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Persona- Drifting Into Darkness

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by InnerFlame, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Miaofa “Isaac” Liu
    Senior Homeroom
    Friday Afternoon

    Miaofa shifted around a bit, rifling through the large binder that he had designated as his homework repository, and took out the syllabus for the mathematics class. He stared at it for a few seconds, confused as to why he even removed it in the first place, and put it back. ’I guess that the lack of sleep has already gotten to me. And it’s only the first Friday.’

    His nightmares were confusing, but that some of his classmates also appeared slightly sleep-deprived? It was suspect to say the least; he hoped that there would be an inspection of either the water supply or the school food...preferably both. After all, the lack of sleep could affect his grades! He hoped that it wasn’t tied to that Apathy Syndrome; then again, mysterious effects needed Byzantine causes.

    Though, from the looks of it, many of his classmates were perfectly happy to attend a party; Miaofa was completely straight-edged, parties were of no interest to him. Perhaps they thought that the alcohol that would inevitably find its way into their drinks would take the edge off the nightmares? He nodded to a couple of them as they headed out the door, wishing them all the best regardless.

    Miaofa packed up his own bags, having retrieved his backpack from his locker before homeroom, so as to not have to remain at school for any longer than he absolutely had to. He liked school, yes, but this was the first Friday and he had sleep to catch up on.

    The hallway had a few people in it, likely removing their own possessions from the lockers, but he paid them no attention...except for two: Naomi, a fellow Student Council member, and someone who he didn’t recognize but would bet was a junior. A notebook filled with sketches, which he assumed belonged to the junior, was laying open on the floor, with the junior bent over it. From what he could see, the pictures depicted on it resembled the nightmares that he had been having.

    Miaofa raised his eyebrows at it, but declined to comment, instead heading straight out.
  2. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Senior Lockers, Hallway
    Friday Afternoon

    "I apologise for bumping into you," said Naomi immediately, her tiredness evident in the slight pauses between each word she spoke. It appeared that she was far more exhausted than she had originally believed - usually she was rather observant of her surroundings, and definitely would have noticed Alex's presence instead of stumbling into him. In her current state, it was becoming quite difficult to properly concentrate on more than a few things at a time. Would she still possess the capability for lucid thought later on in the day, or would she be forced to give up on her attempts at completing the rest of her work in exchange for rest? It was a question she did not know how to answer: her duties were important, after all, but what good could she do if she were to drop into a slumber in the middle of something? Would more coffee assist her? That was something to dwell upon as well.

    She blinked rapidly with a start, realising that she had been staring blankly into space. The girl mentally berated herself for doing such a thing in the hallway, especially when there was someone standing right in front of her. It had already been a rather awkward situation, and the delay she had brought about was not exactly helping matters. Hopefully the junior (was he a junior? For all her work in the student council, she wasn't very good with names) wasn't confused by her failure to do anything but gaze into the distance with unfocused eyes.

    "I ... should go," she stated hesitantly, stepping away from Alex. "Once again, I apologise."

    With those words, Naomi began to walk away. She could have handled the situation better, now that she thought about it, but it was far too late to rectify matters.

    Although ... those sketches in the notebook she had accidentally caused her underclassman to drop seemed somewhat familiar.
  3. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Finlay Belle-Rosendahl
    The Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    Jakob Belle’s three-floor house on the outskirts of Epohon was no extravagant billionaire’s estate or aristocrat’s castle, but it was still far larger than a home for two people at maximum – and only one for most of the year – had any right to be. It was more a status symbol than a home, for the benefit of those men and women who judged others on the quality of their material possessions. Most of the time, Mr. Belle simply slept at his office in the city proper. That Friday night, the younger Mr. Belle was using the building for its intended purpose: entertaining guests.

    By ten, the party was already in full swing, having grown from Finn entertaining a few early-birds around a dinner table to a veritable sprawl of youth. The largest throng of students had formed on the second floor, dancing to heavy beats with an aimless, clumsy passion. To the west, in the media room, a small crowd had formed around a pair of students singing an off-key duet into a karaoke machine, while to the east a number had found the game room, involving themselves in everything from pool to the arcade cabinets. In an adjoining room, a game of cards was rapidly growing very risqué. On the ground floor, a red-faced girl somewhat guiltily filled another glass of ‘juice’, herself the least tipsy of her friends. Lovers caressed one another in the shadows, old couples and complete strangers alike. It was noisy, it was chaotic, it was messy and irresponsible and beautiful. It was beautiful to see people just enjoying life and all it had to offer.

    As the party’s host, Finn did as he always did. He flitted between groups, cheering on the singers, playing a few rounds of pool and losing his left sock and his shirt at the poker table after Janie Whitacre managed to turn a six-high into a straight. He always pulled a few people along wherever he went; it seemed a shame to come to a party and socialize only with people one already knew. Perhaps it was inevitable in a gathering of this size - you couldn't possibly have everyone doing the same thing - but there was nothing wrong with meeting new people. Every party had a few people who weren’t really having fun as well. They were the ones who had been dragged in, the ones who felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere or the ones that didn’t feel as if they knew anyone. It seemed an even greater shame to come to a party and not enjoy oneself at all, so Finn made a point of seeking them out to offer a drink and make introductions.

    At last finding a free moment, Finn found his way back to the second floor. He raised his phone to his lips, wirelessly broadcasting to the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen!” he roared. “Let’s bring up the tempo and turn the lights way, way low!” With a sweep, Finn dimmed the lights in the room, casting the dancers deeper into shadow. With a touch, he put a new song on, faster and harder than before. “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” Finn’s voice grew as the crowd grew more frenzied. He began to laugh, wildly and almost madly, drunk on the atmosphere if not on alcohol. “All of it! Just let it go!”

    A few minutes later, Finn retired from the dance floor, a manic grin still splashed across his features. As he left, he ran into a classmate, a member of the football team. The boy called out to Finn, “Yo Finny, I- why the hell aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

    “What happens in Vegas… I’m wearing pants, aren’t I?”

    “Yeah, well, I’m here to drag you upstairs. Bunch of folks are starting up some truth or dare.”

    “Slumber party throwbacks, hm?” Finn remarked. Truth or dare didn't sound bad at all, actually. You learned new things about people, tried new things... great fun. “Cute. Let’s go.”

    “No, no, it’s if you refuse the question or the dare…” the boy gleefully lifted a pair of frosted glass bottles. “You take a shot of this fancy-*** vodka.”

    “Is that my father’s Belvedere?”

    He paused. “Uh… no, well… maybe, I just kinda picked it up…”

    “Eh, it’s not that expensive. Come on.”

    The other boy laughed. “Christ, your parents must be the coolest people ever. Or you killed them or something... Hey, maybe we’ll get you boozed up for once?”

    “That’s unlikely,” Finn said easily. The boy laughed brightly as he headed up the stairs with his friend, utterly and impeccably confident. “I don’t refuse challenges.”
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
  4. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Enzio Daemon Augustine
    Finn's place. The Party
    Friday evening

    After trying to get a few hours nap after school, which actually prooved effective, Enzio found himself standing outside of Finns house. the house was really big, and looked really ritzy. Apparently, Finn was of a wealthy family as well. Enzio immideatly felt bad that his dad only had left him with a credit card with unimaginable amounts of money, instead of a huge place like Enzio initially had wanted. It didn't really matter how big the house was, the augustine Mansion back in Italy was way bigger, and big houses were always great places to host parties. Enzio had dressed appropewriatly for the occation, wearing a pair of slim, black pants and a lavender-colored shirt which had two unbutoned buttons at top. He brought a matching blazer to his pants, but it was too warm to actually wear it. He looked, and felt, like a guy from a commercial about mens clothing.

    The party started pretty calmly for enzio. He appeared, talked to a few people and sipped to his drink. He had stationed himself on the second floor, where people were dancing. By people, there were mostly girls looking like they belonged on the streets rather than a party, and the drooling guys they randomly picked up. All in all, it was facinating, they kinda looked like clones. Before he thought anything more about it, one of the clones came over to him and hinted that she wanted to dance with him, doing things that his father would be proud of. Enzio knew he wasn't nearly drunk enough to dance without feeling awkward, despite him being really good at it. His father had paid for dancing-lessions for him most of his life anyway, and Enzio figured "party dancing" couldn't be too far fetched from the ballroom dancing he grew up with.

    Feeling kind of tipsy already, to his own big suprise, Enzio accepted the girl, whose name was Jenna, to dance with her. As he suspected, the clones acted out their outfits to the extreme. some of the guys they danced with looked like they would faint any moment, not believing this would happen to them. It seemed like Party dancing was very much different from ballroom dancing, and enzio felt clumsy for the first time in many years. It didn't matter much though. Jenna was a kind girl, and he quickly caught up to her dancing. Her hair was long and straight, reking of some foreign perfume. She was wearing a regular tank top, and an unhealthy shiort miniskirt to go with it. She was wearing high heels, and managed to dance around in them quite well.

    after another little while, Enzio had to let Jenna go. He wanted to fill his glass with more of whatever was aveilable at the party. Rumors had it that someone had brought vodka, and Enzio decided he would hunt that individual down. though he didn't notice himself, he could barely walk upstraight at this point, and decided to take a short break to the wall next to the dancefloor. Suddenly, half-naked Finn rushed past him up the stairs, and spoke to his phone, which again spoke through the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen!! Let’s bring up the tempo and turn the lights way, way low!” He shouted as the lights dimmed in the room. This did not help with Enzios current state of mind at all, as he quickly lost all sense of sight. The music then shifted to something with more beat, as if that was possible. the party was about to take off, apparently. “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” Finn then shouted, ending with a crazed laugh. Enzio froze in his place. He knew that he was attractive, and he knew that people in class talked about him, was in love with him and looked at him from afar when they thought he wouldn't notice.

    Fair enough, not even 5 minutes later, Enzio could see the silhouette of a person approaching. he damned his current drunk state as he couldn't make out who the person was. He braced himself for some girl with stuttering-issues trying to tell him how she felt.

    "Uhm... Hi." the vice said, an Enzio was suprised that the voice belonged to a guy rather than some puny girl.

    "Ciao! amico!" Enzio said/laughed, holding his glass up in a cheers. he had a bad habit of sometimes going italian when drunk, but when drunk, he didn't really care.

    "S.. So.. Uhm.. Finn said to.. Uhm.. Confess your love to the one you like.." he kinda muttered. It was obvious this guy was shy. Enzio could understand that, there were no openly gay guys in class, though there were a few that had some suspicion upon them. not that it really mattered to Enzio. He didn't really have any spesific preferences when it came to love, as he never really got into that kind of thing.

    "Sure did! So, I take it you have something to say?" enzio said, kind of feeling bad that he had his douchebag facade up. It took a lot of guts to confess something like that if you hadnt come out of the closet yet. At this point, enzio had also figured out the voice. It belonged to Alexander, the slightly shy yet suprisingly popular guy in class that all the girls wanted, but no one ever got for some strange reason, though not too strange anymore.

    "So. uhm.. eh.." the guy struggled to speak, an Enzio got enough of playing hard to get. That was not how one got friends. He took Alexanders tie, and dragged him up close and engaged in a makeout session. Alexander did not seem to mind.
  5. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

    Friday Night

    Claud absently tossed a ball against the wall of his low end apartment. The apartment's inner furnishings were few and far between, all of which were devoted to simple simplicity. He had a small one man bed, a simple wooden work desk, and a shelf for books. In one of the other rooms of the five room apartment there was a simple weight machine and punching bag, they were one of the few items of much worth in his apartment. Claud had been instructed that at all times he should keep up his training, regardless of the time or circumstance. After all a healthy body meant a healthy mind, and that was something that his sleep had been robbing him of. More than that he was expected to be able handle simple fights he might end up, and for that Claud needed to stay in shape.

    I should probably take care of that, instead of shifting aimlessly about.

    Without much delay, Claud set down the ball, and opted to head towards his weight machine. In a few minutes he set up a weights and began exercise his biceps, all the while reflecting on the new town he was in for his last year. All and all it was an interesting place. The people were also intriguing for that matter, and there seemed to be the strange case of a kind of syndrome going around. His classmates were also rather intriguing, and Claud knew most of them were out at a party, where they would probably make a mess of and waste themselves. Strong mind, strong body, taking in alcohol was a sure fire way to fail that creed. For his part Claud was glad that he had dodged the people and avoided an invitation, parties were not something he could take part in. A simple foolish mistake could jeopardize his entire chance at escape, the blissful freedom he held on to during his fleeting teenage years. It wouldn't be long now before his parents would request him back.

    Finishing the last of his reps, these ones had been leg presses, Claud got up and headed towards the punching back. A quick punch was followed by a left hook and then a high kick finished off by a right jab. In sequence he began running through the many forms he had been taught as a part of his self defense. It was also proper to maintain a sense of combat, otherwise he could end up in a messy situation and be unable to cope. As Claud continued training himself, his thoughts drifted again towards the other students. He knew a few of them lived in the same apartment complex as he, one had even opted to purchase the entire complex. A boy the name of Joseph or Justin, it didn't really matter too much to Claud. Still it was quite intriguing just how many wealthy students attended a high school that was not noteworthy for any one thing in particular. It seemed odd to Claud, but he realized that it mattered little. Besides if his parents took note of the other students, then there might have been a slim chance that they would accept his choice a proper institution. However Claud did not get his hopes up for any semblance of his parents' acceptance.

    Finishing up the last of his exercises, and taking a quick glance at the homework that lay done on his desk, Claud let himself rest against a wall. The boy really needed some sleep, and he needed it soon, but for now he felt like just enjoying the solitude for a bit, opting to worry about the details later. This year, like the others, would be an interesting one, but it appeared it would also be the most mundane one. As many different schools had shown him, people had a habit of engaging in frivolous and trivial affairs, and this party was no exception. Claud merely hoped they wouldn't do anything stupid, it could reflect badly on the school, and by extension him.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
  6. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Martin Taylor
    The Party, Outside Pool, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    Martin had shown up with his gym bag late to Finn's party at the Belle Estate, missing the bus just over a half hour. But to him it didn't matter, as he had already missed his physics class by a half hour and geometry completely. But in the meantime, Martin had no idea how Finn's family came across so much money and churned out a monster of a house, but he knew it was going to be fun and he could totally let himself loose even more so this time. With the last party he had gone to, it was a small place at the house Scott's parents owned, and they grounded Scott hard for the mess the party made. But with Finn, he knew the maid would just take care of everything. The inside sounded more like a nightclub with the hard dubstep pumping while he could hear Finn's voice encouraging the party to become even wilder.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!” Martin could hear Finn's voice roaring through the microphone. “Let’s bring up the tempo and turn the lights way, way low!”

    The lights were dimmed and suddenly a new song came on with a faster, frenzied techno beat.

    “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” Finn’s voice grew as the crowd grew more frenzied. He began to laugh, wildly and almost madly, drunk on the atmosphere if not on alcohol. “All of it! Just let it go!”

    Martin couldn't help but smile at the wild night that was already folding before him, but he saw the inside was truly a mosh pit and he decided to go for a bit more breathing room by heading toward the backyard pool first, which was a luxurious Olympic-sized swimming pool with an adjacent waterfall and multiple diving boards. Already there were a whole slew of people he knew from school over there, many of them relaxing with bar drinks on the outside lounge chairs while others were getting a volleyball game in the pool itself going.

    "Hey, Mar, you're late again!" Ben shouted toward him. "Get your butt in the water, we need more people!"

    "Dude, I'm never late," Martin shrugged with a smile. "I always come exactly when I mean to... plus whatever time delay caused by missing the bus. Anyway, I'll join you guys, but I just need to know, has anyone barfed in the pool yet?"

    "Don't think so," Ben replied, quickly scanning the area to see if anyone was already smashed drunk. "Hey, hurry up, we're going to do that reenactment from Pirates of the Caribbean in a few minutes. Whoever wins gets rum and coke!"

    Martin had no clue what that was going to entail, but he figured he'd go along with it. He headed to the outside bathroom to get his swim trunks on.
  7. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    Kradle High School Dornatories -> Somewhere in Sunlive Town -> Belle Estate
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPer(s): None

    It was dark. That was certain about the area around her. There were no recognizable things around her, like a tree, or a house, not even a bird was flying. The ground and what she could only describe as the sky was strange. The ground was looks plain black, but if you look carefully, it's really dark purple. The supposed "sky" around her looked like the sky in one of those famous Van Gogh paintings, except the colors were light purple, purple, and magenta, and they were swirling around as if someone was mixing them.

    For the longest of time, she just walked, and walked, and walked, and kept on going, even though she wasn't sure why she was moving or where to. Eventually, she cane to a halt. Again, without really knowing why other than just feeling like it. She looked around and found the landscape was the same as the rest of the area: twisted and dark, and yet she could see it. She just kept observing the place, finding not much else to do, until she did a full three-sixty degree turn. She wished she didn't do that.

    Because right before her was the shadow again, and she knew it was not good news as behind it was another shadow, about to attack another person. She ran, and the shadow quickly began to chase her. She continued to run and sped herself up gradually, but it was futile as soon she finds herself at a dead end: in the form of a deep canyon just beyond her.

    "What the?! What is it with these dead ends?!"

    She turned around just as the shadow pounced on her. She screamed and fell out of her bed, making her groan from falling on the wooden floor.


    She sat up and rubbed her somewhat sore head.

    "Ugh... It's that annoying dream... Why are those shadows chasing me...? Wait a minute... Was that...another person I saw?" She thought for a few moments. "If that's true, then that means I'm not the only one having these weird nightmares! But...that means that there might be a group of ghosts causing nightmares instead of one...and that means I'm gonna have to rethink my solutions..."

    She just sat there for a few minutes, trying to come up with a solution. After a few more minutes, she looked to her clock and saw the time was six seventeen. She stared at it, thinking of what to do, before coming to a decision.

    She stood up and got ready to leave, saying, "Eh, might as well go to the party early. I don't think I can sleep for long in here."

    And so she cleaned herself up, fixed her side of the room a little and got a few snacks and put them in her pocket just in case. After that, she grabbed her plain red skateboard and her home made strap for her skateboard (so she can wear it on her back) and put it diagonally on her body, like when a soldier puts machine gun ammo stips on their body. She does realize she's most likely old enough to drive a car, but her father can't afford one (and she doesn't want to burden her dad), hence why she has a skateboard instead of a bicycle or a car.

    She got out and closed the door, leaving it unlocked, not completely sure if her roommate is going to lock it or go in. She left the building after filling in the form to keep track of when people leave. She began to go through the town, heading for Finn's place. But having a horrible sense of direction, even after living in the town for about five years, she quickly got lost. Which she wouldn't have mind if it wasn't for the fact that she ended up roaming the town, sometimes the outskirts, for almost four hours.

    "Gah!" she shouted when she stopped at an intersection. "That's it! I'm getting sick of this...! I'm gonna get a map and learn how to read it, no matter how long it takes!"

    The flame behind her sky blue eyes burned for a while until the beginning sequence of the music, "Cannon Ball" played. She took out her phone and flipped it open to see who was calling. It was Agura Furakas.

    She pressed the answer button and put it near her ear. "Hey A! You have no idea how glad I am to have you call."

    "I can imagine. But seriously, where are you? Kris said she saw you leave three hours ago! How come you're not here yet?"

    "I got lost. I can't really remember which way is the outskirts of Sunlive..."

    "Where are you then?"

    "Um... Mythos Intersection."

    "All right, uh... Just got to the Acme lane and keep going until you see a dirt road, go right until you see a concrete one and then go left and keeo going. You should see a pretty big mansion."

    "How about you just send me a text of what you just said so I'll be super sure where I'm going."

    "All right, all right. You butchakuy..." A said affectionately over the phone before stopping the call.

    And that's what he did. Pretty soon, Solarines foubd herself at the entrance of Finn's home and was surprised on how big was it.

    "Wow... It's smaller than I imagined..."

    Before she went in, she detached her strap sash and hooked the two ends of the skateboard with the strap, effectively making it like a strap on a bag. She puts it on, the same way she did when the skateboard was not attached, and went in. Immediately, she was assaulted by the smell of booze, the sound of loud music and horribly out of tune voices, and the feel of vibrations of lots of people dancing. She was surprised about all the energy, and for some reason, she liked that energy. But first things first: find A and then have some fun.

    For the next few minutes, she looked for the way upstairs, seeing as she didn't find A's trademark yellow T-shirt with an allosaur on it. But since she had a terrible sense of direction (even inside a three story house), and there were lots of people, it took a while to finally find the stairs. She arrived at the floor and found a lot of people, a lot more than downstairs. Which aggravated her because that means it'll take longer to find Agura. Fortunately for her, a friend of hers saw her before she saw him. That friend told Agura he saw Sura and so Agura called out.

    "Sura! Over here!"

    Sura turned to her left and indeed she found Agura, and someone else she didn't expect to see in the party, as she made her way over to her friends.

    "Fridge?! Is that you? What in the world are you doing here of all places?" she said when she finally reached her friends.

    Fridge, his real name being Tufuragun, smiled and chuckled, making his heavily built body shake from trying to contain a laugh.

    "True, I don't usually go to events like these, but you were going and I wanted to make sure you don't give people the wrong impression," he said, his deep voice matching his look completely.

    Solarines scoffed before crossing her arms. "Of course you come here because of that," she says in a somewhat offended tone, even though she was really happy to see.

    She kept up that pose and expression until suddenly someone shouted, “Ladies and gentlemen!” That made her shift her expression into a curious one, and uncross her arms.

    “Let’s bring up the tempo and turn the lights way, way low!” And as Finn said, the lights were turned down very low.

    “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close! All of it! Just let it go!”

    That made Sura tense up.

    "Why am I not surprised?" Fridge commented.

    "That Finn, did he really have to remind me that Anlas is dead?" Agura said in an upset tone. But when he looked to Solarines, his face showed surprise as he asked, "Uh... Are you actually blushing Sura?"

    Unfortunately for her, she didn't notice she really was blushing, making her panic for a moment before she continued her usual exoression.

    "No. You're probably seein' things A. It is dark after all," she answered, thankfully for convincingly as her blush went away.

    Agura shrugged while Fridge looked to her with a somber expression.

    Get a hold of yourself Sura! You don't want Fridge to find out... she thought to herself. "I'm gonna go uh...look around. I wanna see what's the place like."
  8. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Vallane Hy∂d (Vin)
    The party, Belle estate
    Friday Evening

    Vin was jogging along a road. She had wanted to clear her head so she had gone running in the city. While around she had heard talk off a party at the Belle estate. Although she usually loathed such parties but, she hoped getting drunk would clear her mind and possibly let her enjoy a few days. The dreams had been haunting, evil. She was wearing her us all running shorts and tee-shirt. Over her back was slung a pack with a change of clothes and a few other items that she had thought would come in handy if she were stuck in the city overnight. Vin walked up a set of stairs then opened the door and slipped inside.

    The room was dark and smelled of booze. She wandered around. Most of the teenagers at the party looked older than her so she headed over to refreshments. Wow real refreshing she thought. On the table was an assortment of chips and alcohol. She grabbed a bottle of something and headed toward an area of the house that was less crowded. The music stopped and Vin looked over at the Dj. Thats Finn she thought, although she didn't know how she knew the name. FInn said something along the lines of “Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” The lights og dimmer and the music started up again. All around Her couples started dancing. SHe noticed a pair of guys kissing in one side of the room.Taking a swig from her bottle VIn made her way to a door she had seen in the back of the room. This stuff burns my throat Vin thought setting her bottle down next to the wall. Slightly revolted, Vin walked out a door in the back.

    The scene that greeted her was slightly surprising. Some kids were playing in the pool reciting lines from Pirates of the Caribbean. They were obviously drunk. She took her bag off and tossed it under a stone bench. She ran off into the pool jumping in. The water was refreshing. She dove down and resurfaced feeling better. This is great.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  9. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Kradle High Female Dormitories
    Friday Evening

    The dormitories were surprisingly quiet for a Friday evening, completely lacking in the noise that one would expect of the gaggle of teenagers that resided within the building. Gone were the sounds of chit-chattering and pop music, for all the students had left for the Belle-Rosendahl estate to participate in the grand party that the (temporary) man of the house, Finlay Belle-Rosendahl, was hosting. Well, nearly every student was absent; there was still one girl present within the dorms, one who had decided against going to the party. Naomi liked socialising with people, but she was not exactly someone who found such large gatherings exciting (especially as she could not dance, something that contributed to her aversion to parties), and there was quite a bit of work she needed to complete. Attending the party would use up the time she wished to allocate to her duties.

    She had also fallen completely asleep on her desk, so that was a bit of an obstacle to any attempts at leaving the dorm. Her lack of sleep over the last week (brought about by the constant nightmares and her tendency to work late into the night) had taken a great toll, and her body had taken the first opportunity it found to shut down, even if Naomi wanted to finish up some things. It was fortunate, however, that the strange dreams that plagued her had yet to appear.

    The student council member would instead have her sleep interrupted by the ringing of her phone.

    Naomi groggily shuffled her arm along her desk, accidentally knocking a few papers onto the ground in her attempt at reaching the communications device. In her exhausted state, it was difficult to grab onto her phone properly, but soon enough she found herself holding it to her ear, thumb having pressed the answering button in the process.

    "This is Naomi speaking," she managed to yawn out.

    The voice on the other end was immediately recognisable as Finlay's, and the teenage girl soon realised the exact purpose of the call - after all, she and her fellow student council member were not incredibly close, so it could only be the party that would lead to such a conversation ensuing.

    "The party? I'm um, a bit busy right now."

    She wasn't, of course, but it was the only excuse she could stammer out while half-asleep.

    "There is work that its ne-necessary to complete, and I- what do you mean I sound like I need a break?"

    Pushing away some hair that had dropped over her eyes, Naomi straightened up, more awake than she had been previously.

    "I am sure my presence," she began, tapping her left hand against the table, "is not absolutely required at your party."

    A few seconds passed. The student councilwoman frowned as she continued to listen to her classmate on the phone. Finally, she sighed in a tone that was partly exasperation and partly defeat.

    "If you really want me to come, then I'll consider it. No promises, however."

    That was the best she could offer, but it appeared as if Finlay was satisfied, for the call ended immediately. Slouching over onto her table once more, Naomi wondered if she really wanted to go. She was tired, and she had some work, but ... it wouldn't hurt if she went, would it? Even if she were to stand awkwardly around the punch bowl or something similar, a change of scenery would be good for her. Going to a party didn't mean she had to expend a lot of energy, either.

    Outwardly, she appeared to be debating her choice, but in the end, her mind had already been made up.

    "What clothes should I wear?" she muttered to herself. She'd gotten around an hour's nap - going would be fine, right?
  10. SilvanHaven

    SilvanHaven Member

    Justin Harken
    Harken's Happy Housing
    Friday Evening

    Nightmares really sucked.

    Sure they were annoying or bone chillingly terrifying while one was in them and on the rare occasion that one was remembered. In the case of early risers and athletes like Justin the lack of of sleep they brought could have unpleasant side effects.

    The seventeen year old teenager coughed into his hand. It was part of the remnant of a small cold that had kept him home from school that day. His early morning jog had put too much strain on his still tired body and by the time Justin had returned home he was feeling ill enough to get Harken to call his homeroom teacher and inform them that he was staying home.

    With a groan, he flopped down on to his couched and leaned back, his arms spread opposite each other on the backrest. The seventeen year old was bored. The homework was all done, he was even ahead in a few cases. somehow there was nothing interesting on TV, even with three hundred channels. He was up to date on all the shows he followed so there was no point in going online and watching them. He lived alone so its not like there was anybody he could hang out with.

    Well, there were a few students from his school living in the building. If Justin remembered correctly Claud was home around this time. Raising from the couch he went to get his shoes on, mulling over his most recent nightmare. Some really strange version of the town where the sky was colored all off shades and the streets were filled with some sort of hostile shadow being. One of them had even managed to get their strange appendages on him last time. The shock of whatever happened next seemed to have woken him up. It was the reason Justin had decided to go jogging earlier than normal, something like that was rather unpleasant to wake up from.

    Pulling the last lace tight he stood up and walked out the door, making his way down from his top floor apartment to where his tenant/schoolmate lived. Now that he thought about it, Claud may have been in that last dream. Not exactly all that unusual, considering that he saw the other student fairly often due to them living in the same apartment complex.

    Casting the dreary thoughts from his mind, Justin stopped in front the other teenager's door and knocked.


    And knocked again.


    "Hey Claud, don't tell me that your feeling under the weather are you?"
  11. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Outside of the Belle-Rosendahl Estate
    Friday Evening

    Standing at the gates to the Belle-Rosendahl Estate, Naomi wondered for the fifteenth time (she had been counting) why exactly she had even come. She was not averse to mingling with her fellow students, but she was not exactly close to any of them even after all these years. It was ... difficult establishing a proper friendship with the girl, especially when taking into regard her natural intensity and other eccentricities. Why had she taken some time out of her schedule to attend a party with people she considered good acquaintances at best? Finlay had persuaded her into "trying something new for once", but she still held misgivings. Even if it could provide her with opportunities to bond with her classmates, would she come to regret whatever laid in store for her? She shivered as the cold night breeze rushed over her, wrapping her light-brown coat further around her body. No matter what she was thinking, the truth was that she had come, and she really did not want to spend so much time in the freezing dark.

    "I have a feeling I am going to regret this," she muttered under her breath, striding through the gates.

    As the student councilwoman traversed the front garden of her classmate's house, making sure not to stumble over any garden gnomes or whatnot, the noise of the party became more and more distinct. Music wafted from the building, and Naomi could see bright lights emanating from the windows. While she had never been an avid party-goer, such hustle and bustle was not exactly new to her; as a proud supporter (number one in Sunlive Town, thank you very much) of the Epohon Eagles Hockey Team, she had watched many of their games at the local stadium, where there were bright lights and cheering onlookers galore. She disliked noisy situations during working periods, but at times of leisure she could definitely understand how they were brought about.

    Though upon entering the house, her first thoughts were about how ridiculously loud it was.

    Her second thoughts were about how in the name of Jesus did the place turn into a nightclub.
  12. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Martin Taylor
    The Party, Outside Pool, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPers: Vallane (Crash & Charm)

    Once Martin came out with his green and blue swim trunks on, he joined the rest of the people around the pool who were interested in this Pirates of the Caribbean game Ben had been talking about earlier. He figured he must have had one beer too many by now, and it seemed like a few of the others had enough liquor to get in them in the mood for doing something oddball, which was totally fine by Martin, except that he had no clue what he was doing. It was a familiar feeling.

    Meanwhile, the music coming from inside the house could easily be heard outside, especially the bass from the large subwoofers. The pool was probably one of the few areas where people could actually speak to each other coherently. Everything was illuminated by the outdoor lights, as it was already late at night.

    "So, uh... how exactly does this game work, Ben?" Martin asked Ben, really wondering if anyone had even played this before.

    Martin knew Ben could make up a stupid game out of anything, especially after several drinks. He also knew Pirates of the Caribbean was his favorite series of movies, so he wasn't surprised at this idea.

    "Easy," Ben told everyone else in the water with a plastered, stupid smile, pointing to three rowboats on the other side of the pool. "See those three rowboats? One team will be the pirates and they need to get their rowboats to the other side of the pool. If they do it successfully, they get the rum and cokes."

    "Uh huh," Vincent, a Junior student with short blonde hair replied, wondering where this was going. He had taken a bottle of Stoutmaster with him in the pool, likely the fourth or fifth drink he had that night.

    "The other team are the mermaids, who will try to turn over the pirate boats before they reach the other side," Ben continued, explaining the rules of the game. "You saw the fourth movie, right? Stranger Tides? Anyway, the pirates have foam swords to whack the mermaids with, while whoever is on the mermaid team gets to wear one of these silicone mermaid tails."

    "Seriously?" Laura, a young, snippy Sophomore student with brunette hair replied. "Aren't those expensive?"

    But then again, Martin figured money was no issue at Finn's house. Either way, it did sound like a stupid, fun game they could try. They could be laughing about it for months if they managed to remember it happened in the first place.

    "Wut are teh teams?" Ryan, a drunk, black-haired Junior from the basketball team, had asked.

    "Let's make it easy," Ben replied. "Sophomores and Juniors are pirates, Freshmen and Seniors are mermaids. Evens it out, you know? Also, if you're a pirate and you end up in the water, you're dead. No rum for you, ha, ha!"

    Martin shrugged. Some of the seniors were disgruntled about the idea of working with the Freshmen, but it obviously wasn't a game to be taken seriously anyway.
  13. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    Senior’s Homeroom
    Friday after School

    After the bell rang, there was some roaring about some party that Finlay was holding. Jamie wasn’t interested especially after seeing some if the people who were going in her class. It just felt like trouble would follow and she didn’t want any of that. Without socialize with anyone the short-haired blonde, got up. She put on and adjusted her baseball cap and walked for the room’s exit. She suddenly stopped glance back at the group of them… something seem be nagging in the back of her mind but she couldn’t put her finger on what… Just shrugging it off Jamie turned finally took her leave… with no other hesitations.

    Girl’s Dorm
    Later that Evening

    Jamie did go out to the park, shoots baskets and headed back before it had gotten too dark. By the time she returned to her room, her roommate had made her exit thankfully. Using this opportunity to do the work she neglected to finish and study, she sat right at her desk. It was definitely from the lack of sleep… her head was pounding which was still making it hard to concentrate…

    “Get over it, Jamie…” her light blue-eyes glared at the work in front of her as she grumbled to herself, “You got to work through this…” With that hint of determination she fought the pain and the fatigue even if it wasn’t at the pace that she wanted. She didn’t care how much her body was against her, she couldn’t let her grades drop. Especially after the disappointment of not becoming student council president, losing to some guy… at least he was a somewhat highbrow guy or her pride would really be hurt. Refusing to play second fiddle, she didn’t accept any other positions in the student council. There was still bitterness from that lost; she could almost hear the words of her father saying: ‘Of course he won, you think a woman has what it takes to be president!’

    Jamie was getting angry all by herself thinking about that, she raked her fingers through her straight blonde hair. She was scowling intensely. She had to work harder than anyone else; she had to be better than everyone else, better than any man that stood in her path. There was no way she was going to let her being a female, run her life’s choices.
  14. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Jannike Mortensen
    Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    Janna unscrewed the cap of her second bottle of Everclear, and tipped half its contents into a large bowl filled with sparkling berry punch. She had already spiked three other bowls, two with Everclear and one with Bacardi 151. For her, a party was no party without certain things, especially its share of less-than-conventional drinks. She still had some bottles, which she left standing alongside the other drinks Finn brought out, and fully intended to enjoy herself, free from the probing eyes of school officials on her back. Half an hour had passed since she arrived at the sprawling mansion and parked her MV Agusta right in front of it. She had not bothered to change after coming back, as she wasn't one to fuss too much about her appearance, and absolutely disliked the idea of wearing a formal dress. Some, however, did just that, and she found herself laughing at them. Noticing three people with their backs turned, three glasses of punch directly behind each of them, Janna held out her bottle and topped off their half-finished drinks with Everclear, emptying it.

    The blonde was having the time of her life. Opportunities like this didn't come by very often, and while she did want to throw a party at her place and wasn't forbidden to, that was not the major issue preventing her from doing so. She took the half-finished bottle of Scotch she had reserved and took another chug, feeling the warm rush down her throat. She wasn't one with low tolerance, and she held her stuff well, though of course, she knew exactly what kind of drunk she was. She might have been a drinker, but she wasn't stupid enough to allow herself over the edge for the night.

    "Hey J, another drink?" Rob, a junior with dark red hair asked, rubbing her shoulder twice as he held out his glass from behind her. Janna turned her head and smirked, before pouring a good amount of the golden-brown liquid into his glass. The sixteen-year-old was slightly intoxicated, judging from his mild slurring, but Janna wasn't one to be a moral guardian. Instead, she went on her way, pinching and slapping the boy's butt as she smirked, taking a freshman girl on the dance floor, spinning her and allowing her to drop down before catching her with her free arm and kissing her close to her lips. Caitlin, the younger girl, looked surprised, widening her eyes before getting up and trying to get away. The blonde merely laughed and held her grip. Surely, the girl was too innocent for her own good. Pressing the bottle on her lips, she tipped it over and whispered drink roughly. Caitlin took a swallow and made a face. An alcohol virgin?

    “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” Finn's voice roared, the microphone amplifying it further as the lights dimmed and the music quickened in tempo. The room was getting warmer, so Janna put down her bottle and unzipped her black leather vest, exposing her racy black bra, printed with small blood-red crosses. Some people had already walked out to the back, where the pool was. Janna followed them, unfazed by the looks she was getting around the room. Before she exited however, she spotted her classmate, who happened to also be the student council vice-president. Naomi was the extremely serious sort, the type of person Janna generally had issues with. Straightlaced and lawful, Nao was a model student all-around, and often was on Janna's case as well, as the former had already been on the student council while Danny was still the president. Still, Janna knew that even people like her were bound to have darker, wilder sides as well. Perhaps a drink was the key to finding out. Taking a glass, she ladled spiked berry punch into it and approached the dark-haired girl, who had decided to still wear her businesslike attire at the party.

    "Damn girl, stop staring and start living!" She said as she slapped the brunette hard on the back and handed her the drink, winking as she continued on. Once she was outside, she was hit by the cool, night air typical of late summer or early fall. She let her vest down and tossed it near the edge of the pool, where a game seemed to be taking place.

    "See those three rowboats? One team will be the pirates and they need to get their rowboats to the other side of the pool. If they do it successfully, they get the rum and cokes." Ben, a guy she knew, stated as he pointed at rowboats at one end of the pool, before continuing his explanation. "The other team are the mermaids, who will try to turn over the pirate boats before they reach the other side," Ben continued, explaining the rules of the game. "You saw the fourth movie, right? Stranger Tides? Anyway, the pirates have foam swords to whack the mermaids with, while whoever is on the mermaid team gets to wear one of these silicone mermaid tails." Mermaid tails? Janna murmured, before spotting what the senior was talking about. There seriously were mermaid tails next to the pool, and Janna knew that she wasn't seeing them because she was getting drunk.

    "Wut are teh teams?" A dark-haired junior asked. Ben replied that freshmen and seniors were to stay in the water as mermaids and sophomores and juniors were to get on the boats as pirates. Janna immediately liked the idea of getting into the water and pushing people off boats. Perhaps she could add her own twist and strip some of the louder, whinier ones as well. Eagerly, she unbuckled her belt and boots, then stripped off the rest of her clothes and set them down by the poolside, leaving herself only in her bra and and its matching black thong. She wasted no time in jumping into the water, making a large splash before she surfaced.

    "Let's get this damn thing going, I'm totally in, man!" She shouted, pumping her fist. Unknown to her, the keys to her MV Agusta, with its black, red-eyed wolf keychain, had slipped out of the pocket of her shorts and fell into the pool as she cannonballed herself in.
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  15. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

    Claud Hamilton
    3H Apartment Complex
    Friday Evening

    Resting against the wall, Claud had slowly dozed off, his eyes gradually closing to his fatigue. By now his body was slumped down in the corner of the room, and his mind was alone in a dream. There was shadows surrounding the boy, it was another one of the many nightmares he had been having. At every turn and corner strange creatures pursued, but try as he might he could not distinguish the appearance of the different creatures. For know all the boy knew how to do was run, and so that's what he did, trying his hardest to escape the many creatures that gave chase after him.


    The sudden noise caused Claud to stumble, and he hastily looked around to see where the noise was coming from. However the more he looked around, the more it looked like things were fading away. The shadows were slinking back, the buildings were disappearing.


    Claud's eyes flared open, he was back in the real world, and his mind quickly realized that there was someone knocking on his door. Yawning, Claud grabbed a towel wipe off a bit of his sweat. He was unsure whether the sweat had come from his nightmare or from his workout. Perhaps a little bit of both, the boy did not care, nor did he want to distinguish one way or another. Letting the towel drape over his shoulders, Claud began making his way towards the door. Already he could hear the visitor questioning whether he was feeling alright, his mind was too tired to catch onto the pun.

    Opening the door, Claud took note of his visitor. It was his classmate and tenant, if he remembered correctly the boy's name was Joseph. "I can assure you I am not sick, now how may I help you Joseph?"
  16. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    Alex Cyrin
    Friday Afternoon

    Naomi didn't seem to have much of a reaction. At least, not the kind he was looking for. It was unexpected, and he questioned if she even registered the notebook. Results: Inconclusive. He shrugged it off and walked away.

    Finn's Party
    Friday Evening

    Alex walked into the party just in time to catch Janna spiking the punch with a bottle of Everclear. Bemused, and sufficiently aware of his alcoholic tolerance, he immediately headed over, pouring himself a cup. His expression gave nothing away, though he turned his head toward Janna, with regular coldness, before walking off to explore the party. He wasn't acquaintanced with her, but it was hard for anyone not to have heard of her infamy. He took a light sip of the punch. Unwilling to let himself lose sobriety, he'd done some experimentation with drinks so that he'd never find himself in a compromising situation. Along the way, he may have found himself to be the kind to enjoy some light drinking. It helped his anxiety, for one thing. Loosely sloshing the cup, he figured he'd poured too much for himself and would have to rid himself of it before emptying it.

    He watched the grinders-er, dancers- on the second floor for a little bit before moving onwards in his exploration, finding a room of strip poker players. Raising an eyebrow, he leaned against the wall by the door, watching the game. The girls were doing surprisingly well, he mused, eyes fixed on a couple guys sidelined by their inability to...contribute to the pot, shall we say? He silently thanked Janie Whitacre, taking a long sip. One of the girls gestured to him, and he glared at her, before exiting.

    Just then, Finn's little announcement blared and the lights dimmed. Alex smirked a bit into the dark, both at the mania and sheer cliché teenage-ness of Finn's charisma, and the dark itself. He was quite comfortable with it, having chosen to wear midnight blue shirt and shorts, with adjoining black shoes. He liked blending into his surroundings, it made him less part-of-the-crowd.

    Soon enough, he wandered upon two guys making out. He blinked. They looked pretty...involved in their actions. He edged closer, silently, fueled by the safety of the dark and light intoxication. Fancy clothes. Pale skin and hair. He recognized one of them, if not by name then by appearance, though the other was too dark, and too blocked by the former. He took a gulp of punch, before quickly leaving the situation, eyes admittedly glued to the two as he wandered off. He looked down at his surprisingly light cup. That...was a bigger sip than intended. He found a surface to abandon it on, shaking his head and going off in search of water.
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadenza 'Cadence' Mia Amoré
    Cadence's Room > The Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    After spending the majority of the afternoon getting ready, and picking out an outfit to wear. She had a bunch of different ones to choose from, but eventually settled on a cream colored dress with blue accents, as well as a matching blue blazer over it. She accessorized with a bunch of purple things like her dangling earrings, a headband made of roses that were white and varying shades of purple, and bracelet on her left wrist. The fancy shoes on her feet were also purple, as well as the purse she carried. Her chosen outfit wasn't ridiculously formal, because she knew this wasn't going to be that type of party, but she thought it looked nice. She liked the entire process of picking out an outfit, and getting groomed for an event. Unfortunately, she liked it too much, because by the time she was ready to go, it was nearly time for the party to start. "Heh, I guess this is what they mean by being 'fashionably late'?" She giggled to herself as she went out the door.

    By the time Cadence arrived in her purple maserati, and parked it, the party was already in full swing. The first thing she did was take a bottle of water from a nearby cooler. The girl enjoyed a glass of wine as much as anybody, but she knew the laws were different in this country. While she never understood why the drinking age was twenty-one in America while it was eighteen nearly everywhere else, she still respected it all the same. Not to mention she had to drive home... Cadence frowned and sighed a little remembering that Valentino had perished in an accident with a drunk driver. She wasn't about to incur the same fate on someone else. She shook the thought out of her head as she took a sip from the water bottle, and went off to the room where the dance floor was.

    As Cadence was about to get on the floor, and start enjoying herself, someone else caught her attention. It was a boy sitting in the corner of the room by himself. He was tall, had dark hair, and clear blue eyes that were obscured by a thick pair of glasses. He was nerdy in the Hollywood sense, meaning that putting on a pair of glasses on an otherwise attractive person somehow made him a nerd. He'd be popular with the girls if he just had a little more self-confidence. Cadence approached him, and started talking. "Buonasera Dex! I wasn't expecting to see you here! What are you doing all the way back here?"

    "Oh... hey Cadence..." Dexter said with a sigh. "I didn't expect to be here either... My stupid roommate dragged me here... I don't know why. Probably to brag about all the girls he's able to dance with... Like always..."

    "Well, I know one girl who's still available!" She smiled and pointed to another girl that was sitting by herself in a different corner of the room. She wore a black and purple lolita style dress, with lots of bows and ruffles. The girl had an offbeat sense of style, and her hair was a different color every week. Today it was black with several purple streaks mixed in. But in spite of her manner of dress, she was just as shy as Dexter was when it came to talking to boys. It didn't help that most guys seemed to be intimidated by her for whatever reason. Cadence knew very well that these two could be great together, if they only spoke. "You should talk to her!"

    Dexter suddenly turned a bright shade of red. "Oh... um... I don't know... I don't think Rachel will talk to me..."

    "Oh come on, I know you like her! I see you staring at her in class everyday. There's no need to hide it! Ask her to dance! What have you got to lose?"


    Cadence nudged his side. "Do it! She probably likes you too. Don't worry, I'll be right here watching if anything goes wrong!"

    "Um... I guess... It... couldn't hurt..." The boy slowly and shyly approached the darkly dressed girl. After a few minutes of conversation, the girl's face lit up, and two happily ran on to the dancefloor together, and started moving to the rhythm.

    Cadence smirked and winked at the couple. She always enjoyed bringing people together like this. "That's Amore!"

    Suddenly, Finn's voice came over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen!! Let’s bring up the tempo and turn the lights way, way low!” He shouted as the lights dimmed in the room. The music also got more upbeat. “No shame, no fear, no regrets! To hell with it! No one can see you laugh or cry! Confess to your loves and hold ‘em close!” All of the couples on the dancefloor started pulling each other close, and started dancing. A few of them even started kissing.

    Cadence sat on the floor, and sighed. "How am I supposed to do that when he isn't even alive to hold right now? I wasn't even around to say goodbye..." Normally, the girl loved romantic moments like this. Valentino and her used to dance together all the time. Now that he was gone, seeing all these people being lovey-dovey with each other only reminded her that he was gone, and he was never coming back. Her eyes started welling up. "I miss you so much..." She buried her hands in her face, and cried softly.

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  18. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Kendall Tagg
    Professor Hurst, Senior Home Room
    Friday, Shortly before school ends.

    Kendall was ignoring the professor and trying to finish as much homework as he could during the last few minutes of class. He still had some work, but was almost done and wanted as little work clogging up his weekend as possible. It also helped him forget that nightmare that had been haunting him for the last few days. Finally, after a few minutes of working, the school bell rang and Kendall started packing up. Once he had all of his things packed up, he started leaving the school.

    In the hall, a shorter blonde boy came up to him, grinning. "Hey, man, guess what?" The boy said to Kendall.

    "I'm not going on another double date you set up," Kendall replied flatly.

    "No, even better!" The other student said with a laugh. "Although, that does remind me...eh, forget it for now. There's a party tonight, and we are going!"

    "No, we aren't," Kendall said, his friend's attitude falling. "The last time you invited me to a party, I had to drive your cousin and three of his drunk friends home. I'm not going to another one."

    Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    Inexplicably, Kendall found himself at the party. The lights were low and the music was loud. He was holding a bottle of soda-it was one of his parent's few rules about parties: No drugs, no sex, and no drinking anything there because it might be spiked-and standing around bored. His friend, Alan, was trying to talk to some woman who was clearly ignoring him. Kendall had met Alan because they were both swimmers, but the two had little in common personality-wise. There was a pool, and a pretty big one at that, which would usually interest Kendall. But he hadn't brought swimming trunks and it would probably be filled with drunk teens by this point.

    "Hey, man, I think I almost got lucky there," Alan said, finally coming back from talking to the girl. He had a red mark on his cheek that was noticeable even in the low light.

    "Of course you were," Kendall said. "How did you convince me to come here again? This kids in my homeroom, I think, but I barely know him. How'd you even get invited to this party?"

    "Invited?" Alan looked at him oddly for a second. "Oh, wait, girl at nine o'clock." He proceeded to walk off in a random direction that probably wasn't nine o'clock.
  19. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Martin Taylor
    The Party, Outside Pool, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPers: Vallane (Crash & Charm), Jannike (Jean Grey)

    Once the teams were divided, the sophomores and juniors slightly outnumbered the number of freshmen and seniors, but it seemed to be a pretty even match. After all, they only had three boats, so the number of members they had on their side didn't matter too much.

    "Let's get this damn thing going, I'm totally in, man!" Jannike shouted out with her fist pumping.

    "Bwah ha ha!" Vincent laughed, taking one of the foam swords as he pointed toward one of the boats. "I'm gonna beat you freshmen like a red-haired bitch!"

    In the meantime, Martin joined the other seniors and freshmen that were picking out silicone mermaid tails. He picked out one with blue scales and a large monofin, sat on the edge of the pool, and had a bit of a struggle to put on, but eventually he got it. It did feel a bit tight around his thighs and ankles, but it did make him look and feel like an honest to goodness merman. But, he couldn't help but admit that having a fish tail replace his legs did feel a little funky.

    "Quick, someone take a picture of Janna as a drunk mermaid!" Christa, a blond-haired Junior shouted. "And upload that to Facebook!"

    "Hey, I'm still underage, you know!" Janna laughed as she lightly slapped her green mermaid fin on the surface of the pool water while tossing her half-finished bottle of beer in a bush to hide it. "My dad would kill me if he found out!"

    Shortly after, while the freshmen and seniors were picking out a silicone tail to put on, the sophomores and juniors got into the three boats and grabbed their foam swords, some of which were just pool noodles when they ran out of swords to give everyone.

    Some of the people that weren't taking part were taking pictures. Martin just casually laughed, knowing he was probably going to end up in a Facebook album dressed as a merman, but he couldn't care less. He hadn't even had one drink yet, so among his fellow intoxicated merfolk teammates, he could be an MVP here.

    Once it seemed like everyone was ready, Ben, standing in the central boat, started the game.

    "Okay, begin!" He shouted, pointing with one hand and holding a bottle of beer in the other.
  20. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    The Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPer(s): "Cadence" (Monster Guy)

    A few seconds after she said that she would be looking around, she left Agura and Tufuragun to do what they please. But she could still feel Fridge's gaze on the back of her head. She knows why he's looking at her: to make sure she stays out of trouble. She usually wouldn't mind that stare of his if it weren't for what Finn said about "confessing your love for your crush", which made her feel awkward standing beside him, let alone talking to him, because she has a crush on him. That was the main reason she left the two.

    She had tried to go to the first floor, or even the third floor, she didn't really care, the only thing that mattered was that she was away from Fridge. But, much to her disdain and annoyance, her bad sense of direction was still there so she couldn't find the stairs she used to get to the second floor or the stairs to the third floor. Add in the fact that many people were still dancing, smooching (much to her chargin), and falling from drinking too much booze or wine, it made it all the more challenging to find the stairs.

    Usually, she would jut keep trying and trying and trying, again and again and again. But she didn't feel like doing her usual, despite the ffact the party is making all the more energetic, so instead she just found somewhere to sit down--more specifically a bench, which was weird for Solarines, but she wasn't complaining--and just stayed there, observing the party as it went along. She would have continued to stay in that area if she hadn't heard someone say: "I miss you so much..." before she heard sobbing.

    She knew it wasn't directed at her (after a few seconds though), but she still looked in the direction of the one who was crying. It was a blonde haired girl, and from the looks of her clothing--which comprised of a skirt, a long sleeved vest(?) and a T-shirt--and her bag--which was a purple handbag with what appeared to be a golden strap--crying into her hands. Although she was suspicious that she might be doing what she was doing to trick her, she couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her.

    And so she stood up, made her way to the girl, tapped very lightly on the girl's shoulder and asked, "Hey, are you okay?"

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