DW Dratini: 1
    Female DW Gligar: 2
    Female DW Poliwag: 1
    Female DW Carvanha: 2
    Female DW Eevee: 1
    Female DW Smeargle: 4
    Female DW Vulpix: 5
    Female DW Burmy: 3
    Female DW Tropius: 3
    Female DW Murkrow: 4
    Female DW Ponyta: 1
    Female DW Exeggcute: 3
    Female DW Lileep: 1

    Snivy: 5

    ;115; ;114; ;060; ;037; ;207; ;102; ;147; ;077; ;318; ;133; ;131; ;276; ;235; ;079; ;129; ;357; ;396; ;198; ;223; ;029; ;043; ;412; ;345; ;222; ;403; ;172; ;179; ;425; ;239;

    ;060; w/ Encore
    :597: w/ Spikes and Leech Seed
    :597: w/ Stealth Rock and Leech Seed
    :597: w/ Stealth Rock and Spikes
    ;443; w/ Outrage
    ;239; w/ Cross Punch and Ice Punch
    ;215; w/ Ice Punch
    :633: w/ Dark Pulse and the Elemental Fangs
    :532: w/ Mach Punch and Drain Punch
    :570: w/ Extrasensory and Dark Pulse
    ;133; w/ Wish
    ;147; w/ Extremespeed
    :559: w/ Ice Punch, Drain Punch and Dragon Dance
    :546: w/ Encore
    ;058; w/ Morning Sun and Close Combat
    :636: w/ Morning Sun
    ;296; w/ Cross Punch and Bullet Punch
    :582: w/ Water Pulse
    ;090; w/ Rock Blast
    :624: w/ Sucker Punch
    ;355; w/ Pain Split
    ;246; w/ Outrage and Dragon Dance
    ;116; w/ Outrage
    :561: w/ Stored Power, Roost and Psycho Shift
    :633: w/ Earth Power
    ;453; w/ Drain Punch
    ;280; w/ Shadow Sneak
    ;285; w/ Seed Bomb, Drain Punch and Focus Punch
    ;349; w/ Haze, Mist and Iron Tail
    :621: w/ Glare and Sucker Punch
    ;183; w/ Superpower and Aqua Jet
    ;072; w/ Rapid Spin
    ;158; w/ Dragon Dance and Ice Punch
    ;396; w/ Double-edge and Roost

    Pokerus Infection
    Custom-natured Breeding
    IV Breeding (1 - 2 IVs. Three in specific cases.)
    Evolutionary Items (Stock Needed)
    Basic RNG (something easy since I'm new)
    Cloning via Action Replay by Hokoku (I guarantee this is safe, can be further explained by Hokoku himself)

    Note: I can combine stuff. Egg Moved Pokemon with DW Pokemon only if they're compatible or the same. Services can be combined with Pokemon.

    Male :607: w/ Heat Wave *pending*
    Male ;403; w/ Ice Fang and Double Kick
    Male ;092; w/ Disable *pending*
    Male ;345; w/ Recover and Stealth Rock
    Male ;449; w/ Slack Off (and Stealth Rock for 4th Gen)
    Female DW Flawless ;396; or ;397; or ;398;
    Female DW Anorith
    Female DW Wailmer
    Female DW Scyther
    Female DW Stantler
    Female DW Wooper *priority*
    Legit Flawless Pokemon
    DW Female I don't have
    EM that I don't have and are Useful
    All Released DW Starters (9 of them) (Proof needed)
    Events I don't Have
    *Top Priority* Bold ;113; or ;242; with Wish (legit) only available from Gen 3 event!

    Trade Waiting List
    1. GlaceonQueen
    2. kaiser_soze
    3. Sly Sloth

    PikaPal_Lyra's Section:

    Loyal Members Section:
    Loyal Members:
    Wild Zapdos

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. What are Loyal Members? The Loyal Members are people who are very kind and trade with me often. They are the ones that support the shop.

    2. What do Loyal Members get? Basically they get higher priority. Especially useful when multiple people post when I'm offline. They also get to pick 1 Pokemon they would want from me every month. They also can accumulate points that they can redeem for some items in my shop.

    3. How do I become a Loyal Member? You have to trade with me at least thrice. You have to be kind and polite when trading. You must follow all the rules and have no strikes. Of course, you also need the support the shop.

    4. How can I support the shop? Advertise, tell people about this place. Write good reviews (which I will post if good enough). Go to the Shop Goodies section and slap one of them icons or badges in your signature.

    5. I did all that, what do I do now? Contact me.

    6. I'm a Loyal Member, what now? Upon successful application of being a Loyal Member. You get to pick anything from my shop for free. After that, you get to enjoy your benefits.

    Point Conversion and Redeemables:
    1 Trade= 1 Point
    1 Art Request = 1 Point

    One female DW Pokemon/ male egg move Pokemon costs 5 Points
    Three DW Pokemon or EM Pokemon costs 10 Points
    1 Free Service costs 5 points

    Shop Goodies:
    Copy and paste the codes onto your sig and complete one step of the registration to being a Loyal Member.

    Shop Goodie #1:
    Code (Copy and Paste the whole thing)
    Shop Goodie #2:
    Code (Copy and Paste the whole thing)
    Shop Goodie #3:
    Code (Copy and Paste the whole thing)
    Shop Goodie #4:
    Code (Copy and Paste the whole thing)
    Shop Goodie #5:
    Code (Copy and Paste the whole thing)
    Credit goes to Phoenixy for the Glaceon picture
    Credit goes to Northern Lights for the badge
    All the animation done by me

    Shop Reviews:

    Worthy Visits:
    Like my animations? Then visit this place: PPL's Creative Centre, nya~. It's where I work for now.

    Need something cloned? Look no further. Visit Hokoku

    Looking for anything else? Want to request for an RNG? Well. Here's my friend's shop. Dunder Mifflin Pokemon Company, Inc.

    Here's a shop filled with Egg Moved Pokemon: The Not So Shabby Egg House

    Please message here first before sending a Visitor Message or a Personal Message. Happy trading! ;471;


    Thanks to Mew_ for our Shop Status Bars and Shop Dividers
    Thanks to PikaPika677 for our Transformations
    Thanks to Skiyomi for our Shop Header Banner and Ender
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2011
  2. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member


    #121 l Starmie l Genderless l Lv. 60 l OT: Enosh l ID #: 44331
    Timid l Natural Cure l Shifted l 3/22/2011 l Johto l Pokeball
    IVs: 31/31/31//31/31 l HP: Dark 70 l EVs: 6/0/0/252/0/252
    Hydro Pump l Ice Beam l Thunder l Recover
    OBTAINED: Traded
    NOTES: S, EV trained
    STATUS: Semi-redi
    #390 l CHIMCHAR l Male l Lv. 1 l OT: Jake l ID #: 35049
    Naive l Blaze l Shifted l 8/6/2011 l Johto l Pokeball
    IVs: 31/31/31//31/31 l HP: Dark 70 l EVs: 0/0/0/0/0/0
    Blaze Kick l Fake Out l Leer l Taunt
    OBTAINED: Traded
    NOTES: S
    STATUS: Semi-redi
    #237 l HITMONTOP l Male l Lv. 51 l OT: Serra l ID #: 13059
    Adamant l Technician l Shifted l 8/20/2011 l Sinnoh l Pokeball
    IVs: 31/31/31//31/31 l HP: Dark 70 l EVs: 252/252/6/0/0/0
    Sucker Punch l Close Combat l Fake Out l Mach Punch
    OBTAINED: Traded
    NOTES: EV trained
    STATUS: Non-redi
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  3. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    This Post will be Used for the Credits in my Signature

    Credits for My Signature:
    Credits to Draya the Dark Master for the Cosplay and the Crazy
    Credits to PikaPal_Lyra for the Licking Icon and Dancie
    Credits to Skiyomi for the avatar signature
    Credits to arceusvictini for teaching me animation
    Credits to Katatakat for the Glaceon Chaos
    Credits to millarc3005 for my Icon
    Credits to Proby for the sprite line.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  4. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member


    PASBL Squad and Records


    Shirou: Level 1 Male Shiny Gastly
    I first met this little guy wandering about sad and lonely in the snowy regions of Snowpoint. He had this iced gaze in his eyes and he appears to be afraud of everything. Shirou is a quiet and kind Gastly. Preferring to keep all his thoughts to himself. He does not like scaring people and Pokemon. He started as a very disobedient and paranoid Pokemon but eventually became a kind Pokemon toward me and his squadmates. Shirou was found in the snowy mountains of Snowpoint City injured and lonely. He apparently was born as a normal Gastly. He developed the hatred of scaring other living beings thus causing him to be shunned by his family and everyone else. Because of this, he developed an ice-cold heart that has a soft spot for living beings kind to him. This ice cold heart eventually allowed him to use his ice energy more efficiently. Thus giving him access to ice type moves.
    Special Training: Ice Heart (Ghost/Ice)
    This allows him to use Ice Beam and Frost Breath. Whenever he uses these, there's a 10% chance of paralysis as well. These take 1.25x more energy to use than normal. With this training, he cannot use Lick, Mean Look, Grudge, Spite and Curse.

    Tan-tan: Level 1 Male Aipom
    I met this one while passing by the narrow alley in Castelia. I was just passing through for a shortcut when I saw this little guy seemingly falling. I rushed to try and catch him but I didn't make it. Apparently he was about to perform an impressive Break Reversal. An adventurous and joyful Aipom. He is very ecstatic whenever he goes to a new place. He is very nimble and adept in using his tail but he can also display amazing capabilities with his hands. He is a very kind and generous Pokemon. His family lives in the concrete jungle of Castelia causing his whole kin to be very adept in moving through the city by the use of the walls and some times, strings. Through the need of moving withouut anything to grab, he devised a special technique which allows him to absorb impact and use it as his own power thus propelling him.
    Special Technique: Break Reversal (Fighting)
    Tan-tan learns a special variation of Reversal called Break Reversal. It has the same effects as Reversal but would also lessen the impact force of the opponent because of Tan-tan using his tail as a shield. In addition, this move can absorb a little damage from special attacks but not reflect it back to the opponent. This technique uses 1.5x the energy usage as normal Reversal. He can only use this technique two times per battle. He receives 0.8x damage from physical attacks and 0.9x damage from special attacks when using this move.

    Frey: Level 1 Female Axew
    A paranoid and cowardly Axew. She was found crying in the depths of Mistralton Cave. She usually runs away if she is threatened. Weird enough, she is a very curious creature. This usually ends terribly causing her to run away. She eventually lost her way when running away thus making her an orphan. Due to her habit of running away. She developed a technique wherein she is capable of running faster than other Axews.
    Special Training: Nimble Body (Flying/Dragon)
    Due to her impressive speed, she is capable of attacking quickly and then stepping back for her safety thus increasing evasion slightly. With this ability, there are drawbacks. Her speed and evasion would be halved whenever in Sandstorm and Hail due to her not seeing her way properly. She also cannot use Agility, Hone Claws, Aerial Ace and Endure. This also adds more energy usage to all physical attacks she does by 1.25x.

    Ferum: Level 2 Male Metang
    I found this guy chilling with his family near the volcano of Stark Mountain. When I was approaching, he defended his family. Suddenly a herd of Cameupt were just going crazy and kept using Eruption everywhere. To my surprise he didn't seems to mind the heat and gladly defended his kin. I challenged him to a battle and boy was he a tough one. He eventually got tired and allowed me to catch him. A very defensive and analytic Metang. His kin lives near a very active volcano with extreme heat. This is why he developed this nature. He needed to think everything he did in order to survive. He usually thinks through all his attacks. Whenever he does use his instincts, it is for defensive purposes. His analytic nature causes his attacks to become amazingly effective. Due to his nature, he usually is left out among the other Pokemon even if he wants to join the discussion. The others later warm up to him. Due to living near the volcano, he can cool down his body temperature by gathering water vapor in the air and use a water attack on himself and his family. His family trained him to be able to move through lava quickly.
    Special Training: Vapor Therapy (Water)
    He can now use the move Water Pulse and Scald. These take 1.5x more energy to use than normally would. In exchange, he cannot use Scary Face, Take Down, and Pursuit. His usage of the water-type moves he learned costs 1.5x the original amount of energy needed. He has enough water energy to have two uses total of the two moves per match.

    Sena: Level 1 Female Eevee
    I found Sena performing in a Pokemon Musical with my own Pokemon. I asked if anyone knew who her owner was, apparently, she doesn't have any. She just liked performing. They told me she came often to dazzle the audience. When I finally confronted her, she was more than happy to join my team. She's a cheerful, outgoing and bold Eevee. She loves dancing and performing even without an audience. She's quick on her feet and she is a real capable battler. She easily warmed up to the team but she does have some kind of friendly rivalry with Tan-tan. Because of her habit to perform in Pokemon Musicals. She developed a dance that allows her to show her stuff even more. I call this dance Shouhi Dance.
    Special Technique: Shouhi Dance (Normal)
    She starts off by jumping side to side and then when she builds up her momentum. She charges and does numerous flips. This causes her to improve her Special Attacks because of the focus needed. It also make her quicker and more evasive. This technique acts and increases stats like Quiver Dance but instead of special defense, it raises evasion. This technique can only be used twice per battle. It needs a lot of energy to do. Same amount as a Quiver Dance and two Double Teams. If used twice, the effects do not stack. Because of mastering the art of special attack through this technique, she forgot to use the moves Take Down, Attract, Frustration and Work Up.

    Setto: Level 2 Male Sneasel
    I found Setto causing trouble in Blackthorn City. I saw him eating food he stole. I confronted him to try and get other stolen items back. I ended up catching him though. Setto is a charming Pokemon. Female Pokemon usually fall for him immediately. This Sneasel is particularly charismatic, cunning and mischievous. He has a nasty habit of stealing but I think he is improving.

    Zero: Level 1 Male Ralts
    I found this Ralts wandering all alone near the Old Chateau. Apparently, this Ralts was an orphan. It's whole family disappeared without a trace. It was crying and was very wary of anything breathing. I eventually was able to befriend it and it was following me everywhere. It appears as though this Ralts is very young. Zero is a timid Ralts. He tries his best to be happy but ultimately there is still despair in his heart. He has learned to treat me and my other Pokemon as family. Since this Ralts is very young, he is not very strong. He does have a very capable mind and can learn, and understand most that is thought to him. He can fire special attacks but he seems to like practicing his physical attacks. Due to his love of physical attacks, he learned Ice Punch very early. He likes using it here and there practicing it. He seems to be improving and his capability to freeze is amazing as well. Sadly, he isn't very strong when it comes to physical attacks, so one day, I was teaching it Psychic. It quickly learned that Psychic can be used to be able to lift objects and Pokemon. I was shocked when he used his psychic powers on himself to support himself. He can carry himself. He can make him more nimble. What I was surprised the most of is his amazing idea of using Psychic to boost the power of his Ice Punch. This attack is called Glacial Blow.
    Special Attack: Glacial Blow (Ice/Psychic)
    This attack deals about 1.25x the damage of Ice Punch and a Confusion. This attack still has the 50% chance of partial freezing and has an added 15% chance for confusion. Because of Ralts infusing this attack with Psychic, he can do some damage to the mental state of the opponent as well. This attack uses the same amount of energy as Psychic and Ice Punch combined. He can only use this attack two times per battle.

    Tetsu: Level 1 Male Shiny Golden Ferroseed
    I heard of miners being scared of by a Pokemon near Driftveil City. I decided to go investigate. When I was there, I saw him terrorize the miners. After running away, I decided to try and see the Pokemon for myself. It turns out it was a shiny Ferroseed. He was very protective when I approached. I noticed he was gold in parts where he should be silver. Apparently, the mine was a gold mine. Tetsu probably lived in the cave, absorbing the minerals from the gold-filled walls causing him to turn golden. Tetsu takes less damage from special attacks because of this as well. When I befriended this amazing Pokemon, I was examining it real well. I observed that it was a very cautious Pokemon. It's VERY protective of anything it likes. In this case, the mine. So he probably chased the miners of thinking they would take his home away from him. Tetsu is a very defensive Pokemon, preferring to defend than to attack. He is a very gentle and kind-hearted Pokemon only to those he knows.

    Gela: Level 1 Female White Mienfoo
    Gela is a kind-hearted Mienfoo that is protective of loved ones. She is ready to take a hit for her friends. She isn't very sociable but she loves her friends and family with all her heart. She acts as the big sister of my team but she barely socializes with the others. Remember the big wildfire in Mexico earlier this 2011. Well, when I was on my cross-dimensional vacation. I saw the aftermath of what happened. To my surprise, I saw a Pokemon in the human world! It was a crying Mienfoo. Apparently, her home and her family died in the wildfire. I was really sad when I figured out what happened. She agreed to join me back to the Pokemon World to meet new Pokemon and to help me reach my dreams. I noticed that this poke was very weary of heat. In one of my battles, she surprised me by breaking down on the floor with an Air Flare. An amazing hip hop dance move. I suspect it learning that in the human world. That was only the beginning, the move is starting to gather cold air slowly creating a tornado of cold air. I named this move the "Ice Flurry."
    Special Technique: Ice Flurry (Ice)
    Being rather paranoid of heat, Gela learned to tap into her Ice Energy to help her gather cold air. As she does an Air Flare, a tornado of cold air slowly forms and can easily pull in airborne Pokemon. The unlucky Pokemon getting caught in this experiences extreme hypothermia. This does as much damage as an Ice Beam with an Icy Wind and has a 10% chance for full body freeze and 25% chance for a partial freeze. This costs as much energy as two Ice Beams. This variation can only be used once per battle. A quicker build-up can be done when the command "Quick Flurry" is said. This quicker variation can be used to cancel out fire-type attacks. This causes as much energy needed for a Wall Reflect. This variation can only be used twice per battle- once if the other variation is also used. In exchange for this technique, she forgets how to use the defensive moves Reversal and Quick Guard and the flying type moves Bounce and Aerial Ace.

    Yuki: Level 1 Female Shiny Snorunt
    What seems to be a shiny Snorunt, this one is not what she appears to be. Coming from a feared clan of Snorunts, Glalies and Froslass in the snowy regions of Snowpoint. Yuki is a fine aristocratic Pokemon with a sometimes vain and proud attitude and some spunk that comes along with it. With these aside, she is actually a fun girl to be with and would love to help her friend in time of need. This girl still strikes fear in Pokemon's hearts.

    Rei: Level 1 Female Feebas
    Rei and her family fled to the northern waters residing near Snowpoint City because of a Gyarados terrorizing their home land. As Rei and her family stay there, they get used to the cold environment and turn into ice-types in order to survive and enjoy their lives even further. Their ice-typing is also to help them someday rid of that terrible Gyarados with their stronger ice-type moves. Rei is a Feebas who thinks she's the queen. Well, for laughing purposes, but she's actually kind-hearted. She has always dreamed of becoming the "Ice Queen Milotic" and I will help her achieve this dream as well.
    Special Training: Type Change (Ice)
    Because of living in cold waters, she acquired the attributes of ice-types, along with resistances and weaknesses, even further to the point of it becoming her secondary typing. She learns Frost Breath, Ice Shard and Icy Wind along with this. Her ice-type attacks are stronger now by 1.25x. Her ice-type attacks use 1.5x the usual energy as well. But because of this, she lost access to the following moves: Dragonbreath, Captivate, Dive, Tickle and all attacks to be learned by every Pokemon stated by PASBL except for Agility.

    Kian: Level 1 Male Snover
    Kian is a mature and a very bright Snover who is willing to take charge anytime. Well, being cold-hearted is not always limited to ice-types. Others have this trait as well, including humans. Well, Kian, acting as the big bro of the squad, pretty much saw this first hand. When he and his family was strolling along the snowy forest in Snowpoint, his father and mother were beaten and captured by evil poachers right before his and his siblings eyes. He was left traumatized but soon regained his composure when his siblings needed him. He is the oldest of 5 and he was the one to protect everyone after the incident.

    Korui: Level 1 Male Starly
    Rio is a resident of the northern regions of Sinnoh exposing her to incredible cold. He isn't the only Starly living there when I met him. I was travelling along, visiting my favorite Snowpoint City, seeing a flock of Starlies. There were a lot, and what seemed to be a shiny one, but that wasn't the one that caught my eye. The one that caught my eye is this blue one who seemed to lead the flock. I challenged him to a battle, even Zero's Glacial Blow wasn't enough to harm this one. I eventually caught her with Shirou and eventually became close buddies with him. He has a gentle and adamant nature allowing him to become a good leader before. He is shown to have a good leadership skills and is easily capable of making friends or negotiating.

    Total: 13

    Pending Signature Moves:
    ;092; Shirou
    ;190; Tan-tan
    ;375; Ferum
    ;215; Setto
    :597: Tetsu
    :619: Gela
    ;361; Yuki
    ;349; Rei
    ;459; Kian
    ;396; Korui

    *more coming soon*

    ;471; Pengyzu
    Trainer Level: 1
    Wins: 1
    Loses: 0
    Ties: 0
    KOs: 4
    DQs: 0
    TP and SP: 8 TP and 0 SP

    SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Celebii 151
    Status: Cancelled
    Location: Here

    SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Charminion
    Status: Ongoing
    Location: Here

    SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Bobandbill
    Status: Ongoing
    Location: Here

    SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Biggggg5
    Status: Won
    Location: Here

    UPN: Pengyzu vs. DaisyInari
    Status: Ongoing
    Location: Here

    UPN: Pengyzu vs. Salamencia
    Status: Ongoing
    Location: Here
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2011
  5. toawest1

    toawest1 Pokemon Trainer

    i can get you a Male ;280;w/ Shadow Sneak

    i need female :597: Relaxed with 31 defense IVs
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  6. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member


    Hmmm... No thanks. Sorry. What pokes or items do you have?


    Hmmm... Give me a few days I guess
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  7. kyrem 67

    kyrem 67 New Member

    i can breed you all 5 egg moves you want for the dw smeagrle
    could you pm me i may forget about this thread
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  8. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    @kyrem 67

    Accepted! Deal! Mine is bred though. Is that okay? Female :D
  9. kyrem 67

    kyrem 67 New Member

    ok just give me a day or 2 to breed them
  10. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    Okie dokie... I'll trade when I have time
  11. theblaze

    theblaze New Member

    i want that ferroseed with steelth rock and leech seed could i get a sassy one plz
    shiny treecko for it?
  12. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... Tough one. I'll try it out. Weekends are okay. Would want a gothita and a female cottonee with perfect speed and hp. Or just speed. :D A male egg move axew would be nice too.
  13. toawest1

    toawest1 Pokemon Trainer

    ok well pm me
  14. RegiGuy

    RegiGuy Highly competitive

    I want a male Ferroseed, preferably Sassy, with Stealth Rock and Leech Seed. I'm willing to trade a Mudkip with the egg moves Mirror Coat and Counter with 31 ivs in HP and the nature is Careful.
  15. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    Ugh. I'll have to pass. I don't really need a mudkip like that. Sorry :(
  16. tyranitar51

    tyranitar51 (Sorta) Back

    What do u want for the egg move growthe
  17. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... what em pokes do you have?
  18. tyranitar51

    tyranitar51 (Sorta) Back

    I Have egg move charmader with flamethrower and flare blitz
    A DW shinx with night slash egg move and it's DW ability But that's if it has it's DW ability, shadow sneak spiritomb
    Sword dance riolu
  19. Pengyzu

    Pengyzu Well-Known Member

    Male Shadow Sneak Spiritomb is okay :)
  20. tyranitar51

    tyranitar51 (Sorta) Back

    It's female but I'll breed it for a male one mild nature to

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