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Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Zincspider, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls!

    Testa Jones
    Jones' Residence
    Sunday October 30th- 11:59 PM

    “I just don't know...”

    Mr. Jones stared at the brown aged map before him, but his thoughts were elsewhere. Lit by a single desk lamp, the attic wasn't the most well lit area in the household, causing him to squint more than usual, but it was the only place Haru allowed him to keep his old gear. The rough, uneven, wooden table he was sitting at was covered in a layer of dust, uniform to the rest of the room. Past the table, where darkness lay, large clay pots, rusty swords, stacks of leather-bound books, and even small wooden chests were all that was left of Testa's old life. But for once he hadn't come upstairs to reminisce. Other matters were on his mind. Removing a dying cigarette from his mouth, Mr. Jones extinguished the remnants on the table, making a small black marking.

    Reaching up, Jones began to ruffle his hair, a gesture that indicated he was truly stumped. A rare expression, a frown, creased his face in a manner not often seen. His brow was furrowed with worry, and he seemed to have forgotten to shave earlier in the day, his black scruff a little bit more prominent than usual. His white tie had long been unraveled, laying around his shoulders and onto his blue sweater-vest like a towel.

    “How'd you do it?” Testa prodded at the map, his finger jabbing a small area to the east, a little part of Japan. “Tatsumi Port Island... just a few years ago, you were going through the same damn mess.” Turning to the right of the map, Testa shuffled through stacks of printed sheets, info of the epidemic that had spread throughout Japan... and Quarterman itself fifteen years ago. Apathy Syndrome. It seemed to be completely random in choosing it's victims. One day, a person could be perfectly fine, running around, playing hookie, watching the stars... and the next, they'd turn up a husk of their former self. Unable to walk, talk, speak, eat, or act in any fashion, they could barely be called human. Doctors could do nothing for them, but make sure they stayed alive. Nothing seemed to be wrong with them... it's as if they just stopped caring. Everyday, more of these 'Lost' were inducted into the Hospital, where nothing could be done for them. The facilities at the high school housed students with the disease, as to prevent overflow at the General Hospital. But like the island, Quarterman has faced this plague before, and survived somehow. “What did you do?... What did we do?” No records could give him the details he needed.

    It wasn't often Jones was faced with a problem he had absolutely no solution to. It wasn't like the old days. He wasn't lost in the desert, with only his wits and a compact mirror to keep him alive. He wasn't being strangled by an anaconda. He wasn't having to escape from a religious cult, for stealing one of their holy relics. This was worse. Nothing but pure information would save these people.

    Reaching into his pocket, Jones pulled out a small cardboard box, and retrieved the last cigarette from it's maw. Sticking it in his mouth, he searched the table for a light, finally stumbling on a pack of matches. Striking one of the sticks on the rough edge of the packet, he raised the small flame to his mouth, protecting it from the drafty attic with his second hand acting as a cupped barrier, and lit the small cylinder.

    Garret Wulfgard
    Streets of Quarterman
    Sunday October 30th- Court of Miracles (12:00 AM)

    They couldn't stay around the school anymore. The Shadows were too numerous, too powerful. They were spreading through the whole city now, a veritable black tide of doom. As cliché as it sounded, it was about as accurate of an analysis Garret could make of the monsters. He had seen what they could do fifteen years ago, and they weren't any weaker now.


    Garret ducked, returning to his senses. A a single arrow, followed by a volley of spears of a black inky substance flew just a few inches where his head had been a second ago. Turning, he saw the missiles hit their mark in the chest of a large, minotaur like shadow. Seeming to be the flavor of the night, the large bipedal beasts were more numerous than anything else on the street. Manes of greasy black hair broken by huge horns, just right for goring, covered their heads. The usual fare for shadows, a large creepy mask, covered their faces. This one, however, didn't stay formed for too long. The real arrow dug into it's target first, barely phasing the large beast. The multitude of Mudo cast behind it though... Garret had to cover his ears to block out the bellows, the sound of a dying bull amplified a hundredfold being too much to bear. The beast evaporated into nothing.

    “Nice going Mana!” Garret shouted, unsure where the archer was. If the arrow hadn't given away his identity, the spell behind it certainly had.

    The kids were learning. They'd far surpassed his ability with Personae already.

    The street was a battlefield. Cars turned on their sides, lifted by Personae to create makeshift barriers. Cracks in the asphalt from particularly powerful strikes, falls, and blows. The ghastly yellow light of the moon seemed clearer tonight, making the light cast off it seem almost... normal. If not for the odd red substance leaking along the walls, Garret would have almost believed they were in the real world. But the Court of Miracles it was.

    Inside a nearby hardware store, Garret could see one of the Minotaurs cornering Snow through the window. Before he could shout out, a dark hand reached up from behind and tapped the monster on the shoulder, causing it to turn... only to find a fiery fist lodged firmly in it's mask. The impact knocked it over, allowed Snow, and Sigmund (for who else could it be?), to quickly dispose of it together. Garret sighed, crisis averted.

    In the middle of the street nearly a block ahead, Russell, Halberd, Lace, and Clarise stood back to back, each gripping a large blue card the width of their palm in one of their hands. Several of the beasts circling around them, shaking their manes, attempting to intimidate their prey. In unison, the kids raised the tarot to their heads. Wulfgard could practically feel the buzzing sensation they caused himself. In a flash, the sound of breaking glass announced the arrival of their Personae. A woman clothed in shadow, a handsome young man with a bow, a large limbless man on fire, and what appeared to be a cheerleader stood in front of their charges.

    Wulfgard turned his head an winced. Some things were too brutal for him to watch. The bulls never stood a chance.


    An earth shattering shake caused Wulfgard to lose his footing, falling on his knees in the middle of the street. To his left, the body of a minotaur lay broken, evaporating, and seemingly appeared from nowhere. Looking up, he found the source of the monster's downfall. Randy Clopin and Izzy Simone stared from the top of the multistory building next to Garret, both of their faces that of joy... or at least those of 'Holy crap, I can't believed that worked'. Without even looking at each other, their fists raised and smacked together in celebration.

    Wulfgard shook his head. They were doing well. But something didn't feel right. It had been two months since the last Shadow version had shown up. Staring at the moon Wulfgard saw the Court was coming close to an end, as it was almost completely eclipsed.

    “Something bad's coming... I can just feel it.”

    Testa Jones
    Jones' Residence
    Monday October 31st- 12:01 AM

    'And I don't have any information...'

    Finally, the cigarette caught. Waving the match out with one hand, Jones took a long drag with the other, allowing himself to relax. Positive the match was extinguished, he tossed it behind, and slid down in his chair, right arm slung over the back, left hand holding his fix, and legs sprawled out before him. He hadn't really felt the need to slide back and let his muscles lose their tension in a long time. It felt good. 'Something's out for us... Quarterman definately isn't the first or last case of this plague.'

    “Testa... you in there?” Knuckles rapped on the door to his little room, breaking his state of mind.

    Testa grinned at the sound of his wife's voice. He'd probably kept her awake. But he was still glad she'd worried enough to come to the attic. Ending his relaxation, Testa quickly pulled the cord on the lamp, shutting it off, leaving only the light from under the door to guide him. Even though it was fresh, Testa put out the cigarette in the same fashion as the last one, leaving the carcass on the table. Haru couldn't stand them.

    “I'm coming. Just... had to finish a bit of work.” Opening the door, Testa didn't even bother to see how Haruka was dressed before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her close. Whatever was going on scared him, even if he didn't admit it. It could take either of them at anytime. He held her tighter, pressing her head into his chest, and petted her short brown hair. She didn't resist, and seemed to take it in stride, but it made her voice a bit muffled.



    “You smell like smoke.”

    “Sorry. Let's head to bed.”

    Deciding the embrace had gone on long enough, Haruka finally pushed herself off of her husband, and looked him in the eye, cocking a single eyebrow in interest. She was still wearing her uniform for work, tan shorts over black leggings, a pink button-up, and a black apron. Reaching up, she grabbed his tie's loose ends, and pulled him down to her level.

    “Yes... let's.” She replied impishly, a grimace spreading across her face. Testa didn't have time to react before getting drug down the hall, down the stairs, and into their room.
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  2. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: ...Oh wow, I didn't expect to be the first poster. Guess I just happened to be in the right webspace at the right time. Anyway, I finally decided to give in to Garret's request, as you'll see in the first half of my post. Speaking of my post, I'm having fun titling my posts nowadays... ^_^
    Bryan "Halberd" Donneley
    Memory Lane
    "It Happened To Be Hell"

    What a hassle this weekend has been. And it wasn't just the ordinary school stuff. No, it was way more complicated than that. He clearly remembered the events of this Thursday afternoon, when he heard that ominous knocking on the door of his apartment. It was his landlord, equipped with an eviction notice. Why? That particular apartment complex normally prohibited minors (persons under the age of 18) from taking up residence there, but those who were to turn 18 within six months of taking residence, provided "good conduct", were exempt from that rule. Halberd certainly fit this category, for he would be turning 18 near the beginning of January. Only problem was, the person in the apartment directly next to him had a habit of blasting death metal music, and a quiet-loving person in the floor above just happened to know Halberd better than the neighbour, specifically the fact that his favourite genre of music also happened to be metal (not death metal, but that's beside the point). And since Halberd happened to also be one of those conditional minors, he was the first one to blame for this noisy disturbance, and thus ended up being the one evicted. Turns out the landlord subsequently modified the age policy to prevent admission of all minors, period, afterwards.

    But it did have its good points. For one, after being evicted, Halberd had to move into the dorms of Bellow High, both for convenience and for "defense". This meant that he would have easy access to conversations with Russell, Snow, Mana, and all the other interesting people and fellow Court members (except the girls, obviously). Also, this eviction just happened to take place near a weekend. Meaning his family was able to drive out here and help him move. His brothers and neighbour, collectively called the Black Cat Bandits, happened to not have much schoolwork that weekend, and thus were able to help as well. This really made the weekend: few things pleased Halberd more than to see his fellow gangster-thieves, his brothers and best friends, once again. It was kind of awkward introducing everyone to his dorm-mates, but everyone ultimately seemed okay with it.

    Okay, so it wasn't just the weekend that had been a hassle, but practically the whole school year so far. First of all, there was his awkward power struggle in the Bellow High fencing club. Within the first week or so of the school year, he had been demoted to "Pussy-Wussy King" by "Saint" Bernard, the club president. Probably because of his strict adherence to the morals associated with "classical" fencing, he ended up being in charge of all the small and timid people. Of course, in a way this was to his benefit, as he enjoyed teaching these people how to fence, and the way he emphasized the irrelevance of brute force resonated with him in some way, even though he himself happened to be perfectly capable of using brute force when equipped with a sword (as Bernard used to point out before giving up and dubbing him with that title). And nowadays whenever he fenced someone, he would say a sient affirmation to Scathach while saluting the other person. In the end, all this stuff cost Halberd an extra hour after school on most days.

    And then there was the Court of Miracles. Court training was either on afternoons or at midnight during the Dark Hour, the latter being much more common. Halberd still didn't quite get the Court, and by now he thought he probably never will. In fact, though the Court training itself hardly ever ate away at his time (since it occurred outside of time in most cases), the minutes (or even hours) he wasted pondering its existence certainly did. Often times he would lie awake in bed after the Dark Hour trying to figure it out and would fall asleep by doing so. On those stubborn occasions when he wouldn't fall asleep while doing so (or of he had a video chat with Merlin for advice on it instead), he had to employ his store of illegally-obtained alcohol for that purpose. And to make matters worse, Court training also wore him out--there were several cases when his body felt sore and his mind felt drained the day after. Particularly if there was a lot of fighting or Persona-summoning involved, respectively. The fact that his Persona just happened to be the type who functioned best fighting alongside him certainly didn't help either.

    All of the above had crippled Halberd's focus on schoolwork. On several occasions he had to miss an assignment or do a crappy job on one due to lack of time and energy. He couldn't pull all-nighters like most normal high-schoolers, since doing so would cripple his performance in the Court battles. Even though he didn't fully comprehend the Court, he was aware of the devastation it could cause (heeding the example of JP and Theresa, especially), and thus decided to make it his primary focus. Still, regular old school was still in session, and before long his probably-poorer-than-normal grades would be reported, and subsequently discovered by his parents. Worse yet, his reason for doing so poorly happened to be something he couldn't possibly explain to them without it sounding like nonsense. Not to mention he himself happened to be someone who normally didn't believe in such supernatural stuff. This matter worried him to no end, especially since he wasn't as proficient at lying as the other Black Cat Bandits were.

    In short... it's been hell. (Except for the Black Cat Bandits coming to help him move... every hell has a silver lining. No wait...)

    Bellow High, Just After School
    "Two Eyes Are Better Than One"

    As today was Halloween, a bunch of students had come to school in costume today. Witches, werewolves, s|utty catwomen (the dress-code enforcers were harsh on these), aliens, French fries, you name it... it walked the campus. And today, Halberd was a pirate. Well, technically he had been a pirate in real life ever since the Black Cat Bandits got their start, but that's beside the point. He was sporting his long red battle coat--yes, the same one he wore during Court battles. It just happened to fit the pirate theme. And the tri-cornered hat, not a cheap foam one, but a leather one, deep brown and taking on a slightly weathered appearance similar to his coat. And the best part? He got away with bringing his rapier to school. He just had to tell the authorities (in pirate talk, of course) that it was ornamental, and they seemed to be okay with that.

    Feeling overall confident in himself, Halberd strode down the hallway leading between classroom units. Along the way, a random guy stopped to say something to him.
    "Hey, where's your eye patch?" he asked.

    Halberd sighed. He had already been asked this question a million times. Though he had by now come up with a well-practiced response to it, he was nonetheless exasperated at the degree of repetition with which he had to say this. Grasping the hilt of his rapier with one hand, he randomly nodded to the random dude.

    "Whene'er thar be sword fightin'," Halberd replied, his voice a bit more gruff than usual, "one be best to protect the eyes. One-eyed sight be flat, with the sea no further away than yer hand."
    Okay, he had to admit that version sounded a little too riddle-like, but it seemed to get the point across.

    "No depth perception, riiiiight," the Unassuming Local Guy commented, presenting the last word in a very touche-like fashion. "Well then, don't go drinking too much rum tonight. If you can even find any, haha."
    What kind of a comment was that? Did he not know that one piece of Halberd's illegal spirits stash was in fact rum? Oh, right, that was supposed to be beyond anyone's knowledge.

    On the way out of the hallway, Halberd spotted a flyer advertising the Costume Ball happening tonight. He was still debating on whether to attend or not. On one hand, he wasn't much of a partygoer. On the other, he didn't really have another way of celebrating this Halloween. He thought about how much fun he had the last several Halloweens, when he and the other Black Cat Bandits went trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. They never grew too old for that practice. In the last two years, they even snuck their way into a club or two to check out any public parties going on. Once while dressed as a group of fictional spies. Such fond memories indeed. How would the others celebrate without him? Now he felt rather foolish dressed as a pirate, for he had no crew.

    Fencing club had been cancelled today due to Halloween being a "holiday", which on one hand Halberd was disappointed about, but on another, he was relieved. He wasn't quite in the mood for it anyway, having used up quite a bit of energy in last night's Court while fighting those minotaurs. Not to mention his sword arm was feeling a bit sore from all the action of that night. It was getting gradually stronger though, not that anyone really noticed because he was large to begin with.

    When all was said and done (hopefully), Halberd headed back to his new home, the Bellow High dorms, sitting around in the common room and brewing himself a cup of afternoon tea. Perhaps if he hung around in the common room enough, he would get into a conversation with a dormmate and find out about something else that was going on tonight.
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  3. Vivian_Bloom

    Vivian_Bloom Army Field Medic

    Lace Condor
    Bellow High Halls
    Friday Afternoon

    "One Ain't Enough"


    A girl wearing a black and gold Oni-Mask was staring at the notice on the wall. "They're throwing a Halloween party?" You couldn't see her face but a smile grew behind that mask. She ran her tatooed and gloved hands over the notice and stepped back. Lace clenched her fists and walked down the hall towards the entrance doors. The mask Lace wore had Lace's hair going wild down to her shoulders. Gold horns curled from the top and a row of sharp golden teeth took up her mouth above an evil-looking smile. The eye slots were paper thin but Lace had no problems making her way through the crowds. Her much loved pair of long daggers were strapped on her back for "decoration" on top of her ninja armor.

    Dark-painted symbols and markings completely covered her neck, arms and legs. A black sleeve-less vest was tied by a belt to a her ripped white and black striped shorts. Wearing no shoes at all, a pair of knee-high orange and black socks took up her legs. Open vest, dark shorts, and knee-socks, this creature set upon the entrance to her new dorms. She'd moved in recently with her fellow Persona-users thanks to Wulfgard and Lace didn't have any qualms with getting closer to her mates. Standing right outside the door, she took a few deep breaths and gently pushed her way into the common room.

    Out of the corner of her mask she spotted a guy already here. "What's he drinking?" She said turning from the door. Lace made her way over to the drinks and stared around at the sink before taking out a can of Pepsi from her vest pocket. Lace tried and failed to drink through her mask, making a small mess on the floor. "Crap!" She cursed to herself. She peeked over to check if the guy had noticed and took off her mask, placing it on the table. A bit of fidgeting, she stepped on the spill and started to moon-walk up and down the tile mopping it up with her socks as Lace started beat-boxing. A minute after it was all up and some more sliding she stepped off the kitchen floor, and set her daggers by the mask. Downing the Pepsi in seconds she crushed it and tossed in the garbage "Three points!" Before going over to the Pirate-dude.

    She wasn't sure on whether he noticed her in the room so after making note of the tea he had she tip-toed back to retrieve her mask, put it on and jumped infront of him. It didn't matter whether he jumped or she spooked him out, she snatched off her mask and laughed. The guy wasn't that much taller than her but she did have to tilt her head up a bit. After a second of gazing at him she swallowed and met his eyes. "Hey, my name's Lace," she said. "And I,";snatching out her favorite bag of M&M's, "am a demon...ninja!" She pointed to the both of them. "A pirate and his deadly cold-blooded assassin. Only a captain can have a hat like that. Lace pumped her fists. "A cap needs a party, I'll join your pirate crew!" She squinted at him and leaned in. "Now. Where be the best spots for candy and drink? Do we have a heading? Cap'n?!"
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  4. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    OOC: Yes, I'm having Joshua start on Sunday night. Because dammit, I want to- Well, you'll see.

    Joshua Sands - Tower Arcana - Sunday Night - Court of Miracles - Quartermain Town Centre


    Monday Afternoon - Testa Jones' Homeroom

    Monday afternoon, and he was still a little sore from the hard hit he'd taken from that minotaur. Still, a little paracetamol, and it barely bothered him at all. As he drowned in another one of Testa Jones' probably fabricated stories, he thought about everything that had happened the night before. WHY did he think trying to Frigid Blast that minotaur was a good idea? He could probably have gone with his standard Ice Blade. He'd been getting a little more confident lately he supposed, probably down to Ciara, who was pushing him, especially in training... She was pushing him to feel better about himself, at least a little. He cast his memory back to the night after the group's battle with Shadow JP...

    There'd been no Shadow Selves to add to his little database since that night. Typical. But still... He kept thinking back to that night, and Ciara asleep in his bed, of all places. It still seemed so strange to him. Why had she chosen to stay with him, rather than Miyuki, or just go home? Oh dear... There'd been a few odd looks from people over that incident, but he didn't let it get to him. It was all perfectly innocent, not that anyone would believe him. People will believe what they want.

    Thinking of Ciara, it was her birthday tomorrow, so Joshua had planned to meet with Miyuki after school to pick up a present for her. He supposed he should double-check, and surreptitiously pulled out his phone to text the younger girl:

    Hey Miyuki, still on for today for shopping for Ciara? Meet me at the front of school. He really hated text speak. Now he turned to the matter of tonight's Halloween party. He already had his costume hanging up in his room. Simple, elegant, and cheap since he already had everything he needed. Joshua would be dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, in his black suit, a cheap vampire cape and half mask. Unfortunately, he couldn't wear it when the Court rolled around, it would be far too impractical, but he would have a change at the ready... Yes, he'd be fine tonight. But with the Court expanding, and things having been almost too quiet lately on the Shadow Self front, he'd be on guard...
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  5. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Miyuki Tachibana ~
    - Monday - After School - Jones' Homeroom -

    For once, Miyuki wasn't asleep at the end of Jones' Homeroom. No, she had gotten her nap in during PE. Sometimes, it paid to appear frail.

    Instead, she sat wither her rarely worn glasses on, going over her notebook. Over the past week or so, she had finally compiled a full list of everyone's Personae, including a small sketch and a descriptions of their powers as well as where in mythology that particular figure came from. It had been quite the little project. But that wasn't all, she had also started a list of the minor Shadows, in much the same fashion. She knew Joshua was doing something similar, so maybe they could trade notes at some point. She was hoping to one day complete a full compendium on the Court. That way, it would be documented so if it ever happened again, or if they failed, then the next people to stumble into the Court would have something to use for reference. Ambitious, yes, but it kept her mind off of the heavier things as of late.

    With the sweet ringing of the bell, the school day was officially over. Miyuki was already ready to go, she rarely took more than her notebook to Mr. Jones' class, but she took her time getting up. Sitting at the back of the class meant that you were last in line to get out in the end of the day rush. A small musical chime played from her pocket. A text message?

    Ah, Joshua. Of course she was still on for today, they had been planning this for a little while now. She sent back a reply. Of course. I've got to stop by my room first, but I'll meet you there. Somewhere along the line she had dropped the habit of signing her texts. She had also picked up a dorm room along the way as well. It was part of Wulfgard's plan to help keep them all together and organised, or something. She had to admit, it made her daily commute a lot less taxing. Miyuki had been worried about asking for permission, but when her parents heard she was moving into the dorms to spend more time with friends, they pretty much agreed then and there. It had been quite a while since Miyuki had had any good friends at all. Then again, she used to sleep all day.

    The crowd finally thinning, Miyuki took her chance and made for the dorms. A short walk later, and she was climbing the steps to the 3rd floor. Her dorm room was still every bit as clean and tidy as it was when she moved in. She didn't bring too many of her things along, at least not yet. She'd only had the room for a week at any rate. Stowing the notebook away in a desk drawer for safekeeping, she grabbed her funds (a debit card, her parents said it was safer than carrying cash), her pocket notebook (she never left without it), and two pieces of caramel, one to snack on the other in case Joshua wanted one. Her inventory management complete, she made her way back out onto campus and headed for the gate.

    Sure enough, Joshua was already there. She waved as she approached. Odd, something felt different. Reaching up, she realized she still hadn't taken off her reading glasses from class. She had been too preoccupied, and perhaps a bit too excited to remember to put them away. She snatched them off, folding them and stowing them in an empty pocket, too flustered to bother with the case. She didn't like how her glasses looked, so she only wore them when necessary. "So, um, are you ready?" she asked, desperate to move things along. "I've got a list prepared." A quick flip of paper brought her notebook open and pointed towards Joshua. "I was thinking we could hit the mall first, then if we can't find anything there we can try those specialty shops on the back-road. What do you think?"

    Even though she was pointing the open notebook at him, she was watching his face. She wanted to check his reactions. Today was a special day for her little plan, and she wanted everything to go perfectly.
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  6. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    OOC: Short, but, eh.

    Joshua Sands - Tower Arcana - Monday After School - Front Gate

    Ah, there she was. He gave Miyuki a smile and waved back at her as she approached. He couldn't help but wonder about her text - what did she need? Probably nothing important though, girls and their bags or makeup, or whatever. Was Miyuki that type? Hardly, but a girl is a girl, right? ... Jeez, I really don't know a damn thing, do I. "Afternoon," he said as Miyuki put her glasses away.

    "So, um, are you ready? I've got a list prepared." This was something Joshua liked about hanging out with Miyuki. She had a knack for being prepared and organised. "I was thinking we could hit the mall first, then if we can't find anything there we can try those specialty shops on the back-road. What do you think?"

    "Sounds ideal to me. Got to be honest, I've got no idea what she'd like, so I'm relying pretty heavily on you today..." He pulled his wallet, and had a look inside. He had $50 with him, and his ATM card just in case, so Joshua was pretty flexible in terms of what they could pick up. "Let's go then?"


    Quartermain Mall

    "So, the obvious question... What do you get a girl turning 18?" Joshua turned to Miyuki and shrugged. For the love of God, don't say lingerie, Miyuki...
  7. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Russell Wilton
    10/31/11 Monday @ Bellow High School After Class

    It has been two months of fighting for his life yet the most annoying week had actually been last week with everyone being excited of stupid Halloween. He honestly didn’t care for it, it was another holiday that corporations and business use to milk money out people. Loads of candy that isn’t good for you and costumes that will probably only be used once before being discard for a new one next year, yes this was a totally needed holiday. But the only annoying part was people constantly asking what costume he would be wearing and he always told them the same thing: he’d be the cold looking kid freezing his butt off. He didn’t want to use his money to get a costume, getting a job at fourteen proved to be a difficult task. His parents did send him money but he wasn’t using it on that.

    This Monday people were walking around wearing costume; excitedly chatting about going to the Costume Party. And even though there wasn’t a Drama Club meeting today, some of the Drama Club members had kidnapped him. They were a bunch of eccentrics but compared to Lace and Sofiya, they were completely normal. They just insisted that he must have a costume thus they began to play dress up with him. First was a dwarf costume, then elf and next was a hobbit… it became clear that his costumes was being based off his size. Or maybe they were just trying out costumes to see which one fits him so they’d have his role planned out for the next school play. He almost left when they pulled out a fairy costume. They claimed it was a joke but he knew that they would put it on him if he let them. They finally gave him a decent looking costume. Cooler than the lame four that came before, it was a musketeer outfit.

    The torso area was red; the sleeves were a dark gray until its cuff in which it was red again. The seams where gold and there was a gold cross center of the chest. The hat was gray with the tip of the long rim was red and had an overly huge red feather attached to it. The pants were dark gray like the sleeves. The collar and the end of the pants were decorated with white lacey frills. A pair of black leather boots reach up passed his ankles. Russell refused to wear the long curly brown wig and the fake mustache and goatee, which slight reminded him of Halberd, his hair alone was already a bother. To finish the look he had a nice leather belt and fake sword tuck into it. The costume surprisingly fit well on him and the hat was so kind to do what his hat did and keep his bangs away from his eyes.

    The group cheered at the finish product saying he had a mixture of a cool yet cute swordsman; as well as mention that he had to go to the costume party. The redhead was still was deciding against going. After telling them that the Drama Club members still let him keep it, telling him to just wear if for today if nothing else. He was about to leave when he got called.

    “Oh... hey... Russell...” One of the freshman girls of the drama club came up to him, Melissa Paige who helps with the costume design. She had black hair with blonde highlights and had brown eyes but quite often wore different color contacts; her favorite seem to be green. “About the Costume Ball... I was wondering...” She paused looking rather embarrass as she looked at him. The redhead remained calm because he was pretty sure he knew where this was going. “If you… know if Snow has a date already.”

    Yup, just as he had predicted ever since Snowy got tall on him these kinds of questions got pointed at him more and more often. How in the world did he become his wingman all of the sudden? Damn Snowy, deciding to get a growth spurt suddenly and leaving him to be the short one. He was about his height and now he was in the towering above him. If someone told him that in about a month time he’ll be looking up at Snow he would have laughed at them, but now it looks like the joke was on him.

    “You’re asking the wrong person,” He rather bitterly replied and the freshman girl was taken back at it. Russell bit his lip; there he goes let his word project his emotions or rather his obstinate personality making his words come out rather strong and intimidating. He didn’t need more people with bad impression of him especially not in the club he in was in so he tried to soften the blow. “What I mean is... I don’t know, ask him yourself.” Still sounded rather rude by the way he put it but she seemed to understand his efforts and calmed down.

    “You’re right...” she said to herself with a sigh letting her head drop more. She had a couple of inches on him as well. She smiled back at him. “...I’ll see if I can find him. See ya and I hope you feel better.” She ended the comment like that, which confused Russell quite a bit.

    Outside the Dorms

    Russell probably would have when into the dorm but ever since Halberd moved into it he finds that his favorite spot on living area couch occupied by his upperclassman. Then he’d ask him if they want do something and he often denied him claiming that he had homework even if he didn’t. After awhile he starts feeling bad for keep denying him so he feels forced into hanging out with him. Even though they tend to have fun he still felt uncomfortable around him. Why did he have to be so nice to him? This would make the whole guilt thing so much easier he was a little less of a good guy yet he was glad he was one as well. Complexity of feelings, right now he didn’t want deal with Halberd or anyone actually.

    Russell went to behind the dorm building; he found rarely anyone came back there. He used this area for his solo morning training sessions. Dropping his bag leaned his back against the wall and just stared out into the space in front of him. He was feeling a bit down so he suddenly took out the rapier. It was just a prop that came with the costume; it was so much lighter than the real thing. He held it in his left hand a swung it a few times. Maybe it was because he was in costume, but he suddenly stood tall in fighting stance holding the sword out.

    “Engarde,” called out to his invisible opponent before he began fencing with him. Imitating slashes and stabs as well guards and dodges; he moved around in the area behind the building. He stumbled over a tree root then feint being stabbed in the shoulder. He used a moved he saw some people in the Fencing Club do, when he occasionally stalks them for some move ideas, that is suppose to disarm the opponent finishing with a stab straight through the person’s heart, if he was Russell height. “You were a valid opponent. But you were no match for… Russo!” He tried to imitate a Spanish accent before slash at the air much like Zorro but he tried to form an ‘R’ shape. After doing that he just stood there quiet before bursting into laughter.

    He was laughing so hard at himself that was just so stupid and juvenile; he was a little too old to be staging pretend fights with himself. It was like he was playing with his little siblings again. Elisa, Richard... just the thought of them suddenly quieted him. He let out a sigh before backing up to the back wall of the dorm. Staring up to the sky this time his eyes caught a cloud and he just stared intently at it as he thought. Russell really missed his family and whenever he thought about them he felt himself getting really down. Longing for them whenever he wasn’t doing something, so he tried to preoccupy his thoughts by doing a lot of things which was only difficult between when the freshman finished his homework and The Court and weekends in which he already had his homework done in advance. There was so much more to worry about but here the boy was getting all sad wanting to see mommy and daddy like a little kid. He was so mad at himself for it yet he couldn't stop it.

    “The Club President thought you were looking a bit down lately so he thought it would cheer you up if got a costume and went to the party.” He remembered what Melissa told him before he left. I look like his homesickness was getting a bit obvious even they were able to pick up on it. He sighed again. He really was having fun these past two months despite the misfortune called the Court of Miracle that he was pulled into it. He made some nice friends and even got to talk with Brent even though his greeting was far from pleasant... There were dozens of good things but here he was getting down.

    “Maybe I should go to the stupid Halloween Party... It might be my last one...” he muttered to himself once more getting angry. “What am I saying; that’s quitter talk! This isn’t going to be my last party! I’m going to make it to next year so I can deny the offer to go!” Shouting that seem to snap him out of his slump kind of. Still a little down he decided to stay outside for a moment until he decided he had enough of the chilly October air .
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  8. Wordy

    Wordy #FlorrieSlayage2014

    Ciara H. Wright, Battlefield Rose
    After School

    I hope you're prepared for tonight. I want to be with someone who looks fabulous.

    Ciara smiled to herself, and pressed the 'Send' button. The text was away, off to Joshua. The girl thought for a few moments about the last time she had actually properly talked to him- today, she had been busy with a therapist's appointment and hadn't had much time to chat. Oh yeah, right. Last night. She vaguely remembered seeing him at some point in the Court. Oh yeah, she had saved his arse.

    He was off at the mall with Miyuki, presumably buying her a birthday present... Finally. She had been dropping hints for the past couple of weeks, but she guessed that they had probably been busy doing other things. Still, she couldn't believe that she was almost eighteen! An eighteen year old girl could do a lot of things that a seventeen year old couldn't. Like that.

    Ciara spontaneously began to laugh, cackling for quite a while before calming down. Oh, dear. Luckily, there seemed to be nobody else around the big tree, where she was currently sitting. Here in the shade, she could afford to be solitary. It was nice here, and she could see why it was Miyuki's favourite spot. Just peaceful. Not many people came out this far.

    She was all set up for the ball tonight, and had decided to be audacious and daring. Her two costumes were up in her room- there was the fake one, just for the shock factor... and then there was the real one. Oh, she would love wearing the fake one. It would be like they were seeing a ghost... although she wasn't able to find a blonde wig in time. Pity. She just wanted to make a point, even if they were unable to see it like that.

    Still, the real one was absolutely stunning. A witch with a floor-length backless, strapless black dress with a slit in the legs, three-inch heeled boots, a delectable hat and the most perfect blood-red make-up; she would accessorise with a wonderful willow broomstick. She had tried it on last night- she would definitely be the centre of attention because she looked amazing. Who cared about the practicality? What mattered was that her legs looked divine and her breasts were suddenly majestic. She couldn't remember the last time she wore a nice dress like this... and it was expensive, too. It cost more than it had for her to furnish her new room in the dorms with that lavish velvet upholstery, and the bookshelf with a hidden wine cooler inside the Bible.

    All she hoped was that her date would match. Even if he totally wasn't her date, just somebody with 'something nice and black and matchy' that she would go with, so she could make practically every other girl there feel like dateless, ugly whores. Which they were, but hey. They didn't have to know.

    She smiled as she lay with her head against the tree. God, he'd better look good, or else she would kill him. It would be a Major Disaster worthy of Corporal Punishment if Colonel Catastrophe came to the ball instead of somebody that all the girls would be jealous of. All he needed was to exert a little bit of confidence, look the teeniest bit disinterested as opposed to being so earnest... and the girls would be chasing after him. If he wore the right costume with some mystique, and he got into the role... God.

    He'd have to fend them off with sticks. If Ciara hadn't fended them off with a poker first.

    And then there was the Court, which should be easy enough... and finally it would be All Hallows' Day.

    Her birthday.
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  9. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    <//JP- Lovers Arcana//3

    The automatic doors parted way and welcomed the boy inside, like they had done nearly every day for the past few months. The hospital’s lobby, depressive as all living hell, was now bothering him much less than normal, or barely at all, really. It was probably a benefit of habit, or maybe because he already was fairly depressed before he even got there. Regardless, JP’s stern, mostly unreadable facade (with the exception of those sad, sad eyes) did fool most of the nurses he met on the way to Terri’s room. Nurses who, mind you, already knew JP by name.

    Visiting a comatose had its advantages, even if they were vastly outnumbered by the sheer tragedy that got the poor soul there.

    “Afternoon, JP,” greeted a particular young nurse JP crossed paths with nearly every time he came to visit Terry. Susan – that’s her name – did fit the “sexy nurse” stereotype quite well, and on more than one occasion JP had the morbid courage (or foolishness) to actually flirt with her, right outside the room of... whatever unspecified thing Terri was to him when the incident happened.

    “Hey, Susan,” he greeted politely in the lowest, calmest voice he could make.

    “She’s already had her lunch but she could use the company before her afternoon nap.”

    She can nap? Was she getting better? Did his rabid slaughtering of Shadow’s have an effect on her? The look on JP’s face gave away his sudden burst of excitement... what wasn’t readable was the small, but definitely present, feeling of guilt and fear over the possibility of Terri waking up.

    “If she even sleeps at all today...”
    Susan had slowly let her voice trail away, and the end of the sentence was barely audible. She gave a polite nod to JP and mouthed a goodbye before proceeding with her work, leaving the boy alone right outside the white sliding door to Theresa Del Monico’s hospital room.

    After a good seven minutes just standing there, looking at the door like a retard, he took a deep breath and opened the door.

    The light inside the room was strangely intense. The windows were opened fully and the sun was coming in strongly through them; that, combined with the blank walls of the room, made for a strangely... calming experience upon entering.

    Terri herself lay in her bed staring absently at the ceiling. Her golden hair, almost angelical when touched by the gentle beams of light hitting her face, contrasted painfully with the sick, disturbing lime coloured sheets and pillow. Next to the bed, on the little table beside the bed, was a little jar of flowers. JP had refilled it once, more out of obligation than anything else, but the flowers he’d bought had long since withered and been replaced with something as nauseating as the vomit-coloured sheets.

    He pulled up a chair from the far end of the room, where a larger table surrounded by a few couple of chairs were kept, usually for family and friends who visited.

    He sat parallel to her, looking at the southern wall as he talked to her, knowing perfectly well he was talking to himself.

    “It’s Halloween, you know.”

    There was a sudden chirping of birds, and JP dared not to interrupt them. He waited until the little flock had flown away and left the room in silence to proceed.

    “You loved Halloween, didn’t you?”
    JP refrained from joking about Terri’s sense of fashion out loud knowing it would be in too bad a taste. Especially if some poor old dying soul walking the hallway heard him comparing Theresa to a leather bound Reaper annihilating darkness with the blade of her righteous scythe; the man would either have a heart attack or denounce JP as a maniac with the kid being ultimately forbidden of all visitation rights.

    “Though I’m not sure... Did you?...
    “What did I really know about you?”

    The kid sighed as a small wave of desperation overtook him. He had began rubbing his face, first slowly, but the strokes got consistently rougher as JP himself got more agitated.

    “You’d probably be all excited, looking to see who chose to defy authority with what, probably dragging me to the mall and getting me some provocative costume as well.”

    JP took a quick glance at Terri, but he averted his eyes immediately. The dead blankness in Terri’s eyes were just so overwhelmingly powerful. They reminded JP that he was the responsible for her condition, and for the pain and suffering she’d gone through before finally submitting to this state. It was his obnoxiousness and selfishness, his darkest and most hateful sins that brought this. He couldn’t stand being like this, a self-made pariah; an idiot, a downright ****ing bastard.

    He rested his head on his hands and began massaging his calp, trying to contain the self-loathing and anger rising within. At one point he was so overwhelmed by everything that he felt he’d crush his own skull, so much was the force he was applying. Only one thing ran through his head: it was all his fault. All of it. It was all...


    And he could not stand it. He’d had enough pretending. He had enough of being the self-chastised hero. He jumped up in one violent motion and looked directly at Terri, not letting her deplorable state affect him any further.

    “You trusted me! I did not ask for your vulnerability! I did not want to hold your heart in my hands! Why did you- how could you even do that!? You barely knew me! How could you trust me! How could you...! how could you...!”

    JP turned his back to her, opting to lean on his arm propped against a wall. It took all his might not to punch a hole or two on any random nearby object. Like that vase; that irritating, depressing vase holding a manifestation of death itself. Who the hell decorates hospitals? Anyone who spends more than one night on this place is bound to leave with some psychological disturbance. The aura of the place itself was enough to bring most people down.

    “How could you dare to make me trust you?”
    Another pause. The man-boy eventually threw Terri a look of... anger... maybe resentment?

    “How could you be so sure... I felt that...”

    That flock of birds returned, and so did their chorus. For a moment, the hospital room was filled with happy sounds of nature’s purity and harmony.

    “I wasn’t even sure of it myself...”
  10. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Okay okay, I simply HAVE to reply to VB's post. And hahaha, Halberd would be so proud of Russell if only he could see him... A major high-five to both VB and IF for their amazingly fun posts.
    Bryan "Halberd" Donneley
    Bellow High Common Room
    "Steel Melts and Fizzes"

    Ah, what a nice afternoon tea it was. Nothing like staying indoors on Samhain, as Merlin and many other witches (real ones, not the fake costumed ones) called it, waiting patiently for the sun to set and for supernatural forces to take over the night. Wait, who was Halberd to get excited about stuff like that? Perhaps Scathach and the Court had had an influence on him after all...

    Well, at any rate, Halberd was not alone in the common room for long. For just then a pixie twirled its way into the room, gleefully sipping her sugary drink (and spilling some in the process) and... trying to startle Halberd. Halberd did jump an inch in his seat, but that was a natural reaction. For now he was gazing upon her costume. As he did so, he made a mental note to take out his camera, take a picture of her, and post it on Picture Is Unrelated. Yes, her costume could totally fit in with that website. A black and gold mask Halberd was surprised she could even see out of. Enough tattoos covering her neck and limbs to poison her with ink. A vest-and-shorts combination that made her look like a sexy fugitive. And knee-socks that screamed "OH HALLOWEEN, I LUVS U SO MUCH <3". What was this abomination called anyway?

    "Hey, my name's Lace," she chimed. "And I am a demon... ninja!"

    It took a lot of willpower for Halberd to prevent himself from facepalming. But being the nice guy he was, and his Fortress of Morality standing strong as ever, he just sat there and cracked a smile.

    "A pirate and his deadly cold-blooded assassin," she continued, taking on an almost gruff tone of voice, much to imitate his own from today. "Only a captain can have a hat like that. A cap needs a party, I'll join your pirate crew!"

    Halberd's smile grew even bigger, though in reality he was freezing in awkwardness. The smile vanished when Lace came in closer.

    "Now. Where be the best spots for candy and drink? Do we have a heading? Cap'n?!"

    "Erm, well!" He would have no more of it. He would not be defeated by the Xenophobian Menace, as long as he was still named after a weapon he could fight it with. In his mind, he passionately plunged his rapier into the menace's chest, all in the name of equality for everyone. Victorious, he rose to his feet in real life. "The best spot I know for candy and drink is Marina's downtown. I was just there with my little brother this weekend. In the context of this dorm..." Yes, he was focusing on controlling his speech so much that he totally forgot to keep his pirate voice. "The only place I can think of is your room, perhaps. Which would you prefer?"

    Halberd could have slapped himself in the face for asking that kind of question.

    OOC: In case you're wondering, Samhain is pronounced SOW-en, and is the Wiccan name for Halloween (which has more of a Christian context). Yes, Gaelic pronunciations are weird. See also: Scathach = SKY-ah. @_@

    Another fun fact: The name of the candy shop I mentioned in my post is a slight modification of the name of a candy store right near where I live, one that also serves espresso and ice cream for extra buzzy zoomness. Hooray for inserting real-life influences into a story...
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  11. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Snow, school grounds

    At times, it was like Snow was living three lives. There was the normal school life that he was still figuring out. He had that mostly down, like the open notebook of math homework on his lap. For the homework itself, there wasn't much trouble. Getting used to his peers was another matter, although he felt he was making progress. For instance, he was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, the later of which had a music note graphic on it., so he looked more like a normal teenager. Although he didn't want to cut his hair. A lot of other guys had short hair, but Snow liked his long and kept it in a ponytail.

    Then there was the life he lived in the Court of Miracles. Training to fight, supporting his allies, facing down a weird hairy minotaur that probably would have knocked him over and cracked open his head if Sig hadn't caught it in time (for which he was very grateful)... well, he wasn't a fighter by far, but he could keep the others going longer than they could on their own. There was still a lot that could be done to make things better, like talking to JP (but he wanted some help with that). Snow didn't like the Court, especially with how many Apathy Syndrome cases were popping up because the Shadows were getting too numerous. But they were preventing some cases, right? He'd keep fighting with the others.

    And then there was the life that was mostly in the background now, what had been and what could be. Snow felt his cellphone slipping, so he paused in his homework to shift it back into place on his shoulder. “Like Justin Beiber?”

    “That was a very successful case and I'm sure you could pull off the same,” Mr. Stone said. He was a music agent who had once worked with Snow's parents. Now that they were gone, Stone was in charge of handling much of the business end of things until Snow was old enough to decide on his own.

    “I've heard, but,” he felt nervous about sounding ungrateful; there was a lot of work an agent did.

    And then there were the other kids around him. He didn't want the others to know of his music career; they might think that he wasn't like them and the last thing he wanted was to be kept alone for being special. Currently, Snow was sitting on a bench with his back against the arm and his feet on the seat, near a path. There were still some others around as school was out, including some girls who were just out of his hearing range. Was it them again? Why were they following him? It was creepy.

    He lowered his voice some, “I really don't know about the pop music scene.”

    “You've said that, but it would be a great way to establish yourself. Once you get known, then you can do what you want.”

    Snow bit his lip. He was getting rather annoyed at this back and forth he kept having with the agent, who was pushing him towards what he didn't want. And that's if he made it through his school years, what with the Court going on. Apathy or death, either one was a terrible fate to consider. “Could we at least put this off until summer break please?” he asked. “I have lots of school work and I need to focus on that.” And please don't do anything until then, he thought about adding.

    Mr. Stone relented for the time being and he was able to hang up. Snow double-checked his math answers, then switched over to his home ec studies. Which was more math, actually, as it was making a household budget. The income bracket he'd received was rather low, though. Figuring out how to make that income work for a small family was an interesting view into a life he'd never had.

    As he was wondering if that figure for the food budget would actually work, a shadow fell across his notebook. He glanced over and it was a girl he partly knew. Snow gave her a small smile and turned back to his work. That was okay, as he was obviously busy. But then she spoke up. “Um, hi Snow,” she said.

    “Hi Melissa,” he said. She was in his homeroom and home ec, he thought. “That's right, huh?”

    “Yeah,” she said, brushing her black and blond hair back nervously. “I, uh, I wanted to ask you about something.”

    Why was she so nervous? Maybe it was because he looked busy. Snow closed his notebook and shifted how he was sitting. “Sure, what is it?”

    She smiled, but didn't relax any. “Well, it's about the costume party tonight. Are you going with anyone?”

    “Probably my dormmates,” he said. They were his closest friends, after all, being the others who got drawn into the Court and had stayed for more than just one night.

    Her smile faltered a bit. “Oh. Oh, I mean, are you going to have a date?”

    A date? It was just a school party, right? Nothing that really needed a date. Then again what did he know about dating? “No, not really. I didn't think about that.”

    Her ears turned pink, but Melissa wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. “I see. Would you go with me tonight then? I hadn't made any plans either, I mean, other than my costume and you seem nice, so...”

    It made Snow feel uneasy to see how she was nervous about asking this. He didn't know her that well, other than they were classmates and she was in drama club. But, it wouldn't be that big of a deal just to go with her to a party. “Sure, that'll be fine,” he said.

    “Great, thanks!” she said, happy to hear that. “I have to go home now, but I'll meet you at the school entrance before the party starts, okay?”

    He nodded and smiled, happy that he seemed to be doing this right. “Okay. See you then.”

    “Right!” She walked off, but a few feet on, she burst into giggles and ran off. Down the other way of the sidewalk, the girls who had been watching him squealed and gossiped.

    Snow glanced at them; they pretended they weren't paying attention. “Girls are so weird,” he said to himself. He put his things into his schoolbag and decided to head for the dorm. He might as well ask some of the other guys what he was supposed to do.
  12. MarbleZone

    MarbleZone All lies and jest

    Levin Sanders
    Outside the classroom
    Monday, October 31st

    Levin was panting, leaning against the wall just outside his classroom, his breath was heavy. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t forget, and he certainly couldn’t understand. Last night…

    “Levin?...” a female voice interrupted his racing thoughts. It was someone from his class. Not relevant. “Are you alright? You look terrible… You should go to the infirmary, want me to walk you there?”
    “No.” he whispered as he walked away, didn’t matter where as long as he could calm down. “Restroom.”


    “What the hell happened?!” His mind was a mess. He washed his face over and over in the restroom sink. He looked around nervously; the walls were normal, no blood on them. Outside, it was a regular Autumn day, no eerie mist on the streets… But why would there be? And why was it all there last night?!

    And… those things. He ran away before laying his eyes on them fully, and whatever they were (because they were definitely something) it was unnatural. Nobody was around, but he knew he wasn’t alone then. He kept running until they were gone, he kept running until, somehow, everything went quiet again. The blood on the walls was no longer there, and the shapes were gone as well.
    He looked at his right hand. Sure enough, the small cut on his index finger was still there, made by himself with his pocket knife. It hadn’t been a dream.

    He looked up at the mirror. He looked dreadful. Went without saying, he couldn’t get any sleep at all last night. He was exhausted, lost and terrified at the prospect of everything happening again tonight.

    And why… why was everybody else so at ease? Had they missed the whole thing? He tried approaching the subject with some classmates earlier, and judging by their utterly confused looks, they had no idea what he was on about (or what he was on). The fact that two of them were dressed like vampires and another one looked like the Green Lantern just made the situation all the more awkward.

    He made himself think back to the day before. He was outside, it should be around midnight. Levin had never been one to sleep a lot, and he enjoyed taking a stroll around Quarterman occasionally – curfew didn’t seem so strict when the people who enforced it were asleep themselves.

    He had a lot on his mind: college, mostly. His birthday was now a week past, and his parents had come to visit. Over dinner, the topic was brought up, and there was something Levin had neglected to consider. When he graduated and went to college, would he return home to England? More than likely. But this feeling of freedom, of absolute independence, was inebriating. If he were to enroll in Medicine here, rather than back home…

    As he walked, absorbed in thought, it happened.

    Subtly, a thin layer of mist began forming around his feet and, now that he noticed, sprawled over the whole street as well. An unusual mist… As he looked up, frightened, he saw a red substance oozing from the walls of the building around him, dripping to the floor, a thick crimson substance that resembled blood – as far as he could tell, it was blood.
    Horrified, he sped up the pace in the opposite direction of where he was first headed, making his way back to the dorm with haste. And then, through the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of shapeless blobs of darkness beginning to move. It was then that he started running, as fast as he could, speeding past the shadows given form, not waiting around to make sense of it all. After what seemed like an eternity, he had made it back unharmed, and after cutting his finger in a fruitless attempt to wake up from the nightmare, all he could do was lie in bed and wait it off. Things returned to normal eventually, but sleep never came.

    Levin washed his face one last time. He was calmer now. Nothing made any sense at all, but he had to keep his composure somewhat. And if it all happened again today, he’d expect it. He’d look for other people, and in any event, how harmful could shadows be? That’s right. He needed to be in control. He was thoroughly unaccustomed to not being in control. “This is ridiculous, illogical. I didn’t dream any of that. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary… So why is happening to me?!”
    He managed to stop himself from punching the mirror. As if he needed to give away any more reasons to be considered insane. “Calm down and stay that way, you moron. You’re above this. Keep your cool and the answers will come your way. They always do.”


    As he returned to his seat, he could feel the eyes of every single one of his classmates on him. He usually didn’t mind, when he was giving an elaborate answer to a particularly difficult question, but definitely not in this situation. He forced himself to look around, right back at those idiots who wouldn’t mind their own unimportant business. Most of them looked apprehensive, concerned even, but… a handful seemed more intrigued than anything.

    As the class ended, he started packing his things slowly. He wanted nothing better than head straight back to the dorm and get some sleep, but there was the damned Costume Ball later that night so he wouldn't get a lot of hours in. Etiquette demanded he be there, even if he had no costume, and more importantly, he’d be surrounded by people. If all the weird stuff happened again, he wouldn’t be alone. Would he?...
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  13. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Sigmund Okonkwo
    Bellow High Campus [Monday Afternoon]

    There he stood, at the edge of the grounds, faced with one among the oldest of his enemies: the sun. For nearly a minute on end Sigmund fixed his eyes as best as he could on that great, pompous ball of plasma[SUP]1[/SUP] as though he could send it into a faster descent from the sky by the sheer force of his will. He imagined all sorts of things at it - the sun backing down at his glare, speeding away to hide under the horizon, or simply vanishing[SUP]2[/SUP]. Many lesser bodies would have had at least some sort of reaction, but sadly, it did not seem that the sun had an iron constitution, or otherwise took no notice of Sigmund's death-stare, continuing its maddeningly slow crawl downward. Not that he had really expected it to, really - mostly these showdowns just made him feel better.

    Most clubs weren't meeting this afternoon, his own included, meaning that he had a fair bit of afternoon to burn before the evening's activities started up. Instead the usual concert, the school was planning a sort of costume party (though, for all he knew, Randy and Snow and their band would be performing there, as well). Sounded like enough fun to him, but that still gave him several hours to fill in the meantime. Meandering over to peruse a nearby flowerbed, Sigmund went over his options in his head:

    The best option, of course, would be to kill the afternoon with somebody else, but everybody had pretty much darted off in different directions after class - Snow had darted off to take a call from presumably his parents (who seemed caring enough to call almost daily), Russell had just gone almost straight back to the dorms, Lace had disappeared, being all but impossible to keep track of during the best of times, and the rest of the class had simply dispersed. It was a good idea, but not immediately possible.

    He could use this time to hunt for dates, which he wasn't particularly good at, was a bit late to do at this point and wouldn't be necessary for a school Halloween party. That idea was pretty low on the list from the get-go. There was always the option of getting in some sort of workout, but that would only make him hungrier, so he wanted to save that for some time closer to sundown[SUP]3[/SUP]. Homework was also a possibility for him, albeit a pretty boring and not-immediately-necessary one. His short list exhausted already, Sigmund started meandering in the general direction of the dorms. At least a couple of the others were bound to be there, at least.

    "The others" referred to the very specific group of Bellow High students who had become involved in the witching hour. Wulfgard had given them a proper name for it, the "Court of Miracles," but it was essentially just the witching hour. Oddly enough, despite defending themselves from potentially lethal harm together every night, the group really didn't have anything to call themselves[SUP]4[/SUP], but they were still close enough to generally look out for one another at all hours of the day, not just the Court. It had become especially apparent recently, since they tended to hang out almost exclusively with each other and the initial shock of demons roaming the town at night had worn off. It was either due to that camaraderie or the fact that they were simply getting better at defending themselves that the nights seemed to be getting a lot easier. Or maybe that was because those shadow doppelgangers had basically stopped showing up.

    Come to think of it, over the last two-and-a-half months, they hadn't really had to deal with anything like a "leader" shadow past the first two weeks. But man, those first two had been nasty. Every time those things showed up, it seemed like they took somebody with them and-

    Sigmund slapped his hand to his face, derailing his own train of thought before it got too introspective and depressing. Point was, the obviously sentient shadows had quit showing up. They could only hope that, if there were others, they didn't want to risk the same sort of confrontation that had killed off the first handful. He felt a little uneasy about it, but it seemed like everyone would be safe enough for the time being, which was good, because another student had managed to wander in to the Court of Miracles last night, and judging by how he looked in class, he remembered it pretty vividly. Being thrown into the fray against one of those things would be a pretty rough first time - at least, it had been for him. That felt like so long ago now...

    Oh, hey! Snow!

    Not actual snow, which would have been a bit odd to have in October, but Snow Fields, who was one of "the others." And judging by his expression and the girl heading in the other direction, he had just gotten a date. He recognized the girl, too - she must have been in one of his classes or something, but he couldn't recall much else beyond her name. Still, she seemed a reasonable enough choice for him. Sigmund grinned and waited for Snow to pass him on a parallel sidewalk before falling into step next to him, grinning and giving him a strong pat on the shoulder from behind in congratulations.

    "Well done, man - knew you had it in ya. Just don't keep her out too late, huh?" he added, making a passing jab about how their nights inevitably ended up nowadays. But hey, just because they were out doing the shadows-and-sorcery thing every night, that shouldn't keep them from having social lives, right?

    Figuring that Snow would probably either want to [A. talk and get advice about Melissa] or [B. try and sort this out himself], Sigmund racked his mind for a suggestion that allowed for both. He quickly decided on "Hey, you got anything lined up for the next couple hours? I got a new fighting game I kinda want to break into, and that kinda thing works better with two players."

    [SUP]1[/SUP] Sigmund had previously learned in class that the Sun was, indeed, made not of gas, but plasma, which was a sort of like-gas-but-not-quite-a-gas with an electrical charge.
    [SUP]2[/SUP] Which, in retrospect, would be utterly chaotic and not at all helpful.
    [SUP]3[/SUP] Because October 31 happened to be in the middle of Ramadan this year, which left him just a bit peckish at this time of day.
    [SUP]4[/SUP] Besides Sofiya's suggestions, which had been vetoed so far.
  14. Jason-Kun

    Jason-Kun Well-Known Member

    Clarise Stone
    Bellow High Dorm (After School)

    The sounds of running feet heard be heard coming towards the dorms. If one were to take a closer look, they would find Clarise making her way through the crowd. Due to the nature of Halloween, she had chosen to pull her black hair back in a ponytail as well as to wear a pair of goggles over her grey/gray eyes instead of the lavender contacts she could normally be seen with. Set over her hair she had chosen to dawn a crimson fedora to match the longcoat she wore over her uniform. Attached to her waist to complete the outfit was what appeared to be a canteen. Rather than her normal shoes, she had chosen this day to wear a pair of blue cowgirl boots. After a few minutes of running, she caught sight of Snow and Signature walking ahead of her. Slowing down, she tried to engage the two in conversation.

    Shoving her hands in her pocket, she cast her eyes to the ground as she walked alongside the pair. "Hey, you've been out here for awhile. You wouldn't happen to have seen any of the others pass by would you?" She paused for a moment to let her words sink in as the trio continued their walk towards the dorm.
  15. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    afternoon, walking back to dorm

    Snow hadn't gotten that far when he came by Sig, who promptly teased him. "Well done, man - knew you had it in ya. Just don't keep her out too late, huh?

    He laughed sheepishly. “Thanks. Yeah, that might not be good.” Because if it got too late, then it'd be the Court.

    But maybe he wasn't being that serious about it, as his friend next asked, "Hey, you got anything lined up for the next couple hours? I got a new fighting game I kinda want to break into, and that kinda thing works better with two players."

    “Huh, fighting game? Don't we do enough of that kind of thing in training?” Snow didn't often fight during the training sessions, but he had watched some of the others spar. Everyone seemed to be improving, which was great. Oh, and the game turned out not to be actual fighting. Just a video game. “I'm not sure how to play that kind of game, but okay, I'll try it. I used to play music games on the computer. Is it the kind of thing with all those button pressing sequences?”

    They talked for a couple of minutes about that and it did seem like an interesting prospect to passing time. On their way back, another one of their dormmates joined them. She had a very colorful outfit. The closest thing Snow could connect it to was a cowboy without so much brown. "Hey, you've been out here for awhile. You wouldn't happen to have seen any of the others pass by would you?" she asked them.

    “Hi Clarise,” Snow said, smiling. “I haven't seen anyone else, but I've been doing homework out here while the weather's nice. Oh, no, I think I saw Ciara over by the tree.” Ciara had an attitude that he didn't like, but Josh seemed to think that she was nicer than she appeared. Still, Snow hadn't tried talking to her much. “Are you going to be at the costume party? It seems like it might be even busier than our concerts.”
  16. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Mana Shizuko

    Mana walked down the street, headphones over his ears and shuffling a deck of seventy eight cards. He'd picked up the habit ever since their evokers had been replaced by the mysterious cards. The Arcana card was far more convenient, but it lacked the comforting weight of the false firearm. Shuffling the tarot deck helped ease the tension. He'd always known a few simple Tarot readings, and he'd picked up the practice again.

    It was the 31st of October. Halloween. Samhain to some, Allantide to others. It seemed that half the school had been in costume that day. But Mana had been thinking for a while. Halloween was a time where demons, ghosts, and monsters wandered the streets during the daytime. Which meant that when night fell, and the Court came into session...

    It was all so f*cking symbolic. Why, he'd practically be disappointed if there wasn't a major 'boss' Shadow tonight. There hadn't been any for nearly two months now. It felt as if the Court had been saving up, holding it in before dropping hell on them all at once.

    Mana looked around and yawned. On the note of Halloween, there was that ball. He felt he should be there, if only because most everyone would be. Being alone somewhere when Court struck on Halloween night would probably be akin to suicide. So, a costume would be in order. Something that was comfortable enough to fight in, if the party lasted through midnight. Perhaps he could go as the Mad Hatter. After all, he would only need a hat and a couple of other easily scrounged odds and ends. He had the hair and the 'mad' part down.

    And what else, a date? Mana idly flicked open his phone. He had several phone numbers, including most of BIGTITS'… er, the Persona-users. They had swapped numbers so that they could communicate in the case of an emergency. Of course, the emergencies would only occur when the phones didn't work, so there hadn't seemed to be particularly necessary. Mana flipped the phone closed. "Ah, to hell with it," he said. Why bother? Asking one of the other Persona-users would just end up being awkward, and he barely cared enough about the regular old muggles to remember their names.

    Might as well just go back to the dorms and relax. There wasn't really much to do for the rest of the day. After all, tonight was probably going to be a harsh Court (Hope for the best, expect the worst, and you'll never be disappointed). Mana felt morbidly curious about his own Shadow. What kind of f*cked up monster would emerge from the darkest recesses of his psyche? After all, the Shadows didn't seem to be more than tangentially related to their human counterparts, if Mad King Izzy, Tanuki-Dragon Miyuki, Disco Pimp JP, and Straitjacket Pyro Diego were anything to go by. Of course, whatever it was would probably share his penchant for highly fatal dark magic... that wouldn't be fun at all, although he personally was immune.

    Lost in thought, the boy meandered aimlessly towards the dorms.
  17. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Russell Wilton
    The Dorms Living Area

    “The only place I can think of is your room, perhaps. Which would you prefer?” Russell just paused in the doorway hearing that from his Scottish older friend, Halberd. And the only person in the room was none other than... Lace!!? The redhead just gape in shock at what he just walked into. If the freshman girl had said those same words he could have interpreted it as one of her odd ramblings to not really worry about but the upperclassman said it. The boy knew he had missed the whole conversation before that line but Halberd’s expression after saying it...

    Oh. My. God. Halberd’s going to do that with her?!! The teenager’s mind latched on to the most logically thing those words could of meant for him. Halberd was a guy, so he must have those urges but never expect with one of his fellow midnight fighters, that’s what he called them since they had no official name, and freshman. …I guess he likes young redheads… young redheads……? Oh god! The guy did quite often want to do something with him. Russell was really cursing himself from making a connection like. Something like was just a coincidence, right...? He had to be over thinking this, right?!! He hadn’t even completely entered the room and he was getting way beyond awkward by himself. This was certainly something he didn’t want to get caught in.

    He started to go back outside but Halberd noticed him before he could close the door, crap. His options became run away which would look completely suspicious and leave a whole bunch of easily misinterpret speculations. Or go in, greet and get out fast. The second lessen the chance of him running into anyone else he knows and having them wondered why he going away from the dorm with all his school stuff so quickly. He repeatedly told himself in his mind to act normal... well as normal one could be in a musketeer costume. His steps were badly paced as he entered the building as he try to not just go sprint through the room and up the steps... He wished he just went with first plan he was doing terrible at acting normal... Being in Drama Club didn’t help him at all.

    “Hey guys... don’t mind me... hate interrupt your plans.” His words totally defeated his purpose and revealed that he knew something. Looking at the tall brunette with an uneasy look the freshman’s mind screamed only one thing to him: Abandon ship! He was about to make a break for stairs after a quick good-bye. But he was stopped by Lace costume: obvious dark marking all over her body, a mostly black outfit and some kind of golden horned... accessory. He squinted to try to get a clearer view of it to only conclude that gold and black thing was some kind of mask but he still didn’t know what he was looking at since finer details of the outfit were lost due to bad eyesight. Russell’s distraction removed his sudden need to escape.
  18. Vivian_Bloom

    Vivian_Bloom Army Field Medic

    Lace Condor
    Dorms Living Area

    “The only place I can think of is your room, perhaps. Which would you prefer?” Halberd asked.

    "Oh, we're gonna do this?" Lace shook Halberd's shirt. "Right...here?!" Staring at him for a few seconds, "Raaa, Raaa, Raa!" She shook him back and forth. "Watch! I'll get everything set up." She let him go and took a few steps back to the kitchen before spinning around to face him. "Don't go anywhere. I gotcha in my sights," Lace snapped her fingers and aimed an imaginary pistol at his head. She was halfway through her laser-lock noise when she turned around, hearing the door open.

    A familiar redhead walked in. He's got to be the same age as Lace and he'd been in the Court with them hundreds of times. Lace noticed him but froze in mid-step and waited. "Russell," she whispered. Not facing the door, out the corner of her eye she watched him sneak by Halberd and was at the bottom of the stairs when he looked at her. Lace's smile shot up.

    She half-reached up her back and felt for one of the daggers. With the handle in her grip, she finally took time to look at him. He was squinting trying to make out her costume. Lace drew her hand back and sighed. Lightly putting her foot down she slowly tilted her head in his direction. Her arms stretched all the way like she could hug a tree.

    "Russell?!" Whether the boy wanted it or not, she gave him the best bear hug she could and squeezed him."It's good to see you!" Only able to get him about an inch off the ground she set him down. "I didn't think you'd dress up for Halloween." She patted her arms, "I'm a ninja of the underworld, and this dude here," smiled to Halberd, "Is the crew captain. Gonna show me his, royal quarters later, right?" She gave Halberd a glance, "Get it?" Fumbling her hands a bit, "Gonna do stuff..." She finally stopped and looked to Russell, giving him time to chime in. "What're you supposed to be?"

    After a brief, semi-awkward chat, "Alright, I think everyone's going to be here soon," Lace said backing up to the refridgerator. "And its early," she grabbed a 2-Liter bottle of Coca Cola and closed to the door with her leg carrying it with both hands. Getting back to Russell she set the bottle down, put her arm over his shoulder and walked them over to Halberd and cracked her knuckles.

    "How about we set up a...little pre-party haunted house. With the whole crew." She stood directly infront of them. "For the rest of the neighborhood!" Ninja. Pirate. Th-Th-Things," she said spinning her hands exaggerating and started pacing. Dumping a few candy corns in her mouth she started. "I won't say it'll beat trick-or-treating, but, its easier. We turn on the front door lights, dim the inside a bit and set up in here. Two of our scariest characters'll stand out front and bring in the game...err, guests. Two at a time."

    Lace ran over to the front door and tapped the window. "They'll hold a nice-sized bowl of candy, say 'Hey, Trick-or-Treat!' and all that. Give them chocolate 'n some Snickers, and we let 'em in to the scariest place they've ever seen! Yeah, yeah." The girl ran over to Halberd and patted his shirt. "He'll have his sword out and play like he's gonna slice 'em up when the kids come in. I'll get some plastic daggers and wave them around the front steps." It'd be stupid in a bright room though!

    "None of the lights would be on," she said waving at the ceiling. "We'll light candles," she pointed to the walls. "Set them on tables, and dress up all the floors with banshee bedsheets and cut-out ghosts and--Can you cut pumpkins?" She pointed to Halberd. Lace calmed down a bit, grabbed back the bottle of soda and went back over the pair. She asked, "That's if you don't want to go to that, school dance thing later. I mean, no one can turn down a night of kindergartners scaring the goo out of themselves from a group of animals, like us, until the sun comes up. Right? This way no one's got to be by themselves. At all!"

    Late-night candy store hunt? No one's got a car? Nice, we're stealthing up there.

    "What do you think, guys? The stores don't close 'till late, and don't worry, I got the cash if anyone runs low." Taking out her last bag of M&Ms she tore open the bag and after dumping a few of them in her mouth, she threw out the bag, poured a small pile in each hand and extended it to the both of them. "Come on, I need you guys for this. Your tongue can look...just. Like. This."

    Hands still outstretched, Lace opened her mouth. A chocolate-stained row of teeth, and blood red tongue.
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    OOC: Short and unorganized post is short and unorganized. And very fun to write. And late.

    Oh and uh… there’s some slight bunnying for the sake of Rule of Funny. If it bothers the player of the victim character, I’ll edit it out accordingly. But know that I will forever think of you as an enemy of fun for that.


    Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova
    Bellow High grounds -> on the way to the dorms

    For all intents and purposes, Sofiya was really confused today.

    For you see, throughout the school day, people had been giving her looks. Various ones she couldn’t decipher the meaning of. And while the Russian was used to attracting attention wherever she went for reasons unknown to her, today it was even more apparent than usual; not a single person passed her by without turning around and doing at least a double take. Sofiya truly found it strange. Was it because of her costume? It couldn’t be; most of the school was dressed up for the occasion. It was Halloween, you practically needed to dress up! Otherwise the witches and vampires and watches and wires would get you.

    Sofiya was walking through the halls of bellow High right now, the school day behind her. She wasn’t really sure where she was headed yet, not sure where she’d spend her time before the party tonight. She was so excited she could barely contain herself. Party! Festivities! She loved holidays. Halloween was one of her favorites, along with Novy God, of course. She couldn’t wait for winter.

    The thoughts of holidays lifting her already high spirits to completely new spheres, she started skipping before she even noticed it, only stopping when a boy a few inches taller than her happened upon her path. She stopped slowly, tilting her head at the puzzled expression on the boy’s face. It was a look she had seen many a time today, and so she already knew what he was going to ask far before he managed to gather the courage to open his mouth.

    “You're going to ask me what I’m dressed up as…right?” Sofiya asked knowingly, arms crossed across her chest proudly. The boy was a bit taken aback and couldn’t but nod slowly, trying to find a place to lay his gaze without seeming like he stared too much.

    “Well,” Sofiya began in a happy chirp as she raised her index finger to point toward the skies, like people always did when about to give an explanation. “They told me I could be anything for Halloween,” she continued happily, spreading her arms wide proudly. “So I became everything.”

    And that was not an overstatement; the basic clothing she was wearing was a tight nurse’s outfit, complete with a small tail of a devil and fake – or so most thought, but there were few who could swear they could smell the irony stench of the real thing – bloodstains. But really, the only thing you could see of the pink nurse outfit was the very hem of the skirt; everything else was covered by pieces of other clothing she had just needed to add to her costume out of inability to leave anything out. There was a disturbingly accurate doll depicting a half-decomposed carcass hanging from her back, she had on fake fangs belonging to a vampire, her right arm and left leg were covered in bandages of a mummy, her hands were paws of a werewolf, she had on stilettos that could kill and a huge carboard box with the text “apples” covered most of her torso, to name a few of the things she wore. The box had proven to be a source of much confusion, and time and time again Sofiya had needed to explain that it depicted a box… of apples. Duh. Because apples were scary. She almost choked on one once, and it was definitely the scariest moment of her life.

    Her explanation now over, Sofiya brought her hand back down and awaited eagerly to hear the praise her carefully crafted costume so deserved. The boy remained silent, however. See, if he had been confused before, he was utterly flabbergasted right now. Not knowing where to start, he figured it best to just nod very slowly and back away before she bit him and he was infected with… whatever the girl had that made her act that way. Interpreting the boy’s silence as bottomless admiration, Sofiya nodded her head contently, her job here obviously done.

    She smiled at the boy once more, adjusted the cat ears on her head and continued her little, happy stroll. Granted, the cutesy ears didn’t quite match the rest of her purposefully grotesque outfit (especially since they were sitting atop a Darth Vader mask that covered her face), but it was one of the things she had been suggested to wear, so she had complied. You see, her little quest for more… “educational” videos had led her to a completely new part of the Internet. Namely, she had found the wonders of anonymous image boards, and the amount of helpful people there was just amazing. It was strange how people kept warning her about the place. Something about sarcasm, perverts and trolls. Now, Sofiya didn’t know what sarcasm or pervert meant, but she sure knew what a troll was!

    And it had been the very mention of trolls that had prompted her to decide to ask for advice on her Halloween costume there. After all, if real trolls really browsed the site, as creatures of myth they should know all about scary costumes, right? Too bad the teachers had kidnapped her first thing in the morning when they had spotted her entering the school premises and peeled half the fun things she had on right off of her, deeming them “inappropriate”, “sick” or “perverted”. Again, Sofiya wasn’t even sure what half those words meant, but they sounded serious, so she had eventually complied and went with the “censored” version, as they called it.

    “Well!” Sofiya announced to herself as her journey through the school continued, “I guess that just means my costume was soooo scary it couldn’t be shown to others! So… so that makes my costume the winner of the scariest costume competition by default! If… if there is even a costume competition… I’m not sure if there is. But if there isn’t, my costume is even more awesome for winning a competition that doesn’t even exist! Yeah!” She threw her fist in the air, excited as she stepped outside into the cool October air.

    She couldn’t wait to show her costume to the others, so she started to run towards the dorms, her ankles fairing strangely well against the battle with her stilettos. She didn't get to run for long, however, when said high heels already clicked to a stop as a horrid scene spread in front of her; there, walking alone on the sidewalk was no other than her red-haired apprentice, listening to music… without a costume of any sort on. He seemed to be completely oblivious to the terrors that were about to befall him, too. She had to do something! This was her first and only apprentice, she couldn’t let Halloween kill him!

    Lowering her stance and snapping on a serious look, Sofiya took the stance of an athlete and burst into a run, the stilettos still miraculously intact. Everyone was said to have a special talent; some were good with a musical instrument, some were exceptional artists and Sofiya… could run in any shoes imaginable without spraining a thing, it seemed.

    “MANA!” She screeched as she got closer to the boy, quickly noticing a drawback in her special ability right then and there; she didn’t... really know how to stop.

    Well, other than by smashing right into Mana’s back and knocking him face first into the pavement, that was. Oh well. It seemed to do the trick in stopping the both of them, so it wasn’t that bad.

    “Private! Are you out of your mind?!” Sofiya gasped in disbelief as she struggled to turn the boy to face her, her heavy mask almost hitting the boy square in the nose when she managed to turn him slightly. “You cannot stroll the streets dressed like that! What it the watches had come before me?! What if the wires had sucked out your soul?! YOUR SOUL PRIVATE! YOUR SOUL!”

    Flailing, she reached for her cat ears.

    “Here, take these for now!” She instructed, not waiting for the poor boy’s response before she already stuck them on his head, heaving a sigh of relief and adjusting the carcass so its empty stare was at least somewhat directed away from Mana. Phew. She had made it in time. A smile spread across her face and she giggled happily. Yet another life saved, thanks to commander Ignatova!
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    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Joshua Sands and Miyuki Tachibana, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Tower and Justice Arcanas - Monday Afternoon - Quartermain Mall - A SequelSoS Production

    She almost had to fight back a grin. She considered saying something along the lines of "lingerie", just to mess with him, but... there was something about Joshua that made messing with him seem wrong. He had those sort of sad puppy dog eyes that just made you want to hug him every time he frowned. She mentally scolded herself. Getting off track here, time to focus.

    "So... you remember how excited Ciara was when she found that poster for the new chocolate shop? I was thinking we could stop there first."

    She held out the notebook to Joshua, motioning for him to take another look. It was laid out with the names of at least 5 stores, as well as a few things they should probably look for at each one. The chocolate shop was first on the list, the only header being "TRUFFLES!".

    He had to hand it to Miyuki, this was preparation like he'd never seen. She obviously really wanted to help him get her something fantastic. "The chocolate does sound like a good start at least - she adores the stuff more than anyone I know." He scanned the list. Some fairly standard ideas, perfume, jewellery etc. Still, they had plenty of time to walk about, and see if anything else caught their eyes. Suddenly, his phone buzzed. "Scuse me a sec." A text from Ciara:

    I hope you're prepared for tonight. I want to be with someone who looks fabulous.

    He couldn't help but feel his cheeks go slightly pink, and for the life of him he didn't know why. There was probably nothing in it. He was just surprised she hadn't made any reference to him landing on her last night, and her proceeding to decimate the minotaur that caused it. She was probably saving the sarcasm for tonight. Briefly he wondered - did she expect him to dance with her? Well, they were going together... Oh, he didn't know.


    "Miyuki, d'you think Ciara expects me to dance with her at the party tonight?" he blurted out as they walked to the mall. He wanted her opinion at least.

    Dance? Was it that sort of party? Miyuki had no idea what to expect from the party, even though she had already picked out a costume. Either way, Joshua probably knew more of what to expect than she did. So if dancing was at the party, then there was only one answer to this question.

    "Do you think so?" Miyuki asked, staying rather nonchalant. "I think she might. You should prepare then, just in case." She put a finger to her face in a thoughtful look. "Maybe we could get you some quick dancing lessons somewhere around here..."

    Well, Miyuki probably knew the mind of a girl better than Joshua did... "No, that's ok. We don't really have time, and I have a vague idea of how to dance..." It was true. Having been involved with musical theatre, he'd been to a few dance auditions and classes as practise. Of course, it probably wasn't the kind Ciara would be expecting, but really, how different could it be? Joshua shrugged. "Extremely vague. Oh, this is the place, right?" They'd come to the chocolate shop at the head of Miyuki's list. Joshua scratched the back of his head. There was probably a nice box of truffles here... His eye was also piqued by a chocolate fountain, but really, how would he carry that? "You see anything?"

    Extremely vague though, that doesn't sound to reassuring. Still, sometimes to set the mood you needed some awkward tension right? Maybe his bad dancing could actually be an advantage. She could work with that.

    She followed his gaze to the large chocolate fountain in the central display. It was certainly impressive, but not quite what Miyuki had in mind.

    "Truffles are her favorite right? I think I heard her say that before..." She feigned indecision, trying to lead Joshua on track. "How about we just take a look around?"

    It didn't take long to find the truffles. As one of the... finer chocolates available, they tended to run on the pricey side. So naturally they had a large facing display to catch attention. Now he just had to pick one out...

    "Why don't you pick some out for her." Miyuki suggested with a smile. "I'm sure whatever you pick will what she likes."

    Joshua was slightly taken aback by the price of some of these truffles, being $2.50 apiece. Still, they must be good then, and he could get her a little bag of four or five to start. Some pieces were on a tray as a free sample, since the shop was still new. He tried a bit of a cream truffle, pronounced it fabulous, and filled a bag of six. "So, that's $15... I dunno, do you think I should get more? What do you have for her, Miyuki?"

    Normal truffles were good. Specialty truffles were better. But to really make a splash...

    She knew it was going to throw him for a loop, but she picked up a box of the Uber-fancy truffles, the sort that come in the velvet box with the ribbon tied around them. The ones that were made of such rich and fancy chocolates and ingredients that they only gave you 6 in one box. The ones that carried a $40 price tag.

    If you're going to get something fancy, you may as well go all the way right? "I wonder if these would work..." She cast a glance back at Joshua, a curious look on her face.

    She had a point, but $40 on chocolate? It seemed a little excessive... But then again, the box was so pretty too, and maybe Ciara could use it again to store something? Again, he scratched the back of his head. "That's a lot of money... Almost all of what I brought actually. But y'know what? Ciara's my friend, and she's turning 18, right? So she deserves something special?" He was pretty sure of the logic of that train of thought. "So yeah, that seems like a good idea. Heh, I'd be so screwed without you today." He smiled at Miyuki and paid for the box of truffles. "I have some wrapping paper back in my dorm," he said as an aside to her, in case she needed any too. "Do you need to get anything else?"

    It was hard not to smile. At the very least, Joshua's compliment gave her an excuse, so she let a grin break out across her face. Everything was going so well! It was like... perfect. Now all she had to do was make sure all this work got some results.

    "I've already got her present picked out actually." Miyuki said. "Its something special." A nod.

    She tried to appear thoughtful for a sec, but it was faltering. She was too excited. She instead she put the notebook away and nodded again to herself. That should do it.

    "So I think that's it, unless you want to splurge a bit more. There's never such a thing as too many presents." She feared for his wallet though. If he ran out of money now, what if Ciara wanted him to buy her something later? That wouldn't do.

    "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." she said with a wave. She was starting to get embarrassed. At the very least, her time with Drama Club was starting to pay off.

    "So, I should probably go get ready for the party. Make sure you don't let those things melt." she said with a gesture towards the truffles. "I'll see you later."

    Joshua couldn't help but note how much Miyuki had come out of her shell over the last two months by hanging out with him, Ciara and Izzy. The Miyuki he first met probably wouldn't have had it in her to crack a joke like that. "I'm just a little embarrassed that you put all that work into planning, and I go with your very first suggestion. But don't worry, I'll keep them cool. I'll see you tonight." He gave her a smile and headed off to find a birthday card.


    Several hours later, Joshua was dressing. He'd just got out of the shower and dried his hair, now he was changing into his costume for the evening, as the Phantom of the Opera. Smart black trousers, and waistcoat, a white dress shirt, white opera gloves, a red bow tie, and an elegant black suit jacket. But what made the costume were arguably its cheapest elements - the $8 cape he'd bought that was intended for a vampire costume, and the $2 half mask. "I... I don't look half bad," he said to himself in the mirror. He thought back to Ciara's text, that she wanted to be with someone who looked fabulous. Well, this was about as close as he could get. He had a change stored away for the Court, as there was no way he'd be able to fight in this outfit. Time to meet the girls... Joshua Sands headed over to Ciara Wright's dorm, and knocked three times.

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