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Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls! (Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Zincspider, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls!​

    "Heroes aren't gods! When we get punched, it hurts! When we eat stuff off the ground, we get diarrhea, or worse!.” ~ Pirihiko Ichimonji

    School's back in session boys and girls! Or it was, anyway. That place has been going on for a good two and half months now. And it's nearing my absolute favorite holiday: Halloween. And this nice little bit of academia is putting on a little shin-dig. How fun! I love shin-digs! Too bad I won't be able to attend. Sad really. No one to poison the punchbowl, set the streamers ablaze, or even just give one of these kids a good ol' wedgie!

    The past two months have been terribly dull, and I could have used some nice festivities to spice things up. The only interesting thing was when that damn kid finally figured out what was in those damn envelopes I gave him. Just take the card out, place it to your head, and POOF! There's your Persona. You know how long it took me to make those? Like... four minutes. And he kept them hidden for over a week, like he forgot or somthing. I even made one for each of them... only works on that person too. I feel like I'm not being appreciated here.

    I haven't really been able to get under those kid's skins this whole time! None of their Shadows have appeared, leaving me to twiddle my thumbs. I don't even think I can make that interesting. I miss that overdressed fellow who ending up frying one of the little brats. That was a riot. Hell, I'd even settle for the two-bit Templar or the Man-on-Fire. Ah, back when I was of use.

    I guess I do have one solace in all of this horseshit though. If none of these kids have been judged in over two months, that means the metaphorical pressure has been building delightfully high. I can pratically feel the danger in the air... it makes me all tingly inside.
    Now I just have to wait until the pressure becomes too much, and the pipes give out a satisfying 'POP!'.

    Let me ask you a question though. How much of our little situation do you even remember? Are the buzz words still fresh in your sad little excuse for a walnut? No? Well, time for a refresher course, Jack! Let's start with everyone's favorite tool for fighting here in Quarterman.

    Persona: A Persona is "the mask one presents to the world." As such, each Persona’s appearance and powers reflect the person they come from. Each Persona takes the form of a mythical creature, figure, deity, warrior, or spirit, and each is connected to a certain Arcana. A Persona can be summoned in several ways, but the most common way is through willpower or the use of an Evoker. Only Persona users can combat Shadows effectively. Only people with the 'Spark' can summon Personae. While most people forget the court if they survive, people with the Spark remember everything. Plus, a person with the Spark must endure the court at least once before summoning their Persona.

    Shadow: A Shadow is the embodiment of feelings or emotions, specifically negative emotions. Shadows come in many forms, and each of them is also related to a certain Arcana. Most Shadows also wear a mask somewhere on their body that is inscribed with the number of their Arcana. Shadows prey on humans, specifically those whom share the same qualities that they were born from. Victims of a Shadow's attack usually develop "Apathy Syndrome" a condition that causes extreme lethargy or depression. However, stronger Shadows are more than capable of killing their victims.

    A 'Shadow Self' is the Shadow born from the minds of a person with the 'Spark'. This shadow is extraordinary powerful, and embodies the worst parts of the persons psyche. Shadow Selves aim to kill.

    Evoker: An Evoker is a device that is used to help one focus their willpower to forcefully summon a Persona. They can take many forms, anything from a weapon to a simple ornament. Over time, normal stimuli begins to have no effect, leaving a dead period between when the Evoker ceases working to when a person can summon their Persona upon will.

    Arcana: Each player will register under one of the twenty one Arcana. Each Arcana represents certain personality traits, both positive and negative. Personae are born from the positive traits of an Arcana, Shadows from the negative traits, and as such the appearance of each Persona and Shadow as well as their abilities, and mannerisms stem directly from their Arcana.

    Apathy Syndrome: A common result of an attack by weaker shadows, this condition leaves the victim in a state of extreme lethargy and depression, leaving them like a pale zombie, devoid of almost all life. To help someone recover from Apathy Syndrome, the Court must be destroyed. Those with Apathy Syndrome have no will to live, and if left alone will simply sit still and groan until they waste away.

    Bellow High:
    Located on 22nd Street in the bustling town of Quarterman, Bellow high is what some would call 'Luxury Public'. Due to the eccentric billionaire, Fredrick Klause, and his many generous donations, it has become not only a largely well designed school, but also completely free to the public of Quarterman. But that wasn't good enough for Mr.Klause, he wanted students from near and far to experience this accomplishment, and constructed several dormitory buildings just down the street to allow students to stay in Quarterman and attend his school.
    The only thing students have to pay for is lunch.

    The school's architecture is odd, being a complete circle, save for the face of the school which is flattened. The frame is completely constructed with the finest mahogany, and it's walls are crafted from pure black marble.

    In the center of the school, lies the 'Auditorium'. A large semi circle consisting of over a thousand plus red seats at several levels, allowing perfect view of the stage on the other side. While this mostly used for school addresses, the Drama Club are allowed to put on plays and skits here as often as they like (as long as they get permission from Mr.Klause first).

    Connected to the Auditorium are twelve long hallways, each consisting of nearly ten classrooms (this is not including the set of bathrooms in each hallway, or the multitude of janitor's closets, or the circular hallway that goes through every other hall in the school connecting them). Each room is labeled by the hallway number, and how far their classroom is from the auditorium. The halls are numbered as though they were hours on a clock, making the Main Hallway that is attached to the face of the building 'Hall Number 6'.

    Looking at the school from the face, you can also find to your left, another large marble building that is the school's own Medical Wing. A pharmacy, nurses office, and even emergency hospital are there just in case of an accident. The hospital is open to all, not just students, but students are given huge discounts when staying.

    To your right, you would see a large rectangular building that takes the part of the Gymnasium. Inside is a swimming pool, several training rooms for select athletic groups, and and indoor court. Behind it, you can see a large open stadium used for everything from practice outdoors, to track meets, to football (American and otherwise), ect.

    Behind the school, is the cafeteria, where world famous chef 'Valdimir Von Trovsky' takes an iron fist to the near army of cooks preparing lunch each day. The cost of wages and food is enormous for the cafeteria, making lunch one of the only things children have to pay for (although, it is a non-profit business, charging the students just a few cents more over the flat cost for ingredients).


    - Arcana List -

    When you create your sign-up you will no doubt notice a section labeled ‘Arcana’. “Now Zinc,” you may ask “what ‘da hellz is that fo’”? That is, my good man, the corresponding Arcana of your character and their Persona. Each Arcana has its own personality characteristics that are similar to the person who is being represented by it. You don’t have to fit all of the criteria, as most people will be very complex in this RP, but you want to chose the Arcana that fits your character the best using the list of the Arcana provided below. Just be careful. Only one character is allowed per Arcana.

    Sadly, as this is a continuation of a previous RP, we don't have many spots open... at all. So if you want in, it's first come first serve, no reservations.

    - 0 ~ The Fool -

    The Fool represents infinite possibilities. It is both nothing and everything. It is often associated with discovery, ignorance, and a desire to continue forward regardless of the risks (as well as madness and chaos). Persona users of the Fool Arcana often posses the "Wild Card" ability which allows them to use multiple Personae. Personae of the Fool Arcana include Orpheus, Slime, and Susano-o.

    Randy Clopin/ Vigilante+

    - I ~ The Magician -

    The Magician represents talent. It is often an indicator of unused talent, namely for those who have yet to realize their full potential. Those of the Magician Arcana tend to be compulsive, confidant, short-tempered, thoughtful, supportive, energetic, and headstrong. Personae of the Magician Arcana include Jack Frost, Hermes, Pixie, and Rangda.

    Izzy Simone/ Daedalus

    - II ~ The Priestess -

    The Priestess represents knowledge. It is often an indicator of an intelligent person, but usually a withdrawn one. Those of this Arcana tend to be intelligent, creative, thoughtful, full of common sense, shy, reserved, hesitant, and supportive. Personae of the Priestess Arcana include Amaterasu, Unicorn, Juno, and Sarasvati.

    Jason Kun- Clarise 'Eri' Stone/ Konohana Sakuya

    - III ~ The Empress -

    The Empress represents power. It is often an indicator of an strong-willed but uncertain lady. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, motherly, strict, smart, uncertain, a "born leader", and temperamental. Personae of the Empress Arcana include Ishtar, Titania, Lakshmi, and Isis.

    Error. Data not found. Empress Arcana not available at this time.

    - IV ~ The Emperor -

    The Emperor represents power or control. It is often an indicator of an strong-willed but uncertain man. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, athletic, determined, troubled, charismatic, uncertain, and a "born leader". Personae of the Emperor Arcana include Caesar, Odin, Barong, and Amon-Ra.

    Testa (McDougal) Jones/ Unknown

    - V ~ The Hierophant -

    The Hierophant represents control or a position of power. It is often an indicator of a person in a position of authority or someone with a mature outlook on life. Those of this Arcana tend to be reflective, resolute, troubled, controlling, snoopy, righteous, and diligent. Personae of the Hierophant Arcana include Mithra, Omoikane, and Psyche.

    Kururiua- Bryan 'Halberd' Donnely

    - VI ~ The Lovers -

    The Lovers represents a romantic or caring person. It is often an indicator of a person who is looking for a meaningful relationship, but not necessarily a romantic one. Those of this Arcana tend to be cheerful, impulsive, easily scared, romantic, supportive, condescending, and decisive. Personae of the Lovers Arcana include Cybele, Io, and Narcissus.

    Niedude- JP/ Pedro

    - VII ~ The Chariot -

    The Chariot represents a competitive and driven person. It is often an indicator of a person who is reaching for a goal or trying to overcome an external obstacle. Those of this Arcana tend to be headstrong, decisive, focused, diligent, in need of support, reckless, and steadfast. Personae of the Chariot Arcana include Minotaur, Ares, and Thor.

    Marble Zone (AKA: Marbly)- Levin Sanders/ Asclepius

    - VIII ~ Justice -

    Justice represents a good natured yet held back person. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to overcome an emotional or mental obstacle or struggling to make the right decisions. Those of this Arcana tend to be shy, decisive, friendly, responsible, in need of support, objective, and clever. Personae of the Justice Arcana include Angel, Archangel, Principality, and Power.

    TheSequelReturns- Miyuki Tachibana/Astraea

    - IX ~ The Hermit -

    The Hermit represents a reserved person. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to escape from their normal life or attempting to be someone they’re not. Those of this Arcana tend to be calm, loners, troubled, introverts, in need of guidance, thoughtful, and easily flustered. Personae of The Hermit Arcana include Mothman, Fenrir, Naga, and Taraka.

    Liza Monroe/ Yuki-Onna

    - X ~ Fortune -

    Fortune represents a person dealing with some kind of major change in their life, either in the past or the future. It is often an indicator of a person who is struggling to decide what path they want to take. Those of this Arcana tend to be energetic, popular, troubled, extroverts, falsely confidant, searching, and tend to be seen as lucky. Personae of the Fortune Arcana include Chronos, Norn, Fortuna, and Clotho.

    Garret Wulfgard/ Kresnik

    - XI ~ Strength -

    Strength represents a person who is trying to overcome what other think of them or struggling to reveal a side of themselves that they usually keep hidden. It is often an indicator of a person who is struggling to overcome an internal obstacle. Those of this Arcana tend to be energetic, headstrong, confidant, sincere, opinionated, worried, and impulsive. Personae of the Strength Arcana include Cerberus, Oni, Titan, and Valkyrie.

    InnerFlame- Russel Wilton/ Eros

    - XII ~ The Hanged Man -

    The Hanged Man represents a person who is struggling with a situation that is out of their control. It is often an indicator of a person who fears that they are powerless. Those of this Arcana tend to be troubled, in need of support, sincere, thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and patient. Personae of The Hanged Man Arcana include Inugami, Odysseus, Berith, and Vasuki.

    Ysa- Snow Fields/Melpomene

    - XIII ~ Death -

    Death represents a person who is dealing with a loss. It is often an indicator of a person who can't escape the thought of their own mortality. Those of this Arcana tend to be troubled, calm, accepting, thoughtful, obsessive, pessimistic, and patient. Personae of the Death Arcana include Mot, Loa, Samael, and Charon.

    Niihyl- Mana Shizuko/Alice

    - XIV ~ Temperance -

    Temperance represents a person who is trying to find moderation in some area. It is often an indicator of a person who is trying to balance some aspects of their life, such as being too focused on a hobby. Those of this Arcana tend to be worried, eccentric, sincere, focused, detached, friendly, and hasty. Personae of the Temperance Arcana include Anubis, Genbu, Harpy, and Phoenix.

    Blivsey- Sigmund Okonkwo/Hua Po

    - XV ~ The Devil -

    The Devil Arcana represents a person who is dealing with negative traits, such as jealousy, greed, or pride. It is often an indicator of a person who is a little uncaring towards others. Those of this Arcana tend to be selfish, opinionated, apprehensive, decisive, detached, confidant, and clever. Personae of The Devil Arcana include Belial, Lilim, Surt, and Vetala.

    Shinai Haitani- Ophidian

    - XVI ~ The Tower -

    The Tower Arcana represents a person who is plagued by shortcomings. It is often an indicator of a person who is worried of failure. Those of this Arcana tend to be worried, in need of support, smart, clumsy, unfocused, thoughtful, and determined. Personae of The Tower Arcana include Eligor, Cu Chulainn, Loki, and Shiva.

    SonOfShadows- Joshua/ Shiva

    - XVII ~ The Star -

    The Star Arcana represents a person who is looked up to or admired. It is often an indicator of a person who doesn't want to let themselves or another person down. Those of this Arcana tend to be thoughtful, confidant, focused, driven, energetic, optimistic, and trusting. Personae of The Star Arcana include Iris, Kaiwan, Fuu-Ki, and Suparna.

    Vivian_Bloom- Lace Codor/ Saturnus

    - XVIII ~ The Moon -

    The Moon Arcana represents a person who is looked down on. It is often an indicator of a person who is worried of what people would think of the "real" them. Those of this Arcana tend to be excessive, knowledgeable, self-indulging, putting on airs, harsh, realistic, and distant. Personae of The Moon Arcana include Gurr, Dionysus, Tsukuyomi, and Artemis.

    Wordy- Ciara H. Wright/ Kitsune

    - XIX ~ The Sun -

    The Sun Arcana represents a person who is upbeat and cheerful. It is often an indicator of a person who is troubled but doesn't want people to know it. Those of this Arcana tend to be cheerful, friendly, trusting, sincere, troubled, social, and diligent. Personae of The Sun Arcana include Apollo, Yatagarasu, Cu Sith, and Quetzalcoatl.

    GoldenHouhou- Sofiya/ Horus

    - XX ~ Judgement -

    The Judgement Arcana represents a hidden truth or a final destiny. It is often an indicator of a difficult choice or a hidden force. This Arcana is not usually associated with people, but qualities may include cryptic, two-faced, or a sense of finality. Personae of The Judgement Arcana include Nike, Michael, and Metatron.

    Judgement is not a selectable Arcana

    - XXI ~ The World -

    The World Arcana represents the world, the universe, or simply a sense of completion. It is often an indicator of the final stage of a journey. This Arcana is not associated with people. Personae of The World Arcana include Izanagi-no-Okami.

    The World is not a selectable Arcana


    Bah, you've all been through this before haven't you? Eh, I guess dorks get their jollies off in strange ways. Listening to me explain Arcana though? That's just weird. You should be ashamed. Not as ashamed as those failures who tried to stop the Court all those years ago though. Dear LORD they were dreadfully inept.

    None the less, please fill out the contract below so that we may have a record of you, and something to laugh at when you get ripped to bity-bits
    ~ Sign-Ups ~

    - Human -

    Name: (Your character's name, first and last)

    Age: (Your character's age, please make it high school range)

    Gender: (Male or Female)

    Arcana: (Your chosen Arcana, this should be evident in your personality section)

    Appearance: (Your character's appearance, both physical appearance and clothing. At least a good paragraph on each. How they might fight without their persona is also useful in this section. But as High School Students leading ordinary lives, most of you might not know how to fight physically and rely on your persona entirely.)

    Personality: (Your character's personality. It should take your Arcana into account. At least a good three paragraphs. Your character's personality should be well rounded as well, don't just talk about what they are good at, but what they are not good at as well. This is the most important part of your sign-up. Also your character's sexuality does not belong here. I don't care what it is. It shouldn't be important.)

    History: (Just a brief history. It should include any important events in their past, especially things that had an effect on who they are today. At least a good paragraph or two. Also Angst does not equal good back story automatically. Pushing the envelope isn't a necessity.)

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: (character name)

    Relations (For previous members only): What it says on the tin. Write down your character's relations to the other characters and GMPCs from the prologue. Do they like them? Do they 'like like' them? Do they hate them? Is there a rivalry? Do they not know them? Do they not care? This might be the most work you guys have to put into the sign-up due to most of it being written for you guys.

    - Persona -

    You have a certain degree of freedom in creating your Persona. You may use an existing Persona or you may create your own. You may even modify an existing Persona or change its Arcana to another within reason. Please try to keep your Persona in line with your chosen Arcana.

    Name: (Your Persona's name, or rather what it is based on)

    Appearance: (A brief description of your Persona's appearance. This is required even if you use an existing Persona. At least a good paragraph.)

    Personality: (Yes, your Persona is as much a character as your human character. It is a facet or a reflection of your own personality. Just remember a Persona is not around long. Personae can now stay out as long as you can concentrate on them, so this section is more important than it was before.)

    Abilities: (What powers does your Persona posses? Be creative here, but try not to get carried away. The powers do not have to be the "cannon" abilities, even if you choose an existing Persona. Use detail. Seeing as Personae stay out longer now, they may have other utilities other than fighting now. For example, Hellion has a motorcycle that one other person can ride on for fast transportation.)


    I hope these little twerps have realized how dangerous their situation is by now. Seriously, it's much more entertaining when they're screaming all over the place, rather than treating the Court as if it were nothing.
    Easier to pick them off that way too.

    Well, their life and the lives of their 'friends' are in their own hands. Lets see if they care for them, or drop them to the ground, leaving them to shatter. If they do, I'll be there to 'clean up the mess' in my own... special way.


    1: Tarot cards are now used for Evokers. They're completely reliable, and you don't have to pull a trigger. Fun times.

    2: The Empress is now a banned Arcana as well.... Oooooooo, ominous.

    3: This sign-up is only for filling in the last spot, and to start up the new chapter in this RP. There is a very slim chance for people to enter, but stay tuned just in case something opens up. There is only a two chance limit here as well, as in you have two chances to get your sign-up accepted or you can't come back. That goes for older players as well.

    4: Over the TWO MONTH intermission, Wulfgard has finally taught you how to keep your Persona out for prolonged periods of time, instead of come out and do one spell then leave. They now effectively fight along side you if you so wish. This tires you out fast, but can be extremely powerful. If they get damaged, you tire out even fast.

    5: Personae also offer utilities due to their new found ability to stay out for prolonged periods of time. They may offer certain things based on their natural build or a different use of their magic. Randy's Hellion allows easy transportation for one with it's chopper. However, don't get crazy. Izzy's Daedalus allows him to generate nearly infinite amounts of electricity throughout the Court. This is a special ability that the GM will use to make things easier for you. It does not mean you should have something as overpowered.

    6: During the intermission, Wulfgard has requested that all Persona users move into the same dorm as the others. It makes you easier to defend, as well as gives me a way to let players out of the game without killing their characters.


    From the Desk of "Ciara H. Wright, Writer Extraordinaire" On: The Plot of Persona: Overpowering Past

    One week had passed since the original , and the Seven Samurai plus the Three Musketeers plus however many others of these people there were (they seem endless) were relishing the chance of a proper weekend, after the rather more action-packed events of the week before.

    As well as this delightful bunch, five others were also unaware of what would befall them. Including your genial writer, me. Now, I was trying to avoid the school therapist for yet another session in which I was lectured, so I had decided to go hide in the bathroom- where I met one of this gang for the first proper time since the semester had begun, Miyuki Tachibana. We were in the same homeroom, but given that we mostly kept to our respective selves I guess we naturally wouldn't have talked much. I was perfectly civil and offered Miyuki some friendly fashion advice, just for the girl to start PMSing and throw a hissy fit with a tissue. Still, I totally got hold of her notebook, which is where I first learned of the Court- even if, at first, I totally thought that it was just her fiction.

    One of the nutjobs, a girl named Sofiya, decided to sexually harass the Student Council President in the halls, and when he shrugged her off rather roughly, she felt a teensy weensy bit anxious, which goes to show that nobody can be truly happy and you should just grow up if you think that. She got chatting to a cheap street-corner hooker, the school's lecherous gym bunny and a blue-haired mutant freak. See, Bellow High is totally awesome! Go (whatever our school mascot is which I always forget because sports are pointless)!

    Of course, this being a colorful school which is accepting of all mental states, there was yet another basketcase roaming the halls, Lace Condor, who promptly injured herself and had to be escorted by Sigmund Okonkwo to the pharmacist, where she also met the world's most attractive man Joshua Sands, who had fallen asleep in class and had promptly thwacked his head on the desk upon awakening. How adorable. I mean, pathetic. I wanted to fall asleep too, honestly, but I had self-control. Still, they all got the drugs they wanted and so everybody was happy or high on something who wanted to be.

    After doing his daily duty of Assisting Those Of Little Mental Capacity, Sigmund went to the dorms and had a nice cup of tea, with his two manly friends, a midget and a snarker. Their adorable little tea party was quite the sight. I am sure that they felt like real men after their session. Perhaps I should ask them to play with the kindergartners. I'm sure that they would absolutely love that.

    Later on, pretty much everyone was at the concert, with a few exceptions. I, being one of said exceptions, but also wishing to be an Ace Detective (scratch the wish, I AM an Ace Detective. And an Ace Everything.), decided to investigate the 'Court of Miracles'. As the Court began, five new members with 'the spark' entered for the first time- I was among them. Apparently, some also lost 'the spark,' but they're not important to my story.

    In any case, a mysterious Shadow appeared- a Jester. which was essentially a massive troll. As in, the Internet sort. Not the real sort, although I guess it could look like that under the mask. It was 'kind' enough to warn the group of the new challengers approaching, to rip them to shreds. What a sweetie.

    I got into a minor scuffle with one of the MANLY MEN from earlier (although sadly I did not have the prior information to hand- what a showstopper those details would have been!), and being an impossibly intelligent woman, easily floored the poor sap. Honestly. And then somebody else decided to take a potshot- and the possibility of my revenge upon him would be sweetened later on. Hee.

    Still, another Shadow had made its appearance. The girl from earlier, Miyuki Tachibana- but then she promptly transformed into a horrifically large draconian monster. It was Miyuki's 'Shadow'. The thing, being some great avatar of justice blah blah blah death, decided that the best thing to do would be to chase me around and be all judgemental. Whatever. Everybody else did their thing as regards to attacking, but that mental patient also decided that the best thing to do would be to start throwing Molotovs around... How has she not been sectioned yet?

    Still, in a surprising act, Miyuki jumped in front of me and took the attack by summoning her Persona, Astraea, which weathered the blow. It was very valiant, in a 'knight-in-shining-armour' sort of way. This caused me to temporarily re-evaluate my priorities... before realising that one-off situations were just one-offs. It's impossible for any one person to be consistently so selfless, over and over again. I think I'd have found someone willing to do that for me by now, honestly.

    Still, that Wulfgard dude took the finisher. In the words of video-gamers, what a 'kill-stealer!' I mean, everyone did their bit. But Miyuki deserved to be the one to put that thing down.

    Afterwards, things went a little crazy. The 'civilians' were asked to introduce themselves, and one of them must have made a misstep or something because then that gym bunny went berserk. I think he was on his period. Still, Wulfgard came to the rescue and saved the midget from being squashed to pieces, thoroughly embarrassing the gym bunny in the process. God, he looked hot when he threw that punch though...

    Meanwhile, Randy was getting a crash-course in his 'mind space' (and I'd like to know how big that was, ahoohoohoo) from the Jester, which gave him a set of envelopes about... us. To be continued? I hope very much so. I can't stand not knowing things! Still, when he awoke the next stage began, and wasn't it a doozy.

    It was like... a magical Saw rip-off. Immediately, the Shadow in charge got rid of a 'spare,' some poor guy that I didn't know. We were all faced with a choice- there was a person on our screens. A person only we could save. We were all separated, with no clue as to what was going on... I saw Miyuki on my screen. I'm not sure who saw who on the others. Still, there was a choice- if I stabbed myself, Miyuki would walk free. If I didn't stab myself... I would walk free and Miyuki would die, in the same way as the boy did. It was frankly terrifying, although I'd kill anyone who said I was scared. Really.

    I couldn't go through with it, but I didn't appreciate being bossed around and I wanted the monster to know the score, so I yelled at the screen for a little while... at which point, something materialised behind me. The corpse of the boy from earlier. In shock, I kinda... stabbed his eye out, before vomiting into the corner. Luckily, nobody found out about that... otherwise, I would have kicked their head in. Still, after seeing all the brain fluid and blood on the blade I couldn't stomach even looking at the knife, and I couldn't go through with it. The others of the 'new people' who had also been dragged into the Court couldn't stab themselves either. On the other hand, the old guard were valiant enough to go through with it.

    At which point, everything went a bit... weird. I wasn't really capable of tracking what happened next, and my mind was in a dreadful state, but it all ended with that snarky rebellious red-headed MANLY MAN speaking with the voice of a little girl in a way that would totally freak out even the sanest of minds. And somehow, a combination of everything that had been thrown at it killed the Shadow. I think that that Jester fellow set us free...

    The next day was Saturday, and I soon found myself sitting over a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with one of the boys from the previous night, Joshua Sands. Now, Joshua didn't actually appear to recognise me all too well (despite the fact that we were in the same homeroom, I mean, dear lord), and I decided to use the situation to my advantage to gain some background knowledge. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was asking him very sweetly to pick out some apparel for me. He found this most embarrassing, even more so when he was caught in the act by none other than Miyuki Tachibana. Luckily, I came to his rescue before he could be struck down by the wrathful vengeance of justice, and we spent an enjoyable morning looking around the mall, and they were more than willing to carry my shopping bags. A girl has essentials, you know?

    Still, before then Miyuki herself had had a little bit of an adventure. She saw a boy in the candy shop- the same boy she had royally PMSed at on Friday afternoon, Izzy Simone. He's terrified of Miyuki- which is laugh out loud HILARIOUS. He should be scared of me. But he hasn't met me yet... perhaps he'll find a level beyond terror? Still, he gave her a note, as part of a 'Challenge of Manliness' or whatever, set up by that loudmouth Randy. Boy, this would come back to bite him in the butt later.

    The nutbar Sofiya, having decided to elevate her levels of offense, was spending time with womens' edition 'gentleman's select literature' in video form! I think I should watch some with her sometimes, to help her comprehend it all. Still, she managed to drag her eyes from the glory that is the human body long enough to run off to the mall for a delightful shopping trip with some pals. Likewise, the larger group of boys had also decided to go off to look at some hot new clothes- Snow promised his agent or guardian or whoever (I can't keep track of all these satellite characters, seriously) that he wasn't a raging Satanist, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    Actually, pretty much everyone was at the mall. Quarterman is so backwards if there's only one place for teenagers to gather... seriously.

    At this time, Wulfgard was telling Randy about his past. And how dreadful it was... but the Court has started up again! Seriously, I hope Wulfgard goes more in-depth with this stuff... I wonder if there were any girls like me back then? But less attractive, obviously.

    Then, we went to a little tête-a-tête in the Bellow High Stadium. I was sadly separated from my two new servants, and was instead forced to spend time in the company of some dreadful people whose names I promptly forgot. I was also insulted by the 'teacher,' who is totally a pharmacist. I mean, the school pharmacist! Leading some motley crew against the forces of darkness every night without fail. You couldn't make this stuff up, how ridiculous. I mean, I had to come back after that. How could these people manage without me? They'd all get themselves killed in their intense stupidity. I mean, Joshua came along to ask and I couldn't really say no as... Whatever.

    Everything went swimmingly with everyone else's training sessions, until Miyuki went and murdered her little date with a blunt instrument. Or attempted murder. A girl after my own heart. She was so cute about the whole thing, and you could see that she cared, sweet girl. She totally has a massive crush on him, and I need to set that up, pronto.

    At night, the Court of 'Miracles' once again arrived. The five of us new recruits were required to summon our Personas- mine was the beautifully fierce fox, the Kitsune. Russell Wilton, the immensely irritating hobbit, brought forth Eros, some happy-sappy love god or another. Halberd, he of dreary realities, brought forth Scathach, one of the most revered warrior women and also someone who Halberd totally does not deserve. The blue-haired cheerleader, Clarise, hailed Konohana Sakuya, whom surprisingly enough for a Japanese goddess looked way too much like a cheerleader. Finally, the alien from another planet, Lace Condor, had Saturnus, son of Gaia. She promptly attacked it, which honestly went against the whole point of the exercise but whatever. I'm not her mother (thank the lord) or her master... yet. Moving on!

    At the same time as this was going on, Randy and Izzy were having a little bit of a confrontation- Izzy, see, had grown a backbone. He didn't want to be Randy's little apprentice MANLY MAN OF MANLINESS any more, and he didn't want Randy to act like his older brother. Of course, he didn't say it quite so eloquently. He may have even swore. Disgraceful. Miyuki'll keep that in line. Still, this made Randy a teensy bit upset, as Izzy's older brother was to him as he is to Izzy now, if you get what I'm saying? So he got a teensy weensy bit... drunk. And when he got drunk, he felt a bit sad, poor dear. Of course, his flatchested pudgy reporter friend was at hand to give him a boost. Bless her. Poor thing, eating all those lollipops and getting so... rotund. I, on the other hand, can eat many kilograms of chocolate with barely any difference in weight at all. My metabolism is the work of the gods.

    Promptly after this delightfully cosy session, we got trapped in a techno disco brothel, engineered by none other than Shadow JP. (JP, may we remind ourselves, is a detestably lecherous human being with absolutely no redeeming qualities, so it was of no surprise to your stunningly attractive writer that his Shadow was a pimp) The members of our group were immediately set upon by his detestable 'Shad-hos,' Shadows which had taken the form of strippers in ridiculously short miniskirts, and with attacks that would make a trooper blush. They were formidable adversaries, but luckily we were matched one-to-one, aside from our 'sensei' who got two for the price of one in some sort of threesome battle royale. Of course, the dazzling writer would like to point out at this point that she did fabulously. Others had varying techniques, from scurrying away as fast as their stubby legs could carry them, to attacking head on with powerful blows. Nobody fell against their opponent.

    Meanwhile, JP was selected for a special cagefight with his Shadow, and the idiot decided to go for a macho show of bravado, throwing away his weapons. Apparently, his Persona can take control of his body or something just as daft, so he felt less pain than usual from the blows. Still, his Shadow took some strange version of 'pity' upon him... if one could seriously call it that. He could take up his weapons, but risk the life of another... or leave his weapons, and keep the others safe.

    The tool, in a decision that he would finally regret, went for his weapons, leaving that hooker in the leather to be zapped against the walls of the cage by even more of the shad-hos, all of which disappeared after their job was done. Finally, his work completed, the Shadow JP turned his weapon on himself and committed suicide, leaving the real idiot to completely and utterly fall apart, as the consequences of his actions caught up with him.

    The rest of the little gang gathered around Theresa, to hypocritically weep as if they had known her their whole lives, as if she were gone forever etcetera etcetera. There was no hope left for her- the Apathy Syndrome had rendered her a vegetable. She wasn't dead gone forever dead, but people were acting as if she was- and honestly, they may have had a point. I guess I'm hard-hearted if I say I didn't really care, but so what? I didn't really care for her one jot. Either way, she would have been a useless body.

    Meanwhile, Randy and Liza were off far away, looking for Izzy. Randy, in a surprising move, summoned yet another Persona (lucky bastard), a being known as Hellion, riding a motorcycle (clearly a Ghost Rider rip-off without the skulls) of the Chariot Arcana. I thought that Vigilante was Fool, but perhaps Randy has a deeper power that none of us know about yet? None of us even know about our own Arcana yet! I guess that's still to come...

    And of course, we can't forget that Student Council President, Haitani, and that girl he has in his apartment, Assua. I think that she has Apathy Syndrome. His Persona, Ophidian, appeared to him on the same night as I summoned mine... and I'm not getting a good vibe off of it. I just hope he's not our enemy, as he seems dangerous... Like he'd do anything. Anything at all. And our worst foes in this would not be Shadows, but another human being.
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    Zincspider My Bloody

    1:Follow Serebii rules... blah, blah...
    2:No reserves and only 1 space... FUN! If any of the past players drops, or doesn't make the cut back, their character will considered to have been inflicted with Apathy Syndrome over the two month break. Unless I choose to pick them up as a GMPC, something I won't do unless I feel unnaturally close to the character. The only way to avoid this is to have your character movied into the dorm, and let me know that you can't do the RP anymore. I won't get mad. Life happens. If you want to leave for anything (Work, school, your own RP picking up or whatever), tell me and you'll be released with no trouble.
    3:This is the third part of 'Persona: Upon the Gave of Guilt', reading that RP and it's sequel “Persona: Overpowering Past” will increase understanding of this world and is suggested.
    4: Only one character at a time for the time being.
    5: As GM I reserve the right to not accept players for any reason. I will not be unreasonable, I just have certain... quirks.
    6: The GMPC Persona info will be added shortly.
    7: We're rated PG-13 (Or the equivilant) for harsh language and mild sexual themes. I'll try to keep them in line though, Mods. I've implemented a 'swear jar'.

    Name: Garret Wulfgard

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Fortune

    Appearance: 'Grungy' and 'rugged' are used to describe Garret far more than such terms as 'tidy' or 'handsome'. He isn't a bad looking man by any sense of the word, but he looks like a couple days of sleep would do him well, and a nice shave and shower could help that go even further. Despite his lean and powerful body suggesting good health, his skin is abnormally pale and dark bags hang under his eyes. Not one for taking too much time to groom, Garret's long bushy pony-tail hangs about halfway down his back. As a deal made long ago he's no longer allowed to cut it down, and while those he forged the pact with are no longer able to keep tabs on him, he retains his promise. As if to just enforce his image as a man who doesn't care about his appearance, Garret forgets to shave for several days in a row, offering varying degrees of stubble and shadow depending on the last time he remember to pick up a razor was.

    His chin isn't particularly wide, but his jaw isn't weak, still being a bit angular and strong if a bit thin. During the day, he usually tries to keep a wide grimace on his face, almost always looking as if he'd heard a bad joke and was trying to humor the supplier of the horrible anecdote. About twice a week, Garret ends up having to apply a Band-Aid onto some part of his face due to small mishaps and a borderline abusive sister. A day almost never goes by where his face is completely free of the damn little things.

    Garret usually walks around with a simple, slightly stiff, white pharmacist jacket over his body. No shirt. The only thing between him and that jacket is a large amount of bandages that are wrapped freshly around his abdomen everyday. Underneath this false sarashi lies a large horizontal scar that stretches from his right hip to directly under the left side of his ribs. It's bulgy, red, and is often scabby. The scar is extremely delicate, and often bursts open if put under too much stress. It's length and depth make it difficult to patch up, and even then, stitches are often ripped out from basic movement and exercises. He's given up on treatment from professionals, and takes it upon himself to keep it from coming apart too much.

    Lately, Garret is noticeably uncomfortable at work, as he's been forced to wear a shirt while on the clock. Sure, it's not sanitary to go around with no shirt, but Garret isn't used to the extra weight or movement restrictions the black article imposes, and often pulls at it as if it would make it more comfortable. It normally offers only a moment's reprieve.
    Despite his upper-half, Garret's choice of dress for the other is pretty normal. A pair of loose fitting black pants, a simple rope belt, and regular brown sandals are the norm, sometimes deviating into actually tennis shoes, depending if it's rained recently or not.

    Personality: Previously an optimist, Garret still retains some off the quirks from his old outlook. He cracks jokes at work, and tries to keep those who need to use Bellow High's medical services calm and laughing. A laughing patient is much more likely to be agreeable than on that's freaked out. Even as a simple pill counter, Garret does wish to pursue his old dream of being a doctor and helping people in anyway he can.

    Garret shares a much different attitude when in the Court, trying to adopt the visage of a 'real' teacher or coach. He puts on a serious face, and tries to be professional telling the kids basic little things about the Court, as if it were big secrets. In truth, he's almost as in the dark as they are, having never ventured into the main building himself. His image often drops as well, as he isn't as mature as he should be. He's still easy to aggravate, and has little tolerance for backtalk or violent behavior. He even loses it, and on at least one occasion, has used force to put one of the students in line. Garret often says he's just as much a student as the rest of the Court goers, being nothing but a substitute teacher. Still, he's done quite well in keeping as many of them alive as he had. He's worried though, knowing his luck won't hold out long. He's having trouble enough keeping the respect of his students as it is. Garret often holds back during fights in order to allow the kids to handle it, and to 'get experience'. Or so he tells them. In truth, Garret's terrified of fighting alone or without support. He's scared of dying more than anything. For this reason, Garret is actually happy that the kids were drug into the Court... not that he'd ever admit this to them or even himself.

    Garret, despite all his flaws, is a man of discipline. In training his body at least. Garret is never one to miss training, or simply give up. This resolve to keep his sword strong doesn't carry over to one of the places that actually matter in real life. Work. Garret is just as likely to be found sleeping as the pharmacy, as he is to be working at it. And as his student aide, Liza Monroe, can vouch for, he is not afraid to trick others into doing his work for him so he can relax. Between his training and the Court, Garret barely ever gets enough sleep, causing the bags under his eyes, and seeing as he won't die from sleeping at work, he usually chooses it as a good place for a nap.

    History: At a young age, Garret's mother married a Japanese business man, by the name of 'Jones' (Having changed his last name, as he believed it to be more 'down home and approachable' than his original, thus good for business). Having never known his real father, nor really caring at his age, he grew up treating his step father as though he were biological, and Mr. Jones felt the same way, treating Garret no different than Haruka, his own daughter. In order to give his son something to do, Mr. Jones introduced Garret to Kendo to keep him busy. Without a real teacher or anyone else who shared his interest in his swordplay, Garret taught himself, and learned from library books. Other than keep him active and busy, Kendo never did much for Garret other than 'build character'... whatever that meant.

    When he reached high school, he found himself pulled into a strange world in which the school became a portal for monsters call 'Shadows' to judge humanity. He wasn't alone, as his friend, Kenneth shared the same fate, and both were forced to fight for their lives each night with the help of only a few others. After months of fighting, and many deaths, the group had salt rubbed in their wounds when Kenneth decided to sabotage the attempt being made to end this 'Court of Miracles', killing one of their allies, and wounding Garret, giving him his scar (well, wound really). The group was still able to destroy the main labyrinth of the Court, destroying it, but at the cost of all their lives, save for Garret. Garret survived with major injuries, and was kept in intensive care for quite some time. He feigned amnesia as to avoid any questions on what had happened, and he was soon forgotten in favor of investigating the explosion that destroyed the school building.

    Garret completed high school, never forgetting what had taken place. Most days he wondered if it was even real, but his scar was a constant reminder that it had all been truth. There was no closure for him, however. No way to prove what had gone down. No way to talk to his friends who'd died... and no one to talk to about it, lest they think him mad. His only friend in these dark times was Testa McDougal, the school's prized boxer and track captain. The boy was a friend of Garret's sister, and often followed her to his hospital room, where he tried to strike up conversation. They'd become friends over the periods of time, giving Garret someone to talk to and get his mind off things while at school. They bounced ideas of what to do after school together, Testa wanting to be an archeologist and Garret finally settling on surgeon. He wanted to atone for not being able to save anyone in the Court.

    After graduation, Garret tried to follow his dream of being a surgeon, but the idea of having more lives in his hands soon proved to much for him. After seeing how often a surgery can go south, and that operations weren't always successful, he cracked, leading for him to drop out and go into pharmaceuticals instead, something which still allowed him to help people, but had a much much smaller amount of stress impressed upon it's practitioners. Not long after finishing school, Garret received news of his step-father's death by means of major heart attack.
    Skipping the grieving period, we now move onto the man's inheritance. Being quite successful, a large sum was left for both Garret and Haruka. Haruka invested her half in an inn when she finally returned home from studying over-seas, to which she still manages to this day, while Garret did quite the opposite. He left his nice little life behind to explore the world.

    While what happened on his journey is relatively unknown, he returned in time for his sister's wedding (Where she ending up marrying his new best friend, Testa McDougal), a seemingly changed man. He seemed much happier, as he did before his 'accident', and a bit carefree. His hair was grown out, with the simple excuse 'I made a promise' as to why it was so long, and he seemed even more enamored with Kendo than before, soon finding a job at the newly opened Bellow High as the Kendo coach and pharmacist in the school's private hospital.

    Now the Court has begun once more, leaving Garret clueless on how to stop it. So far, two students have died directly under his watch, and one has been inflicted with Apathy Syndrome. Garret's doing his best to keep the remaining students alive by giving them the only thing he really has. Combat knowledge.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Garret Wulfgard

    - Persona -



    Appearance: Taking the form of a tall man in a long white, leather coat, Kresnik is a force to be reckoned with. His stern expression is almost always hidden from every angle due to the high collar on his main article of clothing, leaving only his cold eyes to be seen. His hair is rather long, reaching the mid of his back, just enough to cover the top of a large red emblem on his jacket, the shape of a bat extending its wings.
    A long broad-sword lays at his hip, it's hilt, pommel, and hand-guard all a tarnished silver, wrapped with dark leather straps. He almost always has a hand placed on the blade, ready to grab it should the occasion arise it would be needed. His skin is pale, giving off a sheen likened to moon-light, and being near him usually leads to an oddly comforting feeling, as if he'd protect you from and everyone you know from evil in all of it's forms.
    Brown slacks are tucked into long, black, lace-up boots, completing his ensemble. Ta-da.

    Personality: Kresnik is barely ever seen, as Garret does his best not to use his Persona, but when he is revealed, he's often silent, only speaking up to announce his attacks or intimidate his opponents. A steadfast warrior of all that is good and just, Kresnik despises evil, and believes itself to be in a never ending battle with it. Of course, he is. When born, he was blessed just as another child was cursed. He and the other child,the Kudlak, are destined to fight, one eventually destroying the other.
    Having 'defeated' his Kudlak many years ago, Kresnik resigns himself to destroying all evil in his path.

    Abilities: Kresnik's abilities are barely ever used. While powerful, they put too much strain on Garret and may cause his scar to open up again, which is a dangerous situation. Without a healer nearby, and ready to tend to his every wound, Garret often fights on his own.
    When kresnik does fight though he uses the following abilities:
    Deathbound (Large damage dealt indiscriminately to nearby enemies. Can hit multiple times.)
    Brave Blade (Large damage dealt to all nearby enemies. Hits once)
    Herculean Strike (Heavy damage dealt to one nearby enemy.)
    Kresnik's sword is capable of blocking most physical attacks from enemies many times his size. This takes quite a bit of energy from Garret and is used as a last resort tactic.

    Name: Liza Monroe

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Hermit

    Appearance: Only five feet three inches tall and eighteen years old, Liza is a bit short for her age. In fact, she barely ever looks to be her actual age, leading some of the people in the Court to actually think Ciara is the oldest girl taking part in it. Her face lacks many of the harder features of a full grown woman, and over all is quite soft. Her brown eyes are quite large, and look as if they're uninterested most of the time... a certain indifference to them, even when telling a joke or saying something that was obviously meant to caring, her eyes look kinda bored, a trait also shared by her voice.

    Despite her nature to avoid others and habit of hiding in odd places throughout the school, Liza skin is fairly dusky, part genetics, and part relaxing on roofs on the weekend. This mixed with an odd platinum blonde hair color make Liza stand out in a crowd naturally, causing her grief. A few months back she had accidentally dyed her hair purple, but it's nearly washed out by now, leaving just the tips of her feathered style a light tint of purple. The style of the hair itself is quite short, uneven bangs just above her eyes, and the longest part being her side-tails right in front of her ears, neatly masking them.

    Liza's small mouth almost always has a white stick poking out, as a result of her near addiction to lollipops. Lately, the stress of the Court has increased the level of her sweet tooth, and she no longer just settles with lollipops, often binging late at night. As a result, her previously relatively soft form has gained a bit of a bulge around her waist and hips. This change is barely noticeable, due to her choice of baggy clothing, namely a white pullover jacket with black arms and pockets, and a school sanctioned skirt reaching a few inches above the knees, leaving just an inch or two between it's bottom and the beginning of a pair of long purple and black striped stockings. These lead to a pair small black shoes.

    Liza often has a small notepad and pen hidden on her person, for the purpose of pulling it out in case she ever needs to cover a big scoop... or just write down barely relevant information about almost anything. Can't really get picky.

    The last thing she wears is a fluffy green sweatband on her right wrist. A few dark stains are upon it, making it appear a bit ominous, but this GM can assure you it's nothing to worry about.

    Personality: Liza's perfectly happy with watching the world go by, instead of taking part in shaping it herself. Rather than cause events, she'd rather write down the happenings for everyone else to see as well. The idea of finding information to supply to the world, a job in which no one focuses on you but your work, calls out to her. As such, Liza wants to be a reporter. Well, maybe an investigative reporter. She still hasn't learned the fine art of talking to people she doesn't know. Instead, she's become quite adept at finding places to hide, and due to her small stature she can fit in places most wouldn't expect. She's already scoped out many areas in each section of Bellow High were she can hide away in a moment's notice. Given the right situation, she can go from cover to cover without being noticed, a veritable little ninja of sorts. Often she'll pop out of hiding if familiar with her targets, to interject into their current conversation and often make them wet their pants out of shock (True story, ask Izzy.)

    Liza's not sure where her shyness stems from, but she's very aware it exists. Just being around people doesn't bother her. Someone she doesn’t know trying to talk to her makes her exceedingly nervous though, and it's even worse if anyone (even if she knows them) tries to touch her. She won't scream unless forced, and mostly just tries to get out of the situation silently. He habit with lollipops began as a result of having something in her mouth that allowed for the easily exploitable excuse of “I'm eating” to be used if someone tried to strike up conversation. After a while, it almost become second nature to have one of the purple suckers in her mouth.

    Liza's unwillingness to contact with other people has led to a bit of social awkwardness, which creates a vicious cycle. She doesn't really know how to handle other people, how to comfort them, how to help them. This mixed with her rather uninterested tone of voice leave people to think of her as cold. In truth, she is often very critical of herself, and berates her inability to help those close to her.

    Liza has found herself with little to do during the school days, only having to take half a day to get all the credit she needs to pass. Only having to attend the second half of the day, Liza sleeps in later than the rest of her classmates, allowing easier recovery from the Court. Even Randy, who shares the same year, doesn't share this opportunity as he still has to take a full schedule (that's what he gets for slacking off for the past three years).

    Liza is the student aide to Wulfgard, helping him during final period. She's not allowed to touch the medicine, and shouldn't even be allowed behind the counter, but she usually finds herself there, taking over Wulfgard's job of handing out already prepared prescriptions while he saws a few logs under the counter. She actually handles it pretty well considering not many students pick up their order until after school.

    History: : Liza's life has been... normal. In comparison to many other members of the Court, she's led a happier life that's for sure. No shocking deaths, unfortunate occurrences, and especially no rape, something people seems to want to think when she shows her aversion to touching. The most traumatic experience she'd ever has was simply tripping on the way home from school in 4th grade, skinning her wrist big time. She didn't stay crying for long though, as a boy came by, helped her cover the wound with one of his own armbands, and walked her to the clinic. She wanted to thank him, but she was too busy being terrified at both the situation and the fact that someone was touching her, even if it was to help her.

    After that it didn't really affect her life. She just knows that it happened, as she's kept the sweatband, the boy seemingly forgetting about it after leaving her at the clinic. So, she remembers what happened, but doesn't reminisce about it like it was some turning point. Not everyone has one of those this early in life apparently. She simply continued to hide away as she always did, staying on the computer, reading books, and writing in her spare time. She always had a sweet tooth, especially as a child, and would often resort to munching on something if stress from schoolwork started to get to her, leaving her to never have a trim, lean, figure.

    Liza went to a high school about an hour out of town until her senior year, as did most children in Quarterman. The establishment of Bellow High was a great opportunity for not only promoting the town itself, but making education easier for students like her. Unlike the school she had been going to, Bellow High had the equipment and budget to have a publications committee, of which she started. She denied a leadership position, however, settling for being a writer and editor for the school paper.

    After the Court began, Liza has had a hard time adjusting to such stress, new found friends in Randy, Izzy, and Wulfgard only go so far into keeping her sane. Being the first really big problem shes faced in life, it's harder for her than most other people in the Court. She's picked up her old coping habits once again... not that she'd admit there's a problem.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Liza Monroe

    - Persona -


    Name: Yuki-Onna

    Appearance: A tall, stunningly beautiful woman, Yuki-Onna seems to come straight out of Japanese folklore as the spirit of blizzards and snow. Long feathered hair, just a shade darker than her pure white skin, has small purple flowers stuck in it at irregular intervals. Closer inspection shows that they're completely frozen. Her expression is serene and happy, and her eyes seem closed most of the time, but match her smile quite well, making anyone looking at her feel safe. She wears a neat black furisode contrasting with her oddly perfectly white skin, small patterns of blue wind and snow neatly sewn into it. Just her appearance chills a room, sending a shiver down the spines of those near. But, that's nothing to worry about, right?

    Upon opening her eyes, anyone to look into them would see pure terror. Not on her part either. Screams of victims, forever left on a snowy mountainside to become nothing but a bump in the road. Fear in the eyes of yet another man to be fooled by her appearances. The next thing they'd see is her specialty illusion: Her face elongates, mouth hanging open as if her jaw were melting off, large, sharp, and jagged teeth are apparent, eyes sink back into her head until hidden behind deep shadows, and those who see it swear they hear a blood-curdling scream.
    Note that no one else but the intended victim sees anything wrong with Yuki-Onna's appearance, suggesting that it's all in the victim's mind.

    Personality: Yuki-Onna is quite content with simply watching the Shadows, not striking unless they come near her or Liza. Serene and elegant, she watches over her allies, making sure they're at full capacity, using her small invigorating healing spell to get them on their feet. Until her quarry is close, she continues to smile, almost as if inviting her foes to come near. Liza does not often, order attacks either, simply attempting to get out alive, not fight her way out.

    Yuki-Onna is sadistic if given the chance, and loves to watch her victims squirm for a moment before turning them into an ice sculpture, something that you'd never be able to tell by simply looking at her face. No one in the Court has looked into Yuki-Onna's eyes and lived to tell the tale... granted, it's because only simple shadows have taken a look.
    Despite her love of luring things to their death, Yuki-Onna is capable of compassion, and will care for those close to her and Liza, never objecting to uses of Dia, or orders of icy support from a distance. She'd never subject any of them to her stare.

    Abilities: Yuki-Onna has two distinct affinities: Ice and Fear. It waits for it's enemies to draw close before revealing it's alternate terrifying illusory visage to which stops most in their tracks. With her prey stunned, she then resolves to freeze them solid, a task made much easier due to their fearful state. Such spells she knows are:

    Dia (The only healing spell known by Yuki-Onna, not being affiliated with the school enough to learn anymore)
    Bufula (Mid-Ice damage)
    Mabufu (low-Ice damage, several enemies targeted)
    Evil Touch (Causes 'Fear' in a single enemy)
    Evil Smile (Causes 'Fear' in nearby enemies.)
    Flash Freeze (Yuki-Onna's signature move. Will instantly freeze and fearful enemies nearby, leaving them solid statues of ice. Can be shattered or left to melt, it matters not.)

    Yuki-Onna's utility allows Liza to go unnoticed by most lesser Shadows. If anything else is in the immediate vicinity, and she hasn't done anything to agitate them, they'll leave her be. It's almost as if they know better.

    Name: Randy Clopin

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Fool

    Occupation: Student/ Lead Singer for ‘Free Candy’

    Appearance: Randy is a tall youth, reaching a bit over six feet, and is Caucasian in his completion. A healthy diet of whatever he finds, mixed with a speedy metabolism has landed his frame right in the grounds of ‘slim’. His face is long, and angular.. His vision isn’t the best, and he has to wear a pair of small rectangular glasses to see anything far away.

    Randy’s hair would be seen as ‘silly’ at almost any other school in the country, but odd styles seemed to be ‘in’ at Bellow high, and has long bangs which he has molded into a single brown strand in the shape of a thunderbolt.

    When not in regulation school uniform (which consists of black pants and a navy blue jacket), Randy can often be found sporting his ‘official’ outfit… which keeps the pants because honestly, they don’t look bad. A black t-shirt with the pattern of a sun setting emblazoned on the chest is visible through an open red duster he had dyed himself. His glasses are replaced with a pair of orange prescription sunglasses he has modified into goggles and, he slips a pair of fingerless gloves on for good measure. On his right wrist, he wears a single old green sweatband. Of course, such a ludicrous outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of brown leather cowboy boots with the legs of his pants over the top of them.
    Nearly two months ago, he was forced to change up his outfit due to a run in with a Shadow that left his arm broken until not three days ago. The duster no longer has arms, forming a sort of vest/cape combo, and he no longer wears his goggles.

    Randy is an impetuous young man who is still trying to find out what he’ll do with his life after High School. He has good grades (not the best, but they’re decent), takes part in extra-curricular activities , but has no idea what to do with the future. He's got a sense of humor which leads to him being ab it of a class cut-up on occasions, and likely to get him in trouble.

    So far the only thing that has really gotten a reaction out of him was starting a band with two old mates, Phil and Ned Loganson. The cover band, named ‘Free Candy’, was a local band not in it for fans (not even a select group of hipster fans) but was more to cover Falconer songs and play old 70s metal. It was only recently they could get the band back together however, as Phil and Ned had gotten into trouble for writing the band name on their fathers van for a gig (Long story short: The cop wasn’t amused when Mr.Loganson drove past the elementary school on the way to work).

    Randy has recently calmed down from his previous hot blooded behavior, and seems much more sensible. After coming to terms with the death of his old 'mentor' of sorts, and making amends after a fight with Izzy, he's trying to be himself for once, instead of copying what he knew of Richter Simone. As such, he's shown a much more intelligent syle of fighting... one that doesn't require constant attention from one of the healers. His shovel has long disappeared, and he's been seen using several different weapons, as if trying to see what's right for him. So far, it's been met with mixed amounts of failure. It's not a question 'if' more of 'how bad'.

    Name: Testa McDougal (Original Last Name) Jones

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Emperor

    Occupation: World History Teacher/Temporary Archery Coach/

    Appearance: Testa is in good shape for his profession, with wide shoulders and an athletic build. Back when he attended Bellow High long ago, he was the reigning champ for the Track Team, the Archery Club, and the Boxing Team, and his love for getting a good sweat is still apparent in his tough sun-tanned skin. His strong chin and high cheek bones are the envy of his students, and his pearly whites even have a few of the girls (and the odd boy) falling for him (Not that he notices).

    His eyes are squinted to the point they look closed, as he keeps forgetting to get his prescription for his glasses strengthened. When he does have them open though, they’re revealed to be a shocking green. His raven hair is dappled with very few strands of grey, and is a bit short and messy as he often rubs his head when writing.

    Testa’s uniform for school is a blue sweater vest, with a black undershirt that’s sleeves stick out, and a white tie. His pants, unlike the usual black, are white and are often dusty.

    At home,he has been seen to wear a large pink apron over his regular clothes while he cleans. He is completely unashamed.

    Personality: Testa is very excited about the subject he teaches, as he used to work as an archeologist before being drafted by Bellow High. As such, his lessons are seen as some of the more interesting ones, as he brings in artifacts from his personal digs and such for the class to inspect on certain days. His knowledge on the history and cultures of the world is extremely vast, and he can be quite educational… but he often enjoys telling tales of his adventures to primal countries and his battles with secret organizations. He keeps the students rapt attentions while telling the tales of intrigue and is quite the storyteller. Of course, no one knows if these are just stories, or fact.

    Testa is unable to ‘get hints’ or understand love without it being shoved in his face. It not that he doesn’t feel, it’s just that he doesn’t look into it too much. It took him so long to understand that his wife (well, friend at the time), Haruka Jones (A Half Japanese and Half American archeologist who worked with Testa), was in love with him, that he agreed to take her last name when they finally got married (He felt bad). Needless to say, ‘oblivious to love’ doesn’t begin to describe him. Testa, however, is a caring guy and tries to make people feel comfortable around him. But don’t ask him advice in the matters of love, because all he knows is what he’s learned from sappy movies.

    Testa is not the greatest driver, often crashing his reinforced van when trying to simply park. He’s had his license revoked many times, and is currently not legally allowed to drive anything… period. As such, he jogs to work making him a couple minutes late for his first class every day.

    Testa is bound to ramble when talking, if no one else speaks up, and is quite disorganized. Sometimes, these two traits affect one another. Rambling may cause him to forget something he was supposed to do, and not having what he needs may cause him to ramble an explanation.

    The real Archery coach, Mrs. Gover, broke her leg just a week before the begging of school, and Testa’s previous success as a champion archer have landed him the temporary position of coach for the team.
    Testa's wife is Haruka Jones, Garret Wulfgard's Half-sister. This arrangement would normally be scoffed at by the older bother, but Garret is perfectly fine with his sister marrying his best friend. Probably because Testa wouldn't ever (or even would be able to) take advantage of her.

    Name: Ezekiel ‘Izzy’ Simone (Pronounced ‘Sea-moan’)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Magician

    Appearance: Izzy looks up to his ‘big bro’ Randy, and as such has long ago adapted a bit of his style into his own. While Izzy doesn’t don a full red jacket like the rest of the Crimson Beasts, he does wear a blue blazer with red trim over his school clothes. Izzy’s goggles are also a bit more useful than Randy’s as they aren’t simply a fashion statement, but a source of light. Designed himself, Izzy’s flashlight goggles look to be normal red rimmed and black strapped eye protection. But between the lenses and the frames lie dozens of small bulb that light a direct path in the direction he is currently looking, allowing him to have both hands to work in dark environments (such as back stage).

    Izzy’s hair is an abyssal black, seeming almost blue when light shines on it just right. He doesn’t have much of a tan or a physique for that matter, seeing as he’s spent most of his life indoors or working on electronics. That said, he’s not very tall… in fact he’s a bit short for his age. Or he was. Puberty has hit like a brick. In the past two months, Izzy's grown over four inches bringing him taller than one of his new found friends, Liza, making him around 5'5. He's had to replace most of his wardrobe, to be longer, but not as thin as he thought it would have to be. The long training sessions with Garret and Randy during this critical period of his life have led to quite the muscular physique. Well, lean and muscular anyway. As opposed to the straws he used to have, he's doing pretty well though.
    His face is still a bit childish, but it's definitely starting to look more handsome than boyish over time.

    Personality: Izzy is a bit wishy-washy, not likely to believe in himself… or that used to be the case. Ever since he and Randy has their spat two months ago, he's begun to go out in the world on his own. With Randy treating him as an equal and letting him do things on his own, he's much more likely to be an outgoing individual. In fact, he's been spending more time with a girl than even Randy ever had.
    Puberty doesn't seem to be affecting Izzy's personality too bad... although other than his height, not much has changed. He still isn't growing too much hair on his arms, chest or face, but his voice certainly sounds a smidgen deeper.
    Izzy loves working with his hands in his spare time and often builds devices from scrap metal. He's worked on several inventions of his own, such as a small wrist mounted pilebunker, but most of them are either too complicated, have too few applications, or are beyond his capability to craft.
    He feels most at home when working, and appreciates it as his quiet time.

    Name: Shinai Haitani

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Devil

    Occupation: Student Council President

    Appearance: Not too tall and lacking any muscle weight at all, it's not a surprise that Shinai is the intellectual type. Or he would have looked like that a while back. In the past month, he's really toned his body, giving people mixed reactions on his change in appearance. Unusual for his racial background, Shinai has an angular face and a semi-strong chin. His skin is a pale almost snow like white and is quite flawless. His lips appear to be so dark they're black and are quite full... but they are, as well, almost in a permanent scowl now a days. His hair is a deep onyx as well, and has grown over a period. His previous unkempt mop-top have grown so much in the bangs that they need to be pushed to one side so he can see clearly with just one dark black eye. A large pair of oval spectacles are always present however, and seem to be in a perpetual state of lining up just right with light to give an ominous glare.

    Even when out of school, Shinai only wears his uniform, choosing to wear the black Student Council blazer buttoned up tight instead of the normal navy-blue blazer. Some students have noted that the past couple months haven't been kind to him, and his normally holy clean uniform has shown spots of dust. Not dirt... dust. Like he's been messing with something old. Sure enough, he's been spotted in the library much more often than a normal student.

    Around his neck, he's also taken to wearing a choker with a bell at the end. Not a 'jingle' bell either. A smaller version of the good old fashion vase bell.

    Personality: Previously a capital President for the Student Council, Shinai has changed. Just a week ago he was happy, doing his best to help around the school, arriving punctually to every class, and showing people new to town their way around. But that's all changed. Something happened to Shinai, and he turned sour. He no longer speaks more then two words to people, he keeps his distance, doesn't raise his hand in class, and has even skipped a few classes during the week only to be found buried in a pile of books at Quarterman's local library (instead of the new school one).

    One can guess that something personally tragic to him has occurred, but whatever it is he does not speak of it. All people receive in return is a glare that could boil your insides and grim silence.

    To put it bluntly... he doesn’t want to have anything to do with anybody and he doens't care what anybody thinks because of this.
    It turns out his attitude change has stemmed from his long time friend and sweetheart Assua falling victim to Apathy Syndrome in the early stages of the Court. Lately, he has been seen giving and receiving orders from Miss Halls for rather advance and expensive looking electronics and machinery.
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  3. Jason-Kun

    Jason-Kun Well-Known Member

    - Human -

    Name: Clarise (pronounced as Clair-ees) 'Eri' Stone

    Age: 16 (Senior)

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: - II ~ The Priestess -

    Appearance: Standing at a moderate height of five foot six, Clarise has been often described as beautiful. In the past two months she has dyed her hair from what was once a dark blue with streaks of red to a solid black, making sure to keep the red streaks as a staple of her appearance. She has also taken to wearing it short, letting it fall in waves to her shoulders as opposed to wearing it tied up or letting it reach further down. In turn, she has swapped out the blue contacts for lavender ones in order to cover her deep grey/gray eyes.

    Clothingwise, she still wears a variety of red hair decorations. She also has expanded her clothing selection a bit more, choosing to swap out standard red for crimson red. Swapping out a her white dress shirt for black, she now wears it under a crimson red sweater which clings to her slim figure. She has since ditched the gloves to show off her fair skin. Rounding it off she now can often be seen in a crimson and black plaid skirt and white kneelength socks covered by red and white tennis shoes.

    After the last court, she has since withdrawn from the cheerleading squad. However, she still keeps the modified uniform handing up in her dresser for oldtime's sake. In exchange she's since taken up archery as a means of learning to fend for herself, backup for working with her tessens. As such, she favors more casual clothing rather than the uniform of old.

    Personality: Clarise is a passionate girl, seeming to want to make the best out of most situations. As a result of her schooling, she also sometimes comes across as a rather bright young women. She also seems to be easily offended as well as prone to sarcasm. Due to her being an old member of the cheerleading squad, she comes across as outgoing and somewhat kind.

    Many times she has appeared to be rather fragile. This often leads to misunderstandings as well as her being offended. However, rather than show it she tended to keep it hidden until asked which often resulted in her blowing up as the the person who did ask.

    Over the past two months, however, a subtle change has come over her. She has taken in interest in archery so as to defend herself and others better, so as not to have a repeat of last time. As well, she often tries to take on a comforting role, though she doesn't feel like she's particularly good at it. In fact, she feels like she sometimes causes more trouble by doing so. As such, she's currently trying to deal with that as well as the "normal" going ons within both the school and the court.

    As another result of the last court as well as Ciara's methods of support, Clarise has also developed a slightly thicker skin. While still fairly easily offended by the words of others as well as the unintentional implications she sometimes sees in their words and actions, she's learned to ignore it in favor of snarking. There are some people she still doesn't take kindly to being offended by, however, and as such she still has a fair way to go if she ever wants to get stronger in that regard.

    Her methods during the court has changed slightly as well. While before she focused almost exclusively on backing up the others she has now taken on a role of backing up others as well as healing when not busy dealing with problems of her own. She's also taken after the others and started to incorporate pieces of their fighting styles into her own so as not to prove useless.

    In addition to this, she's also taken to bringing her evoker with her everywhere. Even though what she knows about the Court still holds true she's recently become worried that they might begin to start early. As a result she's thrown herself further into archery which has in time grown into both a hobby and a necessity for her.

    History: Born in the city, Clarise showed promise from a young age. As a result of her parents' jobs and teachings, she was able to skip ahead two years during elementary school. As such she was bullied by as a means of bringing her down and showing her that she was on an equal level as everyone else. However she did have a few friends who stood up for her and made sure that the bullies didn't hurt her too much. Eventually she took it upon herself to stand up for herself as a means of making it so that she wasn't a burden for her friends. With encouragement from them this helped her to become the slightly sarcastic person she came across as initially.

    At the start of high school, she got involved with cheerleading and over the years rose through the ranks, finally becoming second in command last year. This led to her and her friends beginning to grow apart. However the death of one of their friends during their sophomore year led to Clarise drawing in upon herself. This in turn led to her reconnecting with the rest of her friends. In turn she decided to live on for said friend and became more sociable than she had been before.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Clarise Stone

    Relations: Due to the events of her first time in the court, Clarise doesn't really have a positive opinion of JP or Russel. In fact, she's still holding a minor grudge over their treatment of her during the events of that night. By contrast the events of the day after and the second court have led to her taking a liking towards Sofiya as well as leading to her looking up to Ciara. As for the rest of the group, she doesn't really have much of an opinion of them.

    - Persona -

    Name: Konohana Sakuya

    Appearance: Rather than possessing a robotic helmet/head, this version of Konohana Sakuya trades that in for a head full of wavy brown hair pulled into a ponytail and held together with a flower shaped barrette, starting silver eyes, and fair skin instead. Whereas previous incarnations of her had pink featherlike fans attached to her arms, she substitutes them for golden flowerlike fans. Clinging to her body is a cheerleading uniform as well; however the pink areas shown on her other forms have been replaced with a light blue and where she once had what looks like stubs are actual feet this time. Said feet are enclosed within white tennis shoes rimmed in gold.

    Personality: Konohana Sakuya is rather gentle, much like Clarise, The main difference, however, is that she is more confident in the idea of her gentleness being right. However, while gentle she still knows how to fight and knows how to be serious, not hesitating to deal with what she sees as a problem. She is also slightly more arrogant than Clarise, if her introduction didn't make that clear. She feels that amongst the personae that she is the most useful and takes joy in trying to prove it. This is only slightly balanced out by Clarise's personality and as such one has to be wary of her. Aside from that, she is an all around good person.

    Abilities: Much like her other incarnations, Konohana has slight healing powers that grow over time. From the start she can only recover people slightly but over time she’ll be able to slowly heal them more. Unlike her previous incarnations, however, she specializes in ice rather than fire. These powers range from summoning small shards of ice and lobbing them at enemies to freezing them temporarily.
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  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Lilith "Lily" Rosen

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Chariot

    Appearance: Lilith, though not a conventional beauty, is one whose looks make people give her a second glance, though not always in a good way. She was once very pretty in her youth, but is now what one considers "a wilting rose", looking to be in her early to mid twenties even though she is only 18. She is slim, skinny actually, and fairly tall, standing at 5'7" and slightly underweight due to how little she eats at times. She has ivory skin, bright green eyes and straight, auburn hair streaked with some mint green that is often tied and clipped up in a spiky ponytail. The rare times she lets her hair down, it reaches her mid-back in length. Her nose is rather crooked, her naturally thick, dark brows are often waxed to medium thickness, and her teeth are slightly crooked and yellow, as a result of her smoking. If one were to take off her clothes, some of her ribs are prominent, a remnant of an eating disorder she used to have. As she doesn't sleep very much, she has dark circles under her eyes as a result. There are three piercings in her left ear and one on her right nostril. Her upper back bears a tattoo of a thorny heart. Because she smokes, her voice is rather coarse and rough for a girl.

    Lilith is a rebel and a bit of a "Lad-ette", which can easily be seen in the clothes she wears, which do not contain decidedly feminine pieces aside from her formalwear. Her usual outfit consists of a black leather jacket over a dark red tank top and short stonewashed denim shorts with frayed edges and pockets that stick out. One would actually be very lucky to catch her in a skirt or a dress, aside from her uniform, as she only owns three or four. Her shoes are usually scuffed black mid-calf high combat boots with a bit of heel over sheer, black pantyhose stockings that are slightly torn. None of her clothes look very clean, though in reality, it is not because she does not wash her clothes, but rather, it is the rather unkempt "grunge" style she favors. Around her neck is a thin, silver chain and a silver hoop decorates her right nostril. She often wears eye makeup to mask her dark circles. When in Bellow High uniform, she wears her white shirt unbuttoned at the top and black tights instead of socks.

    Personality: Lilith is rather brash and reckless for a girl. She likes to think of herself as one of the guys, even going as far as to say that she makes some guys look like pussies. She is very blunt and coarse with her words, often speaking her mind, having no qualms about cursing or swearing, and is also one who does not really think before she acts, especially towards other people. Because of her anger and bitterness towards her family, she is also rather prone to violence, hardly hesitating to hurt and hit anyone who tries to insult her or break her (She already gave a black eye to a girl towards the end of her junior year.). Even if people call her out for it, she's the type to make (lame) excuses to justify herself instead of acknowledging them, mostly due to her pride. Unfortunately, this has the negative effect of alienating her from others, who usually deem her too hot-headed, rough or violent. Though she usually refuses to admit it, she is often lonely because of this, having virtually nobody she can lean on and trust.

    Lilith is one who would go far to achieve what she wants, even if she has to go through hell and back. She is a determined individual who keeps going on and tries not to give up, even if it means difficulty. She could sometimes be seen as selfish because of this, though she'd often hit back with some stupid reason. She strove to be free and make a better life for herself, even if it proved difficult. She is one who values the freedom, preferring to have any life free from her family rather than to live in comfort with a family whom she knows she cannot trust. On the subject of trust, Lilith is often doubtful and suspicious of others, having been lied to several times already by whom she thought were the ones she could depend on, in her opinion. Though she is rather tough on the outside, Lilith does have some softness still remaining in her though, but it takes work to flesh it out. She also envies most other girls for several reasons, including their lives and their beauty, though she tries to keep this under wraps.

    In reality, Lilith is driven by her bitterness and the ghosts of her past. The truth is, she is lonely as a result of her decision not to forgive her family. She really wants to trust people, make friends with people, and even love someone. However, most people see her as too difficult a person, leading her to behave the way people judge her as a result. This is however, only a facade for this lonely young woman. However, should someone talk to her and make the effort to befriend her, Lilith would truly appreciate it and it would really make her feel better. As she believes that she has no one in her life, she really treasures the friends she makes, even if it's only one. If one manages to befriend her, expect her to be loyal 'till the end, even if she shows it in some of the most unconventional ways. She does care for others, though it is often difficult to see. Just don't try to break the trust she has, you're more likely than not going to regret it.

    Lilith enjoys the rush of adrenaline, especially whenever she rides her motorcycle, her sixteenth birthday present and one of the few things she took with her after she left her family. She loves riding at fast speeds, enjoying it whenever she outspeeds the guys she sees on their motorcycles. Although she doesn't look it, she also genuinely enjoys learning and always tries to top her classes, knowing it could help her become whatever she wants to be, and most of all, allow her the freedom she always wanted.

    History: Lilith was born in Munich, ten years after her older brother, Josef. Their parents were both anesthesiologists, who provided them with a comfortable life. From around the age of six, her parents had forbidden her and Josef to enter their house's basement, for reasons unknown. Lilith however, didn't mind. She wasn't a curious girl at that time and life was good. Even when strange smells wafted around the ground floor and strange men in dark clothes entered their house and descended to the basement, Lilith never questioned her parents, believing the men to be homeless and the basement a dwelling place. When she was eight, Josef was finally permitted to enter the basement. By this time, Lilith already wanted to see what was in there. Even though she begged her older brother to tell, he was tight-lipped about it, never saying a word.

    When Lilith was twelve, the family moved to a town near Quarterman. However, that did not stop the disappearances to the basement and the strange smells, this time, in their new house. She was as usual, forbidden to enter the basement, and made to forget that there even was a basement. She was also given instructions not to talk to any of the men who started coming to their house a year after the move. When she asked what was in the basement, there were several conflicting replies, leading her to doubt her family for the first time. When she was seventeen and in her junior year, however, her curiosity got the better of her. Disregarding the rule, she decided to check out the basement. What she saw was definitely far from what she was made to believe. Her parents and her brother had deceived her, it wasn't anything they said it was. The propane tanks and solvents spoke for themselves. Though her parents tried to make amends, even trying to change their ways, Lilith would have none of it, alienating herself from them as a sign of the trust they broke. It hardened her heart, and she refused to show them the love that she used to. Over the remaining academic year as well as the summer, her anger led her to leave home for long periods of time, eat very little, start smoking and getting her first tattoo. In an effort to make her happy, her parents withdrew her from her old high school enrolled her at Bellow High as a dormer, where they thought that, with more people around her, she could perhaps be the Lilith she once was.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Lilith Rosen

    - Persona -

    Name: Asena (A she-wolf from Turkish mythology)

    Appearance: Asena takes the form of a huge wolf, six and a half feet tall on all fours, with thick fur, a long, slightly bushy tail and a scar over her right eye. Her fur is a silvery-gray color and her distinctive mane is sky-blue, both of which are rather rough to the touch. Her eyes are yellow with black pupils, which flash and flicker like lightning at times and her black diamond claws and teeth are sharp. Electricity sparks and crackles around her body whenever she moves, allowing her to perform electricity-infused Physical attacks. Her howl is slightly reminiscent to the sound of distant thunder.

    Personality: Asena is reckless, proud, violent, yet loyal, just as Lilith is. She is rather bloodthirsty and never hesitates in battle, often taking things such as foes head-on with her attacks. She enjoys the front lines, and dislikes having to take a backseat or a supporting role, usually begrudging those Personae who tend to attack heavily as she does, mostly due to her competitive, violent nature. In her opinion, she hits faster than everyone else, leading her to sometimes, be a bit difficult compared to other Personae when being told to stop. However, she is also dependable and does care for Lilith and acts as her protector, and extends this to whomever Lilith trusts.

    Abilities: Asena is a mainly offensive Persona, with no healing skills. A mixed attacker, she specializes in Electric spells, as well as Physical attacks. Her long-range Electric spells, which are summoned by her howls, start out weak, even weaker than Zio spells overall, with the advantage of a chance of paralysis, which increases as the spells grow stronger. Her physical moves are all close-range and often involve biting and slashing with her diamond-hard teeth and claws, as well as charging and ramming with an Electricity-infused attack, the latter of which is more taxing on Lilith.

    Some skills:

    - Zap>Blitz>Thunderfall>Heaven's Wrath: Single-target Electric spell with increasing Paralysis chance as the spell upgrades. Asena starts off with Zap.

    - Spark>Current>Thunderstorm: Multi-target Electric spell with a fixed chance of Paralysis, even as the spell upgrades. Asena starts with Spark.

    - Adamant Crush: A physical attack where Asena bites and crushes her foes with her diamond-hard teeth. Has a small chance of paralysis.

    - Adamant Strike>Adamant Slash: Strikes at foes with diamond-hard claws. The upgrade adds a very small chance of Asena gaining an attack boost.

    - Storm Charge: Physical attack infused with the Electric element. Affected by weaknesses and resistance, and affects both Lilith's physical and mental stamina.

    Aside from attacking, Asena is strong enough to bear a Lilith and a good number of people on her back, as well as being a swift runner, making her perfect if in case situations call for getting further or momentarily escaping.
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  5. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    You're lacking here, mate. Several of your sections are too short. We need to fix that. Pending.
    I do like the direction Eri's taking here, though, so don't get discouraged. The history and personality could stand to be fleshed out that's all.

    I'm afraid to say that you seem to have missed the chance given by me killing off Theresa- this was an excellent opportunity to get a completely fresh character.
    Lilith is like a German version of Theresa all over again- she's the same age, she has the same fashion sense, and she has many of the same features. Honestly, it seems like you took Theresa, made her a smoker, killed off her other parent and then made her into a bartender. How many nineteen-year-old bartenders actually exist?
    I'm afraid to say that unless you make some pretty major changes, for now Lilith is denied.
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  6. MarbleZone

    MarbleZone All lies and jest

    - Human -

    Name: Levin Sanders

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: - VII ~ The Chariot ~

    Appearance: Levin stands at an average 5,9 feet tall, 160 lbs. He's never been one for working out much, but he's always had a tendency to be slim.
    Being British, his hair is a very light tone of blonde. He keeps it cut short and neatly combed to the side. He has light-blue eyes and pleasant expression and is always clean-shaven.

    Levin tends to use long-sleeved shirts most of the time, rolling back the sleeves to elbow-length, and bombazine trousers. He'll resort to the common jeans during Summer, but never if they look worn-out. He'll wear snickers at home, but never in public, preferring Derby shoes.
    His likes to always wear at least one white piece of clothing, usually his shirt, tending to be full-white or white with thin brown or blue stripes. He tends to carry a white handkerchief in his back pocket at all times.
    He never leaves home without a sportcoat regardless of season, carrying it over his shoulder on warmer days, and always wears a simple brown flat cap outdoors.

    A particular aspect of Levin's apparel, seemingly contrasting with his demeanour, is the butterfly knife he carries on occasion in his sportcoat's inner chest pocket. Naturally, he doesn't take it to Bellow High, but feels safer with it on him when away from home for any other reason.
    Like any well-mannered 10-year-old, Levin was incessantly picked on in middle school, and beaten up on more than one occasion in the less-than-friendly neighbourhoods he passed through on his way home, by older kids with knives and other harmful objects. While his parents never allowed him to have a blade of his own for self defence, now living on his own Levin decided against them (an exceedingly rare situation) and bought the Balisong. If he was living on his own, he'd be the one to decide what was best for him
    He's not overly proficient at wielding it (and, admittedly, he only chose the butterfly model because it looked badass), but he frequently practices the opening and closing of the blade - both tricky to get right at first - in his dorm room.

    Personality: Levin is a brilliant young man. Benefiting from a careful, but not spoiled, upbringing, he was taught how to behave in any situation and what to do to achieve his goals.
    A diligent, extremely methodical and polite individual, he'll have the appropriate reply to any question, even if he has no clue what the answer is. He will dedicate any necessary amount of time to his studies, which he insists are his highest priority in this stage of his life.
    He tends to keep to himself until approached, but in those cases he will try his best to sound at least pleasant, having perfected a warm-smile greeting over the years.

    However, and perhaps inevitably, beneath all the layers of education and competence, the young gentleman possesses an equally formidable ego. He regards the world with contempt, particularly the people around him; classmates, teachers, friends. From his perspective, he became the person he is today thanks solely to his own efforts, never having been given anything out of the ordinary. And if he could shape himself to be the capable mind that he is today, anyone given the same opportunities should have accomplished the same - and since they clearly did not, they're ultimately failures. Not to say they're all worthless scum, they're just... certainly not as good as him.
    Always to himself, Levin mentally patronizes and belittles those around him, actively looking for flaws in other people that he does not recognize in himself, in a constant act of self reassurance that he is, indeed, the best. A notch above everybody else, regardless of how friendly and pleasant a company they might even be.
    He's not anti-social in nature, and can strike up a cheerful conversation with almost anyone, even accept them as genuine friends - while, in the back of his mind, constantly enclosing himself in that comforting sense of superiority.
    Though it has yet to happen, being confronted with evidence that he's actually not that good, or that somebody else is inexplicably superior to him at what he does best, would certainly break him mentally.

    Levin's goal in life is to be a doctor. It was ultimately the one driving force that made him adopt the careful, hard-working mindset that he has today. The grades required to make it into Med School in England have been becoming progressively higher, and Levin knows that anyone below excellent is not accepted. As such, he regards trivial high school work as a formality - that he unfailingly concludes nonetheless -, which in turn leads to a sometimes unbearable feeling of wasted time during class.

    History: Born in Manchester, England, Levin is the oldest of two brothers. He was brought up in a caring, if strict, family, his father an engineer and his mother a college teacher. He was taught proper etiquette from a young age, and encouraged to be a hard worker devoted to whatever task he sets out to do. He was never met with pressure from his parents to follow a particular career path, but has always been fascinated with Medicine and its potential to counteract even death.

    Growing up, the difference in attitude between himself and his brother (2 years younger) became progressively more noticeable, the latter being cheerful and laid back to a point that irritated Levin. Overtime, their conversations became circumstantial, with neither brother wishing to remain close to the other. Nowadays, whenever Levin phones home, he won't even bother asking how his brother is doing - knowing that, should any serious harm have happened to him, he'd have been informed already, and that was where his interest ended.

    Upon finishing middle school in his hometown, his parents decided to let him enrol in Bellow High, given its prestigious reputation and their son's ambitious goals. He keeps in touch regularly, genuinely missing his parents, but proud that he has been getting by entirely on his own. Now having resided in a dorm near Bellow High for the past two years, the freedom still feels overwhelming sometimes.

    Admittedly, he has been lucky so far in the sense that no life-altering events have ever affected him or those he holds closest. Though, in his mind, at least part of that is because of his innate ability to keep everything carefully planned and under his absolute control, fully minimizing any random factors around him. How he will deal when the eventual life-altering events finally happen though, it's anybody's guess. Will he choke?

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Levin Sanders.

    - Persona -

    Name: Asclepius

    Appearance: Asclepius, Greek God of Medicine and Healing, manifests itself as an imposing man enveloped in a shining aura. His face is expressionless, covered by a thick black beard, and his eyes are completely white. The left half of his body is covered in the typical greek white tunic, held in place by a gold pin on his shoulder and a rope belt around his waist. The left half of his chest and his left arm are covered in golden armour. In his left hadn he holds the Rod of Asclepius, a long wooden staff with a serpent entwined around it; and in his right is a round golden shield, an aspis, with the Sun's depiction on the outer face, inherited from his father Apollo.

    Personality: Asclepius is a stoic banner of justice and righteousness; he is not an individual entity, but a purpose taken form. Unlike Levin, he deeply cares for all forms of life regardless of their apparent "worth", and will do anything in his power to keep them alive - as it is his primary purpose for existing, as the God of Healing -, which, while contrasting with Levin's general outlook, serves as a reminder to him that the future he is betting on is indeed about saving lives regardless of whether he thinks they "deserve" to be saved or not.
    Equally dedicated to his own purpose, Asclepius does not surrender and will fight continuously alongside his human self.

    Abilities: Asclepius specializes in Healing abilities of the Dia and Recarm families, while also being proficient with Hama techniques.
    He can channel and shape Hama into a protective variation that expands from his shield in a dome-shaped structure that temporarily envelopes the user or the party at later stages, Hamat and Hamasamat respectively.
    The serpent on the Rod of Asclepius can also attack opponents individually.

    Outside of battle, Asclepius' aura can illuminate dark environments, as well as provide light fatigue (but not damage) recovery to everyone in close range.
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    ZINC. WORDY. DAMN YOU BOTH. I cracked up about five times during that recap.


    Name: Joshua Sands

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Tower

    Appearance: Joshua is of slight build and reasonably average height, at approximately 5”10. Despite this apparently slender frame, he has a slight belly, which he is constantly attempting to pull in. He has next to no muscle, though he does not mind this as much as his stomach. His face has not been shaved in roughly a week, and fine hairs are sprouting all over his face and neck, though they do not obscure his face in any way. He is a naturally pale-skinned person, though you can tell he doesn't really get out very much. His bright blue eyes, however, seem to form a contrast to this, and almost makes him seem moon-like – pale, but bright. His rich, dark brown hair is shaped almost like a bell that comes in again after its mouth, and goes all the way down to the base of his neck. As you can probably tell from his physique, he's not much of a fighter at all, but if push comes to shove, will likely rely on some basic (though certainly ineffective) punching combos. In recent times, mostly because of Wulfgard's training regimen, fencing, and his own desire to protect, he's become slightly more toned - not muscular, but he's eating away at the excess fat, and is becoming more defined.

    As for clothing, Joshua is rarely seen without his trademark black “I <3 D.C.” t-shirt. He has owned this for several years now, and though the heart is beginning to wear away, it is extremely comfortable. As he would probably freeze without something over this, he wears an open, light blue, denim shirt with black buttons. He has a habit of fingering these. It is slightly faded, but still an essential piece of his ensemble. When he needs a jacket, he sticks with a plain, brown leather jacket. He also wears this in the Court of Miracles, as a form of protection. On his bottom half, Joshua sports a no-name brand pair of blue jeans that are slightly too long for him, and black converse shoes, that are also slightly too big. To compensate for this, he wears two pairs of socks. Yes, he has sweaty feet.

    Personality: In public, Joshua is confident, smiling, and full of mirth, especially when with his good friends. This is a complete façade, albeit, a rather convincing one. He is merely putting on a brave face so that nobody worries about him. After all, he's not worth their time, right? They have problems of their own to deal with. His own self-image is extremely negative, as you might expect. However, all of this lends very well to his talent – acting. Joshua is an excellent actor, having appeared in several school musicals and amateur productions. What he loves about it, is that he gets, for several hours, to completely become a different person – not Joshua Sands. He gets to be Glad Hand, the wide-eyed, nerdy idealist from West Side Story, or Doolittle, the happy-go-lucky, working-class slob from My Fair Lady.

    In private, though, he is extremely prone to crises of confidence, panic attacks, and seems to constantly have a little negative voice, nagging away inside his head, belittling him forever. He's quite neurotic. But he's also a very restless person, who always seems to need to be doing something with his hands, or indeed, mouth. Twiddling with his buttons, snapping his fingers, chewing a pen, you name it. He naturally makes a lot of gestures when he speaks, therefore, and it lends itself to making him a good orator. In terms of how he interacts with others, well, with new people, he is initially shy, and unwilling to open up, unless absolutely necessary. With those he is used to though, he is willing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... Except about his neuroses and what's really bothering him, naturally.

    One of Joshua's most defining traits though, is his immeasurable kindness. He is an extremely empathetic person, always willing to listen to the problems of just about anyone, and offer what advice he can, and if he's unable to help, he feels positively worthless, and worries endlessly about what to do for them. He does not trouble them with his own problems, he considers them unimportant compared to others'. He desperately wants to be a “tower of strength” for his friends in this manner, and his considerable intelligence lends itself well to this. He is a highly loyal person, willing to go to any lengths for, even die for those he is close to.

    The Court of Miracles has had a profound effect on Joshua, particularly the death of Kent and Theresa becoming an empty shell. He has sworn to endeavour to protect where he can. Since being drawn in, due to the late nights and stress, he is having major sleeping difficulties. This is showing on his face, which is particularly tired lately. On the plus side, he has been drawn out of his shell more recently thanks to the influence of Ciara, and regularly hanging out with the group in the Court, who are naturally coming closer together.

    History: The main reason for Joshua's self-image issues is his father. Having abandoned his family when Joshua was roughly 9, he routinely attempts to swan back in to the Sands household, to borrow money or the car, argue with and belittle Joshua, and generally be a pain in the neck. It hit Joshua pretty hard, naturally, as it seemed like his own father didn't want him. So obviously, there must be something wrong... Apart from this, his life has been fairly average. He went to school, studied hard, and achieved solid grades, notably in history and French. However, there are two experiences that have indisputably shaped him.

    First, his history and politics trip to Washington D.C. with his school. This trip secured his love of the city and its wonderful surroundings. Naturally, it's where he acquired his t-shirt. Joshua loved how clean it was, how historic it was, and above all, how incredibly... tall everything seemed to be! Secondly was a visit to the theatre, to support a friend of his, appearing in Oklahoma. The atmosphere was positively electric, and sparked his love of musical theatre. After the show, he rushed backstage to congratulate his friend, and find out when auditions for the company's next show were.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Joshua Sands (JS)

    Relations: Joshua has recently found himself becoming closer to Ciara Wright. Since their initial meeting, he's found himself very confused by her. He sees that she can be very harsh, and insensitive, but at the same time feels there's more to all this than meets the eye, and is strangely drawn to her. Over the two months, he's begun to feel a romantic spark for her, but is unsure if he should tell her about his feelings.

    The two usually spend time with the quiet Miyuki Tachibana, who they both agree needs to come out of her shell a bit more, though Joshua admits that her wish for Joshua and Ciara to get together is a little embarrassing. He also finds himself hanging out with Snow Fields a lot, as they're trying to write lyrics to Joshua's healing song, Aria. They've bonded over their love of music and the danger they continuously face.

    He has never seen eye-to-eye with JP since their first meeting, spawning a now infamous rumour about Joshua's sexuality, but he does have some sympathy for him, particularly after the tragedy that came about when he faced his Shadow Self. He's not fond of Izzy either, but admits this is somewhat beyond his control - Shadow Izzy was responsible for the death of Kent, who he was friends with. Still, he tries to be civil, especially since he hangs around with Miyuki a lot. Few others have really made an impact on him, apart from Mana, whose sarcasm and wit he finds deeply amusing, and Sofiya and Lace, who he worries are borderline unstable.


    Name: Shiva

    Appearance: Shiva retains his appearance from the series, with his four arms (each with a gold bracelet) wielding a sword and trident. His skin is an icy blue, only somewhat lighter then his long hair, tied back in a ponytail by a golden bangle. Shiva does not wear much to cover his blue skin, icy even to the touch, just a simple shoulder covering gold tunic, and a tiger-print skirt held up by a green sash. In addition to this are several necklaces of holy beads, draped around him. His most distinguishing facial feature is his third eye, which remains closed, unless he needs to unleash a terrible power.

    Personality: Shiva is a benevolent force in the world of Persona, through the cold destruction he brings, new life springs forth in... Spring. Yeah. He, like Joshua, is willing to endure great suffering for the sake of others, acting against premature destruction to do so. But Shiva himself sees his abilities only as destructive, particularly his third eye, which he has used to vaporise civilisations, and bring an end to the year with a harsh winter. Shiva feels inferior to other Personae, who are potentially more useful to the party. Yet Joshua is completely unaware of this, as Shiva projects a facade of bravado and power. Joshua greatly respects the Persona, who seems to him to be everything he cannot be.

    Abilities: Shiva's abilities are heavily based on icy winds, and are mostly based on supporting the party, with low offensive capabilities. Several examples include:
    Diamond Dust – An exceptionally bitter, cold wind blows across the area, inflicting weak Ice element damage to all enemies. However, it also has the effect of slowing them as their joints become much stiffer because of the cold, and it is difficult for them to move. Slightly weaker than Mabufu.
    Aria – A tender, sweet song soothes Shiva!Joshua's allies, and bolsters their spirits, refreshing their stamina and health. As strong as Media. However, as Joshua gains more power with Shiva, it will become stronger.
    Ice Blade – A basic close combat attack that Shiva!Joshua will use as a last resort when enemies are getting too close. Shiva!Joshua's sword freezes temporarily, and becomes sharp as a diamond, allowing him to cut down a nearby enemy.
    Bracing Breeze – A strong, cold wind blows behind the party, forcing them to strengthen and fortifying their defenses as their muscles tense because of the wind.

    During the timeskip, some other abilities have been evolved:
    Tailwind - A light breeze blows behind the party, invigorating their spirits, and increasing their attack power.
    Frigid Blast - This allows Joshua to take the offence a bit. Usually Shiva performs this alone, but Joshua has been learning to do it himself. The user slashes his sword in an X, leaving a trail of ice. They then push their hand to the centre of the X, causing the ice to break into shards, and batter the foe. Weaker than Bufula, but can cause agility loss like Diamond Dust.

    Shiva's field ability is simply to do with Joshua's healing abilities - allowing him to summon the bass for Aria, and singing along with it.

    And, for reference, Strengths/Weaknesses:
    XII. Joshua Sands | Tower Arcana
    : Shiva
    Weapon: Fencing Saber
    Primary Element: Ice
    Slash: -
    Strike: -
    Pierce: -
    Fire: Wk
    Ice: Str
    Lightning: Wk
    Wind: Str
    Earth: -
    Water: -
    Light: -
    Dark: -
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    Or worse..... Unlosing Ranger quotes and music, me like. Just listening to the opening theme make me want to go play that game right now. Anyhow back to topic... Here's my updated Sign-up tell what you think and what I might need to change if I need too.

    - Human -

    Name: Russell Wilton
    Age: 14 (Freshman)
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Strength


    Russell is a short boy barely five feet and one inch tall; he believed to have not yet reached the growing age. His built is scrawny and puny looking no matter how you look at him, which makes him seem much more childlike. His skin is quite pasty which gives him quite the unhealthy looking appearance. He has really dark red-orange hair that really stands out next to his skin tone. The hair is normally fairly short, kept cut close to the scalp in the back and side of his head. The bangs are also short often time resting messily at the top of his forehead. His eyes are another attention grabber, they both a grayish blue shade but his right eye has a small section of a brown mixed in. It’s at the bottom right of his iris and takes up almost a fourth of it. Sometimes these odd eyes of his are framed by a pair of glasses. The frame is thick silvery-gray material that goes in to large circles that covers a good portion of his face; it gives him quite a nerdy look which is why he prefers not to wear them. Without them his overall appearance is that of a young redheaded, middle-school/freshman boy.

    It’s quite fair to say that a good amount of Russell’s clothes look a little too big on him; sleeves that goes over his hands and pant legs that touch the ground isn’t something abnormal to see with him. The opening of the shirts often droop a little low on his chest. He coloring of his tops often consists of dark colors and more specifically he seems to like dark shades of grey. His bottom clothes are almost always long jeans of dark blue; they are accompanied by black leather belt with a silver buckle. He doesn’t really wear much short sleeves or shorts even in the summertime. When the colder seasons comes his clothes get much heavier upgrading to hoodies, sweaters and thick pants. And he wears layers adding bulk to his lean built. Normal running shoes are what he has on all year around; they are Nike brand with silver, blue and black colors.

    There have been a few changes in Russell these past few months. Even though he obviously gain some muscles, seeing how he can use an axe more easily now, it seems Russell’s body doesn’t show it well; thus he still looks rather scrawny. He also still is the same height much to his frustration. His hair grew longer during his full concentration of training in which he neglected it; his bangs fall just at his eyes, touches his cheekbone and the back is at the middle of his neck. It’s starting to annoy him so he definitely going to get it cut soon.

    The cold weather seems to be bothering the redhead more than usual. So he staying nice and bundle up by wearing a thick sweaters mostly in gray, mittens that stand out because it’s bright red and rather thick sweatpants or jeans that are dark colored. He's also wearing a beanie like winter cap that a between a steel gray and steel blue color; it goes down to his brows and helps keep the hair out of his face. Depending on the temperature he might wear a pair of black and white earmuffs. If you ever see his previous clothing you can tell it been sew up and patched in a few places but it done rather skillfully. His running shoes are starting to show some wear from it constantly usage of it.

    He started carrying around a brown one-strap pack in which he carries around after school. It contains everything he thinks he need for the Court except his weapon which is too big to fit in it. He also has a random baseball bat case bag which he uses to conceal a sword in just encase need a spare weapon despite being rather bad at using it properly.

    Personality: You can say that Russell as quite the fighting spirit as he so energetically works hard against everything. Even if it’s something he uncomfortable with or is bad at he always give it his all regardless. He is obstinate hating when people tell him he can’t do something or go easy on him because he still young and small. This makes him rebel against people and work even harder to prove them wrong. Despite his stubbornness when he feels someone is challenging him, he can admit if he loses; however that doesn’t stop him from continuing trying to outdo him or her. He will single-mindedly work hard to prove people wrong, sometimes losing track of want he should be doing.

    Though the boy seem quite spirited and straightforward, he is actually is quite worry about how people view him. He is not very strong and he is cowardly but he will pretend that he’s not around others. He will stand tall and pretend that nothing is wrong, but when it gets more serious his façade collapses and his true frighten nature comes out. He often acts like it didn’t happen and hopes he won’t be treated differently because of what the person saw. Trying to hide his discomforts and fears behind a tough kid act, it actually obvious when something bothering him. The redhead always hesitates briefly or shows some sign that he is afraid like when he bites his bottom lip or is startled. Of course when confronted about it, Russell will deny it upright often time sounding insulted that the person would think that.

    He is a very bright and helpful boy that knows his way around a first aid kit. No matter how frighten he may be when things are grave he musters courage to do something to help, even if it’s just getting help from another source. He picks up on things and understand situation quickly. He is incredibly intelligent and is very knowledgably in multiple subjects allowing him to excel in his schoolwork. Maybe due to his high intellect or his short stature, he lacks it when it comes to athletic things being a tab clumsy when trying to do them. Being a little sensitive about his appearance, the boy is an teenager after all, he gets angry at people that tease him about his height which often turns into a long time grudge; this is the main reason he tried to avoid wearing his glasses whenever he can. Overall he’s a good kid despite the stubborn attitude he tends to have.

    After his traumatic first two Courts of Miracle, Russell had been plagued with nightmares, mild insomnia, long periods fatigue, muscle aches and constant fear of what will come at him next. With the two month of nothing big happening it gave him the chance to calm down and regain control of his rampaged mentality and physical fatigue. He had been driven to be much more determined and serious than he was before. When it comes to the court he cannot take it lightly; he is always mentally preparing to fight for his life. He joined a few of clubs to help him relax a little even though it adds to his burden. It seem to do the job and he’s able to be more like a normal high schooler; he feels the same when hang out with friends. He has very well learns balance his school life, social life and the midnight expeditions. It might be better to say he learn how to endure it.

    Lately he has been a tad homesick, really wanting to see his younger siblings and parents back home. Just the thought that he may never see them again, just really gets him choked up yet makes him try harder to survive so he can meet them and tell them the truth about not wanting to be a doctor even though he’s still afraid to. The redhead is still having trouble dealing with blood so he end up outside of the dormitory every night before the Court starts; this causes his lack of sleep in which Russell doesn’t even get the minimum amount of that he should. But again he had learned to just deal with it and keep going. He pushes himself and trains every morning without a complain.

    History: Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio Russell lived his whole life there. He was often teased about how he is born up in the north but still couldn’t handle the cold. In his earliest memories he remember having his younger sister Elisa, who was three years younger, than him constantly following him and his cousin Brent four years older always watching over them. And soon he had a younger brother, Richard, five year younger join the family. His parents weren’t around as much as normal parents, understandable since they were both doctors and had to constantly leave home due to work. Regardless of the circumstances they were still a fairly close family. His cousin was a different story and didn’t really connect with anyone in his family; after witnessing his parents’ murder when he was nine he became an enigma to all of his relatives. The Wilton family was decided on taking him in.

    In his earliest years Russell felt a little smother as he younger siblings clung to him like glue probably due to their fear of Brent and the lack of their parents being around. Though he still loved his younger brother and sister and was willing to be a big brother to them. He always tried to strike up conversation with his cousin but he would ignore him. Occasionally he would utter pessimistic and discourage words to him, after hearing one time too many he decided to prove him wrong. That downgraded view overturned by him and since then he tried to disprove any that doubted his abilities. He was often bested by his older cousin but when the redhead won it was a great victory.

    He thought he if proved him wrong enough times Brent would learn that if you try there’s sometimes still hope. In the end it didn’t really seem affect him much, he still remained quite cold to him and everyone that tried to get close to him. He was a little sad that he couldn’t do anything for the cousin that often watched over him and his siblings when his parents were out.

    The biggest event that forever changed his life was an accident when he was the age of nine. His bus got into a terrible collision with sixteen-wheeler truck due to a reckless driver. Fortunately no one died but Russell’s right eye was badly damaged. His vision, which wasn’t perfect to begin with, was impaired; he could still see out of it but not well even with corrected lens. After his accident Brent even more distance himself from everyone only once telling him, “What’s the point of get close to someone when they can so easily be taken away?” Then he went off to high school and he began living in a dorm as another way to further disconnect himself from them.

    After that traumatic event and Brent departure, his once interest of following his parents step and becoming a doctor disappeared; the mere sight of blood made him feel sick and uncomfortable. Yet not wanting to disappoint his parents who had high hopes for him, he continued to pretend to still have an interest in it. Acting as if he was really into doctoring wasn’t so hard at first but as everyone began expect that he would be one in the future it came a suffocating expectation placed on him. All the people looking at him hopefully saying that he would be a great doctor made him feel force onto a path to a future he didn’t want. As he begin to reach his last years of school he began trying to tell his parents about his lack of interest in it, but how proud they seem about him being doctor, just makes him afraid of what they’ll think about his true interests. Learning that his cousin Brent, who he hadn’t seen since he left for high school, was going to Bellow High he decided on going himself in hopes to be able to meet him.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Russell Wilton

    Relations: (I writing one for everybody, it been two month so I feel he should know something about the people he been stuck hanging around with at night for all that time. If you have a problem with what put just tell me and I’ll change it.)

    Clarise- the first person the redhead spoken to before his first court. She appears to not like him and doesn’t really talk to him. Russell doesn’t dislike her at all believing it was his own fault for leaving a bad impression, however; he also doesn’t think of her as anything more than an acquaintance who shares the same homeroom as him.

    Sigmund- he was Russell second meeting. He thinks he a rather understanding and nice guy after all the things he said to him when they first met and he didn’t get really upset with him. During his first court, he couldn’t help but get the impression that he is rather cool which lead to him admiring his upperclassman. The freshman has actually taken a page from his training regimen. He truly sees Sigmund as a good friend and would be more than willing to help him if he need helps, though it still not at the point in which he would risk his life.

    Mana- the next person the freshman boy has the pleasure of meeting. Russell finds him a funny yet odd guy. There is a slight bit of enigma to him despite him being rather lively. The young teen, enjoys chatting with him though he sometimes seems to come to him just for the food, which he doesn’t really mind sharing. He however still considers him a good friend that he would help if he needed it, but not to the point of death.

    Snowy- he is a fellow freshman and classmate. He sits right next to him in homeroom but didn’t really have a long conversation with one another until after his first court at the mall. He seems like rather a well-behavior and calm individual though even he has some interesting characteristic such as a like of biker jackets with a blood color snowflake on it and he looks at fast food oddly. Russell can’t help but thinking of him as rather delicate and fragile thus out of all his friends he tends to watch out for him a bit more. Actually learn that his real name is just Snow but still calls him Snowy; he doesn’t seem to mind. Jealous that he got taller than him, but he tries to hide it.

    Halberd- he is the Scottish upperclassman that Russell learned about in the court. After his traumatizing first Court of Miracle the redhead has been plague with guilt about his decision to protect his own life over the man’s. The guilt has only worsened as he found that he was really a nice guy and he is constantly helping him out. At first he could barely be near him without overpowering guilt, but now he can talk to him a little without feeling bad about the first court. He’ll occasionally help Russell with some swordplay even though he doesn’t seem to improve much with it. See him as a friend and a little bit of a mentor. He tries to help him a little as redemption for his previous actions.

    Lace- After talking to her during the first court and watching her, Russell is getting less and less motivated to really talk to her. He feel she is a little crazy and reckless something he doesn’t normally take to well. Though he can’t help but think of her with her discarded backpack sitting in his room.

    JP- is the tall jerk had threatened Russell during his first court. That alone had made the redheaded, short teen to dislike him all this time. However due to watching and seeing the hardship he went through he could say that there more to him than what he one-sidedly knows. The words of Terri also make him feel like that as well. So he doesn’t outright despise him but he still doesn’t like him, want to be friends with him or even really deal with him. He has given Russell the goal to one day surpass his cockroach-like hardiness. The guy has become so distant lately he doesn't have to worry about dealing with him.

    Ciara- is the lady that seems to look down on everyone else. After the first court scare she seem to only get more bold, confident and indifferent which kind of just pisses Russell off. Maybe because she treats the court like it nothing to worry about or that fact she seems to cope better to it than him, he can’t help but think she's a cold, uncaring person yet people like Miyuki and Joshua are frequently around her making him feel that she may care a little. Though she obviously doesn’t give the freshman boy a single thought, he kind of turned her into a one-sided rival with his goal to do better than her in the court.

    Joshua- Remember him as the guy that help when JP threaten him. They meet several times in Drama Club. Russell image of him is a rather campy older guy that seems confident in the club yet get pushed around lot by people outside of it though that’s only through observing him. Seeing that he tends to hang out with Ciara, he doesn’t really want to stick around him unfortunately.

    Sofiya- is the rather upbeat and strange foreign girl in his homeroom class. He thought of her as strange from the beginning and still thinks she strange now. Her friendliness and odd way of putting things often confuses and throws Russell off. After the last huge Court event he noticed her occasionally slipping into depression. He kind of happy she back to her optimistic self though her oddness still kind of makes him avoid her.

    Izzy- one of the guys in his homeroom class though Russell hasn’t had the honor to really go out and know him. It seems that he and Miyuki are becoming rather chummy and he hangs around Randy a lot so he hadn’t had the opportunity to catch him alone to chat. Many of the group still seems uncomfortable to get near him while he doesn’t hold any ill feelings towards him. He seems to have become a bit of an independent person though he still doesn’t really know him... He’s also little jealous that he’s getting taller while he still hadn’t grown an inch.

    Mr. Wulfgard- the leader, school pharmacist, and sensei within the group? He appears to be a rather strong, cool adult but also a tad lazy from Russell’s frequent visit to the pharmacy though he can understand his exhaustion. He feels the man is rather short-tempered and rash in his actions but he generally seem to care about the group of students so he had at least earned Russell’s trust.

    Miyuki- is a quiet hoodie wearing albino girl. She doesn’t really seem to communicate much with the other of the group. Russell does see her hanging around Izzy, Ciara and Joshua every once in awhile. Otherwise the redhead freshman hadn’t really gotten a good impression of her.

    Randy- is the lead singer of Free Candy band at school. It seems like he has change from his first impression which was a rather rash, boisterous guy. He seems to have calm down a bit and doesn’t always rush in first and think later. He appears to be an alright person but he honestly doesn’t know much about him at all other than the obvious. He sees him around Liza, Izzy and Snowy.

    Liza- …actually she is the one person that Russell occasionally forgets about. Sometimes she’s with the group and sometimes she’s not. She seems rather introverted she appears to have a bit of a sweet tooth constantly having a lollipop sticking out of her mouth. Although she doesn’t seem like the socializing type, she seems lot more talkative and at ease around Randy.

    Shinai- is the student council president with a rather gloomy feel. From his first sighting of him, he just seems to have become rather... detached and down. Occasionally he spots him at the Local Library in which he seem to fall deeper and deeper into depression. He once tried to talk to him and was rudely told to buzz off. It really infuriated him yet also made him think about his cousin Brent...

    - Persona -

    Name: Eros

    Appearance: Eros takes the form of young green-eyed man with a light color skin. His height is the same of any average man and he appears to be well built. Short wavy brown hair sits upon his head the back curls upwards as it rests on his neck. He would look like a normal human if it wasn’t for the long feathery wings that sprout out of his back. The wings are white and as long as his entire torso. A white toga is worn by him stopping short of his knees and a gold color sash is tied around his waist. A gold wristband is worn on is right wrist. He is never seen without his golden quiver tossed over his shoulder and his gold bow in his hands.

    Personality: Appearing as a strong and confident man, Eros gives off a stubborn air as he fights of his enemies. When the odds are stacked against him, he does panic but he refuses to let that keep him down. He is strong-willed and determine not letting belief of other change his resolve. He is more than willing to put his life on the line for what he believes. He actually quite the helpful type, always trying to connect those he feels are destined to be together. Those connected to him are valuable friends that he would do whatever he can to protect and assist. Though fearful of how he would be truly perceived by them he always putting on a strong front always trying to show off his more determine and stubborn side of him.


    Eros is a masterful archer that rarely misses his target. The shot from his arrow is not only deadly when it hits the correct target but also hypnotic. The one pierce by the arrow and doesn’t die often falls in love with him and does his bidding. With the power of his arrows he can turned enemy on each other and even get heal by enchanted enemies. And once the one not under his spell is gone is easy enough to kill the foe that is still attracted to him. The accuracy of his attack is really great and wings that allow him to fly add to his evasiveness; this is good for he lacks physical strength and endurance.

    Now that he able to stay out longer Eros can easily makes space and fire his arrows at target that may get to close by flying up and firing down. He gets maneuverability boost with his new freedom making him a harder target to hit especially for non-flyers. He is able to carry people and fly with them though he can only do it with one person close to Russell height and weight or smaller without any trouble. He may be able to carry someone heavier but not very high, long and his dodging abilities will be greatly hindered. When he carries someone he is unable to attack but they will be protected if his counter ability is randomly activated.

    Skill List:

    Love's Arrows- All attack that requires arrows has a chance of inflicting charm status effect.
    Charm Boost- Increases the chances of a being charm when hit by an attack that causes charm
    Eros' Arrow- A powerful signature move of Eros with a very high chance of charming target
    Charmdi- Cure one person that has been Charmed
    Counter- Has a small chance of reflecting physical damage
    Poison Arrow- Hit one target and has a low chance of poisoning target
    Tarukaja- Raise one person’s attack power
    Garu- A weak wind spell
    Twin Shot- Two quick shots one after the other at one target
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  9. Wordy

    Wordy #FlorrieSlayage2014

    - Human -

    Name: Ciara H. Wright

    Age: 17 (will turn 18 on November 1st)

    Gender: ♀ Female

    Arcana: The Moon

    Appearance: Standing at 5’5”, Ciara is of average height for a woman, and reasonably slim despite her chocolate addiction- her own steadfast determination and the events in her life over the past two months have started to give her some definite muscle tone. Her hair is a deep auburn shade, bordering on a light brown, and she often leaves it free at school where it reaches down to touch the small of her back- the bangs just narrowly fall over her eyes and flow back into the main style, which is straight, efficient and practical. Still, she has now began to wear it in a ponytail for the Court when required, as it has started to get very long but she hasn't had the time or the energy to do something about it. Her eyes are a very stormy dark grey, making her seem strong-willed like iron and giving her a certain focus- she seems to have a goal in mind, something that cannot be swayed, and she is almost trapping when she holds people in her gaze.

    The makeup she uses is applied with a delicate, sparing hand, only accentuating the 'good' parts of her face, which is heart-shaped and very 'cute' with features leaning towards the size of small. She can often be seen with a compact in her hand- a small, purple handheld mirror that she uses when she does not want to look at people, or when she is bored. Ciara's skin is very pale and if not for her personality she could be described as ethereal. Although originally Irish, she has ‘gone native’ and despite the fact that an undertone remains her accent is thoroughly American, albeit more well-spoken than most.

    She prefers nice, stylish clothes- black trousers with a purple, sparkly butterfly design at the hip, outlined in sequins. She often likes wearing clothes of cool colours- blues, greens and purples. These are often sleeveless vest tops- on cold days, she likes comfortable turtleneck sweaters that hug her body protectively for warmth, highlighting her chest and making it rather more prominent than she would like. Her footwear is dainty sandals, and she will wear dark socks to match the trousers when need be- they give her a certain grace whilst moving, as if always on her tiptoes. As the year has progressed, she has moved towards short, ankle-length boots with quite heavy heels, perfect for crushing through Shadows. She accessorises very simply- a silver chain necklace and a dark grey messenger bag complete the ensemble. She often uses a faded pink nail polish to bring out the shine in her nails, although she now often wears dark gloves with fur around the wrists to give her hands some extra protection and warmth.

    Ciara is often equipped with a pair of butterfly swords that she straps to her legs, but prefers fighting with a very physical style, which draws inspiration from capoeira and taekwondo, as well as her own improvisations in combination with the Kitsune, which take advantage of her small frame, agility and flexibility; her style generally incorporates kicks and fast movements. Although she may lack the physical strength of others, she more than makes up with it with rapid-fire blows and movements designed to daze and confuse the opponent.

    Personality: A born outsider, Ciara doesn’t make friends easily (understatement). Her biting remarks, cold attitude and indifference to the opinions of others prove her a difficult person to work with. The pragmatic way in which she deals with problems and the fact that she never seems to show anything other than sheer stoicism or chill makes her unapproachable- monosyllabic answers in class do not endear her to her teachers either, and when pressed her responses are often defensive and vindictive. She is not opposed to kicking people when they're down and is apathetic to the downtrodden, treating everyone exactly the same regardless of circumstances, and is happy when people 'get their comeuppance'- when they deserve bad things to happen to them, who cares?

    She focuses on their negative traits- the ones people would rather keep hidden- and uses them to define those she is with, picking them apart with a fine-toothed comb like some sort of amateur psychiatrist. The points that she highlights are keenly honed, and her insults always hit the mark. She comes up with fantastical reasons for why she shouldn't associate with people and judges others by their covers. Anyone who could get through all those barriers would still be brought down by her haughtiness and righteousness, and the casual way in which she treats others like garbage, little more than insects. The almost insurmountable walls that she has built up around herself appear impossible to bring down- and she feels trapped within them.

    It is only through the efforts of others that she is starting to see something else within her, aside from this person who hurt others constantly to avoid emotionally compromising herself. Ciara is starting to see somebody else inside; a teenage girl who hangs out with her friends at the mall, helps her little sister pick out clothes whilst teasing her, a teenage girl who has a crush on a boy... and she really likes this person. But she still doesn't want to let this person out of their cage just yet.

    Ciara doesn’t trust people. They’re too prone to turn on you suddenly, and when you need somebody who you can trust to constantly be there for you, the so-called ‘friends’ start running away. Once a needy, sociable girl who constantly had to have some sort of support nearby, she has made a complete u-turn from the co-dependency that so defined her- instead, she placed an extreme focus on being more independent. She wants to be sweet; she wants to be able to laugh with people outside of her family (who, for their part, can’t reconcile the disparaging comments on her report card with the cheery teenager who comes home every day). The problem is that now she just can’t. She’s lived for too long in public as ‘cold Ciara’ and she doesn’t think that she would be able to handle such a drastic change, having become comfortable in her new role as the Queen Bitch, and ponders how others would respond to this change- for all her posturing and forthright manner, she is quite simply scared of letting herself get close to anyone. She doesn't want the ordinary teenage girl inside of her to get hurt all over again, and to feel abandoned and helpless.

    Instead, she hides away in novels and movies, and she thinks about where life went wrong- where she overcompensated for her dependency with her cold attitude. She relishes the escapism, and the idea of trading her life for someone, anyone, and she enjoys how she is switching places with people scattered all throughout time. She feels like she has a bond with the book's author, and their situations and their experiences- she too wants to visit new places, expand her horizons and take flight. Her reading has given her a wide and varied vocabulary, and although she is unresponsive in classes her grades are high, but she wishes for something more.

    Recently, the experiences in the Court of Miracles have given Ciara this 'something more'. She loves fighting. More than that, she loves the violence. She gets an adrenaline kick out of completely obliterating the Shadows, seeing them dissipate, impaling them with her own two hands. She has tendencies to get caught up in the moment, and has to mentally check herself from time to time so that she keeps a sense of reality. Her natural aptitude combined with a strong training regime give her scary agility and incredible flexibility, which she puts to good use. It is an excellent release for her- all the things she keeps pent up inside, she can just let out in a constructive manner.

    History: Ciara was born in Ireland, and lived there until she was six years old. Her large extended family doted upon her, as the youngest of them, and life was perfect. Every day was cheery, and despite the fact those times were tough they managed, somehow. There was always food on the table, and Ciara never felt neglected or that she had less than anyone else- the ends always met. Her mother was an aspiring novelist, searching for publication, and her father for his part was a critic in the local newspaper. Through some contrived twist of fate, luck was on the side of the Wrights and her mother was finally noticed by a publisher just as her father was offered a job as literary critic for one of Washington D.C.’s most esteemed newspapers. Her parents jumped at the chance and Ciara all of a sudden was forced to leave her home behind.

    Ciara’s new life was suddenly full of money- they lived in a house more than twice the size of the old one, and indulging their only child was one of her parents’ greatest pleasures. She had entire rooms to herself, and could go for hours without seeing another living soul. Attending a very exclusive elementary, Ciara got the best in education- but the friends she made were not entirely interested in her, either being foisted upon her by their parents, who wanted their child to associate with the daughter of a famous novelist, or those who wanted a part in her lavish lifestyle. Still, she thought they were all real- she was popular, fun and happy, with huge birthday celebrations.

    When she turned thirteen, and as her mother’s books sold less and less, getting more disparaging reviews, Ciara found her ‘friends’ deserting her when she wanted to talk about her issues, right down to them leaving her, off to leech off of some other people with ‘names worth knowing’. This affected her very badly- even worse when the people she really trusted moved away to other cities. In the end, she was left with no-one.

    She felt like she could never find someone who understood her properly ever again- a natural part of growing up, but Ciara took it to the extreme. She constructed an entirely new ‘face’ for herself to hide from the world behind, a face that didn’t want to associate with others, and a face that was happy without friends. This face didn’t need ‘people,’ full stop. She was an independent woman, who needed no support, no guidance. She knew her path in life, and she would stick to it. She took this face with her out to school, and teachers expressed concern.

    Her parents, disbelieving, decided that the school was entirely at fault, and decided to send their daughter to the newly-opened, yet highly-reputed Bellow High, buying a new house in Quarterman and staffing it purely for her benefit, eventually deciding to outright live there. They hoped that here their daughter would be appreciated for who they knew she was, and found it promising when she moved into the dorms about a month in, praying that it meant that the old Ciara was back in some form, at last.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Ciara H. Wright

    Relations: Ciara's personality means that she does not get along well with people- and her unique manner in which she makes first impressions often means that people dislike her. She equally dislikes them, and it honestly doesn't bother her one jot.

    The first person she actually talked to was Miyuki Tachibana, after a rather heated confrontation in one of the girls' bathrooms. Following this incident, the two met again at the mall under rather different circumstances, and Ciara started to see some potential in Miyuki- something that she could exploit, but also something gentler and sweeter. The two girls have been spending more and more time together, and through this Ciara has been teaching Miyuki to be stronger and more forceful in her opinions, as well as guiding her into femininity and trying to get her out of that dreadful hoodie, with inevitable failures. However, she has been suspicious of Miyuki's recent activities- especially those regarding herself and Joshua Sands.

    Ciara is still uncertain of what she feels about Joshua. She finds him to be rather like a kicked puppy in demeanour- something hopelessly searching for approval, adorable in its own special way. Still, she feels something more about him- she values his kindness, and his incredible patience with her, and the way he can talk to her in a way few can. Alarmingly, recently she has started making slip-ups in conversation with Joshua, and she has started taking note of things he likes. She's unsure as to why, and often covers it up by insulting a passer-by. The more time they spend together, the more comfortable Ciara gets, but there's always a little voice nagging away at the back of her mind, telling her that she doesn't deserve happiness- he should be with a nice girl, not her.

    There were four other newcomers to the Court of Miracles on the same day as Ciara- Clarise Stone is someone who does not actively irritate Ciara, and Ciara for her part tolerates her and gives her some support, knowing that the loss of Theresa as a mentor figure probably hit the girl hard. Russell Wilton is a frightfully annoying bug, and a useless one at that. Ciara finds herself pretending that he does not exist, and treats him as insignificant. Halberd is a dreadful bore, and Ciara finds herself yawning whilst he drones on, just to get him to shut up. Finally, Lace Condor isn't even human, and should probably be sectioned. She's a danger to herself and everyone else, and Ciara often petitions Wulfgard to find some way to get rid of her before everything explodes in a rainbow fashion.

    Ciara finds Mana Shizuko to be an immense pain in the backside, and his penchant for backchat is really quite irritating. She cannot be bothered with him half the time, and shamelessly uses others just to avoid having to go through all the bother of listening to him jabber on about something inane and oh-so-'smart'. Also, his Persona is a little girl and it makes her laugh. She secretly hopes that his Shadow will come along soon, so she can find out what makes him tick and finally 'win,' once and for all.

    The vegetation of Theresa Del Monico filled Ciara with a secret glee, as despite the fact she never cared for the girl, it also caused great pain to Joaquim Pereira (JP), who Ciara absolutely despises. He seems to have been almost broken by the events of that night, and Ciara is glad to see that the old bravado is almost completely gone. She has zero sympathy for him, and finds herself often twisting the knife.

    Most of the others have managed to fall beneath Ciara's notice, and she just as often talks into her compact whilst applying lipstick, preferring that to actually looking at them. She treats Izzy Simone as an extension of Miyuki, and often tries to push the two together 'because they look so cute, like puppies.' Randy Clopin once remarked that Ciara seemed to be angry at the world, with a sound of sympathy in his voice- Ciara's sharp reply was that it was none of his business. Otherwise, offhand remarks are the best they are graced with.

    She lacks respect for Testa Jones, and in his homeroom often looks through magazines, or texts Joshua and Miyuki to tell them how bored she is. She still finds the idea of Garret Wulfgard being a midnight warrior faintly ridiculous, but has some modicum of understanding for him, and is respectful.

    - Persona -


    Appearance: The kitsune takes the form of a white-gold fox, with nine long tails. This fox is akin in size to a bear on all fours or some other bulky mammal- it is not slim or skinny, more large and dominating. Each of the tails is more than twice the length of the body, and all the tails have snow white tips. The otherwise bushy and seemingly uncontrollable tails are held at their widest point by a single white, onion-shaped crystal (a hoshi no tama), attached around the tail by several smaller crystals. These white crystals all appear to have some purple fire burning deep within their cores- foxfire. The kitsune’s eyes are a dark blood red, and its teeth are small and sharp.

    With its shapeshifting prowess, the kitsune often transforms itself into other Personas or other people, to serve as a distraction or to articulate itself. Its favoured form is Ciara herself, which can be quite disconcerting- like looking into a corrupted mirror, with those deep red eyes looking at you like you're their next meal.

    Personality: A trickster at heart, the main motivation of the kitsune is to make trouble for those in the mortal realm. Although somewhat tamed as a Persona, this kitsune still makes full use of her craftiness and wry sense of humour in attacking foes, believing fully in irony, but she feels that her wit is underappreciated by those of ‘less class’ than herself, which encompasses pretty much everyone. Her nine tails mean that she has reached her peak in strength and intellect, and she uses them to devastating effect. Her fast brain and considerable knowledge base show in her capacity for planning attacks and making very few mistakes, with precision accuracy and a cold intellect. A dirty fighter, she will do anything to win, and delights in bloodshed.

    She has underdeveloped compassion and lacks empathy, and her cruel, biting comments can seem harsh to those that do not take the time to understand her actions. She does not often communicate through words and thoughts, instead she uses emotional impulses to communicate with Ciara on a very base level, which has enhanced their synchronism to the point that they mesh together perfectly in battle- but these impulses have a negative effect on Ciara herself, as they force her to think at a very instinctive level below human consciousness, and make her almost bestial.

    Abilities: The kitsune is a powerful shapeshifter, capable of taking any form or molding its body to take on a host of others; a preferred skill is to change its tails into nine flexible swords, for a relentless assault. The immense versatility the shapeshifting offers is not matched by anything else in its arsenal- the ability to create poison glands, sharp spurs and concussive tails at a whim is deadly and unpredictable. Its abilities are only limited by Ciara's imagination, and her capacity for inflicting pain is unmatched. The link shared between Ciara and the kitsune is incredibly close to the point of being dangerous, and so when one is harmed both feel the effects. The two of them flow perfectly- the kitsune's size and raw power blending well into Ciara's agility and movement.

    The foxfire that the kitsune controls is not as it first seems- the purple, supernatural fire is cold, like ice. This illusory flame, through the kitsune’s magical enchantments, materialises and becomes real, burning opponents with a strange freezing sensation. Although it does no physical damage, the mental effects are terrible upon the afflicted, causing incredible fear and distress to the point that they are paralysed in terror.

    The kitsune allows Ciara to ride it into battle, and she sits side-saddle, with both legs to the side. Due to their respective natures, it generally refuses to accept anyone else and will actively shake people off- however, if Ciara herself is riding it then it will let those whom she likes on. Its incredible speed and momentum have allowed the incorporation of this technique into some deadly tag-team combinations.
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  10. Vivian_Bloom

    Vivian_Bloom Army Field Medic

    - Human -

    Name: Lace Condor

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Star

    Appearance: Lace is 5'6 and has short red auburn hair that curls down just above her shoulders. Her body is slim and smooth, built for sport like swimming and tennis. Lace's skin gives off a reddish tint mixed with cream. If you were to look closely at her face you'd see little freckles dotted around. Brown eyes, clean pink finger nails, and a clean white smile, she takes care of herself.

    Whenever Lace goes out she makes sure to look neat. Summer and Fall are her favorite seasons and she frequents dressing in short and light clothes. Her traditional go-to outfit is a red tank-top, yellow shorts, and either tennis shoes flip flops or sandals depending on where she's going.
    On cold days particularly winter season Lace is excited to go all out. Brown boots, gray-white pants, added to a red skullie she's all set plus a light red wifebeater. The cold doesn't really get to Lace but she'll throw on a heavier coat if neccessary.

    In battle, Lace doesn't solely rely on Saturnus. She has skill with the dual-daggers and won't hesitate to slash her opponent wherever it'll do the most damage. Striking is one of the rare times when Lace is somewhat focused. Her attacks are quick and unrelenting in that they coming. The way she handles her weapons position is to have the blade curve opposite herself to the enemy. She feels confidant towards close-ranged foes, impaling them before they get too close she will go head on. When facing someone bigger than she, Lace will work on hacking at its limbs, arms and legs, until it's weak enough to get closer in.

    Personality: Lace Condor, an energetic young girl who loves to be active. She's a fan of running about the city, dancing, and hanging around a lively group. Whether alone or by herself, Lace makes sure that those around her see her as someone who's never down, and never out. Every obstacle is met with a wide smile as she runs head on to her goal. Weekends she'll either be in her dorm blasting loud music or down at the mall taking pictures with the cooks who give out free samples of chicken.
    Kids laugh, and jump around as Lace has no problems going into an impromptu breakdance of cartwheels, summer salts, and then tackles them in a fit of laughter.

    Optimistic and ever trusting, Lace treats those around her with warm acceptance. She'll stand up for and challenge those who insult her friends regardless of whether they're bigger than she. Boys and girls don't recieve any special attention from Lace as everyone she meets treats and looks at her the same. When she meets someone who does nothing but moan, she'll give them a curious stare before offering a jumbo lollipop she bought at the theme park. If a group invites her out she's the first one to call front seat to prove she's a big kid like the rest of them.

    There are times when Lace's behavior makes people uncomfortable around her. She's loud, impulsive and stubborn in that everything she does happens the instant it pops into her head. No matter what happens she knows that the way she's going will take her in the right direction and things can always be better. A bit of a show-off, Lace takes pride in demonstrating immense enthusiam for all things alive. Whether she kicks, screams, or shouts it out, all those around her know that if Lace is excited about something than sooner or later they'll all know about it.

    It's not rare that Lace will encounter someone or something that doesn't want to change no matter what she does. Everything in life has to grow and people are just like plants that she shines on. When her energy goes unnoticed Lace grows depressed and unsure if she really adds meaning to those around her. Negative thoughts like these hurt her usual confidence since she knows that thinking ahead and good judgement aren't her traits. When her frenetic attitude is stone-walled she desperately looks to others who can identify the situation that's troubling her and what they can do. Lace isn't the one you go to in search of information and her intelligence is something that she's highly self-conscious about. Maybe if she keeps talking about other people then they won't ask anything about herself.

    Recently with the Court of Miracles coming into play, Lace sees this as a great opportunity to show effective she can be. With fire as her element she doesn't want to be on the sidelines anymore and is even more impulsive when it comes to battle. If anyone's going to be hurt then it'll be her. She's determined to set an example to the group on what you can be when you trust in your own abilities and that of the team behind you.

    History: Born in a quiet town on the coast, Lace has lived with her parents all her life. Through junior high school she spent her free time by herself. Swimming, to running up and down the boardwalk, to weekend visits with her father to the town aquarium. In school, Lace wasn't very bright in her work and studies. Weeks of class would go by, her classmates working you could see her in the corner of the room grinning and chatting with herself making paper airplanes and figures. Many times she was taken out of class, dismissed to the office where she'd meet the school nurse and counselors with her parents about slacking grades. It wasn't all like that.

    Through the end of elementary school to the end of junior high Lace was a frequent customer at the children's hospital where her mother worked as a nurse. From 6th to 8th grade Lace was home-schooled. Weekly trips to the hospital shed light on certain behavioral disorders Lace demonstrated out in public. The last three school years was the period Lace began to expose herself to culture outside of school and unconsciously took advantage of her apparent disabilities.

    Lace would sneak into R-rated theaters where the ushers knew her parents. Snatch bags of snacks and drinks from the supermarket and pay the cashier with crumpled Monopoly money. Every day was a party if she didn't wreck her mother's car driving it out the garage into the beach. Her parents grew worried, which led to her father's decision to have their daughter go out-of-state to finish school. Lace's doctor had given her parents medications for Lace that she were to take on her own after once she'd leave. It was a long talk with Lace and took careful wording for her to fully understand the situation.

    There were two months between their discussion and the day Lace would leave for high school. Bellow High was a ways from the coast and every day, Lace would go to the beach, swim, watch movies and entertain herself. Word got back to her junior high school that she'd be moving and in that period, Lace briefly hung with the children. They'd skip school and swim Lace would show them different strokes to swimming all day. On the last day before departure, her parents packed all Lace's clothes, materials, and supplies for the trip as she sat on the beat chewing her thumb. The three of them went to all Lace's favorite spots and into the city. The aquarium, her first baseball game, and an evening in the park. Her parents felt guilty giving up their daughter as Lace scooped up her cases for her ride to the airport.

    Her parents were supposed to give Lace capsules and tablets for medicine that she'd regularly take while in school. Throwing a fit in the airport and attracting too much attention, her parents made Lace promise to stick close to her elders. They're there to help you and just seek them out if there's anything you need.

    "We're a phone call away," Lace's father said adjusting her bags through the gate. He kneeled down and grabbed her shoulders. "What's the first thing your going to do when you get settled in school? I want to make sure you remember." Lace's eyesight was all over the place anywhere but on him.

    "Go to class, do my work, sleep," she replied and was met with a mean stare from her father. Lace played with her fingers, "and find the school doctor and tell him about my medicine." Lace stared blankly and counted on her hands.

    "We'll take care of it," her father sighed. He rose up, patted her on the shoulders and ushered her through the gate with a smile. "Be careful."

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Lace Condor

    Relations: Lace Condor sees herself as a student to the others in her group. This is especially true in regards to her seniors like, Ciara, Clarise, Miyuki, and even Sofiya. Through the brief time she's been involved, Lace hasn't had a close interaction with anyone else, but has no problems with them. She feels closer to the girls than the guys as it looks like they take a more active role in what's going on.

    Ciara is someone Lace sees as the most intelligent of the team and leader over the girls. All dem' big words like, function, and unnerstandin'. I'll get smarter-er just being around her! Her initially cold personality aside, she's someone who has a clearer understanding of what's going on. There hasn't been an opportunity for the two to interact, but Lace is eager to get to know her senior better. Lace knows there's a good chance she can probably learn more about herself from this girl who could be her best role model.

    Sigmund was the first person Lace met. From helping her out when she was hurt, to seeing him battle Shadow Miyuki, Lace sees him as a symbol of strength. She cares for him the most as far as the rest of the group but it's nothing intimate but desperate connection. He fights to protect his friends and treats everyone around him with respect and kind. Lace has nothing but good things to say about him and hopes to grow much closer to him in the future. On the other hand, if he's willing to get rough she'd jump at the chance to spar with him.

    Clarise is a new part of her new team. Lace sees Clarise as someone who's mature and easy-going in the face of new challenges. She's a bit older than Lace therefore placing her on a "Sensei" pedastal along with Wulfgard and Ciara. Lace doesn't completely understand what kind of girl Clarise is, but that fact that she accepted the soda Lace tossed her way so easily makes Ciara one of her three must-have future friends. Hopefully if I throw enough treats and fun her way she'll hang out and some of that serious maturity-junk'll wear off on me!

    Miyuki's a quiet older girl that's already hung around some of the group. She doesn't do much to attract attention and she might not want any. After dealing with her shadow, Lace feels that this girl needs as many people in her corner as possible. There's no reason why she can't be happy. There's got to be something that'll make her get up, shout and dance until the sun goes down!

    Theresa was someone that Lace thought could play kind of a, Big Sis' role for her. She was tall, strong, and had a pretty neat sense of fashion that was okay candy corn in Lace's eyes. This girl had something going on with one of the guys but love is a foreign a subject as you could get talking with Lace. She must've got sick after that lightning attack back at the Strip Club. Lace will make sure to bring her a nice 2 liter serving of root beer after this is over.

    Russell, a young man who wants to grow stronger is something Lace admires. They're about the same age age but she hasn't been able to come up with a good excuse to talk with him. He isn't loud as some of the other guys which would make him a good partner for her upcoming group karaoke party. Of everyone in the group, Lace feels Russell is the one she most get along with.

    Wulfgard, aka "Boss Man", is the greatest swordsman in the world. He's the oldest in the group and got everyone to come together. Since he let her take the set of carved-daggers home he's "A-Okay!" In her books. Everytime the team went into a dungeon (Prison/Strip Club) he was there fighting for his students. Lace has a deep admiration of this man.

    Liza, Ms. Halls, and Shinai haven't made any impacts on Lace at all. A teacher, Wulfgard's girlfriend, and that weird student government dude are all that pass through Lace's head about them. Aside from Liza, Lace has no desire to seek these people out but welcomes them if they should meet.

    Mana, JP and Joshua never really talked with Lace before. When she summoned Saturnus for the first time at the stadium she heard comments from the group about her mental stability. She's a bit hurt at the fact that there's nothing she can offer them. They can't feel that comfortable with her around, making Lace determined to search for something in common with them. Anyway she can approach them with making them flinch.

    Snow and Halberd are strangers in the group to her. During the introductions at the Shadow Miyuki fight Lace was distracted and hardly made anyone out. They've never talked or interacted in any way and Lace isn't that focused on trying as of now.

    Although they're a team now, she doesn't consider them real friends but closer to co-workers on a job. Feeling relaxed around her elders she acts uninhibited whenever a familiar face is around. Lace isn't a social butterfly and that might not change depending on the future. Deep down Lace admires them all for tolerating her thus far in hopes they'll be more accepting of her...quirks.

    There is no hatred, negativity, or rivalry between Lace and anyone else, These are the people she's too spend her time and bond with. Lace will tell you herself:

    "They're alright with me. Yo, I'm ordering pizza!"



    Name: Saturnus

    Appearance: Saturnus stands at 8'7", a good taller than his partner Lace. His frame closely resembles that of a human with his wide shoulders and muscled tone. His skin is completely colored in stripes of red and white from head to toe. Saturnus has eyes that are pure white and an immortal flame burns atop his face like a crown. The arms and legs are half-consumed in fire and look closer to jets keeping him off the ground constantly pouring out. When he appears, the loud crackle of fire hisses.

    In the center of Saturnus his chest is empty and in its place is a floating ball of rock. The rock is spinning around wrapped in flames and acts as his core. It's where his attacks draw their power and launch from. When Saturnus breaths a puff of fire escapes from his mouth. This leaves no area on his body that isn't engulfed in fire. Standing next to Lace he relaxes his guard and lets his bounce and dance around.

    Personality: Saturnus is a god and leader of the Greek Titans. Reincarnated as Lace his life's purpose is to serve and protect her as long as his powers allow. Protective and impulsive, Saturnus isn't what you'd call a tactician and shares Lace's stubbornes when faced with an obstacle. If it's coming for them then it needs to be burned to the point where no one can identify it later. In battle he makes sure to leave his mark and burns clear to everyone so they'll know of his power.

    Lace has gained the ability to keep Saturnus out as long as she is focused. The two will often banter between each other about all things brutal, deadly, and beautiful. He isn't as light-hearted and ignorant as Lace, but Saturnus is clear in showing respect and support to her keeping in mind that she's still a child. Lace will punch, scream, and tackle anything that moves. Saturnus is there to act as the leash she needs.


    - Agi
    - Maragion
    - Fire Boost
    - Dodge Ice
    - Sukukaja

    Saturnus isn't a diety of protection; that might already be clear. When the two of them are out in battle Lace can command her partner to initiate a powerful technique. Hot wheels. The Hot-Wheels ability creates a thin layer of fire between Lace and the ground she stands on. From her knees down their's a small whirl of fire around her legs leaving her feet unidentifiable. She's able to skate around the area at a comfortable speed, but not too fast. Skating about leaves behind a small trail of fire that'll singe whatever she's been on.

    Lace's ability isn't support-focused, but a way to move about the battlefield and come to her friends aid. Whether moving on a flat surface or uphill, she can move a little faster than you can run. Heat is expelled from Saturnus as long as Lace remains focused. The ability proves itself whenever she's facing an incoming attack, or even small reconnasiance sweeps checks around the dorm. The energy doesn't take too much from Lacel; fire abilities on reserve while moving. If someone's injured or needs something out the area she'll light up and skate to her goal. The BOSS crew post-office kid, delivery girl and field agent.
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  11. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Name: Miyuki Tachibana

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: VIII - Justice

    Appearance: Miyuki is a rather frail looking girl for her age, probably due to the fact that she's an albino. Her condition leaves her with pale skin, white hair, and eyes that border on red. Despite her outward appearance though, she is actually quite healthy and rarely gets sick. Her hair is a snowy white color, and is cut a little short, around neck length, with long bangs. She usually has what would best be described as a "neutral" expression on her face, though she is an observant individual and is prone to staring. Her facial features are soft, and somewhat childlike, given her age.

    Her clothing choice is slightly abnormal. She is always wearing something with a hood, usually of a black or white color. Not only that, but she also has the hood up at almost all times, unless told to take it off indoors. What she wears under the hoodie/jacket depends on the weather and temperature. A pair of sweatpants usually completes what most people see of her outfit, those too usually in a black or white color that may or may not match the top. She usually wears regular tennis shoes, and has a pair of reading glasses that she may wear if needed. She doesn't wear any accessories, as most people (herself included) wouldn't see them much anyway.

    Miyuki's weapon choice is not so much a weapon as it is protection. To help protect herself during the court, she choose to carry a shield. The shield is a small two foot in diameter disc of metal. The disc has a slight curve to it, and is a polished silver color. A small outline is etched near the edge of the shield, and a leather strap is attached to the inside, allowing her to hold it or strap it onto her arm. The shield is small enough for her to hide under her hoodie if she needs.

    Personality: Miyuki is a quiet individual normally. She will open up if a conversation starts, and actually enjoys talking to people, but she isn't one to actually start a conversation unless required too. She is however very observant of those around her and is prone to staring at people (even after they catch her), which may unnerve those on the receiving end. She will often try to imitate the actions of those around her if she is nervous or around unfamiliar people, and seeing her copy you is a good sign that she sees you as the person who fits in the room the best, or to put it bluntly, the most normal.

    Though quiet, Miyuki is far from withdrawn. Given the opportunity, she will not hesitate to throw in her two cents, even if it means mumbling to herself. She doesn't like those who think too highly of themselves, and doesn't mind knocking them down a notch if they start bragging or showing off around her. This is less because of her feelings about them personally and more about just wanting them to act normally and stop trying to elevate themselves. She can dish out criticism, but isn't one to take it well. Rather than fly off the handle or anything, she will simply withdraw and sit in a lonely chair for a while till she calms down.

    Arguing is a major negative for her. She can't stand the sound or sight of two people arguing, especially if its over something petty. Its one of the only things that can set her off. Her temper is slow though, and it takes a lot of repeated pressure to get her to raise her voice, much less get violent. Miyuki has remarkable self control though, and always tries to play the middle ground rather than take sides, preferring a compromise and a peaceful solution.

    She also doesn't like the daytime much, and as a result tends to sleep during the day and stay up all night. This of course wreaks havoc with her school schedule, and she will often fall asleep in class or be late getting to class. If it wasn't for her good grades, she'd probably be seen as a slacker, but she realizes how important her studies are, so even if she falls asleep in class, she will always ask another student what she missed or if there was any homework.

    History: Miyuki was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. At the time, her father was a hopeful business man while her mother was something of an artist though she painted mostly for enjoyment rather than profit. Their home was a quaint little place out in the suburbs, close enough to the city to make commuting easy, but far enough to escape the hustle and bustle. Their life was perfectly normal by most standards, even giving Miyuki's rather unique condition.

    Time passed however, and her father's business met with some hard times. For the first time, money became an issue. They couldn't spend as much, couldn't afford as many nice things as before. Eventually, the company was forced to downsize, meaning that her father was out of a job. Things got a bit hard there for a while, but as luck would have it a contact of her father got in touch with him and offered him a fairly well-paying job. The catch, it was in America. Not seeing much else in the way of opportunity, her father accepted the offer, much to chagrin of the female members of his family. Moving to a new city was one thing, but moving to a new country was something else entirely.

    So, upon Miyuki's advancement from the sixth grade, they packed up and moved halfway around the world. Adjusting to the change was difficult at first, but they got used to it in time. Her father was already fluent in English due to his business requirements, so he did his best to teach Miyuki and her mother both the language and the customs of their new home. Miyuki took to it in time, perhaps due to her young age, and though she is still not quite as good at English as the average native speaker she speaks it fairly well. Her mother not so much, and its common for them to use Japanese at home.

    Her father's new job paid well, but not well enough for them to keep their old lifestyle, so her mother took on a job as well doing concept and background artwork for various clients. When the time came for Miyuki to enter High School, she ended up getting into Bellow High. She's looking forward to the start of her new school year, although the change in social workings will probably be a bit of a culture shock. Still she's going to give it her best shot. She feels that her parents have done a lot for her, so she desperately doesn't want to fail them or let them down. However, that was not the only shock her future had in store for her.

    Not long after arriving at Bellow High, Miyuki became involved with a group of students who had inadvertently been dragged in a phenomenon called The Court of Miracles. The Court was a strange change on the world occurring each and every night at midnight. Miyuki, though hesitant at first has joined a group of her fellow students in facing this strange world and the Shadows that reside there.

    Over time, her adventures in the Court have taken some dreadful turns. She has had to come face to face with her own Shadow, as well as witness the deaths of two of her comrades and witness another fall victim to Apathy Syndrome. Even though the Court has been relatively tame as of late, the events of those early weeks still weigh heavily on her mind.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: 橘みゆき Miyuki Tachibana

    Relations: Miyuki's rather reserved personality means that she hasn't really made an effort to connect with some members of the group. As such, she only has a real bond with a few of the others, while the rest remain more like acquaintances.

    Mana Shizuko was the first person she spoke to at her new school, and though they initially seemed to get along well, they soon distanced themselves from each other, if for no other reason than circumstance. Miyuki now seems him as having a bit of a dark side, making her a bit nervous, and that has kept her from approaching him again.

    Sofiya was probably Miyuki's first real friend at Bellow High. While Miyuki sees her as a bit of an oddball, she likes her optimistic outlook and though the two of them haven't really done much together, she considers her one of her closer friends at the school.

    Miyuki has a certain degree of respect for Mr. Wulfgard, or as she calls him Wulfgard-sensei. She seems him as a mentor figure not just to herself, but for the whole group. The fact that he saved her from her Shadow self only adds to that.

    Of all the people in their group however, there are three that really stand out to her. Though her initial run-in with Ciara H. Wright was disheartening to say the least. The two have formed a mutual friendship of sorts and Miyuki probably spends more time with her than anyone else from their group. Ciara has even started something of a "training regiment" for Miyuki in an effort to get her out of her shell.

    Joshua Sands goes hand in hand with Ciara in Miyuki's mind, literally. Miyuki and Joshua have had a few run-ins, of varying levels of embarrassment on Joshua's part, but it wasn't until she got to know Ciara better that she got to know him as well. Though she thinks Joshua is a nice guy, she has it set in her mind now that Ciara is interested in him, and he her, and is determined to try and set them up in some way.

    She also has a budding friendship with Izzy Simone, who in a similar fashion to Joshua had his first meetings with Miyuki under less than favorable circumstances, one of which nearly sent him to the hospital. However, putting all awkward feelings aside, Miyuki managed to salvage their relationship, and Izzy is probably her closest friend, Ciara excluded. Though there may be the beginnings of more in their relationship, Miyuki is too focused on her little scheme with Ciara and Joshua to pay attention to her own feelings on the matter.

    Mostly because of her friendship with Izzy, Miyuki has started to develop some respect for Randy, if for no other reason than that he's always looking out for him. She's also become rather weary of Lace. The girl seems a bit unbalanced, which makes Miyuki honestly concerned.

    ~ Persona Sign-Up Form ~

    Name: Astraea

    Origin: Greek Mythology - The holder of the scales of Libra and spirit of justice and innocence.

    Appearance: Astrea takes the form of a hooded priestess. Her garb is pure and white, trimmed in gold, and shines like fine silk. Her eyes are blindfolded by a torn piece of white silk, and her long black hair is mostly hidden in her hood. A torn black sash is tied around her waist, and her skin is like porcelain. In her left hand she holds the golden scales of Libra, representing fair and balanced justice. In her right hand, she holds a silver sword, with which to enforce justice. However, the sword is pristine and unmarked by blood or battle, giving the impression that it is more symbolic than functional.

    Personality: Astraea is a defender of truth and justice, and as such has no mercy for those who are truly guilty. To the innocent and the trustworthy, she is a dealer of kindness and mercy. To the guilty, she is a dealer of justice and punishment. She can see right through the lies of the guilty, and any attempt to deceive or mislead her through falsehoods will bring out nothing but her righteous fury. She is regal and composed, always holding herself high but never with arrogance. She is silent unless she is required not to be and, when she does speak, every word that leaves her lips is truthful.



    She is also able to detect lies as well as the presence of those who have ill intentions.
  12. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Seemed like a good time to do this all over again.

    Name: Snow Fields

    Age: 14

    Gender: male

    Arcana: Hanged Man

    Appearance: Snow has hit a growth spurt in the past month, so he’s now 5’6”. He’s also left being a cute child and gone straight into long-haired pretty boy territory. Since most of his training has been on keeping out of enemy reach, he’s got a lean build with some leg muscles. His features have shifted from being feminine to more neutral grounds, but still balanced and soft. He has white hair that reaches the middle of his back and blue eyes. Since he’s not a true albino, his skin is lightly tanned right now from weekend training sessions. And he still has elegant and thin hands. While he hasn’t gotten physically scarred like some others in the Court, he has a few scrapes and bruises lately from being clumsy.

    Being that he has long hair, Snow usually wears a headband or a hair tie to keep it back. He’s also dressing more like an average teen boy thanks to the influence of others, wearing t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He’s a little picky with his attire though, not wanting to wear something offensive; he prefers color, not black. And while he’s trying to be more ‘normal’, he still avoids looking messy and would rather have a belt than saggy jeans. When it’s cool (or if it’s Friday night), he wears a red letterman jacket that has a white snowflake on the back. It was a gift from Randy.

    He’s still not much of a fighter, but he does wield a wooden boomerang. He’s definitely weaker in this regards compared to others in the group, but his Persona skills make up for that. One thing has improved, though: during the Court, his boomerang can now defy physics and will return to him even if he has to move from his initial starting position. It behaves normally outside of the Court, though. He also carries a brown leather bag during the Court, with its strap hanging over one shoulder and the bag sitting at his hip. He’ll bring drinks and small snacks to help recover energy with, and he’ll pass them along to anyone who’s getting tired.

    Personality: Snow admires people who are cool and confident, the ones who do things their way no matter what others think of it. But he can’t pull that attitude off himself yet, as he tends to overthink things and doesn’t like making other people mad. He is thoughtful and kind, putting the needs of others before his own. In fact, he may do that too much, as he’d rather someone else make the big decisions and doesn’t trust his own judgment fully. He doesn’t like to do things on his own and prefers to ask someone else to help him.

    He is polite and well mannered, but this and his reliance on others leads into some trouble, as he doesn’t like saying no to someone. Especially if they asked nicely. He does feel resentful if someone asks a lot of him or is rude about it, but most of the time he doesn’t say anything and does the task anyhow. He does not like breaking rules, although he could be convinced into doing so if something more important were at stake.

    While intelligent and keeping good grades despite all the trouble with the Court of Miracles, Snow is still naïve. He’s gotten accustomed to things, but trusts a bit much in the words of others and can be caught clueless at common knowledge. He has gotten some popularity due to his looks, musical talent, and friendly attitude, although he’s not quite sure what to do with it. He sticks more with the other people involved in the Court as his friends, when the balance between school and the Court gives him time to socialize. However, he keeps his personal troubles to himself, so even they don’t know fully about him.

    He’s been sensitive about comments people make in the past month; blame it on unstable hormones. He tries not to be broody about it, or to lose his temper that often, but it is adding more stress than before. While he has been affected by the loss of others in the Court, either from death or Apathy Syndrome, he deals with it in a calm and well-practiced manner of keeping them in memory but keeping on with normal life. He will also shift his attention to something else for a while, such as homework or music. But he does feel like he’s caught in a cycle of tragedy and it’s beyond his power to escape it fully, leading to some melancholy to his behaviors. He strives on because he thinks that’s what the people who are gone, especially his parents, would want him to do.

    History: Snow grew up in a privileged but very private family. His mother was Summer Fields, once a huge star in pop music who got burnt out much too quickly; his father was a music agent who worked on behalf of Summer and many other music artists. They had left the California scene shortly after Snow was born, not wanting to be involved in that anymore and definitely not wanting Snow affected by it. In fact, the final straw had been a tabloid report that mistakenly identified their new child as a girl, among other wild claims.

    For much of his life, Snow was home-schooled and kept away from the world outside his family. He knew a few other kids his age, other children of wealthy families who came over for a party or play date, but none of them were really friends. It didn’t matter at the time, because he was happy with his parents. They taught him all about music, making him an excellent singer, pianist, and keyboardist. He even did some singing or accompaniment on his mother’s new music outlet, a ‘band’ called Mutalyze that kept a mysterious image and a unique style. He even got to write his own song for the last album.

    But the last album marked a turning point in Snow’s life. It was in August of the year prior to his starting school at Quarterman: his family got into a terrible car wreck after an evening out to celebrate the release of the album. It killed Snow’s parents and put him in the hospital for a long time, which was made even longer when his aunt tried to poison him in order to get his inheritance. Once the legal matters were settled, Snow ended up in the custody of his family’s lawyer Ted, who is a conservative Christian and quite successful at his job. Ted is also a workaholic, but tries to provide emotional support for Snow when he can.

    There is also the matter of his parents’ will, which states that they wanted Snow to graduate high school before he could have full access to his inheritance. Bellows High had been picked out as the main option, as his parents had helped to fund the school’s rebuilding (it is unknown why, but may have something to do with his father). While he prepared to go to an actual school for the first time, one of his father’s co-workers became the agent for Mutalyze, to handle the business end of things. Mr. Stone managed to get one of the recent songs, ‘Happiness’, to break into the pop music charts, making the band more popular than ever. And this popularity only accelerated when Snow finally posted information on the band’s website that its founder and main member was dead. This led to another hit single from the last Mutalyze album, which happened to be ‘Periwinkle’, the one he wrote. Snow is quietly mad about that because the song was rearranged to better fit pop music format, so it sounds like a much different song.

    No one at Bellows High realizes just how famous Snow already is. There are some girls who are pretty certain that he will be famous, based on his performance with the Crimson Beasts on Friday nights. Snow is very nervous about someone finding out that he is connected to Mutalyze, as he fears that it will make his friends in the Crimson Beasts, especially Randy, dislike him.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Snow Fields

    Relations: Randy: Snow looks up to Randy ever since the older boy adopted him as part of the ‘band of brothers’, as well as admires his skill in music and general attitude towards life. But he is self-conscious about the way Randy talks about not doing music for money or fame, since much of his parent’s money (and his own) is from the music business.

    Izzy: Snow is friends with Izzy through Randy and the band. Despite the incident with Izzy’s Shadow, Snow thinks positively about Izzy and will stick up for him if someone else is giving him a hard time.

    Sigmund: One of Snow’s first friends at Bellows High, Snow generally likes him as a friend, although they have different interests.

    Sofiya: Another one of his first friends, Snow thinks Sofiya is a little weird, but he knows that she means well. Snow worries about her sometimes since she seems to be hiding some grief, but hasn’t pushed too much to find out what. He likes hanging out with her, although sometimes she can embarrass him without realizing it.

    Joshua: On days when he’s not practicing with the Crimson Beasts, Snow often practices with Josh, as they’ve become good friends while trying to write out their music-based skills into a proper song format. It hasn’t worked exactly, but some good starts have come out of it.

    Mana: Mana is a little intimidating, but Snow sees him as someone he can trust and depend on during the Court. A good friend, but not one he hangs out with as much as others who share his musical interests.

    Russell: Snow’s become quite friendly with Russell after the latter joined the Court crew, and they talk often in homeroom. Actually, Snow uses Russell as a reference to what a normal teenaged boy is like and so asks for his opinions on normal high school issues (such as the girls who now stalk him).

    Halberd: Snow sees Halberd as a friend and ally, one who can help cover him during the Court if he needs to do something without worrying about Shadows attacking him.

    Miyuki, JP, Lace, Clarise, Liza: Other Court allies, but Snow doesn’t have any particular extra feelings on them.

    Wulfgard: Snow respects his experience and power, but still holds him on the level of teacher rather than friend.

    Ciara: Snow is a little wary around Ciara due to her cold attitude, but won’t hesitate to help her out during the Court. Might hesitate outside the Court, though.

    - Persona -

    Name: Melpomene (Greek muse of tragedy)

    Appearance: Melpomene is a tall woman who is reminiscent of the Greek ideals of beauty. She has long thick blond hair that hangs loosely to her waist and a curvy body. She wears a simple white toga that covers most of her torso and legs, tied with a gold cord around the waist. Over her face, she wears the classic tragedy mask, but has blue eyes behind it. In fact, she resembles Snow’s mother strongly, especially in her face, but as she wears a mask this is not readily apparent to anyone but Snow.

    Personality: Melpomene is quiet and doesn’t speak up much. She is gentle and warm-hearted, but has a calm sadness to her that suggests she’d sooner come to tears than get angry. She moves and acts with grace, preferring things that are beautiful but tragic. When it comes to tragedy, she has an off-putting attitude that sadness and tragedy are beautiful things, as they prove the strength and love of the human heart. She prefers enduring pain over inflicting it, although not to a true masochistic sense. She sees pride as dangerous or unimportant, so she doesn’t seek to stand out. Rather, she will help out without expecting thanks. If nothing in particular is going on, she’ll hum although the only way this is apparent is because Snow will be humming too.

    Abilities: Melpomene’s powers are focused on healing and support; not a lot of variety but what she can do, she does well. She helps Snow endure the Shadow’s attacks, although this comes out as giving him no elemental weaknesses, but no strengths either. For healing, she has both Dia and Media, along with Amrita. There is also Wordless Melody, a song which boosts all ally abilities, but leaves Snow and Melpomene vulnerable to attack as they can’t focus on anything but the song (Note: this has been used a few times in battle now, and he did take a hard hit once; the others know he can do this, but also know the risk).

    Finally, Melpomene gives Snow the ability to use his boomerang more effectively. It’s still not powerful, but it will automatically return to Snow at any time (and be easier to catch). When Melpomene is out and active, he can also aim the boomerang a lot better; it works more like a boomerang out of the Zelda games now (minus wind and extra effects).
  13. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    @Son_of_Shadows, Inner Flame, TheSequelReturns, Wordy
    Good work, and welcome back. Accepted.

    I just can't do it.
    There are too many things that don't sit right.
    What's the point of her parents being... what, drug dealers? That wasn't even clear. Her whole history was just that one idea. Her parents did somthing illegal in the basement, and when she found out what it was (because it wasn't obvious), she didn't like them anymore.
    And I can't help think that she's just a replacment Terri. She seems far too similar. She's a girl that's not feminine, has the similar style, and wants to rebel against authority. It feels the changes made from last time were only asthetic.
    Not to mention her random motorcycle her parents she hates gave her.
    I'm sorry, but Denied.

    I like alot of it, but I could use quite a bit more in the appearance.
    Also, the Persona choice is a bit off for the Chariot Arcana. This guy reminds more of the Tower really. I'd like to see him... Charioty-er if possible.
    For now, I need quite a few changes so: Denied at the moment.

    Both JG and MZ:
    Well, you're both trying to get the one spot that's open, so the first to make a sign up I approve of gets the spot.
    And that just isn't for you.
    Any one else can jump in with a good sign-up and steal it out from under you. So make haste. 8D

    EDIT: Sorry, you ninja'd me Ysa.
    I'll get right on looking over the sign-up.
    EDIT EDIT: I also missed VB. Same treatment as Ysa. Sorry, I just didn't see you there.

    @Ysa: Snow is looking good. Everyone except Russel seems to be having a growth spurt now.
    Accepted for the third time running.

    Can everyone do me a favor and bold the different section of their sign-ups by the way? It makes them much easier to read.
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    MarbleZone All lies and jest

    I edited the appearance, fleshing it out, but in regards to the Persona, what needs to be modified - appearance, personality or abilities? Because appearance-wise, Chariot has Ares and Thor, both warrior-looking like (half of) Asclepius :p
  15. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Hmm... I might be a bit bias but I thought Theresea was quite feminine. But then again I'm a complete tomboy that wears t-shirt and jeans all the time; I do wear skirts and dress for special occasions...

    I'm glad to be back in the RPG.

    And he's quite envious about it; added his jealousy toward Snow. And now he is the shortest guy... I can't tell if Miyuki got taller or not (TSR put her at 4'5 when we last asked) so he might be the second shortest of the group. Unless he decide to bump up her height now that I mention it. I guess I shall await for everyone to post their sign-up and for this to start, ciao.
  16. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Yeah, Theresa is definitely feminine to me. She loves cooking, loves shopping, her favorite color is magenta, she takes care of her little brother, wears skirts, drives a candy-colored car, she won't lay a finger on anyone and is a druid/mage (traditionally feminine). XD She's probably the most feminine of the original cast. XD I'd like to have a character who has the nerve to give Ciara a black eye after being insulted. Catfight ensues afterwards.

    Well, whatever. Working on one violet-eyed girl now. XD
  17. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    ~ Sign-Ups ~

    - Human -

    Name: Joaquim Pereira (JP)

    Age: 18, a senior

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Lovers

    Appearance: This tough boy relies on his physical appearance a lot, and as such, he’s toned his body through sports. JP is very muscular and stands at 1.83 meters (roughly 6 feet, I believe) and so he radiates an aura of intimidation. His face is rather square, with a wide, strong jaw kept tightened most of the time, and permanently covered by a light brown stubble, purposely so one should add. His brown eyes, however, betray his body language most of the time, showing tenderness and a calming beauty that melts away the girls’ hearts, much to JP’s satisfaction. His hair is light brown and kept rather short, never gelled or combed; it manages to shape itself rather well without manual interference.

    JP’s clothing style has changed a little. While before he liked to show off his frame, he has stopped bothering with that, and has begun dressing up in a more biker style (mostly because he has taken to ride his bike through town every day to unwind.) This includes pair of jeans, a t-shirt under a leather jacket kept zipped completely and some sneakers. He has also taken to wearing sun-glasses, a habit he’d lost shortly before coming to Bellow, but regained when the need arose for him to look at his old group without them noticing (they do either way, but JP’s not that smart.)

    As his personality and strong frame suggest, JP can handle himself quite well in a fight. He’s travelled the world due to his father’s job, and in each new home the first thing he did was to enrol in a local martial art gym. He proved to be a quick learner, and mastered fist fights and learned his way around a number of weapons, most notably swords. Though, even with his expertise with all manner of arms, he still preferred a good old fistfight. After the Disco incident, he’s been focussing on just his sword. He’s been getting better at it by letting Pedro control him temporarily and learning from what his persona does.

    Personality: JP is a complex guy, and you shall know why. Let’s see if I can write this in rhyme, and still deliver it on time. Let’s keep it simple, shall we? So here’s how he is, basically: Socially, he’s the man, the stud you look up to. He’s handsome, cool, and he knows kung fu. Ok, I’ll stop rhyming cause its hard. He gathers the attention and admiration of his friends with his ability to “score a hot stud”… ess. Score a hot mare? Score hot chicks. And he maintains this cool guy façade with a distant attitude that just yells “You’ll never be as good as me, but you might as well admire me.” He is not the best of friends; while he doesn’t call for any favours, he rarely if ever helps his buds out either. This makes him come off as somewhat of a jerk, which combined with the jealousy other guys have for his popularity with girls, and the girls’ hatred for his “jump and dump” attitude gives him a very strict group of acquaintances.

    His social mask is a direct opposite of his inner self. Years ago, the girl he loved and dated for two years, a lifetime for teenagers, cheated on him with his best friend. Over the course of time, this made him secretly develop an inferiority complex, since, in his head, he was not good enough a man and boyfriend to keep the love of his life, and also not good enough a friend to garnish the respect of his best friend. As such, he became insecure of how good he truly was, and the admiration he gets from his friends along with the ego boost from successfully getting on with many a different girl are all he had to give him some emotional sustenance, even if he considers such admiration a fake.

    The truth behind his actions, however, resides in one single detail: the need for someone to take care of him. His mom abandoned him, and so did the love of his young life, while his father was always absent. Now JP goes from girl to girl in search of the one, sucking the destined-not-to-last relationships of all the nurture he can before moving on to the next. He doesn’t show anxiety between break-ups, but the fear of being alone forever terrifies him.

    Fighting both shadows and regular people alike, is the only other thing capable of boosting his self-confidence. He is quite good at it, and the thrill of victory is something he lives for. As such, he is quick to get into a fight, but not always with the best of intentions in mind.

    History: JP grew up travelling from one country to the next. His mother abandoned him, and his father, a diplomat, was forced to take his son with him whenever the job demanded a new home. As such, friends became a luxury for the young boy, and girlfriends were something he could only ever have in dreams. The family is originally Portuguese, so they returned to their home country every few years. During a particularly long stay, when JP started to think all the travelling was over, he finally manages to meet the girl of his life, Maria. His first love was incredibly intense, and formed a bond between the two that both swore would last forever.

    Not surprisingly, it didn’t. At 16, after dating Maria for two years, his father sat down to have a chat with him: they were moving, again. This time to France, if it made any difference. The news broke the lovers’ hearts, and a week before departing, they exchanged silver rings with each other.
    The day of the departure, there was a huge storm and the Pereira’s flight was delayed by two days. Excited, JP rushed to see Maria as soon as he got from the airport. When he got there, however, he saw Maria in bed with Daniel, his best friend.

    Shock, outrage, sadness, bloodlust; all of that washed over him. He broke the window, yanked his naked best friend out of bed and pummelled him senseless, sending the boy to the hospital. The only reason he wasn’t arrested was because he fled the country before either one confessed who was the culprit. Their guilty silence, however, fell on deaf ears, for the scars had been etched. Forever would he remain untrusting and absent, hidden behind a mask of cockiness.

    JP still keeps the ring hanging from his neck on a silver chain, as a reminder of the frailty of all things, like his love, and that deceit can be anywhere.

    After the Terry incident, he has withdrawn from the direct interaction with the others, particularly so after the Court starts. Most days, he patrols the areas near the hospital and the dorms by himself, dispatching weak shadows and the occasional higher tier one. He’s been in a few close calls, be he manages to slink away inside one of the buildings and either disappear from the enemies radar or attempt an ambush or pincer strategy with Pedro.

    During Fridays and weekends, however, he tracks down the squad and watches them from afar, occasionally stepping in if the going gets rough, but disappearing before he can answer any questions. He does this because the guilt from what happened to Terri is tearing away at his heart, and he fears that, if put in a similar situation, he would still choose his wellbeing over another’s and bring upon more misery upon the Court-Goers.

    He also visits Terry nearly daily, but purely out of guilt. The time he’s with her is spent second guessing himself and their relationship. He’s even known to talk to himself when next to her, the poor boy; for when he knows no one is hearing is the only moment he is honest with himself.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: (Joaquim Pereira)

    Relations: This will be pretty straightforward: he’s cut them. Out of his own fear and insecurity. He does not want to bring any more harm upon his old group, and as such he’s painfully distanced himself, only ever meeting them during Wulfgard’s training sessions (and even then, he acts distant and nonchalant.) Though, truth be told, he is craving for the day the cast makes an “Intervention!” sort of deal and force him to return to their ranks, but he refuses to admit this wish even to himself. Pedro comments on it from time to time, though.

    - Persona -

    Name: Pedro

    Appearance: Modelled after the heartbroken cruel king who lost his wife to politics and jealously, Pedro wears richly adorned shiny silver armour on his right arm that extends to the upper part of his torso, jumping the stomach area and reappearing on his legs. His abdominal region is clothed by the chainmail suit which covers his entire body beneath the heavier armour, with the exception of his left arm, which shows only skin dirtied with blood trails. He wears a pendant with the picture of his late wife, Ines, inside, but shows it to no one. The only other image of her is the face on his belt buckle, permanently bloodied and impossible to make out during the short time this persona is summoned. He wears an ebony crown etched with rubies, emeralds and other gems, and from his right and left eyes drop a tear and blood, respectively.

    His weapon is a BFS: a large claymore brimming with Christian symbolism, coloured black and embellished with gold, particularly in the guard and handle, with, yet again, an eternally blood soaked blade.

    Personality: The story goes Pedro was to be married to someone of royal lineage, yet he fell in love with a peasant. The love of his life was killed during a romantic escapade, her blood still marking the spot she died till today (this part is true, there’s a red stain in a rock on the creek where they supposedly were, though it’s usually hand-waved as algid) so she couldn’t claim the throne. When Pedro took the throne, he refused to marry, and elected the dead Ines as queen (making her the only queen in history to be crowned post-humously) and ruled with an iron fist. While Henry VIII was known as The Gluttonous, Pedro was known as The Cruel. He sentenced many criminals to death for crimes which would barely be worth a slap on the wrist. Oh, and he tortured the ones responsible for the killing of his wife IN PUBLIC before executing them. This guy was piiiiissed.

    The Persona mirrors the legend. Pedro is cruel to criminals and wrongdoers, and quick to fight to defend love, even if at the cost of his own life (or rather, JP’s life). While both persona and human have strong egos, the overpowering hatred Pedro spawns, along with his overbearing personality make this Persona sometimes take over the actual human. The overconfidence and accomplishment JP feels when this happens makes it very hard for him to resist it. But though he is cruel and mostly unforgiving, Pedro is also wise (when love is not involved, for that feeling drives any man insane) and cunning. As such, he is not as hot-headed in the battlefield as JP, making him be somewhat of a stabilizing part of the boy’s personality in battle.

    Abilities: This persona is a physical fighter. He is a swordsman of unparalleled power (/embellishing) and as so has many physical techniques at his disposal. His cruel mind and wounded heart has granted him access to the powerful, but rarely used darkness spell “Mudo.” In addition, JP’s new loner attitude has brought out the need to summon Pedro and keep him around for long periods of time. After two months, JP’s learned to keep him out for very, very long periods of time, though it is tiring and does harm the boy’s battle performance if but a little.
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  18. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Well, the Personae of the Chariot have always been strong, durable, warriors and monsters. I'm fine with a bit of devation, but a god of medicine and healing seems to be a bit off.
    Still, I like him.
    The Appearance has been improved though, and that was my main beef. So...
    Why not.
    Welcome to the group. Fridays are casual, and we usually pitch in for a Subway platter on Mondays to spice things up. The swear jar is in the corner, so remember to watch your language.

    Me and TSR agreed that anything less than 5 feet was way to short for Miyuki and Izzy. They were officially bumped up as such in a our sign-ups a ways back. Izzy's reaching 5'5 now.
    Anyway, this is for sign-ups so I'd appreciate no one posting here once they've been accepted. I don't want any mod trouble.

    Lose the snark in the contract section, unbold the new stuff, and we have a deal. Accepted after those changes.

    This torch mode seems... really powerful. I can't really just let it go.
    We'll need to find a different utility for Saturnus. Other than that, Lace is completely batshit loco... so she seems to be about right, eh?
    Pending. We need to change the utility, but she's fine other than that.

    In other news, I'm currently writing full, real sign-ups for the GMPCs. If I'm making you guys work harder, so will I.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  19. Vivian_Bloom

    Vivian_Bloom Army Field Medic

    Things will get even more crazy when BOSS starts. Yeah, looking at it now I think your right Zinc. Torch-Mode's a bit much so I'll swap out for something light. Light for Lace means... Reconnaissance Agent! It doesn't increase attack or anything, just gets her from A-to-B and gather info for the group in the surrounding area.

    Hey, welcome to the team Marble! It'll be sweet, we're a fun bunch!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  20. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    I wouldn't let Lace handle my mail. Just saying. I'm still on edge about this ability as well.
    Being able to skirt around the battlefield fast, light things on fire, and still have your persona gliding behind you ready to attack...
    Maybe have the flames actually not damage anything, and put it down to be as quick as running, but doens't take as much energy.
    I think we can agree on that, can't we?

    @Kuririruia, Niihyl, Blivsey, and my Knight in Snarky Armor (GH)
    Waiting on just you guys now.
    How's it hanging?

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