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Persona: Fallen Paradise (Discussion Thread)

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Will be posting soon too. XD Also working on the rest of the Gaia Arcana, making edits as well as the others...currently at 12/18. XD


Pokedex Researcher
Carina: Hey, wanna go do something stupid?

... uh, yeah, I hope you didn't go getting yourself killed there. Anyhow, finally posted and got action started for that group. I just had to make fun of Pertolope there. Maybe that'll become common for Carina; she has the ego for that.

Oh yeah, I've got this.

VI. Carina Dawson, Lovers
Persona: Undine
Weapon: Mace + round shield
Primary Element: Water/Status
Slash: -
Strike: -
Pierce: -
Fire: Strong
Ice: -
Lightning: Weak
Wind: -
Light: -
Dark: -

Aqua- Single target water
Malaqua- Multi-target water
Dia- Single target healing

Dormant Rain- moderate chance to put enemies to sleep
Media- multi-target heal

Note: I would assume that Water would do similar damage to Ice, but this is what I set Undine up with originally.

Writer's block has killed me for the past half a month; hopefully that's over.