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Pengy Pole


Well-Known Member
Looking for a Choice Band and a Choice Specs. Good egg moved pokemon like Male Outrage Horsea or some other popular egg moved Pokemon like Deino with Earth Power. I will do 1:1 trades. Except for Eevee. I definitely will not trade eevee for a few pokes. So I get you 2 pokemon you want for the 2 items. And 1:1 trades with the pokemon.


Well-Known Member
I'm intrested in your Sneasel w/ Ice Punch.

I can offer Porygons,
Shroomish Murkrow,
Ferroseed w/Stealth Rock&Leech Seed,
Growlithe w/Close Combat,
Larvitar w/Outrage&Dragondance,
Turtwig w/ Superpower,
Totodile w/DragonDance,
Bagon w/Hydro Pump&Dragondance,
Hippopotas w/Slack Off
Roselia w/Synthesis
Gible w/Outrage&Thrash
All can have various natures.


Well-Known Member
Ohkay, Is there a other way to get the Sneasel?


Pokemon Trainer
i don't need your Ferroseed no more but i still have the ralts with shadow sneak
Hi, I'm interested in some of your egg move Pokemon, but I see that you're already pending trades for all of your wants. What would you trade egg move Pokemon for? I have a fair amount of egg move Pokemon, and I also have boxes full of Timid male Dark Pulse Zorua's and Timid Dark Pulse Deino's with 2 or more perfect IV's


Well-Known Member
Welcome one and all to the grand re-opening of the Pengy Pole! Visit the new and improved main page as well with new features and details!

Have fun trading~

Wild Zapdos

New Member
I want:
Calm Swift Swim Poliwag With encore. Prefer as many Perfect IVs as possible
Ferroseed with Stealth rocks/Leech Seed
ALL the dw females I don't have atm ^-^

Lyra's Regirock

I have:
Flawless Shiny stuff (rng's, not by me)
Flawless ditto
Egg move Sigilyph
Just... Check my thread, there's a bunch of stuff on there you'll want i think ^-^


Well-Known Member
Hola! First costumer after grand re-opening. Hmm... seems a good candidate to be a loyal member. Anyways...

Your Pokemon that I Want:
Male Egg Move Sigilyph
Female DW Poochyena

Question: Is everything you have perfectly LEGIT? I'm leaning towards the Victini...

What I Have:
Preparing some POLIWAGS
Breeding the Ferroseed

Wild Zapdos

New Member
Yep, everything's legit. All of my flawless from RNG-ers from a couple different forums. And I'll trade more then 1 flawless at a time. I just need to find a cloner for the Victini before i trade it. All of my EV trained stuff, I did myself.

I'll take a shot at this. 1 flawless/flawless shiny for 2 DW females (poliwag is the only one that I care about nature, rest I just need for projects). That is if you want more then one ^-^


Well-Known Member
How's this arrangement:
My SR/Leech Seed Ferroseed for your EM Male Sigilyph
My Calm DW Poliwag with Encore (male) that is relatively superior (you can get a female too but it only has perfect defense) with perfect def and sp.a and a female dw lapras for your flawless shiny duskull with sleep talk
My female dw ponyta and my female dw carvanha for your flawless shiny staryu (ut)

I'm counting that all of those are legit. Can you provide trainer info?


Well-Known Member
Agreed. I'm contacting a cloner now. I'll breed the ferroseed now, want it male?

@10151993 Do you have another thing to offer. Stantler is kinda useless so I will agree to trade it if you offer another pokemon I want :)