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Persona- Drifting Into Darkness

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by InnerFlame, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Belle-Rosendahl Estate
    Friday Evening

    The force behind the slap nearly sent Naomi tumbling forward a few steps, mostly on the virtue that she was a short girl of only five foot three and her aggressor had been a six foot amazonian titty monster far larger person than she. Even so, she quickly regained her composure, straightened up and was about to berate Janna for the sudden action when a drink was forcibly shoved into her hands. That was not something she had expected. Nor could she address the issue of why she was now holding a glass of punch, for all she could see when she looked up again was her older classmate's retreating back. It would have been simple to run after the other girl and demand an explanation, but there wasn't really any need - she already had the inklings of a possible reason.

    "That was rude," Naomi muttered, turning her gaze away from Janna and towards the door. "Not that I expected anything better from you."

    It was not a surprise that there was no love lost between Naomi and her fellow student. As a member of the student council under the previous president (whose name she had somehow forgotten), she was witness to the debacle in the schoolyard, and following the incident had been pushed into the task of running damage control for the council (her workload increased several times after her superior ditched school to avoid Janna). It wasn't something that had endeared her to the older girl, and the constant attempts at getting her to "loosen up" were not exactly helping matters. She was perfectly fine with her life, thank you very much.

    A gust of wind reminded Naomi that she was standing outside in the dark. While a white dress shirt, black trousers and a brown jacket were a lot better at resisting the elements than a dress or the like, it was still freezing. If she didn't want to catch a cold, she would have to actually enter the den of iniquity. With a sigh, the teenager strolled in, ignoring the loud music that echoed off the walls. It was a lot wilder than she had expected.

    Glass of punch in hand, she came to one conclusion.

    "I have no idea what to do."
  2. IC:

    Adam Reid
    Friday Night

    "For one? I wouldn't drink that." The amused comment resonated from Naomi's right, and when she turned to look, Adam raised a hand in greeting. The teenager hadn't changed very much for the party, simply exchanged his school clothes for a black t-shirt and jeans. In his right hand was a root beer that he was reasonably sure wasn't spiked with alcohol, and his left was slipped into his pocket as he observed the party around him. He wasn't too put off by what he saw. Most of the parties he'd attended had been similar, though normally the alcohol wasn't quite as expensive. With this level of quality, he might even have indulged in a minute quantity. However, athletics were starting and he needed to perform exceedingly well. Not just in the game, but out of it, too. He had a lot riding on them this year.

    It's a party, He reminded himself. It's for relaxing, not thinking more.

    "I don't know about tonight, but there's usually a very good chance that someone's put something or other in the punch. Tried it once, sophomore year. Had a headache the next morning like you wouldn't believe." The athlete chuckled at the memory, remembering the party that had led up to that morning. A good one, all things considered, though it had taught him the very advice he was passing on. "Other than that... Mingle. Finn's around here somewhere. Actually, if you can think of a classmate, there's a good chance they're here. A little surprised you are, though. Thought you weren't coming?"
  3. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Finlay Belle-Rosendahl
    The Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening

    "Have you ever kissed another guy?"

    Finn cocked his head to the side, a glimmer of mischief on his features. "Ooh, there’s a story. So in eighth grade, I swept a friend of mine off his feet and kissed him… on stage at a school dance in front of absolutely everyone."

    The others tittered, more than a few eyebrows rising incredulously. "Why?" someone asked, to general assent.

    "Eh, I dunno. I'd never kissed a guy before, and that seemed like the best time for some reason. The theme was something crazy... I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about. Boys and girls aren’t actually that different, I suppose, but how could you know without trying?" Finn laughed. "There were a lot of very offended parents, though. People were talking about that for a long while!" A more serious look came over Finn as he fixed his gaze on the person to his right. "Oho, but now it’s my turn, isn’t it? Hey Joey, truth or dare?"

    "Dare," the other boy replied confidently.

    Finn glanced around the room for ideas, his eyes eventually coming to a rest on the window. Below, there seemed to be something of a game going on in the pool. "The pool is pretty close to the window here…" he mused.

    Joey blanched. "Yo, are you serious?"

    Finn ran a couple of numbers in his head. The window was definitely less than 15 meters high, and the pool was at least 5 meters deep, considering the deep end was closer to the window. It didn’t quite fall under Olympic regulations, but it wouldn't hurt anyone leaping in, as long as they didn't miss the pool. The solution to that at least seemed fairly simple: don't miss. "It’s deep enough that you won’t get hurt. C’mon, are you going to let gravity win?"

    "I don’t know, man. I can’t get injured now, the season’s coming and…"

    "Take a shot then, boss. No, wait," Finn hefted the window open, looking down at the water below. It did indeed seem dangerously high. "Actually, I’ll go. I’ve never jumped out of my own house before, and now seems like a perfect time to start, don’t ya think?"

    Finn climbed up into the windowsill, a youthful, grinning gargoyle, looking down at the pool. A laugh bubbled up in his throat as he shouted to the swimmers below, "Oi! Watch your heads!" With that, he propelled himself out into the night. For a moment, he felt as if he was flying through the air. "Yeah!" he crowed exultantly before he plunged downward, crashing feet-first into the deep, dark water. The boy sank in a moment, his feet brushing against the bottom. Blind and out of breath, he kicked off the bottom of the pool for the surface.

    With a gasp, Finn broke the surface of water just in time to spot another dark figure leaping from the house. The shadow crashed into the pool beside Finn, sending a swell of water over his head. Finn dragged himself to the surface with a wild grin. "Yeah! I knew you could do it!" Lead by example, they said. There were few better ways of spurring people to action.

    The boy spat muffled curses and water in mixed proportion, splashing clumsily toward the edge of the pool. "Dammit Finn, you crazy son of a-"

    Finn just chuckled in response, hefting himself out of the pool. Even as he did so, another figure leapt from the window above. "Oh, looks like I started something," he remarked cheerily. Turning to the boaters on the pool, he said, "Sorry! Try to avoid the projectiles, will ya? Oh, and someone make sure no one drowns themselves please."

    Still sopping wet, half-dressed and whistling all the way, Finn wandered toward the nearest restroom for a towel when he saw the student council vice-president standing awkwardly in the foyer alongside one - ah, his name was - Adam Reid, dressed as if for a business formal He couldn't imagine Naomi was the type to go to many parties, though Adam was a good humored sort, Finn knew. "Welcome you two!" he called, not at all self-conscious. "I'll show you guys around if you like. It's not all drunken debauchery; you could check in on karaoke, or cards - maybe not cards, actually - or they've got something crazy happening at the pool."

    "Oh," Finn continued, spotting the glass in Naomi's hand. "The orange punch is spiked. Also the red punch. And... well, all the punch. Thorough as always, our Janna. There're sealed cans and bottles of soda and water in the kitchen, though I encourage a little indulgence." Finn smiled slightly. "There's something about drinking at a party like this with friends... I don't know if it would be the same if you're twenty-one." He shrugged. "Anyway, how about it? Let me show you the world, or are you good?
  4. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Robin Amarante
    Her Dorm
    Friday Evening

    Despite her original plans to go to the party, Robin had to admit that once she walked in the door the thoughts of herself maybe just spending her evening relaxing seemed much better. She had thrown her bag lazily into one of the corners of her room in the dorm, thankfully for her it was zipped up or all of it's contents would have spilt themselves carelessly onto her floor. She approached her radio and turned on some of her music, she felt like something haunting and atmospheric would really get her into the relaxing mood, and she had to admit, that was really just what she enjoyed the most.

    Despite Robin loving people's company, there were times when she just really wanted to be alone and left to her own thoughts, especially when she had more important things to attend to. Sleep was high on her mind right now, but she really didn't know if she was actually ready to go to sleep, especially with the thoughts of her recent night terrors dancing around idly in her mind.

    She huffed quietly, a small sigh leaving her lips as she took the bow out of her hair and walked towards her bathroom to wash the makeup off her face. Maybe she could text her old friend Ray, she hadn't exactly seen him in years, they had moved to different towns to aim for different goals. It had been difficult keeping in touch with him and although she wished she could, she always fell somewhat short of that mark. Besides, now that there was a noticeable time difference between them she never knew when he was awake or in bed.

    She sighed, falling back on her bed and let the music drown out her thoughts.
  5. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Belle-Rosendahl Estate
    Friday Evening

    With surprising skill and accuracy, Naomi threw the glass of punch away from her, its mass landing on a nearby table and barely skidding to a halt near the edge, the surface of its contents rippling slightly. Her fellow athlete (and Finlay as well) were, in her eyes, a tad more trustworthy than Janna, and she had absolutely no plans to descend into a intoxicated state like all the others students in the building. She was, after all, the niece of one of Sunlive's police officers, and she held a great respect for the law. Underage drinking was never her thing, and probably never would be for the next four years until her twenty-first birthday. Even then, she didn't exactly know if she would enjoy such alcoholic substances or not, but that was not the point. She had arrived at the party, avoided committing a crime, and had now been approached by two familiar faces.

    "Mr. Belle-Rosendahl," she said, gesturing to the recent arrival (speak of the Devil and he doth appear), "is a rather persuasive man."

    It was unlikely that she would do much, however; she was not someone used to such parties.

    "I am perfectly fine," Naomi continued, yawning slightly. She was still tired.
  6. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Streets of Sunlive Town
    Evening Time

    The time ticked on normally for all. The sky was clear and the moon a little greater than half gleamed down. The air was a little chill but nothing too bad and most people had gone home for the night. There was person who was still walking about on these dimly lit streets. He seemed to observe the area as he walked through very closely before rolling back his sleeve to look at a watch.

    “Just a few more minutes…” he said no louder than a whispered… he stopped and lean against a wall. As he waited he stared up at the sky, “I wonder what will happen this time? …I guess we’ll see.” From that line he remained where he was without another sound. There were no more sounds on that softly lit street…


    Jamie Austin Moore
    Girl’s Dorm
    Later in the Evening

    It had gotten late, in Jamie’s furious study session. Rubbing her eyes she looked to her digital clock… it wasn’t even that late yet. Just a little passed eleven. But she had been studying for a few hours now, and there was the lack of sleep. She just let out a sigh as she looked to her bed, she guess that she would try to go to bed again… maybe that nightmare would give her a break today. She gathered her things from her desk and neatly put it away. She stood from her chair and then suddenly winced…

    “Ouch…” the blonde muttered as she suddenly put her hand over the left side of her face. There was a small twinge like she had been suddenly pricked. That pain had come and gone, but now that same spot felt hot. It was uncomfortable hot but not quite painful. Jamie was confused about what was going on. She turned to the door of the bathroom but then… the room seemed to flicker. And the next thing Jamie knew she was suddenly standing on the street.

    In Town...?

    Shocked she glanced around, this was town but it was rather dark even for nighttime… And she didn’t know why but something else felt off… And why was Jamie even standing in the middle of the street? …She wasn’t alone either she realized. But what surprised her is that she clearly recognized these people, she was certain that almost everyone was in her homeroom… And some seem a bit woozy…?

    “What is going on here?” She asked to no one, as she looked around this scene seemed similar to… that nightmare been having. “Is this that dream…?” Jamie said that but it seemed too real and she could clearly think well… She gave herself a hard pinch and it hurt… which was only more confusing to her.

    Her eyes were suddenly drawn to a bright light shining from a distance. It was a tower she never seen before and the only thing attention attracting thing she could see. A guiding light, it seems…

    “Head toward the light…” Jamie blurted out as she remembered hearing that at the end of her last nightmare… Doing that was currently her best course of action, with her being a bit thrown off and not exactly sure where in the town she was… But would that be a wise choice to blindly go there?
  7. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPers: InnerFlame (Jamie Austin Moore)

    Pain. Overwhelming pain.

    Naomi suddenly keeled over, left hand rushing over to the source of her pain. It disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, but the sheer intensity of the short burst left her breath ragged. A stinging sensation still remained, but she knew somehow that nothing like the original feeling would return. She shuddered; even the mere thought of it induced in her emotions of fear and shock. Its existence, as quick as it was, had been seared into her mind. Her chest felt uncomfortably hot, and every step she took to push herself off the ground and onto her feet made her wince. Yet everything was slowly beginning to dial down - her breath slowed as it adjusted to a more comfortable rhythm, and her mind was no longer full of incoherent thoughts, returning to her the ability to think clearly.

    The surrounding environment was dark - excessively so, but even in her exhausted state the teenage girl recognised it to be a street (although not one she had traversed before). How she had gotten from a party to a random street was anybody's guess, so she filed the mystery into the back of her mind for greater perusal later. What she did know, however, was that there was a sense of familiarity about the place; it took her a little bit longer to realise, but it was evident that this was the location her recent dreams had occurred in.

    Everything hit her at once.

    Instinctively, she moved to grasp below her right breast, where the pain of her dreams (from that mysterious shadowy creature) and the pain she suffered mere moments prior had both originated from. Her situation (and those of her fellows, who she recognised as fellow students of Kradle High) was becoming clear now; she wagered that something had required their presence in a perfect recreation of her nightmares (or maybe even the nightmares of the others - she noticed that Cyrin, whose sketches she had glanced at tiredly earlier in the day and now recognised, was present, lending some credence to her hypothesis), which meant that it was likely that the creatures (which she instantly classified as dangers) could be roaming around nearby.

    It could have been so easy to dismiss her surroundings as a lucid dream, but the pain she felt was far too real for that.

    "Moore," Naomi said, addressing the recent speaker in a serious tone as she glanced around the area, "is this area familiar to you as well?"

    It had to be. She could barely remember the presence of the light, but it had been there. It was possible its calls could lure them into further danger, but she admitted they were the only source of information that could be provided in such a time. But it would not be safe to rush ahead. They needed to discuss what exactly was going on first.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
  8. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Finlay Belle-Rosendahl
    In… the Twilight Zone

    Finn winced as a sudden heat lanced across his brow. “More of a lightweight than I thought?” he murmured quietly, shaking his head. “I-“

    The world changed. There was no fading to black or slipping away. He remained fully conscious even as his noisy, ecstatic house was replaced by the blackness of the night. “I…” Finn repeated blankly, for once at a loss for words. It was as if he was dreaming, but it was clearer now than it had ever been. He could see the faces of the people around him clearly; Naomi and Adam were in fact still there, though now a certain distance away, as were many of his other classmates. In fact, he at least vaguely recognized every single one of them.

    Finn’s eyes flicked around, taking in his situation. He was currently located on a street, somewhere vaguely familiar but not quite concrete. It was reminiscent of the things he'd seen in his dreams. A beacon of light shone in the distance, illuminating what seemed to be a spire of some sort. The people in the area were all young; none older than high schoolers. He knew them; they were his classmates. Finn took in a deep breath. The data had been collected, and now to draw conclusions. A dream seemed unlikely; he hadn’t been drunk and he had noticed no loss of control in the interim... unless Janna had been more serious than he had thought and brought some sort of psychedelic drug. Besides, there was no point in assuming it was a dream. If it was a dream, nothing he did mattered, as he would simply wake up. If it was real, then being flippant because it might be a dream seemed the very height of foolishness. It was Pascal's Wager: assuming that the situation was real presented a gain and lacked any loss. His brain seemed to be functioning at its full capacity; he was capable of thinking things through, and he thought it was damn strange.

    But then again, there was nothing wrong with strange. In spite of himself, Finn felt a warm spark of excitement in his soul. This was something truly strange, and it was in such a field that the possibilities were endless. There was so much to discover! Surely, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had felt this way taking their first steps on the moon. Surely Grote Reber had felt this way mapping out the stars with the very first radio telescope, with this oh-so-wonderful blend of fear and excitement.

    “Head toward the light…” someone said, a girl standing a short distance away. She sounded somewhat confused, and who wouldn’t be? This wasn’t the sort of situation anyone could be comfortable in.

    “Hopefully we aren’t dead,” Finn remarked. He stood straighter, projecting his voice with cool iron – maybe more than he actually felt. “We’ve got no idea what’s going on, and the best thing to do in that case is be cautious... but I don’t think we can just wait around for rescue either. This doesn’t seem to be a regular sort of… kidnapping or something. I’ve… dreamed about something like this, crazy as that might sound. Whatever it is, keep close together and keep an eye out! If anyone spots anything, shout!”

    After all, this did seem far too similar to his dreams. And when the dreams came, so did the monsters. Finn turned toward the tower. “We should move. I don’t like just sitting around here in the open much; the darkness isn’t safe; that much we’ve known for tens of thousands of years. If anyone has any ideas, we can talk on the way. Maybe we’ll spot a better sort of shelter.” He began to stride forward purposefully, toward the tower in the distance. “The tower’s our only landmark. Maybe we’ll be able to get a vantage point, if not shelter.”

    Lead by example, they said. Lead by example.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
  9. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Enzio Daemon Augustine
    Friday evening
    Affected RP'ers: Niihyl, everyone else indirectly

    The party had more or less drifted in a fun direction after Janna boozed up the punch. (whoever serves punch at a teenage party anyways?). Alexander couldn't take it anymore, and Enzio had taken him upstair to an empty bedroom, and layed him down. After that, he had once again taken up his role as the quiet observer on the second floor near the dancefloor. It was closing in on midnight, and Enzio, despite more or less everything, was starting to get tired himself. He yawned in rapid succession at this point, and was deciding wether or not he should head home. There's no shame in leaving a party early if no one ever even saw you were there, right? Well, except for Alexander. Suddenly, he got worried of what he might find on social media of images from the event later. He shrugged it off, and went to get another glass of punch.

    Before he really knew anything of it, and without really understanding how this worked, Enzio now found himself... somewhere else. One thing was for certain, he was not at the house anymore. Its flickering colorful lights were swapped with a certain darkness he recognized from his dreams. At this point, he knew he was dreaming, but the dream was a lot more vivid this time than it had been before.There was a light in the distance, and heading towards it, Enzio saw a number of other people. He saw them with a lot more clarity than before, and recognized them as his classmates. Were they all dreaming too? Creepy! he thought.

    This was strange indeed, and it bothered Enzio. He didn't need this sort of complication in his life! He already had a huge complicity that went under the name of dad. “Head toward the light…” a girl said a few feet away. Enzio recognized her as a classmate, but her name escaped him at the moment. The light, eh? Were they dead or something? That would explain a whole lot, and why they had to go into a light. A light quite the distance away, it seemed by the looks of it.

    “Hopefully we aren’t dead,” He recognized Finn's voice. “We’ve got no idea what’s going on, and the best thing to do in that case is be cautious... but I don’t think we can just wait around for rescue either. This doesn’t seem to be a regular sort of… kidnapping or something. I’ve… dreamed about something like this, crazy as that might sound. Whatever it is, keep close together and keep an eye out! If anyone spots anything, shout!” he finished with his story, and Enzio was sure that they all experienced the same thing. At least he did. He had had these dreams for a while now, and if this was another one of them, they would soon be in company of the shadows.

    “We should move. I don’t like just sitting around here in the open much; the darkness isn’t safe; that much we’ve known for tens of thousands of years. If anyone has any ideas, we can talk on the way. Maybe we’ll spot a better sort of shelter.” Finn continued, strengthening Enzios suspicion about the shadows. They would arriwe; They always did. “The tower’s our only landmark. Maybe we’ll be able to get a vantage point, if not shelter.”

    Not really knowing what to do in this situation, Enzio walked over to Finn. "I support that idea, if this is anything like the regular nightmares I have, the shadows will arriwe fairly soon. There is safety in numbers, and seeing as the tower is our only lead, I vote for going there.". He then quietly stood next to Finn to await the others reactions.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
  10. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    The Party, Belle Estate --> Somewhere in Sunlive Town?
    Late Friday Evening
    Affected RPer(s): "Cadence" (Monster Guy) --> "Finn" (Niihyl), Enzio (Schade) and everyone (indirectly)

    The place where Solarines is right now is at the top of the roof of Finn's house. How she got here started with after Cadence answering her question, saying she was "caught up in the romance." It made her tense for a moment because it reminded her of Fridge, who she didn't want to know that she had a crush on him, before she began to doubt Cadence's answer. So she looked around and then she saw the drinks and, since she doesn't know the legal drinking age or the fact that the drink were spiked, she got two glasses, one for her and one for Cadence. She handed Cadence the glass, but Cadence didn't want to drink it.

    Solarines thought she didn't want to drink it because it might be poisoned. So she gulped the whole glass at once, that's when she got tipsy, although she didn't realize it because she's never drank alcohol. Cadence still wouldn't drink and since Solarines really wanted her to cheer up, she got another glass of what she thought was juice and gulped the entire glass too. That's when she got drunk and started doing stupid stuff. One thing led to another, from (unfortunately for her, even though she won't remember it) confessing that she liked Fridge to accidently pushing someone out of a window, she eventually decided to jump off the roof to the pool after seeing people jump from the window on the second floor to the pool.

    "All right! *hic!* I'm gonna-*hic!*-jump now!" she shouted slurrily.

    She was about to jump when someone grabbed her right hand. This jostled her and made her slip, which then someone--most likely the same person--grab her waist, making her not fall from the roof.

    "This is why I come along! Because I'm the only one who can grab and carry you!" Fridge shouted before slowly bringing her back to the roof.

    At that moment, she felt some pain on her right hand.

    "Fridge, you're holding my hand too tight..."

    "Well, apologies Sura, but I can't hold you lighter than that or you'll fall!"

    The pain got worse, which made her squirm in Fridge's grasp.

    "Fridge... It's startin' to hurt...!"

    "Wha-" was all she heard before she stumbled when his grip seemed to dissapear.

    She was in a kneeling position, clutching her right hand. She was breathing raggedly, and the first thing she registered was that the area was different, seeing as the ground is not the roof and looked more like pavement. Second was that she realized her head was getting clearer and more coherent, since her vision wasn't as blurry and she could think. Lastly, the pain--which she finally pinpointed as the back of her right hand--was dulling down. She took her glove off because she wanted to see what was the damage but was shocked to find a mark that looked like a light red chariot with a big, magenta "V" over it.

    She wasn't sure what to make of it but decided to leave that for later. So she put her glove back and finally stood up to take stockage of her surroundings. She was shocked once more when she saw people around her. But she was not shocked by that, she was shocked on how many people she recognized.

    "Finn?! Naomi?! Adam?! Cadence?!" she shouted. Then she had an epiphany. "Wait a second... That means there is something controlling our nightmares! And the only way to stop them is..."

    “Head toward the light…” a girl said before Sura could. That made her look at the one who said that.

    “Hopefully we aren’t dead,” Finn remarked, which made her look to him instead. “We’ve got no idea what’s going on, and the best thing to do in that case is be cautious... but I don’t think we can just wait around for rescue either. This doesn’t seem to be a regular sort of… kidnapping or something. I’ve… dreamed about something like this, crazy as that might sound. Whatever it is, keep close together and keep an eye out! If anyone spots anything, shout!”

    "I support that idea," said another guy. When Sura looked to him, she recognized him as one of the Augustine family. "If this is anything like the regular nightmares I have, the shadows will arriwe fairly soon. There is safety in numbers, and seeing as the tower is our only lead, I vote for going there."

    This made her have an idea.

    She went near the two--about two to three feet, and said, "How about I scout ahead?" not really thinking of her safety and somehow missing the "stick together" part.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
  11. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    In a Town???
    Affected RPer(s): Titan500, TheCharredDragon and indirectly everyone else

    “Moore,” Jamie attention was drawn to the person and called her by her last name, Naomi Cephas to exact. The tall manly woman remembered her since she took the vice president position in the student council. “is this area familiar to you as well?”

    “Yea, in my recent recurring nightmare… I think… the last one was the only one not blurry…” She answered as she scratched her head. And it wasn’t like she had a good chance to look around… since the moment the dream began the shadowy creatures were already after her… them as she remembered. With that in mind, dilly-dallying in one place for too long was probably not the best idea.

    Finlay made a suggestion of going to the shining tower if not just for a point reference. Jamie normally hated being told what to do but since more suggestion and it bother her too much. She liked when guys were a little more assertive. It seem reasonable enough, people agree especially… that guy with the silvery blonde hair… she felt like she should know his name but it was not clicking. Oh well, it isn’t that important. Then there was crazy tall one who wanted to go off alone for some reason and after two already said let’s stick together… Someone never seen a horror movie before.

    “Dude, let just stay in a group for now, we’ll send you off later if we need to,” Jamie decided to attempt to put a stop to it before someone got lost and/or hurt alone. “We should at least start walking for now. Unless you guys just want to wait and see what happens.”
  12. IC:

    Adam Reid
    Friday Night?
    Affected Characters: Finn, Everyone (Indirectly)

    "Moving is good." Adam began, already beginning to walk in the rough direction of the tower. His eyes darted about his surroundings, taking in every detail he could find. Not that it was necessary. It was nearly identical to his nightmares, nightmares that apparently others shared. Almost idly he scratched at his back, right between his shoulder blades; the spot itched just a little, as if something had changed when their surroundings did. "But the tower... It's our only landmark, and it's our best option. Going to the top would be a horrible idea."

    "I'm going to guess we've all had the nightmares, so we all know what's coming. Going to the top of that tower threatens to cut off any chance of retreat, if they find us. A staircase would limit the number coming up, but it means we can't run, too." He paused briefly, pivoting in place to face the whole group again. "We should try to find anything to defend ourselves with, too. A mop, a hammer, anything we can find in... Whatever this place is."

    His last comment wasn't something he wanted to linger on. He didn't know where he was, and he didn't know why. He was living a nightmare, and one that had never, ever ended well. This time, at least, he was in a group. Lord knows how much good it would be, but numbers were better than being alone. Alone, he was always overwhelmed by the monsters, no matter how fast he ran or hard he fought. But this time was different. He would make sure it ended differently, too.

    "And Moore's right. We need to stay together. If you wouldn't do it in a horror movie... Probably isn't wise here."
  13. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Naomi Cephas
    Friday Evening
    Affected Characters: Everyone

    "I do not recommend using horror movies as a source of advice for our situation," said Naomi offhandedly, most of her mental processes taken up with the digestion of the facts that had been provided to her. It was all but confirmed that each and every person currently present had experienced the same nightmares as her. It was so surreal, but in the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Had she not been walking through the mysterious streets that had appeared in her dreams, she would have considered the situation to be absolutely ridiculous. She no longer possessed the leisure to assume such anymore, especially when it was highly likely that danger could arise soon.

    While the tower may have been their best bet for any answers, the student councilwoman, like Adam, was incredibly wary of the risks that were associated with climbing to the top. What if it was all a sham? What if they were trapped and left to the mercy of the ... shadow-esque creatures? She may have been in top physical form (discounting the fact that she was still dead-tired and groggy from her lack of sleep), but she didn't trust herself to be capable enough to combat the supernatural. Or aliens. Naomi stopped for a second, frowning. That was a possibility she had failed to consider. What if they had been abducted by aliens? What if they were no longer on Earth? What if Earth had been destroyed in order to facilitate the construction of an intergalactic highway? What if-

    "Enough with the what-ifs!" she berated herself. "All that can be done is to survive. Everything else can be left to later."

    It was fortunate, however, that she still had the bag of spare clothes with her. People considered it somewhat of an eccentricity, but the teenager had always carried it around with her. The bludgeoning abilities of the bag were ... lacklustre at most, but if she were to have some water or maybe a rock ... would it be more effective?

    "Scan for any useful-looking debris as we move along," she said, steel entering her voice. "If there is any, it might be useful."
  14. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Vallane Hy∂d (Vin)
    Affected Characters: Martin(Avenger Angel), Everyone else (Indirectly)

    This is fun. Vin thought. She was in a boat with a few other sophomores and juniors. She was ferociously whacking some mermaids with her foam sword. A sense of nausea washed through her. She ignored it. A few seconds later the sensation returned stronger, she then proceeded to leaded over the side of the boat and vomit. That of course got everyone out of the pool very quickly. Someone flipped the boat in a hurry to get out of the pool. Leaving Vin in the water. She managed to summon the strength to swim to the side and pull her self up onto the side. She heard a voice as if from far away. “Are you ok?”

    “I’m fine.” Vin tried to say but a numb sense overpowered her and she slipped into unconsciousness.

    She was standing on a street corner surrounded by kids from her school. She recognized most of them from her previous dreams. This dream was a whole lot more vivid that the other ones. They were arguing about something. Her head was pounding, and she still felt nauseous. The kids that seemed to be arguing the most were student counsel members.
    Makes sense She thought They are always politicking and are extremely stubborn They were saying something about going somewhere but she was hurting to much to care.
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  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Cadenza 'Cadence' Mia Amoré
    The Party, Belle Estate
    Friday Evening
    Affected RPers: CharredDragon (Solarines)

    In the middle of her crying, Cadence felt someone lightly tap her on the shoulder, and heard a female voice ask "Hey, are you okay?" She looked up, and saw a tall blonde haired girl looking back at her. "Oh... well this is embarrassing..." She pulled out a hankerchief from her purse, and started wiping her face with it. "It's alright, I'm fine." she said as she started to stand up. "I just get choked up when all the couples start dancing together. I find it so romantic!" She didn't really feel comfortable revealing the real reason why she was crying just yet. They would probably think it was silly or something. "But it was sweet of you to ask!" She then gave the girl a hug. "I'm Cadence by the way! Well... actually it's Cadenza, but that sounds waaay too fancy for my liking! Cadence is much better. Who might you be?" After talking for a bit, Cadence excused herself to go to the bathroom.


    Affected RPers: Niihyl (Finn)

    The moment Cadence stepped out of the bathroom strange things began to happen. First, she felt a sharp pain on her cheek. "Ouch!" She exclaimed as she started rubbing the affected area. Then, the room started to flicker and everything got blurry, It was like a strange flashback sequence one would see on TV. Then, the next thing she knew, she was standing out in the middle of the street. "Hm... well, this is odd..." She murmured to herself as she started walking around. "I hope I didn't accidentally eat something funny..."

    As she continued walking around, she heard the sound of someone saying "Head toward the light." Which was coincidentally the same advice that she had been given in the nightmares she had been having this week. "Dio mio! I'm not dreaming again am I?!" She also noticed a group of people heading towards a bright light off in the distance. Some of those people were people in her class. "Good, so I'm not the only one here!" She said with a sigh of relief as she went over to the group of students. It was agreed upon that we would all head towards the light, It wasn't like they had any better options right now.

    As her eyes slowly started adjusting to the darkness, she noticed something else that was strange, aside from the fact that Finn wasn't wearing a shirt for some reason. "Um... Finny... this might be a bad time, but uh... you got something on your face..." She pointed to her eyebrow, then dug through the contents of her purse, pulled out a compact mirror, and opened it in front of him.

    (OOC: Someone had to point it out. :p)
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  16. Onarax

    Onarax Active Member

    Claud Albert Hamilton
    Affected RPers: Justin Harken(Silvan Haven), Everyone else(Very indirectly)

    A sound body and a sound mind.

    At the current point in time Claud was unsure which had been violated. His body had felt a sharp stinging of pain, particularly around his back. The pain seemed to engulf so large an area that without his training Claud was sure he would've collapsed. However he didn't, and while he was curious as towards what had caused the pain and whether there were any residual effects, there was neither a way nor the time to check. Instead he focused his concentration to the second violation, that of his mind. He was in the middle of town, but the streets were far darker than normal and everything seemed odd. The way the shadows swirled, the way light appeared to be swallowed, none of it felt real but it also didn't feel unreal. It felt akin to his dream world, but Claud was certain that this was not a dream. His mind raced through the possible variations, Drugs? No, there was never a chance for exposure. Poison? Too far fetched. Sleep Deprivation? Possible, but this feels too sudden.

    That was right, Claud could not recall how he had ended up here, a second ago he had been conversing with his landlord, and now he was in the middle of nowhere. Looking over he caught sight of his classmate. "Joseph? Do you know what's going on?" Even as he asked the words, a shape on the back of Joseph's neck drew his attention, it was a mark, vaguely in the shape of wings. Claud was certain that such a mark had not existed previously. "Do you know of any mark on the back of your neck?"

    Not waiting for an answer Claud took a glance around, in the distance he took note of a small throng of others, however the distance between made it difficult for him to discern any notable features. He also took into account the large tower, well it was more akin to a beacon of light. The light seemed to be gesturing to him, beckoning him. At this moment Claud weighed his options. He could meet up with the people, however he had no way of knowing whether they were friend or foe. Judging the risk to be too high, who knew what sort of people roamed this area, Claud quickly tossed aside that option. On the other hand there was the beacon of light, and while Claud was generally wary of trusting odd objects that beckoned him, he also noted that there was little else of note in the area. At the very least the high vantage point and the light it provided could illustrate for Claud a way out.

    Coming to his decision, Claud gestured for Joseph to follow him. He reasoned that it was probably wiser for the two of them to stick together. Claud's destination was the tower, while simultaneously trying to maintain a distance of them from the rest of the pack. Unwanted attention could be more harmful than beneficial in a situation like this. Claud still remembered the strange creatures in his dreams and had no way of knowing if that mass of people were related. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  17. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Millicent 'Millie' Annalise Winchester
    Affected RPers: Everyone (?)

    Millie had never gone to the party at the Belle estate. She had heard many of the girls in her dorm discuss it, but never turned up herself. Of course, Millie never was one for parties so it was to be expected. Instead of heading out to the party, Millie had spent most of her evening making a start on the mountain of Biology work she had to do. She would most likely finish it on Saturday morning, something which she normally did if she had a large quantity of homework that weekend. When she was about halfway through her Biology work she tucked it into her satchel and curled up on her bed to catch up on her programmes.

    This was Millie's normal Friday routine, piano practice after school for an hour, dinner, homework and then the rest of the night was dedicated to reading one of the numerous books she kept in her room or watching the programmes she recorded in the week. It differentiated each week so as to allow her to catch up both equally.

    She was watching Scorpion, when she felt it. The pain that is. She was faintly aware of this tingling sensation that seemed to spread around her chest area. Her first initial thought was that she was having a heart attack, but she had read enough Biology books to know this wasn't a heart attack. The pain started becoming a bit more noticeable, and as Millie was about to stand in order to get herself a glass of water she noticed the room start to flicker. She tightly closed her eyes, hoping the flickering would stop soon, but when she did eventually open them she found that she was no longer in her room, and was instead stood outside. It took a few moments for Millie's eyes to adjust to the scene around her. The street she was on looked oddly familiar to town, yet at the same time there was this eerie chill in the air that gave Millie the impression this wasn't the same town that she had learnt to familiarise herself with. Millie could not put her finger on why the eerie chill felt familiar. It felt like she was in the nightmare that had plagued her dream for quite some time, but it couldn't be could it? Her nightmares were never this clear...

    It was at this moment, that Millie noticed the others stood around her. Though she did know some from her classes, many of them were unfamiliar to her, and the only time she could recall their face was from if they had brushed past her at school. Millie stepped a little closer to the group, but she didn't listen in to what they were saying. It made her uncomfortable enough just stood around them, she didn't want to give them the opportunity to pull her into a conversation either. Whilst stood near them, Millie picked up the idea that they should head towards the light in the distance. Whilst Millie had a sinking feeling in her stomach about heading towards the light, she didn't exactly want to stand around either, as that was just asking for something to happen. Although it made her extremely uncomfortable, she decided on following the group to the source of the light. Afterall, what other options did she have?
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  18. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    Suranuras "Solarines" Agypri
    Somewhere in Sunlive Town?
    Time Unknown, But Assuming It's Very Late (or Early)
    Affected RPer(s): Jamie (InnerFlame); Everyone else indirectly

    She cheerfully looked to the two, but that expression changed into a frown, from hearing someone say it'd be a very bad idea to go on out alone. She was a bit upset about that until she remembered that almost everyone (as in, the ones she knows) in the group suggested to just keep going in a group. However, she doesn't really remember what exactly they were saying, but got the point. And heard the idea of getting debris for weapons, as Naomi suggested.

    "All right, all right. Then let's just go, all right?" she says. Then she makes her way to walk on with Finn and the others, assuming they were going towards the tower too, until someone said something she has an utterly ridiculous hatred of.

    “Dude, let just stay in a group for now, we’ll send you off later if we need to,” said the girl who earlier said, "Head for the light."

    At the moment the girl finished the sentence, Solarines slowly turned her head to the speaker of the word, "dude." When Sura saw the speaker, she was starting to doubt it was a girl, but just decided to refer to her as "them" since she doesn't want to assume gender (because of the fact her gender gets confused too). Anyways, her eyes were, for the most part seeing red as she walked towards the person, emphasizing her anger in each step, even as the person was saying something, which was, “We should at least start walking for now. Unless you guys just want to wait and see what happens.”

    By the time the person completed their sentence, Solarines was only about one foot in front of the one who said the word.

    She then said, in a rather sweet and calm voice, "I'm going to assume you don't know me or heard of me and that you don't lile very long answers, so I'm gonna make sure you remember that..." before shouting, "I AM NOT A GUY!"
  19. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    Hope Hachiko-Nelson
    Around Town

    Hope and his cousin were returning from their weekend convince store trip. The though of rotting his teeth with ice cream and candy for a weekend was magical, in his opinion. He and his cousin parted ways a short while ago, since they lived in different directions. Hope was too excited about eating his ice cream to notice a strange man walking aimlessly, who muttered something about time. The mention of the word time made him realized that it was indeed rather late to be out. His gentle promenade shifted to a jog. As he ran, he heard his name beckoning behind him. His gaze never drifted from what was in front of him and once his house was in sit, his walk steadied. Do I dare? He thought, looking behind him. An eerie presence was looming over him since he passed the time obsessed man.

    A small cat mewled, and Hope couldn't help but pet the feline. Setting the bag down on pavement, he got down to stroke the cat. It rubbed its face into his hand, enjoying the warmth and human touch. A loud noise scared the cat away, but Hope couldn't turned back to look. Darkness spewed from his forehead, defying gravity and making wild shapes. His arms fell to his side, then he fell to the floor.

    He eventually woke up with a group of upperclass men. They never gave him any notice, but he did see a duo sneaking away. Hope, suspicious of their actions, decided to position himself between the dup and the remainder of the party.
  20. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Miaofa “Isaac” Liu
    Home -> ???

    Miaofa reclined into his plush chair, sighing a bit, book in hand. Like the rest of his possessions, both were old and well-worn, but in good shape; the chair had been a gently-used antique from a thrift-shop; the book, a gift from a relative. Studying wasn’t all that he did, after all; he read for pleasure, no matter how inconceivable that might be to some.

    A sudden, searing pain erupted on his solar plexus, causing him to drop the book and clutch at his midsection, back coming off of the chair with feet firmly planted on the floor. He breathed hard for a few moments, the remaining heat enough to distract him from picking up the book; those few quick breaths were all that he could grab before he was whisked away to an unfamiliar street.

    Unfortunately for Miaofa, he was still awkwardly doubled over when he was teleported, and so promptly fell over, landing somewhat on his hands and somewhat on his rear. “...Uh?” he asked, brushing off his knees as he stood up.

    The darkness made it difficult for him to see exactly who the people around him were, but he suspected that they were his sleep-deprived classmates. It made sense to him, at least, in his tired state, as at least one of them had drawn monsters that looked like those in his own nightmares.

    Some of the others were asking questions and mentioning heading towards a light, but Miaofa had his reservations about that. The shadows that had pursued them in their dreams were likely lurking in the inky night and the light could be a trap; nevertheless, he silently followed the group. He was not going to comment unless something was decidedly off (more so than the whole situation), but instead remain aware of his surroundings, lest there was an unpleasant surprise.

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