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Persona: Gardens and Graveyards (R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Skillfulness, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Cassandra Winter ~
    - ??? -

    If anything, that strange reflection of herself looked disappointed by her answer. Was that good?

    “Lucky guess." it finally said, and Cassandra felt a tiny sliver of hope well up. She might get out of this after all. But... if that really was the answer, if this strange thing really was a part of her, then what the hell was it? A ghost? A demon? Her evil twin? Dark side? The endless possibilities and the ramifications thereof were making her head spin.

    The Shadow continued, "Since you were technically correct though, I guess I’ll let you live a little longer. I’ll pull your limbs off one at a time instead. We can enjoy each others company as you bleed out on the floor."

    It took another step closer, and Cassandra reflexively took a step back. This thing was going to try and kill her no matter what. She wasn't going to be able to puzzle out a solution to this mess. She had to stop it somehow. But how? She wasn't a fighter. She could barely make it through a game of badminton without doubling over. And this unholy monotone monstrosity that wore her face was clearly ready to rip her apart with its bare hands. If she died here, would they even find her body? Would her family ever find out what happened to her? Or would this thing step over her corpse, walk out that door to her dorm, and take over her life? What evils did it plan to commit with her face, her name, her life?

    "Looks like you still lose. Say hello to mother, won't you?” The thing spat as it started to walk towards her. Its grin was inhumanly big. Its eyes shone that baleful yellow, like the moon in a horror movie. Smoke, or whatever that those dark tendrils were, billowed up from its form like mad now. Like it would burst open at any second. It was in every way a nightmare. A fiend from hell itself, given form for the sole purpose of tormenting Cassandra.

    But at the mention of her mother, Cassandra felt something new welling up inside her.

    "She's not..." Cassandra struggled to get out.

    "What was that?" the Shadow laughed. "Lost your nerve?"

    "No." Cassandra said forcefully. The Shadow paused, just for a moment, then took another step. Cassandra took a deep breath, letting the fear boil over into anger. "She is not your mother. And I will not lose to you."

    Something echoed through her mind, like a distant sound of shattering glass. It was followed by a voice.

    We must strike down this foe. Call out and bring me forth so we can make things right.

    Cassandra knew immediately who the voice was, but she didn't understand how she knew. It was hauntingly familiar, as though it had always been there. But now, there was such force behind those words. Power. It washed over her like a tsunami, drowning her fear. Her head was starting to hurt, but she didn't care. She knew what had to be done now. She knew how to get out of this alive.

    You know my name. Answer my call! Unleash the fury that sleeps in your soul and smite the evil that dares stand before you!

    This time, it was Cassandra who grinned. "Nemesis!"

    Something stepped out of the air beside her. It was a huge, armored figure. So tall, it had to look down to look at Cassandra. Like her the Shadow, this new figure was black and white. But unlike her Shadow, which was colored with muddled shades of gray, Nemesis was boldly black and white. The left side was black with a horse-head shaped shoulder piece. The right side was white with a crested shoulder piece. Her legs looked like the towers of a castle. Her helm was ringed in large spikes. The armor was pristine, polished to a shine and without dent of blemish. Cassandra recognized those colors and the shapes of her Persona's armor. The spiked helm of the queen, the black horse-head of a knight, the white hat of a bishop, the twin towers of the rooks. It was a warrior from Cassandra's favorite battlefield. Golden light, warm and bright, shone from the seams of Nemesis's armor; a holy rebuke of the Shadow's pale yellow eyes. In her hands, she carried a double-edged sword nearly as large as herself.

    Nemesis looked down at Cassandra, her face hidden by a featureless mask. Still Cassandra could felt the warmth of her presence, and the power of her gaze. Well done. Now that I am by your side, you need not fear any darkness. Nemesis raised a huge sword in her hands and then drove it point first into the ground, forming a shield between Cassandra and her Shadow. Then, she raised her right hand and lightning began to spark across her arm. For retribution is ours.

    Nemesis stretched out her hand and a bolt of lighting shot forth towards the Shadow.

    Cassandra took a step forward, so she could stand beside Nemesis instead of behind her. "I'm not afraid of you." she said to her Shadow, her voice rising. If she was thinking clearly, she'd recognize that she was getting drunk on power. "You have no right to drag me into this game of yours. And now," she glanced up at Nemesis, "you're in Check. So what do you say we end this?"
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    André Bellamy
    The Lovers
    ??? > André's Dorm Room > Courtyard

    “Hmph, it seems like I am just wasting my time now, but I will consider the progress we have made today worth it,” His shadow replied playfully, “Think on what we talked about tonight, mon coeur. If you slip up, I may have to make another visit. Not that I mind the view.” Shadow André winked at him and stepped backwards. “Now go, help your petit amis.” After saying this, the shadow's body melted into the floor and vanished.

    André blinked. What was that about? What did he mean, think about what we talked about? Honestly, that was the last thing he wanted to think about... The thought of it scared him. Well, the good news is, that whatever that thing was, it was gone now, at least for now... He turned around to face that gorgeous man standing next to him. "Merci beaucoup, beau homme!"

    Narcissus smiled, and confidently flipped his hair. "Oh, I know. But it's nice to hear others say it. Anyway, I believe some of your friends need our assistance."

    André nodded, then ran back into his dorm room. The door had mysteriously unlocked itself after the confrontation with his doppelganger. Everything was just as he left it before. Danny was still lying in bed, still frozen in time. The window was also still open.

    "Danny is not in trouble..."

    "No, but you may want to have a look at what's happening outside." Narcissus gestured to the window. There was some sort of a battle going on outside between some human figures, and some more shadowy looking ones. "They look like they could use our help."

    "Alright, well can I get dressed properly first?"

    "There is no time. This looks urgent. You're going to have to go through the window."

    "Out the window? Est vous fou? We are on the second floor. I am not going to jump out the window..."

    "This is important. Your friends are in trouble, and they need our help. Besides, think of how grateful they will be if you come in just in time to save the day. They'll probably shower me... I mean us... With praise! They'll love me... I mean you... er us... Besides, I have wind magic. I'll make sure you land safely."

    André gave his Persona the side eye. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he did have a point... "Fine..." He put on his pink slippers, approached the window, took a breath, and jumped.

    He barely fell for a few moments before he caught a breeze, and gently floated down. After gracefully landing on his feet, Narcissus hovered down next to him.

    "Bonsoir mesdames." André greeted as he calmly made his way over to the group of girls fighting shadowy monsters. "It seems you all could use my help." André smiled, showing off his perfectly white teeth. "Do not fear. For I have arrived!" He finished this by taking a bow, and then winking. If his adoring fans were here right now, they would be screaming.

    "Ahem, aren't you forgetting someone?" Narcissus stepped in. "It is I Narcissus. I know you are all just thrilled to see me. I know, I get that all the time. Please, hold your applause until the end."

    Among the people present was his friend Sofiya, who seemed to be dealing with a shadowy version of herself. André wanted to help her, but Narcissus shot that idea down immediately. "I know what you're thinking, but no. We mustn't interfere. She must face her shadow herself, as you did..."

    André bit his lower lip, but let her be. He felt bad just leaving her to deal with her evil twin all by herself.

    Then he passed by another girl... At least... André thought she was a girl... Apart from the sports bra, this girl seemed manly than most girls. Not that André had any right to judge. After all, André himself didn't obey society's rules of his gender either. Besides, she was still cute in her own way. André had seen her in some of his classes, but hadn't learned her name yet. That would no doubt change soon. Currently, she too was facing down a shadowy version of herself, and seemed to be losing. "Are you certain I cannot..."

    Narcissus answered before the question was even finished. "No. They must do this on their own."

    André was beginning to wonder why he even came out here if Narcissus wouldn't even let him help anyone...

    Finally, there was another person in the group. This one was an adult woman, unlike the other two people present who he had seen in class before, he had never seen this woman before at all. She also had an adorable little fairy by her side. Now that he thought about, didn't that letter say something about a bookish young woman? She certainly fit that description. Maybe she was the one Igor was referring to. Unlike the others, she wasn't fighting an evil version of herself, but instead some smaller shadowy beings.

    Narcissus was all too eager to lend a hand. He blew a kiss at one of the creatures, hitting one of the shadows that were attacking the young woman, and it turned around to face Narcissus. There were hearts where it's eyes would be. "Wonderful. Your fellow shadows are being a pest. Do me a favor and take care of them. Won't you darling?"

    Much to André's shock, the shadow obeyed. It turned around, and attacked it's fellow shadows. Meanwhile, Narcissus shot razor sharp blades of air at the shadows that weren't charmed. Just to keep them all busy.

    While they were distracted, André took the opportunity to approach the unfamiliar woman. "Pardonne moi, mademoiselle. I have received a letter from someone called Igor. By any chance, would you happen to know anything about that?"
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  3. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    The Emperor

    “Just how I like it, let’s have a fight.” With that line, the two steps forward in a stance and the brawl begin. Despite Jamie's best the doppelganger is faster. She could barely land a punch and when she did, it barely even respond to it. And the shadow is strong her strikes are painful even though it appears to be pulling its punches. Even with her will proceed the blonde knows she is losing so did the greyscale double.

    "Have you always been this slow?" It taunts with a smug glance before delivering a hook to the jaw. Jamie stumbles back but she didn't look away even with this frustrated feeling welling up in her. She isn't going to give up. "I knew I was stronger, but this is too easy." A lead hand punch to solar plexus knocks the wind out as the shadow self's voice crackle in joyful in laughter, “I am obviously the superior part of you!”

    With that said, the doppelganger kicks with its heel right in the center of Jamie’s chest with enough strength to topple her. Not that much power was needed in it since she is pretty beaten up but damn that hurt. As Jamie went to lift herself back up, a foot came down straight on her chest. The girl grits her teeth in pain. Her eyes glare up into the amused golden eyes looking down at her.

    “Any last words?” The shadow grins wider as she begins to reach down for Jamie's throat. She refuses to stay still but its full weight has her pinned down. Even as her life is slowly becoming endanger her determine spirit refuses to die down. Jamie continues to struggle against powerful being that held her down. If she is going to die, she would die fighting until the bitter end. Her strong-will isn’t going to die until her life is over. In the distance, she could hear curly head shouting but her words are drowned about by other louder voice.

    We cannot back down! Call me forth and follow my lead so we can win the fight.

    It is a strong and confident voice that beckons her in her mind. It encourages her to not give up the fight yet. Telling Jamie that this fight isn’t over yet. Instinctively without anything special being communicated to her, Jamie knew exactly what needs to be done. She threw a smirk toward the doppelganger that made her pause of a second.

    "Actually I do have some words," Jamie told her as she glares at with the same intense fearlessly as the beginning of the fight. "Hippolyta, let's take her down a peg!"

    As she shouts the name the form of tall woman muscular in a toga appears near her. In a swift motion dark brown hair woman grabs her spears and knocks the shadow quite a distance away. For the first time, it looks like it had taken some serious damages as it grabs its midsection. As Jamie get back to her feet she glances at the tall imposing woman. Tanned slightly scarred skin, long unruly hair and an ample chest Hippolyta is a beautiful woman as well as strong… But that is something to think about later, two pairs of eyes turn to the dark doppelganger. It has recovered a bit from the attack. Hippolyta pulled out her bow and aims it at it.

    “Looks like the fight has even out,” shouts out at her as she stands tall next to her Persona. “I think it’s time to throw in the towel. Though I won‘t stop you if want to go another round.” Jamie offers a chance to escape for the shadow self. She warned against kill it and she would take that warning seriously. However, it would be up to the opposing side if it wanted to fight more or not.
  4. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    |~ Morgan Valentine ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    The Shadow leapt back, crying out in pain and clutching at its side. It looked back and forth between you and the new figure beside you. For a moment, Shadow Morgan smiled.

    “I'm sorry,” you say, and your Shadow frowns as she listens. She doesn't look enraged anymore, just contemplative. As you continue speaking her expression never changes. It's hard to say if this or the rage was more frightening. “I'll try to make it up to you. So please… tell me how.”

    There's a pause. Despite the action going on at the courtyard some twenty feet away, it feels incredibly calm and quiet. Your Shadow slowly smiles, a somber look to her features. It feels out of place from her previous outburst, but it also feels genuine. She stands tall and sighs. For a moment, it's like looking at your sister again. Your Shadow has done what you've been doing for years too; taking on the appearance of Hope.

    “Don't apologize,” it says in your voice, not your sisters, “it makes you sounds weak again. I'm not going to just hand you the answer on a silver platter, Morgan, even if I could. Your sister had to work for everything and you will have to as well.” She looks so sad, but underneath it all you can tell she still feels ill will towards you. Despite the show she's putting on, you can see through it and recognize the animosity she feels.

    “I'm sure we'll meet again, because you really are pathetic, and some monster by your side won't help. Make it up to me by failing, so I can come back to take your life and make it my own.” With those words she turns her back to you and darts off back towards your dorm room. You can see her dash into the darkened doorway and assume it leads back to wherever she came from. As the door closes behind her, you feel a bit lighter.

    For a moment, everything feels alright. You might be able to get to the fight going on further into the courtyard. As you take a few steps though, you begin to feel dizzy. You drop to the ground as your head swims, vision fading. You see your Persona, your new companion, hovering over you protectively as you pass out.

    Henry, or Edward, watches over you until help can arrive.

    |~ Eirik Sollien ~|
    '~ Location: ??? ~'

    “I don't do failures. I set my goal and I see it through, no matter the costs. Anyone opposing me shall burn.” Your new companion continues the fiery assault on your Shadow. It feels good, empowering. Her presence is comforting after the strange appearance of your Shadow. As she suggests finishing it off though, the screaming stops. You hear a few words uttered and the flames immediately drop, some kind of dispelling power he must have. Shadow Eirik stands there in the middle of a slight scorch on the floor. It seems the rooms are made of a mostly flame resistant material, but your Shadow is barely together. Parts of his body are missing, and instead of blood and guts there's only wispy, grey smoke coming from dark, smooth blotches. Half of his face is burned away, but his expression is clearly one of pain.

    “That was fucking painful. Jævla! Well, I'm not convinced.” He's breathing heavily, suffering from his wounds, but determined to get in his last words. “I can sense your fear under that false confidence. You can't fool me, just like you can't fool yourself, heh. Just because you succeed at something doesn't mean you should. And sometimes the cost isn't worth whatever you gain in the end. I hope you fail.”

    With that, he grimaces and collapses. His body doesn't stop at the floor though. He simply keeps going through the floor until his whole body disappears and only a puddle remains for a few seconds. After the puddle is gone, you hear the click of a door opening and notice one has appeared across the room. Through the now open door you can make out your room. To either side, there are still hallways to explore, but no guarantee of finding anything or anyone.

    |~ Cassandra Winter ~|
    '~ Location: ??? ~'

    The Shadow approaches the shield as you talk, curious and looking somewhat amused. As she lifts a hand to touch it, your Persona strikes out with lightning. It lands true and Shadow Cassandra shrieks while stumbling backwards. It’s hard to tell if she’s excited or scared, but maybe it’s a mixture of both emotions you see on her face.

    "I'm not afraid of you. You have no right to drag me into this game of yours. And now, you're in Check. So what do you say we end this?" You say so with confidence, but your Shadow laughs at you. It’s a big, hearty laugh that she ends with a sneer.

    “Why end the game when I’m having so much fun? This is a game you never stop playing. It has no rules and no instructions, you’re just expected to figure it out. You don’t get any say in it and you’re just going to have to deal with it, Cassandra.” She smiled bigger and crouches to the floor. It looks like she’s about to strike for a moment, but her posture relaxes.

    “But, I suppose I have to concede for now. Check isn’t a winning condition though, you only just threatened me this time and I won’t forget it,” it growls out the words before being swallowed by the floor. It happens in a flash, one moment there gone the next, and your Shadow only leaves behind a temporary puddle of grey. As soon as the puddle fades, you hear a familiar click and notice a door appearing and opening across the room. Through it you can see you dorm room. There is still the hallway you came from and the possibility of finding someone or something, but no guarantee.

    |~ Jamie Moore ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    Your Persona deals a heavy blow which sends your Shadow back a good distance, clutching her side and even growling a bit as she glances between you and the your new companion.

    “Looks like the fight has evened out. I think it’s time to throw in the towel. Though I won‘t stop you if want to go another round.” You are prepared to fight more if needed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Your Shadow looks furious, taking in sharp breaths through her teeth, but staying a good distance away. She screams in rage and pulls at her hair.

    “You’re still weak! Just because your body is strong doesn’t mean the rest of you is. I can’t believe I have to back down.” She angrily paced in a quick circle, stomping heavily. When she stopped, her face looked blank, but it was hiding intense anger.

    “Don’t think you’ll be safe though, this is only the beginning for you. I know you still aren’t strong enough to fight against me. You’ll fall back on your weaknesses and I’ll be there to take advantage of it.” With those words, she turns around and runs to the door she came from. She disappears into the darkness, like it was a part of her, and the door closes, then disappears as well, almost as if nothing had ever happened. But, the woman standing beside you is a testament that something changed and things will probably never be the same. There are still enemies to dispatch of though and the night is far from over.

    |~ Kat Dyson ~| and |~ André Bellamy ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    Kat still had Nyx watching over the girl whose Shadow had just appeared. While she was focused on the Shadows in front of her still, one of them decided to turn away from her and start attacking it’s fellow Shadows. Odd that, she thought and the next second a gust of wind blew past her and all the Shadows had scattered or been dispatched. Kat was stunned for a moment as a boy in pink pajamas approached her.

    Pardonne moi, mademoiselle. I have received a letter from someone called Igor. By any chance, would you happen to know anything about that?” he asks politely.

    “Oh thank heavens, I absolutely know all about that letter you're talkin’ about. And have you- ah, yeah I see now.” She glances at Narcissus and smiles. Finally, some success tonight. Looking to her side, she notices the first student has gained the upper hand against her Shadow and also has her Persona companion now at her side. Unfortunately, further in the distance, closer to the dorm wing of the school, she noticed a fourth student lying unconscious on the ground. Her stomach jolted for a moment, but she realized the figure standing over her wasn’t a Shadow, but it was in fact her Persona.

    “Oh dear,” she ran a nervous hand through her hair. “Oi, boy, think you and your Persona can handle these little guys? I’ve got to make sure everyone stays alive or Igor’ll kill me. I’ll be right back, promise.” Before he could respond, Kat took off past the small group minor Shadows still left and passed Nyx and the other girl. Keep her safe Nyx, I’ll be right back, she instructed as she ran by. Nyx saluted and knocked an arrow in preparation for anything this girls Shadow might do. She got close to the dark haired girl on the ground and dropped her weapons, holding her hands up in surrender.

    “Hi there,” Kat says, addressing the Persona, a tall and imposing looking man. “Look I’m here to help your girl, I promise I mean no harm.” He looks wild for a moment, but his expression calms and he nods, stepping aside. Kat rushes up and checks the girls pulse and breathing. All good, thank goodness. She knew she couldn’t have been dead with her Persona still around, but it made her feel at ease that she could confirm she wasn’t in the process of dying. Quickly, she gathered her weapons and clipped them to a belt looped around her jeans. She got her arms under the girl and easily lifted her slight frame. The Persona jerked and took an intimidating step forward.

    “Whoa whoa, s’alright. I’m holding her so you can fight if you need to, yeah?” She squinted, afraid the man would attack, but it only nodded again. Strange, this one hasn’t spoke yet, she thought, but then again all Persona were different. Kat moved back towards the fighting, giving it a wide enough berth to stay safe with the girl in her arms. She wanted to observe how the students with their Persona fought without directions. Hopefully they had an instinct for this fighting and if not, well that was what she was here for.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  5. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Austin Moore
    The Emperor
    Not sure but it's probably the real Courtyard

    “You’re still weak! Just because your body is strong doesn’t mean the rest of you is. I can’t believe I have to back down.” The Shadow Self barks furiously while stomping around. Jamie is a bit surprised how easily the doppelganger back down but it seems that it... she knew when it is a fight she might not win. “Don’t think you’ll be safe though, this is only the beginning for you. I know you still aren’t strong enough to fight against me. You’ll fall back on your weaknesses and I’ll be there to take advantage of it.”

    Her face had a blank look but the inner anger burning within is still easy to notices. After those final words, warnings the grayscale Jamie spins around and sprints back to a door of darkness. She vanishes inside before that door slams shut and disappear from existence as well. There is Jamie standing confounded on what exactly was all that. Standing next to her is a new companion... a part of herself? This being is separate from her yet she had the feeling they are the same. Hippolyta suddenly draws back her bow and fires it at an approaching shadow creature. An arrow right through the head and it is done for.

    "That powerful shadow may be gone but the danger has not. Be on alert." The tall woman spoke in a commanding tone towards Jamie. Her tone kind of annoyed Jamie but she nodded. If it wasn't for Hippolyta she wouldn't be standing there now.

    "Let's see if I can get some answers from Curly." The girl she originally came to help appears to be an expert about this whole situation. Maybe she could explain this whole shadow self thing. Was that a manifestation of her own negative side? If so, is she really that angry and arrogant of a person or is that just an exaggeration? What the shadow said just stick in her mind, 'Just because your body is strong doesn’t mean the rest of you is.'

    As Jamie begins to walk back with a lot less adrenaline pumping through her, she starts really feeling the damage that Doppelganger did to her. While she didn't make grunts of pain or show it on her face, it is really quite painful. The blonde has been kicked and punched before but she never was this thoroughly thrash. There are wounds and forming bruises all over her body and her lack of clothes makes them pretty easy to see. Giving the still stinging left side of her face a rub, Jamie muses about the wonderful bruise that she would have to show off tomorrow.

    Finally reaching that last known sighting of the curly-haired girl she found someone new in her place. The guy she saw throughout the school day that she would dub, Pinky until further notice. There he is in some pink pajamas with a near-nude blonde man standing next to him... Not that she could really talk, she is half-naked herself. Most ladies would have some kind of modesty and attempt to cover their bare skin, however, Jamie did not. She just stood their boldly with her arms crossed and intimidating air as if daring him to try something. A part of her says to ignore and keep walking by, but another part told her to at least make a somewhat friendly gesture.

    "......" Jamie actually didn't really know what to say in this situation. It is supposedly nighttime, she is wearing minimal clothing and there are monsters running around that Hippolyta is focused on as like a duty to protect the injured teen. Now in closer quarters, Jamie definitely feels like she has seen him somewhere else outside of school. She still can't place where from though she feels close to remembering. After pondering on it for a moment more, she decides to go for her usual straightforward approach.

    "So Pinky, do you any idea what the hell is going on around here?" Jamie doubts that he knows anything about this situation. He looks about as clueless as she is. But maybe she could get some information out if she was lucky. If not, he'll probably ramble on about something unrelated.
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    André Bellamy
    The Lovers

    “Oh thank heavens, I absolutely know all about that letter you're talkin’ about. And have you- ah, yeah I see now.” She looked over at Narcissus and smiled. André was relieved that somebody had an answer to what was going on.

    Before he had a chance to ask any more questions, she took off to tend to someone else. She said something about him and his Persona dealing with these shadow creatures. Persona? Did she mean Narcissus? Well, of course he could probably handle these things, but did she seriously expect him to actually fight these things himself? Sure, he had done fighting scenes in movies, but that was different. Those were choreographed. They were more like dances than hand to hand combat, and were intended to produce a specific result. André didn't know how to actually fight for real... He decided to sit back and leave this to Narcissus. He was handling himself just fine.

    Then that boyish looking girl who had been fighting a shadowy version of herself earlier, approaches him. "So Pinky, do you any idea what the hell is going on around here?"

    André had a laugh at the nickname. It wasn't the worst thing he had been called. "Haha! My is not Pinky, ma chérie. It is André Bellamy. Surely, you have heard that name before, oui? Nearly, everyone in this school has." In response to her question, the young movie star shook his head. "Non, I do not. I am as confused as you are. That woman that was here earlier knows something, but she went to help someone..." It was at that moment, that he noticed this girl was injured herself, and he frowned. "It would seem that you could use some help yourself."

    As if on cue, Narcissus took a moment from fighting off shadows, and immediately appeared by the girl's side. "Oh, I can take care of that!" He put his hand on the girl's shoulder, and sent out a glowing magical energy through her body. Slowly, the girl's wounds started to heal, and fade away. After a few moments, Narcissus removed his hand. "There we go. That should do it. Healing magic. One of my many gifts." Narcissus took a bow, then stood there waiting for the girl to thank him. "You know, it is not everyday that a person gets their wounds healed by someone as amazing as myself. Gratitude for your savior would be very much appreciated."

    André clapped, and humored his Persona. "Très bien! Très bien!"
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  7. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Moore
    The Emperor
    Courtyard (though not fully convinced)

    "Haha! My name is not Pinky, ma chérie. It is André Bellamy. Surely, you have heard that name before, oui? Nearly everyone in this school has." Pinky decides to introduce himself first instead of answering her question. The way he speaks about it, he appears to be some big shot that teens their age are interested in.
    Jamie did have to admit, everyone seems to think he is the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Even in her mind that name André Bellamy sounded familiar. Not the son of any rich French businessman she knew, she would memory some eccentric pink wearing noble boy... Yet Jamie indeed recognizes him... probably subconsciously? If it didn't interest her or seem important, Jamie didn't really pay it much mind.

    She is only partly listening after his introduction, but she did get that he didn't know what is going on either. She definitely has to locate Curly to understand this situation. "It would seem that you could use some help yourself." Jamie fully caught that last comment and sees the sudden unhappy look on his face. It didn't take much deduction to figure out why. All the injuries on her couldn't look pleasant. Just as Jamie is about to tell André it's no big deal... he appeared next to her.

    "Oh, I can take care of that!" The long-haired blond exclaims. He puts a hand on Jamie's shoulder and she tenses up immediately, a natural response considering she was just fighting to the death. Before she could do more than that a glowing light washes over her and all the wounds fade away. All the pain she was holding in is gone as well. That is pretty handy to be able to cure injuries like that. He removes his hand and speaks once again. "There we go. That should do it. Healing magic. One of my many gifts. You know, it is not every day that a person gets their wounds healed by someone as amazing as myself. Gratitude for your savior would be very much appreciated."

    Bowing and looking at her with that eager anticipating glance, he is fishing, no, begging for praise. Jamie has come across quite a few people like this who wanted praise for achievements but this one is probably the most shameless she came across. André encouragement shows that he is alright with such behavior. He probably is just as shameless if what she saw at school is any indication. Normally Jamie has no problem knocking down such self-satisfying individuals but she decides to humor him this once since she is grateful for the healing. Also, she knew that one can't be too mean to girls or they'll cry.

    "Thanks for the healing, I really appreciate your amazing skills," Jamie praise him with sincerity. It didn't bother her to exaggerate her true feelings a bit. But that is as far as her gratitude would go. If he needs his ego stroked more he would have to look else.

    "Savior is going overboard, she is strong and would not have died from that but your assistance with healing is very much welcomed," Hippolyta chimes in after taking out a few more approaching enemies. "To think such puny and girly looking man could be so helpful." The Amazon Queen tactlessly added. She didn't care at all about the narcissistic's feelings. Hearing her Persona's words suddenly made it click and Jamie's eyes turn to André.

    "......Oh god, it's you..." Not best words to say to someone you have just met, but Jamie couldn't stop herself as she finally realizes where she recognizes Pinky from. "You're a celebrity... my younger brother has posters of you all over his room, it's quite creepy." Just the thought of that room with pictures of André covering every inch of the walls and on the ceiling above the bed, staring at her makes her shudder. Though that could also be from the lack of clothes as well.
  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova
    The Sun

    Sofiya's knife never reached the monsters.

    Before she could get within a dozen feet of the shadows, the woman who'd been fighting them shouted something. A bright flash of light filled Sofiya's peripheral vision, and something small breezed past her to float between her and the enemy. A bird? A butterfly? No, no, it was more like a---

    "A fairy!" Sofiya gasped, so mesmerized by the sight that she didn't even realize she'd skid to a halt. She reached towards the tiny girl as if to make sure she was real, yet hesitated to actually touch her. She was so small-! And she spoke, oh my gosh! She introduced herself as Nyx, and promised to protect her - that was all Sofiya understood. Nyx also mentioned something about persons, or something, but she didn't really get it. That was fine, though; she was used to not getting everything people said. Spoken English sounded weird to her still, and she kept running into new words every day. In those kind of situations, she'd learnt to just smile and nod.

    So she did.

    "Don't worry, Nyx!" Sofiya showed her knife, then gave a confident thumbs up. "I'll be fine! I mean, I should be the one to protect you, right? I'm a soldier, and I'm bigger, too! ...Ah! N-not that there's anything wrong with being small! Nothing wrong at all! I'm kind of small compared to a lot of things too. Like horses! Horses can be big."

    She made a gesture with her hands to show just how big.

    Before she could spiral any further down into panicked rambling however, a loud voice boomed throughout the courtyard. Sofiya spun to face its source, only to... huh? She rubbed her eyes and squinted. Was she seeing double? There were two of the other... girl? Both were big, strong and cool - but one of them was much, much scarier than the other. It looked like one of them walked straight out of an old TV; she was colourless and dark, save for bright yellow eyes. Now, Sofiya didn't want to judge based on appearances, but--- but that looked pretty wrong.

    A moment later, the two were fighting. Sofiya tried to run over to help, but the fairy stopped her.

    "She needs our help!" Sofiya argued, "We can't let her b--"

    She didn't get to finish. Whatever she was about to say was drowned under a familiar voice - her voice. Sofiya was no longer looking at Nyx; she was staring at something far behind her, emerging from an ethereal door. It was a girl of about five feet, with large eyes and gleeful demeanor. It was her, if she was a deranged monster from a children's tale, with ashen skin and gold for eyes. The other her... sounded like her, and the words that left her lips were hauntingly familiar. They were something she could - would say, in her shoes. It was like Sofiya was watching herself, the way one sometimes does when in a dream.

    This dream was more akin to a nightmare.

    The shadow accused her of being a bad friend - and wanted her to die for it. Sofiya snapped out of her daze, undecided whether she was more startled or frustrated. Her tone and expression lingered between both.

    "Wh-! No, stupid!" she gasped at the accusation, stomping the ground with one foot. "That's not why I left her! It's because civilians should be kept safe and away from the battlefield. Don't you even know that? What kind of a soldier are you?" She pointed her knife at the other her. "I bet you aren't even one, are you? You're a--- a something that is... not... a soldier. A fake. A fakedier!"

    And she was not going to be insulted by one of those! She was not a bad friend, and she was not going to die to some stupid copyface. She couldn't die; not when she had something - someone - to live for.

    "So, okay! Bring it! I'll show you what happens when you threaten your komandir! It's a punishable offense!" Sofiya swept her knife to the side and mimicked he other her's actions, dashing forward to meet the monster mid-run. She didn't know if she should actually stab her, but... but that was something she could figure out on the go!
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  9. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    |~ Sofiya Ignatova ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    As you run forward, your Shadow self gets an even bigger smile. You approach quickly, ready to strike. When you meet, she lashes out at you with sharp, claw like nails and deftly dodges any swing you make with your knife. But, you manage to get a few hits in. In fact, the longer you two go at each other, the more oblivious your Shadow seems to be about the hits she’s taking. You’ve managed to land quite a few, leaving faint wispy marks, but she just continues pressing her own attack. Behind you, Nyx occasionally launches an arrow to assist, but is careful only to hit when absolutely safe to do so.

    “Oh but Sofiya, you aren’t a real soldier either,” your Shadow begins to taunt. She dances around your advances. “No, but our brother is, well, was. Ah sorry, maybe I shouldn’t bring that up because that would make you sad.” She stands totally still for a moment and takes on one of your full attacks, the knife blade going into its body all the way to the handle. Smiling, she grabs your wrist and twists hard. In your moment of pain, she wrests the knife from your grip and spins you so your back is against her. She squeezes her arm tightly around your throat and uses her other hand to hold your right arm high behind your back, just enough so you feel a pinch your shoulder. She laughs for a moment and it sounds a bit pained.

    “I don’t want to make anyone sad, Soffy, in fact I’ll do anything it takes to make people happy, even if it means putting them out of their misery.” She’s breathing heavily from the fight, but doesn’t seem to be exhausted, just catching her breath. Even though you can’t see her face right up by your ear, you know she has a big grin. Nyx warily has her arrow trained on the Shadow, but is too afraid to hit you by mistake and instead waits for an opening. “How about I start with Morgan, hm? She seems to be a pretty miserable person so she probably has to go.”

    You feel completely stuck; your Shadow self took your weapon and has you in such a tight grasp with her surprising strength. In that moment though, you hear a voice ring out in your head.

    Do not worry, I am you as well. Call upon me so I can fight beside you.

    |~ André Bellamy and Jamie Moore ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    As you chat and your Persona take on the Shadows, there’s a lull in the fight for a moment. It seems like almost all the creatures have been taken care of, but you can’t shake the feeling it’s not over yet. Though it’s been a moderately warm night, you feel a cool breeze and hear all the leaves on the trees around the courtyard shake together. All the small Shadows halt what they were doing for one second. They turn and beginning backing away from the side of the dormitory so you look towards whatever they must be seeing.

    At first, you don’t see anything. Then a black shadowy hand reaches out from the wall. It’s about the size of a car, big enough to easily scoop either of you up. As it reaches further out, the rest of this creature's body begins to appear. A long, spindly leg appears next. There’s a battered, pitch black cloak the follows as a shoulder manifests through the wall. Then its head comes out from the wall. Two white eyes pierce out of the otherwise completely black monster. It has strange spikes protruding from it’s head in all directions, but they appear soft and fleshy. The body is hidden by the cloak that seems to blend into itself. Standing at full height now, it’s almost two stories tall, glaring down at your small group. It lifts a foot and prepares to stomp down right on your heads.

    |~ Cassandra Winter and Eirik Sollien ~|
    '~ Location: ??? ~'

    The grey hallways are quiet as you stand in your respective rooms, pondering what to do next. The door to your dorm room is behind you when you see it. Out of the corner of your eyes, you notice movement down one of the halls connected to the room. It’s very quick, almost unnoticeable, but you just caught it. Eyes trained on the hallway now, you can see the creatures as they rush into the room.

    They stand about your height, but the features are hard to make out. It looks humanoid, but sometimes it has claws for hands and large, pointed ears, but reality seems to bend and it suddenly phases into something else every second or so. It’s a weird, subtle thing that gives you a headache if you focus on it too much. In fact, it’s entire body seems to be shifting around, changing features quickly as if it can’t settle on what kind of monster it wants to be. You don't have a lot of time to think about it though. They charge in and head straight for you, arms stretched out and ready to attack.
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  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    André Bellamy
    The Lovers

    Even though André could tell the girl was exaggerating her praise, Narcissus seemed happy with the girl's praise. He smiled, and took another bow. Then, that tall muscular woman added her piece, Narcissus grimaced upon hearing the words puny and girly. "Hmph, yes, I know I'm beautiful, and your envious. You do not need to be rude about it." André himself was no stranger to hearing that word used as an insult before in response to him. He never understood why some people had an issue with boys liking pink and cute things. Usually, he just ignored it, and went on with his life. Whatever issue they had was their problem, not his. These kinds of comments usually came from jealous guys though...

    Then, the girl finally recognized André as being a celebrity. She said her brother had posters of him all over his room. For a moment, André was flattered. Then she said something about finding it creepy. Now it was André's turn to grimace. "Excusez-moi? There is nothing creepy about it. Your brother is a fan of mine, and I think that is cute."

    As they were talking, the Personas were fighting off the small shadows. At some point, there were less shadows. It seemed like almost all of them had finally been dealt with. "Finally, we are done."

    "I wouldn't be so sure." Narcissus said. "I have the feeling there's more to come."

    André felt a cool breeze, and he heard the sound of leaves rattling. The small Shadows that remained stopped what they were doing, and turned around to look at something. There was nothing there at first. Then a huge shadowy hand reaches out from the wall. Then a long leg follows. Gradually, a giant shadowy monster begins to materialize right in front of his eyes. Most of the creature was hidden beneath a shadowy cloak, but he could still make out the white eyes that stood out against the rest of this monster. When it finally finished forming, it was about the size of the dorm building. It glared down the two of them, and prepared to stomp it's giant foot, and crush them.

    André's eyes widened. "Sacré bleu!" He exclaimed. He took the girl by the wrist, and pulled away before both of them got crushed by the monster's giant foot.

    "I can deal with this!" Narcissus announced, He pointed his arm, and created sharp blades of air aimed at the shadowy monster's white eyes, hoping that would hurt it.

    "This is like something out of a horror movie!" André exclaimed. He was pacing back and forth. This was not what he expected when he went to bed at night. "I do not know which is worse. This, or that gray version of me..." He shuddered, then turned his attention to the girl and her companion. "Do you have any ideas of what we should do?"
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  11. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Eirik Sollien
    Devil Arcana
    Pan's Labyrinth -> The Courtyard

    It appeared the raging inferno was effective against the shadowy doppelganger, and its screams verified Eirik's suspicions. When in doubt, burn them all. Wait no, that's not a solution, that's just arson. Why does things always end in arson? Regardless, Baphomet was a welcome addition to the current situation, and she stood between him and the shadow, looking regal as ever. However, as things in life often are too good to be true, the screaming abruptly stopped, and the flames disappeared, revealing that while the shadow was in bad shape, it was till alive. Heeh, try pulling me limb from limb now sucker. How the rest of th room didn't catch fire, Eirik didn't know. But his shadow looked worse for wear. For once, some of its limbs were missing, and/or badly badly burnt. Its expression had changed from that of pride to one of pure agony, and Eirik felt uncomfortable looking at it.

    “That was fucking painful. Jævla! Well, I'm not convinced.” it said, trying to maintain its composture. It was strange seeing a doppelganger of himself butcher his native language so hard, but comforting at the same time. This thing was not him, nor would it dictate how he felt, or how he acts. “I can sense your fear under that false confidence. You can't fool me, just like you can't fool yourself, heh. Just because you succeed at something doesn't mean you should. And sometimes the cost isn't worth whatever you gain in the end. I hope you fail.” it then said. At this point it was just sad, looking at ts desperation. I mean, it wasn't wrong. Eiriks confidence wasnt 100% genuine, but its a work in progress. "Well" he started. "Lucky for you i don't base my actions around your expectations then." He turned around and started walking, hearing th limp sound of a body hitting the floor behind him. Then some sizzling sound of sorts. He was tempted to look behind him just in case it didn't flank him, but didn't want to ruin this symbollic moment.

    "He's gone." Baphomet said. Eirik had for a moment forgotten she was there, but after hearing her confirmation, he sighed deeply. His breath was shaking and he was absolutely terrified after what had just happened. What the hell was that? Some sort of psychological night terror? His thoughts were interrupted by a loud clicking sound, and he lifted his head to see the door to the familiar dorm. He walked over to it and opene the door, walking in. Everything was the same as it had been when he left, with Victoire sitting on the floor with his guitar. "We.. We should try to find someone to help him." Eirik said. "No. H is not in any danger." Baphomet said. "But.." Eirik protested. Surely it wasn't normal for someone to freeze in time like this? "No. We are needed elsewhere." She then said, before softening her tone a bit. "on't worry, he is absolutely fine. Now let's go." She gestured towards.. the window? Walking over to the window, Eirik glanced out.

    Besies it being darker than normal, he could clearly see a commotion taking place in the courtyard. From the looks of it, there were more of the shadowy things, but also people. Regular people, and.. other things. Glancing over at Baphomet, who was lookin back at him expectidly, he figured there were others like him. "Well, how do we get down there?" irik asked, immediatly feeling dumb when noticing Baphomets darker than black wings, which she spread in order to capitalize his hiccup. "YEah yeah.. But do we fly down from here?" he asked puzzled. "Hold on tight" Baphomet said in her stern tone, though he could catch a slight glimmer of amusement from her. Eirik took a few moments to get properly dressed before getting back to the window. Baphomet was already flying outside of it, waiting for him to get there. "So how do we.. Uhm.. What?" Eirik was puzzled. How was he supposed to do this? Wuld he hang off her back or something? Before he could think about it any further, Baphomets pale arms shot in and grabbe him, cradeling him in her surprisingly strong arms as she flew down towards the field of action. Well that was one way to make an entrance. Stepping down, Eirik quickly took a notion of his surroundings.

    There wasn't much time for introductions as Eirik just sort of inserted himself into the action. here were sevral shadowy figures dighting around him, fighting other people. While it would be easy enough to light stuff on fire and end it as quickly as he had done his own shadow, Baphomet chimed in, as if reading his thoughts. "No, this is not our battle." She said. "But.." Eirik started. It didn't make sense for him that she had insisted on coming out here if she wasn't going to help anyone. "Just like I helped you take care of your shadow, These humans have help of their own. This is their battle, not ours", she said. She sounded wise. Annoyingly so. "O.. Ok then" Eirik said, puzzled. Looking over the fields, the other fighters were around the same ag as him. Students, perhaps? Oh definitely. He remembered the pink guy from earlier that day, as well as a few other familiar faces from different classes. He even recognized the study hall teacher in the chaos. "So do i just.. stand here and wait?" Eirik asked. "Yes." Baphomet replied.
  12. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Cassandra Winter ~
    - ??? -

    “Why end the game when I’m having so much fun? This is a game you never stop playing. It has no rules and no instructions, you’re just expected to figure it out. You don’t get any say in it and you’re just going to have to deal with it, Cassandra.” Her shadow said with an even bigger smile than before she was hit by Nemesis' lighting.

    A game she could never stop playing? Was this crazy dream world her life now? Cassandra frowned, the rush of adrenaline from her Persona's appearance was starting to fade.

    “But, I suppose I have to concede for now. Check isn’t a winning condition though, you only just threatened me this time and I won’t forget it." And with that, the shadow melted directly into, or through, the floor. Great. That meant it would probably be back. It would almost certainly be back.

    Cassandra went to take a step forward and stumbled a bit. She was a tad lightheaded, but she could manage. A strong hand pressed on her shoulder, reassuringly. "It is over for now, but the danger is far from gone." Nemesis said.

    "Thank you, um... Nemesis." Cassandra managed.

    This was the strangest moment of her life, by far. Across the way, a door clicked open ominously. Cassandra braced herself, ready to deal with whatever new terror lurked beyond, but to her surprise the room it revealed was her dorm room again. Now she was certain that this place didn't obey the laws of physics. Her dorm room should be about 30-40 yards in a left-ish direction. Not directly in front of her. Was it a trap? Maybe, but it had to be a way better option than staying here in this insane maze.

    Behind her, something moved. A scratching, swishing sound on the concrete-like floor of this place. Cassandra spun around just in time to see a small creature rush into the room. "Creature" was about as far of a description as Cassandra could come up with . It looked like a blackish-purpleish blur. Constantly moving, shifting, blurring in and out of focus like something in the background of a cell phone camera video. And it was fast. Very fast. And then there were two, then three. Still more scratching was echoing from the halls.

    Did the fight lure these things here, or was her shadow self somehow keeping them away until now? Her thoughts was cut off instantly as the creatures rushed. Nemesis's blade crashed into the ground before her, cleaving a small part of one off. Two small thuds marked the other two creatures bouncing off the sword.

    "Pay attention child!" Nemesis scolded, "This is not a game to puzzle over. This is life. This is death. This is judgement. Go now, and live to fight again."

    "And leave you here?" Cassandra said, though she had no idea why she suddenly cared for this strange entity.

    "You can never leave me, for you cannot leave yourself. Now go, I will protect you." Nemesis stood firm between the creatures and Cassandra as the girl began to run towards the dorm room door. She made it through the door and slammed it shut. It clicked satisfyingly. She didn't hear anything clawing at the door, but she was afraid to open it again. The creatures were on the other side of that portal, with her evil twin and Nemesis.

    "I am right here, child." Cassandra turned, and saw Nemesis doing her best to fit into the admittedly small dorm room. She almost looked... comical. Cassandra stifled a laugh and Nemesis glared at her through her helmet. "This is no laughing matter."

    "Sorry, it's just..." Cassandra was going to remark on Nemesis's height, but decided against it. She didn't need any more scolding to add to tonight's insanity. "How did you get through the door?"

    "I told you, you can't leave yourself behind."


    Nemesis nodded solemnly. "I am thou. And thou art I."

    It was one thing to have an evil monotone clone declare itself to be you, but having a huge armored warrior with the name of a Greek goddess do it was somehow even less believable. Cassandra shook her head. "I don't have time to figure all of this out."

    "No, you don't." Nemesis pointed out the window.

    Cassandra took a moment to glace over at Noel, who was still frozen exactly as she had been earlier, and made her way to the window. Outside, she could clearly see figures moving around out in the courtyard. Some of them were clearly humans. Probably other students like herself. Some of them looked like the things that attacked her in the grey room. While still others looked as fantastical as Nemesis.

    "What's happening out there?" Cassandra asked.

    "Go and see for yourself." Nemesis replied.

    She had a nagging feeling that this night wouldn't end until she did so. Nemesis seemed to know what was going on at least, and if anything went wrong she was there for protection. Cassandra swallowed her resolve and made her way out of the window and across the courtyard to the others. But as she ran, she noticed that the smaller creatures were backing off. That felt off, but before Cassandra could ponder that too much, a thud reverberated through the ground. A huge hand was sticking out of the side of the dorm building. As she watched, the monster drug itself out of the wall as if it was pulling itself out of quicksand. And when the huge creature finally stood upright it was as tall as the entire dormitory.

    "That cannot be fair." Cassandra said to herself.

    "Life is never fair." Nemesis drew her sword. "If it were, I would not need my blade."

    "Sacré bleu!" one of the other humans up ahead exclaimed. Cassandra was pretty sure she knew that voice, but there would be time for that later.

    "I can deal with this!" a large, handsome, nearly entirely naked man shouted as he waved his arms towards the creature. At this point, Cassandra was absolutely positive that she was going crazy.

    There were others around as well, but the introductions could wait until after the giant monster was gone. "Nemesis, can you help?"

    "You need more conviction, child." Nemesis scolded as she raised her white arm. It crackled with energy before a blot of lightning tore from her palm towards the creature's knee. Then the Persona raised her blade, ready to cut into whatever part of the monster got close enough.
  13. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova
    The Sun

    Though she'd practiced fighting with it plenty, Sofiya had never actually used her knife on another living being. So when the distance between her and the Shadow started to grow dangerously small, Sofiya found herself hesitating. Up until the very last second, she hoped the monster would just back away - but she did no such thing. Instead, the other her lashed at her with claws as sharp as her knife, nearly catching her in the arm. In panic, Sofiya pulled herself away and tried to retaliate with a slash of her own, but the Shadow danced around her attack with startling ease. Frustrated and afraid, Sofiya's hesitance gave way for determination and her strikes became more frantic - until her knife finally connected with the Shadow's side. She gasped, expecting a scream and a gush of blood, but neither came. In fact, the other her didn't even seem to notice. She landed another attack soon after, and yet another after that, but the result was much the same.

    Why? That wasn't fair!

    The other her taunted her, saying she wasn't a real soldier. Sofiya was ready to ignore it, unwilling to divert her focus from the monster's movements and her own footwork, but then---

    “No, but our brother is, well, was."

    For a split second, everything went white hot.

    Sofiya stopped whatever manoeuvre she was in the middle of, grabbing her knife with both hands and ramming it inside the other her with all the force left in her body. It sunk deep into the darkness inside the monster, and Sofiya really, truly wished she'd felt blood spill on her hands. She did not. "Don't--- you dare talk about him! He's not your brother! You don't know anything!"

    She caught a glimpse of a smile before feeling the other go for her wrist. There was a yank and a sharp jolt of pain, one she knew would have been even worse if her veins weren't so ablaze with adrenaline. She shrieked, trying to instinctively pull herself away - but it was too late. Something wrapped around her throat tightly enough to hinder airflow, and her arm was forcibly bent so far behind her back that her shoulder threatened to give out. She'd lost her knife, and her wrist throbbed. Everything hurt, and the worst thing was that she could not hurt the other her back.

    At least the Shadow's laugh sounded pained, even if for the wrong reasons.

    The shadow told her how she was ready to kill people to make sure they were happy - and how she was going to start with Morgan.

    "N-no..." Sofiya managed, struggling and punching at the other with her free hand, but to no avail. Was-- was this really it? Was this how she was going to die? How Morgan would die? What about the others in the Courtyard, would they die too? All because of her? That wasn't... that couldn't...

    Do not worry, I am you as well. Call upon me so I can fight beside you.

    It was a monotone voice, one that you would not expect to hear offer advice - much less words of encouragement. But there was nothing else for her to cling to, so she wanted to do as it told her. She had to call upon that someone, even though she didn't know his name. She managed a shallow inhale, and by the time she exhaled, a name had come to her.


    A figure cloaked in bright light burst into existence between Sofiya and her Shadow, forcing the two apart. It took the form of something vaguely bird-like, casting blinding rays all around it. To Sofiya, it felt as if she was basking in pleasant summer sun, warm, safe and almost relaxed despite the circumstances. But to the Shadow, the light was hot and intense, burning smoldering holes through her shadowy skin. Sofiya squinted, one arm raised to shield her eyes as she tried to take in the sight better. She wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but she could tell one thing; that was something the monster couldn't ignore.

    "T-that's right!" she shouted, hand curled into a fist, "that better hurt, you meanie!"
  14. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    |~ Sofiya Ignatova ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    “T-that's right! That better hurt, you meanie!" As you shout it, your Shadow Self pauses and grins. Then she laughs. She keeps laughing like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard and she clutches at her stomach because of the cramps, you assume.

    “Oh. My. Goodness! You! You’re being so mean to me! See I knew you weren’t all sunshine and rainbows. You even stabbed me.” She points excitedly at the wound in her torso.

    “You might be obsessed with positivity, but we know that’s not the way the world works. Quit being delusional or you’ll see more and more of me as all of your friends leave you. Nice meeting you and I hope we can see each other again!” She smiles and turns around to walk through the door she came out of. Not far from the door you notice the new, gigantic enemy appearing out of the side of the building. You don’t have but a moment to prepare.

    |~ Everyone ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    The giant Shadow towered over the group. As the foot slams into the ground, everything shakes slightly. Narcissus sends his blades of air and the creature lifts an arm to protect its face. Most of the blades still land, but hitting the thick arms it looks to be less effective. Next, the lightning from Nemesis landed true and hit the Shadows knee. It groaned in pain and buckled slightly in its stance, one arm flailing to keep balance. It then used its other arm to swipe at all the Persona users that were within its reach. From the back of its head, some notice the soft quills quiver and stiffen. Now long and pointed, the quills extend and break off into small, pointed missiles that start soaring towards the students.

    |~ Kat Dyson and Everyone ~|
    '~ Location: Courtyard ~'

    The student in her arms stirred and Kat gasped. She had been extremely focused on the children fighting their Shadow Selves and the lesser Shadows she almost forgot she was carrying one of them. Looking to the girls Persona, she gently set her down near the trees and out of the way. Kat hoped she was waking up and would be able to take care of herself, but she couldn’t wait any longer.

    “Look after her while I go help the others," she said, addressing the dark looking Persona. "It looks like things are finally settling down and I'll be back soon.” She absolutely regretting saying those last words. As she turned back to the group, fortunately she saw two more fighters on their side, another boy with blonde hair and a girl with long dark hair. Unfortunately, she saw the greater Shadow looming above them. She started running back to them as their Persona started to attack.

    “That’s it, great job guys! Now let’s try to lure it out so we can get a stab at its back, maybe find a weak point like those knees,” she shouted to them. At the same moment, Nyx fluttered back to her side, grinning.

    “Black-haired girl is all set, Persona out and sending her Shadow Self away as we speak. What can I do?” the little fairy asked.

    “Alright, fly up there and distract it, keep trying to draw it into the courtyard while I rally the troops.” Nyx nodded in response and flew up towards the Shadow. She deftly dodged the quill missiles and began pelting it with arrows in and around the face. Meanwhile, Kat waved the group over to her, closer to the center of the courtyard. She used her hook swords to deflect a flurry of quills and asked if anyone could put a shield up for them while they spoke briefly.

    “I’m so sorry this got so hectic so fast, but don’t worry, we’re almost through this. These creatures with you are your Persona, a reflection of who you are. I can explain more later, but right now we need to defeat this enemy, called a Shadow. I’ll draw it out and you all can work on attacking it from all angles. I imagine its face, back, and knees are weakest. Working together, we can do this quickly and I’ll get to explaining things for you, yeah? When in doubt, watch what I do.” Kat nodded encouragingly and dashed off before anyone could ask a question. I feel bad ignoring all their questions, but we really do need to take care of this before someone gets hurt.

    Kat telepathically instructed Nyx to join her, appearing a little winded from her work. The large Shadow took lumbering steps forward. Two steps later, its back was exposed and they would be able to attack it from any angle. Nyx continued shooting off arrows from a distance while Kat ran up to slice at its lower legs before it could try stomping on anyone. The Shadow roared and sent off quills that targeted all the students. Hopefully they’ll manage alright and I won’t find any dead students after this, Kat worried. She noticed Nyx was flying to each of the students to help give them advice or dust them with a bit of powder to heal and buff.

    They’ll do great Kat. Just remember how you were your first time. They are all fighting alongside each other so everything will work out. Nyx responded in her mind and Kat smiled. She was right. It may have been strange at first to work with a Persona, the Shadows being new and scary enemies, but if she and her friends were able to pull through so would this group be able to.
  15. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jamie Moore
    The Emperor
    Courtyard (though still not fully convinced)

    "What are you getting so sensitive about flower boy, it is a compliment. Despite your looks, you are a useful addition." Hippolyta merely states that before returning to fending off shadows. She didn't wait to hear his response after.

    "It's because of thinking like that, that he is so damn spoiled," Jamie scoffs at André words with her arms crossed. What is she expecting from the guy and product a narcissist being like that nude flower guy? But even if she didn't want to admit it, her words sounded harsh even to her ears. She let out a sigh. "Whether it is cute or not isn't the problem..." Jamie grumbles with a rather complicated look on her face. She meant to continue from there but the blonde girl notices a sudden low count of monsters hanging around.

    A chilling breeze assaults Jamie's bare skin and the rustling of the tree puts her in an alert mode. Especially so as the remaining shadow creatures began to back away. Jamie begins to scan the area for danger. Her eyes only just spotted a giant monster before it shortly attempts to step on them. Jamie could have easily dodge such an attacked but Pinky intervere he yanked her away. His naked Persona began to attack as the man turned and spoke to her.

    "Do you have any ideas of what we should do?" André asked with a sound of panic and worried.

    "Of course we have to fight it off." Jamie declared as she cracked her knuckles. There was a fierce look in her eyes as glare at the giant in front. "The bigger they are the harder they fall!"

    "That is right we must engage and take him down with overwhelming force." The two of them were fired up and bravely stood ready to take on the challenge. "Flower boy, keep it distracted. While I bring him down to our size a bit." With her bow in hand, Hippolyta begins attacking the giant's legs in hopes to bring it to its knees and give her a better shot at its head. During her relentless attacks, more people begin to appear followed by strange beings. Eventually, Curly Bob herself returned to the scene.

    She devises a plan to have them attack its weak spots at the same time, which should spread out its attention and finish it off quick. The curly hair girl jolted off began her assault on the giant. It responded by shooting out some quills. Jamie grabbed André's arm and pulled him out the way of the attack before Hippolyta and she sprinted toward the back of the being. Hippolyta grabbed her spear, it was her plan from the beginning to lure out the giant and attack him at his knees. With powerful thrusts, the Amazon Queen began her attack on the back of the shadow's knees along with the curly-haired woman.
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  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    André Bellamy
    The Lovers

    The giant raised it's arm to block Narcissus' air blades. A few of them did manage to land, but hitting the monsters arms didn't seem to be doing much damage, which was rather annoying.

    Gradually, more people showed up to attack the shadow. Including that woman he had spoken to earlier. Including explaning that the things that had appeared by their side were called Persona. Narcissus was not happy with her description. "Excuse me miss. Did you just call me a creature? Do I look like a creature to you? I am most certainly am not a creature. That thing over there is a creature." He pointed to the giant shadow monster. "Now, I'm offended that you would compare me to such a foul beast. I demand an apology!"

    The monster responded to all these attacks by firing off some quills at them. The blonde girl André had been talking to pulled him away, before having her Persona attack it. "Merci beaucoup, ma amie!" Then he blew a kiss her way. "Narcissus, j'ai besoin d'aide, s'il vous plaît!"

    Narcissus responded to André's call for help by summoning air blades at the other knee that Hippolyta wasn't attacking. This monster wasn't going to last very long with everyone aiming at it's weak knees.
  17. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova
    The Sun

    At first, it seemed to be working. The other her was writhing in pain, parts of its wispy body burnt through by the intense light. Any minute now, Sofiya hoped, it would fade out of existence altogether.

    It did not. Instead, as it heard her words, it... stopped, as if nothing was amiss. Even through the blinding brightness, Sofiya could see its lips curl upwards - and then came the laugh. It started as a chuckle, then quickly devolved into a fit so strong it seemed to hurt. Sofiya backed away in surprise and concern, unsure what to make of the sudden change in demeanor.

    She was going to ask what was so funny, but never got the chance. The Shadow called her out, giddily pointing at the stab wound Sofiya could only barely remembered causing. Her stomach twisted just looking at it. She hadn't... wanted to do it, hadn't meant to, it's just-- she'd been so angry, she'd moved without thinking. With her mind clearer now, it felt as though someone else had done it. Another her.

    Sofiya took a step forward, one she hoped was steadier than her voice.

    "Y-you started it!" she insisted, unsure which Sofiya she was trying to convince. "You-- you threatened me and my friends!"

    You said Pyotr was dead!

    The Shadow ignored her. With one final taunt it walked away, disappearing through the mysterious door it had come from before Sofiya could think to stop it. Yatagarasu's comforting light faded in the monster's wake, bringing back the night - and all the horrors within. Sofiya saw one emerge from the side of the school building, looming over the yard like-- like... like something really, really big and scary. The ground trembled under its foot, shaking Sofiya from her thoughts.

    Good. She didn't... didn't want to think about the Shadow's words. The more she contemplated them, the more she---

    Wind and lighting struck the giant from somewhere a little distance away. There were others here; she wasn't alone. As long as she kept being useful and kept smiling, she never would be - no matter what the Shadow said.

    "Yata!" Sofiya called out, flipping her knife into a better position. "C'mon, we gotta help!"

    "Don't give me nicknames", the bird scoffed, yet took wing from its perch on Sofiya's shoulder regardless. They raced towards the others; the strong-looking girl Sofiya had seen fighting herself earlier, a few others she did not recognize, and André, one of her new, dear friends.

    See, I have friends, Sofiya thought stubbornly.

    "Heeeey!" she shouted as she ran towards the group, waving frantically to get their attention. "Sorry I'm late!"

    She turned to her Per...son-thingy, and gave it a nod. "Hey, can you blind that big bully like you did earlier?"

    Yatagarasu offered no words in response. Instead, it spread its wings and flew high up in the sky, its entire body cloaked in a bright light. It settled upon the monster's eye level like a makeshift sun, trying to make sure it could not see what the other Personae were about to do to it - or retaliate accordingly.

    Meanwhile, Sofiya skid to a halt next to André, taking a moment to catch her breath. "Bo... bonbon tours!" she finally managed to breathe out, fairly sure that was how the French said hello. "I'm here to save you!"

    Now that was being a good friend!
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  18. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Morgan Valentine
    The Moon

    When Morgan came to she was on the ground by the side of the courtyard, and the figure that had saved her earlier was standing protectively over her. Unlike when he’d first manifested, he takes the form of a gentle, if a little weary-looking man dressed in an overcoat that hinted vaguely at rainy streets and detective stories. Blood pounding in her head, she rolls into an upright position, staggering a little. Her Persona steadies her with his arms. “Feeling better now, child?” His voice is soft and soothing.

    “I... yes. I am.” Blinking, she vaguely recalls the man injecting her with something, and almost as if by magic her headache fades. “Thank y—.”

    The peace of the moment is interrupted as the man suddenly snarls, turning for a brief moment into a smouldering shadow with jagged teeth. Pointed darts rain down from the sky, but the monster blocks them from hitting her with its own body. Yelling in fright, Morgan scrambles to her feet and looks furtively around the courtyard. All around her, people were doing battle with some sort of massive, dark creature — her fellow students, some of which she recognises, each one paired with their own...

    Persona. The harsher voice says, ending her sentence for her. The black monster shifts back into a more human form, but the weary gentleman from earlier is gone — this new man, with his wild hair and flashing red eyes, is more intimidating than calming.

    “What’s happening?” She asks.

    I know only what you know, the gentler voice says, Nothing more.

    Wincing, she looks around, picking up familiar faces — that movie star, Sofiya, a few others she recognised but can’t quite name. Ah — the closest one to her, an adult... a teacher? The woman looks kind of familiar (was she the one who’d helped her earlier when she’d passed out?) but her head is still spinning and she can’t quite fill in the blanks in her memory yet. Awkwardly half-running over with Hyde on tow, she made her way to Kat’s side.

    “H-hey,” She began in an uncertain voice, as Hyde swatted away one of the few remaining projectiles in the background, “What’s going on? Is there any — anything I can do?”
  19. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Cassandra Winter ~
    - Courtyard -

    Cassandra couldn't help but do a fist pump as Nemesis' lighting attack hit home and the giant monster buckled and groaned in pain. Her victory was short lived however as the huge creature took a swipe at them with its hand. Cassandra was standing far enough back that she wasn't worried about the attack. Nemesis seemed capable enough to handle herself as well. But the monster had a surprise in store. As its hand swung past, something like large hairs or spikes or something rose up on the back of its head and launched towards the group. It was like watching a battleship fire a missile volley.

    The strange missiles scattered out to bombard the newly formed group of students and personae but Cassandra couldn't worry about anyone else right now. As far away as Nemesis was, there was no way that her guardian spirit, or whatever she was, was going to make it back to defend her. She tried to predict their flight path, but there were too many of them and their dark, shadowy color was almost invisible against the night sky.

    Over by the creature's outstretched arm, Nemesis raised her hand and took a step forward and vanished... only to reappear directly in front of Cassandra just in time to deflect the missile spikes with her sword.

    "Thanks." Cassandra offered.

    Nemesis huffed in response and nodded towards Cassandra's right, where another person was running over. She looked a little old to be a student, but that was the least of her concerns at the moment.

    “That’s it, great job guys! Now let’s try to lure it out so we can get a stab at its back, maybe find a weak point like those knees,” she shouted to them. At the same moment, Nyx fluttered back to her side, grinning.

    Ha! I knew I was on to something. Cassandra immediately scolded herself for bragging, even if it was in her head.

    There was something familiar about this new woman, but she couldn't quite place it. Especially not with all the chaos going on. While the assorted magical entities kept the creature busy and kept the spikes from impaling the lot of them, the new woman spoke.

    “I’m so sorry this got so hectic so fast, but don’t worry, we’re almost through this." she started, and Cassandra was struck by just how clear and confident she seemed. This wasn't the first time she had been through this. "These creatures with you are your Persona, a reflection of who you are. I can explain more later, but right now we need to defeat this enemy, called a Shadow."

    Well, the terminology was certainly helpful, though Cassandra resisted the urge to ask how she knew all this. There would be time for that later when and if they all survived this crazy nightmare. The woman continued, elaborating a plan of attack before dashing off towards the monster. Points for bravery. The little fairy that accompanied her flew off as well and started pelting the Shadow with arrows, luring it farther out into the open.

    Nemesis was back at her side before Cassandra could move. "Shall we?" her Persona asked, raising her blade.

    Cassandra smiled, suddenly feeling a little bit of that competitive spirit welling up inside her. As if in response, something touched her mind. It took her a moment to figure out that it was Nemesis. She could sense her presence. Her resolve. Or was that resolve Cassandra's own, reflected back at her? Was there even a difference?

    "You can teleport, right?" Cassandra asked.

    "In a sense." Nemesis responded cryptically. "I can ignore the space between where I am and where I need to be."

    That was enough of a confirmation, if a bit of a head-scratcher. "Can you get up on its back? Put that sword to use? Give the other's a chance to finish it off?"

    Cassandra was sure that Nemesis was smiling beneath her mask. The Persona charged the Shadow, her black hand raised. Once she was close enough, Nemesis vanished and reappeared on the creature's back. "Begone, foul beast!" With that cry, Nemesis plunged her blade into the Shadow's back.
  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    André Bellamy
    The Lovers

    As Narcissus was busy fighting off the giant monster thing, whatever it was, along with the rest of these Persona as the woman had called them, he heard Sofiya's voice, and saw her bounding towards the rest of the group. André was glad to know that she was ok...

    As her bird companion flew up to blind the monster, she skid up next to André. "Bo... bonbon tours!" She finally managed to say. "I'm here to save you!"

    André chuckled. Had this been anyone else, he would have corrected them in a heartbeat. For some reason, her failed attempt at speaking French was actually adorable. "Oh, merci beaucoup!" He exclaimed as he threw his arms around her shoulders, and gave her a hug. Then, he gave her a kiss on each cheek, and another one on the forehead. Of course, at this point, the monster was plenty busy with all the Personae, that he didn't really need saving, but... Sofiya didn't need to know that. Besides, he didn't exactly need a reason to kiss a pretty girl. "I am so happy to see you!"

    He turned to look at the battle raging on in front of him. This monster certainly wasn't going to last much longer with all these things attacking. Then he could finally get some answers about what was happening here, and possibly wake up from this nightmare.
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