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Penthouse of the Vampire King (Rated R) RP


"Vergil Constantine"
Bar Bar Bar™

The familiar, cocky drawl Samael expected to hear never came. In its place was an uncharacteristic silence, followed by a voice that definitely didn't belong to the vampire he knew. It was feminine and scared, repeating his words with a quiver. As Samael heard the word 'human' repeated back to him, he quickly realized just how badly he'd fucked up.

"Wait!" the angel stood up from his seat as if about to physically chase after someone, tone equally startled, "My bad, it was a joke, it's not lik--"

Too late. With three excruciating beeps, the call was over - and so was his chance to explain.

"... Oh, fuck me." Samael threw himself back onto his seat with a clatter, running a hand through his hair - almost as if hoping the fingers scraping his scalp would make him think faster. Great, the hell was he supposed to do now? He'd just dragged some innocent girl into vampire business. If she blathered about it to the wrong people - or hell, to anyone at all - chances were someone was gonna get her ass for it. And if slayers caught wind of the whole deal, there could be an even bigger altercation. He didn't-- really care what happened to that particular vampire, dude was always a creep, but there were lots of others he'd hate to see with a stake through their hearts.

If only he could find the girl and make sure she didn't talk... but how was he supposed to do that? No... if she had the guy's phone, she must've been with him. And if that was the case, she was practically dead already. There was no way she wasn't going to confront him about something like this. The only way to get a hold of her before he did was to...

A sudden, pained shout from the bar drew Samael from his thoughts just in time to see Leliana returning. ... Huh? When'd she left? Damn, he must've really been outta it. He was just about to speak up and ask if she could fetch him something a lil stronger than what they'd had so far, because damn he did need it, when---

"Am I to assume this was what you were asking for?"

The angel's gaze fell onto the little furball in her arms - then quickly darted to his bag. It was open. And empty.

Today just kept getting better and better, didn't it?

Samael sighed, defeated. "Yeah."

He pinched his forehead, fully aware that there probably should've been more urgency in his words. "Could you-- not hold it out in the open like it's a three-time Best in Show winner? I was supposed to keep it a secret."

A small pause followed as Samael glanced at the pup, brows furrowing at the memory. "... I shot its parents," he finally managed, a hint of melancholy bleeding into his otherwise deadpan tone. Not that he wouldn't do it all over again if given the choice. The nature of his being dictated that he never really had a choice, after all. "The runt has nowhere to go, and I ain't exactly cut out to be a dad - or a dog owner."

The pup growled at him. It had a shit-ton of reasons to. Samael ignored it and hit the call button in an attempt to get a hold of the girl from earlier. He would never find her in time, but if she answered, then maye he could warn her before she bit the proverbial bullet. Or the vampire bit her.

"So I figured the least I could do was rehome it. Got any suggestions?" Samael asked from Leliana, trying to distract himself from the excruciating wait as the call connected. He rapped the table nervously, unaware that somewhere in the distance, the bartender was stomping his way towards them.


Gomorrah, Grand Demoness from the fourth circle, Devourer of hope and prosperity,
Aka: Leliana Marìe Deveraux
Lower Manhattan -> Bar Bar Bar™

The last bit of confidence and feeling of being in control of the situation, whatever that might be, that Vergil had seemed to have had earlier in the evening seemed to be snuffed out once Leliana returned to their table. His somewhat lazy demeanour quickly changed once he saw the werewolf puppy in Lelianas arms though, and his gaze flashed between his bag and Leliana several times before his level of "The day officially cannot get any worse" reached new exciting depths. As much as she found it hilarious to see the light of hope extinguish, she almost felt bad for him. Whatever phone call he had gotten had not been showering him with good news, that much was for sure.

"Yeah." he finally said after the long silence. "Could you-- not hold it out in the open like it's a three-time Best in Show winner? I was supposed to keep it a secret." he then said in an uncharacteristically serious tone. Leliana scowled. "Tsk, it's not as if he's bothering anyone." she laughed manically n her head while thinking of the bartenders impending fate. "and just wook at how fwoofy he isss" she then said in a very overdone cutesy tone, bordering on creepy, while holding the puppy out in front of her. She held the tiny wolf right under its front legs, leaving its backpart hanging, tail wagging as the puppy looked at Vergil like a kid watching his favorite superhero punch some flamboyantly dressed villain into next month. "arf" it barked.

"... I shot its parents," he then said in a low tone as to not attract attention, completely ignoring the adorable scene unfolding in front of him. Leliana took the pup back and held it in her arms, gently carassing its back as he continued talking. She liked where this was going, allthough she had a hunch she would be pulled into some sort of commitment.. it was a strange feeling. However, she knew Vergil was a slayer, that much was obvious. The guy lived for a good fight, and doing good deeds and all that pizzaz was like a second or maybe third nature to him. However, the way he tolerated you, regardless of your background as long as you behaved was new, and Leliana had never had a person like that in her life. It was almost as if they could be considered friends at this point, but she would never let him know that. It's not as if she wanted friends anyways, right? But beyond all that he was still a slayer, and it came as no surprise he killed the pups parents. Maybe they chomped down on some hikers, ran into traffic or robbed some poor innocent park goers. Anyways, the pup was an orphan now.

As if he was reading her mind, Vergil continued his deadpan monologue. "The runt has nowhere to go, and I ain't exactly cut out to be a dad - or a dog owner.". Well that much was true. She had once gifted him a cactus as a token of appreciation for not trying to exorcise her at the first opportunity, and the poor thing had drowned within days. The pup growled at Vergil, as if it understood what he was saying. Leliana tightened her grip on it and continued stroking its back. It quickly settled down, starting to softly purr for some strange reason.

"So I figured the least I could do was rehome it. Got any suggestions?" he then finished. Hm, they were now a supernatural adoption agency, and as much as she disliked admitting to it, she didnt know any werewolves. She had always felt above them on the food chain, and had always treated them with contempt and snobbish superiority. To say the werewolves of the city disliked her would be a grand understatement. However heartless she was, the thought of killing the puppy, which was likely the alternative, seemed to irk her more than the thought of rehoming it.

"You're really tugging at my pigtails here Vergil. You know i don't know any Werewolf couples, and especially none that are looking to adopt a stray pup. There are rules within werewolf society with packs and all that too you know. Even if we did find him a new pack, he would never be accepted.. Now would you boy, no you wouldnt, no you wouldnt" she finished by tickling the pup intensely, which it seemed to greatly enjoy. The truth of the matter was, tough, that she didnt have any other ideas. Sighing, she was about to tell Vergil when she noticed a very angry bartender stomping towards them from behind the counter, holding unto his arm. Uh-oh. If Vergil found out the pup bit him he would definitely put it down, and maybe do in the bartender too. That would be such a waste, the bartender was so cute. Well, time to find new battlegrounds.

"Anyways that topic can wait for another time, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it and in the meantime, we are Bobby's parents." she said as she walked over to where he sat and yanked him up with one arm. Without waiting for him to respond, she continued "Yes, i named him Bobby. He'd need a name, wouldn't he?" she then said, stubbornly looking away. "Anyways let's go, i know this cute little club just around a few corners from that block where they sell those weird candies!", and with that, she pulled Vergil out into the streets and away from the shouting bartender, and started powerwalking away from the potential bloodbath. bobby growled happily.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Adam Hayes
Bar Bar Bar™

The voice on the other end of the line sounded very familiar. He said something about human hookups... Before Adam even had a chance to react, Chloe snatched the phone from him, and gave him a death glare. The redheaded man scoffed and rolled his eyes. He really wanted to say something cool, and Chloe took away his chance. "Hmph, you're no fun."

Chloe put on a show for the guy on the other end. Acting scared, and saying a few things before quickly hanging up the phone. “That’s him.” She whispered to Adam, motioning to the guy who's girl he had tried to hit on. “He’s one of them.”

Adam's eyes widened. "Whoa!" Adam exclaimed. He knew that voice sounded familiar. Now he had a chance to get some action tonight. This was great. "Well, what are we waitin' for?!" He balled his fist, and they started glowing red with heat. "Let's go kick some ass!"

“Don't try anything crazy, or I'll stab you before he does."

"Well, fuck!" Adam scowled. His fist was now engulfed in flame. "Well, what do you suggest we do then?! Let him walk out of here like everything is ok?! We gotta do something!"


Cadence Amorè
Donar's Penthouse

“Oh wow, it is fantastic, wonderful job,” one of the women replied. “Actually, if there are any drinks you recommend we would love something tart and fruity, not too strong.”

"Oh, well, I have a wonderful selection of wines available." Cadence said with a grin. "A good wine is a great compliment to any meal."

She was in the process of serving the the women their drinks. Then Donar came by, and chatted up the two girls. Cadence got nervous listening to them talk. He seemed to be flirting with one of the girls, but she knew he did not have romantic intentions. He was no doubt planning to feed on her. She had to do something, but how was she going to do that without seeming suscpicious. She had to think quickly. Looking at all the food in front of her, she soon got an idea.

Acting fast, she picked up a tray of garlic pasta, and approached the Vampire. "Mr. Antal, have you had a chance to eat yet?" She held up the tray of pasta in front of his face. "You simply must try the pasta! It's made with fresh herbs, parmesan cheese, and a touch of garlic for that extra kick of flavor!"
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Why not both?
Chloe Eirwen
Bar Bar Bar

“Well, ****!” Adam says with a frustrated scowl, “What do you suggest we do, then? Let him walk out of here like everything is ok?! We gotta do something!”

“We keep our cool, do our job, and keep innocents out of danger.” Chloe replies, sliding the phone back into her own pocket. She ought to have known better than to entrust him with such a valuable lead in the first place, given his personality. Especially now that she had a viable excuse to reach out to one of the man’s contacts, it’d probably be better to pursue this herself. “If you want to go after them, they couldn’t have gone far. Just… do it somewhere where you won’t burn down a building.”

Some part of her wondered if she was only reacting so negatively because she herself was quite attached to this particular bar, or perhaps because she was feeling especially moody after a long day — but… no, this is fine. Adam may be a good guy deep down, but in the end she had to be the voice of reason. If they fought now, there’s no telling what might happen to all the people here.

Speaking of what might happen — Adam’s hand was on fire. Hoping desperately that nobody saw, she ‘accidentally’ knocked over her own drink (making sure that most of the liquid went to the side, rather than drenching his clothes), and doused out the flames. “I’m barely armed, so I won’t be much help.” She adds, “You’ll have to pursue them alone, if you still want to. I'll leave it to you.”

It might be a bit cold of her, but there weren’t many other options — Adam may be rash, but he could take care of himself. “Of course,” she says, standing up and backing away, “If you do need backup, don't hesitate to give me a call.”

Walking quickly, Chloe distanced herself from Adam, weaving through the somewhat-crowded bar in order to find somewhere more secluded to sit. She’d come here to relax, after all, and at this rate all that’d happen is she’d wake up tomorrow with an even bigger headache. Normally, she wasn’t one to get mad, but Adam’s lack of responsibility bothered her — can’t he see that the lives of innocents depended on him? Besides, how could someone be this childish? How did he even… no, it’s not good to get upset. There’d been enough complications as is, and if she lost control of her emotions she might end up kicking a hole in the floor. The phone she'd taken from the vampire rang, and she declined the call without thinking twice — she did not want to deal with something like this right now.

Shaking her head, she sat down at a less densely crowded area of the bar, letting out a long sigh and ordering another soda float. Now that she was feeling calmer, she took a look at her surroundings to find a tired-looking lady with short hair sitting beside her at the bar, looking up at a TV screen, and -- were those bruises? Better not to pry, I guess. Not wanting to be stuck alone with her thoughts, she decided to use the opportunity to strike up a conversation. "Hey," she says, giving her a friendly smile, "Had a long day?"
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Internet Overlord
Donar's Penthouse

“Tour?” laughed Donar after May replied and Teresa insisted on tagging along. He must have oversold it just a bit, time to back off. And with any luck Teresa would as well. But he had to play this game carefully, “Oh my dears, it's just a few old books, though there certainly are a few rare ones.”

Suddenly he found himself caught off guard, as the caterer shoved a plate of garlic laced pasta in his face. The sharp inhale one makes when surprised already had him reeling from the offensive scent, and he backed away quickly. Champagne splashed over his hand and the sleeve of his suit as he did so. Roughly he set the glass down and glared at the caterer. Then he took a deep breath, because he remembered he needed to act like he did not wish to kill her. . . but she definitely was not getting a tip, even more so than before. He replied in thinly veiled contempt, “I'm quite alright Miss, I have a strict diet I need to follow, and I'm afraid your pasta is not on it. . . But but my guests seem quite pleased with your dishes.”

He turned next to May and Teresa, holding his drenched arm up, “I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me for a few minutes. I need to deal with this.” He sighed, “Well, luckily it shouldn't stain, right?”

He turned and headed towards the master bedroom, resisting the urge to grumble to himself as he passed through the crowd of reveling guests. At least they were still having a good time. Inside he shed his suit jacket and got a towel to pat it dry. Then he went to the closet and selected a similarly colored suit to take the jacket from. He wasn't in the mood to change entirely, he still needed to feed and find some potential partners for his upcoming venture.


Well-Known Member
Bar Bar Bar

There wasn’t much going on in the world of television. Sure sports were airing, football even, but nobody was scoring and too many people were causing fouls. It was all rubbish. Rosa let herself zone out into the entertainment for a while and started to relax a bit. At least the drinks and food were good. She had finished her third cider and was on her way to finishing the nachos too. Once those were gone she would call it a night early. She could head home and either get a head start on cleaning the place or go straight to bed. It had been a long day after all.

“Hey, had a long day?” Beside Rosa one of the girls from earlier looked at her with a smile. Those eyes are stunning… She dropped the nacho in her hand back on the plate and reached for her empty bottle of cider.

“Aye, couldn’t be further from the truth,” she answered, a slight Irish accent slipping through. She looked longingly at her empty drink and sighed. “Work has been a drag this week, how ‘bout you?” While Rosa had noticed the strange altercation from earlier, she honestly had no guess as to what could’ve happened. Maybe it was a lovers quarrel? A business deal gone wrong? Perhaps it was something closer to home and supernaturally or criminally involved? Regardless, Rosa would entertain the woman and stay at the bar a little longer. She could put off her chores tonight and one more drink couldn’t hurt. In fact if anything, it would help her hurt less now and she could handle the hangover in the morning.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Adam Hayes
Bar Bar Bar™

“We keep our cool, do our job, and keep innocents out of danger.” Chloe said, as the suspect was casually leaving the bar with his lady friend. How could they possibly be doing their job when they potentially had a person of interest right there in front of them? Adam was about to say something when Chloe uttered, “If you want to go after them, they couldn’t have gone far. Just… do it somewhere where you won’t burn down a building.”

"Oh hell yes!" Adam cheered, as he ran torwards the door. He didn't even notice that Chloe had spilled a drink on his side, and his hand was no longer flaming. Or whatever else Chloe had said. He was too excited to finally get some action tonight.

Adam navigated through the crowded bar. Every so often having to push drunk people aside that were getting in the way. "Move it people! I'm walkin' here!" He only just barely managed to avoid starting a bar fight.

By the time he made it out of the bar, The suspects were already well ahead of him. At went into a run, chasing after them. "Hey asshole!" The slayer shouted as he finally caught sight of the pair. He sprinted towards the other redheaded guy, and grabbed him by the shirt collar. "Ya mind tellin' me why you have a fucking vampire's phone number?! Who the fuck are you?! You better answer!" At this point, not only did his free hand burst into flame, but so did his entire face and hair. His eyes had turned into fireballs, and Adam was literally seeing red. The slayer didn't seem to care though. "Or it's gonna get even hotter!"
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Why not both?
Chloe Eirwen
Bar Bar Bar

“Work has been a drag this week, how about you?” The lady asks with a slight Irish accent, following up with a tired sigh — it definitely seemed like she was drained.

“Tell me about it,” Chloe groaned, mirroring the lady’s sigh. To her, of course, the word ‘work’ didn’t really mean what people would expect. “I’ve got some exams coming up, too, so there’s barely any time to — ” realising what she was doing and not wanting to burden someone else with her own complaints, she laughed and cut herself off. “I just… want a vacation.”

The bartender brought her soda float and she took a long sip from it, giving a contented sigh afterwards. A vacation… that does sound nice. But her’s isn’t exactly the kind of job you can take a vacation from. It follows you wherever you go — any monster ignored are lives not saved, and she definitely didn’t want to live with that on her conscience. And besides that, the danger never left, either… I wonder if Adam is all right. Maybe she shouldn’t have left him to his own devices, hotheaded as he is — she might not be armed right now, but it wouldn’t have been hard to improvise a weapon. Thinking about it called to mind memories of her recent victim’s greasy clothes and distinctively nasty smell, as well as the memory of blood flying in the air —

Her hand shook slightly, and she almost spilled her drink, barely managing to stabilise it in time by frantically throwing out her other hand. “Sorry,” she said, a little shaken but hiding it well, “I’m… a little tired.” That had never happened to her before — am I overworking myself? No, that can’t be it… she took another sip from her drink, allowing the cold liquid to calm her down a little.

“Anyways,” she laughed, trying to bring the conversation back on track, “I didn’t get your name?”


"Vergil Constantine"
Bar Bar Bar™ -> Streets

While Samael waited desperately for his call to connect, Leliana appeared to think over his words. She seemed uncharacteristically contemplative, even. Samael was fully aware that sympathy was not part of demons’ nature - but the way she cuddled with the werewolf and seemed to actually try and think of a solution sure could have fooled him. Maybe she was just that good at pretending. Or maybe there was a part of her capable of caring about another living thing. Fuck if he knew. Demons were enigmas.

Whatever the case, Leliana ended up reminding him that she wasn’t familiar with the local werewolves, and that they weren’t exactly welcoming towards pups from other packs anyhow. Then she proceeded to repeat said fact to the poor pup, over and over while tickling it half to death. Which... to be fair, the puppy didn’t seem to mind, for some reason. Maybe it didn’t understand human speech yet.

“I know, I know. Just...“ Samael sighed, rapping his fingers on the table again, louder, more frustrated. “Had to ask.”

Finally, the monotone bleeping of his phone ended - but not to a familiar voice. Instead came three decisive beeps, signaling a refused call. Samael lowered the phone from his ear, staring at the screen as if it was a gravestone. It might’ve just as well been; if the girl didn’t pick up, she was as good as dead.


Too busy being pissed over the girl’s apparent fate, he barely noticed Leliana walking up to him or talking, until---

“--- In the meantime, we are Bobby's parents.”

She said that.

“Wait, wha-,” Samael didn’t get to finish before Leliana practically tore him from his seat and started dragging him outside. She went on about the puppy’s new name and a club she wanted to go to, and Samael was too flabbergasted by it all to do anything except stumble along for a good few minutes. It wasn’t until the brisk evening air finally cleared his mind that he found his voice.

“Whoa, whoa, wait, hold up!” he yanked his arm away from her in order to wave it in front of him. “We are not naming it Bobby. The hell kind of a name is that?! At least call it-- Ripper or something, you’re gonna ruin that thing’s reputation before it’s even housebroken, an--”

The angel stopped, reconsidered his priorities, then groaned. “I mean, we are not its parents, are you crazy? Since when did you start wanting to play house? Ain’t the kids at work driving you nuts enough? Actually, no, don’t answer that.” If they did, he did not want to know.

With an exasperated sigh, he ran a hand through his hair, then started to rummage through his pockets for his cigarettes. God, he needed a smoke. Right fucking now.

He’d barely managed to stick a cig in his mouth when someone called out behind him, "Hey asshole!" It was the ass-slapping redhead from the bar. He was running towards them.

Samael looked around, concluded that he was the only asshole on the street, and assumed the guy was talking to him. Great. He rubbed his forehead, exhausted. “Dude, look, I know you can’t get enough of my ass, but you really gotta start taking no for an answer. Go rub one out, I’m a lil bus---”

The guy caught up to him mid-sentence. Without so much as a greeting, the dude grabbed him by the collar and started screaming questions at his face. Samael brows flew up in surprise, one hand still in his pocket, the other slowly lowering to hang idly by his side. ... Right. So, this guy knew about vampires? And judging by how--- merrily he spoke of them, he must’ve been a slayer or something. Aw, fuck, what a pain.

“I dunno what you’re on about,” he started calmly, shaking his head. “Vampires? Looks like someone’s waste-”

Before Samael could finish that thought or start to figure out how the guy knew he had a vampire’s number, the other-- literally burst into flames. Well, his hand did, and then his face, and hair, and his fucking eyeballs, too, right there in the middle of the fucking street.

At that, Samael’s eyes widened with fear, though probably not for the reasons intended. This fucking idiot-! He was practically outing himself as a magic user, not only to regular people, but to possible monsters hanging nearby as well. Hell, if Leliana perceived him as a threat, she could attack him-- and that was a whole ‘nother ballpark of problems he didn’t wanna think about.

With one quick motion, Samael pulled off his jacket and threw it over the guy’s burning head, hoping to god it would douse the flames before anyone saw. Luckily the street wasn’t super busy, and many passersby were too drunk to understand what was happening - much less remember it tomorrow.

“Okay, okay! Jesus, I’ll talk, just--- put that shit out,” Samael hissed, holding the jacket in place in case the guy decided to struggle. He was not gonna let this guy get himself killed right in front of him. “There, look,” he jabbed a finger towards a nearby alley. “Over there, we’ll talk over there. Move.”

He gave Leliana a nod to go ahead and let him catch up later, then started shoving the man ahead towards the alley. All the while, he was trying to figure out how to get rid of him without actually having to talk. Even if they were in a more remote alley, he couldn’t exactly whip out his wings in public, and he doubted the guy would buy him for an angel without concrete proof. Even if he could, he really wasn’t in the mood to deal with all of this right now. All he wanted was to drink ‘till his problems went away.

But... how was he supposed to get away without a fight?

A street lamp flickered nearby. Samael stopped. That was it.

“You know what? Sorry, changed my mind.” He gave the slayer a harder shove, then quickly formed a ball of light in his hand and tossed it at the street lamp as hard as he could. It exploded in a flash of blinding light, and Samael took the opportunity to hightail it out of there before the guy could pull off the jacket, get back his eyesight and give chase. Too bad he had to leave behind a perfectly good jacket, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

Once he reached Leliana further down the street, he grabbed her arm and pulled her along into an even faster sprint.

“Better book it, puppy momma, Little Red’s coming!”

Luckily, there were perfectly good bars on the other side of the city.


(Ok so this is exactly 200 words, not counting the header and... holy shit, 200 words is nothing wtf.)

Sootsnout, “Sally”
Donar's Penthouse

Grr, she was late!

Sally dashed through the twilight streets of New York, stumbling over every other step. She’d ran on all fours most her life, so doing it with just two was a challenge. Especially with these shoe-things! Ugh, she’d left early too... stupid humans and their stupid distractions. Seriously! Those ‘hot dogs’ and the stands that sold them were vile time consumers.

By the time she arrived, the party was full of people. Her tail wagged, and Sally quickly stuffed it back into her clothes. Apparently the party had a lot of people like her, but they had to hide it. Well, Sally definitely wasn’t gonna blow their cover! She wanted to make a good first impression on that Donar guy.

But where was he?


She sniffed the air.

Oh my storm, was that--?!


Unable to contain herself, Sally dashed towards a tray of meat appetizers and begun to help herself. Then she realized she was... probably not supposed to do that. Sheepishly, she turned around to find three women nearby. Mouth full of meat, toothpicks sticking out every which way, she offered the trio the tray and her best smile, “... Doh you waff som thoo?”
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Gomorrah, Grand Demoness from the fourth circle, Devourer of hope and prosperity,
Aka: Leliana Marìe Deveraux
En Route to Pandemonium, Held up in the streets

As a big surprise to pretty much anyone who has ever talked to either Leliana or Virgil, the conversation regarding Bobby's new living arrangement went smoother than anticipated. She wasn't entirely sure why she was so interested in the pup's well being. Maye it was due to its fuzzy fur? Its adorable smile, maybe? Or the fact that she can casually walk around and infect people with lycantrophy with it at her own leisure. She had seen those television shows aimed at teens, and they all seemed pretty interested in becoming wolves and vampires and sparkly disco balls out in the sun. Also, nothing beats the sweet despair of a newly transformed werewolf. Maybe she would bring Bobby to work with her...

Sam failed to call... someone on the phone. Likely the reason he was so tense right now, poor thing. Leliana didn't really care for his rightous crusade, but if he needed her help, she was not above earning a favor from the angel if possible. Despite her own nwefound enthusiasm for parenthood, however, he seemed reluctant on naming the pup Bobby. Out of everything wrong about raising a werewolf, it's the name he got stuck on. While his suggestion was tempting, she would rather use it as a cute nickname for when she trained it to attack people.

"Oh, don't be so standoffish, Vergil. I thought helping the innocent was what you goodie two-shoes did" She teased, relentlessly tickling Bobby behind his ears, earning juvenile whimpers of happiness in return. Whatever they decided to do, she would most likely be stuck with it regardless. "I do expect weekend visits though." she said, giggling ominously.

Before Vergil could really answer her, they were interrupted by a rude "Hey asshole!" by an annoyingly familiar voice. Leliana sighed a long sigh of obvious annoyance as the red kid from the bar approached them. He looked like he was after a fight too, did he know their true identities? Bobby was barking, but Leliana gave him a stern glare, making him stop almost immediatly.

Vergil calmly asked the red guy to calm down, considering they were in a busy street. Leliana wouldn't mind some action, she enjoyed having her audience after all. However, it would be problematic, to say the least, if he learned of her own identity. Luckily, the red guys anger was aimed at Vergil. Something regarding a vampire's phone? Ugh, she hated when he kept his work to himself. This was not the first time his secrecy had led to.. well, this. However, as the red guy interrogated Vergil, which looked hilarious by the way, he started.. glowing? Until he suddenly caught fire! Vergil went into full panic mode, trying to calm the guy down as to not attract unwanted attention. This was perfect. "Now, be a good boy and follow me lead, okay?" Leliana told the puppy in her arms, who only blinked at her with his tail wagging in return. She then cleared her throat.

Leliana let out an ear-piercing shriek. "Help! Help! That kid is on fire, somebody help!" she yelled, waving one arm into the air while holding onto Bobby with the other, who was barking. The streets were mostly empty, but the few passerby's that were there looked over at her with worried looks. Some even ran over to her to ask if she was ok. LEliana feighed crying as she explained. "Y.. Yes, i think my friend managed to put out the flames, Oh my god what if he goes to my school!" she then started crying. The theatricals might have been a bit over the top, but she was nothing if not a good actress, and she knew how to maipulate an audience. One of her "helpers", a burly guy with bright pink hair looked over to where Vergil had.. put a jacket over the red kids head? Well, it stopped the flames at least. "Hey miss, it seems your friend over there has the situation under control. Can you stand?" What a gentleman. "Y.. Yes, i'm a bit shaken up.. I'll call an ambulance, thank you all for your concern." she said with a shaky voice. Good luck trying to do something drastic now, slayer she thought as she held Bobby close to her cold frozen heart.

Vergil seemed to lead the red guy over to a different alley, but before he let he gave Leliana a nod; The kind of nod you give someone when you want hem to leave and they'll catch up to you. She snuffed, and tossed one of her pigtails as she turned around to leave, giving it the true L'Oreal experience. "Fine, i didn't feel like roughing the punk up anyway, she mumbled as she continued walking towards her destination.

it didn't take many seconds until she felt a tug on her arm, causing her to pick up her pace. Vergil seemed to have reemerged from the dark alley. Wait, did he..? No, he's too pure for doing something like that. "What the.." Leliana protested as she was yanked ahead, but before long, she managed to keep up, and eventually took lead.

“Better book it, puppy momma, Little Red’s coming!”, Vergil said in a rushed tone.

"Perfect i know just the place." Leliana ominsously giggled, before pulling Vergil down another alley, reemerging ina different street some seconds later and then taking a sharp turn to the left. Another few minutes of powerwalking, they were at their destination: Pandemonium.

Pandemonium was a strange yet lovable place. it was a night club of decent repute, being classy enough for higher standing clientel, but still shabby enough to be under the radar. The club had a huge neon sign with the clubs name above the entrance, though the lights on the letters P, a n, i, u and m weren't working, or were flickering, giving away the true nature of the club. Walking up to the bouncer, they cut in line. "Id's please." the bouncer asked. LEliana responded with transforming her face into her true grotesque form, in which the bouncer did the same. A girl in line screamed and passed out, before getting carried inside by her company. "Very well miss, go on ahead", he said. "Thank you a bunch" Leliana replied, winking to the demon at the gates to the club.

Inside Pandemonium, the decor was pretty much what the aesthetic would suggest. Heavy techno music was playing from a DJ Booth above a dancfloor, which was littered with skimply clad guys grinding on each other, as well as girls just living their fantasy. The otherwise dim lighting were penetrated by flashes of red, blue, green pink and even beige, giving any normal human seizures just by being there, if not the loud music would rupture their eardrums before then. Leliana loved this place. Demons rellay knew how to weave chaos into sick parties, and while Pandemonium was just another gay club on the surface, it was deep-rooted in modern demonology.

Vergil seemed astonished by the change of scene, but Leliana took his arm in hers and guided them towards a round table in a corner where they sat down. "Ok, boyscout. Care to tell my what al that was about?" She began, looking over at Vergil. "The slayer is hunting us for a reason, and it sure ain't me this time" she then said, holding Bobby and stroking him like some mafia boss while waiting for Vergils answer. Before he could answer though, someone made their way towards them. "Aah, Lady demoness! Pleasure to see you again!" he said. The voice belonged to Drake, a demon Leliana had known for centuries. The black haired, blue-eyed demon was clad in a short crop-top, revealing his almost comically toned abs, while wearing his trademark leather jacket over it. His pants were too low cut for her to suspect he was there for the ladies, and his biker boots suggested he still kept that old Harley Davidson around.

"Not right now, Drake, im busy." she said, looking back at Vergil, expecting him to answer. "Oh come on, it's been forever since we last saw each other" Drake said as he pulled out a chair and joined them. "Wanna introduce me to your friend?". Leliana sighed.


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Bar Bar Bar

“Tell me about it,” the girl groaned. “I’ve got some exams coming up, too, so there’s barely any time to—I just… want a vacation.” The bartender brought a soda float which the girl took a long sip from. Seems she wasn’t enjoying the same vices Rosa was this evening. While they were there though, Rosa asked for a beer. She would make sure it was her last one of the night. Glancing back at the blonde girl, she noticed her hand begin to shake and the drink almost spilled.

“Sorry, I’m… a little tired. Anyways,” she laughed, “I didn’t get your name?”

“Ah me? Name's Rosa, and yours?” Her beer arrived and she took a long, grateful drag. Maybe this woman had already had a few and was rounding things off for the night. It could explain the shaking. Or it could’ve been caused by something else. The thought that she could be in danger suddenly struck her and Rosa put herself on alert.

“Marilyn. So... what's your 'work'?” Rosa could tell she noticed the bruises, they weren’t hard to miss. She leaned back against the counter and quickly scanned the room. Not a lot of patrons left and none looked interested in the two women up at the bar. Seemed clear for now. Returning her gaze to Marilyn, Rosa rubbed her bruises and grinned.

“Well I do MMA, Mixed Martial Arts in case you aren't familiar. The bumps and bruises come with the training, and events. Come here to loosen up a bit after a long day. You come here often?” She can’t say she’d seen her here before, but it’s easy to miss people in this corner of New York. Especially another cute, blonde girl at a bar. This girl seemed to know her way around though at least, seemed comfortable in her own skin.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, sounding impressed, “That's quite something - my roommate watches that stuff on TV often. As for me... I'm here every other day. It's a nice place.” So she was a usual here. Rosa took a longer look at Marilyn’s face. Maybe it was her beer goggles seeing for her, but maybe she recognized her now. Blinking, she looked away and took another long drink from her glass, slightly blushing through her pale skin. Reel it in girl.

“It really is,” she said, regarding the bar. “Bartenders are friendly, patrons get kicked out when too rowdy.” She paused to take another drink and polish it off. “So you said you had exams, you go to school here? What do ya study?” Her drinks were settling in nicely, making her feel relaxed and slightly sleepy. Rosa loved how comfortable the bar made her feel. It was almost like a second home. Marilyn gave a small smile before continuing the conversation.

“Yep, campus isn't too far away. I'm a psyche major, nothing too special. You're much more interesting, really. So do you go to tournaments, show up on TV, and all that cool stuff?" She laughs and Rosa smiles back. "Maybe my roommate would know you."

The two of them kept talking about Rosa’s job for a while. She explained how tournaments worked and some of the basic rules. She talked about the long hours of training, but how she genuinely enjoyed all the hard work. After a while though, the sobriety was crawling back in and Rosa decided it was time to head home. She wished Marilyn a good night.

“I’ll be around here most weeks. Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi again, I enjoyed chatting with you.” Rosa paid for her own drinks and walked out into the cool, night air. She was looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Hopefully all was going well at that party her boss was interested in.

Donar’s Penthouse

“Tour?” Donar laughed. “Oh my dears, it's just a few old books, though there certainly are a few rare ones.” Teresa frowned, slightly disappointed. She was hoping for a library like something out of Beauty and the Beast, but she supposed not every rich person was a big book collector. Still, the old books sounded interesting. Before she could assure him they were still interested, the caterer girl, intercepted them.

"Mr. Antal, have you had a chance to eat yet? You simply must try the pasta! It's made with fresh herbs, parmesan cheese, and a touch of garlic for that extra kick of flavor!" Donar recoiled from the plate and splashed his drink on himself. Teresa put her hand to her mouth and took a sharp breath through her nose. Part of her wanted to laugh, another part was dying of sympathetic embarrassment for him. She kept her face as neutral as possible and hope May would behave herself. Looking at her friend, it seemed she was entering her sleepy stage of being drunk and barely reacted to the scene. That was wonderfully fortunate.

“I'm quite alright Miss,” he said, addressing the caterer. “I have a strict diet I need to follow, and I'm afraid your pasta is not on it. . . But but my guests seem quite pleased with your dishes.” Teresa looked away and put a hand on May’s shoulder. She was feeling ready to leave after this, but Donar turned to them before continuing

“I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me for a few minutes. I need to deal with this.” He sighed, “Well, luckily it shouldn't stain, right?”

“Yes of course, Mr. Antal. Take all the time you need.” Teresa smiled. “We’ll be here when you get back.” Though she dreaded it, she probably should wait around. May could sober up a bit with more snacks and Teresa could hide in the corner with her phone. She approached the food table giving a heavy sigh. Could this night get any more complicated?

Before she could grab any grub, a woman rushed up and starting wolfing down on the meatballs. Teresa stepped back and simply stared. She really wasn’t mentally prepared to handle this. First meeting one of the richest men in New York, then nearly getting a personal tour before an unfortunate accident, this lady was just too much for her to handle. She turned back at Teresa and smiled.

“... Doh you waff som thoo?” The message was muffled by food, but clear enough. Teresa sighed and nodded.

“Yeah, just a few things, if you don’t mind.” She was running out of patience for the night. Hopefully she could feed May enough to get them home and call it there. After she picked up a few tasty looking morsels, she turned back to her friend. Her friend who was suddenly missing.

“Uh, May?” Teresa called. She quickly scanned the crowd around them and didn’t see her bubbly friend. “May!” She called out more loudly, trying to subdue her rising panic. She was racking her brains trying to think of a spell she might be able to use to help find her, but was coming up with nothing. Frustrated, she growled quietly pinched the bridge of her nose. Looks like she was hunting her friend down the old fashioned way.


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Donar's Penthouse

Donar took a deep breath and pushed open the door of the master bedroom. It was becoming increasingly hard to stay calm, so there was a slight temptation to say screw it and invite his fellow monsters to just slaughter all the humans present. . . which still might be a problem, not in terms of cleaning because magic, but with there being non-human, non-monsters present. Reentering the the party he resolved to just take whatever victim made themselves convenient first. If May and Teresa brought up his failure to return later, it would be easily explained as getting caught up in some other party related activity or discussion.

After only about twenty seconds or so of schmoozing, mostly vaguely telling a incubus that he had big plans the result of which was the social order was going to come into question, he noticed May drowsily stumbling over to their side of the penthouse. He gave the demon a polite nod, “Excuse me, I think this young morsel is looking for me.”

He swept over to May, taking her wrist to pull her closer and slipping his other hand under her chin. He smiled gently at her, looking into her eyes, “You look a little sleepy, my dear.”

“Yeah,” admitted May, blinking and looking away. Her speech turned to soft muttering, “It seemed like - like the caterer upset you. I wanted to see if. . .” Donar shifted, releasing her wrist and instead putting the arm around her body, hand on her waist. From this position it was easy to guide her back towards the master bedroom. Not really the room he'd intended to take a victim in, but at this point he wasn't too picky. He spoke calmly to her, despite the gnawing instincts telling him to bite into her neck right there and then, “That's alright, you can rest in my room for a bit if you want.”

“Okay, you're definitely being too nice to me,” suggested May as he reached for the doorknob. He pulled her gently inside, and reached back with his free hand to discreetly lock the door. She was still talking, with a hint of a giggle in her voice now, “Careful, or I might think you want something.”

“Oh, but I do,” suggested Donar as he led her over to the bed. He pushed her into a seated position, watching her eyes go wide with drunken excitement. The blank expression lasted only a moment, then she excitedly started to squirm out of her cocktail dress. Donar took ahold of her shoulders before she could disrobe any further and commented, “That won't be necessary.”

“What?” she replied in confusion. But Donar didn't answer. Not verbally at least. Instead he leaned in and sunk his fangs into her heck, drawing out the sweet life juices. May squealed and struggled a bit, but between her drunken stupor, the music and conversations in the party, and Donar reaching up to cover her mouth, it's not likely anyone noticed.

Done with his victim, he moved back into the bathroom and tidied up a bit. It wouldn't do to return to the party with blood in his beard. Then he exited the room, sending a mental message to his minions to dispose of her whenever they got a chance.

Patrolling the party once more, he spotted a rugged looking girl, dressed a little less refined than his other guests. Donar smiled, now if he was correct, here was someone he could use for his plan. If it was who he thought it was, they'd been in contact, though had yet to actually meet in person yet, but he knew they had something in common. He took a couple fruity drinks form one of his servant's trays and approached. He offered one to her, “Welcome, am I correct in assuming you might be Sally? . . . I have a business proposition you might be interested in, as a fellow. . . outsider.”


"Vergil Constantine"

Pandemonium was a place Samael had heard about, but one of the few he'd yet to visit. Supposedly a gathering place for demons in particular, it wasn't a place just any slayer could walk into if they wanted to keep both lungs intact. Sure, he'd managed to convince individual demons that he was one of them before, but trying to lie your way into a literal demon nest when you were practically their arch-nemesis was... a level of crazy Samael had yet to attempt.

But as they said, there was a first time for everything.

The club wasn’t anything special from the outside. Nestled between two taller buildings, it wasn’t exactly rundown - but definitely not glamorous enough to grab the attention of a random passerby, either. The queue outside was short, and no doubt comprised of mostly regulars. Above the entrance, the only functional neon lights spelled out 'demon'.


Leliana pulled him along, ignoring the line as if it wasn’t even there. She made straight for the bouncer, who she, uh, exchanged unique greetings with.

Someone behind them screamed, but the humour of the situation was lost on Samael. If someone reacted like that--- was this place not all demons after all? If not, what the hell was she doing, showing her true form out in the open like that? Was everyone just fucking crazy today?! If there were any slayers among the crowd, this place would be burned to the ground. No, even if they were just regular humans, the information would spread. People loved rumours about paranormal shit. And if they did let humans into a club full of demons... there was a chance he’d have to work tonight. Which sort of sucked, because if he had to end up trying to save humans here, he'd probably get his own ass boiled alive too. He was strong, yeah, but not enough to take on an entire horde of hell-spawn. He could only hope that humans were not in any danger in the club - after all, if word got out that people went missing en masse, the slayers would act on it. The demons in charge of the place couldn’t be stupid enough to let that happen.

Then again, the bouncer had also revealed his face out in the open, so... maybe they were that stupid.

Samael felt a headache forming. He’d... ask about it from her later, once he'd had a drink to drown the pain with.

The surprises didn't end there. From the moment they set foot inside, it became clear that this was a club catering to-- specific clientele. The flashing lights and immensely loud music were reminiscent of many other clubs in the city, if exaggerated to suit demonic tastes, but Samael liked the vibe. That wasn’t what gave away the place’s identity as a gay club, though. No, it was the half-naked men.

"So lemme get this straight, pun intended - you brought me to a gay club?" Samael asked over the music. A little unexpected, though considering constant suitors were a reoccurring problem for Leliana, he supposed it made sense. The dudes around these parts were definitely not going to bother her. “Sure, cool. Just don't come cryin' to me if I leave the place with someone else."

She found them a nice table, but Samael had barely gotten his ass on a seat before she hit him with a double whammy of a question and an accusation. Neither entirely undeserved.

"What, can't I at least get a drink before the interrogation? Final meal? Anything?" He sighed, not entirely sure he wanted to recap the whole mess - or that it would interest her anyway. If she insisted, he’d explain, but for now he hit her with a vague, "Yeah, it's nothin' you did this time. It's my ass he's after."

In all the meanings of the word, probably.

With an answer given, it was Samael’s turn to ask questions. His face grew more serious, and he leaned over the table to lessen the chance of being overheard - not that it was likely to be a problem, even if he still had to yell to gt himself heard. “More importantly, what the hell were you doing back there? You know, the whole--” he waved a hand in front of his face, “Someone could have seen that shit. Hell, someone did - and they screamed. Are there humans in here? Are they in danger?”

Before she could answer, a new voice butted into their conversation. Samael glanced to the side of their table, where a scantily glad guy gushed over seeing Leliana again. Old friends, probably. This dude didn't look like the type to willingly touch a woman. He seemed insistent on joining them, helping himself to a seat and asking Leliana for introductions.

“No need. I’m a big boy, I can do it myself,” Samael cut in, leaning back in his chair, gaze turned to the stranger. “I’m Vergil, recently married with kids,” he made a vague gesture towards Leliana and the pup, “and pretty damn thirsty, gotta say.”

There was a pause as Samael looked the man over from head to toe, before resuming eye contact. “Love the boots, gotta say,” though his usual, dry tone might have suggested otherwise, he was being genuine enough. He, too, was a fan of questionable footwear, as his platform boots could attest. “Wanna take them for a spin and get us something to drink, tiger? We’ll be right here.”

He didn’t really have anything against the guy - on the contrary, he seemed chill enough. But his angel blood was boiling to get his questions answered, and he doubted Leliana could do that with someone else in hearing distance. Unless she wanted people to find out what he was and get piled on, that was.

... Hopefully, she didn’t.


Sootsnout, “Sally”
Donar's Penthouse

At least one of the girls accepted Sally’s offer, and she immediately felt absolved. There! Normalcy, restored. Cover, maintained. A few morsels... lost. A bummer, but she supposed it was worth it. In the time it took for the girl to pick up the tasty treats, though, it seemed as though her friend had gone missing. Uh, oh, was she to blame for that? She’d distracted the girl, so... technically...

Sally quickly set the tray down and scurried away, hoping to find a safe retreat on the other side of the penthouse. The place was huge and filled to the brim with things she’d yet to taste, anyway.

That’s when she smelled blood.

She turned to find an older man approaching her. He looked clean, but Sally’s nose was not fooled with soap and cologne. It was a trace amount, but it was there; the familiar, irony scent. He didn’t smell like her kin, though, so... was he one of them, maybe? A vampire? She’d yet to see one in person, but she’d heard they always reeked of blood.

He offered her a glass of something. Sally took a whiff and nearly recoiled from the sweetness, but took the drink as a formality regardless. She remembered being told it wasn’t polite to turn down a gift, and this man looked like he really cared about formalities. It was kind of intimidating, actually...

“Welcome, am I correct in assuming you might be Sally? . . . I have a business proposition you might be interested in, as a fellow. . . outsider.”

Wait! The sound of her own name on the stranger’s lips made her jump. How did he know? ... Oh. Oh, wait, was this---

“The Donar guy!” She gasped, then quickly backtracked, “Mister--- Mister Antal, right?”

From what Sally knew, this guy had heard about her tribe, and extended an invitation to them. Of everyone, only she had come. Well, more like, she’d been sent to go. As the future shaman, this was part of her responsibility. Old Ashcoat, blessed she be by the moon, didn’t have many years left.

Anyway! If this guy knew her name, there was no doubt about it; he was the Vampire King. And this business proposition must’ve been why he wanted someone from her tribe to attend. Sally nodded, putting on her best professional face.

“Lemme hear it!”


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Pandemonium bar for the homosexual.

Not entirely unexpected, Vergil wondered about Leliana's intentions behind bringing him here, to a gay bar. She didn't really have a straight answer to that, she just kinda liked it here, and had gotten to know the workers, as well as most of the regulars over the years. Drake, however, was a dear friend of hers from long ago, and while she would love to ask him about what he was doing at Pandemonium, of all places, considering he'd been flirting up a princess the last time she saw him, it would have to wait.

Vergil then reached out to ask for her intentions in an inncent enough way, starting it off with a gay pun. She only scoffed as a responce before answering. "Well, i happen to like this place.", before bobbing her head to the totally unknown song playing from the DJ booth at that time. To be honest, she didn't actually enjoy what the place had to offer, too few men of her... Caliber, but she felt safe there. Pandemonium had been a haven for demons for centuries, after all, and she had been a regular customer for longer than Vergil had likely been on this plane of existence. That being said, she knew Vergil didn't mind the occasional male company, aand while Drake's sudden appearance wasn't a planned one, it seemed to be a welcome one, if Vergils glances were anything to go by.

Leliana was thinking about something Vergil managed to ask her before Drake appeared tho. It was a frequently asked question in the club, but one with an easy answer. She leaned in to him without speaking too loud. "The witch at the entrance brews some wicked memory altering potions for... situations like that." She said the last part with a certain uncertainty. It was unusual for humans to be sober enough to detect when Demons cut in line like that, but it did happen. As she explained to Vergil, however, there was a Witch at the locale who dealt in some serious alchemy, who always managed to either make the patrons forget the encounter, or make them so gone lost they would be arrested for drug abuse shortly before being evicted from the property. "It's as easy as that." Leliana said with a genuine smile, before turning towards Drake. She was about to say something before Vergil cut her off, asking Drake to fetch them drinks.

Of course Vergil introduced himself as Lelianas husbamd. The Werewolf puppy in her arms didn't exactly help whe he jokingly said he was "with kids", but she gave him an extra pat on Vergils cue. After that, however, she chimed in. "We're having a very, very open relationship, so i wouldn't worry.". She blinked at Drake, who got a new spark to his earlier defeated attitude. At this point, Vergil was telling Drake to go fetch them drinks. He obliged, and walked off, but not without taking exaggerated steps, swinging his firm bosom in a confident manner, making sure he had Vergils attention.

After having sent Drake away, Vergil turned to Leliana again, expecting more in-depth info on what she told hi before. "What." she said. "As i said, we have a witch or two that occasionally wipe memories from people who see too much, it's not like we kill them or anything", she crossed her arms after the last part of the sentence to underline her point. "Besides, this is a safe haven for us. Besides stray emotions, nothing gets killed in this place, unless they really deserve it". There was a tense silence before she decided to lighten the mood. "Oh, come on, as if you goody two-shoes don't have a safe haven of your own somewhere." she finished off with a wink, hinting that she knew the angels secrets. She did, however, not know the angels secrets. Vergil was the only angel she had known to tolerate her, and as much as she despised to admit it, she enjoyed his company, especially so when hot sexually deviant males was in her presence.

as if on cue, Drake returned with a tray. A trey full of glasses, shot glasses, more glasses, straws? A butch waitress followed him with another tray filled with even more drinks. "What the eff, Drake, how much money did you spend right now!" Leliana blurted out. "Relax, I know the clientel, and they were feeling especially generous tonight, especially with your well-built friend there." he finished by taking a tequila shot while eyeing Vergil from his annoyingly broad upper body and to his face. Leliana sighed annoyed and did two tequila shots before scooping two more shots and a tall glass with some pink-ish semi-luminescent content over to Vergil. "Bottom's up, slayer boy won't find us in here, and Drake told me we could crash at his place right down the block for the night." she said, winking at Drake. "Well i only have two bedrooms, but if one of you won't mind sharing rooms with me for the night, i'm sure we can arrange something.", he then winked to Vergil, who didn't seem as bothered by the wink as Leliana wouldv've expected. Well, maybe there was some fun to be salvaged from this evening after all.

After about 15 minututes of drinks, shots and cheesy flirting, Leliana decided to take it to the next level. What was an evening at a club without some dancing, right? "Come on, get up" she said, gesturing to Vergil and Drake to follow her. She also cast a certain lustful wink towards a woman at the bar whom had been eyeing her for the past few minutes. Who said gay bars were exclusively for men anyways. Inviting her to a dance, the four of them entered the dancefloor just in time for the DJ to put on an overly flirtatious, yet funky enough song to dance properly to. While she didn't pay too much attention to Vergil, as she was busy with her own catch of the night, she could see Drake had lost his leather jacket, moving every inch of his body to the music in an effort to earn some points from Vergil. Leliana just giggled softly to herself and kept dancing with her dark-haired beauty.


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Donar's Penthouse

A muscle under Donar's eye twitched as she addressed him, but he only smiled politely instead of commenting on the bizarre take on his name. He'd been a king once. . .

“Hmm, maybe somewhere a bit more private,” commented Donar. He motioned for her to follow and headed out onto the balcony. There was a young couple making out in one of his deck chairs and he cleared his throat loudly. They looked up in shock and grew sheepish expressions. Donar smiled smugly, “Might we have the room?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, come on babe,” choked out the guy, leading his girl off. She shot them an irritated glare as she was pulled out the door. Donar did a petty little wave, then locked the balcony door behind them. Turning his back on the party, as no one should be able to overhear or read his lips, he approached the crystal clear railing. He rested his arms on-top of the plexiglass tube that made up the top of it, then he addressed Sally, “I lost much of my fortune before coming here, but I still managed to find myself a very rich man in The New World. But fortune is fleeting and this world in not accommodating to our kind. . . I'd like to change that, before my wealth dwindles away completely. I'm going to have a series of shipments brought in. Custom parts, rare herbs. . . some things that are hard to get. But I'm going to need someone to run security, that's where you'll come in.”

He paused to look back at her, check her reaction. From what little communication they'd had, he believed she wasn't that fond of humans. “I've purchased a warehouse on the waterfront to get us started. The first shipment comes in tomorrow, I have a truck and minions to help you get the equipment from the dock to the warehouse, but I need someone with. . . more brains than they have. And of course you're free to hire some additional help.”

Barge, Atlantic Ocean
A large grey ship glides silently over the waves, carrying many brightly colored shipping containers, baring the names of companies big and small. Some contain plastic and paper goods, others contain dry food, and still others contain yet to be assembled furniture. One contains crates of small custom machined metal components.

A body lurks nearby, a body not quite alive. He is dressed like a member of the crew, but he has no contract, no work schedule. A few have seen him, but whenever they do, he disappears as quickly as he appeared. The officers laugh him off, naming him The Ship's Ghost.


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The next morning:

Donar's Penthouse:
While the ancient vampire king slept in though the morning and it's offensive sunlight, his household minions busied themselves with cleaning up the last remnants of the party. The food and corpses had been removed shortly after the party itself, but there was a lot more to cleaning up than removing the few things that could rot and stink, and they'd been at it for a good portion of the night.

Other minions were speeding though New York in large trucks with tinted windows. They could stand the sunlight better than true vampires, but most tended not to like it. Donar had told them to report to Miss Sally when they got to the docks, she'd have the shipping documents to get them into the loading yard. There they were to load up the truck with the crates of custom parts he'd ordered. Whatever happened beyond that was to be left to her discretion. As long as it wasn't traced back to him, he didn't particularly care what happened to the ship's crew or the dock workers. Not that he expected any of them to be hurt over such a simple retrieval mission. All the paperwork was real after all.

Donar's ghoul lurked between crates, still dressed as a crewman, but actively avoiding the real crewmen. His job was simple, protect the cargo Donar's shipping crate, and make sure it got loaded onto the trucks, headed to the warehouse. It had gone pretty well so far, only one crewman had needed to 'disappear' and the others had simply assumed he'd fallen overboard, which is why the police had been the first to visit the barge. But because there had been no evidence of foul play to be found, they'd found none. . .

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Adam Hayes

The guy threw a jacket over Adam’s flaming head, and the flames went out. Meanwhile, he could hear his female companion being overly dramatic. Then he pushed him somewhere before he had a chance to pull the jacket off....

“You know what? Sorry, changed my mind.”

“The hell?” Adam pulled the jacket off his head, only to be blinded by a bright flash of light. “GOD DAMN IT!” After fumbling around in the alley for a few moments, his vision. The guy was gone. Adam gritted his teeth. Steam literally came out of his ears. “FUCK!” He shouted up at the sky. As he did, he spewed a large stream of fire out of his mouth. “AHHHHHH!”

Today had been absolutely awful. He was ready for it to end. He punched the wall next to him, and made his way home. Fortunately, the wall didn’t suffer any major damage this time. Adam’s fist was throbbing though. He took the guy’s jacket home with him. He fugured he might try to get Cadence to do some magicy mumbo jumbo and track this guy down later...

The Next Morning

Cadence Amoré and Adam Hayes

The Penthouse Party had been absolutely awful. She didn’t learn anything at that party. She was just as clueless to what Donar was planning than when she started. Worse, innocent people were casually fed upon and killed, and she wasn’t able to do anything about it, making her feel helpless. There weren’t even any handsome men she could talk to! The only good thing was that she got to shove garlic in Donar’s face, and she got paid for her time. That stunt still cost her a tip though...

She just wanted to spend her off doing anything else. Then she and Adam got a phone call from SIN. There was suspicious activity going on at the docks. Adam was eager to jump on this, and of Cadence had to come along to make sure Adam didn’t do something everyone would regret. Besides, it was the only lead they had.

And now here the two of them were at the docks looking for any suspicious activity. There were crewmen around, but as far as anybody could tell, there was nothing out of the ordinary...

Except that one crewman lurking between boxes. That was definitely suspicious. Adam approached him immediately. “Hey bro! Whatcha got in the boxes?” Adam asked casually putting on one of them and leaning against it. Cadence just stood to the side and watched. She’d step in if things went south.
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