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Persona: Fallen Paradise

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by storymasterb, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Avalon. The refuge from death. The resting place of all legends. Mythical kings resting beside fallen gods. Holy swords laid to rest beside cursed spears. An island swathed in mist, protected from shadow.

    But Avalon is more than a resting place. Avalon lives. As mankind's legends are spoken of, read and believed in, Avalon breathes and grows. The legends stir within, awaiting the days when they might at last return. Deep within mankind's subconscious, on the tides of thought and dream, Avalon rises from the darkness and endures.

    I have walked in Avalon and seen it, the majesty of a ruined island, swathed in mist. And yet, on my last visit, I saw it flutter past. A blue butterfly. And I know from that, that the time has come. Avalon is under threat. Words have power, legends have greater power still. And Avalon is the place where all legends connect and rest. To claim Avalon is to claim mankind's legends and twist them to your own will. I thought for so long that he could keep the darkness back, subtle though his methods in doing so are. But it seems the darkness has evaded him this time, and even now reaches to claim the island for itself.

    I cannot stop them. My siblings and I possess power of our own, great power, but we are forbidden to interfere directly. The master cannot stop this either. Once more, we do as we were commanded. As the darkness approaches, we turn to humanity. To you. All living in a small town in the heart of one nation, attending the same school. Perhaps you have met one another before. Perhaps you are all strangers to one another.

    There were other heroes too. Children of man who faced Death and forced it to turn aside, who banished the fog of untruths from before their eyes. But they are lost, or too far away. We cannot turn to them, not now, not quickly enough. Perhaps the darkness has seen their light shine even in the distance, and even as it reaches to claim Avalon, it also stands to oppose them. So in this time of need, we ask you to fight, to protect Avalon. You shall not stand alone. My siblings, the master and I shall help you as best we can. And though he is far away, perhaps he may help you also.

    The mists of Avalon thicken and grow dark as I walk among them now, and in the distance, I see shadows moving. You are needed, children of man. Summon forth your courage and walk into the abyss. Force it back with your conviction. And remember, even as you fight this desperate battle amidst the crumbling ruins of a fallen paradise, you are not alone. You are never alone. You have one another, and you have the most stalwart of allies. Yourself. Your true self. Your Persona.

    Avalon is an island, a realm within mankind's collective unconsciousness, much like the Midnight Channel. It is an idyllic place of ruins, swathed in mist, and within its walls sleep the heroes of a thousand legends. As mankind whispers of and believes in the tales of these exceptional individuals, they gain a place in Avalon, engrained in the minds of men and women. Due to its nature, Avalon is not bound by the normal rules of space and time, it constantly expands and twists as legends are born and change over the years. Stepping through a doorway in Avalon can take you into an entirely different world, and entering one of the myriad tombs on the island may take you into a illusion of a hero's former grandeur.

    At the heart of Avalon rests the most legendary of these heroes, a heroic soul whose legend has inscribed itself across the pages of time. King Arthur, the archetype of the king sleeping, waiting for his peoples' hour of need in which he will return to save them. Slumbering within his tomb at Avalon's heart, King Arthur is the very soul of Avalon, a legend which has not died and which has survived to become truly eternal to mankind. Arthur's resting body is the key to controlling Avalon fully, and claiming even this eternal legend. If the darkness can achieve that, then it will become capable of manipulating these legendary figures, bidding them to return before their time and using them as puppets with which to drive mankind on a path of darkness and madness, towards endless suffering and debauchery.

    Though powerful beings watch the island from afar, they are forbidden to interfere, and the island's own defenders, the many comrades of the heroes entombed on its shores, bound by their shared legend to protect those they fought beside even in this place, cannot stop the darkness forever. They can only hold it back for so long. Desperate to protect Avalon, the residents of the Velvet Room are calling out through the tides of dreams, to ordinary humans. There is a power which can turn the tide on Avalon and cast away the darkness, a power which has forced Death to turn away, and which has banished the fog of lies from mankind.

    That power is Persona.

    Plot and Location:
    You are a normal person in the small town of Misty Springs, America. The town is hidden away deep in the mountains, famous for the mist which sometimes descends on it, earning it the nickname of 'Avalon' from the resident Arthurian scholar. Due to its isolation and peace, Misty Springs is a popular if little-known retirement spot, making it rather boring to many of its younger inhabitants. Though large enough to have both a grade school and a high school, it does not have a university, so many graduates from high school move to attend university elsewhere. There is a library, some small cafés and restaurants, and a few local stores in the area, but besides that, most of the entertainment in Misty Springs comes from finding it yourself. You are a relatively young person in Misty Springs, either enjoying your summer break or trying to figure out how to advance your life after graduating.

    Little do you know, the residents of the Velvet Room, desperate to protect Avalon despite being forbidden to interfere personally, are about to send a cry for aid through the tides of dreams. And despite your dull, insignificant life in a small town no-one's ever heard of... their cry will reach you, and open the door to a world beyond your dreams. Within that world lie mysterious powers and strong allies, but also terrible darkness and great danger.

    The question is: will you accept the call and step through that door?


    Persona: A mask one presents to the world, a facade to hide the true self. One's Persona represents their innermost self and being, to the point a Persona could be called a representation of the soul. Once manifested, a person's Persona often takes on the form of a mythical being appropriate to the person they represent, and will fight in their partner's name. Though a Persona may share the name and legend of a Guardian of Avalon, the two beings are quite distinct, often possessing entirely different abilities and appearances. In the real world, it is generally hard to summon Personae, requiring the trauma of a near-death experience in most cases. However, in mystical worlds of the subconscious mind like Avalon, Personae become far easier to summon, and can be manifested through sheer willpower. The Persona will initially take the form of a Tarot Card corresponding to its Arcana, which once shattered by a blow from the Persona's partner, will release the Persona.

    Guardians of Avalon: The comrades of heroes whose legends are embodied on Avalon, in reward for their comradeship to their lords in life, their spirits remain to guard Avalon from attack. Among their ranks are many great heroes in their own right, such as King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, and the Myrmidons of Achilles. However, for all their prowess and might, the Guardians cannot hold back the forces of the darkness forever. In particular, their spirits are vulnerable to corruption by the darkness, which can strip away the heroism and light of their legends to leave only the darkness and sin, corrupting a heroic protector into a monstrous servant of darkness.

    Avalon: The island on which legends sleep. A mystical location which rises from the tide of dreams and thoughts, Avalon is a conceptual location, embodying and containing the legends and beliefs of mankind. Many heroes sleep in tombs upon its shores, awaiting the day when the hour of need comes and they may return to their peoples. Protected by all the gathered followers of those sleeping heroes, Avalon is a silent paradise. But now the darkness threatens it, and soon, this paradise shall fall into ruin and despair. The island resides beyond the reach of the conscious mind, and only by venturing into the subconscious can one reach it. As such, one must fall asleep in the real world, and be led through their dreams into Avalon somehow in order to reach the island. Due to this, if one dies while on Avalon, their body in the real world will sink into a slumber from which there can be no awakening.

    The Darkness: An ancient force at odds with the one who created the Velvet Room, which desires to drag all mankind into darkness, suffering and torment. It is said that the Velvet Room's creator upholds the strong, while this dark force drags the weak into Hell. Its very nature is to corrupt people into becoming its pawns, creating monstrosities which serve it unconditionally, and it plays twisted mind games with the sole aim of making its foes suffer. As the darkness comes to Avalon, it brings with it tides of Shadows, the embodiments of mankind's negative thoughts and emotions, stirred into a destructive fanaticism by the appearance of the darkness, the ultimate embodiment of their origin.

    Shadows: The embodiments of all of mankind's negative thoughts and emotions, the Shadows are a tide of darkness in the subconscious world. They cannot usually intrude on the real world, requiring special circumstances to do so, and as such usually only affect the mortal world through the subconscious plane of mankind's thoughts and emotions. Shadows are organized according to the Arcana of the Tarot, with a Shadow's Arcana determining its powers and abilities.

    The Velvet Room: A mysterious place which may or may not lay within the subconscious world. The Velvet Room is occupied by its keeper, Igor, and the mysterious Residents, Theodore and Margaret, who keep watch over it and the human world while their strange master is absent. Placed between the conscious and subconscious, the Velvet Room is a place of respite for those who fight with the blessing of its master, even if that master has departed to places unknown.

    Arcana: The twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot are the system by which both Personae and Shadows are categorized. In order, the Arcana are The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment and The World.

    Arcana and Personae:

    All Personae are organized according to their representation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. A Persona associated with temptation and a fall into darkness would most probably be of The Devil Arcana, whereas a Persona known for being a powerful masculine figure would likely belong to The Emperor Arcana. When choosing the Arcana your player character represents, be aware of the two restrictions in place. Firstly, only one player character may represent each Arcana, and secondly, the following Arcana are not allowed for player characters: The Fool, Judgment and The World.

    In order, the playable Major Arcana are:

    I – The Magician: Associated with initiative, self-confidence, and one's power. Personae of The Magician typically have magical abilities, often with a fire element.

    II – The High Priestess: Associated with hidden power, mystery and magic. Personae of The High Priestess often have healing and support abilities.

    III – The Empress: Associated with prosperity, fertility, abundance and comfort. Personae of The Empress often use ice elemental attacks and healing abilities. The character representing The Empress must be female.

    IV – The Emperor: Associated with masculinity, power and control. Personae of the Emperor often use lightning elemental and physical attacks. The character representing The Emperor must be male.

    V – The Hierophant: Associated with education, authority and obedience to rules. Personae of The Hierophant often lack weaknesses, but lack strengths also.

    VI – The Lovers: Associated with confusion, relationships and choices. Personae of The Lovers often have support and healing attributes.

    VII – The Chariot: Associated with victory, self-assertion and command. Personae of The Chariot often focus on physical attacks.

    VIII – Justice: Associated with objectivity, rationality and analysis. Personae of Justice often excel in light elemental attacks.

    IX – The Hermit: Associated with retreat, introspection and solitude. Personae of The Hermit often use mental ailment skills.

    X – Wheel of Fortune: Associated with fate, luck and opportunities. Personae of the Wheel of Fortune are usually associated with time and fate.

    XI – Strength: Associated with self-control, courage and virtue. Personae of Strength usually are strong in physical attributes.

    XII – The Hanged Man: Associated with self-sacrifice, paradoxes, and hanging between heaven and earth. Personae of The Hanged Man often have skills in survivability.

    XIII – Death: Associated with foreboding, change and regeneration. Personae of Death frequently possess dark elemental attacks and are weak against light elemental skills.

    XIV – Temperance: Associated with synthesis, prudence and harmony. Personae of Temperance are usually well-rounded ones.

    XV – The Devil: Associated with temptation, impulse and selfishness. Personae of The Devil are often demonic in nature, with dark elemental powers.

    XVI – The Tower: Associated with calamity, a fall and revelation. Personae of The Tower often have powerful physical attacks.

    XVII – The Star: Associated with hope, peace and joy. Personae of The Star tend to possess ice elemental abilities and are weak to fire.

    XVIII – The Moon: Associated with dreams, illusions, madness and the subconscious. Personae of The Moon tend to have average magical abilities.

    XIX – The Sun: Associated with energy, optimism and accomplishment. Personae of The Sun typically excel in fire and light elemental attacks.

    The Rules:
    1: This RPG is rated PG-13 for violence, language and possible implied sexual situations. Keep it at that and nothing more.
    2: Obey all regular and RPG forum rules.
    3: No godmodding or bunnying.
    4: All Reservations will last for one week, and you may only reserve an Arcana, not a Persona.
    5: All posts must be at least two-hundred works in length, with good English spelling and grammar. I can forgive the odd mistake here and there, but not posts of bad English.
    6: Have fun!

    Sign-Up Forms:

    Each character in this RPG will have two sign-up forms, one for the human, and one for their Persona.

    Human Sign-Up:
    Name: What is your character's name?
    Age: How old is your character? As a general guideline, fifteen to eighteen is the general norm, though characters may be slightly older or younger.
    Gender: Male or female?
    Arcana: Which of the Major Arcana does your character represent? Remember, The Fool, Judgment and The World are not selectable Arcana.
    Appearance: What does your character look like? Must be at least four lines long.
    Personality: What is your character like as a person? Try to tie this in to their representative Arcana. Also must be at least four lines long.
    History: What has happened to your character in the past to make them who they are today? Must be at least four lines long.
    Weapon: When fighting in Avalon, what weapon will your character use? As a rule, due to the nature of Avalon, guns are rare and hard to acquire, while older weapons from times of legend such as swords and bows are commonplace.
    Other: Is there any other relevant information you feel I need to know? If so, put it here.

    Persona Sign-Up:
    Name: What is the Persona's name?
    Source: Where does the Persona originate from? This is essentially a general summary of the Persona's legend and origin, and the deeds they were most known for.
    Appearance: What does the Persona look like? Feel free to adapt the appearances of pre-existing Personae if you wish.
    Powers: What abilities does the Persona have? Ideally, this should have some basis in their Arcana, and perhaps their original source.

    I – The Magician: Diego Vendrix + Merlin (DVB)
    II – The High Priestess: Drake Lune + Anne Frank (Manaphy Mare)
    III – The Empress: Krystal Storm + Gabriel (Aura of Twilight)
    IV – The Emperor: Shin Megami Tensei + Rokuten Maou (Kiruria)
    V – The Hierophant: Lillian Silverstone + Omoikane (Mon1010)
    VI – The Lovers: Carina Dawson + Undine (Ysavvryl)
    VII – The Chariot: Danijela Cernik + Typhon (GoldenHouou)
    VIII – Justice: Rochelle Wattson + Angel (TheSequelReturns)
    IX – The Hermit: Matthew Clark + Nidhoggr (storymasterb)
    X – Wheel of Fortune: Nicolas Harley + Nostradamus (Billy May)
    XI – Strength: Alyssa H. Lovelock + Valkyrie (CandleReaper)
    XII – The Hanged Man: Cesaire Moreau + Ankou (GoldenHouou)
    XIII – Death: Jannike Mortensen + Skoll and Hati (Jean Grey)
    XIV – Temperance: Nodoka Hirano + Tsukuyomi (TheSequelReturns)
    XV – The Devil: Ian Blackwood + Astaroth (SoulMuse)
    XVI – The Tower: Alistair Blake + Mordred (storymasterb)
    XVII – The Star: Louise Henrietta DuBois + Jeanne (Blivsey)
    XVIII – The Moon: Aika Ichigawa + Arianrhod (Raiden193)
    XIX – The Sun: Leonardo Silverstone + Phoenix (Mon1010)

    And now, to clear up that Tower character above, my first sign-up (with a second possibly on the way):

    Name: Alistair Blake
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: The Tower

    Appearance: A tall, lanky youth, Alistair is attractive in a dark, mysterious way. One of his eyes is always covered by his long dark brown hair, with the uncovered one a dark, harsh shade of green. While bangs of hair spill over one side of his face, on the other side they frame it neatly, causing a strange contrast between a half-mask of dark hair and the pale skin on the other side of his face. There are small scars on his face and hands, from a childhood encounter with a rose bush, and there is a birthmark on the side of his neck shaped vaguely like a rose.

    Usually, Alistair dresses in green and black. His usual outfit consists of a black shirt adorned with patterns of green and red coiling roses, and black jeans, with a pendant on a white cord slung around his neck. He often wears a bracelet of sorts on his right wrist, under the sleeve of his shirt, shaped like an intricate band of coiling rose plants, a gift from a friend who moved away several years ago. In harsher weather, he wears a dark green coat over this, and on formal occasions tends to wear a black shirt, dark green blazer and black trousers, with a white tie.

    Personality: Despite his appearance, Alistair is rather dark and even cold. He is a stoic young man, who even while reaching out to bond with others, maintains a distance from them. The strangeness of this contrast has led many to try and delve into his life, and he rebukes them all, saying he has things he wishes to remain secret. Hard-working and competent in his school work, Alistair maintains an image of an average, capable student among the school faculty, and he remains popular with his fellow students in spite of, or even because of the mystery of his personal life. Sometimes, he can be seen to look at his fellow students with a look of longing, or even envy, mostly whenever the suggestion of taking friends to their houses is raised, or when he sees young couples together.

    That said, for all his flaws and reservations, Alistair is kind enough. He does not stand for bullying, and often intervenes to protect the victims of bullies, fighting off students even stronger and tougher than himself to protect the vulnerable. He is also, to a fault, honest, though brutally so, often speaking inconvenient truths without concern. He is not the sort to cushion people with lies, being openly willing to tell the girl next to him that she looks ugly in her new clothes, and this does lose him friends. This is just another part of the contradiction of his life, despite the abrasiveness of his honesty and his dark appearance, he still has friends who stand by him. However, even these close friends know nothing of Alistair's home life, which he bluntly refuses to speak about.

    One noticeable thing about Alistair is his habit of doing little to upset the status quo. He seems content to maintain the current state of affairs, rarely making any sort of move to change things simply because he is fine with how they are, even if they could be better. As he says, attempting to rock the boat could just lead to things getting even worse, so why bother at all?

    History: Alistair was born to his parents during a period of turmoil in their marriage, which only escalated when his father discovered that Alistair was not truly his son. In truth, the boy was the product of an affair his mother had had with a co-worker in secret, and this revelation ripped an already tattered marriage apart, with the two divorcing. Over the next year, while he was still just a baby, the court case for custody was waged back and forth, with his mother's husband finally winning custody. Although in truth the man cared little for the baby, who to him was just a living reminder of his wife's infidelity, he sought to at least deny the woman the small comfort of her child by restricting access as much as he possibly could. As such, the two drifted further apart as Alistair grew up, and as the baby grew into a young boy, his appearance came to further resemble his true father's. Driven into anger by the mere sight of the boy, the man turned to drink to try and drown his sorrows and bitterness, but this only made things worse. Driven by a mixture of alcohol and loathing, he began to abuse his 'son', using fists to try and beat out the thing which so pained him.

    Alistair, terrified into not telling of what was happening, tried to blend in out of fear things would get worse were he to reveal his father's actions. Attending school, he hid his bruises under his clothes, and just blended in, acting normally and getting his school work done, leaving no way to arouse suspicion. Though one or two teachers did come to wonder about the quiet boy in the corner who never seemed to take friends home, they never followed up on their suspicions, always forgetting them in the rigours of work and other concerns. As such, even when he moved up to high school, in the eyes of teachers Alistair remained an average, if quiet and distant boy. As he grew he came to find ways to escape his father's abuse, mainly by retreating into his room and staying out of sight as quietly and meekly as possible. Though he was still deprived, having only the barest of furnishings for the room, and small meals he often had to make himself, he was at least able to reach some equilibrium. However, he never sought to bring friends back to the house, fearing that his father might turn on them as he had turned on him. As time passed, Alistair began to devise a plan, to simply let the equilibrium maintain itself until he was finally old enough to move away and escape his home.

    To this end, he got a job as a waiter in a local café, partly also as a way to stay out of the house for longer, and began to save up his money, aiming to try and get through high school and into college. To this day, he maintains this state of affairs, though sometimes he has still not quite managed it and suffered for his troubles. Still, his life is bearable, if uncomfortable, and to that end he sees no reason to challenge the status quo.
    Weapon: Alistair's weapon within the world of Avalon is a black sword, adorned with intricate patterns of coiling rose plants upon the blade. The cross-guard is red, adorned with tracery resembling rose petals.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Mordred
    Source: In Arthurian legend, Mordred is the illegitimate son of King Arthur, born from a tryst between the king and his half-sister Morgause. Discovering a prophecy that a child born on May Day would overthrow him, Arthur rounded up all such children in the kingdom and sent them to sea on a rickety boat, which sank with just one survivor, Mordred. In later life, Mordred became a Knight of the Round Table, before finally opposing Arthur in the climactic Battle of Camlann, in which the two struck one another down in a final confrontation, bringing a final end to Arthur's kingdom of Logres.
    Appearance: Mordred takes the form of a dark, knight-like figure clad in black armor, adorned in bloody red. His helmet takes the form of a pale white mask, concealing his face from view, extending back into three thorn-like points. His eyes, the only visible facial feature, are a dark shade of gold, and from beneath the mask, a crest of blood-red hair spills onto his neck. An aura of baleful pale red flames constantly burns around his form, and he wields two black swords, each shaped like an elongated kite extending into a long thin needle-like point, with crimson lines running along the length of the blades. On his back, two more kite-shaped blades are attached to his shoulder blades by one of the sides, forming a pair of twisted wing-like shapes which likewise extend into needle-like points almost like swallowtails. Finally, his fingers are like twisted thorns, barbed and vicious, and his feet split into more thorny claws. As such, despite his noble and regal appearance, Mordred bears all the signs of a twisted monster, at once a noble knight clad in the armor of a prince and a cruel figure wreathed in dark thorns.
    Powers: Mordred is a fearsome opponent in physical combat, wielding his twin swords with brutal expertise. The aura of flame surrounding the blades sharpens their edges to a lethal degree, allowing him to liberally cleave straight through most substances, and he strikes with a terrible speed and grace, delivering death to his foes without a moment's hesitance. Due to the design of the swords, he can use them to both cut and thrust, slashing through opponents just as easily as impaling them. Mordred also possesses minor power of fire magic, casting the infernal flames around his form as bolts to attack his enemies, and he can summon a rain of thorn-like blades from the air to shower an area of about twenty metres around his form.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2012
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I should warn you, I have not played the Persona games. (I have read a Wiki to get an idea of it though. And I've stalked the other Persona RPG (And it's Discussion Thread) here.) Is my lack of knowledge of the series going to make a difference?

    Also, I'd like to reserve The Sun
  3. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Reserving The Hanged Man, thanks~
  4. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Mon1010: Well, this RPG isn't that thematically tied to the games. There are elements of them in it, but we're largely isolated from them as well due to the fact that Avalon's a setting I entirely made up, same deal with the Guardians of Avalon and all. So I think you'll be able to get by, and you can just ask me if there's anything you're confused about.

    And reservation Accepted, you have until the 13th to sign up.

    Golden Houou: Reservation Accepted, and again, it expires on the 13th.
  5. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    A persona RP?! Sign me up as... The Lovers (if you want to see Hurley) or The High Priestess (if you want to see a newer character of mine).
  6. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Reserved you as the High Priestess, I'd like to see a new character :D. Your reservation expires on the 13th.
  7. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Hmm..I'd like a reserve for The High Priestess please. I havent played Persona, but this looks fun. Hopefully things will work out and I can get an SU together by the deadline.
  8. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hm...I would like to reserve the Devil please.

    Just as a heads up, I will be reading up on this, but I haven't really played any of the games, so I might have questions.
  9. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    @AoT: Check the first post - the High Priestess is already taken.

    In other news, I have a hard time resisting Persona RPs. I'll take the Star arcana, if you will, and make a note that I intend to use a glaive and thunder-based magic. (just to avoid weapon/magic overlap)
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2012
  10. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Aura of Twilight: The High Priestess is already Reserved, so I have to deny that, sorry. As for not having played, it's not really a problem. This runs pretty loosely from game canon (I literally made Avalon up entirely), and if you do have questions, feel free to ask.

    SoulMuse: Reservation Accepted, it expires on the 13th. As for questions, that's no problem, feel free to ask me if anything confuses you.

    EDIT: Blivsey you ninja, you. Reservation Accepted, and it expires on the 13th. As for weapons, we'll find them in Avalon when we first show up there, and they'll attune to us when we wield them. So after that every time we appear in Avalon, we just magically have them.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2012
  11. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Whoops. Sorry about that. Could I have a reserve for The Empress instead?
  12. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Certainly. Your reservation expires on the 13th.
  13. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    This looks like a nifty version. Well... would you be all right with a boy who claims to be a girl? I'd like to reserve The Lovers, mostly to give that character a trial run, but I have a few others I can use if you don't want him.
  14. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    I have no problem with that. Heh. The more diverse the pool of characters, the better. So yeah, I don't mind that character. Reservation Accepted. It expires on the 14th (different timezones must be confusing the hell out of some people).
  15. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Alright. I think I might be able to manage. Things are winding down and free time is on the horizon. Put me down for Temperance good sir. I'll have the sign-up in once I finish updating my other RPs.
  16. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Can I reserve Death please? XD Man, this will be my first time with that Arcana. >.< May use a scythe and either have a combination of Dark magic and physical attacks. XD Still deciding between Fenrir, Skoll or Hati...or something like Persephone or Nicnevin. XD Last time I RPed Persona, I went for a goddess, so I may go with the former, less pretty option.XD
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2012
  17. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Tentatively reserving Justice. If I can't get my SU in by tomorrow though, chances are it won't be in at all...
  18. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    All three reservations Accepted, all of them expire on the 14th.
  19. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Hell, why not. Reserve me for Wheel of Fortune please. I might as well try this out.
  20. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Sure. Your reservation is Accepted and expires on the 14th.

    Incidentally I would like to start seeing some sign-ups fairly soon... :p

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