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Persona: Gardens and Graveyards (R) - Sign-ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    |~'~Persona: Gardens and Graveyards~'~|

    Wait and you will see,
    Nothing will change about you,
    Though the world travels on.

    Confront yourself.

    Find your potential.

    If you are idle,
    Danger will befall your world.
    No one else can step up to this task.

    What changes will you make,
    Or will you wait for nothing to come?

    Decide when the time is right.

    “Igor are you sure this will work?” She paced back and forth from within the Velvet room while Igor watched with an amused look.

    “My dear, I’ve been in this business long enough to know my craft. There’s no need to worry.” He smiled, looking to his two new assistants preparing at the other side of the room.

    “You’re right, as always, and it’s not that I don’t trust you, but I just know how… unpredictable this can be.” The young woman in the room gestured helplessly to Igor. A small fairy fluttered around her shoulders as she walked.

    “Just trust and have patience. You’ll see if you keep your eyes open.” To that the girl rolled her eyes, but she seemed less anxious. She also watched his assistants with mild curiosity, but she knew she could never really understand how they worked.

    “Alright, alright. Nyx and I will be on watch the next few days. Hopefully it won’t take long-”

    “It won’t. It can’t. Things are tipping out of our favor, but we are not helpless. Now then, things are ready so run along. You’ll get the help you need soon.” The young woman nodded and the fairy disappeared in a puff of sparkles. She hesitated with her hand on the only door in the room, but shook her head and left. She needed to be ready for school starting tomorrow morning. It might be an interesting year this time around.

    “We need more test subjects,” Dr. Hawtorn grumbled, more to himself than the person in his office. He looked over an assortment of papers, eyes darting across the words and charts spread upon his desk. For a moment he glanced up.

    “I understand school is starting for you, but it should be the perfect breeding grounds. We can hire some help for you as well.” He waited for a response. The figure shifted, but remained silent for a moment, thinking.

    “No, I should be able to manage. In fact, there is someone I have in mind. Give me one week.” Dr. Hawthorn nodded to the figure in approval.

    “In that case, come back when you’ve done what you can. I’ll be interested if you can actually open a dungeon. Then again, with the start of the school year, I’m sure there are heaps of stress you can utilize.” He continued on for a while longer before wishing his assistant luck and waving them away. They would need to get a good night's sleep for school tomorrow morning. It was looking to be an exciting year.

    Cantillion Academy is beginning yet another year of school in the cooling month of September. The whole tri-city area is affected by the families preparing, buying supplies, and the students lamenting or celebrating, squeezing those last minutes of freedom out of summer. There is an energy in the air that none can ignore.

    As a student, you may be diligently packing the perfect notebooks or perhaps you are lounging at the strip mall with a smoothie in one hand, phone in the other. Regardless of the next few days, you will be attending Cantillion Academy. You will live in the dorms, eat the cafeteria food, and study with your classmates. Most likely though, that will not be the only things that happen. You can feel the energy too, can’t you?

    I cannot say how it will turn out, but you will be wrapped up in a new world of powers you have never seen before. You will choose. You will be willing to step into this realm of Persona and Shadows. It will be different from your past years at school, but it will not be a bad change. In fact, if done well, you will be able to grow from the experience. Done poorly though, and you will experience the full consequences of your actions. This is not simply fun and games; this is a serious threat to the world that few have the ability to change anything about. But you do.

    So, now that you have chosen, what actions will you take, Persona user?

    Choose wisely.


    In this game, you will take on the role of a student attending Cantillion Academy that gets… involved with the events that will transpire the first week of school. Multiple tragedies plagued the tri-city this summer including fatal car accidents, missing children, an increase in crime, and some businesses going bankrupt and closing. Negative emotions from these events have left people prime targets for Shadows; manifestations and emitters of negative human emotion. Using your Persona, you can fight the Shadows and protect humanity from a terrible fate. More will be explained below, including your student profile, but be sure you are willing to go through with this before moving on. As it has been said, these events are serious and will test your character to their limit.

    The Tri-city Area
    Composed of Hoover Town, Larken Village, and the City of Cantillion, the Tri-city area is where most of this game will take place. Cantillion Academy is located in the City of Cantillion, but events may happen in the neighboring cities. There are also locations your characters may decide to explore for fun or need to visit in order to protect people. More detail will be given as needed.

    Cantillion Academy is a prestigious academy that prides itself in accepting a wide variety of students from all walks of life. No one is entirely sure of their selection process, but they continue to churn out great graduates each year. They have advanced tools available for students and teachers to give the best learning experience possible. They handle discipline very seriously and have a way of working through things that makes school enjoyable for students and teachers alike. Below is a list of classes available to you this semester. Please pick one for each pair and inquire if you would like further details on any class. You will receive your schedule at the start of the game.
    • Literature / Grammar
    • Chemistry / Physics
    • Algebra / Calculus
    • Track and Field / Health
    • Home Economics / Art
    • Shop / Tech Education
    • History / Sociology
    • Photography / Dance
    There are a multitude of clubs and sports available for you to join as well. While strange happenings are going on all over town, it does seem mysteriously centered around the academy. Students and teachers are in for a rough year, regardless of their knowledge about the mystical realm that is colliding with their own. Still, try to enjoy your classes while at Cantillion Academy.

    The Realm of Shadows and Persona
    Here is a small list of helpful terms regarding some of the important parts of the Persona lore we will come across. I will explain other major points of lore as they come up, be they from my own creation or a piece of the Persona series. No need to have played any of the games, but familiarize yourself with the following as we will run into these ideas throughout the game. Here is a link to the Persona Wiki in case you are interested in reading further on anything.

    Persona: A Persona represents the believable identity created by an individual. Once meeting the right conditions, a person can summon their Persona through an Evoker or purely through willpower (Evokers will not be used in this RP). They take the form of a mythical creature, deity, warrior, spirit, or many other possibilities and they belong to a realm separate from our own.

    Shadows: A Shadow represents the repressed or unconscious, sometimes primal feelings of an individual. When the right conditions are meet, Shadows may appear in our world and attack humans. They belong to the same realm as Persona and come in just as many different forms.

    Velvet Room: A room with mysterious properties that exists between realms. People are allowed entry by being invited with an escort or by signing a contract to allow permanent access. Signing the contract also grants a person the ability to freely summon their Persona once previous conditions have been met.

    Arcana: The 21 Arcana represent a series of personality traits. These can be positive or negative traits and all Persona and Shadows will fall into one of the Arcana. Below is a list of all the Arcana present for this RP.

    - 0 ~ The Fool -
    The Fool represents possibilities. Those under the Fool Arcana can be innocent, creative, unrestrained, chaotic, and spontaneous. They often possess a wide range of talents, yet lack mastery in any one; a jack of all trades.

    The Fool Arcana has been claimed.

    - I ~ The Magician -
    The Magician represents talent. Those under the Magician Arcana can be motivated, confident, immature, energetic, and can have great potential. They are usually driven to do great things, but can lose sight of other areas in life that require attention.

    The Magician Arcana has been claimed.

    - II ~ The Priestess -
    The Priestess represents knowledge. Those under the Priestess Arcana can be intelligent, wise, reserved, patient, supportive, and decisive. They can be hard-working and successful, but might not have the confidence to reach their full capability.

    The Priestess Aracna has been claimed by TheCharredDragon

    - III ~ The Empress -
    The Empress represents prosperity. Those under the Empresses Arcana can be authoritative, protective, comforting, motherly, temperamental, and stubborn. While usually caring and supportive towards others, they can become turned around and selfish.


    - IV ~ The Emperor -
    The Emperor represents control. Those under the Emperor Arcana can be commanding, strong willed, determined, doubtful, and charismatic. They can become great leaders, but likely need to learn how to make responsible choices.

    The Emperor Arcana has been claimed by InnerFlame

    - V ~ The Hierophant -
    The Hierophant represents education. Those under the Hierophant Arcana can be conservative, knowledgeable, clever, logical, submissive, and obsessive. They are typically wise, but may need to overcome something from their past that is holding them back.


    - VI ~ The Lovers -
    The Lovers represents relationships. Those under the Lovers Arcana can be cheerful, spirited, social, straightforward, oblivious, and personal. Though they are often good at bringing people together, sometimes they have poor justifications for their actions or beliefs.

    The Lovers Arcana has been claimed by Monster Guy

    - VII ~ The Chariot -
    The Chariot represents conquest. Those under the Chariot Arcana can be competitive, aggressive, driven, impulsive, and focused. They have a clear goal in mind and the ability to achieve it, but they may need to think twice about what actions they take to achieve it.

    The Chariot Arcana has been claimed by TheCharredDragon

    - VIII ~ Justice -
    Justice represents rationality. Those under the Justice Arcana can be fair, orderly, strict, stoic, and responsible. Typically they are good at ensuring everyone is treated justly, but can give in to emotion and allow their own desires to govern their reasoning.

    The Justice Arcana has been claimed by TheSequelReturns

    - IX ~ The Hermit -
    The Hermit represents understanding. Those under the Hermit Arcana can be introverted, philosophical, polite, thoughtful, and shy. They usually work behind the scenes to the betterment of others, but they may not always have respect for societal norms and the needs of others.


    - X ~ Fortune -
    Fortune represents fate. Those under the Fortune Arcana can be lucky, decisive, extroverted, rebellious, calculating, and nonchalant. They can achieve great treasures if patient, but hasty and risky decisions will be their downfall.


    - XI ~ Strength -
    Strength represents power. Those under the Strength Arcana can be courageous, generous, resilient, fierce, and honest. They often are able to protect many people they are close to from all kinds of danger, but they can be overcome by desire and covet a single person to protect.


    - XII ~ The Hanged Man -
    The Hanged Man represents altruism. Those under the Hanged Man Arcana can be selfless, paradoxical, divided, survivalists, and considerate. They can be noble figures that sacrifice themselves for others or their thoughts can turn arrogant and egotistical.


    - XIII ~ Death -
    Death represents change. Those under the Death Arcana are mysterious. They can often find themselves at the center of change and personally may experience a change in themselves that goes beyond the surface.

    The Death Arcana has been claimed.

    - XIV ~ Temperance -
    Temperance represents versatility. Those under the Temperance Arcana can be moderate, understanding, well-rounded, helpful, and good mediators. They can be good at keeping a healthy balance over many areas of their life, but must be cautious that the balance doesn’t tip.


    - XV ~ The Devil -
    The Devil Arcana represents commitment. Those under the Devil Arcana can be antisocial, enduring, opinionated, compulsive, crafty, and defiant. They have potential for doing incredible good things for others if they can overcome the things they are a slave to.

    The Devil Arcana has been claimed by Schade

    - XVI ~ The Tower -
    The Tower Arcana represents disaster. Those under the Tower Arcana can be arrogant, smart, successful, insensitive, and stately. They often experience a huge failure and can either learn how to improve from it or be stuck in mourning over old successes.


    - XVII ~ The Star -
    The Star Arcana represents hope. Those under the Star Arcana can be faithful, idolized, hopeful, joyful, and encouraging. They can inspire and help others succeed, but must be wary of their own needs and avoid burning out.

    The Star Arcana has been claimed by InnerFlame

    - XVIII ~ The Moon -
    The Moon Arcana represents illusion. Those under the Moon Arcana can be tricky, pleasant, realistic, distant, and insecure. They can help others to see past false truths, but lack confidence in themselves and may not speak up.

    The Moon Arcana has been claimed by Vern

    - XIX ~ The Sun -
    The Sun Arcana represents joy. Those under the Sun Arcana can be optimistic, happy, accomplished, gullible, and spirited. They are often at a bad place in life and either learn to find a way to make their situation better or they remain blissfully ignorant and continue suffering.

    The Sun Arcana has been claimed by GoldenHouou

    - XX ~ Judgement -
    The Judgement Arcana represents absolution. Those under the Judgement Arcana can be forgiving, vigilant, intuitive, intelligent, and confusing. This Arcana is often a group rather than an individual. Their goals often align with uncovering truth and helping those in need.

    The Judgement Arcana is unavailable.

    - XXI ~ The World -
    The World Arcana represents totality. Those under the World Arcana are mysterious. They often have great, otherworldly power and look to make things whole or bring harmony. This Arcana is often also a force, rather than a person, that carries out the same ideals.

    The World Arcana is unavailable.

    1. Follow all Serebii rules
    2. Please treat each other with respect. You may have your characters squabble or we can have intense, emotional moments, but please be kind to one another.
    3. Please be active. I can understand that life gets busy, I really can. I will try to notify everyone when to expect a big post from me so you have plenty of time to get typing. Don’t be afraid to let me know if you need some more time either, I’ll understand and we can work something out so your character doesn’t fall too far behind.
    4. The rating is R for violence, swearing, and other adult topics. Please use this rating appropriately or ask before posting if you have any concerns.
    5. Above all, have fun. The rules are in place so everyone can enjoy themselves as much as possible. I look forward to playing with you all.
    I will allow reservations indefinitely. for up to 3 days before they expire; works in progress will not be accepted for holding a reservation. There are a limited number of Arcana so if there is one you want, please state which one when asking for a reservation and don’t dally on finishing your application or you could lose it.

    (GM sign-up in Spoiler)
    Character Information

    : Katherine “Kat” Dyson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Arcana: Magician

    Kat has a soft, young face with light skin and freckles. She has dull, orange hair like autumn leaves with curly volume. It’s short, hanging just past her chin, and has bangs dangling in the front. Her big eyes are bright green and expressive, as is the rest of her face. She stands around five and half feet having a lean and muscular build. Kat also has various scars. The most prominent is along her right arm; it’s two inches long going in the direction of her inner wrist to elbow.

    Kat wears casual clothes. She nearly never wears anything with sleeves and instead goes for loose tank tops and short sleeved hoodies. Almost always in jeans during the colder months, she only wears dresses or skirts for formal events. In the heat of summer, she wears cargo or denim shorts. She has a few outfits for working out and always has one spare outfit handy in case of Shadow attacks. She has a pair of brown work gloves for wielding her weapon without getting blisters. Her accessories are plain diamond studs in her ears, a black and silver bracelet with the word ‘Dream’ embossed in the silver section, and a small cross on a golden chain.

    Normally she has a relaxed stature. She isn’t anxious about much and stands with a lean, hip popped out, most of the time. She will fiddle with her necklace if she’s nervous and rests her hand on her check when she’s thinking about something. Being a teacher, she’s mastered the glare that gets students to behave and and quickly shift to casual, fun teacher to the disciplining, angry one. She has a slight accent leftover from her days in England that has subdued over the years.

    Personality: Kat has a commanding, and demanding, personality. She is confident in herself and dislikes being bossed around. Teaching can sometimes be a struggle with all the regulations she needs to adhere to, but she is also a creative teacher and often gets away with things she shouldn’t. In fact, she’s often very impulsive and makes decisions without thinking about the outcome. She has quick solutions, but they sometimes put her into a new predicament. She will react to things as they happen with little concern for the future and consequences. She can figure it out as it comes.

    Because of this, Kat has been able to develop many talents over the years. She has decent social skills, a flair for acting, and a general resourcefulness. She actually quite enjoys being in the spotlight too. While not completely dramatic, she enjoys attention and uses some of her skills to impress and attract others. She is musical, athletic, and knowledgeable, but never an expert in anything. Her hobbies come and go quickly, but she always retains her ability and knowledge of each one. In general, she has a go with the flow kind of attitude that has her learning new things all the time.

    At school, she loves being a teacher. Sure some days are tougher than others, but she feels led to teach people. She has a knack for breaking down complicated subject matters and is constantly using analogies to make things easier to understand. While science is her favorite subject, she is probably able to teach classes in most other subjects because of her well rounded education. She has a certain charisma too that makes her well liked. She is nice to everyone, even giving bullies and rude people a second chance before resorting to snark and sarcasm. She can hold quite the grudge if someone crosses her though. When younger she was a rambunctious kid. That trait has toned down with age, but there are times when she is a noisy, active, and hard to control adult.

    History: Kat grew up in England. Her elderly father died when she was young which left her, her mother, and sister in a financial hole. When her sister got the flu, they couldn’t take her to a doctor and she passed away. Kat and her mother moved to the United States in hope that her siblings would be able to help, but it was not looking hopeful. Then one day, when Kat was twelve, her mother never came home. Though her neighbors noticed and called local authorities, she panicked and ran away when the police showed up at her house. She didn’t want to be taken away to some orphanage and was afraid she’d be forced to go to school for the rest of her life. She lived on the streets and jumped from homeless shelters while picking up odd jobs. She learned a lot of useful skills while babysitting, farming, and other jobs which she greatly enjoyed. She made enough money to get by, but one of the shelters caught on to her and got her sent to school.

    Kat went to Highland Academy, her education funded by a kind doner. While not thrilled about going to school and being tied down, her years there were interesting. It was here when she battled a shadow version of herself and summoned her Persona, Nyx for the first time. She made friends with other Persona users and they thwarted a mysterious threat to the city. It was a fun and trying time that taught her a lot about herself. At the end of it all, she asked Igor if she could continue helping him and keep fighting Shadows to protect people. He agreed and extended her contract with new terms. With a new goal, Kat decided to get her degree in education and teach at school. The decision came from the idea that students were most likely to become Persona users and she wanted to help lead them through the trials of learning about everything that comes with it. Since then, she has been working her way up and got a position at Cantillion Academy three years ago. She quickly built a reputation as a great teacher, if a bit of a troublemaker for the administrative staff. She has been dealing with any minor Shadow outbreaks as they come and has her eyes peeled for any signs of other Persona users. Things have been escalating and she is worried that things could get out of hand if she’s on her own.

    Occupation: Librarian and study hall teacher at Cantillion Academy / Roses and Tulips Bookstore owner

    Persona Information

    Name: Nyx

    Description: Nyx is a fairy about nine inches in height. She has a very human appearance aside from her long pointed ears and pair of light, dragonfly wings. Her skin is light and flawless. She has short, thin, black hair that looks similar to Kat’s but straighter. She has earrings that look like small chunks of gold peeking from her hair. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue, large and childlike. Her four wings are icy blue and translucent, constantly vibrating unless she’s asleep or extremely tired. Nyx’s outfit is mostly white with gold embellishments. Her top is a shoulderless halter top with long sleeves ending with gold, lacy designs. Her bottom is a short, thin white skirt layered with white petals and spring green leaves. She keeps her arrows in a plain, brown quiver slung over her wings. Her bow is made of wood which she usually carries or sling over one shoulder rather than trying to reach over her wings.

    Personality: Nyx is a fun and playful pixie. She flutters about care-free, but eager for excitement. She can be a bit on the wild side and will make things exciting if she has to. A practical joker, she enjoys teasing her friends and playing some fun, safe, jokes on those she’s close to. Around strangers, she is a bit more cautious and waits for Kat to be comfortable before starting to try and make a new friend. She has a similar charm that Kat has and really enjoys making new friends. Nyx can be stubborn to a fault. She likes it her way and her way only, or Kat’s way. She can also be a bit rash and say the first thing that comes to mind, but she regrets anytime she truly hurts someone's feelings. She just can’t always help herself. She often acts childish as well. She can whine when she doesn’t get her way and throw small tantrums if she’s really upset. Also she has a sense of wonder like a child. She is fascinated by what others consider unimportant and she isn’t ashamed to show how excited she is.

    Abilities: Nyx carries a quiver that holds around 30 arrows that she replenishes during or after a fight. She relies on her magic in combat combined with the mini projectiles. Her magic consists of a variety of powders she can produce from her hand. The powder that has an effect of her choice including a powder that causes paralysis, sleepiness, poison, numbing, blurry vision, healing, increased adrenaline, and increased perception and reaction time. She can fly in closely to sprinkle it on enemies or allies or apply it to one of her arrows and fire it from a range, into a target to deal damage or past one to apply the effect without harming them with the arrow. She is also closely connected with nature and is able to communicate with plants and animals.

    Student Application

    Name: What are you called?

    Age: 13-19, a bit of wiggle room for students on the younger and older ends of the spectrum.

    Gender: What sex are you?

    Arcana: What Arcana do you belong to? Choose one unclaimed Arcana from the list above that fits you. It should be evident by your Personality section which Arcana you belong to.

    Description: What do you look like? Include a physical description and taste in clothing, as well as mannerisms that might correlate with personality. (2+ Paragraphs)

    Personality: How do you behave? This is the most important section. It plays a large role into which Arcana you belong to, so keep that in mind while writing. Please take care to examine every aspect of your character so we can get the fullest picture possible before the start of the game. (2+ Paragraphs)

    History: What has happened to you? Regardless of how exciting or dull your life has been, there are lots of little things that make a big impact on who a person becomes. Also, please explain how you came to Cantillion Academy rather than going to public school. (2+ Paragraphs)

    Year: What year of school are you in?

    Schedule: What classes will you be taking? Please select from the list of options in the School section above.

    Persona Application

    Name: What is your Persona called? Feel free to choose any of the Persona from the game itself or do something entirely different. You can adjust them to your liking, but please make sure to be creative and detailed in the rest of the sections of the application.

    Description: What does your Persona look like? They come in many forms, as mentioned in the section on Persona lore. Even if you pick what you believe to be a well known mythical creature or hero, please give a detailed description, as if you are seeing it for the first time. (1+ Paragraph)

    Personality: How does your Persona behave? It is a part of you and will reflect areas of your own personality, though still being only a reflection. It will differ from you, but is still part of your identity so keep that in mind while writing. (1+ Paragraph)

    Abilities: What powers does your Persona possess? They will have a handful of abilities of your choosing. Don’t get carried away, we could have a large cast of characters with many powerful allies, but be creative and descriptive.


    . . . As a final thought; is not a character in a game simply a representation of our own persona?
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2019
  2. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou aberrant

    Eyy it's up! Could I grab The Sun (likely with Horus as the Persona)? I'm not sure I can finish in 3 days, but will try.

    Are we allowed second characters by the way?
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  3. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Woo Persona! This is perfect timing, since I'm watching a playthrough of P5 RN.

    Can I tentatively reserve the Moon? If anyone else wants it I'll be glad to give it to them, since I'm pretty busy and might not be able to finish on time.

    I'll just leave a WIP here for now:

    Name: Morgan Valentine

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Moon

    Morgan stands at around average height. Her hair is a messy, black mop, sometimes tied up in a little bun at the back, and her facial features are on the sharper side. Her eyes are a bright yellow colour, almost golden. But perhaps the most striking part about her is her skin — she has vitiligo, and many patches of it have become totally discoloured, including a prominent patch around her right eye that she attempts to cover up a little using make-up.

    Morgan carries herself in a laid back half-slouch, hands almost always slipped into her pockets. She tends to casually sprawl out on whatever she’s sitting or lying down on, and appears at home in most places. Having forced herself into it a long time ago, this sort of postures become more or less natural to her even when she’s feeling far from relaxed (of course, she acts formal when she needs to). In particularly stressful situations she’d still sort of shrink, instinctively squeezing her arms in, curling up a little, etc. in an attempt to make herself seem smaller

    She is very insecure about her own appearance, and goes out of her way to cover herself up and avoid drawing attention to herself. She typically goes for muted colours (used to be just grey, but she picked up her sister’s thing for darkish green-blue hues) and always wears long sleeves, as well as a pair of white gloves, in an attempt to hide the discoloured patches on her arms and legs. She typically wears a loose sweater, slacks, and trainers.

    Personality: Morgan is a person who has tried very hard to become someone else. After her sister’s unfortunate disappearance, she has attempted to fill the void she left behind in any way she could, including basic things like picking up her general looks and mannerisms. It has become so ingrained in her personality that she isn’t sure if she’s just acting, or if she genuinely is that way. Apart from picking up on her sister’s hair style and taste in clothes, she’s also taken on certain other aspects of her — habits like clicking her tongue and tossing stuff up and down when agitated or frustrated. She took on her sister’s untiring work ethic, and also her role as a sort of advice-giver and comforting, supportive presence to those she is acquainted with. This willingness to help others and her untiring attitude are the things she is usually praised for, further cementing her insecurities and desire to become someone else.

    She considers herself inadequate and a faker, and has grown to hate many aspects of her own personality (and just herself in general), even though she consciously forced some of those aspects into existence originally. As such, she suffers from a sort of ongoing identity crisis, always wondering where she stops and her sister’s ghost begins. She often finds herself feeling lonely and lost, having to keep up a front against others, and frequently dreams of disappearing and starting over someplace else, as someone else.

    Morgan is very much a grounded, practical person who scoffs (discretely, and to herself) at idealistic or overly optimistic things. Considering the supposed suicide of her elder sister and it’s consequences, it’s hardly surprising that she holds a worldview that’s rather dark and sort of spiteful. Due to this, she can come off as a little cold sometimes, although she’s quick to pick up on it and apologise. Otherwise, she is typically quite friendly and pleasant to be around, being a good listener and very good at avoiding/defusing confrontations. She’s attempted to become the person her sister was, responsible and helpful, always willing to lend an ear to her peer’s problems and reassure or help them in any way she can. She has a sharp eye for social situations, being great at picking up on subtext and social cues — despite this, she doesn’t particularly enjoy social interaction, and often chooses to avoid it. She has a tentative sort of pride in her role as a sort of unofficial community advisor/counsellor who people go to for for advice on relationship problems and the like. Of course, given her self-hatred, she often feels like she’s faking, and feels guilty because of it.

    Perhaps the only thing she’s comfortable with herself about is her artistic talent, and even that is a bit of a grey area. Morgan is a great painter, and most would say that she has a talent and passion for art. In person, she often tries to downplay it, never knowing how to react to praise or compliments, and generally disliking being in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she attempts to make that talent known. She knows that she will never be as athletic as her sister, and that her artistic ability is the only way she can hope to compare in any way.

    History: Morgan was born into a strange family (as an accident, although she is unaware of it). Her parents were both retired athletes, and her sister Hope (elder by four years) had demonstrated a talent for sports very early on in her life. It was the one-in-a-million, potentially world-changing sort of talent. So, naturally, most of the family’s attention fell on Hope, and grooming her to be a great athlete just like their parents were. That’s not to say that Morgan herself wasn’t talented. She was born with a different sort of gift — an eye for shapes and colours. From an early age she was already painting, but her parents, who naturally didn’t value artistic skills as highly as athletic ones, failed to really acknowledge those skills and more or less left her to her own devices. It was like that at school as well — she had few friends (the discoloured patches on her skin, which many kids thought were ‘gross’, didn’t help matters), and was near invisible.

    This lead to Morgan herself being more or less overlooked, and despite the fact that they tried to make time for her, her parents were simply too caught up in the whole training business to really give her the attention she needed or wanted. So Morgan grew up in someone else’s shadow, always second best, both idolising and resenting her sister. When Morgan was around seven, Hope joined the school volleyball team and quickly became a star there, winning multiple championships and making it onto quite a few newspapers, eventually gaining a scholarship to the prestigious Cantillion Academy (which Morgan would also attend when she became old enough, although people would whisper that she only got in because of her sister’s talents). Hope was loved and idolised by almost everyone, while Morgan watched from the shadows.

    That’s not to say their relationship was bad. Hope was caring and supportive, almost protective, a model older sister. It was only because of her insistence that their parents took anytime to try and find Morgan a good teacher who could help her grow as an artist. When she felt alone or inadequate, it was Hope who comforted her. While most knew her only as ‘Hope’s Sister’, and she often resented that fact, it was still a label she wore with a certain amount of pride, and, of course, love.

    So, years later, when Hope mysteriously disappeared after jumping off the roof of the school gymnasium in a supposed suicide attempt, it was a shock to almost everyone. Everyone she knew mourned her death, and Morgan’s parents, as well as Morgan herself, were devastated. Despite their better efforts, their entire lives had revolved around Hope, and now that she was gone, they had to relearn how to live from the ground up. Her mother fell into alcoholism and her father seemed to grow more distant day by day, and Morgan herself felt like there was a sort of cold emptiness wherever she walked, waiting to be filled. So eventually, she came to a decision — she would try to become her sister, and fill the void she left behind.

    The process was almost natural to her. She had always hated many aspects of herself, feeling inadequate, and perhaps subconsciously, she saw this as a chance to change and become better, both in her own eyes and in the eyes of others. She cut her hair and changed the clothes she wore, and adopted many of her sister’s mannerisms. She trained herself to appear more confident, forced herself to become more hardworking, and dedicated large amounts of time to helping out her peers both with schoolwork and social life.

    She also began to try and get recognition for her art. She’d never liked the spotlight, but in order to become even a shadow of her sister, she’d need to be respected and to have her skills recognised. She entered competitions and won a few awards, and started receiving attention and support from her parents for what was really the first time. After a time, it almost felt like she’d been accepted into her sister’s role — people started coming to her for help like they used to do with Hope, and she could hear her name being echoed in the school’s hallways as her paintings were displayed proudly in front of the art department.

    And her effort seemed to pay off — all around her, she could hear people saying things about how she’d ‘really stepped out of her shell’ and how she was ‘actually pretty cool too’. Her parents also seem to cheer up, glad that their second child had finally begun to 'grow up’. Sometime along the way, they too managed to pull themselves together to support their other daughter’s endeavours, although Morgan often found herself feeling that they were only doing so to atone for their failure to protect Hope. In all of this, she forced herself to be more and more like her sister, until even she herself forgot where she was acting and where she was not. Sometimes, she doubted it — but everyone seemed happier now that she’d changed, so surely, she was doing the right thing… right?

    Year: 3rd

    Track & Field
    Tech Education


    Persona Application

    Name: Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde

    As Morgan’s Persona, Jekyll and Hyde manifest in the same being simultaneously, rather than being two distinct personalities. They take the form of an imposing human figure about two meters in height, with wild black hair and glowing red eyes which shine with a manic sort of glow. His face is handsome in a roguish sort of way, and is frequently held in a derisive smirk. His posture is typically relaxed, almost arrogantly so, like he thinks nothing can hurt him, but occasionally he’ll glance around in an almost paranoid fashion. He wears a typical victorian gentleman’s getup, but without the blazer and with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His teeth are jagged and vaguely reminiscent of a vampire’s, and his fingernails are long and talon-like. Dark bags surround his eyes, and his skin is a bit paler than usual. Occasionally, when the Jekyll side of his personality becomes more pronounced, his facial expressions will shift to become a bit sad and melancholic, or even anxious and scared, and he’ll shrink into himself, almost cowering.

    Jekyll and Hyde are a deeply troubled being. Two very different personalities forced to inhabit the same body, they often act erratically and in a way they become confused about moments later. When more Jekyll, they are polite and gentlemanly, if a little bit timid and reserved, and when more Hyde (which is more typical), they are abrasive and arrogant, not hesitating to pick fights or talk disdainfully to others. They fear themselves and all the harm they can do, as well as the dark and twisted nature of their innermost desires — and yet they also long to release those desires. Perhaps because of this, they’re very good at seeing what drives a person and what they truly want deep down. They often have outbursts of sadistic rage, only to regret it soon after and spend ages trying to calm themselves down. They are insecure and unsure of who they really are, neither ‘side’ of themselves being willing or able to accept that the other is part of themselves. This turmoil manifests in violent rages or anxiety/panic attacks with about equal frequency, and they will often shout at themselves. They attempt to keep others away from them, sometimes from fear of hurting them, at other times through disdain. But surprisingly enough, they are capable of caring for others and will protect those that earn their trust and friendship from harm with their life. They see themselves as a being who should not exist, and their recklessness in battle reflects that — although there are times where they simply recoil in fear.

    Abilities: Jekyll and Hyde have the capability to shift back and forth during battle, although they have a tendency to favour the Hyde side when fighting (for obvious reasons).

    Defensively, they are a healer who relies mainly on summoning needles and potions or other medical supplies, many of which are far more potent and fast-acting that anything you’d be able to manufacture in reality. They are capable of using magic to heal directly too, although their abilities are less than stellar in that regard. Offensively, they are a slasher sort of fighter, aggressive and physically powerful. They have a natural magic resistance and immense physical strength, their claw-like fingers being capable of tearing through most things with ease and inflicting large amounts of damage. Their attacks also cause sustained bleeding. They are incredibly fast and agile, capable of getting in your face and tearing away with reckless abandon and little regard for their own safety.

    By shifting and leaning towards either form, they can amplify their healing abilities at the cost of offensive power, or vice versa.
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  4. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Though i am a fish out of Water on Persona lore and much everything regarding it, this looks very interesting and i want to try dipping my toes into new waters. Throw me down a reserve for the Devil Arcana.
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  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I would like to reserve The Lovers.
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  6. Akkipeddi

    Akkipeddi Parfait addict

    I would like to reserve The Emperor arcana.
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    I believe for now I'll keep it one character per person. We'll see how many open spots there are by next week.

    Everyone else, your reserves are down. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
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  8. Monster Guy

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    Here he is. My most infamous character on Serebiiforums. Most of you joining will probably have seen him before.

    Student Application

    Name: André Bellamy

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Lovers


    Description: André is a tall and slender young man, standing at exactly six feet. Although he doesn't like to do so, he exercises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob. He has a slender physique that is physically fit and toned as a result. He doesn't spend too much time in the sun, so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair short, and neatly styled at all times. There is never a hair out of place. André is a quintessential pretty-boy. He has soft facial features, that some would consider feminine. He has a heart shaped face, a small nose, and large, baby blue, almond shaped eyes, that have fairly long eyelashes attached to them. He claims are his eyes are one of his best features. His mouth is usually in some kind of smile, which shows off his perfectly white teeth. He has perfectly manicured nails, French manicured of course, and they are often painted pink. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body. He's also pierced his earlobes so he can wear earrings.

    André is very much into fashion. He likes expensive designer clothing, and he usually dresses more formally than most people his age. Being famous, he has a certain reputation to uphold, so he makes sure to look his best wherever he goes. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He even wears a tie and blazer often. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans. His wardrobe contains a lot of different colors, but pink is by far his favorite. These days, André wears all pink from head to toe. His current outfit consists of a pink dress shirt that fits him well. In place of a tie, he wears an elaborate necklace made from pink pearls. On top of that he wears a magenta trenchcoat. He also wears a pair of pink diamond cuff bracelets around both wrists, and a diamond ring on a pink band on his right ring finger. On the bottom he wears tight magenta trousers held up by a fuchsia leather belt with a gold buckle. His choice of footwear include a pair of fuchsia dress shoes with bright pink spats on them. He accesorizes this with his signature pink beret on his head that has a magenta heart barette attached to it, and a pair of pink diamond stud earrings decorating his ears. He carries around a pink heart shaped messenger bag that has a magenta ribbon tied into a bow attached to it, and he wears a pair of pink cat's-eye sunglasses, with diamond studded rims.

    André has developed a taste for diamonds and gemstones. He will often be seen wearing various pieces of jewelry, regardless of whether it was intended for a man or not. He enjoys experimenting with fashion, and likes trying out many different things, including wearing women's clothing, wigs, and sometimes make-up. He feels women get nicer clothes than men do, and it lets him get away with wearing more jewelry than a man can. He can pass for a convincing woman when he's all made up. He often wears rose scented perfume.

    Personality: First off, André has tastes that are usually considered feminine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really emabrrased by it. He really doesn't understand why boys in this country have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their masculinity. André is very obsessed with beauty and looking good. As a movie star, he feels he has to maintain a certain image, and because people don't want to be friends with an ugly person. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. Because he puts so much effort into looking good, he hates getting dirty, as it ruins all the work he put in.

    He really values his relationships. He doesn't like to be alone, so he goes to great lengths to make friends and fans everywhere he goes. He often attends parties to meet new people. For the same reason, he also likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship. That being said, he isn’t good at the whole monogamy thing. He takes after his mother in that regard. He is very touchy-feely in his flirting, and openly expresses affection through hugs, kisses, caressing, and other forms of touching. He enjoys it when people respond in the same way. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

    He can be charming and manipulative when he wants to be. He uses his charm, charisma, and the occasional bribe to get what he wants from people. He knows just what to say to win people over, which sometimes helps him get his way in many situations. While he is polite and well-mannered, and typically acts friendly towards others, he treats people like objects to make himself feel better. He can be self-centered, and disregards how other people feel and what they need if it's not benefiting him somehow. It's not something he does consciously, it's just how he is. He was brought up believing that people's affections can be bought, and it's worked out for him so far.

    Having become used to being given whatever he wants, André has been spoiled by wealth. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He wears expensive clothes, drives around in fancy cars, takes exotic vacations, and freely spends money like it grows on trees. He is very generous with his money, since he has so much of it, trading a a few dollars for something better is no problem. He's also found it much easier to woo people with money. He especially enjoys being famous, and being adored by many. He doesn't mind the the craziness that comes with being a cleberty either. Bad publicity is still publicity, as long as people are talking about you, then that's all that matters. André has always been accustomed to life on top. His worst fear is losing it all, whether that be ruining his movie career, or losing his hard earned friends.

    History: Born in Paris France, André's childhood is not what one would consider normal. His mother was Michelle LeBeau, a well known socialite and actress. She was a tabloid fixture known as much for her love life, and party girl lifestyle, than she was for her acting ability. She had flings with men, women, anybody she found interesting. She probably never would not have gotten married at all had she not gotten pregnant after a fling with fellow French actor Charles Bellamy. He was focused on his craft. They got married because their publicists thought it would be good for both of their careers to marry. Michelle and Charles Bellamy became even bigger stars once they got married, and had their son, which they named André. They sold the rights to their baby's first photos to a tabloid for a substantial amount of money, and both of them were offered a lot more film roles than before. They became a power couple in the film industry.

    Since his birth he's been in the lap of luxury. Due to his parents being famous actors, and therefore often busy, André rarely ever saw them. He was also homeschooled for a while, and was rarely able to leave the house. He felt lonely being in a big empty mansion with only caretakers that were too busy to keep the kid entertained. André's parents brought him expensive toys to make it up to him. For a while the shiny new toy would make him feel less lonely, but soon he would get bored of it, and the loneliness came back. He thought something better would solve the problem. When his parents announced a new trip, the young boy cried, and of course, his parents brought him a new, better, more expensive gift once they got back. The same thing happened, it would make him feel good for a while, but soon he'd get bored again. He would continue to ask and receive more and more expensive things throughout his childhood. It was great, and André grew accustomed to wealth and having anything he wanted on a whim. It was nice, but it still wasn't enough, the bad feelings still didn't go away.

    At some point, his parents thought it was a good idea for him to start interacting with other kids, so they enrolled him in a private school. When André started going to school, and meeting other people his age, he got a lot of attention from them due to the fancy toys he had that they couldn't afford. At recess, every kid wanted to play with him. Being with others made him feel just as good, if not better, than opening up a brand new toy. It was then he thought that if new toys won't help, then maybe people will. He made lots and lots of friends, and Andre was happy for a while. Soon his family had to move away, and André was transferred to a new school. Having lost all the friends he made, André was upset for a while, but he soon worked to make new friends in this new place, and he was happy again. Then his parents moved once more, and the cycle continued. He was never truly content though, because he always had to leave all his friends behind. His constant moving around eventually brought him to the Cantillion Academy, where he is currently a student.

    When André was thirteen, André's parents encouraged their son to follow in their footsteps, and become an actor himself. They put him in acting classes, and used their connections within the industry to pull a few strings, and get him a starring role in a major film. He didn't want to do this at first, but did it anyway to please his parents. While making the movie, he came to enjoy being on a movie set, and acting. When his first movie went to theaters, and became a box-office success, he enjoyed all the fame and attention it brought him. Or more specifically, he liked all the adoring fans. He got a lot of positive reviews from critics who praised his charisma and screen presence. He also enjoyed the piles of money, expensive things, and all the glamour that being a movie star brings. He decided he wanted to pursue a film career.

    He managed to balance being an actor, while also attending school when he wasn't filming movies. After doing that for a few years, he became as famous and successful as his parents. He is often chased by Papparazzi and crazed fans, and he is also often the subject of ridiculous rumors in gossip magazines. Usually, they involve him spending absurd amounts of money on something lavish, being seen at a party, or romance rumors with various other celeberties. (Not long after hitting puberty, he discovered how attractive people were, and the joys of love. Although he's never had a serious romantic relationship, much to his disappointment.) He doesn't mind all the craziness that much. As long as he has all his adoring fans, then all is well.

    André has everything now, devoted fans, a luxurious life, and piles of money at his disposal. Despite this, he still isn't satisfied, but he wasn't sure what to do to fix the problem. Now on his fourth and final year of school, he decided to take a break from making movies, and focus on being a student full-time, and figure things out.

    Year: 4th

    Tech Education

    Persona Application

    Name: Narcissus


    Description: Narcissus takes the form of a handsome young man. He is tall, with a slender but still toned physique that he is proud to show off. He has long wavy blond hair that goes down to his waist. His hair always seems to be blowing even when there is no wind. His facial features vaguely resemble André’s, in that they are soft and almost feminine. Like André he also has blue eyes, and a fair complexion. For some reason, his ears are pointed like an elf. He also has long well manicured nails. Narcissus doesn't really wear any clothing. He is basically naked save for a long maroon colored scarf that covers his genitalia. Where his feet should be, there is instead blades of grass, and yellow narcissus flowers growing there. The same flowers also grow on top of his head.

    Personality: The most prominent personality trait of Narcissus is that he is very vain. He enjoys admiring his own appearance and is literally in love with his own reflection. He is proud, and confident in his looks and his abilities. He thrives on the attention of others, and he enjoys receiving compliments about himself, but is rather stingy with complimenting others unless it will benefit him somehow. He doesn't like to dish out praise meaninglessly, and only gives compliments to others if someone does something he feels truly deserves it. He has very high standards, so getting him to praise others is a feat. That being said, he does care about others in his own way. He'll never admit it, but he needs the validation of others to function, so he would rather if people didn't die on his watch. He is fiercely protective of those he cares for, and is quick to come to the aid of those in need. He keeps people alive, and they shower him with praise. It’s mutually beneficial. He is capable of being legitimatly friendly and charming to others. Even if it is for selfish reasons. After all, he doesn't want people hating him either. For the most part André and Narcissus have similar personalities, and get along ok. At times, their respective egos can clash which leads to conflict.

    Abilities: Narcisus isn't much of a physical fighter. Instead he relies on his magic to get things done.

    Wind magic: Narcissus has the ability to control wind. It is his method of dealing actual damage to opponents. He is able to summon gusts of wind to attack opponents. Either by summoning tornadoes to blow multiple enemies away, or by producing razor sharp air blades to slash at a single foe.

    Charm: He is able to charm foes with his beauty. He can blow a kiss at an opponent, and they have a chance to become charmed. Foes who have charmed will turn on their own allies, and attack them instead. This doesn't always work, and some opponents are immune to it. At present time, Narcissus can only charm one opponent at a time. Related to this, he can also cure an ally who has been charmed by an opponent.

    Healing: Seeing as he doesn't want his allies to die on his account, Narcissus possess healing magic. He is able to heal wounds and ailments from his teammates with a touch. Seeing as he actually has to touch them, he can only heal one ally at a time.
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  9. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Monster Guy -
    I don't mind seeing you use a character you've used before, but I would've enjoyed seeing what new character you could come up with (I've done the same thing though, I don't disagree with reusing characters, but it's nice to see new things too). I'm slightly worried about your use of the word 'infamous' though. Is there anything I need to know about your character in regards to his reputation on Serebii? Regarding the sign-up itself, everything for Andre looks good. For Narcissus, I would like to see more detail in all of his sections. All sections are under 100 words which is thin, and I would like to know more about how his abilities work, for example, what their limits are and further details on the effect they have; you can see my added sign-up form if you'd like a better idea of what I'm looking for. For now, PENDING, but you have a spot saved for The Lovers Arcana so take your time and feel free to ask questions if you have any, thanks.

    Everyone - I've updated the first post with my Sign-up. You can look to it as an example if you have any questions, the only significant difference being my character will be a teacher and has past experience with Persona.
  10. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    I hope my character does your RP justice. Let me know if there is anything you'd want me to change.

    Name: Eirik Sollien.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: The Devil
    Description: Eirik is a decently tall young man standing at about 5.8 feet. He has a relatively slinky physique, even though h still maintains a toned physique due to him regularly being physically active. He has pale skin, which goes nicely with his platinum blonde hair. His hair is short and requires little to no maintenance, mostly standing up in a surprisingly stylish "Swoosh"-kinda style. He has matching eyebrows, which are curved in a fashion to give his icy blue eyes a more serious and aloof look about them. He's not one to showcase his emotions, so he mostly has a serious or blend facial expression most of the time. He has high cheekbones, and a prominent jawline. While many would consider him attractive, he is oblivious to this fact himself.

    For clothing, it's Go Casual o Go Home for Eirik. Originating from a colder environment, he is used to dress for the warmth, though he doesn't really need to anymore. His casual look also has a "rebellious" streak to it. The basics consists of a pair of simple pair of worn out jeans in a pale blue color, along with an Orange tank top with a star on it. he wears light blue worn boots, capable of every weather while still being comfortable with the user, available now on Amazon. His favorite piece of clothing though, is his black jacket. this jacket has a fur-lined hood which is perfect for the colder climates yet offers little to no effect otherwise. It's kinda become a fashion statement of his, and while he doesn't care about it, he doesn't particularly dislike it.

    Personality: One of Eiriks main features is how quiet he is. Never one to speak up or to raise his voice, he tends to stick to the background where he belongs. He's more of a follower than a leader, even though he does have the quality to lead, but more on that later. Eirik is the kind of guy you could easily overlook in a crowd, being more concerned with himself and his own endeavours than those of the people around him, and has a slightly selfish attitude. He tends to rely more on his own abilities than to ask those around him for help, with over the years have given him somewhat of a stubborn trait. While not entirely unreasonable, he does prefer to get things done his own way, morally grey as they might be.

    Eirik is an intelligent young man, with above average grades across the board, he knows his way around a myriad of situations. One of his flaws, as mentioned, is how he prefers to do everything alone. Feeling a need to prove himself to his parents, he disregards other people, and fights on on his own. Whatever the means, he'll get the results needed for him to personally grow, and while he tries to keep others out of it, he is not above pushing others down in the process. Despite this, Eirik is not a bad guy at all. He is distrustful to people, as he believes people treating him well means they expect something from him in return. It's a toxic way of thinking, but he cannot help it.

    In social situations, Eirik tends to keep to himself, though when forced into conversation, he's often evasive, negative or otherwise rude in hopes that people will leave him alone. While this is purely a defense mechanism, he actually desires friendship and companionship. However, his conflicted way of thinking often gets in the way of that. He has a barbed tongue that he often uses to speak in a demeaning, harsh and condescending manner to the people he interacts with. Despite his rudeness, he is known to have the tendency to mean the opposite of what he says, further adding to his internal conflict. He hopes to one day get over his on insecurities and personal errors in order to be more open with people, but until that happens, people around him would have to deal with a loooot of BS.

    History: Eirik was born and raised in Alta, Norway to a family of middle class workers. Both his mother and father led busy jobs, which made Eirik spend most of his childhood alone. He didn't mind this though, as being alone gave him the tools he needed for personal growth as well as a better perspective on himself and how to handle things. This, however, turned him into somewhat of an anti social child, and he would have trouble forging friendships once he got into school. Despite that, his grades were on point. Always the smart kid, Eirik learned to defend himself from the dumb bullies who for some reason always targeted the smart. fight fire with Fire, as Eirik would say as he laid traps and acted the victim for the teachers, gaining the upper hand and eventually dominating his bullies. He was a force to be reckoned with, and many people in the school feared him. Eirik, however, was contempt with just focusing on schoolwork. He had no interest in the social aspects of this, as he figured he could just get into that once he was older.

    As he got older, Eirik learned to focus on his schoolwork. While he wasn't the most sociable of people, he did have a few friends here and there, and even when hanging out with them, he maintained his stoic emotionless attitude. He always strived for perfection, and though h was number 3 in class, he would end up getting high praise from both teachers, his parents and his friends alike. Despite that, however, he did wish he could be more open to people. He had seen how other people acted when with their friends, and wanting something akin to that, he tried being more open about himself, but often came across as awkward or try hardy. Because of this, he decided he'd be better off just shutting himself in and focusing on himself.

    when he was 16, eiriks father would receive a job opportunity which required them to move. As his mother at this point had become ill and couldn't work on the regularly, it became obvious that this was going to happen. The family would move to Cantillion City for Eirik's fathers big breakthrough, and Eirik had applied to many schools. However, there was one school in particular that stood out to him and that was the blandly named Cantillion Academy. It was one of those "Live on campus" sort of places, but Eiriks parents urged him to attend, considering the academy's flawless reputation of creating geniuses. Initially skeptical to the idea of living alone in a dorm with potentially other people, Eirik decided that it should be fine, as long as he focused on his main goal.

    Year: 2nd

    - Grammar
    - Chemistry
    - Calculus
    - Track and Field
    - Art
    - Tech Education
    - History
    - Dance
    - English Class

    Eirik is also part of the Dance, and Track and Field clubs at the school.

    Persona Application

    Name: Baphomet, the Sabbatic Goat

    Description: Baphomet is something torn out form some pure little girls nightmare. she is an entirely nude female figure, often sitting in a cross-legged. Her skin is sickly grey in color, making her look more like a corpse than a living being. The one defining trait of Baphomet, well.. One of many to be honest, is her head. Baphomets head is that of a goat. Black fur, sharp fangs and blood red eyes, Baphomet strikes fear into anyone familiar with her. She also dons a Ram's horns because of course she does. The horns are long, black and slightly curved, with an eternal flame burning between them. The flame is said to represent Baphomets alignment to witchcraft, which makes her even more formidable. While her torso is naked, she does wear a burgundy sash around her waist. did i mention her legs and arms are clawed? I didn't, did i? Well, they are. The final touch on this horrific creature are her wings. She dons a pair of formidable pitch black wings on her back, adding to her majesty.

    Personality: Baphomet is the enbodiment of pride. She carries herself with a hellish confidence matched only by the devil himself. While stubborn and often standoffish, Baphomet represents the part of Eirik that wants to get things done, however the means. In Baphomets situation tho, the means is magic Being the unholy mother of all witches and everything considered magic, Baphomet has a certain "Don't worry i got this" attitude when it comes to solving problems. She is also somewhat arrogant and looks down on other beings, especially those affiliated with elemental magic, as she governs all of them. Her preferred element is Fire, as she knows Fire is the destruction and rebirth pulled into an infernal dance of mutual creation and destruction. She values power over all else, although her concept of power differs from the normative description. Baphomet favors those who can fend for themselves, and show strong independence.

    Abilities: Fire. Baphomet's main focus is Fire. Total manipulation of the dancing evil, she has the ability to create, control and dispel enemy Fire. Her main focus of attack is to create localized heat waves, and work temperatures up to the boiling point, often around her enemies heads, causing them to perish painfully. Besides this, she has vast knowledge on the topic of magic and most things arcane. Her go-to defensive magic is to create a magical barrier to engulf the people around her, granting them effective, yet limited defense in combat.
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  11. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Schade -
    Aside from a handful of typos, everything looks pretty good. One thing I think needs some touching up though is Baphomet's abilities. The phrase "vast grasp on the concept of magic" is just a bit too vague. Try to narrow it down and be specific about her powers. I'm not against multiple abilities, but they should be well defined so we know what to expect when they use them. PENDING until you've made those changes, but otherwise it looks good. Let me know if you have questions, thanks.

    Everyone (again) - So I had a lapse in attention and realized the Persona section of the sign-up was kind of unclear. I've made a slight change that basically says your Persona can be anything; doesn't have to be one from the game and you can even make changes to ones from the game if you like the general design. If you already have one done but want to change it, please go ahead. This was an oversight on my part so apologies, it should hopefully be the last change I need to make.
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    Ok, I think I fixed everything...
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    Got a few questions about the Persona just in case, though:

    1) Will we keep the same one throughout the rp, or will we get an evolved/ultimate one eventually?
    2) Once summoned, do the Persona stay until dismissed, or do they disappear after attacking/a certain time/taking damage/of their own volition?

    Student Application

    Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova (to good friends, Sonya)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: The Sun


    Sofiya doesn't quite reach the average height for a girl of her age and ethnicity, standing only at 5'2'' - though her heels add an inch or two to that number. Petite with a lithe build, she may come across as fragile - even weak - at a first glance. Sofiya is well-aware of her lack of physical prowess, and actively exercises to rectify it. He regimen is strict, enough so that it might make a grown man cry - and yet she powers through stubbornly. However, as she only started recently, the results have yet to show as anything but constant exhaustion. Her skin is relatively pale, soft and smooth - but that makes the dark circles from sleepless nights spent worrying or training that much more apparent if she forgets to cover them up with make up. Despite that, her eyes themselves never look tired; on the contrary, really. Even without makeup to compliment them, they're big and curious, seemingly bursting with life like the rest of her. The colour of her eyes is a bluish green - turquoise, in essence. Her facial features are soft and round, with a small nose and mouth - which is probably why people are so caught off guard whenever she opens the latter. This girl is loud if she so wishes.

    As far as first impressions go, Sofiya always thrives to make a positive - nay, a perfect one. She wants to come across as fun and exciting, someone you can't wait to befriend - with big, animated gestures, a constant smile and a skip to each step being just some of the ways she strives to achieve this. By now, she's perfected her 'craft', and one would be hard-pressed to tell apart a genuine smile from a fake one, unless they know her very well. Her hair is jet black, lush, and--- very, very long, though the exact length is anyone's guess; she does prefer to keep her hair tied up and out of the way of action, after all. The ways she does this vary, but her favourite style of late is to tie her hair up in a messy bun for a neat but casual look. She leaves her bangs untouched, however, allowing them to frame her face. She loves the way they wind catches and plays with them, it's relaxing.

    For clothing, Sofiya is rarely seen without her brother's gorod patterned jacket. It's clearly way too large for her, which is why she tends to wear it on her back or waist, tying or buttoning it from the front as if it were a cape of some sort. If the cold strikes her though, she pulls it on properly, overly long sleeves and all. Underneath, as a contrast to the dark and heavy jacket, Sofiya prefers to wear something light, in both senses of the word; a tube or a tank-top, usually in light green or blue. She also likes separate sleeves of various lengths, colours and styles, some with attached gloves, some without. Sofiya loves skirts - or short shorts, if the occasion so mandates - and seems to own a pile of different kinds. On her feet, she has black, heeled boots up to her knees, with straps wrapping around the boots in a rather messy way, simply as decorations. Around her neck hangs her signature item, another thing she is rarely seen without; her brother's dog tags.

    Personality: Sofiya is, in more ways than one, not what seems. People's impression of her tends to be that of a happy-go-lucky, excitable and even naive girl, who doesn't have the biggest brain - but makes up for it with the size of her heart. At least, that's what Sofiya truly hopes for; she's gone to great lengths to fool even herself into thinking that, after all.

    Perhaps the most striking trait of hers is her positivity. Endearing to an outlooker, exhausting to many a friend, and a borderline obsession to Sofiya herself. No matter what situation she finds or others in, she will try to find something positive about it, no matter what. She's determined to cheer everyone up, partly because she knows what it's like to be drowning in your sorrows and doesn't want that for anyone else - and partly because she fears that the negativity is contagious. She's on a constant quest to keep her environment as rosy as she can, and often the first step is to try and befriend everyone she comes across. Yes, even the shy kid trying to hide from her, yes, even the bully actively making fun of her, yes, even you, and you better know that she will outrun you if you try to flee.

    Ironically, it's this stubbornness and pushiness that can drive people away from her or actually create some negative feelings towards her, such as annoyance or unease. For those moments, though, Sofiya has a second mask in place; that of naivete. At heart, Sofiya is quite a smart girl. She studies hard and has quite an extensive knowledge on medical topics thanks to her mother's profession, but in every day life, you would never guess it. She makes sure not to come across as a diligent student, and often pretends to be too silly or stupid to understand matters that would otherwise worry her. She's trying to fool herself just as much as she is others, and she is quite successful at that - to a point that she almost seems like a different person when she's alone and in the company of others and seems completely unaware of it.

    It probably comes across as no surprise that Sofiya never really talks about her own problems, or likes to listen to others'. She appreciates the trust placed in her when people confide to her, and does do her best to help - she just wishes she could prevent worries in her friends rather than fix them; the latter is much more difficult and scary. Speaking of, in scary situations, Sofiya's silliness and positivity seem to amp up to eleven, and she tends to giggle at and joke about things that make her afraid to make them seem less scary. It can come across as unsettling to be sure, but she doesn't do it to belittle the problem.

    As for her fears? Apart from her own demons she's running from, nothing quite scares her like the thought of being abandoned or being alone without friends, like she once was. She's learnt that people are, in the end, all selfish, and will always put themselves before anyone else. So... if they found out what she was really like, everyone around her would vanish again. It's not like she could blame them, either - she would probably do the same, if she couldn't get someone to cheer up no matter what she did. That's just how things go, even between friends... right? Unfortunately, her need for companionship also means that she's very prone to peer pressure, even if her own wishes are contrary to the majority. She also second guesses herself often. In her quest to be excitable, she's ended up as someone who speaks before all her trains of thought have reached the station; and that causes her undue headache afterwards.

    Despite not being sure what friendship really means to her at the end of the day, she'd go to great lengths for those she calls friends. It takes a lot to have her abandon you, as she will fight for a long time to try and bring you back from whatever dark place you are in. And, while she might not know what to do when it comes to solving fights between people, since she doesn't want to upset anyone... bring in a monster, and she's brave and headstrong until the end, like a daredevil dipped in fairy dust. It should be noted that she is also (somewhat dangerously) adept with one particular military knife she received from her brother years ago - and though she wields it way too recklessly for comfort, she knows what do with it. Most of the time.

    History: Sofiya was born in Vladivostok, Russia, to wealthy couple at the height of their respective careers. He father was an ambassador whose job often took him overseas, and her mother was a doctor who'd recently gotten a promotion to a highly sought-after hospital. She was, as one would expect from such a life situation, not a planned child - but also not an unpleasant surprise. Her parents loved her, even if they could not show it with their presence. However, that didn't mean Sofiya was alone; she had a brother named Pyotr, thirteen years older than her and mature for his age, as her parents always said. He was often tasked with babysitting her and keeping her company in their parents' absence. As such, Pyotr and Sofiya spent a lot of time together - and the siblings' bond grew bigger than the one they had with their parents. They did everything together.

    Once Sofiya was old enough to attend school, she realized that she wasn't the only one who really loved Pyotr. Liked by many, he was the popular kid in the neighbourhood, good looks and grades and a wealthy upbringing and all. As such, Sofiya's welcome to the school he used to attend was a warm one, and she was instantly befriended by many. She did make genuine friends eventually, but many of those who reached out to her first - particularly the older kids - were not after her friendship but her family's good graces. Always the trusting one, Sofiya didn't seem to notice the ulterior motives at all.

    When the time came, Pyotr went to military service as was mandated. Despite the extremely harsh environment and the presence of dedovshchina, her brother stubbornly endured through the first and harshest year of service without uttering a word of complaint to anyone - least of all to Sofiya, who he did not want to worry. From there on, things became much better for him. He made friends, gained fame and found a future job, a place he felt he could belong to. He started to tell - somewhat exaggerated and sugarcoated - tales of his time at the military to his little sister, finding her kiddy excitement endearing. As a result, though it wasn't exactly Pyotr's intention, Sofiya also grew an interest in the military - or at the very least, the glorified version of it she'd heard him speak of. So while other girls were busy playing with dolls, she played with guns and military knives - without telling her brother, of course. Over the years, she learnt the names of the most important history figures of her country, she knew the dates they died at, and she loved nothing more than her brother's military coat, under which she always snuggled when it was cold.

    Pyotr was 26 when he was seriously injured in a gang fight - and was left comatose. It destroyed Sofiya.

    She refused to eat, talk, or do anything but hug her brother's belongings and cry. She'd overheard the doctors talk about how he might never wake - and to young Sofiya, that sounded like a death sentence. Her friends at school were understanding at first; she had almost lost an important brother, they were ready to give her time to mourn, and they tried to cheer her up the best they could. But... no matter what they did, nothing would work. She would barely listen to her comforters, much less find comfort in their words. No matter what they said, it went to deaf ears - and whenever they mentioned that they were sure her brother would recover, she snapped at them for belittling the problem. And so, eventually, one by one, her friends contacted her less and less, spoke to her in fewer words and eventually, grew extremely distant - until one day, no one came to speak to her any longer. It's not that they were bad people; Sofiya's sorrow and frustration had just worn them out so much they couldn't stand it anymore. They had their own troubles in life too.

    Sofiya's parents grieved for a time as well - but life continued, and they had to resume their work eventually lest they lose even more. They couldn't risk getting fired. And so, with her parents busy and no friends to depend on, Sofiya was left alone. Miserable, depressed and feeling like there was nothing left in the world for her. It lasted for a year, maybe more; time meant little to her. That was, until one day, she heard a knock on the door. She didn't want to open at first, thinking it was a salesperson or one of her parents' acquaintances. She pulled the covers over her and intended to go back to sleep - but the knocking became so intense that Sofiya was afraid the door would break. So she forced herself up and went to the door.

    Behind it stood men that she did not know. Many of them, all serious and carrying various little gifts. They told they were Pyotr's friends, and that they were sorry for what happened to him and how late they came to give their condolences for what had happened. They left their gifts and as they were about to close the door, one of them spoke. He likely wasn't aware of it, but his words were what changed Sofiya's life from there on out. Time has blurred her memory, but they went something like: "Oh, and you'd better stop looking like that. Petya ain't dead yet. Show him some support, so he doesn't come home to see you like that when he wakes. Positive thoughts and such. That's what he'd want."

    It was funny to her. Such a simple concept, and she hadn't realized it before. This wasn't even the first time something like that had been said to her. But something in the way it was let out, like a statement or a demand, rather than an attempt to comfort her really struck to her. He wasn't dead. He'd come home... yes, he'd definitely come home, and when he did, she'd be here waiting with a smile! She clung to that thought desperately, to a point that it became almost an obsession. It did help bring her out of her depressed slump - but it also tipped her too far the other way. She went back to school, she even visited his bedside for the first time in years, all the while trying to fight all and every traces of negativity from her mind. She didn't even let herself cry when she saw him; after all, what if he woke just then and there and saw her like that?

    And yet, no matter how much she fought, the shadow of worry never truly left the back of her mind. And so, she decided that a change of environment was in order. It didn't take much to get her parents to agree to send her study abroad, to a prestigious school called the Cantillion Academy. She transferred there for her third year, bright-eyed, hopeful, and a total mess inside. But she was nothing if not determined. She'd study hard, make friends, train hard enough to be accepted into the military and when her brother woke, make sure he could be proud of his little sister and her achievements.

    Yes. When. It had to be only a matter of time...

    Year: 3rd

    • Grammar
    • Chemistry
    • Calculus
    • Track and Field
    • Home Economics
    • Tech Education
    • Sociology
    • Dance
    Persona Application

    : Yatagarasu

    Description: Yatagarasu takes the form of a three-legged crow, only slightly bigger than his normal brethren. Unlike them, though, his beak and legs are golden. He has red eyes with a stern look to them, and wears a pendant with three claw-like pieces around his neck. Though his feathers are well taken care of, his small size, colouration and the few feathers that stick out on his head make him look somewhat scrappy, belying his intellect. In most situations, he prefers to stay on the sidelines, watching and judging, and doesn't really stand out - at least, until he uses his light powers and literally glows, like the bird of sun and guidance he is.

    Personality: If Sofiya is the bright and positive one, Yatagarasu is what she used to be a few years ago. Ruthlessly realistic with a hint of pessimism, he's the embodiment of the worry that Sofiya actively fights against. In a way, it's almost as if she was the mask and the Persona the true self - though the truth is probably somewhere in between. Regardless, Yatagarasu is stoic and blunt, not mincing words for Sofiya - or anyone else for that matter. Where Sofiya plays dumb and innocent to be more approachable, Yatagarasu is wise and tactical, able to spot things many others would not. The bird keeps to himself most of the time, only piping up when there's something to criticize or correct. He cares little for companionship or frivolities, though it's not out of hatred for others so much as it is just a preference for solitude. It doesn't mean he would be unwilling to aid others in a fight, and in a way his negative attitude and eye for problems are his means of ensuring no one dies prematurely due to a silly plunder. Thank him, though, and he'll simply scoff you away. He is a guide, his job is to lead - not exchange pleasantries.

    Abilities: Light and dark - the sun that shines with a blinding might, and the dark shadows it casts. These are Yatagarasu's realm, and he can control both at will. He can fire beams of light from the sky and, much like the sun's rays, these are very hot, capable of burning (or melting) his target with prolonged exposure. He can also cloak himself in light, during which he is immune to fire - few things burn hotter than the sun, after all. The downside to these abilities is that the brightness of them can also hinder allies as well as foes. For shadows, he can control them where he sees them, but cannot directly create more. He can use them to trap, stab, or otherwise fight against enemies by giving them a more physical, sharper form. Even in material form, the shadows are semi-ethereal however, meaning that while they can be used for sudden, powerful physical attacks and entrapment, they make for poor shields and dissolve if met with enough force. Finally, both of these two elements as well as his relatively small size lend themselves to making Yatagarasu a nimble fighter, who can, in desperate situations, even peck and claw at an adversary and then quickly slip away. In other words, he's difficult to hit, which is good, since he cannot withstand that many direct attacks to his being.
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    Monster Guy - Everything looks perfect! The additions really helped Narcissus feel more real. Andre and Narcissus are ACCEPTED!

    GoldenHouou - It all looks great (and the sketch looks adorable)! Sofiya and Yatagarasu are ACCEPTED!

    Question 1: You will keep the same one. Hadn't decided on them being evolved or anything, but things may change as we charge ahead. Also, having not played the games I'm only kind of familiar with that sort of thing so might need to read up some more before I'm comfortable with it.
    Question 2: Similar to Pokemon, you can summon and unsummon them at will. Only under extreme circumstances will they be forcibly sent back. Even if unconcious your Persona can continue to fight, but certain powers or emotional stress may cause them to recede for a moment. They have no power over their own summoning and rely on their user to bring them out and call them back.
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    OK, so I think I'm done!

    If Jekyll and Hyde is a bit too gimmicky of a Persona (or he belongs more in a different Arcana), I could probably tweak him a little to make Jekyll more pronounced (or just use Kaguya).
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    Vern - Everything on your Sign-up looks good, ACCEPTED!

    @Akkipeddi - Your reservation for the Emperor Arcana expires today. Please post a complete sign-up or I will open up the Emperor Arcana for others to claim. Let me know if you have questions on anything as well, thank you.
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    TheSequelReturns - I was wondering if you were going to make an appearance ; ) you've got your reserve. Hope I can do a good job of this considering my lack of experience with the games.

    Schade - I think removing those powers did help, but I'd still like some clarification on this phrase you've got in the middle; "Besides this, she has a vast grasp on the concept of magic, and can freely use offensive and defensive magics." Does this mean she understands magic or can use all kinds of magic? What is the scope of her knowledge or ability or is it strictly related to one or two things?
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