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Persian & Murkrow.

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Watchog, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Watchog

    Watchog Lv. 50

    I'd like to know if there's any reasonable setup's for these two pokemon ”And” if there are, wich setup's are they.
  2. Watchog

    Watchog Lv. 50

    Wow... these forum's are deserted aren't they? i wasted my time making the thread here. these worthless forum's should be deleted and replaced with one single competitive forum instead. no wonder people post these sort of question's in the general forum.. -facepalm-
  3. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    Dude you only waited two hours and are complaining about the lack of people? There isn't that many decent posters here often anyway. Patience.

    Persian is somewhat useless in competitive really, unless NU is your favourite tier.

    Anyways, Murkrow joins the ranks of annoying Pokemon, capable of roosting/confusing/attack reducing/night shading/thunder waving stuff. It's fun to use.

    Murkrow @ Eviolite
    Bold Nature [+ Def - Atk]
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SDef
    - Perish Song
    - Mean Look
    - Roost
    - Taunt / Substitute

    The effective perish trapper. Hey, at least it's a set.
  4. Barbeller

    Barbeller Scatter Brained

    Persian can be used as an effective lead, abusing Fake Out + Return and its spectacular speed to be able to KO a lot of leads. It can also use Taunt to prevent Stealth Rockers from getting Rocks up.

    Murkrow is a good Perish Trapper, and sweeper sets are also effective. Brave Bird allows it to KO a lot of stuff in NU, and it also has a resonable special attack and attack stat, meaning that it's one of the more effective mixed sweepers in NU. Murkrow also has Sucker Punch, allowing it to be a decent revenge killer.

    Although neither of them have much competitive value outside of NU (Although Murkrow can be used more due to Perish Trapping), inside of NU both of them are potent at the jobs they do - Persian has a good usage inside of NU.

    By the way, most people aren't online at this time of day, hence why you got no comments. Also, it's a bit of a small range for discussion, and putting two different pokemon into a single discussion thread is weird. I'm assuming this is meant to be a discussion thread.
  5. Watchog

    Watchog Lv. 50

    No, it is not, but where's the rant forum? is it as deserted as these? and thank's for the persian & murkrow explication, appreciate.
  6. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    A few problems with this.

    1) Please wait more than an hour and a half before complaining about a forum's activity.

    2) You're posting in the older gen forums, forums for games that most people have stopped playing almost two years ago. Of course it's less active.

    3) Maybe if you read the rules, or even skimmed over the stickies you would see that this belongs here.

    Anyhow locked for a bunch of reasons.
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