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Perpetual Motion vs The Legacy

Discussion in 'Guild Wars' started by Scubasteve23, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba





    All battles will be BW2
    This will be a one battle elimination war. No best of three unless both battlers agree to it before the first battle.
    All Standard OU rules will be in effect
    Anything Smogon banned will be banned here
    The results of each battle must be both posted and confirmed in this thread
    The war will be concluded after two weeks. Whatever team is winning by then will be the winning team
    If you get disconnected at the beginning of the match, reply the match and redo all moves up to that point
    If there's a disconnection at the end and there is no clear winner, you will redo the battle

    DeviantMaster vs BL44ZT3HPR0(Blaaz)
    TML vs Sucka_Punch
    Scubasteve23 vs Ioliolk
    Alcatraz vs Windie Styles
    GearFlow vs Archer​
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2012
  2. Sucka_Punch

    Sucka_Punch Well-Known Member

    Activity, gonna hang out in the PM xat till my opponent gets on.
  3. TML

    TML Member

    Beat Sucka_Punch
  4. Sucka_Punch

    Sucka_Punch Well-Known Member

    Lost to TML GG
    Damn jirachi flinching my jellicent.
  5. rckstr

    rckstr Well-Known Member

    Fix the second and fourth rule lol
  6. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    Haha I obviously just copied and pasted it from the last war
    Good job on the win TML!
  7. Metroid

    Metroid Look at my post.

    Good Job TML! and good luck to both sides
  8. DeviantMaster

    DeviantMaster Deviant_Fallacy

    haha! oh man i get tos battle mah boi blaaz? yeah this is gonna be fun lol

    also, nice win TML!
  9. Chuck$$$

    Chuck$$$ Inactive

    nice win TML =3
    gogogogogo pm!!!
  10. WindieStyles

    WindieStyles Active Member

    Good luck to both sides, I'm glad you guys took Sucka from us, he was starting to annoy me, I'll contact my opponent later.
  11. TML

    TML Member

    thanks for the support friends. and lol^
  12. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    BIG UP THE T TO DA M TO DA L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yere boi!
  13. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    just my luck ;-;
  14. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    My opponent hasn't been on in 3 days.
  15. DeviantMaster

    DeviantMaster Deviant_Fallacy


    we gonna have fun :3
  16. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Good Luck to both sides have fun! Go Legacy! :)
  17. PoKe_aRcHeR2010

    PoKe_aRcHeR2010 Shady 2.0

    Lost 1-0 to GearFlow


    Damn scarf :''( ... anyways twas a gg
  18. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    Ahh good job gear!! :D
    Let's finish this thing!
  19. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    this is probably a bit late but GL to both, but im leaning towards Perpetual Motion, has some of my good friends, XD.
  20. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Late good luck to both sides.
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