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Persona- BOSS


My Bloody
Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls!

"Heroes aren't gods! When we get punched, it hurts! When we eat stuff off the ground, we get diarrhea, or worse!.” ~ Pirihiko Ichimonji


- Arcana List -

When you create your sign-up you will no doubt notice a section labeled ‘Arcana’. “Now Zinc,” you may ask “what ‘da hellz is that fo’”? That is, my good man, the corresponding Arcana of your character and their Persona. Each Arcana has its own personality characteristics that are similar to the person who is being represented by it. You don’t have to fit all of the criteria, as most people will be very complex in this RP, but you want to chose the Arcana that fits your character the best using the list of the Arcana provided below. Just be careful. Only one character is allowed per Arcana.

Sadly, as this is a continuation of a previous RP, we don't have many spots open... at all. So if you want in, it's first come first serve, no reservations.

- 0 ~ The Fool -

The Fool represents infinite possibilities. It is both nothing and everything. It is often associated with discovery, ignorance, and a desire to continue forward regardless of the risks (as well as madness and chaos). Persona users of the Fool Arcana often posses the "Wild Card" ability which allows them to use multiple Personae. Personae of the Fool Arcana include Orpheus, Slime, and Susano-o.

Randy Clopin/ Vigilante+

- I ~ The Magician -

The Magician represents talent. It is often an indicator of unused talent, namely for those who have yet to realize their full potential. Those of the Magician Arcana tend to be compulsive, confidant, short-tempered, thoughtful, supportive, energetic, and headstrong. Personae of the Magician Arcana include Jack Frost, Hermes, Pixie, and Rangda.

Izzy Simone/ Daedalus

- II ~ The Priestess -

The Priestess represents knowledge. It is often an indicator of an intelligent person, but usually a withdrawn one. Those of this Arcana tend to be intelligent, creative, thoughtful, full of common sense, shy, reserved, hesitant, and supportive. Personae of the Priestess Arcana include Amaterasu, Unicorn, Juno, and Sarasvati.

Jason Kun- Clarise 'Eri' Stone/ Konohana Sakuya

- III ~ The Empress -

The Empress represents power. It is often an indicator of an strong-willed but uncertain lady. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, motherly, strict, smart, uncertain, a "born leader", and temperamental. Personae of the Empress Arcana include Ishtar, Titania, Lakshmi, and Isis.

Error. Data not found. Empress Arcana not available at this time.

- IV ~ The Emperor -

The Emperor represents power or control. It is often an indicator of an strong-willed but uncertain man. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, athletic, determined, troubled, charismatic, uncertain, and a "born leader". Personae of the Emperor Arcana include Caesar, Odin, Barong, and Amon-Ra.

Testa (McDougal) Jones/ Unknown

- V ~ The Hierophant -

The Hierophant represents control or a position of power. It is often an indicator of a person in a position of authority or someone with a mature outlook on life. Those of this Arcana tend to be reflective, resolute, troubled, controlling, snoopy, righteous, and diligent. Personae of the Hierophant Arcana include Mithra, Omoikane, and Psyche.

Kururiua- Bryan 'Halberd' Donnely

- VI ~ The Lovers -

The Lovers represents a romantic or caring person. It is often an indicator of a person who is looking for a meaningful relationship, but not necessarily a romantic one. Those of this Arcana tend to be cheerful, impulsive, easily scared, romantic, supportive, condescending, and decisive. Personae of the Lovers Arcana include Cybele, Io, and Narcissus.

Niedude- JP/ Pedro

- VII ~ The Chariot -

The Chariot represents a competitive and driven person. It is often an indicator of a person who is reaching for a goal or trying to overcome an external obstacle. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, decisive, focused, diligent, in need of support, reckless, and steadfast. Personae of the Chariot Arcana include Minotaur, Ares, and Thor.

Marble Zone (AKA: Marbly)- Levin Sanders/ Asclepius

- VIII ~ Justice -

Justice represents a good natured yet held back person. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to overcome an emotional or mental obstacle or struggling to make the right decisions. Those of this Arcana tend to be shy, decisive, friendly, responsible, in need of support, objective, and clever. Personae of the Justice Arcana include Angel, Archangel, Principality, and Power.

TheSequelReturns- Miyuki Tachibana/Astraea

- IX ~ The Hermit -

The Hermit represents a reserved person. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to escape from their normal life or attempting to be someone they’re not. Those of this Arcana tend to be calm, loners, troubled, introverts, in need of guidance, thoughtful, and easily flustered. Personae of The Hermit Arcana include Mothman, Fenrir, Naga, and Taraka.

Liza Monroe/ Yuki-Onna

- X ~ Fortune -

Fortune represents a person dealing with some kind of major change in their life, either in the past or the future. It is often an indicator of a person who is struggling to decide what path they want to take. Those of this Arcana tend to be energetic, popular, troubled, extroverts, falsely confidant, searching, and tend to be seen as lucky. Personae of the Fortune Arcana include Chronos, Norn, Fortuna, and Clotho.

Garret Wulfgard/ Kresnik

- XI ~ Strength -

Strength represents a person who is trying to overcome what other think of them or struggling to reveal a side of themselves that they usually keep hidden. It is often an indicator of a person who is struggling to overcome an internal obstacle. Those of this Arcana tend to be energetic, headstrong, confidant, sincere, opinionated, worried, and impulsive. Personae of the Strength Arcana include Cerberus, Oni, Titan, and Valkyrie.

InnerFlame- Russel Wilton/ Eros

- XII ~ The Hanged Man -

The Hanged Man represents a person who is struggling with a situation that is out of their control. It is often an indicator of a person who fears that they are powerless. Those of this Arcana tend to be troubled, in need of support, sincere, thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and patient. Personae of The Hanged Man Arcana include Inugami, Odysseus, Berith, and Vasuki.

Ysa- Snow Fields/Melpomene

- XIII ~ Death -

Death represents a person who is dealing with a loss. It is often an indicator of a person who can't escape the thought of their own mortality. Those of this Arcana tend to be troubled, calm, accepting, thoughtful, obsessive, pessimistic, and patient. Personae of the Death Arcana include Mot, Loa, Samael, and Charon.

Niihyl- Mana Shizuko/Alice

- XIV ~ Temperance -

Temperance represents a person who is trying to find moderation in some area. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to balance some aspects of their life, such as being too focused on a hobby. Those of this Arcana tend to be worried, eccentric, sincere, focused, detached, friendly, and hasty. Personae of the Temperance Arcana include Anubis, Genbu, Harpy, and Phoenix.

Blivsey- Sigmund Okonkwo/Hua Po

- XV ~ The Devil -

The Devil Arcana represents a person who is dealing with negative traits, such as jealousy, greed, or pride. It is often an indicator of a person who is a little uncaring towards others. Those of this Arcana tend to be selfish, opinionated, apprehensive, decisive, detached, confidant, and clever. Personae of The Devil Arcana include Belial, Lilim, Surt, and Vetala.

Shinai Haitani- Ophidian

- XVI ~ The Tower -

The Tower Arcana represents a person who is plagued by shortcomings. It is often an indicator of a person who is worried of failure. Those of this Arcana tend to be worried, in need of support, smart, clumsy, unfocused, thoughtful, and determined. Personae of The Tower Arcana include Eligor, Cu Chulainn, Loki, and Shiva.

SonOfShadows- Joshua/ Shiva

- XVII ~ The Star -

The Star Arcana represents a person who is looked up to or admired. It is often an indicator of a person who doesn't want to let themselves or another person down. Those of this Arcana tend to be thoughtful, confidant, focused, driven, energetic, optimistic, and trusting. Personae of The Star Arcana include Iris, Kaiwan, Fuu-Ki, and Suparna.

Vivian_Bloom- Lace Codor/ Saturnus

- XVIII ~ The Moon -

The Moon Arcana represents a person who is looked down on. It is often an indicator of a person who is worried of what people would think of the "real" them. Those of this Arcana tend to be excessive, knowledgeable, self-indulging, putting on airs, harsh, realistic, and distant. Personae of The Moon Arcana include Gurr, Dionysus, Tsukuyomi, and Artemis.

Wordy- Ciara H. Wright/ Kitsune

- XIX ~ The Sun -

The Sun Arcana represents a person who is upbeat and cheerful. It is often an indicator of a person who is troubled but doesn't want people to know it. Those of this Arcana tend to be cheerful, friendly, trusting, sincere, troubled, social, and diligent. Personae of The Sun Arcana include Apollo, Yatagarasu, Cu Sith, and Quetzalcoatl.

GoldenHouhou- Sofiya/ Horus

- XX ~ Judgement -

The Judgement Arcana represents a hidden truth or a final destiny. It is often an indicator of a difficult choice or a hidden force. This Arcana is not usually associated with people, but qualities may include cryptic, two-faced, or a sense of finality. Personae of The Judgement Arcana include Nike, Michael, and Metatron.

Judgement is not a selectable Arcana

- XXI ~ The World -

The World Arcana represents the world, the universe, or simply a sense of completion. It is often an indicator of the final stage of a journey. This Arcana is not associated with people. Personae of The World Arcana include Izanagi-no-Okami.

The World is not a selectable Arcana



1: Tarot cards are now used for Evokers. They're completely reliable, and you don't have to pull a trigger. Fun times.

2: The Empress is now a banned Arcana as well.... Oooooooo, ominous.

3: This sign-up is only for filling in the last spot, and to start up the new chapter in this RP. There is a very slim chance for people to enter, but stay tuned just in case something opens up. There is only a two chance limit here as well, as in you have two chances to get your sign-up accepted or you can't come back. That goes for older players as well.

4: Over the TWO MONTH intermission, Wulfgard has finally taught you how to keep your Persona out for prolonged periods of time, instead of come out and do one spell then leave. They now effectively fight along side you if you so wish. This tires you out fast, but can be extremely powerful. If they get damaged, you tire out even fast.

5: Personae also offer utilities due to their new found ability to stay out for prolonged periods of time. They may offer certain things based on their natural build or a different use of their magic. Randy's Hellion allows easy transportation for one with it's chopper. However, don't get crazy. Izzy's Daedalus allows him to generate nearly infinite amounts of electricity throughout the Court. This is a special ability that the GM will use to make things easier for you. It does not mean you should have something as overpowered.

6: During the intermission, Wulfgard has requested that all Persona users move into the same dorm as the others. It makes you easier to defend, as well as gives me a way to let players out of the game without killing their characters.


From the Desk of "Ciara H. Wright, Writer Extraordinaire" On: The Plot of Persona: Overpowering Past

One week had passed since the original , and the Seven Samurai plus the Three Musketeers plus however many others of these people there were (they seem endless) were relishing the chance of a proper weekend, after the rather more action-packed events of the week before.

As well as this delightful bunch, five others were also unaware of what would befall them. Including your genial writer, me. Now, I was trying to avoid the school therapist for yet another session in which I was lectured, so I had decided to go hide in the bathroom- where I met one of this gang for the first proper time since the semester had begun, Miyuki Tachibana. We were in the same homeroom, but given that we mostly kept to our respective selves I guess we naturally wouldn't have talked much. I was perfectly civil and offered Miyuki some friendly fashion advice, just for the girl to start PMSing and throw a hissy fit with a tissue. Still, I totally got hold of her notebook, which is where I first learned of the Court- even if, at first, I totally thought that it was just her fiction.

One of the nutjobs, a girl named Sofiya, decided to sexually harass the Student Council President in the halls, and when he shrugged her off rather roughly, she felt a teensy weensy bit anxious, which goes to show that nobody can be truly happy and you should just grow up if you think that. She got chatting to a cheap street-corner hooker, the school's lecherous gym bunny and a blue-haired mutant freak. See, Bellow High is totally awesome! Go (whatever our school mascot is which I always forget because sports are pointless)!

Of course, this being a colorful school which is accepting of all mental states, there was yet another basketcase roaming the halls, Lace Condor, who promptly injured herself and had to be escorted by Sigmund Okonkwo to the pharmacist, where she also met the world's most attractive man Joshua Sands, who had fallen asleep in class and had promptly thwacked his head on the desk upon awakening. How adorable. I mean, pathetic. I wanted to fall asleep too, honestly, but I had self-control. Still, they all got the drugs they wanted and so everybody was happy or high on something who wanted to be.

After doing his daily duty of Assisting Those Of Little Mental Capacity, Sigmund went to the dorms and had a nice cup of tea, with his two manly friends, a midget and a snarker. Their adorable little tea party was quite the sight. I am sure that they felt like real men after their session. Perhaps I should ask them to play with the kindergartners. I'm sure that they would absolutely love that.

Later on, pretty much everyone was at the concert, with a few exceptions. I, being one of said exceptions, but also wishing to be an Ace Detective (scratch the wish, I AM an Ace Detective. And an Ace Everything.), decided to investigate the 'Court of Miracles'. As the Court began, five new members with 'the spark' entered for the first time- I was among them. Apparently, some also lost 'the spark,' but they're not important to my story.

In any case, a mysterious Shadow appeared- a Jester. which was essentially a massive troll. As in, the Internet sort. Not the real sort, although I guess it could look like that under the mask. It was 'kind' enough to warn the group of the new challengers approaching, to rip them to shreds. What a sweetie.

I got into a minor scuffle with one of the MANLY MEN from earlier (although sadly I did not have the prior information to hand- what a showstopper those details would have been!), and being an impossibly intelligent woman, easily floored the poor sap. Honestly. And then somebody else decided to take a potshot- and the possibility of my revenge upon him would be sweetened later on. Hee.

Still, another Shadow had made its appearance. The girl from earlier, Miyuki Tachibana- but then she promptly transformed into a horrifically large draconian monster. It was Miyuki's 'Shadow'. The thing, being some great avatar of justice blah blah blah death, decided that the best thing to do would be to chase me around and be all judgemental. Whatever. Everybody else did their thing as regards to attacking, but that mental patient also decided that the best thing to do would be to start throwing Molotovs around... How has she not been sectioned yet?

Still, in a surprising act, Miyuki jumped in front of me and took the attack by summoning her Persona, Astraea, which weathered the blow. It was very valiant, in a 'knight-in-shining-armour' sort of way. This caused me to temporarily re-evaluate my priorities... before realising that one-off situations were just one-offs. It's impossible for any one person to be consistently so selfless, over and over again. I think I'd have found someone willing to do that for me by now, honestly.

Still, that Wulfgard dude took the finisher. In the words of video-gamers, what a 'kill-stealer!' I mean, everyone did their bit. But Miyuki deserved to be the one to put that thing down.

Afterwards, things went a little crazy. The 'civilians' were asked to introduce themselves, and one of them must have made a misstep or something because then that gym bunny went berserk. I think he was on his period. Still, Wulfgard came to the rescue and saved the midget from being squashed to pieces, thoroughly embarrassing the gym bunny in the process. God, he looked hot when he threw that punch though...

Meanwhile, Randy was getting a crash-course in his 'mind space' (and I'd like to know how big that was, ahoohoohoo) from the Jester, which gave him a set of envelopes about... us. To be continued? I hope very much so. I can't stand not knowing things! Still, when he awoke the next stage began, and wasn't it a doozy.

It was like... a magical Saw rip-off. Immediately, the Shadow in charge got rid of a 'spare,' some poor guy that I didn't know. We were all faced with a choice- there was a person on our screens. A person only we could save. We were all separated, with no clue as to what was going on... I saw Miyuki on my screen. I'm not sure who saw who on the others. Still, there was a choice- if I stabbed myself, Miyuki would walk free. If I didn't stab myself... I would walk free and Miyuki would die, in the same way as the boy did. It was frankly terrifying, although I'd kill anyone who said I was scared. Really.

I couldn't go through with it, but I didn't appreciate being bossed around and I wanted the monster to know the score, so I yelled at the screen for a little while... at which point, something materialised behind me. The corpse of the boy from earlier. In shock, I kinda... stabbed his eye out, before vomiting into the corner. Luckily, nobody found out about that... otherwise, I would have kicked their head in. Still, after seeing all the brain fluid and blood on the blade I couldn't stomach even looking at the knife, and I couldn't go through with it. The others of the 'new people' who had also been dragged into the Court couldn't stab themselves either. On the other hand, the old guard were valiant enough to go through with it.

At which point, everything went a bit... weird. I wasn't really capable of tracking what happened next, and my mind was in a dreadful state, but it all ended with that snarky rebellious red-headed MANLY MAN speaking with the voice of a little girl in a way that would totally freak out even the sanest of minds. And somehow, a combination of everything that had been thrown at it killed the Shadow. I think that that Jester fellow set us free...

The next day was Saturday, and I soon found myself sitting over a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with one of the boys from the previous night, Joshua Sands. Now, Joshua didn't actually appear to recognise me all too well (despite the fact that we were in the same homeroom, I mean, dear lord), and I decided to use the situation to my advantage to gain some background knowledge. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was asking him very sweetly to pick out some apparel for me. He found this most embarrassing, even more so when he was caught in the act by none other than Miyuki Tachibana. Luckily, I came to his rescue before he could be struck down by the wrathful vengeance of justice, and we spent an enjoyable morning looking around the mall, and they were more than willing to carry my shopping bags. A girl has essentials, you know?

Still, before then Miyuki herself had had a little bit of an adventure. She saw a boy in the candy shop- the same boy she had royally PMSed at on Friday afternoon, Izzy Simone. He's terrified of Miyuki- which is laugh out loud HILARIOUS. He should be scared of me. But he hasn't met me yet... perhaps he'll find a level beyond terror? Still, he gave her a note, as part of a 'Challenge of Manliness' or whatever, set up by that loudmouth Randy. Boy, this would come back to bite him in the butt later.

The nutbar Sofiya, having decided to elevate her levels of offense, was spending time with womens' edition 'gentleman's select literature' in video form! I think I should watch some with her sometimes, to help her comprehend it all. Still, she managed to drag her eyes from the glory that is the human body long enough to run off to the mall for a delightful shopping trip with some pals. Likewise, the larger group of boys had also decided to go off to look at some hot new clothes- Snow promised his agent or guardian or whoever (I can't keep track of all these satellite characters, seriously) that he wasn't a raging Satanist, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Actually, pretty much everyone was at the mall. Quarterman is so backwards if there's only one place for teenagers to gather... seriously.

At this time, Wulfgard was telling Randy about his past. And how dreadful it was... but the Court has started up again! Seriously, I hope Wulfgard goes more in-depth with this stuff... I wonder if there were any girls like me back then? But less attractive, obviously.

Then, we went to a little tête-a-tête in the Bellow High Stadium. I was sadly separated from my two new servants, and was instead forced to spend time in the company of some dreadful people whose names I promptly forgot. I was also insulted by the 'teacher,' who is totally a pharmacist. I mean, the school pharmacist! Leading some motley crew against the forces of darkness every night without fail. You couldn't make this stuff up, how ridiculous. I mean, I had to come back after that. How could these people manage without me? They'd all get themselves killed in their intense stupidity. I mean, Joshua came along to ask and I couldn't really say no as... Whatever.

Everything went swimmingly with everyone else's training sessions, until Miyuki went and murdered her little date with a blunt instrument. Or attempted murder. A girl after my own heart. She was so cute about the whole thing, and you could see that she cared, sweet girl. She totally has a massive crush on him, and I need to set that up, pronto.

At night, the Court of 'Miracles' once again arrived. The five of us new recruits were required to summon our Personas- mine was the beautifully fierce fox, the Kitsune. Russell Wilton, the immensely irritating hobbit, brought forth Eros, some happy-sappy love god or another. Halberd, he of dreary realities, brought forth Scathach, one of the most revered warrior women and also someone who Halberd totally does not deserve. The blue-haired cheerleader, Clarise, hailed Konohana Sakuya, whom surprisingly enough for a Japanese goddess looked way too much like a cheerleader. Finally, the alien from another planet, Lace Condor, had Saturnus, son of Gaia. She promptly attacked it, which honestly went against the whole point of the exercise but whatever. I'm not her mother (thank the lord) or her master... yet. Moving on!

At the same time as this was going on, Randy and Izzy were having a little bit of a confrontation- Izzy, see, had grown a backbone. He didn't want to be Randy's little apprentice MANLY MAN OF MANLINESS any more, and he didn't want Randy to act like his older brother. Of course, he didn't say it quite so eloquently. He may have even swore. Disgraceful. Miyuki'll keep that in line. Still, this made Randy a teensy bit upset, as Izzy's older brother was to him as he is to Izzy now, if you get what I'm saying? So he got a teensy weensy bit... drunk. And when he got drunk, he felt a bit sad, poor dear. Of course, his flatchested pudgy reporter friend was at hand to give him a boost. Bless her. Poor thing, eating all those lollipops and getting so... rotund. I, on the other hand, can eat many kilograms of chocolate with barely any difference in weight at all. My metabolism is the work of the gods.

Promptly after this delightfully cosy session, we got trapped in a techno disco brothel, engineered by none other than Shadow JP. (JP, may we remind ourselves, is a detestably lecherous human being with absolutely no redeeming qualities, so it was of no surprise to your stunningly attractive writer that his Shadow was a pimp) The members of our group were immediately set upon by his detestable 'Shad-hos,' Shadows which had taken the form of strippers in ridiculously short miniskirts, and with attacks that would make a trooper blush. They were formidable adversaries, but luckily we were matched one-to-one, aside from our 'sensei' who got two for the price of one in some sort of threesome battle royale. Of course, the dazzling writer would like to point out at this point that she did fabulously. Others had varying techniques, from scurrying away as fast as their stubby legs could carry them, to attacking head on with powerful blows. Nobody fell against their opponent.

Meanwhile, JP was selected for a special cagefight with his Shadow, and the idiot decided to go for a macho show of bravado, throwing away his weapons. Apparently, his Persona can take control of his body or something just as daft, so he felt less pain than usual from the blows. Still, his Shadow took some strange version of 'pity' upon him... if one could seriously call it that. He could take up his weapons, but risk the life of another... or leave his weapons, and keep the others safe.

The tool, in a decision that he would finally regret, went for his weapons, leaving that hooker in the leather to be zapped against the walls of the cage by even more of the shad-hos, all of which disappeared after their job was done. Finally, his work completed, the Shadow JP turned his weapon on himself and committed suicide, leaving the real idiot to completely and utterly fall apart, as the consequences of his actions caught up with him.

The rest of the little gang gathered around Theresa, to hypocritically weep as if they had known her their whole lives, as if she were gone forever etcetera etcetera. There was no hope left for her- the Apathy Syndrome had rendered her a vegetable. She wasn't dead gone forever dead, but people were acting as if she was- and honestly, they may have had a point. I guess I'm hard-hearted if I say I didn't really care, but so what? I didn't really care for her one jot. Either way, she would have been a useless body.

Meanwhile, Randy and Liza were off far away, looking for Izzy. Randy, in a surprising move, summoned yet another Persona (lucky bastard), a being known as Hellion, riding a motorcycle (clearly a Ghost Rider rip-off without the skulls) of the Chariot Arcana. I thought that Vigilante was Fool, but perhaps Randy has a deeper power that none of us know about yet? None of us even know about our own Arcana yet! I guess that's still to come...

And of course, we can't forget that Student Council President, Haitani, and that girl he has in his apartment, Assua. I think that she has Apathy Syndrome. His Persona, Ophidian, appeared to him on the same night as I summoned mine... and I'm not getting a good vibe off of it. I just hope he's not our enemy, as he seems dangerous... Like he'd do anything. Anything at all. And our worst foes in this would not be Shadows, but another human being.

Miyuki's Journal - Day 12

Friday - After School

Randy was sporting a cast today. He claimed it was because of some sport or something. (Note: look up "Extreme Red Rover") I wouldn't put it past him, but it was probably a result of the Court. He was practically bragging about it, like a war scar or something. One way of coping I guess.

A guy named Shinai stopped by class today. Apparently he's our student council president or something. He's kinda creepy.

*pic of Chibi Shinai with a dark aura*

Testa's class was the same as always. He was going on about some adventure story from Russia or something. He talks too fast sometimes. I have a hard time understanding all of it, but I don't want to ask him to talk slower. I must be the only one in class with that issue. No need to make everyone else wait. Still, when Testa's busy talking is the best time of the whole school day to doze off. I'm used to napping in class, but its even more welcome with the court going on each night.

Speaking of the court, Joshua fell asleep in class today as well. He smacked his head pretty hard on his desk. I felt sorry for him, so I passed him a note. Doing this court thing is hard on all of us it seems. Some more so than others. I never did get to see if my note helped him that day or not. Someone ran right into me and spilled their drink on me at the end of class. At least it was just water, but it was still embarrassing. ;_;

What made it worse was what happened next. If I had know then how bad Friday was going to be, I would have probably just skipped. (-_-)

I ran into the restroom to dry out my hoodie and my notebook (this notebook actually. Still has some creases along the edges of the page.) That was my initial run-in with the school's Ice Queen, Ciara H. Wright. I tried to just stay quiet and stay out of her way, but she must have been in a bad mood or something because she still snapped at me. Even insulted my clothes and taunted me with chocolate. Who taunts people with chocolate? Its like she thought she really was a queen or something.

*pic of Chibi Ciara laughing evilly (complete with fangs) with a huge crown on her head and a chocolate bar in her hand.*

I stormed out of there, already in a bad mood from the water accident. Didn't find out till later that I had forgotten my notebook. (So this isn't wasn't actually written on Friday, even though I keep saying "today". I didn't get my notebook back until later. Luckily, Ciara was actually kind enough to return it to me later on. Just shows you can't judge a person by their cover.) But, my bad luck continued that day and I ended up running right into Izzy Simone in awkward fashion. (Did I do something to deserve bad karma? ;_; ) I think I scared him, even if I didn't mean to, and just decided not to press my luck and went home for the day.

Turns out I missed some interesting events. Sofiya apparently made a scene in the halls when she asked Shinai (Mr. creepy from earlier.) to "bake bunnies" with her. I like Sofiya, but does she seriously eat bunnies? ;_; I know she's a bit oddballed, but even so. Bunnies are just so cute and cuddly... How could you eat them? (._.) Maybe that's normal where's she's from... I shouldn't judge.

*pic of bunny running from a knife with arms and legs*

Some of the guys even had a tea party in the dorms. Mana, Halberd, and Sigmund all made tea and stuff. I should get a room in the dorms, then maybe I could join in. I can make tea. Even snacks. But would they like them? ... On second thought, maybe they'd just invite me if that was the case. I'll just make my own tea.

*pic of Alice and Hua Po sharing tea* (Miyuki's Note: Too bad I haven't seen Halberd's persona yet. I feel bad leaving him out of the drawing. Maybe I'll add him in later.)

*pic of Scathach watching the others from the shadows, also with tea*

I went to the concert that night with Sofiya. It was a little embarrassing being right up in the front row, but it was fun. Sofiya was really getting into the song, and though I didn't really know it at the time, Izzy was part of the band, though he mostly did backstage stuff. Randy, Snow and Randy's two friends (who are those two guys anyway?) did a great job with the show. It was my first concert, but I enjoyed it.

Friday - The Court

What a shock that Court was. I really must have pissed off some deity or something because my karma today was terrible. ;_;

A new Shadow (at least, I think he was a Shadow) appeared. He called himself "The Jester", and he was all mysterious and whatnot and made sure to confuse us.

But that wasn't all. The big Shadow for the night was my own! ('o') It was an evil me! Like, if I was obsessed with punishing injustice or something. It took the form of a huge dragon like creature, which was kinda scary. I mean, that thing came from me. What I had in my heart created that monster. That's kind of a sobering thought. Especially since it tried to kill my friends. (._.) It homed in on Ciara, showing that my letting my anger slip earlier that afternoon only served to fuel the Shadow me. But thanks to Astraea's new ability, I was able to save her! I still don't know how it happened, or where the strength came from, but I managed to face up to my Shadow and keep it from hurting anyone. I was almost too late to help JP though, but at least he was okay.

*pic of Shadow Miyuki, one sword raised. A word bubble reads "Evil Justice!"*

And then Wulfgard-sensei swooped in and took out the Shadow. He was cool the way he just went in and faced it down, but something about it felt odd. Like, I was the one who was supposed to kill it. It still nags at me from time to time. He stopped by to talk to me afterwards, but even so, it still feels like something is missing from that whole situation.

JP was injured, but he made it out okay. We had a few team issues (that Wulgard had to settle with his fists.) but even those worked out eventually. And Randy had some sort of lesson from the Jester via a dream, in which he was given some mysterious envelopes. There were some loose ends and a few nagging things, but it seemed that we would make it through this court without losing anyone like we did last Friday. We were wrong.

Everything went black. It got cold. I couldn't move. For a moment, I thought that maybe I had died in the Court after all. Then everything came back, and I found myself chained to a wall, unable to move. The darkness had melted away to reveal some sort of torture chamber made of black stone. We found ourselves looking at a second Shadow Self, this one of Izzy. In contrast to my own, his Shadow looked relatively normal, but with glowing eyes and a distorted voice. It was cruel and sadistic, forcing us to play a game of life and death. And just to prove that he was in control here, he killed one of our group, Kent (who I never got to know, and now never will.) just because he didn't fit into the game. Half of us were chained to the wall, the other half isolated in their own little rooms. Izzy's Shadow set up his game, each of the others would see someone's face on a screen. If they stabbed themselves in the stomach with a knife, that person would be spared. But if they didn't, the person on their screen, one of the ones on the wall, would be killed instead.

Several of the others all made the choice to stab themselves. A few simply hesitated, unable to go through with it or just unwilling to make a choice. Ciara got angry. In the end, the game was played out, but before Shadow Izzy could kill those who were deemed for death, that Jester guy showed back up and freed us from our chains. Things got a little crazy after that, and I'm fairly certain I went a little berserk. I don't remember much after that to be honest, it was all sorta like a blur. The last thing I remember was stumbling home sometime later on that night, after the court.

*pic of Chibi Shadow Izzy shooting lightning from his hands*

Notes on The Court of Miracles: Shadow Selves seem more powerful than other Shadows. Some even seem able to alter the landscape of the Court itself. If they really are born from the darkness in our hearts, are their tactics and abilities a result of how we our as well? And if our Personae come from ourselves too, then are our Shadow Selves like Anti-Personae? Or are our Personae like Anti-Shadows? So many things to ponder...

Miyuki's Journal - Day 13

Saturday - Daytime

Saturday was a nice break from all that had happened in the court the night before.

It seemed like almost everyone in our group was at the mall that morning. I'm sure I saw Snow and a few others doing some shopping on one of the lower levels, and Lace (a girl in real need of a psychiatrist) was causing some kind of ruckus on the 2nd floor. I didn't spend too much time watching them though. The candy shop was calling my name. (^_^)

*doodles of various sorts of candy dot the page*

While there though, I had another run-in with Izzy. Apparently, Randy had put him up to handing me a letter that looked an awful lot like a confession of love. It was all just a test for him though (which was both relieving and a bit disappointing) but I think it may have done more harm than good in the long run.

After that little adventure, I took a trip up to the top floor department store where I found Joshua doing some shopping in the lingerie aisle. After a brief... misunderstanding, I found out that he had actually met Ciara at a coffee shop earlier, and she had set him up to it. At first, I thought he was just trying to get out of it. Then I thought that maybe Ciara had actually done it as a prank, and was just going to leave him there. (He looked so sad, it was hard to keep suspecting him.) But Ciara surprised me (and possibly him) by actually showing back up. I ended up getting dragged along with them, but I had fun. Ciara is a bit cold on the outside, but she's not such a bad person when you get to know her. She just has some... kindness issues to work out.

And her back and forth with Joshua. (^_^) It was so cute.

*pic of Chibi Ciara and Chibi Josh looking at each other from the corners of their eyes.*

While we were all at the mall though, Randy had apparently cornered Wulfgard into telling him all about his past, and what had happened to the first group of kids who had wandered into the Court. It... was not a happy story. ;_; So much sadness in his past, its a miracle he can keep going as strongly as he does. Especially leading us headlong into the Court. It makes me wonder if there's not some alternate reason for all of this. Randy thought he was being sneaky, but Liza totally trailed him and eavesdropped on the whole conversation. She's like some sort of super-spy.

*pic of Chibi Liza in spy goggles, suspended from a ceiling*

Saturday - Afternoon

(Note: This is where all my journal entries are up to date! Losing it for a little while put a damper on my daily updates.)

Today was quite the experience, to say the least. After the mall, we went to the Stadium back at school for a training session with Wulfgard-sensei. He split us all up into groups, getting us to work on something we needed to help us with the Court, or in assisting one of the new kids who had gotten dragged into the Court for the first time last night.

Theresa had a mishap with her shoes. She actually tried to run in those high heels of hers.

*pic of Chibi Theresa tripping over nothing*

A few of the others had some words, and Ciara and a bit of a falling out with Wulfgard-sensei. They just can't see eye to eye on things it seems. Either way, most of the group got split up, and I ended up with Izzy. I was trying to show him how to defend himself. He picked out his weapon, a long knife (no, the flashbacks ('o') ) and I had him trying to hit my shield with it, so we could both practice. Things were going okay for a while, until he tripped over himself (how is that even possible? I still doubt it was a total accident.) and landed right on top of me. Because no day this weekend is complete without embarrassment. ;_;

*pic of Chibi Izzy tripping over nothing. Chibi Theresa is in the background. A word bubble says "I did that first."*

Of course, he landed right on top of me. In a rather... unfortunate way. So I tried to push him off and accidentally hit him in the head with my shield. It was a total accident, and I feel really bad for it, cause it could have seriously hurt him. Wulfgard-sensei bandaged him up, and Randy didn't seem like he was angry at me, but I still feel bad about it. I'm gonna make it up to him on Sunday.

Sofiya and Mana had an... interesting training session as well. I think they spent half their time on top of each other. Still, whatever works I guess. Maybe if Sofiya can get to know Mana better, I can get another chance to talk to him.

Saturday - The Court

To call the Court that Saturday a surprise would be an understatement. Normally, the courts that follow a Friday are relatively peaceful. Not tonight however.

The new members of our group, the ones who got dragged in yesterday, all managed to summon their Personae. Its always interesting to see what form they take. If a Persona is created from a person, then the form it takes could be a kind of representation of that person, right? I guess the forms didn't come as much of a surprise. Ciara's was a Kitsune! I totally recognize it from some old fairy tales.

*pic of Chibi Ciara (in full classical Kimono garb) riding Kitsune*

Halberd got a shadowy looking warrior lady. (Research update: Scathach) Odd that he got a female Persona... Maybe he just has a lot of feminine traits? He certainly doesn't seem like a manly man like Randy or Wulfgard. Russel (who I still have hardly seen) got Eros, a god of love. (Research update: Really, Eros? That Eros? I may need to keep an eye on Russel.) Lace summoned up a pretty creepy looking... thing. And proceeded to insult and attack it. ... yeah. (Research update: O_O) Clarise (that blue hair is cool. At least I'm not the only one here with a weird hair color... Not sure if Liza's purple counts.) summoned up Konohana Sakuya! There was a shrine to her near my hometown. My grandparents made a big deal of visiting it each spring to watch the sakura flowers. But its odd, Konohana Sakuya is a flower goddess, but Clarise's was all white and icy. Maybe the Personae don't have as much to do with their form as I initially thought?

*pic of Konohana Sakuya looking at a flower questioningly, a "?" over her head*

Randy and Izzy had a falling out. I wish the two of them would stop fighting. Randy always seems to be messing with Izzy somehow, and Izzy is always shut up in his room. I need to get him out more... then again, until a week ago I was practically a Hikikomori myself... Liza (in full super-spy mode) was on hand to cheer Randy up afterwards, which is good cause he almost got drunk on the roof of the school, and bad things could have happened to him like that.

Until this point, things looked like any other non-Friday Court. But then, the disco happened.

With incredibly loud electronic music blaring over head, and then all the flashing lights and all, it looked like the stadium had turned into some kind of nightclub or something. That's when Shadow JP appeared, fully dressed as some kind of Super-Pimp. Complete with, of all things, Shadows that looked like strippers. And the way they moved and attacked...


I'm just going to skip that part. I don't need that to go down on record here.

JP got the short end of the deal, as his Shadow pulled him into a one-on-one cage fight to the death. The rest of us were left to fend off the "Shad-Hos", each one-on-one except for Wulfgard who had to deal with two of the... the monstrosities.

As tough as the Shad-Ho's were, JP had the worst deal. He tried to pull some sort of heroic stand or something (See Also: a bad idea in a cage fight with an embodiment of evil) and tossed his weapons aside. So his shadow slapped him around a bit. JP claimed he was doing okay because his Persona Pedro could "possess" him. That's kinda creepy. I hope Astraea can't do that... Actually, I think I'd trust her.

*pic of Pedro controlling Chibi JP with marionette strings. Chibi Shadow JP watches, a huge grin on his face. His Pimp hat is easily three sizes too big.*

Shadow JP offered him a deal, he could take up his weapons and make the battle easier for him, but someone else would be in danger, or he could just keep going at it and risk his own life. JP, the poor misguided soul, took up his weapons. As a result, Theresa was dragged over to the cage, and electrified against the bars. She survived, barely, but she became inflicted with Apathy Syndrome, a condition that will cause her to literally lay there and do nothing, like a waking coma. Its sad... what happened. I know JP and her had something going on. Maybe that's why the Shadow targeted her... just like my Shadow tried to attack Ciara since I had gotten angry at her earlier.

And then, its horrible choice completed, Shadow Pimp did the cruelest thing it could do. It killed itself, and left JP to deal with the results of his choice. The Shad-Ho's vanished, the music died, and everything seemed to go back to the normal routine for the night... except just like the day before, we had lost one of our teammates.

*Indecipherable pic. Seems to be little more than Miyuki absentmindedly scribbling. The swirls are dark and ominous.*

Some good news did come out of tonight though. Randy got a new Persona, Hellion I think it was called. (Research Update: Hell's Angels?) Its like some kind of flaming punk biker from hell or something. So I guess the name fits. Looks kinda like Vigilante... I wonder if there's a connection? But why does he get two Personae? Will I get another one? I wonder if Astraea would mind having a partner?

And Izzy got his Persona too! Its... some kind of robot guy named Daedalus. (Reaserch update: Hey, Daedalus is Greek, just like Astraea!)

*pic of Astraea and Daedalus hi-fiveing each other.*

But there was something ominous going on that night as well, though we didn't know it. Turns out that Shinai (Mr. Creepy from earlier on Friday) had a Persona as well. It was called Ophidian, and it was pretty ominous. (Research update: Not a lot of info. Seems to be dream related.) Shinai seems to have some dark screts, like with that girl he's with all the time, Assua. Maybe he's doing what he does for her sake. I just hope he doesn't take it too far...

Notes on the Court of Miracles: Today was the first time a Shadow Self appeared on a day other than Friday. It also marked the first time one of us (Randy) awakened a 2nd Persona. The more I learn about the court, the more mysteries it seems to hold. Will we ever find out the truth, or are we all destined to die one by one?


I don't need to dwell on that.

Miyuki's Journal - Day 14

Sunday - Morning

Today's the day I try to make it up to Izzy.

I've got everything ready. I hope you're with me outside the court Astraea, I could use some of your courage.

Here I go]

*random drawings of small shapes and things dot the top of the page. The rest of the page is blank.*

Link to Sign-Ups:
Click Here, dippies.
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Alright, so the first thing you guys will be doing is starting up after school on Monday, the 31st. Also known as Halloween.
Later in the night, there is a costume ball being held in the Gymnasium. Find a date, go stag, or don't even show up, whatever.
Marbly, Levin is in Miss Halls' Homeroom.
So, get to talking boys and girls. We start anew!
If you need to know anything the GMPCs are doing for your post, send me a VM and I'll let you know.


La Melancolie Noir
Okay, so I didn't expect to be the first to post in the RPG thread. Even less did I expect to be the first to post in the Discussion Thread. Alas, life is full of surprises.

Anyway, the first half of my post is basically a recap of Halberd's life in the last two months. Originally I was gonna put it in Halberd's History, but that would have made his signup way too long. Also, I've been debating about it ever since posting my signup, but in the end I had Halberd succumb to Wulfgard's wish and move into the dorms. Providing a hopefully creative reason for doing so.

Also, I have finally succumbed to TV Tropes... I've been looking around it a lot this past weekend, and have been making a list of tropes that fit with all my characters... Halberd is naturally one of those characters, and I found a couple of new ones for him:

Cavalier Competitor, given his highly moralistic view on fencing and belief in being fair in a fight. Mostly fair.

A member of a Five-Man Band, specifically the Black Cat Bandits. This is technically a four-man band, but Halberd fills two of the roles: the Hero (because he's the leader) and the Big Guy (duh).
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Zinc, hope you don't mind if I swapped out Konohana's outside of battle ability for something a bit more...logical/helpful.


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Honestly, I didn't think anyone would post that early. That's great.
Although I don't think I ever said anything about kids coming to school in costume. If unsure, you should ask me first.

When are you not going away for the weekend?

It depends on what you change it to.
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I was actually up when you posted the threads but I was way too tire to post anything so I just went to sleep. Since I'm awake now I'll guess I'll get a typing it.
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They might be. You still have time to change after class, so you don't have to have gone in costume.
I know the GMPCs won't change until the party... as was planned.
So, the amount of people dressed up in the school is about half.
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YUS! It begins! Newbie (read: Marbly), show us what you've got! Show me your moves!

Wordy and I are currently writing up a joint post, I expect that we can finish it by the end of the day, if we don't consider it so already.


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Also, don't feel like you need to write somthing as long as I did.
That little post there was three pages in Word.
I still want quality, but I'm not gonna hold you to two or three pages on each post. That's insane.

I love the video feature:
I have no idea why I posted that. But it was worth it.


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Well, every K-12 school I've attended, and practically every one I've seen that doesn't require uniforms, has plenty of students in costume during school on Halloween. Especially since not everyone is a partygoer. And like I said, Halberd might not even go to the party, so that was probably his only chance to be in costume the entire day.

And yes, there is a reason why Halberd dressed up as a pirate specifically, a reason that shall reveal itself later in the RPG...

EDIT: Okay, here's a question I do have. In the Bellow High dorms, do the boys and girls have separate common rooms, or do they share one and have separate rooms or sets of rooms (i.e. as in Hogwarts). As much as I would love to reply to VB's post, I want to see if this is valid first...
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This isn't every K-12 school you attended though.

We share a single common room on the main floor. Don't worry about that.


As requested.

Main Battle Theme

Overworld (day, night)

Boss Battle
Shadow Theme

Main Theme
Shadow Theme
Hua Po

Main Theme
Shadow Battle

Shadow Battle

Main Theme
Boss Battle
Shadow Battle

Main Theme
Shadow Battle

Main Theme
Shadow Theme


Main Theme
Shadow Theme
Shadow Theme~Ham Edition

Shadow Battle

Shadow Battle

Shadow Battle

Main Theme)

Shadow Battle

Battle Theme

Main Theme
Battle Theme

Theme of the Troll

A compendium of all the themes from the OP thread, so we don't have to go back through again. Apologies if I mislabelled anything. So if people want to make additions, they can so much more easily.

Oh yeah, they're all links. I think some forum skins are a bit funny about whether links are noticeable or not.

Clean slate! Let's go, peons!
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Wordy, as usual, proving how awesome she is. Bow before the Dread Queen!

Also, whoever wants to be crashed into by Joshua, go ahead if you want, it doesn't exactly affect anything for me though.


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I'm gonna take a little longer to post, for several reasons:
- Finished reading Upon the Grave of Guilt recently and I'm not done with OP yet, and it's a lot of stuff to digest.
- Gotta read the character bios slowly to memorize how each of them are.
- Levin has no Persona, no knowledge of the whole thing and I'm still trying to figure out how to include him in the plot.

So don't think I dropped out if I take longer than expected to make a decent post. ;)


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I like this guy, he's got a good head on his shoulders. But seriously, you can just post with Levin doing whatever the hell you like, and Zinc will presumably bring him into the Court with the rest of us at the end of the day.


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Somthing I sent to Marbly:
if you want, I can make it so that Levin was drug into the Court on Sunday.
I'll go back and edit my post to the students finding some 'loudmouth who doesn't know the crock he's in', and tell them to give him the usual lecture (If you remember this tomorrow, don't say anything, just meet us at the Gym at midnight).
That way he can have his Persona for tonight... he'll kinda need it.
And he'll have somthing to ponder on and be sceptic about.
So keep that in mind. Levin's already been in the Court, and he's going through the same thing you all did on your first day after. Wondering if it's real.
The whole 'ignore his insane ramblings until he gets dragged in once again' thing works pretty well.
If someone wants to grab him and try to explain it everything that's going on, go ahead.
Just let Marbly post before you glomp Levin.


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It good you want to learn everything but you can just post Levin going to school like a normal person. Something that he might know is that two months ago: one person went missing (Diego because he body was never found because he was burned), one person die (he was in Ms. Halls' homeroom) and other person was hospitalized from the school. Also, if I can remember everyone, the people in Ms. Halls homeroom is Russell, Snow, Sigmund, Sofiya, Lace and Clarise. So make up some NPC friends pick up couple clubs and keep going. Or continue your reading... whatever makes you comfortable I guess. Oh maybe you want to see my Need to Know I wrote about the RPG!

Which reminds me Kiruria, what's Halberd dorm room #? 201, 203, 205, 206, 211, 214 and 215 for the guys are available and I guess 208 it since used to belonged to Kent.

Also if you didn't guess.. I posted! It really long and it'll probably be the longest one I write all RPG. It really depends.

Edit: I've been ninja'd oh noes. I you can ignore my first statement and listen to Zinc.
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