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~Perpetual Motion Vs. Sentient Dragons~

Discussion in 'Guild Wars' started by Chuck$$$, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Chuck$$$

    Chuck$$$ Inactive


    ~5th Gen OU 5v5 War. First clan that gets 3 wins is the winner.
    ~ All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 OU standard rules.
    ~ All battles will be best of 3. Each player must win 2/3 of the battles to get a win.
    ~ Anything smogon banned will be banned for this war including Drizzle+Swiftswim and Garchomp.
    ~ No trolling, flaming, or spamming!
    ~ The results of each battle needs to be posted and confirmed on this thread.

    Perpetual Motion
    Sentient Dragons

    Scubasteve23 Vs. Woebegonenick
    00swms Vs. SilverG
    DeviantMaster Vs. Darkfire98989
    PokemanzAssassin Vs. BOOMslang
    Meliekpi Vs. dusk26

    Current Score:
    PM-1 SD-0

    The Deadline For This War Is Two Weeks After This Post is Approved

    Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2012
  2. BOOMslang

    BOOMslang Rawrzors

    Thanks to PM for doing all this work GL to everyone I'll message PA in a few secs

    Edit: Um he aint been on in 18 days? Perhaps I could get someone that has been on recently?
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2012
  3. Chuck$$$

    Chuck$$$ Inactive

    Scuba will pass a judgement when he gets on, but I do see PA fairly regularly on Xat :/

    Anyways gl too all, it's still bs I'm not in this (wary)
  4. BOOMslang

    BOOMslang Rawrzors

    My computer wont load xats :< its slow crap, but maybe if someone told me when to meet him on PO or something or told him to get on?
  5. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    gl to both sides, but im leaning towards Perpetual Motion this time ;D
  6. BOOMslang

    BOOMslang Rawrzors

    Srry guys lost 6-0, I was about to 6-0 sweep with scrafty but a volt switch crit, then a gyro ball crit back to back killed it. Behind light screen and reflect
  7. Kyro13

    Kyro13 Banned

    The matches are bo3, so we need to battle again. Sorry about the hax in our first battle. :/
  8. BOOMslang

    BOOMslang Rawrzors

    Srry missed ur messages I was dealing some stuff, ready aagain when you are
  9. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Good luck to both clans.
  10. DeviantMaster

    DeviantMaster Deviant_Fallacy

    wut is this madness. warring people and what not.
    making me actually battle.....whats wrong with you steve.

    hey guys go win your battles so I can continue being lazy

    PA what did I tell you about 6-0ing people. das rude.

    So I'm fighting little darky huh? havnt heard from him in awhile. might as well vm him for shiggles

    .......ew bo3

    oh yeah quick question. are we allowed to use the new bw2 changes? like the new formes, keldeo, and move tutors? or are we sticking to pre-bw2?
  11. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Hunger Games Reference, like a boss
  12. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    Gl to both sides and lets win this Dragons
  13. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    When did we agree on bo3? lol
    Can we just agree to make this a one battle war?
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2012
  14. BOOMslang

    BOOMslang Rawrzors

    Well me and PA just agreed to it up there.
  15. 00swms

    00swms Chaos Theory

    That you guys choice and not Scuba.
  16. Kyro13

    Kyro13 Banned

    Normally, I'd say just one battle, but I haxxed him so much it was unbelievable. I'll do bo3 to even it out.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2012
  17. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Good luck Nick and Steve. c:

    I'm friends with so many clan leaders. ._.
  18. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    You know we're battling each other, right? lol
  19. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    Lol but thanks

    And if people that are not in either clan stop posting here please and thank you
  20. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    I do now.
    Okay, good luck. :3


    PR Trumps All! :p

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