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People need to get over time not passing

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ArielSummer, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    ok guys, just stating my opinion and reasons, lime the thread asks

    im saying if time had passed, he WOULD be a teen and THEREFORE have teen problems

    WHOA. im not "butthurt" its something i want but not to the point that i'll cry over it

    i shouldve mentioned this before but i think the age formula should be one year older per region

    im glad u said that because i never said "needed"

    excuse me, but if i personally feel that ash should age, its my opinon, and thats ok. get over me getting over it

    if he aged he wouldnt be 10, whats so hard to understand about that?

    the younger audiences watch because they see cool animals beat each other up with colorful attacks. they could care less about the plot and, furthermore, ash's past experiences
  2. Poliwhirl'sMittens

    Poliwhirl'sMittens Lorelei's Apprentice

    When I first heard about BW, I heard rumors that Ash was going to be replaced. At first I was like UNACCEPTABLE THEY CAN NEVER REPLACE HIM! But now...Yeeaaahhh...I think they should replace him now.... What they should have done was make the main character his son or maybe even set it into the future to where he becomes a champion.
  3. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    What the hell?
  4. Honeyichigo

    Honeyichigo The manliest

    Really? That's one of the less odd suggestions I've seen for a new protagonist.
  5. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix #ChespinGang

    Honestly, I've never had much a problem with time not passing. To me, it was never something that prevent me to like the series.

    The only thing I think could be better handled is how the writers handle the "reset" they have to make in Ash and Pikachu. But overall, I don't mind with Ash staying as a 10 year old.
  6. Stage On

    Stage On Aura guardian

    Time not really passing only works in shows like the Simpsons because it's a sitcom with little to no ongoing plot.

    That doesn't work in Pokemon because they aren't truly resetting everything once a generation is over.

    Ash has been to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto again, Sinnoh and Unova all in less then a year? That's an insane amount of time compression

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