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Penthouse of the Vampire King (Rated R) SU


Internet Overlord
- This RPG is Rated R for Adult Themes including; Violence, Light Gore, Foul Language, Substance Abuse, and Suggestive Content. Please try to limit actual gore and fade to black it your characters are going to be intimate.
- This is a loose continuation/reboot of the RPG “Castle of the Vampire King” but you should not have to have played/read that to understand the plot of this, and new players are very welcome.
- While heavily catered to PvP fights there is an open-ended quality to this, leaving room for char development and player arcs outside of that, so if you don't want a PvP fight, just build a char less inclined to end up fighting.

The plot so far:
Once long ago in the isolated city-state of Pannis, there lived a feudal lord known as King Donar Antall. In desperation to defeat his enemies, Donar turned to the dark arts, specifically, witchcraft and alchemy. This was a path from which there was no coming back, each turn led him further and further into the darkness of the mythical world, until he cobbled together a spell that would give him 'the power of a demon'. Thus Donar became one of the most feared creatures history; the first vampire.

But it came too late, and his castle and his kingdom fell around him as he preformed the final rituals deep within the dungeons of the black Castle Antall. For centuries afterward, he and his minions dwelled in what remained of his home, terrorizing the citizens and tourists of Pannis (which eventually grew into a thriving vacation hotspot) by night.

But no nightmare lasts forever.

As the monster population grew, the growing number of disappearing locals and tourists started to attract attention, not just of local enforcement, but also of slayers. But the fighting didn't really get bad until in a grave miscalculation, Donar attacked the mayor's nephew and his boyfriend. This meant war. The mayor sent an open call out to slayers all around the world, with offers of glory and money, to anyone that could end the scourge on their land.

It was carnage, leaving many monsters and slayers dead, including some of Donar's most loyal subjects. Until finally Donar was forced to flee his homeland.

Several years later. . .

Donar is now living in a penthouse in the Manhattan area of New York, New York, paid for with the treasure he and his remaining minions managed to bring with them while leaving. The penthouse is large and spacious, one of the largest in the city, with one of the best views in the city, being not far from Central Park. Life is very different here, with all the modern innovation and the regular parties. But Donar has adapted well, becoming quite the fixture in New York's paranormal rings, where he has been actively networking.

New York as it turns out, is a paradise for such creatures. The high crime rates and rich nightlife help hide their activities. Plus sunscreen allows vampires go out during the day, and changing beauty/social standards help not quite human creatures fit in, making it easier to get and hold down jobs. And most people live in tiny apartments, so few people have the big dogs that many monsters, other then werewolves, find a nuisance, with most dog owners opting for French bulldogs. There's also a multitude of strays and pests for those monsters that would prefer to feed on something smaller then humans.

Of course this place is not free of slayer either, or exorcists for that matter. These monster hunter work hard to free New York from the terrible grip of paranormal creatures, often clashing with them. Little do they know what Donar and some of the others are planning for the city.

Slayers vs exorcists:
For the purpose of this game slayers and exorcists will be defined as follows. Slayers primarily focus on exterminating vampires, revenants, werewolves, fairies, and chimeras. While exorcists focus on banishing fairies, ghosts, demons, and angels. Though it is not a hard rule, slayers tend to focus more on physical training, while exorcists tend to focus more on magical training. Both groups have magical relics passed down through the ages that aid them in their quest.

As a player, you may find this distinction helpful so that you do not end up fighting with yourself if you choose make both a monster and a monster hunter. For example, you could make a werewolf and an angel hunter. You could also make an angel hunting werewolf. I'm not going to approve a ton of monster hunting monsters, but I think there's room in this for a couple.

Approved monster species specs:

Vampires are functionally immortal blood sucking monsters, who's origins can be traced back to King Antall. They are stronger, faster, and more agile then most humans, with better vision and hearing. They have accelerated healing, and regenerate faster the more blood they've consumed.

Older vampires may have additional powers; the ability to turn into demonic creature with bat-like wings and claws, the ability to communicate with minions telepathically, the ability to turn to a flock of bats or mist, and/or the ability to mesmerize weaker minds.

Vampires are weak to sunlight (though sunscreen and glasses help a lot), bright lights, and strong scents. They find the scent of garlic particularly offensive. To kill a vampire, one must first stake them through the heart, then decapitate or burn them.

Revenants, also known as Ghouls, are humans who contracted a certain type of fungal parasite, which eventually killed them. They retain human intelligence and emotions, however they crave human flesh, which feeds the parasite and causes it to secrete an enzyme that prevents their body from decaying. If they fail to feed and the parasite starves, their body decays and splits open, releasing clouds of fungal spores.

They tend to be stronger and faster then humans since their bodies do not limit their muscle usage, though being dead and controlled by the parasite often leaves them clumsy. When they fight, part of the parasite will emerge in the form of a weapon from some point on their flesh. This could be a sword-like extension from the forearm, horn-like protrusions on the head, whip-like growth from the side, etc, all depending on the specific species of fungal parasite.

Revenants can only be destroyed by starvation, extreme dismemberment, crushing, or burning.

Werewolves are shape shifters that can change between human, wolf, and half-wolf forms at will. They also change involuntary at the full moon, as well as during extreme emotions. Like narcoleptic people, one of the main treatments for this is to avoid situations that might trigger strong emotions.

Werewolves are omnivorous, but prefer a wolf-like meat rich diet. Some, but not all, may hunt humans. They are stronger, faster, and more agile then most humans, with a better sense of smell and hearing. And their stamina also surpasses that of humans.

Werewolves can be burned by silver and silver alloys. They also tend to suffer health problems due to constant strain on their bodies, though changing and fighting. Because of this they usually have slightly shorter lifespans then humans. It takes a bit more for slayers to kill them then it would to kill humans, but they are relatively easy to kill compared to most monsters.

Faeries, or Fae, are human-size functionally immortal creature from the Otherworld, with a proficiency in magic. They are almost impossible to kill. They are also known for their otherworldly beauty and their ability to produce their gossamer wings at will. These wings are delicate however, and tear easily, but will eventually grow back.

Faeries are carnivores and though they may make friends with mortals, many will also eat them as well. While it may vary from faerie to faerie, they are well know for holding grudges, and someone they are angry with may be exceptionally prone to being eaten or torn apart.

Faeries are weak to iron, which can be a detriment in a city where so many windows and shop fronts are reinforced with iron bars. They can also be controlled by someone that knows their true name, but they must be close enough to the faerie for the faerie to hear their demands.

Ghosts are the spirits of humans that have, for whatever reason, not chosen to pass onto the Otherworld. They may have unfinished business or be emotionally attached to someone or something in the mortal world.

They are normally invisible, but can chose to show themselves for a minute or two. They also retain some ability to interact with the world around them; knocking on or throwing objects, disrupting electrical equipment, starting fires, and possessing weak willed people.

Ghost are considered weaker spirits, and they are the easiest creatures for exorcists to banish. They cannot be killed, as they are already dead.

Shape-shifting immortals from the Otherworld, demons take many forms, but each has a true form unique to itself. When shape-shifting they gain physical attributes (good and bad) that match their new form, but do not gain any knowledge, skills, or magical abilities from it. Not being truly physical creatures, demons can also possess people. However they cannot shape shift while possessing people.

Demons feed on emotions, each demon having an emotion it prefers. The closer they are to the person physically, the stronger the emotion, and the closer it is to their preferred emotion, the more efficient their feeding is. Demons cannot feed on angels, as they have developed a natural defense against this.

Demons cannot die. They can however be easily summoned or banished by those that know their true name.

Closely related to faeries, angels are also human-like immortals from the Otherworld. They are primarily defined by the good intentions that seem to be ingrained in their DNA, though they often do more harm then good, either by accident or by having a wholly different idea on what good is then mortals have.

All angels have an innate magical ability, commonly referred to as sorcery (see full description in “Magical Disciplines” below). However angels have developed a natural defense against demons feeding off them, and cannot have their magic canceled out in this manner. Like faeries, they can produce glistening wings at will. Their wings are tougher then faerie wings, but not by much.

Like demons, angels cannot die. And they also, can be easily summoned or banished by those that know their true name.

Chimeras are creatures created by alchemy, combining the features of 2-4 other creatures (including humans, monster, and animals). Their anatomy varies, as do their abilities and weaknesses, though their abilities and weaknesses make logical sense to their anatomy, a human-hawk chimera would only have hawk vision if they have hawk eyes.

Chimeras' lives tend to be short, due to their mismatched anatomy usually burning out quickly. How easy chimeras are to kill otherwise varies, based on their components and anatomy.

Magical Disciplines:
Magical powers stack on top of your race, however a few races are incompatible with certain magical disciplines. You are allowed to study multiple magical disciplines, however generally the more subjects you study, the less you know of each subject.

These definitions may be different from the ones you know, so for RP purposes, read through to decide what best fits your character's abilities.

A magical discipline in which one brews potions, makes talismans and dolls, and preforms rituals in order to effect change in the world around them. Witchcraft is often the most subtle of the magical arts, making it well suited to city life. However it takes longer then most other types of magic, save for alchemy.
- Ghost have trouble preforming witchcraft due to their limited ability to interact with the world around them.

Wizardry is the study of one's magical connection to nature, and involves gestures and words intended to cause change in the natural world; such as creating storms, starting fires, and summoning animals.
- At odds with the natural world, Demons, Vampires, and Chimeras, cannot practice Wizardry.

The Psychical discipline is often not considered magic by practitioners. It involves attempts to forecast the future, uncover the past, and discern the present, either through study of details or by communicating with spirits. Many psychics prefer to use tarot cards or read palms, but some may use crystals, pendulums, reflecting pools, automatic writing, photography, and so on.

Sorcery is more of an innate magical ability then a discipline. Sorcerers are able to use their emotions to create instantaneous magical effects and summon creatures. The major drawback of this is that it's extremely unpredictable. A sorcerer trying to create sparkling lights in the air, may in one instance produce small Christmas light like sparks, and in another create a painful blinding flash. One trying to summon insects may in one instance summon a few flies, and in another summon swarms of angry wasps. This is also very dangerous; a sorcerer doing a muscle strength boosting spell while angry could literally explode themselves on accident.
- Under the condition in which a nearby demon feeds off the emotion a sorcerer is experiencing, their magic is canceled out. Angels have a natural defense that prevents this.
- Because sorcerer magic comes from the strength of one's emotions, werewolves are not eligible to be sorcerers.

Alchemy is the art of transmutating substances into similar substances (such as lead into gold), and combining substances to create new ones. It can be used on both inorganic and organic matter. Creatures spliced together though alchemy are called chimeras. Like witchcraft, alchemy takes longer then most other types of magic.
- Ghost have trouble preforming alchemy due to their limited ability to interact with the world around them.

Basic magic rules:
Here are some basics of magic in this world (I'll be adding to this if anything else comes up). And if you're not sure if you can do something, ask in the discussion discord.

Universal Laws:
Your magic is not powerful enough to break the laws of the natural universe. For example; you may not make miniature black holes, summon elder gods on your own, or evaporate oceans. Just apply a little logic, and you're probably good.

True Names:
Names carry power in this world, and can be used in invocations. However overuse of names can decrease the power of the entity being called on (essentially the gods are weakening). Certain creatures (demons and angels) can be summoned or banished by their true name, while others (faeries) can be controlled by the use of their true name.

Teleportation, Summoning, and Banishing:
Faeries, angels, and demons can be summoned or banished instantly by use of their true names. Other creatures may be summoned or banished through use of rituals or magical artifacts. Ghosts can be banished with fairly simple rituals.

Teleportation (outside of being summoned) may occur under two conditions; either you can see the spot you intend to teleport to, or you have a summoning-like ritual circle set-up in the location you intend to teleport back to (setting up such a circle requires time, and it will be preferably in a hidden location so that punks don't mess with it). By sight teleportation has a limit of once per hour, or roughly every two to three RP posts. Under no circumstance are you allowed to teleport to a location you cannot see and have never been to.

Fight rules:
When engaging in PvP fights, you have three options; work a two or three player fight out in DM, work a multi-player fight out in the discussion discord, or (and this may be easiest) just follow the rules below and let it unfold naturally.

1. We're all OP, so it's not unreasonable to 1-hit-KO some NPCs who do not have special powers. But assume powered NPCs are going to take more effort. And if they're someone else's NPCs it's polite to ask for permission first.
2. Do not God-mode or otherwise pawn a player char in a single post (unless given prior permission via in post note, DM, or discussion discord).
3. When attacking player chars, do not decide how many of your blows land, and how much damage is taken. You may make multiple attacks in you post, just don't assume they hit.
4. When defending against player chars, be realistic, no not dodge every attack. Consider the apparent skill and agility of both your characters. You may also counter attack, following rule #3.
5. If someone flees or runs away, it assumed they have advantage on escaping, as any chars chasing them would still be fighting, thus dividing their focus. Take it as a sign they're done fighting you unless you've communicated otherwise (again in post, DM, or discord).
6. People that take advantage of rule #5, in other words people that tend to attack and run away repeatedly with no in game reasoning to do so, may lose their assumed advantage privileges.

Pending and approved players:
I'd like to see some variety here, so maybe look at the list before you set your heart on something?

1. VampirateMace (Donar - Vampire, Alchemist, Witch) & (possibly someone else)
2. Monster Guy (Adam - Human, Slayer, Sorcerer) & (Cadence - Human, Exorcist, Chef, Witch, Wizard)
3. Schade (Leliana - Demon, Teacher)
4. GoldenHouou (Samael - Angel, Slayer/Exorcist, Sorcerer) & (Sally - Werewolf, Shaman/Psychic)
5. Vern (Chloe - Human, Slayer, Uni Student, Witch, Sorceress)
6. Skillfulness (Teresa - Fairy, Wizard, Librarian) & (Rosa - Vampire, MMA fighter, Mob Member)
7. *Jean Grey* (Werewolf, Slayer, Wizard) RESERVED
8. Hydrangea (Chimera) & (Demon) RESERVED

You are allowed two characters for this RP. Please make sure you post so that it's very clear which character is doing what.

What you are called
- Preferably full name and any nicknames or aliases

How long you've existed
- For immortals this might be a little vague, rough age is fine

Your age, and if you’re a girl, boy, both, or neither
- You may also not gender identity and orientation here if you please.

Human, Vampire, Revenant/Ghoul, Werewolf, Faerie, Ghost, Demon, Angel, Chimera

What are you doing with your life? Note if you're a Slayer/Exorcist here.

Magical Studies:
What type(s) of magic you've studied, and roughly what you've learned to do through them. The more types of magic you've studied, the less you should know how to do in each area. It's also more likely you will know more if you are older, proficient in magic, or have natural magic.

Magical Aids:
What talismans/amulets (these should be single purpose), relics/artifacts, tomes/spell-books/grimoires, potions/salves, etc, do you have on hand at current? (These can be on your person or at you residence/hotel.)

What you look like, please consider your character’s lifestyle when deciding this. If you're fighting a lot, you're probably not scar free. If you have no money left, you may have lost weight recently. If you can shape-shift, you don't need to describe every transformation, but it'd be nice to have you most common alternate forms here.
+ 8 sentences

How you think and act. Please make this somewhat realistic, with good and negative traits. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues please, we're gonna be Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu enough with all the powers and magic.
+ 8 sentences

What has happened in your past, again realism counts. Why are you in NY? How did you come to do what you do for a living? Are you aware that there’s a monster/hunter situation?
+ 8 sentences

Name: King Donar Lycus Antall, “The Vampire King”

Age: 1400ish (looks mid 30s)

Gender: Male
- Donar is homosexual, preferring men that look to be in their 20s.


Former king, has been simply unemployed for quite a while. . . but is now making some business agreements.

Magical Studies:
Alchemy and Witchcraft

In Alchemy Donar's primary focus has been the fine art of creating chimeras. And he is capable of communicating with such creatures telepathically. Of course to reach such an advanced level of alchemy he also studied basic transmutations and fusions, but rarely uses these, as the time and effort often outweigh the value of the items produced.

His primary focus in witchcraft has been hexes and jinxes. He can use a doll, talisman, or ritual to curse foes with a variety of unpleasant conditions; from basic aches and pains to severe illnesses. Over the years he's also delved deeper, learning to brew potions, though he has committed few to memory. He can however whip up a blood removal potion fairly quickly, and knows a simple sleeping draught that could be produced in pretty much any kitchen.

Magical Aids:
Alchemy Ledger - This book is among Donar's most prized possession, he has transcribed into it the details of his most successful alchemical experiments. This is pretty much always on his person.

Assorted Basic Grimoires - A small collection of books on alchemy, witchcraft, and other magics, that Donar has bought since arriving in NY. These books have little emotional value, and he is not very familiar with them, some of them may even be technically worthless, but he left his original books behind in Pannis.

Blood Removal Potion - Donar keeps a bottle of this useful solution around, because blood is going to happen.

Sleeping Potion - Donar usually has a two dose vial of this potion on his person, because it is useful for a vampire in hiding.

Sword of the Vampire King - Usually hanging on the wall of his penthouse. This powerful sword is infused with the blood of many an enemy, and has a corrupting power that will cause a crazed blood lust in any mortal that tries to handle it. Donar however, can use it as a spell casting focus.


Donar is slightly tall, around six feet, with a larger muscular built, though it's not a bodybuilder structure, but more of a dad body. His skin, though once a pleasant tan, is now shut-in grey, and his eyes are a cold piercing blue, glowing somewhat in the dark. His face is a strong rectangular shape with a lantern jaw, defined cheekbones, and a heavier brow. There is a small jagged scar over his left eye. His hair is mostly black, with a few flecks of grey, full, straight, and cut relatively short. For facial hair, he has thick black eyebrows, and a well groomed mustache and beard. His teeth, though not perfectly straight, are clean white (unless he’s been feeding), with canines that extend into fangs.

He dresses almost exclusively in expensive tailored, but slightly old fashioned, suits. Preferring black, dark greys, and reds. Sometimes he’ll wear a long cliché cloak, like the you’d see in a monster movie, black and blood red, with golden clasps, mostly for the impact. Completing the look, he wears expensive black leather shoes, black or grey socks, a black leather belt, a gold watch, and a gold ring with his family crest.

Donar has the ability to transform his body into a more demonic humanoid with wings that are flesh colored along the edges, with leathery red skin stretched between them. His ears and nose grow more pointed, his hands and feet more claw-like, and his muscles engorge to a bodybuilder like physique, tearing his clothes if he still wearing them. The overall effect is both somewhat grotesque and incubus-like.

Donar is a man who likes to talk, though he is also capable of sitting in quiet contemplation or waiting silently to ambush prey for hours. He likes to talk to prey in suggestive or threatening manner, to see how they will react, as well schmoozing with those he sees as equals or comrades. He particularly enjoys telling captured slayers just how he plans to kill them, in great detail.

To say he is sadistic would not be a lie. As much joy as he gets from killing slayers, he gets more from seeing them desperate. In his castle he often left them to wander the dungeons in desperation, until they died of starvation, dehydration, or infection. But it gave him particular glee to find they’d resorted to cannibalism. Recently he's begun to cook for them in an attempt to create the same horror when he reveals what exactly they ate, since he only has a bedroom to hold them in now.

Donar has loosened his hold on his minions as of late, having lost many of his most loyal followers. He is reluctant to get so close to anyone again. That is to say, he is depressed and hurting. When he does give orders though, he expects them to be followed, even without explanation.

Humans mean little to Donar, and he values prettier ones more then others, and he is more likely to leave them alive when feeding. Snacking off a particularly good looking young man is kind of like earning a trophy for him, and an experience he usually wishes to repeat.

Hundreds of years ago Donar was born into a line of militant kings which ruling what is now the capitol of Pannis. The family home was a towering black stone castle, from which he watched over the land, defending it from marauders and enemy armies. The political atmosphere of the time was unstable and the threat of war loomed heavily over them at all times. For several years he commanded his armies, overseeing skirmishes along the nation’s boarders, unaware of his enemies’ true forces.

Local Pannisian historians tell of a brave King who fought a hopeless battle for his country until an opposing general took his life, and claimed the town as a trophy for his own country. However, local legends tell of a desperate man who hid deep under his castle, performing dark writs intended to impede the attackers, until he was so imbued with the devil’s power than he became a demon that could not even bear the sunlight. And the opposing general, in the King’s absence, only claimed he’d killed him to increase his own status as a military hero.

The truth is somewhat closer to the second story, but there’s still a lot of facts missing. Donar knew perfectly well what he was doing, as he cobbled together an alchemical curse to give himself demon-like powers. He'd been dabbling in black magic and creating chimeras for years. But the ritual was slow and tedious, and the kingdom fell as he tried to complete it.

Donar hid in the ruins of his castle, terrorizing the country for centuries with his minions, until the population of monsters grew so large slayers rose up to combat it. Things took a horrible turn, and for a second time, Donar tasted defeat. He and his remaining minion fled, with whatever precious heirlooms they could carry, eventually coming to NY. Here Donar has rented a high-end penthouse, and embedded him in the local magical community. He's been plotting lately to make the city even more comfortable for monsters.

Cause I might make one. . . maybe an exorcist. Or a faerie. I really don't know.
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Metallic Wonder
Reserving a Demon, please.


Why not both?
Can I reserve a human slayer? Thanks!

Name: Chloe Eirwen

Aliases: People who don’t like her very much call her 'Little Red Riding Hood', or some variant of 'wall-crawling insect'.

Age: ~18

Gender: Female, Bisexual.

Species: Human

Occupation: Vampire Slayer, Uni Student

Magical Studies: Witchcraft and Sorcery

Chloe is a proficient sorcerer and a pretty good witch, having been trained from birth by her parents, both slayers themselves. She tends to rely on sorcery as her main form of magic, using her talismans as a backup for when there are demons around, or when emotionally compromised for some reason. Her primary focus is on physical enhancements —typically increased reaction times, strength, speed, and limited night vision. She’s also capable of running on walls and ceilings, an ability which she uses pretty much all the time when fighting. When she is using her powers at their full strength, a blue, fiery sort of aura emerges from her eyes.

Not really magical, but Chloe is proficient at wielding a wide range of weapons. She capable of fighting well with pretty much anything she gets her hands on, and will frequently change out her equipment based on what she needs for a job. However, she gravitates towards pole-arms, with a noted preference for spears in particular, and will use one in most cases.

Magical Aids:

Maple Leaf Pendant: When sorcery is not an option, Chloe uses her pendant to provide her with the increased physical abilities she relies on to keep up with the vampires she hunts. It gives her a pretty good boost to reaction time, speed, and strength when active. She wears it around her neck at all times, although it is typically inactive. It’s an artefact first created by her father and passed onto her after he retired.

Red Riding Hood: The origin of her not-exactly-flattering nickname, Chloe often wears a red hooded cape of sorts when hunting. The inside of the hood is covered with magic circles, and when worn, it enhances her situational awareness, helping her pick out sounds and smells and movements that may indicate danger -- this allows her to be superhumanly aware of her surroundings without expending too much energy. It's also reinforced and can act as light armour, and passively grants her a bit of magical protection, lessening effects of curses and similar magics, but not blocking them entirely. Unfortunately, it's rather eye-catching, and she will sometimes go without it for stealth missions and the like.

Mayflower: While she is proficient with many weapons, Chloe has always had a preference for spears. The one she typically uses is metal and has elements iron in it (for the occasional Faerie), as well as an enchantment that automatically attracts it towards hearts — making throwing attacks and long, typically inaccurate lunges far more deadly. It's also got a long red ribbon tied to it. It's named after an inside joke between her and her now-dead friend, and she is working on designing a summoning circle that'll give her the ability to, well, summon it.

Sword / Other Weapon: Out of the two ways to kill a vampire, decapitation is much quicker. As such, Chloe usually carries a bladed weapon around when hunting -- typically a sword, but occasionally an axe or glaive. She doesn't particularly care for them and will often sacrifice them during battle if it would be beneficial.



Chloe is of slightly above average height and has a well-toned, athletic physique that she hides underneath loose t-shirts and jeans (which also help hide her numerous scars and usually-present bruises). Her skin is on the paler side, and she has light blue eyes. Her hair is blonde, messy, and cut pretty short, and she typically brushes it to one side. In daily life she carries herself with an air of boredom and a touch of 'stayed up late doing homework', slouching a little and moving unhurriedly, hands usually stuck in her pockets. If you look closely enough, though, you'll find that she always seems to be alert, constantly glancing at her surroundings -- someone perceptive enough might in fact get a sense of paranoia from her.

In her 'civilian life', she dresses pretty casually most of the time, typically in a T-shirt or sweater combined with jeans and flip flops, or sneakers when flip-flops are not appropriate. She prefers shades of blue and grey, and tends to avoid bright colours when possible. Typically, she dresses for comfort and ease of movement, and her shoes are pretty much always ready to be kicked off at any moment. Many of her clothes are wrinkled and slightly stained. You’ll find that no matter where she goes, she wears a metal pendant shaped in a maple around her neck. It's typically a bronze sort of colour, though it occasionally glows red.

When hunting, she wears a red hooded ‘cape’ of sorts, casting a shadow over her face and leaving her arms bare for more freedom of movement and better wall-clinging ability. She likes to dress in bright red, wearing relatively skintight clothing (the less things people can grab, the better) and leaving her feet bare. She tends to vary this outfit depending on the occasion, sometimes opting for darker colours or sleeved jackets.

In her daily life, Chloe often appears rather laid-back and easygoing, pretty much never getting angry or causing conflict. She’s friendly and courteous, although she does have a a certain element of typical teenage ‘attitude’ and rebelliousness to her. She has a reputation as a bit of a rebel and a tomboy, liking sports and all the rough-and-tumble stuff, while also having a healthy distaste of authority, and is frequently regarded as a loner. She often uses this reputation as a tool to keep people away from her, perhaps more subconsciously than not. However, she’s helpful and pleasant enough that nobody particularly dislikes her, and makes sure to keep out of any real trouble. Overall, she’s that girl in class that everyone thinks is ‘nice’ or ‘cool’, but nobody really knows too well.

While Chloe isn’t exactly book-smart, having average grades at best, she can be described as incredibly street-smart. She’s great at reading people with a glance and has an incredibly sharp intuition when it comes to scoping out danger or solving puzzles. She likes to say that she has a 6th sense of sorts that tells her when something’s ‘wrong’, and she wouldn’t be wrong about that — she’s almost supernaturally good at realising when things are not as they seem. She has a bit of a reputation as a ‘mystery-solver’ on campus, and people occasionally ask her for advice in social situations or to solve some mysteries they couldn’t figure out themselves.

After a rather unfortunate incident in her childhood, Chloe has developed a massive fear of close personal relationships. While she’s confident in being able to take care of herself, she doesn’t trust her ability to protect others, and as a result does not want people to get involved with her and the whole monster/hunter world she’s heaving mired in. As a slayer, she feels she has a responsibility to protect civilians that she’s unable to uphold, and it often leads to her being a little paranoid underneath her relaxed and calm exterior, constantly searching for possible threats and always being sort of on high alert. As a result, she’s often a little tired out from always being so highly strung when around other people, always worried that her presence will cause them harm, and often finds herself desperately looking for a chance to be alone. Ironically, her wariness of friendships and love and whatnot also leaves her feeling more alone than she ever was before, and she frequently finds herself caught at a crossroads between keeping to herself and seeking out interaction, between pushing others away and trying, despite ‘knowing better', to connect with them.

Perhaps because of this constant unease and mental turmoil in her daily, ‘normal’ life, Chloe often finds herself enjoying it when she’s on the hunt. There, she can focus on fighting and surviving and killing, and it’s almost like a break from her usual stress. When fighting, she’s confident and at ease, and she almost enjoys it — although her sense of duty is strong enough that she won’t ever let her own enjoyment get in the way of a clean kill. She’s always had a strong hatred of vampires, since they murdered her close friend and first love (although she’ll deny the latter part). As a result, she sees them, and other monsters, as a plague on the world that must be eradicated for the good of all, and while she’s less zealous and vengeful than she used to be, that has not changed. She may like and even respect certain monsters, but if it comes down to it she’ll still stab them with no hesitation.

Chloe’s family has Welsh origins, although they moved to America along with some of the first settlers, and have stayed there ever since. Her family has a longstanding tradition of monster hunting / exorcising, with parents training children from birth in the arts of witchcraft and sorcery (or whatever else they are proficient in) from almost as early as they can walk. Chloe was no exception to this tradition, and from an early age, she was taught how to take advantage of, and control, her natural sorcerer’s powers, as well as how to perform witchcraft. As soon as she could she was taught to use all sorts of different weapons, and demonstrated a startling talent for them.

Despite this, she had a fairly normal life for quite a while — both her parents were more pacifists than anything, teaching her to fight only in order to protect her in case their past caught up with them, and rarely taking jobs. They were happily married and far more concerned with family life and raising their child than the whole killing vampires thing. For a while, it almost seemed like Chloe would be able to grow up near-normally, as a normal kid, ending the family’s longstanding tradition of violence which has caused them much grief over the years.

Of course, things went horribly wrong, as they were prone to do. One day, when Chloe was fourteen, her best friend May, who she had grown up alongside, and from whom she was basically inseparable, disappeared from school with no real explanation. They soon found that she had disappeared entirely (although someone reported seeing a large bat flying away from her residence). When they heard the news, Chloe’s parents were devastated — because people very rarely disappeared so cleanly with no explanation. Unless, of course, they had been devoured by one of the monsters that plagued the city, most likely a vampire, and an experienced one at that. Not wanting to hide it from Chloe, who would no doubt have figured it out anyway, her parents told her what they thought had happened. The Eirwen family had been killing monsters for generations, and naturally there was ill will and old enemies to spare.

Naturally, Chloe did not take this very well. May was in many ways the light of her life. As someone who had never really had any passions beyond playing with spears and swords, and was never incredibly great a making friends, having such a close friend, was like a gift from heaven. Knowing that her friend, with whom she shared everything and perhaps even loved a little bit more than platonically, had been killed and eaten, potentially because of who she was, was not particularly good for her. The fact that she had to watch as May’s family slowly fell apart with grief and anxiety due to their daughter’s unexplained disappearance didn’t help, and neither did the fact that she couldn’t risk telling them about the monster situation in case they too got involved. Her parents tried to calm her and discouraged her from taking vengeance, but she would have none of it.

While before she had never been interested in the whole killing monsters thing, she threw herself into it with a renewed vigour. She all but dropped out of school, spending her days training her abilities and trying to track down her friend’s killer. She never did find out who it was, and still continues to search, although she’s more or less given up on it. Throughout this whole process, though, she made a decent name for herself in the whole slayer-exorcist circle for being both abnormally young and almost creepily obsessed with killing vampires.

Nowadays, Chloe goes to university in New York, having gotten in mostly due to her good athletic skills. Due to her tendency for violence, she grew distant from her more pacifist parents (who’d always hoped to raise her away from all this killing), and nowadays, they rarely speak, although there isn’t any ill will to be had. She lives in a small apartment she rents together with a few older witches/sorcerers, some of them hunters themselves, and spends her days balancing university life with her personal crusade against the monsters in the city.
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Posting my WIP here for now

Gomorrah, Grand Demoness from the fourth circle, Devourer of hope and prosperity.
Alias: Leliana Marìe Deveraux

Age: Has existed beyond anyones counting, but has only been on the physical plane for 183 years. (Appears as 26)
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Occupation: High school teacher
Demonic Aids: Being a Demon from the Otherworld, Leliana is very knowledgable on everything of demonic origin, and through her mundane job at the local high school, she has picked up a modest amount of knowledge on the modern world. her choice to be a high school teacher is a tactical one, as she is a cunning Despair Demon, which means she feeds on the constant sense of hopelessness and despair brought fourth in her students. Not only does she feed on despair, she understand its causes, and seek to bring it about. From the shadows she ruin lives under the guise of a helpful teacher, while her students doesn't understand that the cause of their misery is not just random chance.

She also has the ability to shapeshift. She can change her own appearance to match that of any other person or animal of her chosing. It's purely an aesthetic change, however, and is pretty useless for anything besides hiding or running away.

Appearance: Leliana appears as a slender, medium tall woman in her mid-20s, standing at around 5'7". She has relatively pale yet blemish-free skin, making her resemble an antique doll. She's not the muscular sort, and she is also almost completely flat-breasted, though nothing of this ever bothered her in the slightest. One of her more striking features is her long red hair. Reaching below her lower back, she often keep her hair in twin tails, leaving a portion of her bangs to fall gently over her face, ending in light curls. She has sharp green eyes, and neatly trimmed eyebrows, adding to her serious facial expression.

For clothing, Leliana dresses for practicality, yet style. Though she doesn't have the strong urge to buy everything she comes across, she makes sure to present herself properly, donning expensive clothing in plain, yet powerful outfits. Her main outfit is a dark red turtleneck sweater and a pale dark blue skirt, reaching to her thighs. Under her skirt, she wears a pair of black tights, ending the outfit with a pair of black pumps.

However, as Leliana is a Demon with the power of shapeshifting, she has the ability to change her appearance at will. She took her form from the first human she encountered when crossing over to this plane of existence, and actively chose to use it as her "main" form, despite her endless oppurtunities. Being a demon, she also have a "True" form, though "True" is a loosely used word her. Her true form slightly resemble the human one she has worn for so many years, and dons the same hairstyle, though grey and withered. Her skin is oily black, and instead of legs, her body goes into a snake-like lower half, ending in a reptilian tail. Her arms are longer than humans, and extend into black claws. Instead of her snarky face, her head is now decorated by a gaping maw, covering the entire front, lined by sharp teeth. On her back, she has sprouted black bat-like wings, also donned with teeth like her maw. She is capable of flight when in this form. The entirety of her demonic figure is oily black and almost smoke-like in appearance.

Personality: As a Demon, Leliana is cunning, emotionless and usually restrains herself from getting attached to anything of the mortal world, especially humans. She has little to no value for human life, but is intelligent enough to not go out of her way to create mayhem. She's a survivor, and would build up trust just as easily as she would break it down for her own benefit. Other humans are below her, and though she hides it well, one might catch on to her arrogance when in conversation with her. She is only looking out for her own interest, and if you're lucky that someties means keeping people around her alive and well to maintain appearances.

As Leliana took the identity of a woman from the early victorian era, she exhibits some of her "former self"'s personality. Mainly, Leliana has grown attached to the idea of love. Not that she wishes it on herself, she is more of the Dramatic breakups and sideflings kind of girl. She bluntly denies this if confronted, but she is aware of her guilty pleasure. She also inherited some of the womans social behavior such as her stubbornness to admit to own faults, tendency to say things contra what she really means etc. She posesses a barbed tongue, making very little effort to hide her snark in conversation. She often speak in a harsh and condescending manner to the people she interacts with, which makes it hard for people to like her. She doesn't care much about this though, as she never wanted to befriend humans anyway.

However, despite her very unlikable character, Leliana is not without her good attributes. If one somehow manages to befriend her, which is near impossible unless you're a demon yourself, she can be defensive and open-minded, helping out and aiding said person in what they need so long as there is a little something in it for her as well. Though she can come across as bold and intimidating, she is not much for the fighting, and is often very quick to shapeshift and flee if her situation turns sour. she has a mind for survival, and tends to mostly keep to herself.

Leliana is an intelligent person. Being a Demon of Despair, she feeds off the feeling of hopelessness emitted by the students under her care in her workplace. Due to her experience as both a demon and as an inhabitant of the human world, Leliana has learned to not just be a passive reciever of the negative emotions she crave, but being able to manifest said emotion in the people around her. Through her words, she can talk someone down from self-doubting to actual depression, using her quick wits, harsh demanour and language skills at her disposal.

History: Leliana Marìe Deveraux was born into a high-class family living in France during the 18th century in a big mansion by a lake in the countryside. She was born last in a sibling flock of 4, having 2 older sisters and a brother. Always the romantic, Leliana would often fantasize about the day she would meet her own Mr. Right, as her older sisters had done before her. Being the youngest also led to her being overlooked a lot. Not downright neglected, mind you, but more like.. Her sisters children and her brothers work was more important than her most of the time, and she found time to entertain herself.

Being an educated girl, Leliana would turn her attention towards the occult after hearing rumors about strange attacks in the city near her mansion. Wanting to protect herself, she would find hope in the old books conviniently located in the estates attic. Apparently, a grandma was into this sort of thing and her stuff was left here after she disappeared. Leliana would look into her grannys old tomes on Guardian Spirits. Making a spirit protect her family shouldnt be too difficult. However, unlike her granny, Leliana was no witch nor did she have any idea what she was doing. Not her fault she didnt know of the concept of demons, nor that summoning them would end poorly for well everyone involved. Regardless of that, Leliana did what she could to protect her family.

As you read this SU, it should be clear by now that the character in question is not Leliana the hopeless romantic. As she summoned the demon, she was killed instantly. The Demon had never been in the human world before, and it needed something to go on. She was immediately possessed, and once the demon took command of her, it broke her from the inside out, pulling her apart and absorbing her entire being into itself until it finally became her. It took some time, but to the rest of her family, Leliana had just fallen ill, and had to stay in for a few days.

Well, Lelianas life went on as if nothing had happened. Eventually she found love, and managed to build her own life away from the gazing eyes of her family. She moved with her new husband to a smaller estate in a more urban area. They led a relatively happy life, allthough Lelianas husband ran into some economic troubles along the way, forcing her to take a job herself, which she happily did, considering she had wanted to be a nurse for some time anyway.

Lelianas husband became a shell of his former self as time passed. No one could really tell why, and noody would believe him when he told them his sweet wife was a venomous woman, feeding his poor self-esteem and spiraling career choices. Leliana, on the other hand, worked as a nurse at a hospital not too far away, and would spen most of her time tending to the ill, the weak, the hopeless.

Lelianas husband ended up comitting suicide one day. It was a Tuesday. She never told anyone, and considering they both had stepped out of the social spotlight, nobody found out. He sat in the end chair of the dining room for 6 years, head tilted to the side, gun losly held in his left hand as it hang down towards the floor. Leliana didnt care, she had found new feeding ground. Over the next centuries, she would find her way to the fronts, aiding wounded soldiers in battle, and teaching children on the side. She was an ambitious woman and her deeds would go down in history. Granted, she did have to alter her appearance periodically to fit in with the times, as she had had a few close calls with hunters acting on rumors about the "Never-aging woman". Luckily, those fools couldnt tell a demon from a sock if it was to water their Hydrangea garden, nevermind managing to actually harm her.

Her charade would go on for another century, changing appearance and workplace accordingly. Lucky for her, there is never short supply of despair in this world. Making contacts along the way, she would avoid hunters more actively after a close call with a new kind they now called "Exorcists". She had worked overseas in foreign lands, aiding the ill making small steps for mankind as she sustained herself on her favorite emotion. Despair.
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I'll bring back Evie! Save me a spot? She's a slayer. XD

Evgenia Sergeyevna Chernova ("Zhenya" or "Evie")

Age: 26 (December 3)

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Slayer, chef

Magical Studies: Wizardry (ice)


Impatience - As mentioned, Evie has a short fuse, a short temper and does not strategize well, lacking foresight and preferring to charge head-on into things without thinking, making her easier to target.

Pendulums - Self-explanatory. They really throw her guard down.

Heat - Is more vulnerable to magical, heat-based or fire-based attacks than most. Hot weather can be a bother and makes her less-than-redeeming qualities come out more.

Hypnosis - Evie has already been hypnotized successfully in the past, though by no fault of her own other than being half-awake. This inevitably left her more vulnerable than most humans to hypnosis and mind control. It does not help that she's the impulsive type either.

Appearance: Evgenia's looks are reminiscent of a "snow maiden", being a pale beauty standing at six feet tall, with long, wavy platinum blonde hair that goes past her waist when let down, as well as pale ivory skin. Her hair however, is rarely let down and is more often than not tied in a high ponytail. Gone is the ribbon she once wore years ago, and instead, she uses a black band with silver spikes. She also has long bangs that cover her left eye. Her eyes are a light seafoam green color, framed with long lashes and are often surrounded by dark eyeshadow, which emphasizes their color. She has a slim and lean body type, with large, prominent breasts that she has no qualms about displaying or emphasizing, as well as long legs. She is not skinny, but rather, toned and leanly muscular. In terms of her face, her eyebrows are slightly on the thin side and her nose is aquiline and rather prominent. She has several piercings on both her ears and one on her navel. Not being a very careful or cautious person, it's pretty normal to see her with a few bruises (especially on her knuckles), small scrapes and scratches, and at times, the occasional split lip from bar fights. Her teeth are slightly yellowed from smoking, and her hands are rough and strong, as expected from someone who enjoys the activities she does, and have several healed burns and scars, undoubtedly from her line of work as a slayer and a chef. Her body is scarred some as well, and she has couple of scars over her right eye, a remnant of her encounter with werewolves five years ago in Pannis. These scars have black ink tattooed over them in order to highlight them more. Under her other eye is another black tattoo, that of a wolf's claw pointing downwards. Her arms are heavily tattooed as well.

When it comes to clothing, Evgenia prefers the color black in just about anything she wears, disliking pastels and pink and knows that she is attractive and thus, tends to wear revealing clothes. She also hates things such as frilly dresses, frou-frou and rhinestones, as well as anything that looks saccharine by her standards. Rips, safety pins, spikes, chains and skulls tend to be staple features on her clothing. She tends to wear low-cut black vests or tops that show off her ample cleavage, and tends to forego bras almost all the time, decency be damned. Sometimes, and especially when riding, she wears a cropped, black leather motorcycle jacket with a crimson metal skull decorating each side of the collar, sharp spikes on the shoulders, as well as a black zipper and black buckles around the cuffs. For bottoms, she favours black minishorts or ripped black jeans, and tends to accessorize them with two dark chains that she hangs on her right belt-loop (one plain, one with a dangling cross) and a thick leather belt with sharp silver spikes and a silver skull buckle. She favours black combat boots at all times. On her hands, she wears black leather fingerless gloves, and she wears two pairs of black, cross-shaped earrings, a pair of black skull studs, and two pairs of black industrial bars. On her neck is a simple black choker with a black skull pendant.

As a wolf, Evgenia's fur retains the same platinum blonde shade as her hair.


Personality: Evie is wild and unrestrained, to the point that some even call her an "animal". She's very extraverted, often liking the company of people and is friendly and open, perhaps too open about certain things, even. She's very much a tomboy and doesn't speak in a refined manner, often using crude language and a lot of innuendo when talking and has the tendency to swear a lot...and she doesn't have much of a filter even around younger kids and older people. Because of this, some might find her crassness rather charming, but others can be turned off. She particularly enjoys the company of other men, having drinking games with them (Vodka and whiskey are her favorites), as well as challenging them in a bunch of stuff, often putting them to shame in certain aspects, which she prides in and enjoys rubbing into their faces. Evie also has a high sex drive and it shows. She's a shameless flirt with a bad reputation, and she prides in that bad reputation of hers. She has a pretty diverse in men, women, and everything else in between. Of course there are types she doesn't like, but her spectrum is pretty broad. She tends to particularly persist more with those who try to resist her, strangely enough - harasses, too-serious types. Straightforward and direct, she doesn't have much in the way of inhibitions, whether in life or in flirting, to the point that she's even brave enough to place her hands inside a person's shirt if they're especially her type, stubborn or both...though if asked whether she likes said person, she will suddenly become defensive and claim that it isn't so, even though it's blatantly a lie. The more she has feelings for someone, the more she denies, an easy sign to see whether she actually does.

Evie also has a short fuse, thus she's pretty easy to anger...just as easy as it is to make her laugh in fact. She is particularly likely to lash out at "holier-than-thou" sorts, self-proclaimed "heroes" and annoying know-it-alls who think their always right. She is one to pick fights often, as she's the violent sort, and even starts bar brawls if she deems it necessary. Evie is not a person who yields in a fight or backs down easily either. No, Evie is a girl who always fights back and stands her ground, believing that doing nothing and letting things be doesn't get people anywhere, and that doormats and those who follow the rules never prosper, and also believing that yielding is for the weak. She is also very proud and hates losing bets with other people, being an arrogant winner yet a very sore loser...she usually enjoys having the last laugh. It doesn't help that she has no qualms about getting physical with anyone who makes her lose her temper, if her constantly-bruised knuckles imply anything, and she isn't a weak puncher either. Far from it, actually, as her punches and kicks hurt. Diplomacy? Forget it. It doesn't help that Evie doesn't forgive or forget easily. She holds grudges for a pretty long time, sometimes irrationally, and tends to seek out revenge rather than let things go easily.

As seen with the type of people who annoy her, it's clear that Evie has issues with authority. She cannot stand being told to restrain herself, follow the rules and stay away from trouble (the primary reason why she freely chose to leave her family instead of learning how to keep the so-called "curse" in check). Bo-ring. In fact, she seeks out trouble and danger, not caring about the consequences. She loves life and is passionate that way like a true Sagittarian, preferring to experience anything rather than just sit around, doing nothing and live a boring life as an upstanding citizen.She is a courageous and brave girl, to the point of being reckless and impulsive. She isn't afraid of challenges, difficulties and most types of people (even others' parents, of course), claiming that she's gone through worse things, so hardly anything fazes or deters her as a result. She doesn't always keep her tendencies to herself either - she has her way of roping others in when it comes to doing crazy dares or things that most upstanding people aren't supposed to be doing. Of course, this does not mean that she uses others as scapegoats for her antics - she readily owns up to whatever she's responsible for, and even covers up and lies for her friends at times if needed. You see, while she's rough around the edges and intense, she can also be kind and caring, if her friendliness is any evidence of it. Of course, not the sweet, tender type of "kind", but she does care for others and looks out for them, though she doesn't always have the most appropriate ways of showing it.

Evie has a strong appetite for rare, bloody meats and loves strong alcohol. She's a very strong drinker with a very high alcohol tolerance, but when one gets her drunk, her already fiery temper gets even worse and she may even lose control of her transformation, shifting into her wolf form and becoming extremely violent.
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Done! Lmk if edits are needed. I don't really intent to fight player characters with him - unless people want someone to be a threat or run away from or something.

Name: Samael, "Venom of God"

Alias: Vergil Constantine (and many others)

Age: Ancient, but appears mid-twenties. Has been in the human realm for 3 years.

Gender: Male

Species: Angel

Occupation: Slayer

Magical Studies:

Sorcery: Light Manipulation.

Samael can produce and control light that has special properties - descriptively referred to as 'toxic light' by some. When exposed to its rays, the targets begin to experience burning sensations on their skin as well as temporary (or sometimes permanent, if they do not appropriately cover their eyes) blindness.

However, his light is at its most dangerous when welded into a physical form. Samael can mold the light into semi-solid objects or even liquid, and touching it in this concentrated form is akin to touching acid; it can melt matter and burn through tissue at an alarming rate. Usually, though not always, he molds the light into a bow and arrows, which he then shoots at targets - but he's also known for making swords, whips and other such weapons when the situation necessitates it. Being struck with these will burn or melt the immediate area of impact.

The problem is that these attacks often cause a lot of collateral damage if not handled carefully. Samael can't count the amount of good cars and shoes he's ruined, because while his skin is impervious to his own magic, his clothes and other possessions are not. It's a good thing he fights only rarely, really.

Humans and angels may be blinded by the light or damaged by a physical arrow or other solid object made out of it, but the burning effects do not apply.​

Magical Aids:

Lucifer, the Light Bringer: While Samael usually constructs his weapons on the spot, he does have one special magical weapon that he's had with him ever since the Otherworld. The times he actually uses it are rare, though; so much so that he keeps the thing at home. It's a beautiful, decorated sword with angelic runes running along the grip and sides. Samael can summon it through the use of a summoning circle tattooed onto his skin. The sword was crafted for the sole purpose of punishing wrongdoers, and that's precisely what it does. The darker one's past deeds, the brighter the sword shines and the cleaner it cuts. It can also be used to channel his light magic.​

Appearance: Based on first impressions, you'd be forgiven for mistaking Samael for a regular ol' punk of a human - or even a demon, out on a hunt for prey. Anything except an angel sent to protect humankind, really. Standing at 6'3'' with fiery red hair, piercing golden eyes, more tattoos than one can count and a fashion sense befitting a hooligan, Samael exudes trouble - and he makes no effort to hide it. He carries himself with a confident (if sometimes lazy) stride, paying little attention to anything that does not pique his interest. And if something - or someone - does catch his eye? You'll know; the devilish glint in his eyes is unmistakable.

From afar, the first thing you'll probably notice is his hair. It's naturally deep red, and quite long; reaching his lower back even when tied up in a high ponytail. Which is, by the way, about the only way he ever wears it. Letting his hair down anywhere except the safety of his home is out of the question, for many a reason. He has messy bangs on the front, with a few loose strands usually framing his face and tickling his neck. Samael has sharp facial features and quite a bit of lean muscle, even though his body shape doesn't always make it apparent; he has long limbs, which can make him seem lanky until the clothes come off.

Speaking of clothing, Samael prefers dark colours, leather, studs, zippers and chains, usually looking like he stepped out of some sort of a biker magazine or a rock concert. No such clothes were available where he's from, after all; back home, he always had to don the golden- white uniform assigned to him. So while he's here, hell yeah he's going to make the best of it. Spiked or studded black jackets are a common sight on him, as are exaggerated, skull-buckled belts and, of course, his favourite pair of platform boots that add to his already considerable height. For pants, he usually opts for jeans or leather.

Once his wings come out, they're pretty eye-catching. Feathery like a bird's, they bear the same crimson red colour as his hair. One could call them pretty - but Samael himself would not. They're cool, thank you very much.

Personality: Though his appearance and attitude would suggest otherwise, at his core, Samael is good. Chaotic, rebellious and prone to most every vice known to man, but good nonetheless - after all, the desire for benevolence quite literally runs in his veins. As such, he won't willfully bring harm unto others, and he will interfere whenever he sees evil committed in his presence.

But therein lies the catch; only when he can actually see it being committed. He will not go out of his way to find people to help, monsters to kill or evil deeds to stop. Because for all his inherent goodness, Samael is lazy, hedonistic, irresponsible and above all else, a realist. Though he's still new to the human world, he already knows that at its core, it's no different from the rest. There's no shortage of bad people or bad deeds, and no one person can hope to stop it all. Sure, he could try; he could dedicate his entire life chasing after every rumour and whisper of a vampire or a murderer he could find. But then what, he'd keep chasing after shadows until he burned out and ended up being able to help no one at all? Fuck that. If the higher ups want someone to kill themselves with work, they better find a more willing puppet. He's tasted freedom down here in the human realm, and it's the most intoxicating damn thing he's ever drank.

Speaking of which, Samael loves his drinks - and most every other pleasurable thing humankind has ever invented. Name a vice, and he's likely at least dabbled in it. Alcohol and sex are his favourites, but there's few things he won't try at least once, as long as no one gets hurt - too badly, anyway. It's surprising how fast he can drag his lazy ass out of bed when there's fun to be had. But hey, at the very least, his laziness, cockiness and general devil-may-care attitude ensure that it's quite difficult to anger him. Only a few things matter to him enough to warrant a reaction that extreme. He doesn't really carry grudges, and takes most insults in a stride. Getting along's more fun, anyway. Now, irritation? Is probably his second name. Third, at least. Working under the worst boss in the world and being followed around by an annoying sidekick kind of does that to you.

When it comes to the monsters he's supposed to be hunting, well, Samael has found that he would much rather have some fun with 'em than slay 'em, and only does them harm if they happen to hurt a human where he can see it. He might be crude at times, but he isn't exactly unfriendly or vindictive, so he's managed to befriend a bunch of otherworldly beings by now - and is a regular at many of their parties. Demons are his favourites out of the bunch. Maybe it's the whole forbidden thing, or maybe it's just because they're unpredictable - or because a shape-shifting ability is terribly underrated in bed. Either way, he digs them, much as many of them dislike him. Breaks his little heart.

As for humans, Samael is relatively indifferent towards them. They're a strange, interesting species, who have somehow managed to practically conquer a planet despite being inherently weak. You gotta give 'em some props. He's protective of them due to the nature of his job, but can come across as condescending towards them, thinking they need protection far more so than many other species. It's not done out of malice however, and not something he particularly notices. At the end of the day, he would never kill a human, even if an 'evil' one. Beat the shit out of them and drop them at a police station in a neat gift wrapping, yes. But not kill. He's nice like that.

All in all, despite his many faults, Samael is surprisingly dependable. If he's decided to help or save someone, you can bet your ass that he will - even if he cracks jokes or complains about it along the way.

History: Most of Samael's history is boring and bears no repetition - at least, according to him. He was born and raised in the Otherworld like the rest of his kin, but never quite seemed to belong. He was always averse to rules, regulations and following orders without question, all of which seemed to make up the society he was born into. He got into trouble a lot, seemingly always set on doing the exact opposite of what was expected of him. It was... only half intentional, really.

Be that as it may, eventually his behaviour led to disciplinary action. Civil service, on minimum wage. It was there that his superiors found out about his surprising combat prowess, when he ended up taking out a bunch of troublemakers with a mop. He was sent to a training camp for a few years, then hired to work as a part of a "cleanup" unit. His tasks varied from fighting against outside threats to taking out "problematic" individuals within the society to upkeep a vague concept of The Greater Good. He excelled at his job, even if he didn't really care for it. It was better than scrubbing bathroom floors though, so he stuck with it.

However, even though centuries changed, his attitude never did. He remained a loose cannon, an unpredictable entity that had seen way too much for some of the higher ups' comfort. While they believed all their actions to be just and for the common good, they feared that if an ordinary citizen knew all the gritty details of what happened behind the curtains of peace, there might be chaos. And chaos was one thing they did not need sowed. Yet, Samael was effective at what he did, and unlike many others, did not raise questions of morality while at it. A dilemma, indeed.

Then, a few years ago, the angels received word that one of their permanently stationed agents in the human realm had been banished back to their world. They found the man in question at the city altar, exhausted and defeated. He had been cornered and ganged up on, his real name forcibly beaten out of him over the course of many a week. He pleaded not to be sent back, arguing that with his real name known, he could no longer fight effectively or without risk of banishment. While the news were concerning and shocking at first, the higher ups soon realized that they already had a solution at hand. They would send Samael to the human realm. He could prove a great asset there, far away from the rest of society, so he could never let slip an unwanted word. They'd kill two birds with one stone.

And so, Samael received a new order. It was to slay evil wherever he saw it to ensure human prosperity. In other words, to hunt down and kill the monsters and unnatural creatures that walked the earth. So, basically, the same old shit he'd been doing for a few millennia now.

Only, the second his feet touched the strangely green grass of the human realm for the first time, Samael couldn't have given fewer shits about his new mission. This world was... it was fucking amazing, and the old farts back home were insane if they thought he'd waste all his time here chasing after monsters or whatever. There was way too much else to do.

Samael's been in the human realm for a little over three years now, and still finds the place pretty fascinating. He's gotten the gist of human habits by now, and can blend in comfortably. He's met a bunch of these monsters he's supposed to kill, too; vampires, werewolves, demons, what-have-yous... but honestly, he's fucked a lot more of them than he's actually killed. And he's pretty sure he's happier that way.


- Though demon hunting is more an exorcist's job, they are very much in his job description as well. Apart from fellow angels, the only kind of supernatural being he isn't assigned to hunt are ghosts. Let someone else bust 'em.

- Has a lesser angel (an NPC) following him around. Samael tries to avoid him at all costs.​
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WIP Finished! On to round two, let me know what changes need to be made!

Alias - Teresa Widmore
True Name - Aine

Age: 718 years in existence; appears as 25-year-old
Gender: Female, Bisexual
Species: Faerie
Occupation: Librarian

Magical Studies: Strictly wizardry; Aine knows the ways of nature inside and out. She’s learned by watching some famous wizards of the past and has always been the studious type. While very skilled in basic spells, she lacks the raw power some wizards can achieve and prefers to use magic for simple tasks or protection than a show of might.
Magical Aids: Grandmothers spellbook at home, safely locked away.


Aine has long, orange hair like a fire flowing from her head. Most often she keeps it up in a ponytail that still reaches her waist. She's five feet tall with a couple inches and has a some fat around her stomach and thighs that she has never been able to thin down. Her eyebrows are thin and her skin is tanned with freckles along her cheeks and shoulders. She has eyes of dull amber that express a wide range of emotions. While not too dramatic, she does wear her heart on her sleeve and her face always shows how she feels. The wings that she hides around humans are long, golden, feathery tendrils that reach out about as long as her arms do. They almost look like a spiderweb dipped in gold with a mind of its own. She has a scar down her back on her right side, maybe two inches in length, from a fight she was fleeing at one point.

Typically she has two modes of fashion. As Teresa the librarian, she wears semi formal tops and skirts. She dislikes sleeves, even in the winter, and has a pair of fake glasses she usually wears when working to look more studious. She has also nailed down the stern librarian glare and uses it indiscriminately. Outside of work she likes to wear fun clothes with brighter colors. She stills prefers skirts and sleeveless tops, but goes more casual for comfort. Usually, she uses some eye-shadow with minimal eyeliner and likes to accessorize with glittery earrings and the occasional bracelet.

Personality: Aine is tame by faerie standards. She’s never killed anyone for fun, only in self defense, and as much as she loves playing tricks on people, the more time she’s spent in the human realm, the less interested she has become in bothering those around her. She is still a little spitfire and is feisty when provoked, but time has smoothed out some of her rougher edges and she prefers a simple life now. Reading and studying are her favorite things and today there are so many things for her to learn about. Working at the library is perfect for her and she often visits even when not working. Her social skills are decent at best. She’s fairly introverted and only interacts with others as part of her job, but she does enjoy people-watching and observing others which sometimes sparks a friendship depending on the person.

Teresa is not some personality Aine dons when pretending to be human. She genuinely feels like herself amongst the humans while still understanding they are different. While she desperately wishes she could be herself around some of the people she’s grown to close to, the scars from her past run deep and she is not going to risk anyone knowing the truth about her. She tries to avoid other magical creatures because they usually bring trouble, but often she can’t help herself. Aine always wants to know more so she can sometimes get wrapped up in following a werewolf around town to study how they live in the human world or what their transformation cycle looks like.

Generally, Teresa is a peppy and sweet young woman to those around her, but she has a mean side if she’s crossed. A book of practical jokes sits on her desk when she’s working up front and uses it to threaten her coworkers who annoy her for one reason or another. She’s found ways to manipulate others to keep them from doing things she dislikes; that list includes making a mess in the library, being too noisy, workers slacking off, people constantly on their phones, people with strong opinions that just have to bring them up any chance they get, and other things that line up with those pet peeves. Because she appears so kind to people, they don’t usually notice the things she does to manipulate them, but Aine feels no guilt. If they did the things she didn’t like, she might makes things worse for them. Better yet, just don’t get on her bad side and she’ll mind her own business.

History: Aine was a privileged faerie growing up. She was named after the Queen of Faeries because, after all, she is a descendant of the royal line. While this means a lot to her family, Aine couldn’t care less. She never fussed over old traditions that her family wanted to press on her and instead often visited the human realm to cause trouble. She enjoyed teasing farmers and learning magic, but she was actually tame for a faerie. Actually harming people was never her interest and she preferred to learn from them. While her siblings and cousins snubbed their nose at her, she was just happy to not be around them and be mostly free to enjoy herself in and out of the faerie realm.

For a few centuries, this is all she did, until one day she got captured. A crafty witch tricked her into her home and coaxed out her true name to control her. Rescue attempts were made, but the witch was prepared and kept the faeries at bay easily. She had Aine as her servant for nearly 100 years. Aine resisted at every chance she could, but was never able to break free until the old hag died. She went home immediately, tired and beaten, but her family took great care of her.

After that experience, Aine was depressed for many years. She no longer found joy in things and never visited the human world. Finally, one of her younger siblings took her out to show her how much the world has changed and Aine fell in love all over again. She was much more careful around humans though and began using the alias Teresa to protect herself. With the information boom of the internet, Aine found she could no longer resist spending her life in the human realm and left her family home. It was a heartfelt goodbye, despite a rocky childhood, but her family grew to understand her and were fully supportive of her dreams to live elsewhere. She still visits home from time to time, but primarily she now lives in New York as a librarian after going to school and getting her Master’s in Library Science. She enjoys her simple life, but is wary of all the other creatures she knows live in the city. She can sense the tension in the air, but isn’t aware of the extent to which trouble will go down. Hopefully she can hold her own.
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Double Wip powers... go!

Margaret "Mae" Holloway


Female (Cisgendered)

Chimera (Human/Rabbit/Lion)

What are you doing with your life? Note if you're a Slayer/Exorcist here.

Magical Studies:
What type(s) of magic you've studied, and roughly what you've learned to do through them. The more types of magic you've studied, the less you should know how to do in each area. It's also more likely you will know more if you are older, proficient in magic, or have natural magic.

Magical Aids:
What talismans/amulets, relics/artifacts, tomes/spell-books/grimoires, potions/salves, etc, do you have on hand at current? (These can be on your person or at you residence/hotel.)


What you look like, please consider your character’s lifestyle when deciding this. If you're fighting a lot, you're probably not scar free. If you have no money left, you may have lost weight recently. If you can shape-shift, you don't need to describe every transformation, but it'd be nice to have you most common alternate forms here.
+ 8 sentences

How you think and act. Please make this somewhat realistic, with good and negative traits. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues please, we're gonna be Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu enough with all the powers and magic.
+ 8 sentences

What has happened in your past, again realism counts. Why are you in NY? How did you come to do what you do for a living? Are you aware that there’s a monster/hunter situation?
+ 8 sentences
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Everyone else is doing it, I’ll post my WIPs too...

Name: Adam Hayes

Age: 23

Gender: Male, Bisexual

Species: Human

Occupation: Slayer

Magical Studies: Sorcerery
His Fire magic has grown a lot since Pannis. It varies in power with the strength of his emotions. At minimum he can generate small fireballs in the palms of his hands and fire them. He can also imbue weapons, or his fists, with fire properties, for extra potency. When he’s feeling particularly angry, he can cast larger scale fire magic like shooting streams of Fire out of his hands, or making objects explode in a fiery burst. Of course when he’s feeling pissy, things have been known to catch fire. He also has a very high tolerance for heat. That being said, he is bothered by cold...

Magical Aids:
Dual Guns: His signature weapon. A pair of red pistols that can fire multiple shots rapidly. He also carries around iron bullets, as well as silver bullets. He can also forego the bullets entirely, and just shoot small fireballs out of them. In dire situations, he can also pistol whip someone.

Sword: His backup weapon. A straightforward sword, nothing fancy here. Well, other than the fact that he can set it on fire with his magic.

Pentagram Pendant - SIN provided him with an enchanted pendant that gives him increased strength, and speed so he can properly go toe to toe with the monsters he slays.

Enchanted Bracelet - Also given to him by SIN. A black bracelet with little red jewels encrusted into it. It gives a slight resistance to magical attacks.

Appearance: Adam is tall and muscular, standing at about 6’3”. He has a boyish face though he still possesses a firm jaw, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a light shade of green. He'll often wear red tinted sunglasses. He keeps his short red hair spiky using a good amount of hair gel. Only enough to keep it's shape, but not so much that anyone who may want to run their fingers through his hair hurt themselves. He was born with lightly tanned skin, not pale, but not bronzed either, that is maintained by spending a lot of time outside in the tropical sun. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training as a slayer and generally being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off by wearing tight tank tops a lot. He has a red swirling flame sleeve tattoo covering his left arm. The tattoo does glow when he is using magic. He has a few scars from his time spent slaying monsters. He wears them all with pride. There is a prominent X shaped scar on his cheek, and a few others on his chest.

Adam's clothing choices vary. He doesn't really have any sense of style, and just like to wear things that he thinks look cool. His favorite color is red, so he tends to wear that a lot. His current outfit consists of a form-fitting red tank top with a low neckline. Over this he is wearing a black leather vest with studs on the lapel. The back of the vest has a design of a flaming skull. He also wears a red bandanna wrapped around his forehead. On the bottom he wears a pair of black jeans with rips in them, and decorated with red bits of tape for some reason. On his feet are black and red combat boots. He has several piercings in his ears, and in each hole, he wears a stud earring in either black or red. Even during his off time, he wears his pentagram pendant around his neck. His hands are covered with red, studded fingerless gloves.

He keeps things simple when he’s dressed in slayer gear. He wears a red form-fitting tank top that shows off his physique. He has on a pair of red cargo pants made from a durable material, and are held up by a red belt. He wears a pair of red steel toed boots that have plenty of room for his feet to move arond in. He has a red bandanna around his forehead. Covering his hands are a pair of red fingerless. The gloves have steel reinforcements under the knuckle area. He keeps his weapons in sheaths and holsters attached to a belt. He still wears his pentagram pendant around his neck.



Personality: Adam is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He's impatient, and prefers to actually do things, as opposed to sitting there reading about other people doing things. As such, book smarts aren't really his forte. However, he is capable at thinking quick on his feet, He is brave, sometimes recklessly so, and he enjoys the outdoors and physical activities, he is also physically strong because of those activities. In addition to physical activities, Adam enjoys art as well. He likes to draw, and paint, and always carries around a sketchbook with him if the urge to draw ever strikes him. He mainly got into art because he knows his parents would think it's a waste of time. Adam is the type of guy that likes to shoot first, and ask questions later, and not give a damn about the consequences. Nothing ever got done just sitting there thinking about stuff.

Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, which usually ends up offending people. When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most polite person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for any number of reasons. He speaks in a crude manner, and has a tendency to swear a lot. He has no problems breaking the rules in order to get things done. Despite his lean appearance, Adam has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. and he likes to eat a lot. He's not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. His willingness to try anything extends beyond food, and likes to experiment in other activities, as long as they're exciting to him. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if it means a victory. He is an arrogant winner, as well as a sore loser. Often coming to blows with people he has lost to.

At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. He thinks he is awesome, and he likes to show off his strength. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, he has a tendency to brag about his accomplishments, and he often underestimates others and overestimates himself. It is not difficult to get him mad, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough. If one is patient with him, and he comes to respect someone, they will find he is one of the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. He will stick by you, and defend you no matter what. Although, he will still laugh at you if you did something stupid. While he does have masculine interests, he does quietly like cute things. Butterflies and rainbows can be just as badass as skulls and dragons. It’s not something he brags about though, and if anyone dares to say anything about it, they can eat a fist to the face.

He is a big flirt, and he frequently hits on males and females he finds attractive. There is usually a lot of touching involved in his flirting, and not always appropriate touching either. Even though he loves hot guys and girls, he isn't always polite in his interactions with them. He gets a laugh out of teasing statight guys, and making them uncomfortable. He isn't exactly serious about looking for a relationship, and his flirtations are mostly him playing around. He also likes playing games, and he can often be found at the game arcades, casinos, and bars spending a lot of money to play, and gambling it to make more money. Besides playing in the casinos, his favorite pastimes are playing any kind of sport that lets him show off, and winning. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. Adam generally tries to keep an optimistic attitude about things. After all, being angsty all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. There are several types of people he can't stand. Mostly rich snobs, stoic loners, annoying know-it-alls, and generally anyone he perceives as thinking they are better than him. He purposefully tries to irritate these kinds of people when he meets them, to get a reaction out of them. His biggest insecurity is feeling like he's not good enough, and that he doesn't belong anywhere. He hates being reminded of this fact, and it is the reason why he lashes out when he's upset. All in all, though hotblooded, Adam is a cheerful young man, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

History: Adam was born to a wealthy upper-class family in Miami Florida. Unknown to him, but known to the rest of his family, both of his parents were vampire hunters. He is a distant descendant of a Fire Sorceress named Seraphine on his mother's side. Members of this side of the family have manifested fire magic, but it's been known to skip a generation. Since Adam didn't really show any obvious magical potential, and because they wanted to keep this part of their lives a secret, Adam was left in the dark. During his childhood, Adam was not told of his parents true profession so he could have a normal life. Since birth, Adam was expected to live up to the family name, and behave a certain way. Adam just wasn't comfortable with this. As a child, Adam was a bit troublesome. Aside from sports, and art class, academics were not his forte. He spent class time doodling instead of paying attention and taking notes. He didn't get good grades, he often got into trouble with his teachers for speaking his mind more than he should, and his parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior which caused them quite a bit of concern. While he may have gotten into trouble a lot, he found it easy to make friends due to his outgoing personality. He quickly became popular on campus with other students that found him fun to be around.

When puberty started, and the hormones kicked in, he realized he liked both boys and girls very quickly. He flirted with others freely, and would often flirt with boys even when he knew the other guy wasn't gay. This earned the ire of some, but Adam didn't really care. For as many that said no, one would say yes. He had many affairs in his young life, but nothing serious and lasting, which he was perfectly ok with. He was having fun, and wasn't interested in being in anything serious at such a young age. His parents hoped Adam’s rebellious behavior was just a phase he was going through. They wanted him to be a proper gentleman to carry on their family name and reputation. Their efforts to discipline their son only made him more rebellious. Adam would often make out with boys in front of his parents to spite them (the fact that it was two dudes making out somehow made it more scandalous.) He would also sneak off to go to casinos and bars to gamble and get a drink. He had friends who made very convincing fake IDs for this purpose.

When he started high school, his parents enrolled him into an elite boarding School, that had very high standards for their students. They thought being in a more structured environment would be good for the boy, as they hoped it would calm him down a bit. This only made Adam even more upset. When he first started attending, Adam decided to rebel by misbehaving more than he usually does, with the hope that they would kick him out. His grades got even worse than before due to not even bothering to study, and he mouthed off to the teachers very often, and broke many of the school's policies. His parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior, and he was often disciplined harshly, not that this mattered to him. He didn't get along well with the other students in this new school, either. They thought he was a low class jerk who didn't belong there, and Adam couldn't stand their snobbish attitudes. He occasionally got into fistfights with other students when he was provoked. Adam would have been expelled were it not for his family's wealth and influence. At some point during his time at the school, Adam stopped getting any sort of communication from his parents. Supposedly they were away on business, but they disappeared for much longer than they normally did.

Adam eventually accepted that he was going to be stuck there until he graduated and no amount of rebeling was going to get him out. Most of the other students thought he wouldn't get very far in life, and Adam was determined to prove them wrong. He started studying a little, and doing much better in his classes. However, his behavior still hadn't changed. He still got into trouble frequently for talking back to his teachers (or flirting with the attractive substitute teachers they sometimes brought in, no matter their gender,) and getting into fights with other students.

Despite everything, he barely managed to graduate from school. Shortly after graduation, Adam found out the real reason why his parents suddenly disappeared. He found out that his parents were Vampire Hunters, and they had taken one last mission. They had gone off to some unknown castle in a far away town to kill the Vampire King who lived there. The mission did not go as planned, and Adam's parents were killed in combat. The boy did not take it well, for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that his parents were dead now, he was upset that he wasn't told about they're secret occupation, and that he wasn't trained to follow in their footsteps. He would have preferred killing the undead than being stuck in some prissy school with a bunch of snobs. He took a few months to practice, and to track down the castle where his parents have been killed, Adam made his way to Pannis to avenge their death, equipped only with a pair of guns he found in his family's collection of weapons. He has no experience in this, but he's determined to avenge his parents death, and prove that he is capable of doing something right.

During his time in Pannis, he met some other slayers, and killed some vampires. Also during this time, he discovered his innate fire magic. Due to his newfound magic, and lack of experience with said magic, Adam wound up setting the Castle of the Vampire King on fire, and that helped in forcing all the vampires in Pannis to flee.

The Mayor promised wealth and glory to any slayer that helped drive the vampires out of Pannis, and he got it. Adam got paid very well, and was contacted by an organization called the Slayers International Network, or SIN for short. A government organization designed to deal with supernatural matters. This organization was the same one that employed his parents, and after hearing about Pannis, they decided to recruit and train him as Slayer. They would even pay him a stipend for his services. Adam happily accepted the offer. He would much rather kick undead ass for a living, then go to college and do something boring like study medicine or law.

So, for the next five years, Adam trained to be a slayer. He honed his Sorcery, learned to use his guns, as well as a sword and various unarmed fighting techniques, and got to slay some undead monsters in the process. Even though SIN found him much harder to rein in than his parents, they had to admit he got results.

He made enough money slaying to support himself, and got himself an apartment in New York City. He enjoyed the freedom that came with being adult. He got himself a tattoo, various ear piercings, and his own motorcycle. When he's not slaying, he often goes to bars to drink, flirt, play pool, and sometimes get into motorcycle races with others. He's also had more affairs with both men and women, though once again nothing long lasting, and he's perfectly ok with that.

Recently, SIN informed him that the Vampire King has returned. In order to help him deal with the threat, they paired him up with a partner. Someone he knew from Pannis, Cadenza Amoré. While Adam was not happy to be relegated to being someone's sidekick, he was very much looking foward to seeing Cadence again.

- - -

Name: Cadenza Mia Amoré
Nickname: Cadence

Age: 25

Gender: Female (Straight)

Species: Human

Occupation: Exorcist, Chef

Magical Studies: Wizardry: She was trained in the use of magic by her mother. She specializes in Healing and Protection spells. Additionally, she also has the ability to manipulate and create light, from using it for practical purposes such as illuminating dark places, to attacking with it in the form of beams, balls and arrows.

Witchcraft: She knows how to cook. A skill she learned from her father. Her cooking ability naturally lends itself to Potion brewing. After all, they both involve mixing ingredients to achieve a desired outcome. She sometimes mixes her potions into food when the need arises. She can also practice some rituals if she has the spellbook in front of her for reference. Mainly for the purposes of banishing demons. In addition to Excorcism, she’s been known to hold seances for people with dead loved ones in order for them to communicate with the deceased and find closure.

Magical Aids: Magical Halbred - A long poleaxe with a lavender handle. It has a point at the end so it can also function as a spear. The bladed parts are made of iron, to harm fairies that can't be harmed by anything else. Contrary to the picture, she does need two hands to wield this thing. Sometimes demons get hostile, and when they do, one needs to defend themselves. Besides, this isn’t an ordinary weapon. It’s magical! She can channel her light magic through this thing. It can hurt immortal creatures, and forcibly remove a demon/ghost from a human body they are possessing without harming the human. She can also magically summon it into her hands when needed.

Enchanted Armor: It offers resistance to magic, and she can change in and out of it magical girl style!

Books: She has various books on the Supernatural, and magic related books in her home. (Spell Books, Books listing of potions and their ingredients, books about magic rituals etc.)

Appearance: Cadence is about average height for a young woman her age, standing at about 5'6". She has a slender frame, with feminine curves in all the right places. Her breasts are decently sized, not too big but not small either. She was born with smooth fair skin, which doesn't get tanned easily. She has long, light blonde hair, that fades into lavender at the ends, and goes down to her waist. She keeps her bangs swept to the side, kept out of her eyes using some type of headband. She has a heart shaped face, with a small nose, large, expressive eyes that are a deep violet color that usually a childlike sparkle to them, as well as long eyelashes attached to them. She goes out of her way to make sure she looks "cute", and works to maintain it.

Cadence is very much into fashion, and spends a lot of money on it. She has many wardrobes filled with enough clothes to dress a small country. Her outfits tend to vary, but they usually contain a lot of purple, her favorite color. She also has a preference for skirts and dresses over pants. Her current outfit is a consists of a fancy looking purple dress with short puff sleeves. It is perfectly tailored to her body, so it fits well, but isn't skintight and too revealing. The skirt part is frilly, and flairs out, only reaching to slightly above her knee. She wears cute purple flats on her feet that are decorated with bows. Her legs are covered by purple thigh-high stockings. She wears a purple headband on top of her head with a bow attached to it, which she says adds cuteness to her look. She accessorizes with gold jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, and the gold band of her amethyst ring) as well as amethyst earrings hanging from her ears. She carries her things in a purple purse, Her face is decorated with a light amount of make-up (lavender eyeshadow, a light amount of blush, and lip gloss.) Her nails are also painted lavender.

For missions, she dons an armored dress that gives her protection in combat, while still letting her move gracefully, and looking good. The top part is made from a tough metal that is silver in color, and can reflect light. It is decorated with various lavendee markings. The skirt is lavender, and fans out widely. She wears silver boots that are both practical and stylish. She completes her look with a pair of purple drop earrings, and a silver tiara atop her head. Just because you're fighting the supernatural, doesn't mean you can't look like a princess while doing it.


Personality: Cadence is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic girl. In spite of any chaos that may be going on, she manages to put on a smile. Despite being from a wealthy family, she doesn't believe it makes her better than anyone else. She spends time around many kinds of people from different backgrounds, and tries to find good in everybody. While she tries to act like a proper lady, she doesn't always do a very good job of it. Around others she can come across as silly and childish. However, while it may look like she doesn't take anything seriously, she's smarter than people give her credit for. She's been training from early age, In addition received a formal education at an early age, but she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do well. Her mother would never be pleased if she did only enough to get by. Cadence is a feminine girl, and she has an affinity for cute things. Kittens, puppies, ponies, etc. They all make her squeal excitedly.

Cadence is a compassionate, nurturing girl. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She cares deeply for others, is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. While she is not stupid by any means, she is very much naive when it comes to the real world. She's easily tricked, and is prone to giving anything she has to someone in need in the name of love.

Cadence is the type that wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to hurt her feelings, but it doesn't take much to cheer her up again. Having grown up hearing fairy tales, Cadence loves love. She believes it's the best feeling in the world. She believes everyone, no matter how much of a jerk they may be deserves love. Her beliefs have been instilled into her since young, and she's very outspoken and passionate about them. She's a hopeful romantic, and often acts flirty towards men she likes, hoping they're Mr. Right, and find that special someone so she can get her own Fairy Tale happy ending. She tends her relationships very seriously, making her seem clingy and overly dependent. She gets easily attached to people she's grown to like, and it upsets her when the object of her affections doesn't share her feelings, and will do anything to keep them around. She also likes to help other people find love as well, and plays matchmaker for people whether they asked for it or not.

History: Cadenza Amoré was born in Milan Italy. She grew up in a wealthy upperclass family. The Amoré name is so prominent, men who married into it were expected to change their names to Amoré, while women who married out of it were expected to keep theirs. Her family tree contains a long line of wealthily and powerful women, who practiced Light Magic, slew monsters, and banished demons. As the eldest child and the only daughter of Lovina Amoré, Cadence would one day be one of them. Cadence lived a very extravagant lifestyle. Her parents showered her, and her younger brother Lorenzo with love and affection, as well as whatever they wanted. Cadence loved her family and they loved her, it was as simple as that. Her mother read her daughter many fairy tales when she was growing up. They usually involved lovers overcoming all odds to be together. These stories instilled in her the belief that love can conquer any obstacle.

Cadence was always close with her little brother Lorenzo. She always looked after him, helped train him when he was old enough to study magic, and defended him from bullies. They shared the same interests in cute things, and fashion. Cadence was even the first person Lorenzo told that he was gay. Of course, he didn't have much of a choice there, since she caught her brother kissing a boy one day. She loves talking about guys with him.

From an early age, Cadence was groomed to carry on the family's reputation. She was given her weapons and equipment, and trained in battle, as well as how to use her magical abilities by her mother. She was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. This lasted until she was of age to start junior high school, then she attended a prestigious boarding school in Italy, in order to be able to interact with others her own age, because they felt it was important for her to have a normal life. While she performed well enough, she found it very tiresome trying to live up to her family's standards. She cared more about finding her one true love, and getting her own happy ending. Just like the ones in the stories she was told.

One day, she met a handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed, young man named Valentino De Luca. He was one of the few people at the school who wasn't wealthy, but was there on scholarship. At the time, he was assigned to be her tutor when her grades started slipping. In exchange, she would often help babysit his nerdy younger sister. Their relationship was professional at first, and her grades did improve with his help. Eventually, they became something more. She likes to say their meeting was love at first sight, but it took quite a long time of getting to know each other before they officially professed their love, and consumated the relationship. People were surprised that an Amoré, who had so many suitors that were within her class to choose from would pick a mere commoner. She didn't care though. Around Valentino she could be herself. She didn't have to impress him with the whole proper lady act. She also told him about her side job as an Excorsist. He actually found it cool. The affair was passionate, and romantic. They were both certain that they were destined to be together, and that this was going to last forever.

Ultimately, it wasn't meant to be. Valentino went to join a military training Academy, and eventually become a soldier and serve his country. The two promised to keep in touch, and they even agreed to get married one day. For a few months, the two exchanged letters, and occasional phone calls. It was like they never left. Then, the communication suddenly stopped. Months had passed, and Cadence hadn't heard a word from her lover, and she was starting to get worried. She would come to find out later, that Valentino had died in a car accident where the other driver was drunk. The death of her lover saddened and confused the girl. She was certain they were meant to be together, and when you're meant to be with someone you'll find each other no matter what, right? That's what the stories say. She refuses to believe that her mother's teachings were wrong, there must be someone else out there for her, or Valentino would find his way back to her. Although heartbroken by Valentino death, she helps other people find love as a way to heal. She keeps a cheerful attitude, and is still searching for her happily ever after.

News of the supernatural events in Pannis have spread far and wide. After all the years of training she had to go through, Cadence was sent to the small town, to investigate the situation, and put an end to whatever dark forces are lurking there. After the mayor's nephew and his boyfriend were attacked, the mayor sent an open call out to slayers all around the world, with offers of glory and money, to anyone that could end the scourge on their land. During her time, she met other slayers, and killed some vampires. It was carnage, but eventually they forced the Vampire King and his minions to flee.

After the events of Pannis, Cadence took a break from Excorsism to have a normal life. In that time she graduated from culinary school, move to New York and open up a catering business out of her own home, help Lorenzo find a suitable boyfriend, and date a few boys. Though she still hasn't found a serious boyfriend yet...

Even though she took a break from excorsism, she wasn't done with magic and the Supernatural. At some point she held a seance in order to communicate with Valentino, and finally get closure on his death. It made her feel better knowing that he had moved on to a better place. After this, she occasionally offered her services to allow others to communicate with dead loved ones.

She thought she was done with banishing demons and slaying vampires, but then she got a phone call that pulled her right back in. She got a call from an organization that called itself SIN, who heard of her from Pannis. They called requesting her services as a slayer. Cadence told them she was done with that part of her life, untill they told her the Vampire King had returned. Remembering the trouble he had caused the last time, and that where there are Vampires, there are usually demons, Cadence had agreed to help. SIN then told her they sent in a slayer to assist her. Adam Hayes, someone she knew from Pannis. Cadence was actually looking forward to seeing him again, although she really hoped he grew up in the last five years.

Other: Her little brother Lorenzo is also an excorsist. He is currently studying fashion in college, and may or may not appear as an NPC.
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Phew ok, in a passion filled frenzy I finished up my second character (sorry it's friggin long) and my first one is done too. Let me know how they look and if there's anything I need to change, thanks!

Name - Rosaleen “Rosa” Byrne
Alias - The Red Stinger, various past fake lives

Age: 96 years in existence; appears as 21-year-old
Gender: Female, Lesbian (but in denial)
Species: Human -> Vampire
Occupation: MMA Fighter/Irish Mob Member

Magical Studies: None; she isn’t very apt at magic, but has recently been able to mesmerize victims, just not intentionally or for very long.
Magical Aids:
A vial of Holy Water. Being Catholic, it was not difficult to acquire. She keeps it on hand just in case it helps her get out of a magical scrape.
Masking Makeup. This was a gift from a fellow mobster that meddled in magic. The powder is light pink, but invisible when applied and it masks her vampiric nature from different types of detection magic. It's not foolproof, but it has saved her from a slayer or two being able to track her down.


Rosa has subtly changed her appearance over the years since being bitten all those years ago, but some things have stayed the same. Her hair is naturally smooth and black, her eyes are sapphire blue. While pale before, she’s more pale now, though maintains a healthy balance by going out in the sun with sunscreen when she can. Around five years ago she encountered a werewolf that left a three clawed scar along her right arm. She has a bad right knee and usually wears a brace for fights. Currently, her hair is cut in a pixie style. It’s a bit wild and ends just above her ears. Often she is covered in bruises and has multiple injuries.

She only kept up with the most basic fashion as the years came and went. Rosa was used to blending in to gather intel so she kept wearing the kinds of outfits that were common for women at the time. Once wearing shorts was commonplace for women she stuck with it. Mostly she dresses in athletic clothes and jackets. One thing she does like to accessorize with is choker necklaces; she really enjoyed something about that trend. The way she carries herself is very strategic. She walks quietly and is careful not to have her back to an entrance or put herself in a corner. Her eyes dart around a room when she enters and she often appears relaxed, but is easily prepared for any sort of altercation. She always carries sunscreen for the times she cannot avoid going outside during the day for her job. Fortunately she works at night frequently for the mob, but when traveling for her MMA fights, her skin is usually slathered in the stuff.

Personality: Rosa is a woman full of contradictions. She has an older opinion of a woman's role, despite being an MMA fighter, yet completely believes a woman should have the freedom to do and think as she pleases. Still, she is incredibly simple and doesn’t think too deeply into things. From all her years in the mob, she’s clever and can quickly come up with plans, but philosophy isn’t one of her strong suits. For a woman with some interesting life experiences, she’s rather dull and doesn’t talk much about herself. She doesn’t have any passions or dreams, she’s just sort of floating through life.

After starting with the mob, she became very good as masking her emotions. Not only that, but she really represses her feelings and is empty in that respect too. Though she hasn’t lived as long as some vampires, she really feels as though her life is pointless and can’t think further than doing the same thing she’s been doing since childhood. The few things she does enjoy though are cooking, cleaning, and knitting. Her house is immaculate and she’s gotten the hang of technology enough to have a computer and phone. One thing she feels strongly about is her identity. She is Catholic, born Irish, a citizen of New York, a mobster, a fighter, and a vampire. She might not like all of these aspects of her at all times, but she believes this is who she is and uses this to stay grounded as the world changes around her. Occasionally she has panic attacks from trying to deal with everything life has handed her, but remembering these things about herself helps her stabilize.

History: Rosa grew up in Ireland with her parents and two brothers. At five years old, they uprooted and moved to New York in 1928. They were looking to prosper in the land of America, but ended up in one of the slummy, Irish neighborhoods around the city. Thinking they could eventually work their way up, they stayed, but the Great Depression hit about a year after they arrived. Rosa and her brothers were put hard to work earning whatever money they could for the family or, if that failed, stealing what they could to get by. Rosa was a tough kid and would beat and steal from other kids in other neighborhoods so as not to get caught. It seemed their family was doing alright, but this was only because they were getting help from the Irish Mob and were unfortunately indebted to them.

Rosas father did work for the mob while she and her brothers got through school and life was alright for a while. She was a terrible student, always starting fights with other kids and even her own brothers. Most nights her father came home drunk and angry which was passed down to the kids. He sometimes beat them, but other times the kids hid and mother got the brunt of his fury. Before she finished high school, she had earned a reputation as a mean fighter and her last year of school was when her father killed himself.

The mob didn’t move on from their family though. They saw Rosa and considered her feisty attitude an attribute they could use. Most people wouldn’t expect a young, educated woman to be smuggling drugs or alcohol across the city and there were plenty of cover jobs she could assume. As long as she got to beat up some people every once in a while, Rosa was in. Her time with the mob began 1941 and she loved every minute of it.

After a few years providing for her family, Rosa ran across the vampire that would eventually turn her into one. He was a thorn in the side of the mob and everyone they sent after him ended up dead and mysteriously missing massive amounts of blood. They decided to see what Rosa could do against him and hoped the person would have their guard down around her enough that she could learn something. On a cold January night, 1944 she finally tracked down her target and got him drunk. They talked and he spilled information about his gang and their work, but he sobered up fast when Rosa broke her cover. He took her out back and bit her, sucking her nearly dry, but left her alive, “So you can suffer from this curse just as I have.”

The next 20 years were confusing for Rosa. At first she burned immediately when going out into the sun and felt a strange desire like thirst, but different. She was very fortunate there was another vampire in the Irish mob that caught wind of her situation. Jason Younge had convinced the mob he had an illness that caused symptoms related to vampirism. When they heard Rosa was struggling, they got him in contact with her in a week and he was able to explain everything to the best of his ability (and provide her with some much needed sunscreen). The two became close companions. They got around the immortality suspicion by changing up their appearance and claiming to be a family member to get back into the mob every few decades.

Unfortunately, she had to abandon her family. Rosa faked her death, but continued sending funds every few months while she continued with the mob. She spent her free time starting fights in bars and keeping up on her household skills such as cooking and sewing. There wasn’t really any direction in her life except to continue what she was doing. That was alright with her until the year Jason was killed.

On 1982 Jason was found, decapitated after he failed to return from a job. Rosa was understandably hurt and she took some time away while she tried to recenter herself. It took a few years of sulking for her to discover her new role was to shepherd new members of the mob. Having just recently switched personas, she was still considered new to the mob, but she rose quickly because it’s work she has been doing for years. They were impressed and eventually gave her more responsibilities which included recruiting new members. It was exactly where she felt she should be.

For another 25 years she worked as a high member in the mob; she started adding grey dye to her hair and didn’t feel like she was ready to make a new identity. Instead she started faking signs of age and voicing how she was ready to consider retirement. In fact, as 2010 rolled around, she became interested in the MMA scene. She began spinning a tale about her niece who was training and how she wanted to help her grow into a strong young woman. The mob understood and she officially left, donning a new identity as her own niece who would become The Red Stinger.

It took her a while to find a trainer and get big enough to travel to tournaments, but eventually she earned her place. Rosa was able to visit other countries for fights and she still got messages from the mob sometimes directed to her “aunt” wishing her well and letting her know she was always welcome back. After a few years she settled down and is still a professional fighter, but she rejoined the mob posing as her “niece”. She’s avoided the magical community as much as she can up to this point, but she hasn’t tired of her lifestyle. Unless something changes, she will probably continue recycling herself through the Irish Mob and MMA scene until her eventual death.
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