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Penthouse of the Vampire King (Rated R) RP


Internet Overlord
The Vampire king has fled the rustic city-state of Pannis and now finds himself in modern NY. Joining him are a cast of monsters, angels, demons, slayers, and exorcists, in “Penthouse of the Vampire King”. Not filmed before any audience, alive or otherwise.

SU: [X]
Discussion: is on discord, ask if you need a link.
- There's also simplified Manhattan maps on there so you can plot out your movements.

1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players. I don't care if it's here or on discord, don't do it, be mature.
3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. - IF you fight another player, you do not get to decide if you hit them. There's some suggested fight rules in the SU if you need help with that.
4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent (unless otherwise approved). Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't or otherwise god-mode. Slayers don't automatically know where monsters are, and monsters don't automatically know someone is a slayer, unless they're basically advertising it.
5. Put your name(s) and location at the top of your post. Inventory is not required.
6. For those of you with multiple chars and/or pets, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT. Separate posts for each char are preferred.
7. Basic Magic Rules are located in the SU, please use them and/or the discussion discord when doing magic stuff if you need clarification and whatnot.
8. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules, kay?

1. VampirateMace (Donar - Vampire, Alchemist, Witch)
2. Monster Guy (Adam - Human, Slayer, Sorcerer) & (Cadence - Human, Exorcist, Chef, Witch, Wizard)
3. Schade (Leliana - Demon, Teacher)
4. GoldenHouou (Samael - Angel, Slayer/Exorcist, Sorcerer) & (Sally - Werewolf, Shaman/Psychic)
5. Vern (Chloe - Human, Slayer, Uni Student, Witch, Sorceress)
6. Skillfulness (Teresa - Fairy, Wizard, Librarian) & (Rosa - Vampire, MMA fighter, Mob Member)
7. *Jean Grey* (Werewolf, Slayer, Wizard) RESERVED
8. Hydrangea (Chimera) & (Demon) RESERVED

Okay, cue the campy intro song about young monsters with plans to make it big in the big city. . .

Donar's Penthouse

Donar sighed, running his thumb over the edge of the leather bound journal. It contained many a coded note to himself, which he really never read if he was honest, because they were horribly depressing, but the current page held the sketch of a vaguely familiar face. The problem was that it was only vaguely familiar, something was missing, but he couldn't quite decide what, and the poor boy was no longer around for him to compare it too. It bothered him somewhere deep inside that he couldn't remember someone he'd been around that long well enough to properly render their face. And aside from that, he missed him, making this whole exercise depressing as well.

Sighing again he shut the journal and got up. He slid it back onto the bookshelf near his bed. The shelf mostly contained an eclectic collection of books on magic, some helpful and some laughably inaccurate.

He strolled across the room and opened his closet. It was about time that he got changed. It was almost dusk, and his guests would be arriving soon, a mixture of monsters like himself and some 'lucky' humans for them to feed on. Lucky as in, like how great was it to get invited to a happening penthouse party, in the wealthy upper east side? Never mind that a lot of them would not make it through the night, it would be a great night for them up until then.

For the monsters this party would be a chance to unwind and relax. And be themselves once they started snacking on mortals. There were a couple spare bedrooms that could be used for that, to extend the illusion of a normal fancy party. His monster guests knew how parties like this worked.

But for Donar it was also a chance to make some connections. He had an idea, or half an idea, of how to improve the city. But he needed to get some influential monsters on-board. And strange as it sounded, he definitely needed to get some angels on-board too. But not tonight. Angels were all about the greater good, so though his political skills might be a bit rusty, he was pretty sure he could sell the concept to them, as long as there weren't people being eaten nearby to distract them. He'd have to work on the angels later.

He selected a well tailored black suit, he found it nice that men's formal wear had not changed too much. Then with a vest, a cravat, and a blood red brooch, anyone could look like a stylish old devil. And one last thing, he slipped his little alchemy ledger into the inside pocket. Then he moved into the bathroom to tidy up his hair. It was getting kind of long, but then he was told the long upward style was fashionable, and it certainly seemed to suit him.

Meanwhile the few nameless minion he bothered to keep on hand nowadays were preparing refreshments or running security checks. He let most his underlings run free and do their own thing, it was too much work to get attached to minions that would eventually get themselves killed. Instead he opted for a handful of his less intelligent minions that he could easily control, even from a distance.

One such minion was stationed in front of the private elevator that went up to the penthouse. He held a clipboard, ready to compare guests invites to the list of invites Donar had sent out. Or rather had had sent out, since he had minions to do that tedious kind of thing for him. One of them had decided on doing eVites, which were something guests could pull up on their phones to save paper, and more importantly not leave a paper trail for slayers to follow. To Donar this was just some newfangled jibber jabber, but as long as his guests showed up and slayers didn't, that was fine with him.

He moved out into the main room to wait for his guest, snatching up a flute of champagne as he entered. The first person to arrive was, predictably, a mousy little human who worked at a book shop. He was pretty sure this was the first time she'd been invited to a party other then a kid's birthday party, and in her excitement had not even considered the convention of showing up fashionably late. She looked around shyly, “Wow Donar, your apartment is bigger then the house I grew up in. . . Oh, nobody's here yet? Am I t-too early?”

“You're right on time Tina, the other guests should be here soon,” Donar reassured her, as he picked up another champagne glass and offered it to her. He considered slipping some sleeping potion in it, but it seemed like bad form to start eating guests this early. Besides, he really should be out here to welcome the rest of his guests.
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Metallic Wonder
Gomorrah, Grand Demoness from the fourth circle, Devourer of hope and prosperity,
Aka: Leliana Marìe Deveraux
Hollaback High -> Lower Manhattan -> Bar Bar Bar™

The day was dark and cloudy. As it ever so often was these days, for unknown reasons. Leliana was sitting in her office at the teacher's longue at the Hollaback High school. She was grading tests. A boring aspect of her job, not gonna lie, but a necessary one. While she enjoyed tormenting the children, she did have favorites, and though she tried, she didn't really succeed in keeping that from them. The other teachers had called her out on it, but in a jokingly fashion rather than a strict one. "Everyone has their favorites, don't worry about it. Let me tell you about...." and then Karen from Mathmatics started talking about some brawny dumdum in her class. Leliana didn't really care about her coworkers, she did have her own agenda, after all. Besides the devastating despair present in literally every single student, nobody really batted an eye if students ever conviniently went missing.

Speaking of conviniently going missing. Today was one of those days. Leliana was a strict teacher, there was no doubt about that, but in the other teachers eyes, she had her heart in the right place. In her students eyes, however, she was a strict She-Devil from the third circle of hell. They were imaginative, and oddly on mark in their mocking of her, but that's besides the point. They were expendable . Gang wars happened all the time. Muggings with fatal consequences, teenage pregnancies and generally just shenanigans were not uncommon in this part of town. Hollaback High was located in a dubious location at best. The students were all from poor or otherwise struggling families. Be it maritial issues between parents, adoptive parents cashin in on that sweet child support, or generally just common violence. it was not uncommon for some of the older students to come to school with gunshot wounds, being high or just disappearing alltogether.

Which brings us back to Lelianas office. It was plain, as she hadn't bothered decorating the place despite having worked there for years. Only piece of decoration she had added was an upside-down image of Jesus christ, hanging over a big crack in the wall. Besides that, there were mostly file cabinets and dead pottery plants. Not a pleasant area to be in at all. some of the other teachers had complained to her that just being in her office made them sad and depressed. That was intentional. Inspiring hopelessness was kind of what she did, and she did it good. The door knocked.

"Ms. Deveraux?" A head poked in, adorned with messy blonde hair. The kid in question was named Michael Heyes. A good kid, silent and obidient. Sh*t grades though. "Yes. Come in" Leliana spoke, not looking up for the tests she was grading. The boy stepped in with a certain.. Arrogance, to him? that was uncharacteristic. He was often just the butt of everyones jokes and occasional punches, he didnt have it in him to stand up to a mirror if presented. He stood in front of her desk, not sitting down on the ran down chair in front of it as she had intructed her students to do if they ever wanted counselling or guidance in their academic endeavors. "Some of the students have been talking, A.. And.." he started. "And?". Leliana said, still not looking up from her work. "A.. And I've decided your reign of terror has to end!" he forced himself to say. He seemed relieved to get that off his chest. He was clutching onto his orange jacket while talking. This was definitely a breakthrough for him. Too bad.. She stopped writing, listening, while sill not looking up. "I... I've discovered I have superpowers, and i am going to use them for justice!", Michael said, holding his hand up, covering it in a thin yet cute layer of frost as to show what he can do. Leliana sighed, and looked up, putting on her "Concerned teacher"-look. "Is this about your History grade again? I told you I'm sorry, but considering you're not interested nor capable of bettering yourself, there is nothing I can do about it." she said. She could feel in the air around Michael she had hit a nerve. A little bit of hope died that day. Yum. "No, this is not about that. you've terrorised us students for far too long, be nicer to us or... Or else!" he said. His determination was admirable. Leliana smirked. "Or else what, Michael? You're gonna fail another test, hm? Is your dad going to be happy about that? I've seen the bruises, do you not care about your mother at all, hm?" She said, unphazed. This was taking a turn, and she liked it.

Michael's confidence faultered, and a delicious aura of hopelessness enveloped him. However, due to his weak, weak magic, he overcame it quickly. Leliana sighed and stood up. "Michael, you have to stop spreading rumors that I'm some sort of evil entity hellbent of draining this school dry by instilling feelings of despair and anguish in my students.". Michael paused, nobody was saying that? She walked around him towards the door and closed it, and shut the blinders. This had all happend before. It was a shame. Michael was one of the few kids who seemed like he could get out of this school in one piece. His newly discovered affinity for frost magic was... problematic. If she didn't take care of it now, he would only grow more confident and rally the other students. Such displays of hope and determination. She would not have it. "Uhm, Miss. Deveraux?" Michael said, suddenly scared, dropping all the bravado he had mere moments ago. "This newfound determination is admirable, Michael. I only wish you would have used it to better your grades rather than go rallying eveeryone. i don't need determination, I don't need Hope. you're all pathetic excuses for human leftover garbage with no future, past nor present.". He was visibly scared now, but held his little frosty hand out as to defend himself. "You're not the only one with cute abilities, you know. I'll be sure to send your parents my regard, Oh, and to pin this on your father.". Michael was horrified now. Leliana smirked as she shifted into her demonic form. In an instant, her cute red locks were traded in with white spindely hair. Her face turned into a gaping maw as her lower body extended and became serpent-like. she didn't bother with the wings this time, there was no need.

The moment Michael started screaming, she leapt forward, easilly posessing the young man. The scream never left his lips, as Leliana quickly gained control over the weak mind. LeliMichael casually walked over to a big ornate mirror on the wall, looking at him/herself in the mirror. she could hear Michaels distraught panic in the back of her head. This was what she lived for. The despair. "And this, My dearest Michael, is why you never run into a war empty-handed.". She held the frosty hand up and studyed it. "This magic would've gotten you nowhere. Maybe under the apprenticeship of a witch, at best. Alas, you're here. With me.". She searched through his pockets before finding what she was looking for. Excellent! Another perk of working in such a run down location was that everyone and their grandmothrs were armed. She pulled out a knife and toyed with it in his/her hands while staring at his own eyes in the mirror. "Better luck next time, Michael." she said, before slowly running the knife over his throat, blood gushing out. She could hear Michaels screams in her head as they faded out, leaving nobody but her in the walking corpse that was Michael Heyes. Not leaving his body, she walked behind her desk and unlocked a locked drawer, picking out some essential cleaning supplies. Blood was so easy to stain the floors, which was why her office didn't include a carpet. However, cleaning i up was easy. After she was done, she covered up the wound with the jacket before leaving the office, and the school alltogether.

She would leave Michael in his bed at his home, successfully pinning this murder on the boys already abusive father. Shifting into a black raven, she would then proceed to fly away. Far away. she was pleased, this was a good feeding, and she likely wouldn't need anything this strong for another few weeks. As her day at the school was already over, she flew into the more central parts of Manhattan, having her favorite bar in mind. She wasn't one for partying, and even though she had heard of the Vampire Lord's extravagant party, she wasn't really feeling up for it. No, she wanted to have a few beers, sit in quiet and maybe watch the match on the Tv's in the bar that were for some reason still in black and white. It was a good way for her to end her day, especially considering the amount of cleaning she had to do once she got home to her appartment. she shrugged at the thougght and sipped the beer, casually eyeing the handsome bartender in the process. Leliana wasn't one for love or companionship, allthough she did enjoy the game.
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Teresa "Walsh"
Edderton Library -> Donar’s Penthouse

“Teresaaaaaa this day is taking foreveeeerrrrr. I just want to go home to get ready for this party.” A brunette girl lay dramatically across a chair near the front desk to the library where Teresa was doing some paperwork. She gave the girl a glance.

“Yeah I know May, just chill. I’m excited as much as you are, but goodness you look like a child throwing a fit.” She grinned evilly when her friend snapped upright.

“Do not!” she threw back. “Gosh you’re an ass sometimes, ya know that.”

Teresa chuckled, “Yeah you’re not the first to tell me that. So, what kind of dress should I be wearing to this party you got invited to?” That worked to distract May for a while so she could finish some of her work. Not that Teresa wasn’t excited, on the contrary, she might be even more anxious to get out than her pal. It had been a while since she’d been to a good banger and this one seemed fancier than most, and in a penthouse! She hadn’t been in a penthouse before! She furiously worked through the cataloging she needed to get done so she could be ready to go as soon as her shift was up.


Two hours later, Teresa and her friend May stepped out of an Uber at the location. May pulled out her phone and double checked the address before they entered through tall, glass doors into an extravagant marble lobby, complete with crystal chandelier. Her eyes grew wide as she took in all the details. Everything here was out of her price range, she was just lucky May considered her a close enough friend to bring her as a guest. She would wave her hand when Teresa asked how she got invited to such a party so she had given up.

Tonight, Teresa wore a simple, wine red dress. It was short sleeved and had a modest v-neck and was ruffled below the waist, reaching just to her knees. She added a pink belt around the middle with a black flower clip on her right hip. To keep warm, she had a light jacket and black stockings with pink flats for footwear as she hoped there would be dancing. Her eyeshadow was a thin layer of red and she wore black, wiry earrings with red gemstones tangled in the wire. It was an outfit she felt was dressy enough for a penthouse party, but nothing too formal, even if she had an elegant evening gown she was dying to wear out one of these nights.

The pair approached the elevator where a nicely dressed man stood. There were other elevators, but this one was clearly different and most likely belonged to the host of the party.

“Alright, lemme just pull up the emailllll and there. Ms. May Thornton and my guest Theresa Walsh,” she said, holding the phone up to the attendant. He glanced at it, looked at the two of them and nodded.

“Top floor, please enjoy the party.” The doors to the elevator opened and they stepped in. He reached in to press the button for them as a gentle tune played. After the doors closed, May turned to Teresa and made an excited noise that was difficult to describe.

“Ohmygoodness I’m so excited! Do you think we’re too early? Will there be hot guys there?”

“Oh I hope so. Been awhile since I’ve seen some action. Just don’t leave me behind like last time ok? That was traumatizing.” Teresa shivered while remembering being cornered by an obnoxious, sporty guy at the last party she was at with May while she was off in some bedroom. It had not been a fun night and she had been making excuses not to go out with May since, but this party she could not pass up.

“No of course not! I feel so guilty about that and I promise not to abandon you this time. Just, uh, make sure I don’t drink too much cause then yeah, I’ll forget.” She laughed and rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment. Teresa just shook her head and smiled. She watched out for her lightweight friend as May watched out for her introverted one. They usually had a good time going out together as friends and they were both looking forward to the night ahead of them.

Outfit -

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Cadence Amorè
Cadence's Apartment > Donar's Penthouse

Cadence had been busy preparing food for this party for days. It was a lot of work when you were essentially doing it all yourself. She had gotten a phone call earlier in the week to cater a party, and after finding out who was hosting it, this was not an opportunity she could pass up. Donar Antall was throwing some type of party at his Penthouse. She remembered the Vampire King from Pannis five years ago, and all the trouble he caused. Who knows why he was throwing this party, but that's why she was going, to figure that out.

Currently, she was busy checking up on all the food she had prepared. There was lots of Italian foods such as various pastas, lasagna, as well baked goods, and the casual finger food that you expect at a party.

Adam Hayes, who just so happened to be hanging out at her house, was none too pleased about Cadence going to this party by herself. "Aw, come on! Why do you get to go to the Vampire party and I don't?!" Adam protested.

"Because I'm going there to work.” Cadence responded gesturing to all the food she made. “Besides, I know you. These kinds of parties aren’t your thing. You would go in there guns blazing, and draw too much attention.”

"Well, of course. It's a Vampire party!" Adam shot back. "I'm a slayer. That's my job."

"Yes, but there will most likely be other vampires at this party, We'll be severely outnumbered, and you'll mess everything up. I'm not there to kill anyone. I'm there to get information. To figure out what The Vampire King is planning. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for you to slay vampires in time. I'll be sure to call you if things do go south. K?"

Adam crossed his arms, and grumbled. "Fine..."

That Evening

A few hours later, Cadence stepped out of her purple maserati, along with a cart full of food at the location. She rolled the cart through the doors into an extravagant marble lobby, complete with crystal chandelier. Growing up in a wealthy family, she had seen her fair share of lavish homes. That still made this room no less gorgeous. Under different circumstances, this would have been a fun night out. Maybe she could meet a nice, and handsome man. Unfortunately, she had work to do.

This evening Cadence was dressed for work than as a guest of the party. Still, she stuck to her usual color scheme. She wore a lavender dress shirt decorated with a purple bow tie, and a purple skirt. Her legs were covered with lavender tights, and a pair of practical purple flats were her footwear. She did her hair up in a ponytail, and did without the lavender ombre dye, and she had a purple headband on. The look was completed with a purple apron.

She approached the elevator where a nicely dressed man stood. No doubt another of Donars minons. “Cadence Amorè. I'm the one catering.” she said to the man. She held up her phone to the attendant. He glanced at it, looked at her, and nodded. “Top floor." The doors to the elevator opened, and she stepped inside.

Cadence wondered if it was wise to jump directly into the fire like this. There were bound to be a ton of monsters there. What if something did go wrong? She shook those thoughts out of her head. She had already gotten this far, it's too late to turn back now.

Once the elevator opened up, Cadence took a breath, and rolled her cart of food in. Donar was there, and the girl silently prayed to herself that he was busy with other guests, and wouldn't notice her. "Out of the frying pan, and into the fire..." She said to herself as she started uncovering all the food she had prepared, and placed them on an empty table so the guests had something to eat.


Adam Hayes
Bar Bar Bar™

An Uber car pulled up in front of the bar, and Adam stepped out of it. He still couldn't believe Cadence was about to walk into a Vampire party all by herself. She wasn't even a slayer, she was an exorcist. How was she supposed to handle a bunch of vampires by herself? She said she wasn't there to fight, but he knew good and well a vampire would take advantage of the opportunity. He really wanted to shoot up some vampires tonight.

Since he wasn't invited to the party, and SIN hadn't given him any other assignments this evening, Adam decided to do what he often did on free nights. Go to the bar. He would have a few beers, flirt with some people, maybe play pool. He went inside, and lifted his sunglasses onto his forehead. Then, he took a seat at the bar, and ordered a beer from the handsome bartender. "Thanks handsome." He said with a grin and wink once the man gave him his drink." The bartender didn't cringe at that... Which meant he was either gay, bi, or just didn't give a damn. Who cares. He was hot, that was all that mattered.

Adam drank his drink straight out of the bottle, and looked around. There were actually quite a few hot people in this bar. One of which was a beautiful red haired woman casually sipping a beer. She had that nerdy librarian look going on. Considering the bar she was in though, Adam thought she may have a wild side beneath the glasses and plain outfit. Now seemed as good a time as any. He casually walked up to the woman, and put his arm around her waist. "Hey baby! What's a sexy chick like you doing in a place like this?" He asked her with a big grin on his face.
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"Vergil Constantine"
Stargazing peak

"Aren't the stars beautiful? Look! Hydra is so bright tonight."

"Hm? Oh. Yeah." Samael gave the night sky a brief glance, but all he saw was an assortment of distant dots. If given the choice, stargazing wouldn't have been his first choice of activity for an evening out - but, honestly, seeing the glee on his date's face made it pretty damn worth it. "Bright."

The brunette took the refilled glass he offered, lowering her gaze from the sky just in time to catch his stare. She shook her head. "You aren't even looking at them, are you?"

"Guilty," Samael threw his hands up as if in lazy surrender, then leaned closer with a sudden smirk. "But whose fault do you think that is?"

The woman giggled, coyly eyeing him over the rim of her wine glass. Looking at her like this, it was impossible to tell she wasn't human. Samael would've had no idea if he hadn't met her at a monster gathering - under the guise of being a demon himself, of course. Yeah, a little rude to lie on the first date and all, but pretty damn necessary considering the circumstances.

Ever so slowly the woman - Joanne - started to lean closer, attention shifted from the stars to him. Samael followed suit, golden eyes fixed onto her emerald ones - until all of a sudden, she stopped. She was no longer gazing into his eyes; her focus was on something far, far past him.

Oh shit, Samael thought, trying not to let himself break into a frown. She noticed.

"Vergil, I think there's someth-"

"Babe, look, Sagittarius!" Hastily, Samael jabbed a finger towards a randomly chosen cluster of stars.

It... sort of worked; Joanne blinked, turning to search the skies. Samael heaved a quiet sigh of relief. For a while now, something had been going on in the forest behind them; as much was clear from the occasional shout or bang. What exactly was up, Samael did not know - and he did his best to keep it that way. As long as he remained blissfully unaware, his date could go on uninterrupted.

Joanne gave up on her search, lowering her gaze back to Samael. Her expression spoke of confusion and disbelief, and the angel figured he'd guessed wrong. "You can't see Sagittarius this time of the year."

"Oh? Well shit, my bad." The angel scratched the back of his head as if sheepish. "Guess I just wanted your attention."

"You're silly," Joanne sighed, but even the brief shake of her head did not make her smile falter. She lowered her tone to a coy whisper, toying with the stem of her glass. "There's other ways to do that, you know."

"Yeah? Such as...?" Now they were talking. He cocked his brows as if clueless, watching as she started to inch closer and closer, wrinkling the picnic cloth under them.

A clang.

"Did you hea-"

Oh no, not again.

Samael thrust himself forward, catching the demoness' lips before she could turn away. Though surprised at first, she eventually leaned into the kiss - and for a fleeting moment, Samael thought he'd won.

But then there was a loud scream, and Joanne gently pushed at his chest to break away. Her brows were furrowed with concern, neck stretched to peek past his shoulder. "No, Vergil, I think there really is som--"

She was caught off by a man literally falling straight onto their picnic site as if dropped from the sky - or, more accurately, as if thrown by someone - something - very strong.

"... Right. Probably just some drunkard, don't mind h-"

The man groaned and rolled onto his back, revealing a giant gash that ran from his chest all the way to his stomach.

"Oh for fuck's sake."

Samael pushed himself to stand, resisting the urge to break his glass on the now-unconscious man's head. Alright, fine. He'd take care of whatever ruckus was going on in the forest and maybe then he could be rewarded with ten seconds of peace. He paused his seething long enough to give Joanna a quick peck on the lips, then started to march towards the noise. "I'll be back in a sec. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just--- keep your eyes on Sagittarius for me, yeah?"


"Yeah, that!"

It wasn't exactly difficult to find the source of the commotion. All he had to do was follow some man's screams, so loud that they could probably be heard from halfway across the goddamn globe. Samael found him on the ground, struggling to push off a large werewolf. The beast was winning; the angel saw a flicker of bared fangs an inch from the man's throat. Well shit. He had no time to make and aim a bow. So, instead--

Samael's hand begun to glow, bright liquid seeping from his palm to float mid-air. It was a bright, formless mass, until the angel swiped his hand through it; as he did, the light took the form of a small handgun - with his finger already on the trigger. He had no time for proper aim, but the glowing bullet grazed the wolf's shoulder with enough force to startle the beast into recoiling. It whined, skin burning around the wound - but quickly bared its fangs at the intruder. Behind it, another wolf growled, form lowered for a pounce.

"Yeah, I know. Sucks to get your dinner interrupted, huh." The gun dissipated back into the formless mass it was made from, expanding and soon taking the form of a bow. Samael grabbed the string and pulled his hand back, tracing an arrow into existence. He released the string and the projectile whizzed through the air, burying itself right between the wolf's eyes like butter. The area around the impact begun to boil and bubble, eliciting a blood curling howl. The beast fell onto the ground, writhing and convulsing in pain as the light burned through its skull, until death finally brought it peace.

Samael groaned. Goddamn that was loud. The silence that followed almost rung, until another sudden shriek pierced it.

He spun around, thinking it was another human in danger - but no, it was not. It was something much worse.

Joanne leaned on a nearby tree, one hand muffling another scream. Her bewildered eyes flickered between him, the glow of his bow and what remained of the canine beast. It was difficult to say who was paler; the angel or the demon.

Samael found his words first, though.

"Would you-- listen if I tried to explain?"

The demoness let out an infernal hiss, leathery wings flaring from her back. With a single beat, the brunette woman was gone, replaced by a red-eyed bat - that took towards the stars she so loved before Samael could take a single step after her.

"... Guess that's a no. Damnit..." Though his tone made light of the matter, his heart hung heavy. He'd really liked her, too. Stupid of him, he knew.

The patter of paws drew his attention away from the empty sky and back to the situation at hand. He turned to find the other wolf from earlier, quickly scampering away from him so as to not meet its mate's fate.

"Oh. Oh, so NOW you run away," Samael grumbled, readying his bow for a second time. Frustration kept his fingers steady as he strung the bow, eyes fixed onto his already distant target. "A bit too little too late, poochy."

The arrow caught the wolf in the back of its thigh, plummeting it maw-first onto the grass. It howled out in pain, until another arrow straight to the back of its skull brought silence to the forest once more.

Samael heaved a sigh. He crushed the bow in his hand, shattering it into a million tiny specks of light. They danced in the air like fireflies for a fleeting moment, then dissolved into the brisk evening air.

The silence that followed lasted about a second.

"Aaaahh siiir, I'm so, so sorry I'm late!"

The shriek was sudden, loud, and all too familiar. A young man with golden locks descended a few feet away, almost knocked off-balance by the weight of his large dussel bag. He was trembling from toe to head like he'd just ran four marathons. "I- I tried the gym thing you recommended sir, and I-- golly! W-what happened here? Are you okay, sir?!"

Samael rubbed the side of his head, already feeling an incoming migraine. "No, Judah, I pissed myself from fear."

The other angel slowly turned his gaze down to Samael's pants.

"... It was sarcasm."

"Ohhh..." Judah's tone suggested he understood - but his expression made it clear he did not. "... So. Do you need healing?"

"Look, just take care of the survivors and the monster bodies for me, will you?" Samael gestured at the injured group of men and what remained of the werewolves.

"Understood. Uhm, what about the pup, sir?"

"... The pup?"

Samael felt a cold dread brew in the pit of his stomach. Slowly, carefully, he followed the shorter angel's gaze to the foot of a statue - and there, hiding among the bloodied blades of grass, shivered a wolf pup. Once it realized it had been spotted, it tried to growl away the danger - but the noises coming out were more akin to sobs. That alone was confirmation enough; it was indeed a werewolf, a naturally born one, probably so young it couldn't shift forms at will yet.

The angel felt as if someone'd punched him in the gut. He could see the past minute scroll backwards before his eyes as if someone had clicked a rewind button.

"You... saw all that, didn't you? Were those your--- shit." Samael ran a hand through his hair as if hoping he found some proper words of consolation among the mess of crimson locks. "Look, I'm sorry, alright. I know it doesn't mean shit to you, but just--" he took a step closer, and the pup immediately recoiled.

"Shall I handle it, sir?" The younger angel offered, reaching for his sword.

"No one's 'handling' it, idiot." He brushed past Judah, purposefully bumping into the other's sword hand hard enough to make him lose his grip. "It's coming with us."


"We can't just leave a little runt like that alone 'round here. Something's gonna eat it alive. Gimme your bag." Without waiting for approval, Samael grabbed the other's dussel bag and begun to scatter its contents onto the grass.

"Uhm, sir, I must insist--- this, this is a very bad idea, and--"

Ignoring both his words and presence, Samael caught the wolf pup in Judah's sweat towel, then started to wrestle it into the bag. "Yeah? Well, then it's good that it's my idea, and none of your fucking business." The wolf would not stop struggling or growling, so much to his dismay, he had to render it unconscious. Yeah, knocking out a kid. Add that to his list of good deeds for the evening.


Samael zipped up the bag with a small hole for air, then hoisted the whole thing over his shoulder. Before Judah could object, he'd already turned around to leave, waving a lazy hand over his shoulder. "Tell boss I said hi."


Bar Bar Bar™

When Samael waltzed into Bar Bar Bar, he did so with a clear goal in mind; lay low, drink, and think. Maybe a beer or ten would help him figure out what the hell to do about the damn pup in his bag. He couldn't keep carrying it around forever, but he definitely couldn't just take it home and keep it, either. He had tried to run through all the werewolves he knew in his head, but none of them seemed like the type to just adopt a random kid on a moment's notice. Which was, you know, fair enough. Then there was that party he wanted to go to, but had changed his plans after he'd gotten his date. A date which was totally ruined, again. God, he needed some alcohol.

Samael had barely begun on his first pint when he spotted a familiar figure at the back of the bar. He recognized the auburn hair, flowing down her back in graceful curls. Much as he liked her company, considering his little... dilemma at the moment, he figured it best not to bother her - until someone else inserted himself into her presence and bothered her instead. A cocky redhead with an obnoxious, shit-eating grin. Sort of a familiar concept, actually.

The angel quirked a brow. Oi now, who was this prick?

Ever since he and Leliana first met, Samael had tried to hit on her time and time again - and just as often, she'd turned him down. It was almost like a routine for them now. So there was absolutely no way this dude was getting anywhere with her, 'specially with an approach like that.

So, at first, Samael figured he'd just let the inevitable rejection play out and enjoy the show from afar. But then it occurred to him that the dude might not take no for an answer. The good-looking degenerates were always the most dangerous; they actually did succeed in what they did sometimes, and that sent their egos through the roof. Made them think they were hot shit or whatever.

Come to think of it, didn't that sound kinda familiar too?

... Anyway, he should probably get his ass up and help, just in case.

Without a second thought, Samael pushed himself up and marched up to the duo, calling out to the guy from a good few feet away.

"Careful there Romeo, that's my girl you're pawing." The angel shoved himself right next to the two, standing in front of Leliana as much as the space would allow. He and the guy were around the same height, but Samael's boots gave him a slight edge - and he used to that to cock his head up and stare daggers down at the other redhead. His tone was even - but not any less threatening. "If you fancy keepin' that hand, better get it off her before I shove it up your ass."

Hm, well, so much for lying low.
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Why not both?
Chloe Eirwen
Back Alley -> ‘Home’ -> Bar Bar Bar

Chloe had never liked the whole ‘bait and switch’ approach to vampire hunting. It was more fun to simply run after them and fight — and it didn’t leave her with a sour feeling in her mouth afterwards, either. But sometimes, you have to go for the most efficient approach, and in this case, it was indubitably best to use herself as a lure, once again.

On my way, babe. The message popped up on her phone, followed by a winking emoji.

“Yeah…” she sighed to herself, “I’m really not cut out for this crap…”

She’d first gotten to know the vampire at a bar. Normally, she wouldn’t have taken the effort, and certainly not the risk of getting attached — but as it turns out, he was a repugnant individual (which took care of the second part), and he’d mentioned something about an incident a few years ago where a girl had been kidnapped. Given that, she’d almost had no choice but to try and extract information from him. After all, May’s death…

Anyway, it had turned out that this particular vampire was not the one responsible. She’d gotten everything she needed from him, and now it was time to put their honestly-kind-of-disgusting relationship to a swift end. But still, this whole ‘sudden betrayal’ thing made her almost feel sorry for the guy.

Pushing those kinds of thoughts away, she crept down over the edge of the roof, perching horizontally on the wall right below the ledge. People never looked there. On top of the roof, yes. Around them, yes. But on the wall just beneath it? Never. Despite the relative simplicity of the magic, nobody expected people to walk on anything but flat ground, and that’s what made it so effective. Her ears perked up as she heard footsteps echoing down the alleyway. They sounded almost… eager, and she winced at that, any ounce of sympathy evaporating.

The vampire’s figure soon appeared around the corner, the screen of his phone lighting up the dark. “Hey, Babe,” he was saying, in a voice that was flirty and yet oddly predatory, like a big cat tracking down their prey, “Where are you? Come on, let’s have a little fun—”

Now. Right when they get all smug — that’s the best time to strike.

Before the vampire could so much as move, Chloe leapt down from the wall, throwing Mayflower — her enchanted spear — and drawing her sword from its sheath. The glint of the blade made the vampire turn upwards, but it was too late. The spear flew through his chest, pinning him to the wall, and before he could even attempt to fight back his head was lifeless on the ground.

A clean kill — better than she’d hoped for.

The phone he had been holding was lying face up on the floor, still on and very much unlocked. Picking it up, she flicked through the guy’s emails, pausing when a particularly interesting one caught her eye. An invitation — to a penthouse party, hosted by none other than the vampire king himself. Her eyes widening in surprise, she quickly forwarded the email to one of her contacts at SIN — they probably knew already, but just in case, it would be best to inform them. This sort of thing would be right up their alley.

Tucking the phone into her pocket after looking through all the documents for a potential list of passwords (which she soon found), Chloe gave one last survey of her surroundings before removing Mayflower from the vampire’s body and sprinting back up the wall, returning to the roof of the building, where she’d left her bag. When she was sure she was out of sight, she changed out of her bloodied hunting gear and back into civilian clothes, then walked down the building’s walls and began her journey home, keeping to the shadows as she walked. It’s hard to hide a giant spear, after all, so the less attention she drew the better.

I’ve really got to work on that summoning circle.


Having cleaned herself with a shower, dropped off her weapons back at home (save for a small dagger), and changed back into her customary sweater and jeans, Chloe walked into the Bar Bar Bar feeling oddly refreshed. Perhaps it was just the feeling of finally getting blood and sweat off her body, or maybe finally being free of that vampire asshole. But regardless of the cause, she’d found herself in quite a good mood and very much wanting a little — non-alcoholic — drink.

The Bar Bar Bar wasn’t exactly a go to destination for her, but she happened to be in the area and, well, they made some pretty good mocktails. Nothing like a good old soda or something to rinse down the nasty feeling of killing someone — or maybe it’d be better to say something. She sat herself down at the bar and waved at the bartender. “Hey, can I have one of those soda floats? The blue ones.”

“You a minor, girl?” The man replied with a smirk as he finished up someone else’s order.

“No.” She lied easily, “I just prefer not being drunk.”

“Sure thing.” He said, and soon the drink was sitting in front of her and looking incredibly appetising. A worthy celebration for the end of an ordeal that was quite honestly way too long for her liking. She contented herself with sipping from her drink and taking liberal bites from the ice cream on top, glad to have the night off. It’s great being alone, really. She told herself, and while most of her agreed easily, some other part of her seemed oddly uneasy about it. No fears, no responsibilities…

And that’s when she heard a familiar voice. Well, familiar would be the wrong word for it, but… well, the slayer world wasn’t exactly huge, and being as active as she was, it’d be hard to avoid knowing some people at least. Both curious and a little exasperated for having her peaceful evening interrupted, she glanced out the corner of her eye, and sure enough —

Adam. That fire boy. Hitting on some girl, like always. Not that she’d been around him long enough to say that with any certainty, though. He worked for SIN, and they’d done a mission or two together in the past. Not an unpleasant guy, just… a little flirty, and pretty impulsive sometimes. Speaking of impulsive, that other redhead… is it just me, or does the atmosphere feel a bit too confrontational?

For a moment, Chloe debated whether or not to step in, and almost decided on keeping quiet before she remembered that Adam was a sorcerer. A fire sorcerer. Sure, he could probably control himself — but sorcery was notoriously unstable. A long time ago, she’d accidentally shattered a glass once when agitated and gotten a bunch of weird looks as well as some nasty cuts, and she’d rather that not happen to anyone else.

That, and she quite liked the Bar Bar Bar, and did not quite like the image of it suddenly going up in flames.

There was also that phone from the vampire, which she kind of wanted to get off her hands, and which an active slayer like Adam would certainly appreciate. A vampire's phone was pretty valuable in terms of leads — you could glean a lot from its contacts. Birds of a feather tend to stick together, after all.

Sighing, she stood up and made her way over to the trio, casually laying her hand on Adam’s shoulder. “All right guys, cool it,” she said, directing her words first to Adam and then to the unknown redhead, “Let’s not get all confrontational here.” And then, leaning closer to her fellow slayer's ear and lowering her voice, she added, “I have a lead you might be interested in."


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Gomorrah, Grand Demoness from the fourth circle, Devourer of hope and prosperity,
Aka: Leliana Marìe Deveraux
Lower Manhattan -> Bar Bar Bar™

Despite her wishes and general belief that people would leave her alone if she just sat by herself, it wouldn't take long before someone walked up to her. Judging by his looks he was some sort of rock music enthusiast with a boner for the color red. He also had one of those smug faces one just wanted to slap just for looking at her, with a wide grin and unbeatable determination. Unfortunately for her, that childish determination was directed towards her, as he called to her before sitting down next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Hey baby! What's a sexy chick like you doing in a place like this?" he said. He reeked of virginity, and considering the cheesy line not even some of the juvenile vampires in town would dare say, there was no mistaking why. While she did hate being treated that way by unsuspecting mortals, she knew better than to make a scene. She knew at least one of the other patrons were slayers, as this bar was a common hangout for supernatural beings and hunters alike, even though it had an unoficcial "Truce" kind of atmosphere.

Before the red guy could do anything thugh, a familiar face inserted itself into the scene, much to Lelianas relief. She tilted her head and tossed her hair over her shoulder to get a better view. Yup, there was her angelic savior. Many people gave the duo glances of surprise when they hung out at the bar. What would a lovely petite maiden such as herself do with such a brutish thug, right? If people only knew how wrong they were. Towering above the red guy, despite the two being fairly similarily tall, it was obvious who was the more intimidating presence here. "If you fancy keepin' that hand, better get it off her before I shove it up your ass.", Vergil said. Leliana giggled dryly. While she didn't particularily fancy the angel, she knew he fancied her. Or.. At least to the extent of never stopping to flirt with her. While scary at first, consideering his profession, the two grew to a mutual understanding over time, and are now regular drinking buddies, even though he never stopped hitting on her, and she never stopped rejecting him. It was all playful banter, though some onlookers had tried coming to her rescue before. Often she would fight them off herself, but it was always fun to see people fawn over her mortal looks.

“All right guys, cool it,”, a female voice said from somewhere. Oh great, more people. Let's just all have a party. Leliana sighed and chugged her beer as another woman came into the scene. She looked boring and plain. Young too, not too much older than Leliana's own students. “Let’s not get all confrontational here.” she said. Wait, was she even old enough to be in this bar? Ignoring the two men getting scolded, Leliana directed her attention to the newcomer. "You're not from Hollaback High, are you old enough to be in a bar like this?" she asked strictly. "Is he with you?" she then asked considering the newcomer had whispered something into the red guy's ear. "You guys may want to leave for another place. There is a diner a few blocks down from here." she then said, making a waving gesture with he hand towards the two, not bothering layering her hostility and rudeness.

she then stood up from the bar stool and walked over to Vergil. "I knew you'd come to my aid, my sweet angel" She said with a chuckle while playfully running her hand over his chest. "Baby, you kept me waiting" she then said with an obviously fake sad tone. she then giggled and slapped his chest, maybe a bit harder than necessary, before walking over to the bar. "Bartender! Two shots of Mnooshka for my man and myself here!". She turned her back on the two newcomers. There was no need to escalate this situation any further, but considering the red guy did seem like the kind of obnoxious teenager that wouldn't quit, she made a gesture to another bartender, who came over. "Also, please check the ID on those two, i don't think they're old enough to be here." she said lowly before turnign towards them, grinning maliciously.


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Bar Bar Bar

Rosa sighed as she heaved herself into one of the high top seats. The bar was noisy, but she enjoyed it to a degree. It was white noise to her, helped her think after a long day. The bruise on her side would last a week or so as long as she kept icing it. That was probably the worst part of the day. Now that she was at Bar Bar Bar, it was time to unwind and get a few beers to pass the time.

She ordered a hard cider with some nachos, a treat to herself after a successful day. Starting it off tailing some of Donor’s men was easy. Apparently the guy was a rich hotshot and was hosting a party tonight. The boss was invited so he wanted a bit of surveillance ahead of time. Fortunately, they didn’t seem any sort of sketchy as she watched them for most of the day, hiding in the shadows to both avoid detection and save on sunscreen. She reported back before heading to the gym for some training. Since she didn’t have any jobs tomorrow, she would be able to sit back and rest, and apply ice to her many bruises.

The cider and chips arrived, topped in gooey cheese and garnishes. While not one to usually eat finger foods, as that would be too messy, Rosa decided it was a night to relax. She would clean up the house tomorrow and work a bit on her knitting. While icing up. Dang, those bruises were going to be such a pain to deal with all week, weren’t they?

Halfway through her snack, and another cider in, there was a slight ruckus. Across the bar was a beautiful woman. Rosa had noticed her when she walked in, petite with long red hair. She had an urge for blood when first seeing her, but repressed it and got a table before she could think more about. But now, there were two men beside her with a woman approaching. There was a bit of tension that she could pick up on from this distance, but she ignored that.

The woman stood and caressed the tattooed man, said something, then smacked him in the chest. It seemed to be a teasing gesture, but it was hard to tell without being able to hear the conversation. Then, she approached the bar and pointed to the other two. It was an odd encounter that Rosa couldn’t understand without words or context, but it was hard to look away from the woman. The other, younger one looked nice too. She was a fan of the short hair.

Abruptly, Rosa slammed the rest of her cider and returned to her nachos. Sure women were pretty, but she was starting to feel things she didn’t feel like dealing with. She had a long day of work and was in pain. Maybe coming to the bar was a bad idea, but she was going to at least finish her food before calling it a day. She turned her attention to one of the TVs along the wall to see what could distract her.
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Donar's Penthouse

Donar chanted lightly with Tina as he waited for the other guests. To be honest the girl was kind of bland and boring, but he needed some mundane humans at the party, as the catering he'd ordered wasn't exactly going to satisfy the appetites of demons and vampires. Speaking of the caterer, he glanced over at the empty table, she'd better show up soon if she wanted to get paid.

He looked as the elevator opened again, but who came down the hall wasn't the caterer, rather it was a couple more girls. Another human he'd invited, and her rather pretty red-headed plus one. That was a pleasant surprise. Donar excused himself from the pathetic Tina and cross the room to the entryway. Time for the pleasantries, “May, wonderful to see you again, so glad you could make it. Come in, come in. Who's your friend?”

He'd like to have stayed around and chatted, but he heard the elevator open up again, and this time the caterer finally came in rolling her cart of covered dishes. Donar excused himself and stepped away from his guests. He extended a hand to the tables his minions had set up earlier that day, instructing. “You'll be setting up over there.”

He slipped a hand into his coat pocket and discreetly fished out a bundle of bills. It was the amount they'd agreed upon earlier. As she unpacked the food, he caught the unpleasant aroma of garlic. It was unavoidable at this point, but he probably wouldn't be using this caterer again. At least it wouldn't immediately be in the human's blood streams. When she'd finished unpacking, he approached and offered her the bundle of bills. He glanced over the food, and lied politely, “Thank you, everything looks delicious. I trust you didn't have any trouble getting here?”

About this time, the main bulk of the party guests started to arrive, both monsters and humans. It was about time for him to stake out his evening meal. . . and make connections. Yes, that was what the party was about wasn't it? He couldn't neglect his thirst, but he needed to remember to network as well. He moved away from the catering table, and the undesirable smells of it, which included a lot of garlic, and started greeting guests. This was an important part of both goals.


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Donar’s Penthouse

The elevator arrived at the top floor and Teresa was in awe. The hall was grandiose, especially for Teresa's standards of a cramped one room apartment. There were a few guests mingling and May started walking confidently into the open space towards where she assumed the main room was. Teresa quickly followed, head rotating every direction so she could take everything in. She stopped with May when a tall, studious looking man with dark hair greeted them. He had a bit of a silver fox look to him and was dressed rather sharply.

“May, wonderful to see you again, so glad you could make it. Come in, come in. Who's your friend?” May beamed and put a hand on Teresa's shoulder.

“Mr. Antall, so good to see you again,” she chirped. “This is my good friend Teresa, we work at the library together.”

“Mr. Antall, it's very nice to meet you, and thank you for hosting such a wonderful party.” Teresa could hardly mask how impressed she was. It was probably one of the nicest parties she'd ever been to and she was looking forward to the nights activities.

“It is very nice meet you as well, Teresa. Unfortunately I have some business to attend to, but you ladies enjoy yourself this evening and hopefully we can catch up sometime later.” He was polite and professional in leaving the conversation and May promised they would find him later that night at a better time. The duo continued walking around to get their bearings and chatted.

“May, you didn't tell me the host was attractive,” Teresa whispered urgently.

“Ok first of all he's old, come on. But second of all… I know right?” May suppressed a giggle and glanced around to make sure no one was eavesdropping on them. “I wanted to see your reaction as soon as you saw him.”

“Well I can see why you were so excited about this party now,” she teased. May playfully punched her shoulder and blushed.

“Just because he's a little hot doesn't mean I have a chance, alright? Let me just enjoy this and we'll never speak of it again.”

“Fine, fine, but if you two end up getting together I expect you to help pay my rent. Ah, kidding! Last joke I promise!” Teresa avoided her friends glare and less playful punches. She quickly maneuvered them towards the food table which is where she really wanted to be. She was ready to dig in to some appetizers, especially the sweet and sugary ones. While Teresa was focused on food, May was scanning through the other guests.

“There's a lot of interesting characters here. Guess it pays to be eccentric.” Teresa shrugged at Mays comment and gathered her little foods on a plate.

“When you don't have to worry about money I guess you can get into some interesting things. This bruschetta is really good May, try some.” The pair stood by the food table for a while, simply observing. Teresa had always secretly wondered what rich life was like. She would never want to put herself in the middle of it though, she much preferred her simple lifestyle. But this party was a great opportunity to glance into what the wealthy lifestyle was like. What did these kinds of people get up to?
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Cadence Amorè
Donar's Penthouse

After Cadence finished setting up the food, Donar approached and offered her a bunch of bills. Most clients usually paid her with checks, but she figured he probably couldn't write a legitimate one... “Thank you, everything looks delicious. I trust you didn't have any trouble getting here?” She could tell from his expression that he wasn't telling the truth. It was probably the garlic she had added to some of the food.

"No trouble at all. Thank you, sir." Cadence politely responded. After he left, Cadence breathed a sigh of relief, and stashed the money into her purse. She was relieved he didn't seem to recognize her from five years ago. Now she just had to avoid getting fed on by a vampire, and this evening should go smoothly.

Soon, more guests started to arrive. It was time for Cadence to do her job. She tended to the needs of the guests who approached the table. She tried to pay attention for any strange happenings. So far, everything was normal, and she hoped it stayed that way.

Amongst all the guests, there were two women hanging out by the food table. One of them commented on the bruschetta. "Thank you! I made that myself. Glad your enjoying it." Cadence stepped in to the conversation. "Hi, I'm the caterer. Can I get you ladies anything?"

Adam Hayes
Bar Bar Bar™

Before the woman could respond, another redheaded guy came between them. "Careful there Romeo, that's my girl you're pawing." This guy was actually kind of hot too. Adam appreciated his sense of style. "If you fancy keepin' that hand, better get it off her before I shove it up your ass." And then he had to go and say that. The guy was staring daggers at, him, and Adam simply glared back at him. He could feel his balled up fist burning.

Before Adam could say something, a familiar face made her way to the table. “All right guys, cool it,” It was Chloe. Another “Let’s not get all confrontational here.” It was Chloe, another Slayer he had worked with. She seemed cool, and looked cute. It was unfortunate that she didn't talk much. Adam would have to fix that one day. She leaned in, and whispered in his ear. “I have a lead you might be interested in." Adam raised an eyebrow. He had a feeling he knew what the lead might be, but he was still interested in hearing what she had to say.

Then the woman he was trying to hit on made a scene, carassed the other redheaded guy's chest. Even Adam could tell this was terrible acting, he just rolled his eyes.

"Fine. I'll go. I've got other shit to do anyway... But, speaking of hands and asses..." Adam bit his bottom lip, and took the opportunity to smack the other redheaded guy's butt. "I'll see you later, red." Next, he took Chloe aside to have a word with her. "So, what kind of info ya got? Does this have anything to do with that vampire party? Glinda... I mean Cadence... is working there, and the witch won't tell me where it is."

Suddenly, the duo was approached by a bartender. "Excuse me you two, but I'm going to need to see some ID."

"Seriously? Do I look 18 to you? Ugh, fine." Adam rolled his eyes, and produced his ID. "It's legit. I'm twenty fucking three!"

The man took the card studied it for a moment, then back at Adam. "Yes, I suppose it is... But what about your friend here?"

"Are ya kiddin' me? Chloe's is totally cool!"

"I'm going to need proof of that..."
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Why not both?
Chloe Eirwen
Bar Bar Bar

"You're not from Hollaback High,” The lady who had been the subject of the two redhead’s attentions said, “Are you old enough to be in a bar like this? Is he with you? You guys may want to leave for another place. There is a diner a few blocks down from here."

“Look, Miss,” Chloe replied, taking a step back, “I’m a regular here and perfectly old enough, thank you for asking. As for my acquaintance, I’m sorry if he was a bother. He can be a little — ” Before she can finish her sentence, she’s cut off by the sound of Adam slapping the other guy’s ass. Slapping the other guy’s ass. Does he have any idea about what constitutes acceptable behaviour?

“See ya later, Red.” Adam said, before making his retreat and dragging her with him. She tried to give the two a apologetic bow, then turned around to follow her fellow slayer, grabbing the drink she’d abandoned earlier along the way. Getting involved in this whole thing was a mistake — but at least now she could get that damn phone and all the unpleasant memories it evoked off her hands. She did not bother to point out that ‘red’ was hardly an insult and could very easily be used to refer to Adam as well.

"So, what kind of info ya got?” Adam asked, sitting down at a table a decent distance away. “Does this have anything to do with the vampire party?” So SIN did already know. Apparently they already had people there. Impressive work, as usual.

Before they could get very far, a bartender approached them, and asked for an ID. Out of the corner of her eye, Chloe swore she saw the woman from earlier with an infuriatingly smug grin on her face. Seriously, girl? Adam made an attempt to cover for her, but the guy wasn’t having any of it. Not that she can fault him for doing his job.

“Sure.” She said with a sigh, reaching into her pocket and producing her wallet, flipped open to reveal an ID. SIN had managed to forge a pretty good one for her — it really helped to be able to enter bars and clubs and other such locations when searching for leads. “Here you go. I apologise for looking young.” Seeing the slightly uncomfortable look on the guy’s face, she added a laugh and a smile, “Sorry, I was just joking around. We should be good now, yeah?”

The bartender nodded a little tersely. “Yes. Apologies for the interruption.” Chloe gave him a wave as he walked off.

When he was gone, she turned back to Adam, taking the phone out of her pocket and sliding it across the table. “Thanks for trying earlier,” She said, “Anyways -- it’s not just the party, it’s a phone. I nabbed it off the most recent target. It’s got some pretty promising leads — phone numbers, texts, emails, all of it.” Pausing, she took a long sip from her drink. “The password’s ‘DamnDatA33’, with ‘3’s instead of ’S’s.” She sighed, “Classy, I know. Oh, and don’t go busting up the party, all right? They probably sent Cadence, and not you, for a reason.”


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Donar's Penthouse

Donar had practically ignored the caterer's words in departing, only smiling politely. It was pretty much just what he knew her to be obligated to say anyways. Complaining was not an indication that someone wanted to be hired for additional work.

The party was really going now, and the Penthouse was almost full to capacity. Honestly, Donar didn't need all this racket, but feeding would be easy tonight as would looking for potential business partners. He figured maybe feeding should come first, that way he wouldn't be as easily distracted when pitching his plans to other inhumans. He considered his options. Maybe that May girl? He might need to do something about her friend. He had a nagging suspected she might not be human, or entirely human, but he wasn't completely sure. Then again, May had pretty much dismissed her as a coworker, so how close could they be?

They'd been hanging out around the snack table for a while. This was both good and bad. It reeked of garlic over there, but their blood would already have more nutrients and sugars racing around in it. He wove his way through the other party goers, doing his best to act natural and acknowledge people's comments and gestures as he passed.

Ugh, it smelled worse over here then he remembered. He picked up some of the champagne his minions keep setting out and took a sip, for appearances sake, before addressing May and Teresa. Together of course, since they were still hanging out together. It crossed his mind he might have trouble separating the two of them. He could always pick another target if it came to that. He smiled, “So ladies, how are you enjoying the party?” He looked towards Teresa, pretending to include her while paying May a compliment, “May here has been really helpful in finding resources for my research.”

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Chloe managed to get the bartender out of their hair, then explained she had gotten from a target. Adam had to wonder why didn't know about this... Here he was sitting in a bar, when apparently he could ambush a vampire, and steal their phone.

Adam scoffed at Chloe's last statement. "Pfft! What reason could could there possibly be for sending her over me? Knowing her, a hot guy will probably say just the right words to her, she'll fall head over heels for him, then next thing ya know, she's his next meal." The redheaded man rolled his eyes. "If they had sent me, at least I would bust shit up!" He made guns with his fingers. “Bang Bang!”

Still the phone was interesting. Maybe he could find some action tonight after all. "But whatever... Let's see what we got here." Adam took it from her and entered the password, unlocking the phone and giving Adam access to everything in it. "Nice! Hm, let's call someone and see what happens. I mean, what are we gonna do? Sit here and stare at it wondering what to do next?" Without waiting to hear Chloe's response, he picked a random number off this person's contacts, and called it.
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Samael's plan to keep a low profile was really going down the drain. Before the offensively red jackass could even get a word in, their little troupe was joined by a new face - this one much prettier than her companion. She addressed both him and the other guy, then whispered something into the latter's ear. Samael cocked a brow at the sight. Was she this dude's girlfriend or something? No way, right? She was too much of a looker, and seemed way too indifferent towards his wandering hands.

Leliana went on to start grilling the poor girl about her age, probably as a means to get her and her little boytoy outta the bar altogether. Samael didn't really care either way. Yeah, she looked a little younger than most other patrons, but he sure as hell didn't look tens of thousands of years old either, so he probably wasn't the best person to judge. Didn't really matter to him either way - 'far as he was concerned, human laws over alcohol consumption were stupid as hell anyway. The stuff was awesome, why put restrictions on it at all?

Anyway, whether it was Samael's presence or the girl whispering sweet nothings into the dude's ear, the guy did as he was told and relented. Cool, that was the smart choice. Samael wouldn't have pulled any of his actual magic out on a hapless human, but he sure as hell could've thrown a punch or a dozen if needed. Yeah, the higher ups would've probably given him shit for it, but he would've technically done it to protect someone, so-- ha. Up theirs.

After Leliana was done talking to the two, she practically threw herself at him - be that she wasn't serious about it. If all it would've taken to win her over was threaten some dude in a bar, Samael would've scored a long time ago. Nah, she was just playing as usual, probably equal parts to mess with him as the other guy. Demons were like that, coy little shits. That's why he liked 'em.

He didn't really manage a word in before her caress already turned into an audible slap, and the angel let out a small groan of displeasure - and surprise. Damn, guess that was over then. She'd certainly used some force there too, cause he'd felt that slap - good thing he was made of sturdy stuff. He rubbed at the area of impact while she ordered them drinks, then chuckled and stepped up behind her. With a grin, he leaned over her shoulder to whisper, teasing her in turn: "You know, your 'sweet angel' ain't gonna be that sweet if you keep riling him up like that."

Samael was about to continue, when he felt a sudden... slap? On his ass? The angel straightened his pose away from the demon and turned around with a confused blink - only to see the red guy turning away from him to talk to the bartender. ...The hell? Did the guy just slap the ass of someone who fucking threatened him a minute ago? Didn't he have any sense of self-preservation? Man, dude was lucky he wasn't a demon or something. And that he didn't mind dudes, either. Cause that could've ended badly.

He shook his head and took his shot when offered. Damn, it felt good. The burn in his throat was comforting. Maybe he should stick to stronger stuff tonight. With a holler, he ordered another round and then some, gesturing Leliana towards a nearby table once he'd grabbed their liquor.

"Right, taking bets on how long that dude's gonna last 'round these parts," Samael yanked a chair out for himself with his foot and slouched down. "He's gonna go spank a werewolf and get his head bitten off or something, I'm callin' it. And then it's gonna be up to me to save his sorry ass. Talk about irony."

He laughed, only for his glee to slowly end up in a deep sigh. That's right... werewolves... and the pup. Aw, shit, he'd already forgotten about that. This really wasn't a time to be drinking, the damn thing could wake up and start whining any minute now. Guess he could always pass it off as just a dog pup, but... if it actually could already take a more human form, he'd be in some deep shit if anyone saw. Carrying a small child around in a dussel bag was apparently frowned upon in the human realm too.

"... Hey, uh, 'Lia, you wouldn't know any werewolf couples around here, would ya?" he brought his bag up for her to see, starting to gradually open its zipper, "See, I've got this littl-"

Before he could finish, a familiar, rocking tune interrupted him. Who was that? He was pretty sure he'd told everyone he was busy tonight. With an exasperated sigh, Samael dug out his phone, took a glance at the name, and rolled his eyes. Right, that guy. Of course.

"Yeah?" he groaned in answer, continuing before he could hear a word from the other side, "This better not be about another one of your human 'hookups'. I told you; I don't wanna know, and you sure as hell don't want me to know."
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The lady behind the bar, dressed in a purple apron, stepped forward and spoke up, "Thank you! I made that myself. Glad you’re enjoying it. Hi, I'm the caterer. Can I get you ladies anything?"

“Oh wow, it is fantastic, wonderful job,” Teresa replied. “Actually, if there are any drinks you recommend we would love something tart and fruity, not too strong.”

“Maybe for you, but I’d like something stronger, we’re taking a cab home anyway.” May wiggled her eyebrows and laughed. Teresa smiled back and shook her head in exasperation.

“Yes, that too, if you don’t mind? Thank you so much.” Teresa gave her a grateful nod and continued conversing with her friend, looking forward to a drink or two so she could loosen up.

There were only so many appetizers a person could have before getting bored though. And only a few people had approached the pair as they passed by the table, making polite conversation that one does at a party. Teresa, even with a glass of sweet wine in hand, still wasn’t that interested in talking politics or economics with the big wigs at the party. May was more than happy to push herself into a conversation and drag her along, but Teresa usually didn’t have much to say. She preferred a younger crowd with energy and a wild, casual atmosphere, if she was out being social at all. Soon this fancy apartment would get too stuffy for her and she would be on her phone, slouched into one of the large cream colored sofas at the edge of the room. She would need a whole weekend off to recharge after tonight.

“So ladies, how are you enjoying the party?” The sound of Mr. Antall’s voice brought Teresa out of her reverie. She took her eyes off the spot on the wall she had been spacing out into and looked back at May and the host. She smiled politely and lifted her glass to take a sip.

“Mr. Antall! We’re having a wonderful time, thank you again so much for inviting us.” May grabbed Teresa’s shoulder and waved around at the people. She was on her second glass, only slightly stronger than what Teresa was drinking, but she had a higher tolerance and would need another glass before she became a giggly, drunk mess. Teresa was determined to leave the party with both of them sober this time. Mr. Antall glanced at Teresa.

“May here has been really helpful in finding resources for my research.” May swelled with pride for a moment and then made a dismissive gesture.

“Oh Mr. Antall, I’m happy to help. Anyone at the library could’ve been a help to you, but I’m honored to be of assistance.” She spread her arm out and half bowed like a servant, almost giggling in front of the host. So she’s a bit further along than I thought, great, Teresa thought. She hoped the host wouldn’t be offended by the gesture, heck he might be flattered, but then again Teresa hadn’t had a lot of time to get to know him.

“Research, interesting. What kind of topics do you study Mr. Antall?” Teresa asked with genuine interest. She had found learning about someone’s hobbies was a great way to get to know someone. They opened up when talking about something they enjoyed. Unless they were manipulative like her, they wouldn’t realize how much they said if it was something they were truly passionate about. Maybe she had a chance here to get to know their host better. If he wasn’t pulled away by more important conversations once again.


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“That’s precisely why they didn’t send you. As my senior, you’ve gotta know there’s more to this than the shooty bang bang.” Chloe sighed at Adam’s response, shaking her head exasperatedly and sipping from her drink. The man was... a little aggravating to be sure, but at least deep down he had his heart in the right place — probably.

Before she could get any more lost in thought, Adam swiped the phone, and by the time her “Hey, wait a second” was out of her mouth, he’d already called a number. If she was in a more private space Chloe would probably have slammed her head on the desk, but it would be dangerous to draw attention to herself, so she didn’t. And then, what she heard made her blood freeze. That voice — had she... it couldn’t have been, right? There’s no way she could be this unlucky, right? All I’d wanted was a soda float...

Glancing out the corner of her eye, she saw that redhead from earlier holding a phone up to his ear. Watching his lips, she felt her heart drop a little as they matched the words coming out of the phone’s speaker. “— I don’t wanna know, and you sure as hell don’t want me to know.”

Chloe sighed, and gave Adam a death glare.

If they blew their cover now, it was over — their only advantage, and only chance of gaining more leads, lay in the fact that the vampire community did not know of that bastard’s death yet. Besides, she was barely armed, and Adam was a ****ing idiot, so she couldn’t trust him to come up with something — he couldn’t possibly imitate that guy’s voice, either, having never heard it.

Latching onto the first idea that crossed her mind, she snatched the phone from Adam and lowered her voice to a whisper, putting on a slightly exaggerated English accent to try and hide her voice. “I...” She began, pretending to be scared, “Wait, ‘h-human’? ‘A... another one’? What do you — I... oh, god, I was right, this — I... ****, he’s...”

She hung up immediately after, quickly putting the phone back down on the desk. No need to talk for longer than was necessary. That guy had never been great at hiding himself, or being discrete with where he left his things. During the time she’d spent with him, she’d had ample time to be left with access to his devices when he disappeared to the bathroom after drinking too much. If that redhead had known him well, such a call probably wouldn’t surprise him in the slightest.

At least... if she did a good enough job disguising her voice. She’d picked up some acting chops over the years, but it never was her strong suit.

“That’s him.” She whispered to Adam, motioning to the guy they’d previously confronted. “He’s one of them.” And then, after a short pause, “Don't try anything crazy, or I'll stab you before he does." The last thing she wanted was to have this little safe haven ruined as well.
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“Look, Miss,” the little very underage woman replied to Lelianas snarky comments while taking a step back, as if to prepare herself for a big verbal assault, “I’m a regular here and perfectly old enough, thank you for asking. As for my acquaintance, I’m sorry if he was a bother. He can be a little — ”. She was properly going to say something amusing and borderline offensive about her.. friend? However, said dumdum decided to make the first move by.. slapping Vergil's bum? After making a very cocky goodbye, he walked off. Even the short woman was in awe. Did.. that just happen? This only solidified Lelianas belief that the kid was either high, or incredibly stupid. Virgins were always stupid.... The woman dropped her tough-guy act completely and made apologetic gestures towards Vergil and Leliana before following him. Leliana couldn't help but make a snarky giggle.

As LEliana was not one to let go of potential entertainment, she gave the bartender a quick nod, and he sighed before walking after the duo. However, to her disappointment, they were allowed to stay for some ungodly reason. This bothered her more than it should, but she decided she would let it be. She was above making petty squabbles with kids anyway, and its not like she really cared that much.

"Right, taking bets on how long that dude's gonna last 'round these parts,", Vergil said, sounding displeased and a little embarrassed from the red guys weird move. "He's gonna go spank a werewolf and get his head bitten off or something, I'm callin' it. And then it's gonna be up to me to save his sorry ass. Talk about irony." Vergil scoffed. Leliana gave a dry laugh. "I dunno Vergil. I know a nest of changelings that would tear him into pieces in mere minutes. They're easily agitated too, i'm sure we could..." She stopped herself from getting too carried away by the allure of murder and straightened herself. ".. Sorry about that." She knew Vergil didn't like it when she went on about murders. He was a slayer, after all. While it was dangerous for her to be around an angel of his status, he was admittedly good company, and the two had a mutual understanding of the others practices.

As if he didnt even register her almost rant about murder and provoking a clan of children, Vergil suddenly started babbeling on as if he suddenly remembered something. "... Hey, uh, 'Lia," she hated when he called her that.. "you wouldn't know any werewolf couples around here, would ya? See, I've got this littl-". He was holding up his surprisingly deep and expensive-looking bag to her when his phone suddenly rang. He turned away without explaination to answer it. Curious to the bag, Leliana slowly peeked into its dark depths, and were met by two yellow eyes and a weak growl, before something so quick jumped out and into her face. Obviously, she was quicker, and caught the culprit mid-action. It was... a tiny wolf? A pup by the looks of it. Did Vergil get a dog? No, not a dog, more wolfy-looking.. Wait, he did mention werewolves just a moment ago. Did... Did he kidnap a werewolf pup?

Holding up the werewolf pup who seemed to be barking intimidatingly at her, she raised an eyebrow, and released one single gutteral demonic bark in return. The pup stopped immediately and winced. it was... almost cute.. Almost. She cast a confused glance over at Vergil, who was still on the phone. Not getting any responces, she took the pup and walked away to let Sam talk in peace.

"Hey you, this is a no pet bar!" The bartender from earlier said as he came over to her. The pup instantly started snarling and grinding its teeth to him, and he flinched for a second before continuing. The bartender tried to foolishly grab the pup, and Leliana let him. Vergil wasn't around at the moment. The pup, as she expected, bit deep into the bartenders hand. He jumped back and shouted in pain, earning a few looks from the other patrons. Leliana scooped up the pup and held it in her arms. "Thats what you get for letting minors into your bar, you imbecile." she said, throwing her hair dramatically and walking back to Vergil. She knew, of course, that the poor bartender would have a fun life-changing experience sometime.. Next week?. She chuckled ominously while gently patting the pup. "Good boy." she said.

"Am i to assume this was what you were asking for?" She asked Vergil as she came over to him, completely ignoring that he was on the phone this time. It was probably hunter business, and that sort of business was none of hers anyway.
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Donar found himself quite pleased with May's reaction. Not only did she seem happy to be here, but she was clearly partaking in the alcoholic refreshments, which should potentially lower her inhibitions nicely. As long as she didn't go overboard and make herself sick. He tried to reply with at least half the enthusiasm she was showing. He took her hand and patted it, “So good to hear my dear. No trouble at all.”

Her sudden curtsy at the compliment however, told him her inhibitions were plenty lowered enough. All he needed to do was lure her away, and distract her friend somehow. Unfortunately the Teresa woman was asking him questions now, so she might be harder to shake then he'd anticipated. Politely he smile, starting to half lie, mostly for May's and any nearby humans' sakes. He couldn't risk any live humans leaving here with any real knowledge of magic or inhuman creatures. But if this woman was indeed inhuman, she'd see though to what he was really telling her, “Well, I've been doing quite heavy research into archaic beliefs, particularly those relating to magic. Not just the whys and whens of what they believed mind you, but what exactly they thought would work and why, and how it relates to the local materials they had at hand. It's really quite fascinating if you like details. . . Of course the modern interpretations and implications can be interesting as well.”

As he spoke, a more refined plan started to form in his mind. The first step, would be to lure May away with a promise of seeing his private collection, but since they both worked at the library, Teresa may be interested in seeing his old books as well. Unless she was sick of books day in and out, which was a real possibility as well. In that case, the second step would not be necessary. . . He took another sip of wine, then turned to find a surface to set the flute on. It didn't matter where. A servant would be by to whisk away the used glass in no time. Returning his attention to the girls, he offered, “I know it's not as grand of a scale as the library, but given the relative condition, perhaps you'd like to see some of the gems from my private collection?”

He gave a slight smile and a pause, quickly assessing their reactions. He needed to be quick to let it go and make other conversation if they were unreceptive, or worse suspicious. There would probably be other chances to convince May she should rest, but not other chances to win them over as much as they were won over presently.


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Something nagged at the back of Teresa’s mind. She was thoroughly intrigued that this fancy rich guy had an interest in magic, of all things, but it felt as though something was off. Being fae, she knew when someone was trying to be manipulative, she had been around it all her life, and this Mr. Antal was doing just that. The few drinks she had were making it difficult to logic out why he was doing it, but as long as she stuck with May the two would be safe so there was nothing to worry about. Besides, the proposal was almost too good to be true. On the plus side, they would be getting a tour of a fancy rich man's library and, if he really was researching real magic, the second plus side was that Teresa might get a sneak at some cool spells, potions, or rituals. A bit of a stretch, but anything was possible here in New York.

“Definitely!” May said with a burst of enthusiasm. Teresa sighed internally and took another drink. “Mr. Antal it would be a delight to tour your private collection.” At least May was on board. Suppose I’ll just have to stay on guard for any funny business. Mimicking her host, Teresa set her drink down on a random surface and offered a smile.

“I’d be happy to tag along too, if that’s alright. I’m sure it’s nearly as impressive as the library, if not more so, based on what I’ve already seen tonight.” Teresa wasn’t sure which she hoped for more; that this man was simply an eccentric rich type attempting to romance them or that he was actually a practiced magician and had some interesting things to show them. She still wasn’t sure about the man’s intentions and was slightly wary about him, but she did have to admit she was fairly impressed by everything here.

And then there was May to worry about. Having been given an invitation, she was now slightly bouncing on her feet and looking eagerly at Mr. Antal. May was feisty and energetic when sober. Those aspects were only amplified when drinking, making for some fun nights in the past. But if this guy had any malicious intent, it might be difficult to keep May under control and make a discreet exit. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. It would be even worse if he had malicious intent and was a legit magic user. Then things would get complicated fast and Teresa tried pushing that thought from her mind. Slim chance, but can’t rule it out. Gosh when did I get so stuck up about everything? Maybe I should take a page from May's book and loosen up a bit more. Teresa reached back and took another swig of her drink before turning back to the host and waiting for a response.