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Persona- Drifting Into Darkness Sign-up

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by InnerFlame, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I've noticed. Which is funny considering

    Maybe Kradle High School should be a prestigious boarding school? xD
  2. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    That would make more sense for my character to be there, at least. A swift edit to the SU can take care of that
  3. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Oh. I naturally assumed that it was a boarding school and Miaofa got a place to stay because of a scholarship or something lol.
  4. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Nope it's fine the way it is. It's a good high quality school, but if you had a choice you would pick another better more famous school. All the rich kids just have to live with that on their permanent record. And if I do that we can't have people who aren't rich or incredible intelligent in the school.
  5. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

    I've made the edits to Claud. (Increased his appearance and removed mystic change).
  6. Here we are! I blame Onarax entirely for any problems with skills, because I made him help me. XD

    Nevertheless, here we are:

    Name: Adam Reid
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Strength

    Appearance: Clocking in at a roughly six feet in height, Adam is exceptionally fit. Due to his preferred extracurriculars, he has maintained muscle tone suitable for strength as well as speed. This, plus his personal preference, has kept him well away from bodybuilder territory. On a day to day basis, it isn’t even entirely obvious that he’s as athletic as he is. His preference in casual clothing only hints at his physique. The most common expression to be seen on his face is a slight grin, a smile at the very least. The brown hair that crowns his head is usually slightly messy, and his blue eyes are set in a slightly tanned face that could be called mildly handsome.

    Adam’s wardrobe isn’t anything exceptional, and if anything, it’s fairly basic. Bootcut jeans with gray sneakers, and a simple maroon t-shirt over his torso. Everything is well-kept, but with a slightly worn, well-used feel to it. On colder days he adds a simply black jacket, with a set of headphones tucked into a pocket along with his phone for listening during his daily walk.

    Personality: The first, and most prominent, character trait Adam puts forth is his sense of humor. He’s always quick with a joke of his own, often at his own expense, or to laugh at one someone else has made. His cheerful grin is ever-present, and more than a little infectious. Adam is always happy to go see a movie, or hang out with friends from school. He even shows up at the after school parties from time to time.

    That’s the feeling he gives off, and what most people think of him as. The truth, as it always is, is a little more layered than that. Despite the stereotype for an athlete, Adam is a very good student. His attendance is consistent, and he never fails to be properly prepared for class. He grasps the material well, and even offers his help if he notices that someone is struggling. Though the cheerful, laid back personality is still present, it’s quieter when he’s not in the public eye. His teachers would describe him as reliable, even helpful.

    Few people can think of anything bad to say about him, and certainly he’s never lacked for confidence. He never complains about his lot in life, even at times many would, but for all his casual friends and acquaintances, he seldom seems to have a close inner circle.

    Weapon: Baseball bat

    Your Mark: A lone, steel gray pillar situated squarely between his shoulders.

    Background: Adam Reid was born, in truth, not very far from Sunlive Town. He’s lived in the same geographic area for as long as he can remember, even if the exact location has changed a little over the years. The first few years of his life were incredibly uneventful; he was born to a middle class family, neither privileged nor impoverished. Most of his childhood followed a similar pattern. His mother was a teacher, while his dad worked as a file clerk in the nearest city. It was during one of his commutes to the city, when Adam was in junior high, that his dad, Thomas Reid, was killed in a fatal car accident.

    Unsurprisingly, Adam’s behavior changed, and for the worse. He slacked off in school, only keeping his grades high enough to keep participating in athletics, and developed a distinct attitude problem. His relationship with his mother followed a similar downward spiral, as she, overworked and overstressed, struggled to keep things relatively normal, let alone deal with her son’s newfound behavioral problems. Things were forced to a head when his behavior worsened, resulting in repeated detentions and calls from his school. A heated argument, the first and last they ever had, resulted from the fifth such incident. After a shouting match that lasted nearly half an hour, both had retreated to their own bedrooms. They were calm by the next morning, and the argument wasn’t mentioned again; Adam’s behavior improved, mostly because of a realization stemming from the confrontation. He realized that acting out wasn’t going to solve his problems, it just made them worse. He wanted a chance with a clean slate, and high school was his last shot.

    So, at his request, they moved to Sunlive Town. He threw himself into freshman year, determined to make up for the year prior. It worked, for the most part. His grades were better than they had been in a long time, and he made a few fast friends. Sports, as they always had, continued to be a highlight of his school year. However, things weren’t quite the same. He handled most of the work around the house while his mother worked long hours, and he often prepared meals for himself, and for her when she returned. When he was old enough, he quietly got a job at the local grocery store to help ease the financial burden a little.

    Entering his senior year, those changes only grew more pronounced. Though ever-cheerful, he moves rapidly between school, athletics, and his job, maintaining a high level of conduct in each. Each one had a purpose. School and athletics to further his chances at decent post-secondary education, and a job both to help with short term finances, and help pay for college later. The tradeoff, however, is that despite his friendliness and relative popularity, he hasn’t had time to form much in the way of lasting bonds.

    Other: N/A

    Persona Sign-up

    Persona Name: Atlas
    Origin: An ancient greek god who held up the Celestial spheres, Atlas was also associated with astronomy and navigation. Atlas was punished by Zeus when he sided with the other Titans and attacked the Olympians, it was this punishment that forced Atlas to hold up the heavens.


    (Link to follow in Onarax's post below; can't currently post links, and the image is too large to embed)

    Rakukaja - Increases one ally’s defense.
    Gigantic Fist - Heavy amount of physical damage to 1 foe.
    Sukukaja - Increases one ally’s agility.
    Sonic Punch- Light amount of physical damage to 1 foe.
    Avalanche - Deals light Earth damage to 1-3 random foes.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2014
  7. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

  8. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Onarax: Hmm, okay Accepted.

    The Highly Visible Ninja: Looks good, you're accepted.
  9. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Say, is there anything against making a non-Persona user some time in the future of the RPG?
  10. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    Here's my sign-up! Hope it's okay.

    Name: Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Arcana: The Chariot

    Appearance: Solarines is ridiculously tall for her heritage, already standing six foot eleven, she has fit build from all the excersicing and training she does. She has average features (minus her height) about her, from her breasts to her form, to how her face looks. She has medium-long blonde hair, which she actually likes. Her eyes are a serene sky blue, even though those eyes usually have a figurative fire burning. Her skin is tan, but is rough, face included, because of the fighting classes she joins. Because of said classes, she has a bit of a muscular build. However feminine she physically looks, that is completely different from what she typically wears.

    She typically wears a black, long sleeved shirt, and over that a red, one-breasted, sleeveless shirt with a yellow line running from the top of the part with buttons to the bottom of that part. The red shirt is rather loose on her body, while the black shirt is more snug on her. She likes to wear fingerless gloves, and thus have several, but usually wears her favorite, a black one with yellow rims on the finger holes. As for pants, she wears blue jeans and has white rubber shoes. She wears a brown belt too. And lastly, she has a pink bracelet on her right wrist that she got from her late mother. Not her color of choice, but she couldn't bare changing the color out of respect for her late mother.

    Personality: In short, Solarines is crazy, relentless, agressive and yet nice and funny.

    But in all seriousness, the first thing you'd notice and see from her when you mingle with her is that she's bonkers, in the form of asking you a weird question (or questions) like, "Who was the first Prime?" or "How did Zongazonga come back to life?" Usually at shouting volume, to try and make you scared so you'll tell the truth. You can blame that from a certain experience and from watching too many movies and videos of video games, for real.

    But after getting through the fact she's nut, she's still nuts, but as much as when you first meet her. But that craziness is in part to the fact she's very energetic, and rather outgoing after seeing you're trusting enough. But she is truly crazy, just thankfully not enough to be "stupid". As for the energeticness, well, she has reasonable controp over it, but when she finds she has to hurry on something, well, one second she's next to you, the next she's gone.

    She's also honest, which is obvious. But that honesty, if you add her insanity, quickly becomes frankness, which leads to coming off as very, very, rude to many people, which she is. That also is one of the things that leads her into trouble, as well as stop people who hate her, usually in the form of inadvertedly insulting them. Her honesty and insanity has also led her to become oblivious at times, taking some things too seriously.

    She has a sense of humor too, and likes to tease people, and, although she doesn't realize it, she makes a lot of jokes, at least a lot more than she thinks (which is 3), in the form of sarcastic comments, oblivious answers and a frank outlook. She is also very destructive when she gets angry, with the only thing that she can do that doesn't involve injury or damage that is effective is throwing a continuous barrage of balls at a dummy. She also uses a "stress ball" if she can't do the above, but she is still likely to punch whoever angered her. She's also rather incorrigible, hence why she's rather childish, nuts, and energetic. But she still has grown up over the years, just in a different way in terms of maturity. Speaking of maturity, she has the same maturity level as any teenager, but since she's bonkers, it's a not very obvious part of her personality.

    Despite all this stuff that makes very un-lady-like, and the fact she doesn't like or do too many stuff that are considered "girly", she likes being a girl, in fact, she HATES it when someone mistakes her for a boy. And as said before, she's rough when she's angry so she'd usually give you a light (which doesn't really feel light, but it won't injure you) punch to the shoulder, and shouts, "I AM NOT A GUY!" Like I said, she likes being a girl, which is weird for someone who doesn't really act like one at all, but she doesn't really mind it.

    Since she doesn't mind being a girl, she doesn't mind showing her much more kind and gentler side. But that's usually for her real friends, but she does show it sometimes. She's also has a soft spot for little kids and treats them rather motherly. Even with the gentle and maternal side, she's still like how she usually is around friends, crazy, friendly, and blunt, just not as rude or arrogant. The one thing she does show her motherly side (despite being young) is the fact she's very protective of her close friends, little kids, and friends.

    But there's one thing that has stayed with her throughout her life, and that's her determination. Through her life, her personality all started with her determination. She was determined to live, which was how she's alive. She was determined to learn to defend herself, which is what led to her going insane from what was originally paranoia. And now she's super determined to find out what these dreams mean, after school, that is.

    Weapon: A simple, but not really an ordinary, Arnis/Eskrima stick that's slightly worn out, but has been kept in good condition.

    Your Mark: Her mark looks like a crude, light red chariot that has a pink "V" on it, located at the back of her right hand.

    Background: Solarines's life was eventful right from the get-go, being born prematurely in Cebu, Philippines, nobody thought she would survive since (I believe) medical technology wasn't high quality in there and with the only equipment in Manila, which costs too much for her middle class family to travel there, so many thought she wouldn't live. But she pulled through, and healthily might I add. Everyone in her town thought, because she was born prematurely, that she'd be an introvert, in fact she was everything but that.

    Through her life from birth to eight years old, she lived an average life by Philippine standards. Ended up knowing everyone in town, made a few friends thanks to her outgoing nature and did average grades when she went to school, although she did have a bit of a difficult time with math. When she was nine, she was nearly kidnapped because her father was an American, and as far as they're concerned, they have plenty of money, so her kidnapper tried to kidnap her, but failed thanks to Solarines watching many movies and so knew a few ways on how to beat someone bigger than her.

    Since then, she wanted to train herself in several arts, and she did, by watching the TVs of other people through the window, so she knew how to some tai-chi and karate. But she learned Arnis/Eskrima through her mom, which she became very close too, despite not completely wanting to be girly, but was grateful that her mom did her best to comprimise, since uneducated Philippine society isn't entirely accepting of things new at first, especially things about girls.

    As time went on, she became more happy that things are improving in her society as she became more independent, and nuts. But since Filipinoes have a bit of one-sided on crazy people, she surpresses the crazyness as much as she could. Her life was average, again, with the only significant happening was she met a bunch of half Filipinoes like herself, and became close friends with them, with Tufugarun "Fridge" Rex becoming her best friend. Things changed when she was 14 years old. Her mother was diagnosed with dengue and was admitted to the hospital too late. But with her very last words, she said, "be who you really are..." before dying right in Solarines's hands.

    As the funeral reception went on, she was crushed since she was closest to her mom. Since her mom died, and wanting to have her daughter a better life, her father decided they'd move to his hometown, Sunlive Town. So, they went to North America, and have lived there for four years. Luckily for her, her close friends live there and were only staying in Cebu for a visit to their relatives, so she was able to cope with her mother's death enough to not end he life with suicide. Having a good time at school, which was only possible because of her friends, she was weirded out at first by the dreams, but as they got more realistic, she's starting to wonder why she's having them.

    Themesong: WE ARE XROS HEART! by Wada Kouji

    Other: She is a fan of the Mega Man Zero series, which is partly why her favorite gloves look like Zero's.
    Sura's name is registered as "Solarines" in the school because they misheard her, but she doesn't mind.

    Persona Name: Yinglong
    Origin: A rain dragon deity in Chinese legend, allowing him to summon storms and predict where water will flow. Yinglong helped Yu control the Great Deluge. He also killed two rebelious gods under as the Yellow Emperor ordered.

    Appearance: Yinglong is like other Chinese dragons, with a snake body, two horns, four legs, and feathery parts. His scales and feathered parts are different values of yellow. Yinglong's most distinguishing feature is that his front limbs are winged. His iris is red while his pupils are black.

    Garula - Yinglong breathes in before blowing out a gust of wind.
    Evade Ice - Since ice is frozen water, and he knew where the deluge was heading, he is able to sense the direction they're heading and dodge it.
    Water Evade - Being able to control water, he can sense the direction any kind of water attacks are heading and dodge it.
    Null Wind - Flying in storms many times, he feels nothing from any kind of Wind attack.
    Storm of Wrath - When enraged, Yinglong can call upon a great thunderstorm to destroy enemies within the vicinity of 25 feet with lightning and wind.
  11. InnerFlame: Fantastic, thanks! I'm looking forward to this.
  12. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Titan500: There no rule against making NPC, it just they won't important or central in the story. But if you want to make someone to be a friend/rival with your character feel free to do so.

    The Highly Visible Ninja: All right, I'll try not to let you down.

    TheCharredDragon: And here comes another blonde XD Very interesting, personality. Jamie will be going back and for between liking and hating her..... I see no problem with it, you're Accepted.
  13. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    Another one? I didn't notice there were many blondes... XD I was thinking the same thing, making me all the more excited to roleplay. XD
  14. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Rightyo then.
  15. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    I had trouble finding a non-cliché entity that had to do with the moon, so I fell back on the Fate/ series. Where legends wouldn't answer me without my reading old translated Italian/French texts, I filled in the details with Fate/.

    I wasn't sure if weapon was supposed to be an object found or something manifested, because on the one hand there was hockey stick and standard weapons, on the other there was spiked club and sharp umbrella. I went with manifestation, cause it just had more opportunity.

    I actually wrote his personality long before Enzio was posted, but I think it'll be interesting to see how people interact with the two, since they're similar in demeanor, though fundamentally different internally.

    You can definitely tell I had my college apps (Due Saturday I should finish them..) on my mind when writing this, I think, especially paragraph one of the personality XD.

    Name: Alex Cyrin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Moon

    Appearance: Alex is a short, somewhat pale individual who stands somewhere around 5'4. He's rather lean, to the extent that, though only of mildly above average muscular composition, he manages to have visible muscle definition. For his height, he gives off a surprisingly unapproachable aura, concentrated most effectively in his eyes. Icy cold, piercing, calculating, and pale blue, they complement his unflinchingly calm expression well. His hair is contrastingly dark to his skin and eyes, a deep black that does nothing to lessen the effect of his presence. The medium length hair has no real rhyme, style, or reason to it, but generally finds itself in a nice enough general look that he never cares to personally affect it. He doesn't particularly mind the fact that it often decides to sit over his eyes.

    Fashion. He has no sense of it nor care for it. If he looks nice, it's coincidence. He likes blue. And practicality. So those two attributes tend to define his outfits. Because he has a strong tolerance for the cold, he's almost always found wearing a v neck of a pale blue shade with navy (or a darker blue) cargo shorts whose pockets he rarely leaves empty. He tends to wear black sandals, but if he feels he needs something more protective or sturdy, he'll go with short, thin black socks and black skate shoes, which are worn for durability (He's never stood atop a skateboard in his life)

    Personality: To be entirely honest, Alex doesn't know much about himself. He's aware of his existence, and has some interests and dislikes, he supposes. But if you ask him about his favorites, or what words would define him, or anything of the like, he'd be pretty uncertain. How does he feel about most things? Detached, but often sentimental or interested. But he wouldn't say that, it feels too wrong, somehow. He's honestly not that unfeeling of a person. He cares about others, he likes having fun, he likes being around others. He's nervous and unable to voice things, though. As a result, he hates talking or thinking about himself. Introspective, he is not.

    Then again, people don't really talk to him. For all his wit, he's terrible with words. Being socially awkward and anxious, he's long since retreated into a cold shell in public. Unwilling to show emotion or genuine interest, he's gotten quite adept at acting. Nowadays, he's calm, reserved, stoic, and generally unwilling to involve himself with others, with streaks of snark, sarcasm and curtness defining what he says in public. Sure, he can make friends, but they're more like extended acquaintances thus far; he makes bad first impressions and has trouble warming up to people or proving himself an interesting enough individual to invest in.

    He spends a lot of his time, including during class, writing or drawing something, maybe taking observational notes that are entirely irrelevant to class. All his actual class notes, when taken at all, are full of doodles and punctuated by ideas for stories or drawings for later. That isn't to say he isn't smart, just that he doesn't particularly care. He's quite intelligent, excels at school despite his loafing, and merely chooses to devote his focus towards more creative and fun matters.

    Partly due to his apathy, partly due to the fact that it usually works, he makes most decisions off impulse. He's brilliant at analyzing situations, weighing positives and negatives, determining the most likely sequence of events. But he tends to, at best, go through a rushed version of the process, at worst, go with his gut. Given that, it's probably a good thing that he's not forced to make decisions often, or at least not important ones. Though he doesn't often need to actually decide things, he does have a strong intuition that generally leads him in the right direction.

    Weapon: A Heater shield (The kind that curves into a point on the bottom) that is particularly elongated. With it in his hand and his arm by his side, it reaches from a couple inches below his shoulder to a bit less below his knee. It has a secondary grip on the inside that lets him hold it with the upper end at his elbow. It is just a foot wide. The inside is plain dark silver metal while the outside is blue with a metallic finish.

    Your Mark: There are two parts to his mark, one on his chest and one directly below, an inch or two above his navel. Above, a crisp crescent moon in solid black. Below, a hazy white full moon with a tinge of blue, distorted and rippled, appearing as a reflection in very-much-not-stlll water

    Background: Alex comes from a long line of working class on both sides of his heritage. His mom, however, is nouveau riche after working with several tech companies early in their lifecycles, and now is some sort of high powered businesswoman that he never sees. Wanting to instill humility in their three children, they re-settled in his dad's hometown of Sunlive, since it didn't particularly matter. Their dad worked as a matter of principle since they had all the money they needed, their mom travelled so much her "Home" was irrelevant. He's rather amused that neither parent wants to spend any money on account of their upbringing, the reverse of what would be the norm for this kind of situation, and, since he doesn't have too much desire for luxury, he doesn't mind. Perhaps the inheritance will be useful in the future, perhaps not.

    The move happened when he was pretty young, though his older siblings both have some of the trappings of the new rich embedded in their upbringing, he grew up in small suburbia, the shadow of Epohon. The first few years after the move, they visited the large city frequently, which had something of a humbling effect by contrast of scale, but also made him rather anxious in public due to consistent, but not quite "normal," exposure to crowds and hustle and bustle.

    A gradual development toward his cold demeanor occurred without any real hiccups. His family never got shaken up and there was no trauma to speak of, just a quiet smalltown childhood with a bit of extra spending money to pad his dull, comfortable life even further. There was really only one major rule, and that was that he had to go to college, something neither of his parents did. To circumvent any real pressure, he skipped a grade and managed to maintain his straight As, impressing his parents enough to lessen their directing of his future. Even now, with his older siblings both in uni, one in Epohon and the other out-of-state, he manages to live his comfortable life completely immersed in fantasy, no hard realities preached to him.

    Theme Song: I'm bad at theme songs halp.

    Other: Homosexual

    Persona Sign-up

    Persona Name: Duke Astolfo
    Origin: Astolfo was one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. Among his repository of magical items are a golden lance meant to knock riders off their horses with a single touch, a book of spells meant to counter magic, and a powerful Horn. His greatest exploit was finding the wits of Roland, an adventure which took him to Ethiopia and the Moon.

    Appearance: Astolfo is of noble English blood, and considered the most handsome of the paladins, between his crystal blue eyes and short brown hair. He's rather young, likely 20s but believably a bit younger by his clean shaven features. it's possible his persona's physical attributes are derived from when he first entered Charlemagne's court. He's lean and well built, nothing less than you'd expect of an active knight clad in armor and chainmail.

    Argalia's Lance: A lance strike of medium strength that has a high chance to decrease the target's Agility. He can "bunt" it as a weak slashing hit to get the agility decrease chance without the investment of a lance stab.
    Makarakarn: Repels a single Magic attack for self or an ally.
    Tentarafoo: Blows his horn, giving a 30% chance to inflict Confusion on multiple targets.
    Rabicano: Summons and merges with his magical horse, Rabicano, who is made of wind and flame. Increases his Agility and causes him to deal weak fire and wind damage upon hitting with a melee attack.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2014
  16. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Rotrum: Looks good and detailed nicely, especially in the personality and I have no problem with your Persona so you are Accepted.
  17. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

  18. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Totally didn't realize there was a list of abilities...!

    Anyway, I made the edits as requested and changed Shenlong's abilities. My bad about the delay, just started a new full time job and you know how that is. Hopefully it's good to go now.
  19. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Hmm... your sign-up is mixed up with old so it is very disorganized but the changes (other than the new format) are good. You're Accepted but please fix that when you get the chance.
  20. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    All fixed, it got copy and pasted twice by accident. :p

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