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Persona- Drifting Into Darkness

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by InnerFlame, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Persona- Drifting Into Darkness

    Where there is light, there darkness… even the brightest star will one day dim and fade into the blackness. But one must not forget that even in darkness, there is still light. Find it; hold onto that light and you can always have hope in the dark.


    “Darn it… I was too late.” a voice that was definitely a man quietly muttered to himself as he stood there surrounded in darkness. It was completely silent at that moment after he spoke. He ran his fingers through his hair and turned his eyes up the sky. It was just as dark except for a few stars and the light from the nearly half-full moon. “I better be prepare for tomorrow.”

    Suddenly without much warning at all, something with glowing golden eyes jumped at the man from somewhere but was swiftly knocked back into a wall. The thing squirmed and squealed a high pitch noise before a finishing blow silenced it permanently. Another figure stood taller than the other man. It turned its head turned to the man but said nothing.

    “It looks like our time is up for today.” The first guy spoke once more before turning to the other guy. “We’re gotta have one hell of a time… but we have to do are our best…… ‘Till tomorrow then…”

    Kradle High School
    Friday at 3:26

    With school ending only a few more minutes, most students were free to chat with classmates in their homeroom classes while their teacher was grading papers. The one exception was Dr. Rosen class who he demanded complete silence from his freshman students as ranted about proper dress wear and how he feels dress code rules needed stricter. Most were eagerly waiting for the school to be over to start having fun after and throughout the weekend.

    Jamie Austin Moore
    Prof. Hurst, Senior Homeroom
    Friday at 3:26

    Professor Hurst was talking about something but Jamie wasn’t really paying too much attention to it. The blonde was having a bit of a difficult time to getting the images of her recurring nightmare out of her head. She been having the same dream constantly since Sunday but last night was the first time she remember it so vividly. The black creatures with glowing golden eyes crawling after her in great number other people around her as she ran through the town… The manly girl, suddenly stroked the side of her face, the creature scratched her right there she suddenly remember. Nothing was there of course; it was just a dream… Yet for some reason she just couldn’t get it out of head.

    “…Lights can be an important thing,” hearing that line caught the teenager attention. “It can help you discover new things, but you have to be careful since some things are very sensitive to it.” She looked up at Professor Hurst who was talking about lights for some reason. She seemed to remember hearing something like ‘head for the light’ in her dream… Geez, why was this bothering her so much… maybe it was because this was the first time she had the same dream more than once… six days of it interrupting her sleep, it was enough to annoyed any person…

    The school bells finally rung and many of the students quickly jumped up from their sits and left while other lagged a bit as they planned activities with friends. Jamie just looked down at work she took out to finish but ended sitting there staring at it. She would have to finish later tonight… she began to gather her things. She didn’t have anything to do on this day, maybe she would go out and shoot some hoops and try to clear her head of that nightmare.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  2. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Naomi stared down at the pile of work at her desk with bleary eyes, squinting to see the words more clearly. She hadn't slept well, something that when coupled with her tendency to "burn the midnight oil" had quite the adverse effect on her concentration throughout the school day. Damn those nightmares. She knew that they were only products of her subconscious, but the pain she had felt when the hideous creatures impaled her seemed so real. It was absolutely impossible to fall asleep when she kept jolting awake in a cold sweat. The mysterious dreams had not been confined to just the previous night either; they had constantly tormented her over the last week, and now her exhaustion was beginning to catch up. However, she would not let that stop her from doing her work. It would be unacceptable.

    Groggily, the short teenager rose from her chair, grabbing papers from the tabletop and shoving them into her schoolbag. School may have ended for the week, but there was still much that she needed to do. Her English teacher was expecting the extension essays she had been assigned over the break by four pm sharp, and the cross country team was trying to poach some of her fellow track runners for themselves. To cap it all off, the student council had also been tasked to prepare the school fair later in the year, and as a member, paperwork and requests were already beginning to swamp her. It really was quite a lot, but Naomi believed that she could handle it. She made a mental note to buy some more sleeping pills, however: it would be unacceptable to fall asleep in the middle of the day just because her nightmares were stopping her from getting any sleep.

    The year was off to a good start. Hopefully it would continue in the same fashion.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  3. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    <ooc> writing from a phone at the moment. Forgive typos and choppier writing. I've done my absolute best to catch everything, but who knows?

    Finlay Belle-Rosendahl
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Impossible. It was absolutely impossible! Finn tossed his pencil down onto the desk in disgust, letting it bounce off of the greyish mass he had sketched into his notebook. The dream had been vivid, but the creature had not been. It had seemed so real, and it remained clear in his mind like a memory, not a dream. Yet even then, the creatures were blurry and indistinct in his mind, like shadows. Shadows. Yes, that was an apt moniker for the things that plagued him in the night. Could they represent uncertainty? Finn leaned back in his chair, mulling over the thought. He hated not knowing, but to the point of night terrors? There was no such thing as coincidence, he knew; everything had a cause and an effect, but what was the cause? There had been no recent changes in his lifestyle, and he had experienced no significant stressors in recent months.

    The effect was pretty clear, Finn thought , politely masking a yawn. He was tired, fatigued from fleeing in the night. He wrote a note to himself in the margins of the image. "Observe and record data." If he had the nightmare again, he wanted to know everything. He would go to bed with a pen and a notebook nearby, ready to record. There had been people in his dream, but he hadn't focused on their faces. They might have been his classmates, but which ones? That would have some interesting psychological implications. No one had any sway over his mind but Finn hinself. Not even his own subconscious, Jung and Freud be damned.

    Finn glanced up at Professor Hurst, who was enthusiastically discussing light. He smiled; he liked Hurst. The man loved his work, and was always willing to allow Finn use of the facilities for his own experiments. It was good to have a teacher willing to encourage personal learning. Finn felt a little bad about tuning out his lecture, but it wasn't about anything particularly earth-shattering. Continuing his dream study would be more intellectually rewarding in the long-term. He needed to understand the workings of his own mind above all, or how could he hope to understand anything else?

    As the bell rang, Finn spotted a fellow student council member, Naomi, collecting her things and seeming even more exhausted than he did. He paused mid-greeting, frowning slightly. He had wanted to gather the student council to discuss the school fair, especiallly considering how difficult it could be to gather together a bunch of teenagers during the weekend, but the poor girl already seemed overworked. She wasn't the type to complain about having too much work, but an alcoholic didn't complain about having too much beer, did they? Finn decided against asking her to help call a meeting. There was nothing that couldn't be put off to after school on monday. His good deed for the day.

    Banishing thoughts of duty and shadow from his mind, Finn turned his attention to more pleasurable matters. It was the weekend, and what was a weekend without a wild teen party? His father's house was Finn's for the night, and the people had been told. Pretty much all of them, really. Music, dancing and good company were promised, and a quiet rumor went around - that Finn himself never repeated, of course - that there might be a little liquor for the daring.

    "You should come!" he had said, inviting the more reticent personally. "It's Friday! It's a student's duty to have fun!"
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  4. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Vallane Hy∂d (Vin)
    Social studies class second period
    Friday Afternoon

    Its friday. Vin let out a sigh. It had been a difficult week with big tests in most of her classes and a lot of excitement elsewhere. She had noticed Solarines was late to first period art. "I bet she's fine" Vin mumbled. No one herd her of course. Most of the other kids were slightly off put by Vins attitude and very nature. SHe seemed to be deeper and darker that everyone around her. What hadn't helped was the fact that she was getting little sleep to escape the dreams. She didn't like the dreams. It was like all of her conditioning and training, hours spent running were useless. She could run away but she seemed to be slow and incapable. She usually woke up out of breath with sweat trickling down her forehead.

    Someone threw a paper airplane which hit Mrs. Sharp. It was as if she didn't notice for a second then she stood up. Addressing the class. I know you kids think your cool or that you have crazy skills but, You haven't seen me in action. She threw a piece of paper at the wall behind her. At first the students thought she was going crazy but, as it turned out the paper was actually a masterpiece. It gained some lift from a vent on the wall looped around and flew striate back at the student that had thrown it. The student slightly surprised looked at it then unfolded it. It was his test and he hadn't done so well. Some of the students clapped and then the bell rang. "Get out of here you guys" Mrs. Sharp said with a smile. The students filed out heading for their next class.

    Great Vin thought glumly, Now I can get on with my day
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  5. IC:

    Adam Reid
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Quietly, Adam sipped at the last of his coffee. He wasn't a habitual consumer of the beverage, but the past few days had been an exception. The athletic teenager had come to school every day that week with the largest mug of coffee he could possibly find (and with enough effort, a very large mug could be found indeed) and would drink it throughout the day. He did his very best not to appear tired, but some of his more perceptive teachers noted anyway. The vast majority of his peers, on the other hand, did not. That was best, given that he didn't have any particularly satisfying answer to give if they asked why he was so tired. The dreams... Dreams weren't anything unusual. Frequent sufferers of stress or fatigue often dealt with them, after all, and Adam wasn't a stranger to either. Admittedly, they'd been less frequent in recent years. No, the unusual aspect was exactly what those dreams held. The images that haunted his sleep were very, very new.

    Nevertheless, a nightmare was a nightmare, and not something to be fretted over. Coffee could help with the lack of sleep, and perhaps something could be found to aid his sleep. But above all, it was the weekend, and that was not a time for worries. Rumors were circulating of a party in the evening, and Adam knew that he had the day off from work, as well as little homework for the weekend. Maybe he would attend, if only to make the most of his time off. Though he would also need to check and see if his athletics had practice that afternoon, however, they wouldn't prove an obstacle. If anything, they'd help him wake up more. Coffee served as a useful supplement, but he could still feel the slightly fuzzy feeling of fatigue at the edges of his consciousness.

    As the bell rang, he heard the rumors confirmed as Finn invited those around him. Perhaps he really would go, if he could find the time for a nap before then. His musings continued even as he grinned at the thought, sliding his last few books into his bag and slinging it over his shoulder. He moved down the aisle in a few quick steps, pausing next to Naomi's desk. The exhausted Vice president was an acquaintance, mostly due to shared athletics, but she was also one of the few people in the room he knew somewhat well, so a good an option as any to socialize.

    "Naomi, hey. Looking forward to sports? Senior year, we should try and make it our best season." A pause, briefly, as he waved absentmindedly to a departing student and heard Finn inviting another one to his party. "... Thinking of attending Finn's Fantastic Weekend Extravaganza? Or as he calls it, a party?"
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadenza 'Cadence' Mia Amoré
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Cadence sat at her desk reading a paperback book, "How To Make Him Love You in a Fortnight." contrary to the title, it wasn't a self-help guide, but a romance novel. She had read this book several times already, but the Italian girl found it much easier to concentrate on this, than it was to think about the nightmares she had been having recently. Something about creepy shadows with scary looking glowing golden eyes. There were also other people there, but she barely stayed asleep long enough to make out who they were, These nightmares came from out of nowhere, and the girl couldn't figure out any reason why they would be happening. She tried not to pay to much attention to them. Who wants to think about scary things when there were better things to pay attention to.

    The Professor was saying something about lights, but Cadence didn't really pay much mind. The man was enthusiastic about his job, but It was Friday afternoon, and the bell was about the ring soon. Who wanted to listen to another lecture when the weekend was coming up? Finally, the bells rang, and the girl gathered her things into her pink school bag that was covered with a bunch of cartoon stickers, and left her seat. The first week of school had come and gone, and now the weekend was here. Thankfully, the teachers didn't assign a lot of homework to do over the weekend.

    As she left the classroom, Cadence spotted something much better than stupid nightmares. Finn Rosenthal. The girl couldn't help thinking the guy was cute. He had a cute face, knew how to dress, spoke well, and a man in power didn't hurt matters either. He was talking to his fellow student council member Nao Cephas. Everytime she saw her, she always had her nose buried in some sort of paperwork. She knew student council was serious business and all, but they were only high school students, there would be plenty of time for seriousness later.

    She waved to the duo, and walked over to them. "Hey Finn, hey Nao!" She then proceeded to give Finn a kiss on the cheek. "You're looking as adorable as ever! Hehe! I hope I'm not interupting some super urgent student council planning." She giggled as she twisted one of her pink streaks of hair between her fingers. "Anyway, I am sooo very much looking foward to that party! It was so nice of you to invite all of us!"
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  7. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Naomi grunted quietly in reply to Cadence's hellos, before shifting her tired gaze shifted away from her bag and towards Adam, who had explicitly approached her. While she was an amicable acquaintance of her fellow athlete, it was still a surprise to be greeted in such an overly familiar manner, nor did she expect the topic of Finlay's party (something that she admittedly had not been paying much attention to) to come up. While she liked hanging around with those she knew from time to time, she was not exactly someone who went to large parties - other than a few birthdays she had celebrated in her younger days, she couldn't actually remember if she had ever attended a gathering of such a caliber. It was unlikely that she would have time to attend though. She couldn't really remember clearly in her drowsy state, but there might have been other obligations that she needed to attend to.

    "I have to hand in some papers right now," replied the short teenager. "And the answers to your questions are yes and no."

    While she could stay and continue talking to Adam, she was not in possession of unlimited amounts of time. There were still twenty minutes left before she failed to complete her goals within the provided time frame, but Naomi had always been a firm believer of the saying: "an early bird catches the worm". Even if its meaning was only tangentially related to her situation, it would be for the best that she handed in her work early, as doing so would free up more time for her to finish off the rest of her duties. The current conversation was somewhat of a distraction, no matter its connection to her (admittedly nonexistent) social life.

    "I should go," she continued abruptly, moving towards the classroom door.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  8. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Enzio Daemon Augustine
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    It was starting to become afternoon, and school would soon be over. Good thing was it, since Enzio had plans for the weekend. Big plans! Well, not really. But he did look foreward getting back to his dorm to get some sleep. Due to his recurring nightmares, he hadn't been able to get much sleep at all during the week. The nightmares had become more frequent, and more vivid. Luckily for Enzio, it didn't seem that the class had to pay much attention that week, since most of the corriculum was repetitions anyway. Enzio was a good student, as he had to be, and therefore, he cursed his nightmares for disturbing him like they did. He was staring out of the window to the bright and lovely day, just aching to get out. It was about 10 minutes left of class, but everyone was chatting, and half the class was getting ready to leave. Enzio decided he would join the trend, and shut his laptop and put it in his shoulderbag togerhet with his books.

    After a small forever that lasted for about 10 minutes, the bell rang, and the air was full of chatting, the sounds of chairs being pushed aside, and the teacher trying to give a message. Enzio took a deep breath before he flung his shoulderbag over his leather jacket and walked towards the exit. He wanted to get home as soon as possible, eat something and take a long nap. by the door, Finn was talking to a smaller group of people from class. Enzio had never really talked much with him. Sure, he was a name the entire school knew, but there was just something annoying about him. Though, maybe a party would liven things up after all, eh? As he walked past them, he overheard Finn talking to one of the other students, Naomi, of the student council. "You should come! It's Friday! It's a student's duty to have fun!". "Sure, I'ts at your place, right? I'll swing by if I feel up to it. Arrivederci!" he waved his hand as he walked past them and towards the exit. Though he didn't want to admit it to himself, he hoped this party would prove a good place for him to make some friends, since he didn't really knew anyone in class yet. He knew the redheaded girl, Tanya, who was sitting next to him in class, but no one else. But first things first, he needed to take his powernap.
  9. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

    Claud A. Hamilton
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    From the corner of the room, near one of the many windows, a black haired student casually watched on. If one would pay attention they might notice a weary aura on the boy, if one knew the boy they might realize that the fatigue was even greater than usual. However no one here watched the student and the boy had become quite proficient at concealing his exhaustion. Sleepless nights were not something he was a stranger too, nor, for that matter, were nightmares. Albeit, the dreams he had been experiencing lately had been worse than normal, strange creatures following him in a disorienting and frankly disturbing world. While the teenager may have merely dismissed the matter as stress accumulating as the prospect of returning home neared, there was something far more amiss about the situation.

    The boy, whose name was Claud, was an observer. He had grown sick of the center spotlight, and had withdrawn to the shadows. In some ways it had been a fall from grace, but for Claud it was a graceful exit. Despite this as an observer, Claud was keen on picking up details others may have brushed aside. One of these details was the fatigue that prevailed throughout the room, with some of his peers in worse slates than others. Take for instance the boy, by the name of either Adam or Arthur, as the new student Claud was having difficulty remembering, but that boy was doing something peculiar for the past few days. He had been consuming copious amounts of coffee, something that had only started recently. A sign of fatigue if Claud had ever seen. There were other tell tale signs that the astute might pick up on, but that was by far the most obvious.

    However for now, Claud merely resigned to worry about himself. Holding off his fatigue with a simple hand on the forehead, maintaining some attempt at vigilance. His fatigue required him to support his head. Thankfully the school day was coming to an end, and Claud found himself with an opportunity for rest rapidly approaching. From his casual place in the back of the classroom, where the words of many of his peers drifted his way, Claud had picked up on some sort of party going on in the evening. As of current the new student had been overlooked, still he figured it was merely a matter of time before someone would approach him with an invitation.

    An invitation he would politely decline. It was not in Claud's agenda to socialize or party, such opportunities were not afforded to him. He came to school to do assignments the results of which his parents could approve. Afterwards it was his duty to merely resign home, any connections would only serve to be waste. It would just make it more difficult for him to leave them when the inevitable time for separation came. Besides, at this current moment in time, rest was far more important than anything else. His number one priority was to go home and sleep.

    And so he waited, as the minute hand finally ticked over. Then he rose from his seat and prepared to exit.

    Hopefully no more intrusions await. I sorely need to remedy this sleep problem.
  10. IC:

    Adam Reid
    Senor Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Some things never change.

    Adam thought to himself in amusement as Naomi made a swift exit, after giving a curt response to his attempts at a conversation. He was far from offended; she treated most people that way, especially when she had an objective. Nor had he really expected her to enthusiastically comment about the party, the vice president tended to attend social gatherings less often than he did. And as his presence was only occasional, that was saying something. Pivoting in place, the athlete surveyed the room; Cadence and Finn stood quite nearby, as they'd both been speaking with Naomi previously. Another boy, who had accepted the invitation to the party, had already left, and he noted a quiet individual (Claus? Claud? He was a new student, Adam remembered that much.) making haste to exit the room, perhaps before anyone spoke to him.

    He himself might have been quick to leave, but without any obligations that evening, he found himself in no particular rush to get anywhere. Instead, he nodded amiably to Finn and Cadence. He slipped his hands into his pockets and leaned on a desk, deciding to stick around to talk, if anyone felt like socializing. He had decided to try and be a little more socially active, and it was best to set the tone for the year early, wasn't it? "Hey. Happy to see the weekend?"
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  11. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    OOC: Writing about Friday on a Monday just... BURNS!!! >.<

    Martin Taylor
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday at 3:27

    Martin didn't care much about Hurst. Or any teacher for that matter. What Hurst was talking about wasn't as important as the sketch of an anthropomorphic bunny with an uzi submachine gun he was drawing onto his desk.

    Last night's dreams convinced Martin that sleep was overrated and staying up until 3am actually wasn't a bad option. It was his last year of high school and from what Martin heard about college, it involved even more partying and social activities. As for homework and exams during his senior year, they were simply an afterthought and were easily something for the backburner. Besides, he had his "ways" about getting around with just winging it and sometimes coming out on top.

    While not a lucid dreamer, Martin knew well enough that shadows can't kill people and he was probably one of the youngest kids to have ever tossed away their fear of the dark. But, needless to say, going to sleep to dream about getting killed by the dark was a little pesky to Martin. Tonight, knowing there would probably be another dream like that clued him in that maybe this time he should just have fun with it and even taunt the shadows this time.

    When the bell rang, Martin certainly didn't hang around to stay in there any longer than necessary. He saw Finn and Cadence on the way out, and noticed Adam looking at them.

    "Hey," Adam stated to Finn and Cadence. "Happy to see the weekend?"

    "Dude... what kind of question is that!?"" Martin laughed. "Who doesn't like a weekend!? I've got hockey practice all Saturday morning, but after that, Dave's getting a group of people around 3 to see Project Annihilation at Cinema X and then grab pizza at the Flash Pizzeria place down the block. He doesn't care about how many people come, just as long as everyone pays for their own tickets and stuff. We might spend some time at his place watching the Vikings versus Panthers game later, but we'd have to see if there's still time. Any of you peeps interested?"
  12. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Robin Amarante
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Robin yawned, her legs crossed neatly under her desk like a proper lady. Sleep hadn’t been coming to her very easily these days, some weird sort of nightmares or something. She figured it was just from eating too much before bed, or maybe because of something weird she had watched before bed. There were always lots of shadows, things that danced around her with glowing yellow eyes, she had never seen anything like the nightmares so she wasn’t exactly sure why. She brushed it off, she should probably focus on what was happening, she only had a few more minutes if her phone was actually showing the right time for once.

    She only managed to catch the last few words of what her professor was saying, god, maybe this was actually bugging her more than she was letting on. She faintly registered that the bell was ringing and rose from her chair, she made sure to pull down the bottom of her dress ever so slightly so that it was still covering everything she needed it to. She scooped up her purse and grabbed her textbook off of her desk, ready to get on with the rest of the weekend. Hopefully she’d manage to catch up on sleep, her teachers decided to be nice and let her leave with very little homework.

    Robin glanced towards a small gathering before leaving, noticing that Cadence (never was exactly sure how she felt about that one…), Martin (Honestly, she had no clue.), Adam (Seemed shy, he’d be the one person she’d feel the most comfortable talking to) and Finn (Nice guy, she never really did have the chance to talk to him in great detail.) were all talking about something. Her eyes lite up at the mentions of a party.

    “Party? Finn, you’re too kind. Perhaps I’ll see if my schedule would allow me to make it.” She replied, giving a kurt nod to Cadence and a small wave to Adam before leaving the room, she felt kinda bad not talking to Martin, she supposed she would've acknowledged Martin, but he seemed preoccupied with his own ideas.
  13. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    Kradle High School
    Friday Afternoon
    Affected RPer(s): Anyone who notices her in the class (minorly)

    "Now, light is important seeing as-" the school teacher Hurst said, or, at least what Solarines could hear him say, through her tiredness.

    For in the last several days, she's been having strange nightmares, despite usually being late for classes because of oversleeping. Although strange dreams aren't really new to her, since she has one every other day or so, like of seeing a human-sized talking doughnut trying to arrest a blue, anthropomorphic cat for destroying the universe from trying to hold on to a Megaman-like armored young girl. What was weird about these dreams was that they made more sense than her other dreams. True, it was still strange, but it was more orderly. Since the shadow creatures were always trying to get her but she wakes up just in time.

    Being who she is, she knows these aren't just any dreams, but shw's not sure what was causing it. A ghost? A ghoul? She's tried various things to get rid of the nightmares (which has caused a couple of accidents during the week, like nearly dropping a dead chicken on the head of a student), but none of them worked. And so she decided to try and hopefully transfer to another room, seeing as that's the only other thing she could do, since the place might be haunted by an old student's ghost. She just hopes she doesn't fall asleep in the hallways again, that caused a bit of a commotion two days ago.

    Finally, after ten long and somewhat agonizing minutes, the bell rang and everyone started to leave. She banged her hands on the table before saying, "Finally! Now first order of buisness, take a long nap."

    She stood up and put her homework into her backpack, as well as her notebook, which has notes and scribbles of "analysis" of people. She put her knapsack on her back and proceeded to exit from the classroom and head straight to her room and collapse, when a young man said, "Hey. Happy to see the weekend?"

    Being very tired to notice his existence until he said that, she screamed from being startled, thinking it was the ghoul that might be haunting her dreams, but found it was just a person. That made her sigh. She remembered his name was Adam, but nothing else than that. Okay, either a terrorist or a spy. Most likely a spy, she thought.

    "Yeah, that's for sure Adam," she answered in a tone that basically states she finds you suspiscious before finally leaving the classroom, not wanting a spy to get info on her.

    As she was heading back, someone in a rather unusual get-up was trying to catch up with her. Eventually he did and said, "Hey Sura! Where're you goin'?"

    It was one of her close friends, Agura Furakas.

    She smiled before answering, "I'm going to my room and go take a nap. Then I'll do my homework."

    "So you're not gonna go to the party?"

    She raised an eyebrow. "Party?"

    "Yeah! Didn't ya hear? There's gonna be a party at Finn's place! I think..." he said, beginning to question his memory.

    Finn? The student council guy? I always thought they were workaholics. "No, didn't hear. But what's the party gonna be like?"

    "I hear it's gonna be fun! Many of the students are going. I'm going myself, what about you?"

    Hmm... Well... I've never been to kid parties, besides, I'll be fine since A's gonna be going. "I think I'll go, but we'll see. I might sleep so long I'll miss the party."

    "All right! I'll be sure to look out for ya! Have a nice nap!" Agura said as he ran off to his dormatory.

    Solarines couldn't help but smile through her fatigue. She'll be fine. She just hopes that the ghoul or ghost doesn't follow her to the party.
  14. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    OOC: Holy crud, is almost everyone a senior? Also. I suck at intro posts, they always turn out like an extended Personality, but with Context, when I do them.

    Alex Cyrin
    Coach Rutherford, Junior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Rutherford was lecturing someone for falling asleep, telling them they should have gotten more last night, and spiraling off into a myriad of other health topics. He was rather adamant that coffee was not the answer.

    Not that Alex was aware of this. From his place, isolated, in the back of the class, he sat disconnected, simply focusing on the dark blue, 0.7mm lead mechanical pencil in his hand and the lined paper beneath it. His expression was detached and emotionless, but his mind was racing a bit. He could deal with sleepless nights. He was that kind of person. He tended not to let fear get to him. But, he's also the kind to get scared. It doesn't compromise his composure, in fact, he doesn't even show or acknowledge it outwardly, alone or not. It just kind of haunted him in the back of his head. This, of course, was new. It felt less irrational. It was too repetitive, too exact, too uncomfortably reminiscent to the faces he passed in the halls.

    His notebooks over the past week had become increasingly filled with sketches with dramatic shadings and graphite dominance. Black manifestations that tried vainly to approximate his visions. As school approached its dying moments, he finally finished his full page sketch. The entire sheet of college rule was grayed to some extent. The darkest depths of the scene showed elaborate blackening to suitably describe what he'd seen. Nondescript people were there, blurred and vague like everything else. He cautiously eyed the other people in the classroom, before closing his notebook and getting up. He'd noticed that there some people who'd gotten visibly more tired or shaky lately. He supposed he was glad he didn't have any outer symptoms thereof. Still, he had to wonder if there were other individuals experiencing this kind of nightmarish deluge. If they did, his drawings hadn't clued them in on it, because the only people to poke at his art lately were just curious onlookers wondering why his style had suddenly gotten dark. He had merely shrugged in response. Personal interaction wasn't his thing.

    Which led to a completely different topic. Why was it that he'd decided to check out the party, especially when it was bound to be senior-dominant? He hated congregations of people. It made him anxious inside, which forced him to play up his stoic outer shell. But he was the kind to make decisions off intuition, and something seemed to tell him that the party might be interesting. He also wasn't the kind to care about leaving "early," so he didn't feel any obligation to stay; once he went there he could be out right after. So he'd resolved to go and that was that. Sure, it was spur of the moment as to whenever he'd actually arrive, but chances were that he was going to.

    He stretched next to his desk, watching the other students file out, some staying back, some rushing forth. He liked waiting for the crowd to pass. Though this actually delayed him more, being part of the group at the door made him feel dependent on others, his movement restricted.

    Once satisfied, he left out the hallway, expecting nothing and no one to stop him, he walked with muted purpose.
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  15. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Jannike Mortensen
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Janna looked at the clock impatiently as she put away the rest of her things into her spiky black leather backpack. It was evident that the black-clad girl wasn't into academics, and the fact that she was extremely drained did not help matters. Now, she was usually a poor sleeper who was able to get by with less than three or four hours of sleep. However, this was an entirely different matter that made her feel tired and drained, which was unusual for her. She found herself starting to have nightmares during the short period of time she slept, four days prior, and the same thing happened the day after, except more vivid. Not wanting to experience a more intense version for a third time, she kept herself awake for the rest of the week, without any sleep, and she was now paying the price. All she wanted to do was get on with life as usual, and enjoy her weekend. She was looking forward to the party her classmate and friend Finn was throwing later that night, and the last thing she wanted to think of was the possibility of the same nightmare. It was not what she saw in her half-conscious state that bothered her but rather, how it seemed almost real. Janna was never one to believe that dreams were ever that way. They were just like hallucinations: fleeting and seemingly real, but never were. She however, knew that she did not take anything stupid during those days, save for her usual whisky and smoke, and she did not want to be bothered by it once more…not when she had better things on her mind.

    Professor Hurst was one of the nicer teachers, much to Janna's relief. He was no Dr. Rosen, who was by far the teacher she most disliked for often beating old-fashioned ideals into her head and openly trying to find bad things to say about her ever since she first had him, and thus, Janna didn't have many issues with Hurst, and even enjoyed chemistry laboratory. It was only that she wasn't inclined to be scholarly and study diligently for lectures, as she preferred stimulation, excitement and experiencing things over being cooped up into a classroom to listen to lectures for hours. The bell rang, and Janna quickly sprang up and swung her backpack on her back, the start of the weekend energizing her. Heading towards the door, she slapped Finn on his back twice.

    "Finn, my man! 'Course I ain't missing this for anything!" She announced, before grabbing him by the neck with the crook of her arm and dropping her voice. "Of course Blaine's prepared something to drag in," She murmured as she toyed with her nose ring a bit, not wanting any passing teacher to hear, referring to her older friend who worked as a bartender in the city. Janna of course, never believed in parties without a little something extra. She grinned at Cadence, Adam and Martin, who were also standing by the doorway. She wasn't all that difficult to be with, just as long as people didn't get too preachy around her, as those were the types she had problems with.

    "Dude... what kind of question is that!?"" Martin laughed. "Who doesn't like a weekend!? I've got hockey practice all Saturday morning, but after that, Dave's getting a group of people around 3 to see Project Annihilation at Cinema X and then grab pizza at the Flash Pizzeria place down the block. He doesn't care about how many people come, just as long as everyone pays for their own tickets and stuff. We might spend some time at his place watching the Vikings versus Panthers game later, but we'd have to see if there's still time. Any of you peeps interested?" Her classmate immediately made his plans known. Project Annihilation was something that she was honestly looking forward to watching, and what better way than spend time with her friends? Martin was fun, and like her, he wasn't one to worry about something as trivial as school.

    "Count me in, dude! That's what you get for having 'movies' and 'pizza' in the same sentence, right in front of me. Besides, that motherfucker Ned decided to throw off our race for tomorrow...the nerve of that coward, he'll get his damn reward alright! Sound like a plan?" She offered, before going off cursing about Ned King. He was a guy from one of the schools in the city, and one of the people she usually raced motorcycles with…and perhaps the unluckiest one. He often lost his bets, though he was wealthy, and he often found himself having to pay up for being too slow. He was one that Janna described as "riding like a girl", with his speed. Project Annihilation however, was definitely a priority of hers for the weekend, as was later's party.

    "Just tell me who's in, man! I've got to pick some stuff up from the city." She called out as she left the room, squeezing Cadence's shoulder and winking. She loved to tease the purple-clad girl, who was too romantic for her own good at times. Walking briskly down the halls, she quickly made her way to the school's exit without seeing Dr. Rosen, who was definitely on her case and had a way of somehow bumping into her at times. Some people on the steps avoided her, giving her looks of either fear or disgust, which she merely shrugged off. Apparently, people dwelt too much on the incident, which she felt wasn't even supposed to be a huge deal to begin with. Yes, she beat up Danny, and yes, she broke his arm…but Danny had already graduated and it was time to move on. Getting down, she made her way towards the school's parking lot and reached her MV Agusta, its black body and the wolf design she learned how to paint for herself standing out from all the other parked vehicles. Strapping her bag to the back, she hopped on, turned her key and took off, the wind blowing through her red-streaked blonde hair.
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  16. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    <ooc> ack, every moment a new person to respond to.

    Finlay Belle-Rosendahl
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Finn smiled at Cadence, leaning forward into a jaunty little flourish. "And, as always, you're looking beautiful yourself," he replied. His grin took on a conspiratorial light at Cadence's comments. "Oh, of course! We've got big plans; it's top secret stuff, very hush-hush. Everyone knows the student council actually runs the school, after all. But enough about business-" the teen paused as Nao exited stage left with a perfunctory farewell. "Hmm, just like Naomi to do that. She should relax a bit, I think; you only get to be in high school once, right? I'll see if I can get her to show up tonight..."

    But his plans were interrupted as Finn was accosted by two of Kradle High's more colorful characters in quick succession. First was Enzio Augustine, who cheerfully invited himself as he walked by, not even waiting for an answer. He was an interesting one, that Enzio. The Italian boy was certainly visually striking, with sterling hair and heterochromic eyes. He was obviously wealthy, but he wore it with a certain bravado that the stereotypical 'trust-fund kid' lacked. He never seemed quite genuine either. Yet Finn just smiled bemusedly as he watched Enzio go. "Well alright then. Hard to crash a party when the doors are pretty much open though," he remarked. He'd keep an eye on that one; it would be most interesting to figure him out. He - probably - wouldn't even need a scalpel.

    The second was a person Finn already knew better. He didn't even need to hear the girl's voice; the sheer physicality of her greeting was identification enough. "Finn, my man! 'Course I ain't missing this for anything!" Janna said, grabbing Finn around the neck. More quietly, she spoke: "Of course Blaine's prepared something to drag in."

    Finn laughed before replying in an equally low voice, "I'd expect nothing less from you. Try not to spike everything this time, hm? As much as I think everyone should live a little, people should decide for themselves in the end." Free will was important. Besides, liquoring up a crowd of underage students without their knowledge seemed to be entirely reprehensible, a point on which Finn actually agreed entirely with prevailing wisdoms. "See you tonight," he called as Janna left the room.

    "She's a scary one," Finn remarked lightly. "Our old pal Danny caught a fistful of that, for certain." The guy had brought it on himself, really. Playing with fire was an easy way to get burned, and Janna was like a bottle of lava. What Danny had done was akin to upending the bottle over his own head. Finn wouldn't make that mistake; he was smarter than that. He glanced back at Cadence, a wry smile on his lips. "At least our class is interesting! Better than boring, in the end." He collected the rest of things, responding cheerfully to any others who addressed him. It seemed as if the celebration would see healthy attendance. "I'm going to head out. There's some setting up I've got to do: make sure there's enough to eat and drink, get a crack team of cleaning staff to get everything in order after we inevitably knock the place over... That sort of thing. Ciao!"
  17. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Senior Lockers
    Friday Afternoon

    There had been no real issue in delivering her work to her english teacher. Naomi had entered the office at precisely 3.55pm (if her watch was to be considered accurate), presenting the extension essays with little to no fanfare. While she had swayed from side to a side a few times during her short conversation with the faculty member (something that had raised an eyebrow), she had not been confronted about her exhausted state, and she was free to leave without any sort of great difficulty. However, the completion of one task did not mean that she had finished everything; now that most of her schoolwork-related issues were dealt with (disregarding, of course, the exchange of players between the track and cross-country teams), she could finally move on to organising the fair. Further discussion with her fellow student council members was necessary of course, but the short girl was confident that she could craft a few proposals before a meeting was called (no set date had been established as of yet). That being said, it appeared as if her workload was lighter than usual, although it was to be expected so early into the semester.

    Her walk through the hallways ended as she arrived at her locker. It was situated quite close to the senior homeroom, but due to her obligations to her english teacher (whose office was located on the next floor), the student council member had taken a longer route to reach it. She stared down at the drab grey of the door, even as she fumbled away at the lock to input her combination. A few seconds passed without anything happening, but soon enough she heard a satisfying click. There were a few textbooks she needed for homework, as well as an overdue library book that she had forgotten to return the previous year. Otherwise, there was surprisingly little that she needed to procure, with most things already in her bag. As she zipped up said item, Naomi slung it over her shoulder and turned away from her locker, only to bump into Alex Cyrin.
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadenza 'Cadence' Mia Amoré
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    After giving a short reply to all the attempts at conversation directed at her, Naomi took her leave. She made it clear that she was not attending the party. It was the first week of school, how can one girl be so busy already? Finn seemed to have same idea. "Hmm, just like Naomi to do that. She should relax a bit, I think; you only get to be in high school once, right? I'll see if I can get her to show up tonight..."

    "And I think it's sweet of you to do that." Cadence replied. "Who knows? Maybe she just needs the right man in her life to help her lighten up. Hehe!"

    "Hey." Adam, another one of the student council members involved in the impromptu meeting Cadence had just interupted started to say. "Happy to see the weekend?"

    "Well, of course, Caro Mio!" She answered cheerfully while giving the treasurer a light pat on the back. "But the real question is, who isn't looking foward to the weekend?" That's when Martin came in, basically saying the same thing, He then asked anybody was interested in seeing that new action movie that had just come out. To which Cadence politely declined. "Sorry, that doesn't sound like my kind of movie. I like romantic comedies, more. Yeah, I know, boys aren't usually into that sort of thing... Is it wrong that I enjoy a little romance in a movie? I don't think so! Ooh, maybe you should ask Janna. She seems like the type that would be into that."

    And sure enough, Janna came in. After hugging Finn, and saying that she was coming to the party, she accepted Martin's offer, then squeezed Cadence's shoulder and winked at her before taking off. The Italian girl didn't get what that last gesture was about, but laughed it off anyway. "See? What did I tell you? I told you she'd be into it! The two of you would get along great!" She said with wink.

    "She's a scary one," Finn remarked after Janna already. "Our old pal Danny caught a fistful of that, for certain."

    "So, I've heard..." Like everyone else, Cadence had heard the stories of Janna beating up the student council president in front of a large crowd of witnesses. Cadence didn't know what happened with them behind closed doors, and preferred not to dwell on the negative. Danny graduated, and Janna seemed to be getting along fine, so why bother rehashing that subject?

    "At least our class is interesting! Better than boring, in the end. I'm going to head out. There's some setting up I've got to do: make sure there's enough to eat and drink, get a crack team of cleaning staff to get everything in order after we inevitably knock the place over... That sort of thing. Ciao!""

    "Oh, totally! It's definitely going to be a... memorable year... Anyway, I've got to head out too. I have to pick out a dress to wear and get ready for tonight, That can take hours if you do it right. Heh." She said it in a joking tone, but Cadence often took her sweet time getting ready to go out anywhere. Much to the irritation of whoever happens to be living with her at that time. "Arrivederci!" she called out as she blew everyone a kiss and left the room.
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  19. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    Hope Hachiko-Nelson
    Kradle High School: Freshman Class
    School Hours

    The teacher's drone seemed to die out as class was all most over. The homework was neatly written on the board, and the students began packing there bags, socializing weakly with each other. Hope casually moved his gaze from the window to the clock. The bell for dismissal would ring in a few minutes and he was still working on his assignment. Slowly, Hope began putting his supplies away. The students around him were mostly silent, like most back corners of classes. They talked mostly to each other, and participated little in much else. Hope picked up his bag, and began to put some of his material away. Cheerful Bossa Nova music played in his mind as he ignored most of his surroundings. Actually, it turned out to be the person sitting next to Hope. Their ear buds were far too loud. He smiled and chuckled, the music sounded oddly familiar. It was a pleasant tune, with slow mellow singing. Hope couldn't understand the language, but he enjoyed it anyways.

    His bags packed, Hope rested his head in the palm of his hand. A few more seconds till the bell would ring. Hope decided to close his eyes for a few seconds. After about seven seconds, the bell rang. Hope opened his eyes, but he found himself in a strange room. The furniture looked like something an antique collector would have. In front of him, there was a unidentifiable figure. It seemed foreign at first, but then it took shape. Dark skin, dead eyes, and a large afro. Hope stared at his shadow. His shadow stared back.

    "…I era uoht dna uoht ma I…" The shadow spoke, but Hope didn't understand.
    "Pardon me?" He said.
    "Accept me!" The shadow jumped at Hope with a horrifying look on his face.
    "No!" Hope shouted, turning his face and using his arms to protect himself. His eyes were squeezed shut.

    When nothing happened, Hope opened his eyes and noticed that he was in his class room. The boy next to him was no longer listening to the cheerful Bossa Nova, and instead look at Hope with a worried expression. Hope smiled, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. No one else noticed Hope mumbling in his sleep. The actual bell rang. Student got up and left the room. The hall ways were once again loud and alive with energy. Hope, leaving the class last, was to shut the door.

    With little struggle, Hope made his way to a side door of the school. He left through it and began his walk home. He'd pick up his bike at his Aunt's house. Her house was a short distance from the school, so she allowed Hope to leave his bike there. He walked alone, unable to make a friend in his first week of school. A lively tuned played from his phone, a mix of jazz and classical. Looking in the trees and to the clouds above offered Hope enough entertainment. However, when he noticed something in the woods he stopped to observe it. He felt a watch full eye following him. Unsure, Hope ignored it. When he arrived at his aunt's he decide to bike home right away. Giving her a wave, a smile, and a greeting, he took off on his bike. With the bike, his trip home was reduced to five minutes.

    Hope's uncle greeted him when he walked into his house. He and his sister, Miss. Nelson, were about to leave for lunch together. Hope offered him tea while they waited for his mother to come downstairs. They spoke little, both of them on their phones for the duration for the time. His uncle would ask about school, and Hope provided generic responses.

    "Eric, I'm ready." Hope's mother yelled from the door.
    "I'll be at the door in a bit, sis." He called to her. "See you around, Hope." He said, then left the room.

    After the door shut, Hope went to his room and changed out of his school uniform into a more casual outfit. He sat down at his computer and scrolled through the internet afterwards.
  20. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    Alex Cyrin
    Senior Lockers, Hallway
    Friday Afternoon

    He was aware of Naomi, it was hard not to be. She was ridiculously hardworking, an athlete, a student councilwoman, and a senior. Though he wasn't acquaintanced with her, he was the observant kind, and she seemed to be one of the gears that kept the school running with her exacting, scheduled movements. With the amount she moved around, he doubted anyone other than a freshman hadn't seen her around a couple dozen times.

    He was not aware of Naomi. He raised an eyebrow as she bumped into him. She was one of those people who'd looked particularly tired lately, something which looked particularly pronounced amidst her work ethic. He stumbled back, pretending to drop his notebook, his flat hand thrusting behind it, as if he was trying to grab it, in the general area where he'd been sketching lately.

    The notebook lay flat open on the floor, not quite on the page he was going for, but still demonstrating his sketches of his nightmares. He paused for a moment to give her a look of half confusion and half glaring, before bending over to pick it up, his pupils focused up at her, gauging her reaction.

    Regardless of how she'd react, whether or not she'd respond to the imagery, he didn't intend to discuss this now. On the off chance that he was right that people were all tired because of nightmares, there wasn't much to say on the topic as of yet, so there was no reason to stay or respond to whatever she might reply, just reasons to listen. Unless she were to make some sort of commotion, he'd nonchalantly walk off toward the building's exit after observing her response.

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