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Persona: Death's Requiem

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Liltwick, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    (Mods, this is Rated PG-15, I don't want redundant Thread titles. Spoilers for recaps)

    Persona: Death’s Requiem


    Music has always catered to the souls of man. It has guided them along the thin strings of life, and the many symphonies that have guided man on its journey as created a collection of souls. It is a fabled myth, but has fallen deep into the clutches of history, until it was played once again.

    The symphony of souls, the piece of the lost and fallen, almost seemingly to be played as the Requiem of death. Though, I have not yet experienced hearing this piece for myself, I’m sure you, child of man, will hear one day.

    Music has played a part in everything, for all of the past events that have transpired that have shaped this universe. From the sins of the Kirijo group, where the sole heir Mitsuru is trying to atone, a sort of melancholic tone plays out. For Tatsuya Souo, who sinned to keep his memories, a silent, but gloomy lullaby lingers. For those who had to brave the experiences of the Dark Hour and Tarturus, many darker melodies play, and finally the group of students from Inaba who sought out the truth, to expel fog from the world, and they have the lightest, more fun tunes of the groups.

    Though, it seems that something is manifesting out of hate. Something is making a new appearance in the sea of souls. As I flutter through that sea, to and fro from my collected unconscienceness. Into the sea, all I hear is the ticking of a clock.

    I do not know what this means, but I sense something resurrecting, something from long ago that was banished. It seems that another phenomenon has appeared in your world, Child of Man, and it seems to be worse than what was transpired before. The shadows have become smarter, and their leader is someone powerful. I do not know who it is, but I can at least tell you my name.

    I am Philemon, a watcher over man kind to see if they can truly become enlightened beings. They have accepted death, and they have started to see the goodness in the truth, but they seem to lack another thing… Something else from them having enlightenment. I think that thing is morality. Law and Chaos, good and evil, and so forth. It can’t change in humans, but they need to accept everything, and not bury it away. They do not need this hatred, but even you, Child of Man, have hatred. It’s inevitable, but I still wish that all people had Morales like those in the past.

    Now, I bid you good-bye. Good luck on your journey, and I will be watching over you.

    Setting and more Plot info

    You are a simple high school student at Oakshire High school located in the old, run down town of Meadow Creek. The town is located in a secluded grove isolated by mountains and oak trees. It doesn’t have much, and heck, most of the residents are people who live a laid back life style. The town has three schools, a library, and a Grocery Store. It also had stores to fit the various needs of the people living there. Like a bookstore, nursery, café, weapons store, and sports center. Though, a small store in a secluded corner of the already secluded town is probably what it’s most known for. It is a music and electronics shop, where myriad gaming systems and musical instruments are held. After hearing about all of the talk about it from your friends, you decide to go into the store. That moment changed your life forever.

    You have heard that a battle between school bands have started to take place in the county. You take this opportunity as a way to get out of the desolate town, but you soon learn that it’s not orchestral bands; they are real bands. A minimum requirement of ten people is required, and you see nine other people in the shop. The owner, you find out, is the eccentric biology teacher Mr. Nightwing. He always seemed to have a fascination for butterflies. He tells those who have gathered the information, and it seems that everyone instantly jumped in, including you.

    After a couple of hours sorting everything out, you are now in the school band. Of course, your Musical instrument was still up to you, or if you wanted to sing, that was fine as well. You guys would be meeting every Wednesday for practice. Though, when you arrive, this is truly when your life changes

    The Zodiac Wheel

    The Zodiac Wheel is like Tarturus and the TV World, this is the rpg’s Main Dungeon. Though, we might be visiting the TV World later in the RPG. We might not, it depends. It has 13 “Doorways”, each resembling one of the Zodiacs, including the forgotten one. In these doorways are dungeons that represent signs that go with them, and some of them have special limitations, though, the main ones are either Joke Weapons, or No Persona.

    There have been reports of Shadow activity inside of these dungeons, and that the fates might have been corrupted. The only thing that anyone has a clue about is a strange melody that plays through the area.
    The Wheel also likes to play tricks on people, making each visit to the worlds it holds different from the last time. From time to time, a doorway will be locked, even if it should have been unlocked.

    It is said a force of malevolent darkness is trying to creep up onto the wheel, which could possibly be one of the reasons on why the shadows are suddenly appearing. There have also been reports of people going missing. They are then found dead the next day, with bloodshot eyes and clutching the headphones on their head.

    The only way to get to the Wheel is through music of course. They say that when you listen to a special disk with headphones on when the moon is shining on you, you go to the wheel. Though, it hasn’t been proven, and only is a rumor. Though, what CD it is and if it’s true or not is for one to find out.

    The Velvet Room and Evokers

    The Velvet room is a mythical space in the rift of space-time, or otherwise known as the sea of the soul, that has certain power in the world. It is said that a mythical ability called Persona associated with this place. Though, how it directly affects us is unknown.

    Reports have said that those with the ability of the “Wild Card” are able to fuse and create new persona of any Arcana. Though, most people only have the power to have one Persona at a time. This may lead to those blessed with the wild card a versatile, but also no an expert.

    The Velvet room this time will always be in its standard shade of blue. It seems to be in a shape of some sort of Musical Bar, where in the corner a man with a large nose resides. At the counter, resides a Barista by the name of Theodore, but you can call him Theo. The woman singing to the loan some stage’s name is Margret, though what she sings is entirely up to those who request it. Also, doors with what seem like covers appear around the room. If it’s towards previous rooms, or other portals to the room, only Igor knows.

    Every now and again a young girl by the name of Marie will appear in the room. Igor and Margret know her from somewhere, but she just states she’s a simple traveler. Who she is and what she’s doing there is a complete mystery.

    On the subject of Persona, there is a myriad way to summon them, but four main, safe ways, are used by users. The easiest way is for someone like me, Philemon, or another powerful being awakening it for you. Those who fight shadows in worlds that are akin to earth have the easiest time, by just crushing the tarot card corresponding to their Persona. Though, they also have the hardest time obtaining their Personas, which require a certain test about themselves. The next way is through fear and mental stress. Normally in plains where shadows exist, this can be easy to execute. Though, the problem was that if they didn’t have the potential, or awoke to late, they would die, and this is akin to the way how people awaken Persona for the first way. Also, Persona awakened to this manner is normally hard to control, just like those with artificial persona. The last way, though the most interesting way, to say the least, is to evoke the Persona.

    Evokers are an easy way to summon a persona, and they normally don’t have any side effects. The problem is, they are lethal to those without the potential. Those with it, however, are able to use their persona almost anywhere without casualties. They combine the aspect of fear, but also acceptance of who they are. Though, it is forcible forcing the Persona out. Evoked Personas are a rare case, as they and shadows are able to co-exist in unison, while the other two aren’t.

    Evokers come in all different shapes and sizes, but the most common one is a gun. Others are able to be used, but the thought of committing suicide is able to force the Persona out. It can cause severe mental trauma on the user though, but its uses do out-weight its cons. They also can be used in the real world to evoke Persona. There is another way, bur the user has to have an extreme amount of physical and mental concentration, or the details lamented with the mental stress awakening.


    Each Persona and person falls under a certain Arcana of the major tarot deck. Each Arcana will be listed and a short personality description will be typed*. Then, some common Personae of the arcana.

    Fool: Those of the fool arcana are those with limitless potential. They are seemingly everywhere where a personality could be, and they wield the ability known as the wild card. Common Personae of the Fool arcana are
    Ose, Legion, and Loki.

    Banned from RPG

    Magician: Those of the magician arcana are known to have a sort of more hyper energy. They have great self-confidence, and know how to use their natural talents quite well. Those of this arcana normally excel in fire spells, and common Personae are Pyro Jack, Jack Frost, and Surt.

    High Priestess: Those of the priestess arcana are known for untapped power, or hidden knowledge. They have are very mysterious, and are normally feminine in some way or form. They are good with support and healing. Common Personae of this Arcana are Sarasvarti, High Pixie, and Parvati

    Empress: Those of the empress arcana are known for creativity, prosperity, and the ability to comfort others. They are normally mother figures, but also show a sort of dominance to others, but can also be as cold as the magic they wield. They normally excel in Ice based magic, and minor healing magic. Common Personae of this arcana include Yaksimi, Gabriel, and Aliltat.

    Should be female

    Emperor: Those of the emperor arcana are known for wanting to control their surroundings. They normally lie about aspects about themselves and are normally oblivious, or ignoring, to jarring contradictions to their ego. They excel in Lightning and Physical skills. Common Personae of this
    arcana include Oberon, King Frost, and Odin.

    Should be Male

    Hierophant: Those of the hierophant arcana are known for their attachment to rules and guidelines. They have a sort of authority to them, and are normally more into mystical or divine things. They don’t really have any weakness, but not any strengths either. Common Personae of this arcana include Omoikane, Shiisaa, and Kohryu

    Lovers: Those of the lovers arcana are those with a social, more bubbly personality. They’re people people, who prefer the company of others then themselves, but they are always walking on crossroads, making their life difficult. They are normally associated with support-healing spells in battle. Common Personae are Queen Mab, Raphael, and Cybele.

    Chariot: Those of the chariot arcana are those who are physically fit and in command. They like to take charge in life, and are normally very healthy and masculine, and for females, tomboyish. They are skilled leaders, but sometimes they lack the knowledge to lead them properly. They excel in physical skills, and common Personae are Ara Mitama, Ares, and Thor

    Justice: Those of the justice arcana have a sense of justice, and try to enforce their own whenever they go. If not, they are analytics, who like to rationalize through things before jumping strait on into them. They excel with Light skills in battle, and common Personae are Angel, Dominion, and Melchizedek.

    Hermit: Those of the hermit arcana are those who enjoy self-solitude. They are wise, and spend their time alone thinking about life, and realizing who they are, but withdraw from reality at times. This makes those of this arcana normally social awkward. They excel in weakening the enemies through debuffs and status-effects. Common Personae of this arcana are Lamia, Nebiros, and Arahabaki.

    Fortune: Those of the fortune or wheel of fortune, arcana are those who go with the flow. They keep on going up when life’s down, and normally fate their fate until accepting it. They can have varying luck, but regardless, will have ups and downs in their lives. They excel in wind based skills in battle. Common Personae of this Arcana are Fortuna, Clothos, and Norn.

    Strength: Those of the strength arcana are those with a strong sense of morality, and use courage and virtue in life over brute force. They are very good in their creative or physical energy they represent, and are normally gentler then others. They are also able to stand their fate and pasts, as their morales will guide them through rough times. They do excel with physical spells in battles, but this is not always the case. Common Personae of this persona are Valkyrie, Hanuman, and Siegfried.

    Lust/Jester: Those of the lust arcana are known for wanting power, or another thing. They are a dominant force, and like abusing their obtained power over all else. If it isn’t power, they are constantly trying to get what they strive for. Though, another side of this arcana exists known as the jester. They think of life as a game, and are normally looking for a way to win this everlasting game. They can come off as cold, and have a sort of dry humor, but they do lighten up when you get to know them. Normally, people are a mixture of both, not more towards one then the other. Battling strengths are unknown, but it seems they exploit enemies’ weaknesses and hit them hard, and normally try to weaken the opponent. Common Personae are Loa, Chernobog, and Seiten Taisei.

    Hanged Man: Those of the hanged man arcana are known for their balance between life and death, as they will sacrifice anything for enlightenment. They tend to bind themselves to free themselves from something, normally in a from to another person or idea, like work. They are living paradoxes, normally contradicting themselves at every turn. They are best known for their survivability, either in battle or in the real world. Common personae of the arcana include Orthrus, Hell Biker, and Attis.

    Death: Those of the death arcana are those who tend to have cycles of personalities. They cycle through different personalities, or certain things, and at worse have a bad case of split personalities. They also might have change and renewal in their lives, getting rid the bad things in their past to begin anew. So in such, those of the death are constantly changing in their own way, not having a defining personality. They excel in dark based skills in battle, and are weak to light. Common Personae include Mot, Sameal, and Alice.

    Temperance: Those of the temperance arcana are those who are able to
    harmonize and adapt to anything quite well. They are sort of a balancing ground of opposites, and have friends or are completely different then themselves. They can also synthesis with new things easily, making them quite versatile. They are very well-rounded in battle. Common Personae include Genbu, Seiryuu, and Yurlunger

    Devil: Those of the devil arcana are normally impulsive in a negative way. They like to do selfish and violent things, and are normally slaves to their own malicious will. Though, they also make strong bonds with others, in a positive way. They are usually dark-based in battle, but not all the time. Common Personae include Succubus, Lilith, and Beelzebub.

    Tower: Those with the tower arcana are arrogant individuals walking to their own falls. They are normally prejudiced, and have ill-made pride. They seemed to be of the authority type, and normally berate those who they consider below them. They walk a path of doom, whether if it means their own life, or their ego. They’re good with physical attacks in battle as well. Common Personae include Cu Chulainn, Mara, and Shiva.

    Star: Those of the star arcana are bright, hope filled individuals. They have a lot of faith into what they poor into, and have a good self-confidence as well. They are generous and joyous most of the time, and enjoy life and helping those around them, but they can become wayward and lose their way. They are good with Ice Magic, but are weak against fire. Common Personae include Neko Shogun, Garuda, and Helel

    Moon: Those of the moon arcana are those of illusion. They are creative, and have many inspirations, dreams, and fears. They are not really tricksters, but tend to trick people to keep up with their façade. They can go insane at times, and normally break down if their façade is broken. Those of the Moon are as mysterious as the moon itself. They are commonly good with physical attacks, but are also good at magic. Common Personae of the moon are Tsukiyomi, Yamata-no-Orochi, and Sandalphon

    Sun: Those of the sun arcana shine bright as the sun itself. They are optimists, and like to bring joy to others. They are very energetic, as if they drink five coffees in the morning energetic, and tend to enjoy accomplishing things they work on, but if sadness strikes, it turns for the worse. Seeing a sun being apathetic is basically a sing of an impending apocalypse. They tend to use Fire and Light skills in battle. Common Personae of the sun include Pheonix, Horus, and Asura.

    Judgement: Those of the judgement arcana are those in the balance of light and dark. They are aware of themselves and others, and normally pass on judgment to those in need of it. Those of this arcana tend to be very powerful, and is bolstered by the group of friends around them more than anything. They can be considered over powered as well. Common Personae include Satan, Trumpeter, and Lucifer.

    Banned from the RPG

    Aeon: Those of the aeon arcana are those normally lost. They are those few who are searching with in themselves to find out who they are, and what their purpose is. They try to understand life, and their own emotions. One can see the basis of the aeon as being robotic or have amnesia. Though, if they succeed or fail in their search is ultimately their own doing. They tend to be balanced in battle, like the hierophant and temperance. Common Personae include Uriel, Quetzalcoatl, and Lakshmi.

    World: Those of the world arcana are known for having a fulfillment in life. They have reached their goals, and have harmony when they are done. They are strong based on the power of their friendships, nad their ideals. The sole known Persona of the World Arcana is Izanagi-No-Okami

    Banned from this RPG

    The Universe: Those of the universe have limitless potential. They are strong enough to rewrite the entire universe. They are like the fool, in many way as well. No known Persona of the universe.

    Banned from this RPG

    *Note: If I misinterpret one of the arcana, please PM me and I’ll edit it.
    Notes and Glossary

    Glossary (Updated Constantly):

    Arcana: Refers to the twenty-two major arcana in standard tarot decks and 3 from the Thoth Tarot deck. This is the means in which all personae are ordered

    Dark Hour: A mysterious phenomena that occurred over 10 years, roughly 1999-2010. It took place at midnight, and shadows ran amuck in the real world

    Evoker: An object that causes enough emotions to trigger a persona.

    Midnight Channel: A channel that plays on rainy days in the Inaba region of Japan at midnight. It shows people outside of those trapped inside, and normally “they” host a show about a repressed secret

    Persona: It is a manifestation of one’s Personality. They are used to help fight the shadows, and how long they are out depends on the environment and mentality of the user.

    -Initial Persona: The Persona is the ultimately the closest to the user. If Ultimate Personeas haven’t been used for a long while, they will most likely revert back to this one. Time varies, but it could be from a month, to years. Some People are able to still summon this when obtaining their ultimate persona

    -Reverse Persona: This is basically the Shadow form of a Persona. They say shadows and persona can’t exist at the same time, well, there is a truth in those words, but in certain occasions, they can. They are normally able to exist if they’re provoked before the shadow is accepted. The Shadow will then wield a Reverse Persona. These Persona embody the Reverse of the arcana they represent. (Side Note: Making the Reverse Persona of Lust good, in a sense)

    -Ultimate Persona: The Ultimate form of Ones Persona. They are normally more powerful than the initial persona, but may to be as close to the persona as the initial. These are awakened after the have accepted their main revelation in life.

    Shadow: The manifestations of humanities darker thoughts.

    Shadow Self: They are twisted mirror images of the person they represent. They normally have either red or gold eyes, and represent the darker thoughts the person pushes away. Shadow selves normally have the reverse persona of a person, or manifest into a larger, grotesque version of what persona they would become (Most of the time anyways, they still have features of the person as well)


    Let’s see here. All of my thoughts that don’t fit anything else will go here.

    Weapon Tiers: Each Weapon someone has will have four tiers. The Basic tier, which is the basic weapon, the mid-tier, which is a power boost upgrade, and adds a special ability, and then the ultimate, which retains that ability but is stronger. The last tier is the Joke tier. These will be used in certain dungeons. They are the same power as the basic tiers, but will have an automatic stat booster or something of the sort at the start of the battle.

    Clubs: The characters can join certain clubs at school to increase certain battle stats.

    Ball Sports Teams- Increase ATK Stats

    Academics- Increase TEC Stats (Magic)

    Arts and Crafts: Increases DEX Stats (Hit Rate and Accuracy)

    Other Sports Teams: Increase AGI stats (Speed and dodge rate)

    Trips- We will be having trips in this rpg. Whenever a trip is announced, it will be a story arc, so do not miss out during these.

    This takes place after the events of Persona 4: Golden’s true ending epilogue. More specifically September 22nd, 2012

    Also, only ten people are allowed to join


    1. All Serebii and RPG Forum rules apply
    2. Please be active. If you plan on no posting at least twice a month or more, do not join the rpg.
    3. No bunnying. This can’t be stressed enough. Well, unless the said character has allowed me to bunny them
    4. No Godmodding. We don’t want you to have Ragnarok or Akasha Arts instantly. So please be fair and tweak powerful personaes so they aren’t as powerful.
    5. This is rated PG-15 for violence, possible sexual and drug related themes, and language. This is also for more mature people.
    6. Please follow the posting procedures in this RPG. 200 Word Minimum, and use proper grammar. As in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and so forth. The odd mistakes and homophones and homonyms are allowed on occasions, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Exception is if a character is texting another character in the RPG. That will be the only time text talk will be allowed.
    7. Please run your Ultimate Persona through with me before evolving your original persona. All you have to simply do is fill out Persona part of the sign-up again, minus some things. They will have an asterisk * next to it if it needs to be updated for your ultimate persona


    III EMpress- Riley Ashton
    IV Emperor- Jamie Austin Moore. (Inner Flame)
    VI Lovers- Andre Bellamy (Monster Guy)
    XI Lust- Ace Spadial (Lost Requiem)
    XI Strength- Duane Lostner (Iron Lugia)
    XIV Temperance- Kendal Tagg ( CuriousHeartless)
    XVIII Moon- Luna Vizcaino (SenorLaughsaLot)
    XIX Sun- Erin Simmons (Titan500)
    XX Aeon- Naoh Wells

    Ace Spadial
    XI Lust, Seth
    Meadow Creek High, 3:00 PM

    Ace tapped his fingers on his desk as he waited for the school bell to ring, humming the beat to the song he was secretly listening to with his headphones. Looking around, he started to see student's get up from class, signifying that the school day was over. Ace wasn't a huge fan of school, or anything at all. He always saw people give him funny looks, and it just made him sick of everything. Music was his only escape that was the only thing he cared about besides his brother, and the hunger for power he had. Ace didn't know why he had it, but to him it was a reasonable thing, it was an edge to help him win the game of life.

    He started to walk out the doors, the autumn wind starting to brush against his body. He was tired of everything, the coolness of the wind seemed to only fuel the fires of his malice, but he was happy at least for one thing, he was starting junior here

    "Two more years and I'm out of this hell. " he gave a cocky smirk as he continued to walk out the property of the school. he was supposed to go to the music shop. His biology teacher was nagging him about it all day, Ace serious was hammered from all the stress.

    He took out a bottle of rum from his bag, and opened the cork and took a sip. A little rum always helped him get back onto track, and he remembered that practice wasn't until five. He had two hours to kill, so he could go and see his brother, well, after he dumped his alcohol somewhere.


    Yggdrasil Hospital, 4:03 PM

    “Hello Ace, are you here to see heart?” The nurse asked Ace as he walked into the hospital. It reeked of death and despair, and he knew that the Nurse’s there were very adept at handling loss. He was a common sight, always visiting his brother there.

    “Yes.” Ace gave a monotonous reply as he carried the rue flowers in his hand. The nurse got up and led him down the way towards the room. The hallway seemed different this time, like something had died a painful death. Ace couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew something was wrong. Ace was finally led into his brother’s room, and say him happily sleeping.

    “Hey, how are you doing? I hope that you’re feeling better. I had the first day of school today, I bet you don’t miss that, do you? My problems, I think they’re getting better brother… I know that I’m not the legal age for gambling, but it’s the only way to keep on supporting you.” Ace sighed as he continued to spill out his regrets to his brother. He laid the flowers in the vase next to him, and took out the dead ones. He always took the dead flowers, it was a sort of thing. He kept them all in a big container, so for when Heart does wake up he could make incense out of them.

    Heart always liked to o things like that… He’s the only thing that keeps me sane anyways. I don’t know, but whenever I feel his hand, and talk to him, the world just pauses, the game stops, just for one second… Even as small as it is, it’s a miracle in itself. I sometimes just can’t bear to leave this place…

    Ace held his brother’s hand for some time while he was lost in thought, thinking about memories, and thinking about his sins, but he didn’t care about his sins, they were able to give him that edge, that power he needs, but he doesn't feel fulfilled yet.

    “Not yet… anyways…” Ace muttered as he saw the clock hit 4:30. He had to leave, and told his good-byes to his brother, but as he felt a small grip on his hand, as if it was saying “Don’t go”

    “Sorry bro. I have to.” Ace sighed as he put the dead flowers in his backpack carefully. He looked at the nursed, and silently whispered to her

    “I felt him… I felt him holding my hand back just for a second.” And then he left the bewildered nurse.

    Riley Ashton
    III Empress, Lorelei
    Riley’s room. 3:10 PM

    Riley shut his door with certain oomph as he caught his breath. He was running through the crowds at school to get home and start performing his concert. It would be a good practice for band later, and he always tried to plan out things, even if they never worked out well.

    “Should I lead off with Silent memories, or Heartbroken Sunset first? I could always do Justice Breaker, or maybe even Falling. I’ll finish off with Two-Faced Persona, I know that. Hmm, where’s my lipstick? I hope to god mom didn’t clean my room. I know sis was also a cross-dresser, but there are certain things I have in here I don’t want her to know about. I have to have my little secrets to right?” Riley started to talk to himself as he shifted around his room in a hurricane.

    He always talked to himself, he never found anything wrong with it at all, it even helped him practice his voice fluctuation, as he noticed he’s starting to sound a little deeper. He started to take off his dress when he noticed a letter on his pillow. He picked it up and exclaimed with glee

    “X! I wonder why he wrote to me now, normally he write on my birthday, and that’s not for another month! Well I should totally like write back and thank him, but no that would be so weird. I don’t know what to do, ughh!!! Hmm, maybe I should just read it.” Riley then started to fluctuate his moods, another thing he quickly practiced before his shows. Since his songs often were played next to each other in very drastic tones, he’d have to be able to change his mood very quickly.

    Hello again, my dear princess. As you do classify yourself as a princess now, I should rather call you that. Anyways, I will be watching your show tonight, so I do hope very well you do your best. Good Luck! –X

    Riley put down the letter in shock, and then started to go to his hidden make-up department, he needed to look his best if X was watching him preform. He turned on his closet light, got the make-up, his wig, and other accessories, and started to get to work


    Riley finished putting on his clothes, make up, and so forth, and finally was in the incarnation of his internet Persona, Angel. He grabbed his mike, switched on some lights, and turned on his webcam, he edited with his music playlist for a little bit so that his desired list appeared, and then played the karaoke version.

    “Alright Internet, are you ready to party!?” Riley yelled as he did a sort of attractive pose, making it so that ‘she’ was trying to highlight ‘her’ body.

    He started to sing, his thoughts drifted away into the noise. Everything around him just seemed lifeless when he was signing, and everything started to fade away. Until nothing was left of the outside world, and he continued to sing on, knowing very well the live stream numbers was increasing every second.

    He continued to sing until his last song was over, and thanked everyone a good show and night, and looked at the time, 4:30. He started to undress, and get back into his street clothes. He quickly washed his face, took of his pop idol accessories, and quickly stormed out of the room with his bag. He grabbed a can of Ginger Ale and a package of rock candy, and locked the house down.
  2. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Erin Simmons
    Heimdall, Sun Arcana
    Local Park - 4.30 PM

    Erin leaned back into the bench, staring idly at the grass. It wasn't a very productive activity, but she didn't have anything to really do until practice actually began, so she had decided to simply relax in the park and do absolutely nothing for an hour or so. One would argue that she could have turned on her MP3 player to listen to her meagre collection of songs, but the teenager forgot to recharge it the previous night, and its batteries were pretty much dead at present.

    Such was life in the small town she lived in - an eternal cycle of nothing interesting really happening. Not that it bothered her - she actually preferred the peace and quiet of Meadow Creek to the inner-city suburbs she previously resided in. The girl found the atmosphere much more relaxing and simple than the hustle and bustle of city life.

    She looked at her watch - it was nearly time for her to head over to practice; it would not do for her to turn up late on the first day. Standing up with a yawn, Erin stretched her arms out wide. She would not have to walk too far, so it should not take too much time for her to arrive, but it probably was better if she were to arrive early.

    Leaning down to pick up her items, the teenage girl left for practice.
  3. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    IV Emperor, Hippolyta
    Meadow Creek High, 3:30 PM

    First day of school finished on a good note, even with the lack any real schoolwork and homework; Jamie Austin Moore found it vital to stay on top of her classes even on day one. So instead of leaving like so many others, she went straight to the School Library and cracked opened a book to study. So intently she read, comprehending all she could within half an hour. She gotten through most of her subjects before school was closing up and she couldn’t stay any longer but that still left quite a long time to burn. She wasn’t working at her part-time job today and that was actually good since she was going to check out the band thing at five. She had an hour or so to burn and Jamie knew just how to spend it.

    Jamie’s Place of Residence, 4:20 PM

    Jamie entered her room with a towel was draped over her shoulders. Moisture clung to her short blonde hair and a little on her pale skin. She began to caress her collarbone area dry. It was nothing like a hot shower after a good game of basketball. Those guys at the park were cool for letting her join in though they obviously thought she was male until near the end of it. It happen all the time; it was because of her lack of proper curves. The young woman gave her chest a pat, she was rather small on top but it didn’t get in her way so she didn’t mind. Girls just had so many inconvenience attached to them. Throwing on some light clothes, undergarments and a black tank top, she started to more thoroughly dry her straight hair. She looked into the antique vanity’s large mirror. She had such a slender built, even though she was certain she had more muscle built than the average person. She combed her hair straight, very easily with the short length of it.

    With a glance at the time she knew she had to hurry it up if she wanted to get there at a reasonable time. She put on a pair of blue jeans that bundle at her ankles and black short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve white one that drop below her waistline. Nice, simple and comfortable that was all she need in clothing when she was walking around town. The girl finished the look by grabbing her fedora and positioning it firmly on her head. With that over with she headed to the main lounge room.

    “Yo Aunt Yetta, I’m headin’ out for awhile… should be back in a couple of hours.” She informed her guardian as she put on her white and black tennis shoes. Her Aunt came in as well. With a smile and wave she told her to have a good time. Jamie couldn’t really understand, why her mom pretty much cut all ties with her own sister. Sure wasn’t classy or rich, but she was still quite a nice person. Alas she didn’t have the time to ponder on it more, saying her good-byes she headed for the music shop.

    Noah Wells
    XX Aeon, Golem
    The Wells’ household, 4:37 PM

    Fifteen-years-old Noah, was in his bed for a little over an hour and half after school ended. His normally bustling home was silent as everyone was still out having fun or something. With no homework, on his first day school or friends to hang out with he merely came home. He really didn’t know what to do with himself and he wasn’t really tired so he just quietly lay on his bed on top of the covers occasionally rolling over. His eyes often locked on to a guitar sitting against the wall. It was a gift from a couple years back; even though he didn’t use it anymore, he found it difficult to let it go. More moments of silence pass by before the boy finally sat up and walked over to the instrument.

    He hand gently rubbed it, leaving dust on his hand. It was rarely used by Noah so it just sat there collecting dust. Staring more, he finally decided to throw the strap of the guitar over his shoulder, it been so long since he did that and sadly enough, it fit over his scrawny frame without a need to adjust. It seems he didn’t grow at all since the last time. Swiping a pick from his desk and he position it on the strings above the bridge. After much hesitation the teenage boy strummed it once. That one time sounded terrible and Noah quickly took it off and put the string instrument on his bed.

    He knew many factor resulted in this, one was the fact it was out of tune and other was that it was an electric guitar that wasn’t plugged in. Without a doubt Noah understood that yet he didn’t want to continue strumming it. The brunette sat the edge of his bed next to it, letting his brown eyes once again stare. After awhile he tried again to strum and it ended in the same way. Having the instrument in his hand filled him with such melancholy yet he still wanted to play it… He felt like an idiot; he should just let a dead dream rest in peace, but a part of him just wouldn’t let it go. And today of all day he felt rather compel to try again. Getting off his bed once more he started searching him his room. After a little rummaging, the boy found what he was looking for, his guitar case. Securing it within the black cloth, he set the strap on his shoulder.

    His head turned to look at the clock: about 4:44 PM the music shop should still be opened. Noah made the decision to just sell of the bass guitar… With it in his room he finds himself remember what once was; and longing for something he no longer had. Maybe without it, he could just let it go and find something meaningful to do with his life instead of this pointless, hopeful wishing. Even though he felt so attached to instrument, he made up his mind to get rid of it, today.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Andre Bellamy
    VI The Lovers, Narcissus
    Meadow Creek High, 3:00 PM

    Andre calmly strolled through the halls, as all the other ran out the school building like they had been released from prison. He walked to his locker, pulled out a small comb from his pocket, and combed his hair in front of the mirror attached to the door. He did this for about five minutes before a familiar voice greeted him.

    "Hey Andre!" Said a dark haired young man with messy short cropped hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing a tight red tank top that Andre appreciated because he had enough muscle to pull it off.

    Without flinching, Andre put the comb down, adjusted his red tie, and gave the boy who had spoken to him a kiss on the cheek. "Bonjour Leonardo mon ami!"

    Leo smiled, and rubbed the back of his head. "Leo, just call me Leo." Leo Silverstone was his exchange brother since he was traded for his sister as part of a Foreign Exchange Program. He was one of his best friends here, since he came to this country. Of course, he hadn't been in this country very long, it was only the first day of school after all. Andre also thought he was one of the better looking guys he had seen today. "Sooo, how was your first day?"

    "C'était bien." Andre responded nonchalantly. The day was fairly uneventful, and wasn't very much different from school back home. He went back to combing his hair, making sure it was still neat and tidy. "Some of the boys here are completement débiles. It's like they've never seen a guy wear pink before."

    "Yeah, some of the guys here can be a little ignorant sometimes. I don't get what the big deal is either, but I deal. So, we've got no homework, and school is done for the day. You wanna do something? I can show you around town."

    "Non, merci. I've got band practice soon." His parents had been playing the piano ever since he was a young boy. So natrually, when he heard the news that the school band was looking for new members, he just couldn't say no. When he was finally finished admiring his appearance in the mirror, he adjusted his red tie once more, made sure his pink button down shirt was properly tucked in, and there wasn't any dust on his brown trousers and dress shoes, finally he shut the locker. "Très bien. I'll see you when I get home."

    "Alrighty then. Talk to ya later!" Leo waved goodbye as he took off in the opposite direction.

    "Au revoir!" Andre waved back, and made his way towards where his practice was. He knew he had time to kill, but he liked to get there early to practice on his own before the actual group practice started. He would also have a little time to meet the others in the group, as he hadn't spoken to many others besides Leo since school started.
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  5. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    (OOC: Happy RPG everyone)

    Kendall Tagg
    XIV Temperance, Triton
    Meadow Creek High, 3:00 PM

    Kendall waited for the first day of school to end. It was not bad, he got to see a few friends he had not gotten a chance to talk to over the summer break, the first day test in English on the summer reading thing was postponed until tomorrow, and the lunch was actually good quality. Really, he was having a good school day-there was not much to complain about other than generic 'It's school, not free time' and 'Summer Break is over' reasons. Now he sat in his last period with less than a minute left of school and watched the clock. As the second hand reached twenty-three, the bell rang. The teacher released them and the students left the class in a buzz of chatter. Kendall picked up his bag, which had the usual first day papers he would need to remember to get his parents to sign at some point, and followed the others out. He did not live far from the school, and would not have a car for a couple more months, so Kendall decided to just walk home instead of dealing with a bus. That would kill his good day.

    When he made it off school grounds, he pulled a hat out of his backpack. He usually carried one of his hats to school for when he walked home, and the first day wasn't an exception. It was a pitch black beanie that he put on. He also pulled a MP3 player out of a side pocket along with some headphones. He hooked the MP3 player to the neck of his shirt, plugged in the headphones, and slipped them in his ears. The sounds of rock, and Justin Beiber that Kendall was pretty sure John-his older brother-put on there to mess with him, filled his ears on the twenty minute walk home. The only one home when he got there was John. John started college on Friday-apparently the schedule for the college and high school were a bit off from each other-and was relaxing on the couch watching TV.

    "Hey," John greeted Kendall as he walked in. "Dad called, he'll be getting home early. How was the first day?"

    "Good, actually," Kendall replied.

    "So, any plans for tonight? I was thinking about heading to a movie on my last free night before I start school."

    "I got practice with the band." Kendall had joined the school band-the band director was the biology teacher and he had recruited Kendall and some others over the break. He decided to go for it. At least it would keep him preoccupied for a while. And, while he would probably only admit it to himself and maybe John, he was actually excited for the band. He wouldn't jump for joy or shout in happiness, but he was looking forward to it. BUt he still had a while, so he sat down by his brother and started watching TV.
  6. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    OOC: Hoping to get this moving. I have no idea what is actually going on, but eh, activity.

    Erin Simmons
    XIX Sun, Heimdall
    Outside of Music Store, 4.50 PM

    Erin stood outside the doors of the music store, watching people exit it with their purchased items in tow. She could not make a decision whether to continue waiting until a possible other band member arrived, or if she should enter the store and hang around, browsing the products until they called for her. She did find it amusing, however, that she actually needed to think about such a simple decision, but she had always been one to over-think things at times. Which also prevented her from getting some things done at times, but it didn't really matter too much.

    Of course, her decision to join the band didn't actually require much thinking, as she had already been looking for activities to partake in at the time. The band was the first to catch her attention, and seeing that she had some experience playing a musical instrument, it was a logical choice. She didn't actually know the other band members really well though, seeing as she didn't usually associate with her fellow students. Joining the band would be a good way to learn more about them, which was another reason why it had been a good choice.

    She let out a small yawn as she continued waiting. There were still five or so minutes left.
  7. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    IV Emperor, Hippolyta
    Music Store, 4:55 PM

    Jamie casually made her way toward the Music Store with her hand buried in her jeans’ pocket; she was interested but that was all. If she arrived a bit late it wouldn’t be a big lost for her. The manly lady arrived early about around five minutes or so. There was a girl standing just outside. The way her eyes seem to lock onto and follow every person that came in and out it seem she was looking for somebody or somebodies. Oh so the blonde believed, her bangs were kind of long and from her angle and height she couldn’t be sure of it. I guess there was only one way to test it. She walked over toward the door and her pale blue eyes looked down to notice that she was indeed scoping her out.

    “Hey,” Jamie called out the short brunette girl, “It seems that you’re scoping out people, you here for that band thing?” The seventeen year old got right to the point; there was no point of jumping through hoop. But as she looked at this pale, brown-haired girl it seems a bit strange someone like her interested in a band. She looked like the type to sit in the dark corner of the room and not speak to anyone. Why someone like that would interested in a band she could only imagine. Technically, there was no proof that she was here for that reason but she could assume anyway due to her actions.

    Noah Wells
    XX Aeon, Golem
    Music Store 4:56 PM

    There was a problem, and Noah was at a lost about what to do about it. After his sudden decision to go to the Music Store and sell off his guitar, he came to a halt short of the entrance. There was a doubt and indecisiveness of it he really wanted to get rid of his instrument, but that was currently not the dilemma he was having. His problem was little bigger. There was a tall blonde guy blocking the door. He seemed to be talking to a shorter girl standing nearby. The short stature teen merely ended up standing and staring hoping that they’ll move.

    “Excuse me…” his voice quietly came out after awhile of while of waiting, but they didn’t seem to notice. It was much too quiet and the young teen was way too far away for any normal person to even have a slight hint that he speaking… That was rather bothersome, Noah wondered if he should go closer and try once more. But what if they were having ‘a moment’? It would be rude to interrupt. Then again it was also rude to block the door like that… He started to brood over his next course of action, his eyes stared off as he thought.
  8. Iron Lugia

    Iron Lugia Orange Champion

    Duane Lostner
    XI- Strength Arcana
    What's with this bold text nonsense

    Nineteen, and... twenty.

    Finishing his last set, Duane sat up from the seat on the school weight room's rusty lateral pull, leading the handle up with it. He took a moment to pause, and stretched out his back, a dull pain coursing through him. Running a hand through his sweaty black hair, he checked the time on his phone; 4:08. With his usual hour of gym-time done, he left the weight room, changed his clothes and gathered his books and left the school.

    The weather was sunny and temperate, the ideal kind of weather for walking home in, but in comparison to how it was just a few weeks ago reminded Duane that winter would be here soon. Hopefully he would have his driver's license by then.

    The topic of the passage of time led Duane's thoughts to his parents' lecturing just a week ago that he should join a club. Being his senior year, his parents expected him to start college next fall, and some kind of extracurricular activity would look good to colleges. Personally, Duane thought his volunteer stuff he did was enough as is, but his parents were insisting on him doing some sort of school activity. Though he wasn't opposed to it, Duane just had trouble thinking of what kind of club would fit him. He really didn't know how to play any kind of sports, mock trial wouldn't suit him, AV club... was that even a thing outside of terrible shows about school? He never saw one at school. These thoughts continued to run through his head as he passed through the town's shopping district on his way home.

    Then as he walked down the road something caught his eye. Turning his head to the glass window of a small music store, Duane stopped walking and gave his full attention to the display. Hanging in the window was a cherry red keytar. Though he wasn't sure why, Duane had suddenly become drawn to this instrument. He must have walked past this music store a hundred times. Was that keytar always in there? He stared at the instrument for another good minute, pulling his sunglasses further down his nose to get a better look at it. God, it was even more red than he first thought. Putting his worries of school clubs on backburner, Duane entered the music store. He had to check that mess out.
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  9. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Luna Vizcaino
    XVIII Moon, Astarte
    Meadow Creek High, 3:50 PM

    After being dismissed from school, which had been such a dreadful day, Luna rushed her walk home. Luna opposed the idea of returning to the routine of classes, sitting there, listening to teachers drone on and on. However, it did provide the opportunity for her to display her talents and to captivate many of her classmates. She didn't feel as if she found a worthy target to go after, which left her a bit disappointed. She hoped she could at least find someone during the band practice to tease. Which reminded her, maybe she should up the ante and wear something tighter and more revealing than what she had on. Her foster parents forced her to wear clothes that were more formal; a clean dress shirt with a modest, black skirt, thinking her usual choice of wear, which wasn't much, would be distasteful on the first day of school. It was completely out of her tastes and she had to change immediately. She didn't even have make-up on, not that she needed any, but she thought it would be flattering on her.

    The Vizcaino's Residence, 4:00 PM

    "Ugh, damn. I forgot my keys," said Luna, accompanied by a large sigh. She could be a bit irresponsible at times, and now was not a good time to be locked out the house. She wanted to get to the band practice at a decent time to make a good impression. Her foster parents weren't home, confirmed by the absence of their car in the drive-way. She tried the windows, pulling them up with all her might. Unfortunately, they were locked. She walks up to her front lawn and inspects the house for another possible entrance. She looked up at the second floor and noticed she left her room's window open. The only way to get there would be by climbing the tree towering next to it. I guess it's time to hike up my skirt and climb this tree. Heh, at least the day will be a smidge more interesting.

    Not deterred by the obstacle that has come her way, Luna prepared to climb the tree. A little heavy on her back, she thrusts her book bag through the open window. Lucky for her it made it in, but then she began to think. There must be all sorts of bugs and critters in my room if it's that easy to get in... Maybe a creeper too... She took a gulp and still chose to climb the tree. She started out by embracing the tree and trying to get a proper hold. Once her arms were wrapped around the thick bark, she started shuffling her feet, struggling to get them placed. When she finally gained proper footing, she began to climb up until she reached a branch. Once she got to the first one, she sat on it and took a break, shaking her blistering hands and removing a few splinters she had caught. After the quick rest she was ready to go. There were many branches overhead, so the rest was easy. She just had to grab on, pull up, and repeat until she reached the height of her window. On the last branch, she just had to simply walk to the end until she reached her window. She takes a short leap and hits the window sill, half her body in while her legs just slammed into the side of the house. She wiggles her way in and lands on her rooms carpet.

    "Whew! What a work out. Now, let's see the time... 4:23?" she sucks her teeth, "Did I struggle that much?" Suspicious of anything- or anyone- being in her room, she began to inspect it. She checked her closet, under her bed, her bathroom and found nothing. She gave a sigh of relief, glad there weren't any bugs, animals, or stalkers in her room. She quickly shed her clothing and wrapped herself in a towel. She walked into her bathroom and prepared her water. She tied her long, silvery-blue and purple hair up into a bun and wore a cap over it. She hopped into her warm shower and relaxed, letting the warm water and steam take away her built up stress, and the bits of wood and dirt on her arms.

    It wasn't until about 4:57 when she got out the shower. Already recognizing she's late, she decided she should just take her time. What she wears and how she looks is important to her, and she wanted to look extra nice today. She squeezes into her tight black jeans, slides on her blue bra top, puts on her mid-cut, black leather jacket, and finally gets into her electric blue sneakers. She goes to her vanity, applies a bit of eye shadow and a swipe of red lip stain. As soon as she finishes her little touches she heads out the door, grabbing her headphones and MP3 on the way out. She closed the door behind her with a careless slam and realized that she forgot her keys, again.

    Music Shop, 5:10

    The music shop was only a few blocks down from her house. She hoped the meeting for practice wouldn't take long so she doesn't arrive late to her foster parents. They are the only people she chooses to be kind and respectful towards. Getting to the front of the store she saw three people outside the door that looked like they attended her school. There seemed to be two boys, one of them questionable, and one girl. Uninterested in them, Luna decided to plug in her headphones to her MP3 and to blast loud hardcore-rock music into her ears. She found a nearby tree and laid under it's shade, waiting for more people to arrive.
  10. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Erin Simmons
    XIX Sun, Heimdall
    Outside of Music Store, 4.55 PM

    Erin stared up at the other teenager, noting the cheerful boyish face that was smiling down at her, before noting the masculine frame that the teen possessed. A less observant person would immediately assume that Jamie was a male from these traits, but Erin was anything but observant, and could immediately identify the girl in front of her. The lack of a defined Adam's apple was the factor, as it would be rather rare for a boy of 5"9 to not have developed it properly.

    She nodded - she liked it when people got straight to the point instead of fluffing about with unneeded conversation; the other girl probably thought the same way she did, which was why the question was so abrupt.

    "I am," she replied quietly, hints of a soft brogue present in her voice. "You are too, I suppose?"

    Pausing for a moment and taking note of a sound that came from nearby, she turned to see another teenager shuffling awkwardly nearby for no apparent reason. For a minute or so, Erin blinked confusedly at the boy, until she realised where she and the other girl were standing - right in front of the door and preventing him from entering.

    She immediately took a step back, clearing the way for the boy, before looking down at her watch. There was only a short time left.
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Andre Bellamy
    VI The Lovers, Narcissus
    Outside of Music Store 5:30 PM

    Andre's first thought was that the band practice took place at the school gym. He went there, and saw no instruments, or any other people there. After an hour of waiting, he left, and pulled the flier about the band out of his backpack and took a look at it again. After looking at it more thoroughly this time, he found it wasn't at the school at all, but at some random music store in town. Andre facepalmed. "Mon dieu! What kind of school band doesn't have the band at school! Now I'm going to be late." Despite that, he wasn't going to go running over there like a crazy person. That would result in sweating, and he didn't want to muck up his nice clothes with sweat stains. Instead, he casually strolled over to the correct address.

    When he finally got there, it was way past 5:00. He didn't let that detail concern him, as there were still others waiting outside. Besides, he was fashionably late. He pulled out a small compact mirror and a comb, opened it, and admired himself in it to make sure his appearance was in order and that his hair wasn't all over the place. After all, looking good is important in order to make a good first impression. Once that was done, he closed the mirror, and put it back in his pocket, adjusted his tie, and looked around. One person that caught his interest, was a pretty blue haired girl with headphones in ears sitting underneath a tree. She had a rather interesting outfit, tight black jeans, a blue bra top, puts on her mid-cut, black leather jacket, and f electric blue sneakers. Not what Andre would've chosen for himself if he were a girl, but you have to respect someone who took fashion risks.

    He walked over to where she was, and gave her a kiss on the cheek to get her attention. "Bonjour ma chérie!" Andre greeted with a smile. "I am Andre, I just arrived to your town. It is.. quite lovely." He took a seat next to her, and put his arm around her. "So tell me, what might a belle dame such as yourself be called?"
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