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Persona: Death's Requiem [PG-15]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Liltwick, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    (Guys, I know I'm already in another Persona RPG, but I can make this work. Also, I think B&T is dead... So, here I go! Also, everything before Arcana is plot FYI)

    Persona: Death’s Requiem


    Music has always catered to the souls of man. It has guided them along the thin strings of life, and the many symphonies that have guided man on its journey as created a collection of souls. It is a fabled myth, but has fallen deep into the clutches of history, until it was played once again.

    The symphony of souls, the piece of the lost and fallen, almost seemingly to be played as the Requiem of death. Though, I have not yet experienced hearing this piece for myself, I’m sure you, child of man, will hear one day.

    Music has played a part in everything, for all of the past events that have transpired that have shaped this universe. From the sins of the Kirijo group, where the sole heir Mitsuru is trying to atone, a sort of melancholic tone plays out. For Tatsuya Souo, who sinned to keep his memories, a silent, but gloomy lullaby lingers. For those who had to brave the experiences of the Dark Hour and Tarturus, many darker melodies play, and finally the group of students from Inaba who sought out the truth, to expel fog from the world, and they have the lightest, more fun tunes of the groups.

    Though, it seems that something is manifesting out of hate. Something is making a new appearance in the sea of souls. As I flutter through that sea, to and fro from my collected unconscienceness. Into the sea, all I hear is the ticking of a clock.

    I do not know what this means, but I sense something resurrecting, something from long ago that was banished. It seems that another phenomenon has appeared in your world, Child of Man, and it seems to be worse than what was transpired before. The shadows have become smarter, and their leader is someone powerful. I do not know who it is, but I can at least tell you my name.

    I am Philemon, a watcher over man kind to see if they can truly become enlightened beings. They have accepted death, and they have started to see the goodness in the truth, but they seem to lack another thing… Something else from them having enlightenment. I think that thing is morality. Law and Chaos, good and evil, and so forth. It can’t change in humans, but they need to accept everything, and not bury it away. They do not need this hatred, but even you, Child of Man, have hatred. It’s inevitable, but I still wish that all people had Morales like those in the past.

    Now, I bid you good-bye. Good luck on your journey, and I will be watching over you.

    Setting and more Plot info

    You are a simple high school student at Oakshire High school located in the old, run down town of Meadow Creek. The town is located in a secluded grove isolated by mountains and oak trees. It doesn’t have much, and heck, most of the residents are people who live a laid back life style. The town has three schools, a library, and a Grocery Store. It also had stores to fit the various needs of the people living there. Like a bookstore, nursery, café, weapons store, and sports center. Though, a small store in a secluded corner of the already secluded town is probably what it’s most known for. It is a music and electronics shop, where myriad gaming systems and musical instruments are held. After hearing about all of the talk about it from your friends, you decide to go into the store. That moment changed your life forever.

    You have heard that a battle between school bands have started to take place in the county. You take this opportunity as a way to get out of the desolate town, but you soon learn that it’s not orchestral bands; they are real bands. A minimum requirement of ten people is required, and you see nine other people in the shop. The owner, you find out, is the eccentric biology teacher Mr. Nightwing. He always seemed to have a fascination for butterflies. He tells those who have gathered the information, and it seems that everyone instantly jumped in, including you.

    After a couple of hours sorting everything out, you are now in the school band. Of course, your Musical instrument was still up to you, or if you wanted to sing, that was fine as well. You guys would be meeting every Wednesday for practice. Though, when you arrive, this is truly when your life changes

    The Zodiac Wheel

    The Zodiac Wheel is like Tarturus and the TV World, this is the rpg’s Main Dungeon. Though, we might be visiting the TV World later in the RPG. We might not, it depends. It has 13 “Doorways”, each resembling one of the Zodiacs, including the forgotten one. In these doorways are dungeons that represent signs that go with them, and some of them have special limitations, though, the main ones are either Joke Weapons, or No Persona.

    There have been reports of Shadow activity inside of these dungeons, and that the fates might have been corrupted. The only thing that anyone has a clue about is a strange melody that plays through the area.
    The Wheel also likes to play tricks on people, making each visit to the worlds it holds different from the last time. From time to time, a doorway will be locked, even if it should have been unlocked.

    It is said a force of malevolent darkness is trying to creep up onto the wheel, which could possibly be one of the reasons on why the shadows are suddenly appearing. There have also been reports of people going missing. They are then found dead the next day, with bloodshot eyes and clutching the headphones on their head.

    The only way to get to the Wheel is through music of course. They say that when you listen to a special disk with headphones on when the moon is shining on you, you go to the wheel. Though, it hasn’t been proven, and only is a rumor. Though, what CD it is and if it’s true or not is for one to find out.

    The Velvet Room and Evokers

    The Velvet room is a mythical space in the rift of space-time, or otherwise known as the sea of the soul, that has certain power in the world. It is said that a mythical ability called Persona associated with this place. Though, how it directly affects us is unknown.

    Reports have said that those with the ability of the “Wild Card” are able to fuse and create new persona of any Arcana. Though, most people only have the power to have one Persona at a time. This may lead to those blessed with the wild card a versatile, but also no an expert.

    The Velvet room this time will always be in its standard shade of blue. It seems to be in a shape of some sort of Musical Bar, where in the corner a man with a large nose resides. At the counter, resides a Barista by the name of Theodore, but you can call him Theo. The woman singing to the loan some stage’s name is Margret, though what she sings is entirely up to those who request it. Also, doors with what seem like covers appear around the room. If it’s towards previous rooms, or other portals to the room, only Igor knows.

    Every now and again a young girl by the name of Marie will appear in the room. Igor and Margret know her from somewhere, but she just states she’s a simple traveler. Who she is and what she’s doing there is a complete mystery.

    On the subject of Persona, there is a myriad way to summon them, but four main, safe ways, are used by users. The easiest way is for someone like me, Philemon, or another powerful being awakening it for you. Those who fight shadows in worlds that are akin to earth have the easiest time, by just crushing the tarot card corresponding to their Persona. Though, they also have the hardest time obtaining their Personas, which require a certain test about themselves. The next way is through fear and mental stress. Normally in plains where shadows exist, this can be easy to execute. Though, the problem was that if they didn’t have the potential, or awoke to late, they would die, and this is akin to the way how people awaken Persona for the first way. Also, Persona awakened to this manner is normally hard to control, just like those with artificial persona. The last way, though the most interesting way, to say the least, is to evoke the Persona.

    Evokers are an easy way to summon a persona, and they normally don’t have any side effects. The problem is, they are lethal to those without the potential. Those with it, however, are able to use their persona almost anywhere without casualties. They combine the aspect of fear, but also acceptance of who they are. Though, it is forcible forcing the Persona out. Evoked Personas are a rare case, as they and shadows are able to co-exist in unison, while the other two aren’t.

    Evokers come in all different shapes and sizes, but the most common one is a gun. Others are able to be used, but the thought of committing suicide is able to force the Persona out. It can cause severe mental trauma on the user though, but its uses do out-weight its cons. They also can be used in the real world to evoke Persona. There is another way, bur the user has to have an extreme amount of physical and mental concentration, or the details lamented with the mental stress awakening.


    Each Persona and person falls under a certain Arcana of the major tarot deck. Each Arcana will be listed and a short personality description will be typed*. Then, some common Personae of the arcana.

    Fool: Those of the fool arcana are those with limitless potential. They are seemingly everywhere where a personality could be, and they wield the ability known as the wild card. Common Personae of the Fool arcana are
    Ose, Legion, and Loki.

    Banned from RPG

    Magician: Those of the magician arcana are known to have a sort of more hyper energy. They have great self-confidence, and know how to use their natural talents quite well. Those of this arcana normally excel in fire spells, and common Personae are Pyro Jack, Jack Frost, and Surt.

    High Priestess: Those of the priestess arcana are known for untapped power, or hidden knowledge. They have are very mysterious, and are normally feminine in some way or form. They are good with support and healing. Common Personae of this Arcana are Sarasvarti, High Pixie, and Parvati

    Empress: Those of the empress arcana are known for creativity, prosperity, and the ability to comfort others. They are normally mother figures, but also show a sort of dominance to others, but can also be as cold as the magic they wield. They normally excel in Ice based magic, and minor healing magic. Common Personae of this arcana include Yaksimi, Gabriel, and Aliltat.

    Should be female

    Emperor: Those of the emperor arcana are known for wanting to control their surroundings. They normally lie about aspects about themselves and are normally oblivious, or ignoring, to jarring contradictions to their ego. They excel in Lightning and Physical skills. Common Personae of this
    arcana include Oberon, King Frost, and Odin.

    Should be Male

    Hierophant: Those of the hierophant arcana are known for their attachment to rules and guidelines. They have a sort of authority to them, and are normally more into mystical or divine things. They don’t really have any weakness, but not any strengths either. Common Personae of this arcana include Omoikane, Shiisaa, and Kohryu

    Lovers: Those of the lovers arcana are those with a social, more bubbly personality. They’re people people, who prefer the company of others then themselves, but they are always walking on crossroads, making their life difficult. They are normally associated with support-healing spells in battle. Common Personae are Queen Mab, Raphael, and Cybele.

    Chariot: Those of the chariot arcana are those who are physically fit and in command. They like to take charge in life, and are normally very healthy and masculine, and for females, tomboyish. They are skilled leaders, but sometimes they lack the knowledge to lead them properly. They excel in physical skills, and common Personae are Ara Mitama, Ares, and Thor

    Justice: Those of the justice arcana have a sense of justice, and try to enforce their own whenever they go. If not, they are analytics, who like to rationalize through things before jumping strait on into them. They excel with Light skills in battle, and common Personae are Angel, Dominion, and Melchizedek.

    Hermit: Those of the hermit arcana are those who enjoy self-solitude. They are wise, and spend their time alone thinking about life, and realizing who they are, but withdraw from reality at times. This makes those of this arcana normally social awkward. They excel in weakening the enemies through debuffs and status-effects. Common Personae of this arcana are Lamia, Nebiros, and Arahabaki.

    Fortune: Those of the fortune or wheel of fortune, arcana are those who go with the flow. They keep on going up when life’s down, and normally fate their fate until accepting it. They can have varying luck, but regardless, will have ups and downs in their lives. They excel in wind based skills in battle. Common Personae of this Arcana are Fortuna, Clothos, and Norn.

    Strength: Those of the strength arcana are those with a strong sense of morality, and use courage and virtue in life over brute force. They are very good in their creative or physical energy they represent, and are normally gentler then others. They are also able to stand their fate and pasts, as their morales will guide them through rough times. They do excel with physical spells in battles, but this is not always the case. Common Personae of this persona are Valkyrie, Hanuman, and Siegfried.

    Lust/Jester: Those of the lust arcana are known for wanting power, or another thing. They are a dominant force, and like abusing their obtained power over all else. If it isn’t power, they are constantly trying to get what they strive for. Though, another side of this arcana exists known as the jester. They think of life as a game, and are normally looking for a way to win this everlasting game. They can come off as cold, and have a sort of dry humor, but they do lighten up when you get to know them. Normally, people are a mixture of both, not more towards one then the other. Battling strengths are unknown, but it seems they exploit enemies’ weaknesses and hit them hard, and normally try to weaken the opponent. Common Personae are Loa, Chernobog, and Seiten Taisei.

    Hanged Man: Those of the hanged man arcana are known for their balance between life and death, as they will sacrifice anything for enlightenment. They tend to bind themselves to free themselves from something, normally in a from to another person or idea, like work. They are living paradoxes, normally contradicting themselves at every turn. They are best known for their survivability, either in battle or in the real world. Common personae of the arcana include Orthrus, Hell Biker, and Attis.

    Death: Those of the death arcana are those who tend to have cycles of personalities. They cycle through different personalities, or certain things, and at worse have a bad case of split personalities. They also might have change and renewal in their lives, getting rid the bad things in their past to begin anew. So in such, those of the death are constantly changing in their own way, not having a defining personality. They excel in dark based skills in battle, and are weak to light. Common Personae include Mot, Sameal, and Alice.

    Temperance: Those of the temperance arcana are those who are able to
    harmonize and adapt to anything quite well. They are sort of a balancing ground of opposites, and have friends or are completely different then themselves. They can also synthesis with new things easily, making them quite versatile. They are very well-rounded in battle. Common Personae include Genbu, Seiryuu, and Yurlunger

    Devil: Those of the devil arcana are normally impulsive in a negative way. They like to do selfish and violent things, and are normally slaves to their own malicious will. Though, they also make strong bonds with others, in a positive way. They are usually dark-based in battle, but not all the time. Common Personae include Succubus, Lilith, and Beelzebub.

    Tower: Those with the tower arcana are arrogant individuals walking to their own falls. They are normally prejudiced, and have ill-made pride. They seemed to be of the authority type, and normally berate those who they consider below them. They walk a path of doom, whether if it means their own life, or their ego. They’re good with physical attacks in battle as well. Common Personae include Cu Chulainn, Mara, and Shiva.

    Star: Those of the star arcana are bright, hope filled individuals. They have a lot of faith into what they poor into, and have a good self-confidence as well. They are generous and joyous most of the time, and enjoy life and helping those around them, but they can become wayward and lose their way. They are good with Ice Magic, but are weak against fire. Common Personae include Neko Shogun, Garuda, and Helel

    Moon: Those of the moon arcana are those of illusion. They are creative, and have many inspirations, dreams, and fears. They are not really tricksters, but tend to trick people to keep up with their façade. They can go insane at times, and normally break down if their façade is broken. Those of the Moon are as mysterious as the moon itself. They are commonly good with physical attacks, but are also good at magic. Common Personae of the moon are Tsukiyomi, Yamata-no-Orochi, and Sandalphon

    Sun: Those of the sun arcana shine bright as the sun itself. They are optimists, and like to bring joy to others. They are very energetic, as if they drink five coffees in the morning energetic, and tend to enjoy accomplishing things they work on, but if sadness strikes, it turns for the worse. Seeing a sun being apathetic is basically a sing of an impending apocalypse. They tend to use Fire and Light skills in battle. Common Personae of the sun include Pheonix, Horus, and Asura.

    Judgement: Those of the judgement arcana are those in the balance of light and dark. They are aware of themselves and others, and normally pass on judgment to those in need of it. Those of this arcana tend to be very powerful, and is bolstered by the group of friends around them more than anything. They can be considered over powered as well. Common Personae include Satan, Trumpeter, and Lucifer.

    Banned from the RPG

    Aeon: Those of the aeon arcana are those normally lost. They are those few who are searching with in themselves to find out who they are, and what their purpose is. They try to understand life, and their own emotions. One can see the basis of the aeon as being robotic or have amnesia. Though, if they succeed or fail in their search is ultimately their own doing. They tend to be balanced in battle, like the hierophant and temperance. Common Personae include Uriel, Quetzalcoatl, and Lakshmi.

    World: Those of the world arcana are known for having a fulfillment in life. They have reached their goals, and have harmony when they are done. They are strong based on the power of their friendships, nad their ideals. The sole known Persona of the World Arcana is Izanagi-No-Okami

    Banned from this RPG

    The Universe: Those of the universe have limitless potential. They are strong enough to rewrite the entire universe. They are like the fool, in many way as well. No known Persona of the universe.

    Banned from this RPG

    *Note: If I misinterpret one of the arcana, please PM me and I’ll edit it.
    Notes and Glossary

    Glossary (Updated Constantly):

    Arcana: Refers to the twenty-two major arcana in standard tarot decks and 3 from the Thoth Tarot deck. This is the means in which all personae are ordered

    Dark Hour: A mysterious phenomena that occurred over 10 years, roughly 1999-2010. It took place at midnight, and shadows ran amuck in the real world

    Evoker: An object that causes enough emotions to trigger a persona.

    Midnight Channel: A channel that plays on rainy days in the Inaba region of Japan at midnight. It shows people outside of those trapped inside, and normally “they” host a show about a repressed secret

    Persona: It is a manifestation of one’s Personality. They are used to help fight the shadows, and how long they are out depends on the environment and mentality of the user.

    -Initial Persona: The Persona is the ultimately the closest to the user. If Ultimate Personeas haven’t been used for a long while, they will most likely revert back to this one. Time varies, but it could be from a month, to years. Some People are able to still summon this when obtaining their ultimate persona

    -Reverse Persona: This is basically the Shadow form of a Persona. They say shadows and persona can’t exist at the same time, well, there is a truth in those words, but in certain occasions, they can. They are normally able to exist if they’re provoked before the shadow is accepted. The Shadow will then wield a Reverse Persona. These Persona embody the Reverse of the arcana they represent. (Side Note: Making the Reverse Persona of Lust good, in a sense)

    -Ultimate Persona: The Ultimate form of Ones Persona. They are normally more powerful than the initial persona, but may to be as close to the persona as the initial. These are awakened after the have accepted their main revelation in life.

    Shadow: The manifestations of humanities darker thoughts.

    Shadow Self: They are twisted mirror images of the person they represent. They normally have either red or gold eyes, and represent the darker thoughts the person pushes away. Shadow selves normally have the reverse persona of a person, or manifest into a larger, grotesque version of what persona they would become (Most of the time anyways, they still have features of the person as well)


    Let’s see here. All of my thoughts that don’t fit anything else will go here.

    Weapon Tiers: Each Weapon someone has will have four tiers. The Basic tier, which is the basic weapon, the mid-tier, which is a power boost upgrade, and adds a special ability, and then the ultimate, which retains that ability but is stronger. The last tier is the Joke tier. These will be used in certain dungeons. They are the same power as the basic tiers, but will have an automatic stat booster or something of the sort at the start of the battle.

    Clubs: The characters can join certain clubs at school to increase certain battle stats.

    Ball Sports Teams- Increase ATK Stats

    Academics- Increase TEC Stats (Magic)

    Arts and Crafts: Increases DEX Stats (Hit Rate and Accuracy)

    Other Sports Teams: Increase AGI stats (Speed and dodge rate)

    Trips- We will be having trips in this rpg. Whenever a trip is announced, it will be a story arc, so do not miss out during these.

    This takes place after the events of Persona 4: Golden’s true ending epilogue. More specifically September 22nd, 2012

    Also, only ten people are allowed to join


    1. All Serebii and RPG Forum rules apply
    2. Please be active. If you plan on no posting at least twice a month or more, do not join the rpg.
    3. No bunnying. This can’t be stressed enough. Well, unless the said character has allowed me to bunny them
    4. No Godmodding. We don’t want you to have Ragnarok or Akasha Arts instantly. So please be fair and tweak powerful personaes so they aren’t as powerful.
    5. This is rated PG-15 for violence, possible sexual and drug related themes, and language. This is also for more mature people.
    6. Please follow the posting procedures in this RPG. 200 Word Minimum, and use proper grammar. As in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and so forth. The odd mistakes and homophones and homonyms are allowed on occasions, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Exception is if a character is texting another character in the RPG. That will be the only time text talk will be allowed.
    7. Please run your Ultimate Persona through with me before evolving your original persona. All you have to simply do is fill out Persona part of the sign-up again, minus some things. They will have an asterisk * next to it if it needs to be updated for your ultimate persona

    Sign-Up Form​

    Name: (What is your character called?)

    Age: (How old are they? Should be average High School age)

    Gender: (What gender are they? Or for transgendered cases, the gender they think of themselves as)

    Arcana: (Which Arcana do they represent?)

    Band Position: (Yes, this is required)

    Appearance: (Standard appearance of body and clothing. Also put details on race and physical disabilities if they have any. Should include description of their headphones. At least two to three, three to five sentenced paragraphs)

    Personality: (How does your character talk and act. What do they believe in, what are their hobbies? What are their likes and dislikes? What are the good things about them, the bad things about them? Do they have, or problems with their life? Are they intelligent or not? The list goes on. Same requirement as Appearance):

    Biography: (What has happened to them in their lives up until the RPG? Did anything tragic happen? Siblings, parents, and so on? Same requirements as the Last Two

    Weapons: (Must include all four tiers. Must state what special skill is, and what the Joke Weapon does. Attack power should be 1-100 for Basic and Joke, 101-250 for Mid-Tier, and 251-450 for Ultimate. Make it realistic, I don’t want to see a stick having 100 Attack power.)

    Evoker: (What does it look like? Yes, we will be using these things. Don’t whine about it, as their might be situations where we will need Persona outside of the Zodiac wheel)

    Persona Sign-Up

    Persona Name*:

    Legend of Origin*:


    Skill Set (Should learn after a couple new skills after each zodiac defeated until you feel like they should evolve. I shall start accepting evolutions after Virgo)

    Name: Alexander “Ace” Spadial
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Lust
    Band Position: Lead Guitarist

    Appearance: To start off with bodily features, Ace has ravened black hair that’s semi-long. It covers his ears and goes down part way through the back of his neck, which ends in a sort of pointed tale. At the top, a piece of hair sticks out in front of it as a sort of arch, but he doesn’t really mind it. He has thick eyebrows that are the same color as his hair, which make them natural. His eyes seem cold and aloof, and wear purple contact lenses, even though his natural color is brown. He doesn’t really need glasses to see, he just wears them to think of himself as cool. His voice is semi-deep, but he got all bodily hair besides eyebrows and his hair on his head removed because of he detested it, so how far he is into puberty is questioning. He stands at around 5 ft. 11, but slouches often, so he normally is at 5 ft. 9’. He’s not very athletic, but he’s a fast runner, so despite his looks, he’s almost always on the track team. He has fair skin tone, but doesn’t instantly burn up in the sun, but doesn’t really tan either. He’s part Russian and British, but his Russian features seem to show off more often than not.

    His clothing is very, how one would describe, gothic. He doesn’t wear make-up at all with his clothes, as he’s not found of it. He has a woolen black undershirt that he wears under his coat. His coat is a back, long-sleeved jacket that seems to be made out of vinyl. It has with sewing patterns in it, and over the right part of his chest is a sewed spade. The inside of the jacket is pure white, and can be seen outside of his jacket at times. The material of the inside of his jacket is more of a cotton texture than of vinyl. His pants are black jeans that go past his ankles, with two pockets on the side. It’s supported by a black leather belt with studded spades made out of a substance similar to silver in color. His shoes are white sneakers with black stripes on the heel and toe of the shoe. His laces are also black in color.

    For his guitar, it’s shaped a little differently than regular guitars. It’s made out of pure black ebony wood, with it being an electric instead of an acoustic. It is six-stringed, like regular guitars, and has most of the same parts at the regular ones. The one that sets it apart is the gigantic, almost demonic, dragon-like wing protruding out of the side of the guitar. It’s purely for visual appeal, but it certainly scares away most timid people. His headphones are simple ones that go over his head. They sort of cuff his ears out from the outside world, which is something he enjoys. At the ends of the ears, are white spades, to keep up with the motif.

    Personality: Ace is what one would call pessimistic. He hates almost everything in life with such a cruel, burning passion. He uses music as a portal to escape from life, which he views as an unwinnable game. He never even tries to sugar coat something to someone, and is honest most of the time, even if it hurts the other person. This has led him to be outcast by people, for his rude attitude, and an almost visible depressing cloud hanging around him.

    He does in fact want to gain power. He wants power to help him win the game that is life, but he doesn’t seek immortality. He more wants to use the power he craves to help rectify the world. He abuses his innate talents and power often with running and music. He can easily manipulate people as well, but he prefers more honest things instead of measly tricks.

    Whenever he tries in something, he normally excels in it, and makes others feel left out. He is very competitive, and despite his looks, has won several music, track, and gambling awards. He also commonly plays card games with people, such as BS, Poker, and Blackjack. He’s willing to bet money on things, and normally dominates through what he bets on.

    Of course, he still has a dark and twisted humor. He laughs at things that aren’t funny, and constantly enjoys inflicting pain. He thinks of horror movies as comedies, and goes into a mental state that could be called as dark euphoria.

    He likes alcohol a lot, even if he isn’t the “legal” age of consent. He common drinks hard rum at parties, but when he’s drunk, he’s just in a lighter mood. He’s more open to people, but still has that malice inside of him. He can name off almost all of the different varieties of rum, which is a little shocking for someone young.

    Through all of the darkness in him, he does have a softer side. When he isn’t lusting for power or abusing his power, he tends to help those he’s close to. He gets the need to protect them from the darkness he lives in, and hopes for them to live a peaceful life. He knows that he’s fallen far enough to be saved, but he still tries to help others from taking the wrong choices in life. That’s his main goal in life, to help others realize who they are. He also loves eating seafood, and is on the school’s track team.

    He fears losing the game of life to early. He doesn’t want to lose hope in life and just be basically left for the dead. He also detests the color pink, he hates is much as life itself, if not more. He can’t eat mushy foods; it just feels weird to him.

    Biography: Ace lived in a small seaside town in New York for most of his life. He had appreciation for music as a young age, and his darker side was also starting to show at that time. He always preferred to be along when he was little, and was a type of outcast in school.

    He had a twin brother who liked to be called Heart, even though his name was Heath. The two were always by each other’s side, balancing each other out. The two were also rivals in almost everything they did. Heart was always better in academic subjects, but Ace beat his brother in other things. When the family moved to the quiet town of Meadow Creek, the two instantly went onto the track team. That’s when Ace’s life started to go downhill.

    One night they were training out in the woods, but being the rivals they are, decided to race each other on the forest trail. It was in the summer, so people were still out at the trial. The two ran as fast as they could, trying to beat the other, but they went too far. Heart tripped on a root of a tree and fell off the side of the hill into the forest below. It was a miracle that he evened survived.

    When Ace got home carrying his brother, they took him to the hospital. The doctors were able to put him into a coma, and have kept them like that ever since. They don’t know the exact damage still, but they think that he might be in a ten-year coma.

    This was when Ace fell into depression. He started drinking, skipping school, and drowning himself in music. He neglected the world, and started realizing that it was a cruel game. His brother had already lost, and he was afraid of losing that game. He wanted power to change it, to change most things.

    He started watching darker things, and started eventually finding them humorous. He got his grades back on track, but he never really got out of the shock of his brother’s coma. He started gambling to bring in money to help support his family, and started playing music after finding his guitar.
    He starts his junior year soon, and he hopes that he could find a way to help his brother. Ace thinks that if he could do well, maybe his brother would wake up. He also commonly brings rue flowers to his brother weekly.

    Weapons: His basic weapon is his playing cards. He wields them as ranged weapons, like shurikan, but they’re good for trapping enemies and such forth, but don’t have good powers. 30.

    His next tier up are tarot cards, and wields them much like Elizabeth does in Arena, but more in a throwing type of way. His special Skill is Card Tornado, which has the cards surround an enemy and cast a Garula on them multiple times. 170.

    His Ultimate weapon is the Fuuma Shurikan. It’s a gigantic shurikan that has four sword-like edges protruding out of it. Its name literary translates into “Wind Demon.” His special skill gets an upgrade, and is called Demon Tornado. It does casts multiple Garudynes on a single enemy. 410

    His Joke weapon are CDs. They’re special property is that he automatically has Tarukaja casted on him. 30

    Evoker: His Evoker is the same model as S.E.E.S’ Evokers. It though, has special modifications. AT the back of it, it has a dragon wing coming out like a dragon is about to take flight. Etched into the evoker itself are designs of rue flowers.


    Name: Seth

    Mythological Origin: Seth, or Set, is the Egyptian god of the desert, storms, and chaos. He killed and dismembered his brother Osiris out of jealousy, who was later reassembled by his wife Isis. He was also the rival to Horus and Apep. The Greeks viewed him as one of the more evil deities.

    Appearance: Seth is a gigantic black dragon. What makes him different from the common persona Seth is that his tail ends in a spade-like prong? He towers over Ace, and most of the other Persona. His tail is long, and has many jagged scales on it. His wing span his wide enough to be considered to be in total as tall as half an oak tree, and they give off a demonic like presence. His head is a rectangular shape with red eyes and pupils in the shape of spades. He also has spiky scales around his wings and neck.

    Skill Set:
    Assult Dive
    Evil Touch (Inante)

    Matarukaja (After Aries)

    Blue Wall
    Marakunda (After Taurus)

    Mind Charge (after Gemini)

    Wind Boost (After Cancer)
    Aeon Rain
    Magurla (After Leo)

    Ghastly Wail (After Virgo)
    Final Skill Set before Evolution:

    Mind Charge
    Aeon Rain
    Blue Wall
    Evil Touch
    Ghastly Wail


    III EMpress- Riley Ashton
    IV Emperor- Jamie Austin Moore. (Inner Flame)
    VI Lovers- Andre Bellamy (Monster Guy)
    XI Lust- Ace Spadial (Lost Requiem)
    XI Strength- Duane Lostner (Iron Lugia)
    XIV Temperance- Kendal Tagg ( CuriousHeartless)
    XVIII Moon- Luna Vizcaino (SenorLaughsaLot)
    XIX Sun- Erin Simmons (Titan500)
    XX Aeon- Naoh Wells
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  2. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Reserving the Moon Arcana XD
  3. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, try to get it in by a week. Reservation accepted.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

  5. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright Mon. Your reservation will end in a week.
  6. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Oooo~ I like to reserve Emperor! I have a prefect mostly made character that will fit comfortably in there. I just have to add a few details... Darn... Lead guitarist is taken what other position can I have that will give my character the next best position of control... I must ponder this. I'll try to get a sign-up in soon.
  7. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, Reservation accpeted! You have a week.

    Wishing for an Aeon and some females.
  8. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Oh, something Persona related, been waiting for one of these. Can I reserve for Temperance.
  9. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Sure, you can.
  10. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Okay you may have a problem with this if so I’ll try to change things so it fits better. Just tell me what and I’ll do my best to make how you want. I was a little unsure in the skills area as in how many skills my character could have in the end so I just put the same amount as you. I'll be awaiting your judgement, Game Master.

    Name: Jamie Austin Moore, sometime though rarely called J.A.M.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Arcana: The Emperor
    Band Position: Lead Singer

    Appearance: Jamie's height is a five feet and nine inches tall, rather tall for a girl. Her built is very thin even though she has much more muscle tone than the average person. Her slender frame lacks a natural feminine curve and her chest is very small that along with her rather boyish looking face, she gets confused as a boy quite often. It doesn't help that her straight, light blonde hair has been cut in short boyish fashion. The back of her hair doesn’t even leave the confine of her head and her bangs which are neatly cut straight across her forehead rest little ways from her thin, light-colored eyebrows. Her fair skin is probably her most girly feature: smooth, flawless except for a mole center on her forehead. If she stays out in the sun long enough her skin with get a nice golden brown tan, if she has her sun block on; otherwise she gets badly sunburned. Her eyes are blue, a very pale light blue and they seem to draw people to them with their piercing, serious stare. She is of English descent though she and her parents lived their whole life in America.

    Her choice of clothing again fights against her girlishness; as she lack blouses, skirts, heels and any other girlish accessories. She actually has some very nice, expensive looking dress shirts, slacks, blazers and leather dress shoes but she doesn't wear them unless it's a special occasion. As they said when in Rome do as the Romans, so she downgraded to wearing simple teenager t-shirts and comfy cargo jeans and tennis shoes. There nothing designer or expensive so it just makes her look similar to any other average guy. Her clothes are well-maintained with not a single thread out of place. Her shirts tends to be long on her, going down below her waist and her jeans are baggy, going to her ankles making her built undefined at glance. Jamie wears a black belt occasionally to keep her pants for fallen off. Her favorite top is a baseball top that is white with black sleeves; the sleeves are short of her wrists.

    One thing that set her apart is she likes to wears hats and not just baseball caps. Her favorite is a black fedora with a yellow stripe of cloth that goes around the bottom just before the rim. Her hats are mostly black, seeing she tends to wear black as her primary color. She wears a black and red California baseball cap to school mostly and when she's walking around town that black fedora is worn on her head. The fedora is rather expensive looking, made from some shimmering silk material; she seem greatly attached to it. She is a really hat lover and can sometime be seen browsing through them. Headphones are a little different for her usual taste and she only has one pair; they are dark violet color and are the kind that goes completely cover the ears. The padding that goes on the ears is black and opposite of it there is a silver spot centered in the purple. If she has them but not using them, she just wears them around her neck.

    Personality: One hundred percent serious, Jamie cannot take a joke not to mention telling one. When it comes to school and work there is no fun, there is no relaxing and definitely no dilly-dallying; to her that means a person is a lazy and childish good-for-nothing. Because of her work ethic, she excel in all her studies and she still work just as hard to further improve herself. She is often thought of studious person by her peers as well as stuffy all work and no play type. That’s not completely true, she does love to indulge herself in sports both watching and playing; there nothing more fun for her than shooting some hoops. She absolutely loves baseball, but since girls are ‘weaker’ and they have to play softball, Jamie just sticks to watching normally.

    The thing she hates the most is the inability to control things around her; being force to do things because she is young and worst of all, because she’s a girl. It doesn’t matter if she can kick a guy twice her size butt, people still treat her as a lesser because she is a woman. For this reason she hates being born a female; and in her hatred she ended up turning into a complete tomboy. Her mannerism, speech and they way she carries herself is the bigger reason she is mistaken for a man. Occasionally she’ll turn girly in the presence of sweets and cute things, such as animals and flowers, though she is quick to shrug it off. In this way she is childish, as she pretends she never showed her feminine side. Jamie tends finds her fellow female as whiny, sensitive, chatty, annoying and weak thus she tends to like the company of male companionship. She doesn’t get close to many girls; and she’s treat them differently than her guy friends. In a way, she is sexist to her own sex.

    Jamie, though she has fail to notice, is quite judgmental and judges people instantly at glance and the very first words that come out of their mouth. And she treat them accordingly; people she decides as people she won’t like get to see her unenthusiastic, don’t want to bother with them side and the ones she likes get a much more delightful reception. There is this cautiousness around people, especially those of the female persuasion, who she recently met. Though her attitude and speech may come off quite crude at times, once you get to know her she really is not that bad of a person. She’ll help you with your homework, fix your broken object; she is quite the handyman; and even gives you good advice if needed. Also if you are ever in trouble; she’ll come to your rescue, she took a few karate/kick-boxing classes. So she can be quite the honorable and heroic; no man left behind.

    Biography: Jamie is the oldest daughter of a very powerful and rich businessman and raised to be an outstanding citizen in California. Her parents were strict and forbade many from her and eventually her younger brother, James. They were sent to the high-class school and had tutors to make sure they were the smartest, brightest children. That being said, there wasn't much fun in her life. But Jamie didn't mind the working hard and furthering her intelligence. It wasn't until the double-standard of being a girl with a sexist father came into play that problems arose: Oh she’s a girl so she has to play violin and sing; she has to be in the kitchen cooking, sew blanket and stuff. Even though she was the oldest, smartest and most capable to take over her father's business; he had decide that James would do it instead, because only a man can be a great leader. That view force upon her made her dislike her femininity. She rejected it as result; she turned real boyish in her mannerism and appearance wise.

    Along with her transformation, her mother would constantly try to make her to be more like a girl. Forcing her wear dresses, which she thought looked terrible on her and make-up that irritated her face and her constant nagging, whiny and moodiness all focused on her made her dislike being female and in general hanging around them for that. The effect of her mother pushed her deeper down the path of manliness. She got into sports and fighting, as she really did not what to be like her mom. She also rejected her father and turned into a bit of a rebellious child; though James and she were still on good terms. There were some problems down the road with teasing and name-calling, but she wasn't bother by it at all and people soon lost the amusement of messing with a person, who obviously didn't even care. When she beat up a boy to protecting a girl; she became the coolest and toughest female in her school and she became adored by many. Admiration comes hand-in-hand with jealous and hatred; the boys ridiculed for losing to a girl and other girls angry that such an uncute girl was getting more attention than them. This turned into her own personal hate club. Their hate would make her life change forever.

    Jamie was asked to deliver a package somewhere from a girl in her class, and being a nice person she accepted even though she never really spoken to that classmate of hers. In the end it was a setup and she was caught with a bunch of illegal drugs. If an investigation was done, she probably would have been found innocent but her parents pay a settlement to keep that incident quiet, ashamed of their oldest child. It was just one small misjudgment on her part and she didn't even do anything bad. Yet she was still shipped off to an Aunt's, she never heard of, in a run down town of Meadow Creek. In the beginning she was incredibly bitter about the incident and her parents that wouldn't believe her but accepted it as her own fault for being so easily tricked.

    She quickly adapted to being in a smaller home and found the quiet country area rather calming, as well as boring. There was next to no people living there and barely anything around. Jamie got a job at the sports center, just to pass the time in her banishment. She heard talk of some music band battle or something, and it sounded like it was something interesting; so she decided to check it out if nothing else.


    Basic- She gets are some nice hand wraps in black to protect the skin on her knuckles and hands from scrapping off. No special effects come of this as they are just thin elastic cloth. 85

    Mid-Tier- Boxing gloves, they red with black on the palm of them. It actually made of very strong, sturdy material that also protects her hand from the impacts of the punches she makes. This allows her to put more power behind her punches as well as throw more. Thus enable her to do the Punching Barrage in which she quickly overwhelms her opponent with a bunch of quick punches. They are only as strong as she is. 167

    Ultimate- She gets equipped with some silver gauntlet with spikes along the knuckles of it. She is able to throw much more painful attacks and send strong electric currents through the fist as metal is great for that. She can perform the Lightning Strike is just an electrified punch send through her gauntlet. 370

    Joke- Sock and Boppers, more fun than pillow fight and just about as deadly. This is really bad at doing any real damage though it has a chance of paralyzing enemies as it gives off a static charge for some reason. She’d probably be better off just using bare hands. 34

    Evoker: Jamie’s a scarf with a noose knot. The scarf is short when it’s tied only going quarter way down her chest. It’s tanned with washout red irregular spots on it. She puts it around her neck to make it work as the mere idea of forcefully being unable to breathe freaks her out.

    Persona Sign-Up

    Persona Name: Hippolyta

    Legend of Origin: Hippolyta is the Amazon Queen and Ares's daughter in the Greek Mythology. She is the leader of the Amazon a tribal group that consists of all women race, who are skilled hunters and warriors. She met Hercules who came in order to get her girdle given to her by her father.

    Appearance: A giant muscular woman much taller than any average man with short curly brown hair. Her body is bulky yet she still has noticeable feminine curls in the white toga that drapes around her, a sash wrapped just below the chest to keeps it on. With the movement of the clothing, some light metal armor can be seen under it. Hippolyta only has one breast, as it Amazon tradition to cut it off to help better use javelins and bows, the right side is completely flat and covered by armor. Her knees and leg are completely bare, and she doesn’t have any shoes. Mounted on her back are a couple of weapons: a huge metal spear and a bow and arrow, so she can choose to fight close or attack from afar.

    Skill Set:

    Muzzle Shot
    Sonic Punch

    After Aries
    Cruel Attack
    Fatal End

    After Taurus

    Poison Arrow
    Mighty Swing

    After Gemini
    Torrent Shot
    Blade of Fury

    After Cancer
    Gigantic Fist
    Myriad Arrows

    After Leo

    Power Charge
    Vicious Strike


    After Libra
    Fist Master
    Vile Assault
    Vorpal Blade

    Final Skill Set before Evolution
    Fist Master
    Vicious Strike
    Vorpal Blade
    Vile Assault
    Myriad Arrows
    Power Charge
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  11. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    I do have to say, I was a little shocked when I saw the female gender, but I feel you actually executed a female Emperor very well. I like she's a sort of Mixture of Kanji, Yosuke, and Akihiko, which is nice. She does fit the bill very well, and her Persona is very nice. Though, I do have to say for the skilsl you did well, but based on her strength, I would like to see a sort of Junpei like spread. Powerful Physical Skills and weak spells. Also, I think you should modify her weapon's strengths. Since she has a Physical Persona, and plays a lot of different sports, they should be higher than Ace's. The Power jump from the Taort Cards to the Fuuma Shurikan might seem high, but one does have to remember his weapon is bigger than him, (And is basically four broadswords made throwable)

    So, due to more battle mechanic problems, I'm going to have her as pending for now. Just fix up those attack powers so they fit her reseonable, and her skill set so they fit her more Athletic approch. Also, try to make your sentences flow smoothly. It was a great read, but in my head I needed to add in commas and words so it made more sense. Can I assume english isn't your first language?
  12. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    >_>; English is my first and only language (I did learn Spanish once upon a time), I just utterly suck at grammar... since forever. I've been told it's lot better than it was in the beginning (when I first started RPing here), but grammar has always been one of my weaknesses in writing. Thanks, I had a female Emperor sitting waiting to be used, I put a lot a thought into her. And I added more with the details you put for the Emperor.

    I've edited make last post; in response to your comment. I kind of weaken the attack of the weapon because I just remember Akihiko telling me that his attack isn't as powerful as a sword, so I underpowered it. I decided to bump the attack of all the weapons to stronger but not the strongest since it still based on how strong she physically is. The Joke Weapon; Sock and Boppers are just basically plastic balloon on your hands so I don't except it to be able to do any real damage so I just brought it up a little.

    Oi, thinking so hard about Skills... most likely too hard. I wondering if I did it right; having a difficult time. I added stronger skills and I downgraded her magic to the second most powerful electric attack before her persona evolves. Is that what you meant about the skill just stronger attack skill and least passive and other skills? If not I'll try again to wrap my mind around it.

    Oh right, I also attempted to fix my grammar mistakes that I noticed proofreading thought it again.
  13. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Oh, alright XD. I'm horrible with spelling, I've always been, so I can relate to that.

    Everythign sums up nicely, and it fets the bill with what I wanted. I do know Akihiko tells us that, I just wanted to make sure that she was more powerful than Playing and Tarot cards...

    The Skills are great as well... I know Akihiko packs some Matarukunda and Matrukajas and other support spells, but it fits the bill nicely, so Jamie is now Accepted!
  14. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Name: Luna Vizcaino
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Arcana: Moon
    Band Position: Drums

    Luna has already grown to her full height and stands at about 5'11". Her hair is long, with enough to put into a bun, and the rest flowing down her shoulders, reaching her chest. It is separated into two parts; the upper portion with her bun and her bangs and locks. The upper portion is a silvery blue that resembles the color of the moon, and her bangs are a light shade of purple. Her eyes are wide and a bright shade of blue that flows with her appearance. She is void of any blemishes and has fair skin. She often wears make-up, just to add some color to her light skin. Most of the time she has some eye liner and eye shadow on. She wears a necklace she had since she was a child made of gold. It lost its sheen throughout the years, but it still maintains its original shape, a teddy bear. Already fully grown, she has a nicely shaped physique, making it hard to distinguish her from any other woman.

    On her head she wears a pair of headphones that have an image of a crescent moon on each side. It is worn to represent her name, Luna. She wears a small blue top that only covers her breasts. On top of that is a small jacket that is zipped up halfway, as she tries to show some cleavage. Her short jacket leaves her belly exposed and you can see she has a silver piercing on her naval. To finish off her ensemble, she wears black tights that go into her electric blue high top sneakers.

    Luna is a flirt with a tough nature. She likes to seduce guys, and occasionally girls, to fool them. She likes, and even craves, the attention she gets from her looks. She pretends she doesn't care about the attention, but secretly she does. This is why she dresses, or rather, barely dresses the way she does. If she can't pertain to people with her skills and talents, she will with her beauty.

    She is clever and sneaky, thinking around the box to find her answers. She is also very intelligent, even though she doesn't appear to be. You can see her intelligence come to light when it is most needed. She excels in school, and has many talents. She is best known for her creative writing, amazing artistic skills, and her musical talents. Again, she acts like she hates people knowing about her achievements, but only does her best to get the attention.

    To keep up with the facade of not caring, she is a bit nasty and harsh towards anyone who appreciates her. This problem stemmed from her childhood. She pushes anyone away when she really wants them to be closer or to be her friend. She really doesn't have any true friends and the loneliness kills her. She can't make any because of her behavior and she finds it hard for her to change. People already know her as she is and she believes there is nothing she can do about it.

    Luna was an orphan since birth, left on the front doorstep of a church in a basket. All that was left was her name on a note that read "Luna" and a blanket to cover her. She was then sent to foster house by foster house. The families she would stay with were usually huge. This lead to her to being ignored, or overshadowed by the other siblings. In the end it wouldn't have mattered because she would be moved to a new family. She never had luck finding a stable home and was picked on in school. They would make fun of her not having a real family and usually she would just cry. There was an incident one day in middle school where she had enough and got into a fight. She was still being teased and wanted it to end. She ended up brutally beating the bully, letting out all her anger and frustration on her. That was when her tough nature was formed. Everyone feared her and it stuck, from middle school and all the way up to high school.

    In high school she still retains her tough personality and is seen by others as apathetic. She has many talents and most people are amazed. It's just hard to approach her because some people still fear her. Although, she does flirt with many people, purely for attention. She is with a new family, different from her family in her middle school days. Her foster parents seem to be more caring, as she is the only child. This seems to be her stable home and she even took their last name, Vizcaino. Although she does get the attention she's always wanted, she still pretends to not care, silently crying to herself for pushing others away.


    Basic- Kunai: She gets standard kunai that she can throw at opponents or can hold it to wield in combat. 75

    Mid-Tier- Dual Wield Sickles: She gets to wield two sickles, that has a handle and circular, curved blades with a sharp point. She takes one in each hand and can cause some damage. When using them she can perform a Blade of Fury on multiple opponents. 180

    Ultimate- Kusarigama: Kusarigama is a chain sickle. It is a sickle with a long handle and curved blade at the end. Connected to the end is a chain that contains a weight on it's end. When using them she can wrap the chain around a foe to make them immobile and can finish them off with her sickle. 390

    Joke- Sporks: She gets sporks that she can wield the same way as her kunai. She can either throw them or stab people eye's out. They also increase her agility. 15

    Luna's evoker is basically the same as the S.E.E.S', the only difference being a moon imprinted on the end.

    Persona Sign-Up

    Persona Name: Astarte

    Legend of Origin:
    A Goddess worshiped under many names throughout the Mediterranean, she is a goddess associated with fertility, love, and war along with being the deification of Venus. In Abrahamic lore she is known as Ashtoreth and is seen by them as a Canaanite fertility goddess as well as a productive power of nature itself. Statues of her would be found throughout Israel with her symbol the crescent moon horns.

    Astarte is tall and has long, flowing hair that reaches down to her waist. Her hair is a light blue with hints of purple and it curls at the end. She wears a helmet that only guards her forehead and is pointed at the top. Coming out of the sides are purple wings. She wears a black armor that also has hints of purple and is broad at the shoulders. The armor covers her breasts, but is open down the middle. The rest of her body is protected by the armor.

    Skill Set

    - Cleave
    - Mudo
    - Sukukaja

    After Aries
    - Gale Slash
    - Masukukaja

    After Taurus
    - Power Slash
    - Evil Smile

    After Gemini
    - Mamudo
    - Sukunda
    - Power Charge

    After Cancer
    - Masukunda
    - Mudoon
    - Blade of Fury

    After Leo
    - Heaven's Blade

    After Virgo
    - Mamudoon
    - Vorpal Blade

    Final Skills List
    - Vorpal Blade
    - Mamudoon
    - Evil Smile
    - Blade of Fury
    - Masukukaja
    - Masukunda
    - Power Charge
    - Heaven's Blade
  15. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, everything checks out for Luna, so she's accepted! Hopefully she doesn't become the Yoshitsune of this RPG...

    Just a reminder, MOn, you have two more days, friday, to get in your post, and Curious, you have until th 15th, or Saturday, to get it in.
  16. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Okay, I have it mostly finished. Just wanted to see a few examples to help, so I may actually have it in tomorrow.
  17. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, thank you. I'm sure Mon is close to being done as well... Now, all we need are five more people. I would prefer an Aeon and a Male EMpress, but I wouldn't mind if we didn't.
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Andre Bellamy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Band Position: Pianist
    Arcana: The Lovers

    Appearance: Andre is a tall young man, standing at exactly six feet tall. Although he doesn't like to do so, he excersises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob, and is physically fit. He tries to stay out of the sun, claiming it is bad for your skin, and so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair neat at all times. There is never a hair out of place. He has a round boyish face, and large baby blue eyes which he claims are his best feature. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upperbody.

    For clothing, Andre is very much into fashion, and he usually dresses more formally than kids his age. His wardrobe consists of button down dress shirts, trousers, and dress shoes. He even wears a tie and blazer to school on some days. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy, never a thread out of place. It's rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans, but he does own a pair. His wardrobe contains a lot of bright colors, especially pink, his favorite color.

    As you might've guessed, his headphones are also pink. The padding on the ear part is white, and the part that actually go over the ears are shaped like a heart.

    Personality: First off, Andre has tastes that are usually considered femmine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really emabrrased by it. He really doesn't understand why boys in this country have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their masculinity.

    Andre is very obsecessed with beauty and looking good. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. He can often be found staring at his reflection in a mirror, and adjusting things as necessary. As such, he really hates to get dirty. He will push you over a mud puddle, and walk on top of you to avoid getting his nice shoes mucked up. (Then apologize to you for it afterwards.)

    He likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship, and not just a one night stand. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

    Although Andre's parents raised him to be polite and well mannered, and he is for the most part, he has a lot of confidence in himself, and can sometimes can come off as arrogant. He often overestimates himself, and underestimates others. He has no problems telling others of their faults and how to fix them. He's not trying to be a jerk about it though, he just thinks there's room for improvement.

    Despite being French, and using French words a lot, Andre can speak English perfectly fine, due learning it back home, and picking up some of it while in the states. He just thinks everything sounds sexier in French.

    History: Andre was born and raised in Paris France, to wealthy parents who were both in the Fashion industry. Ever since he was born, Andre's parents did everything they could to give him every advantage in life. They put him in Fencing lessons, and Piano lessons at an early age, they also enrolled him in the best private schools in the country to give him the best education possible. For the most part, Andre's life was pretty normal and drama free. he had plenty of friends, (and has had a few lovers, though none of them were The One,) his parents were still happily married, and for the most part, he lived a pretty good life.

    Then, his parents decided to put him in the Foreign Exchange Student Program, thinking it was a good idea for their boy to experience other cultures. And so, off he went to some small in the middle of nowhere in the United States. Andre hwasn't too happy abou this. He was often called every insult for a gay guy you can think of, although he didn't let this bother him too much. The culture was also much different than what he was used too, and he had a hard time making friends. Howver, things arent terrible. The girl's seemed to appreciate himn at least. The school band is also looking for new members. His exchange family seems pretty nice too. Particularly, his "brother" Leonardo (Yes, Leo Silverstone. His sister Lilly was the one exchanged.) He keeps hope alive that things will get better.

    Other: The "At a Crossroads" part will be mentioned later. He'll have to return to France eventually, and has to decide between staying or leaving.


    Basic: A Rapier. A long thin sword that is used in fencing. It is more of a thrusting weapon than a cutting weapon. 70

    Mid: Dual Raiers: he gets a second rapier. They become sharper, then the basic one, and are actually able to cut things. He can also produce gusts of wind while wielding them that damage foes. (Garula) 120

    Ultimate: Whip Sword: Think of Ivy from Soul Caliber. A sword that can extend and function like a whip. Don't ask how this possible, just say magic. It can produce stronger gusts of wind than the mid tier one. 310

    Joke: Baugette: A loaf of French bread that can be used a s a rapier. While holding it, Andre's health will slowly rengenrate (Regenrate 1) It doesn't do much damage though. It is also edible. (A new one will appear in his hands if it is eaten.) 5

    Evoker: The standard gun evoker. His is pink, and covered in red hearts.


    Name: Narcisus

    Legend of origin: A young handsome man of Greek myth. He rejected the love of the youths, boy and girl who adored him. After rejecting the nymph Echo, who faded to a whisper out of despair, he was cursed by Nemesis. He fell in love with his own reflection and wasted away. A flower grew from the spot he died, which was named the "narcissus".

    Appearance: Narcissus is a tall, muscular, pale skinned young man. He has long blond hair that always seems to be blowing even when there is no wind. He has a handsome face, and blue eyes. He only wears a fuschia colored grecian toga. His legs slowly become green when you go down, and where his feet should be, there is instead blades of grass, and yellow flowers growing there. The same yellow flower also grows on top of his head.

    - Garu
    - Charm Boost
    - Marin Karin

    After Aries
    - Garula
    - Dia

    After Taurus
    - Charmdi
    - Diarama

    After Gemini
    - Dekunda
    - Magaru

    After Libra
    - Media
    - Sexy Dance

    After Leo
    - Magarula
    - Mediarama

    After Virgo
    - Garudyne
    - Diarahn

    Final Skills List
    - Garudyne
    - Magarula
    - Charm Boost
    - Diarahn
    - Mediarama
    - Sexy Dance
    - Charmdi
    - Dekunda
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  19. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, Mon! Andre is accepted! Now we have two wind users, queue the awkward moments in battle >_>
  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Seth and Ace have other have other ways of dealing damage. (Ghastly Wail, and could've sworn I saw Mudoon in there.)

    Andre and Narcisus pretty much only have the line Garu and Rapiers...
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